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Summer Edition 2015


Whale Alert Ruby Division Newsletter - JUNE

JUNE 2015 2015


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Whale Hello Get to know your District Board Get to know your LTG’s Upcoming Events Summer Events M.O.M Orca of the year Women’s speak PTP/ PTP Grants Never Late Catching Faces District Goals


JUNE2015 2015 JUNE


Whale, Hello! Greetings KIWIN’S, Its finally SUMMER! And our new term as KIWIN’S has just started. I am going to do the best I can to bring Ruby division bigger and stronger than ever. I want to give a special shoutout to all the new elected officers from both East and Ridgeview for all the hard work they have put in the past two months! IM SO PROUD OF ALL OF YOU! I hope you all have a fantastic summer and we reach our goal this summer in making $300 towards our special surprise for this new school year! Keep making me making me proud ORCA’S!


Get to know your District Board


JUNE 2015

REGIONAL ADVISER Shirley Ventura Mrs. Ventura loves to listening to the hottest hits including Ariana Grande!

District Secretary Tiffany Nguyen

District Governor Jade Wong

Tiffany used to buy tons of school supplies but never used them because she enjoyed having plenty of supplies

Every time Jade gets in a moving vehicle she falls asleep!

District Treasurer Kathy Bui

District Bulletin Editor Andrea Hu

Do you know anyone who eats Hot pockets everyday? Whale, this girl right here eats probably 20 a day!

Did you guys know that Andrea hates guacamole? Well now you do, so don’t give her that as her birthday gift.


Get to know your Appointed Board


JUNE 2015

Awards Chair Michael Tran Plays the vibraphone and many people confuse him with King Lemur.

Membership development & Education Chair Megan Hernandez Fan lover of Harry Potter and Twilight, Megan tends to name her pets after people from each movie! And I thought I was a huge fan of those movies..

DCON Chair Charissa Ngyuen Walks in six inch heels like if she is walking barefoot!

Technology Chair Kevin Son

Kiwanis Family & Foundation Chair Carolyn Le

Once got a sugar high off Starbucks and woke up at his friend’s house or was just a dream? The world may never know!

Carolyn gets lost very quickly. Now you know who to ask for directions!


Get to know your Lieutenant Governors


Emerald LTG Danilene Prodon

Owns a pug named Oreo

Goldstone LTG Sophia Uemura

Can sleep for more than a day, literally.

Crystal LTG Sena Ji

Surprisingly, Sena is 5’11 & loves to jump on elevators just to frighten you!

JUNE 2015

Jet LTG Richie Chu

Gets chu-chu flu a lot because of cats, but still is obsessed with them.

Diamond LTG Anthony Orejana

Thinks fruit is disgusting & will never eat it.

Turquoise LTG Elise Umetsu

If you ask Elise how she feels, oh trust me she will let you know, very very loudly! 6


Jade LTG Nicolette Cruz

Eats soup three times a day.

Ruby LTG Grisel Meza

Huge fan of Justin Bieber & occasionally swims with socks.

Sapphire LTG Reba Matthews

Reba tends to set her alarm clock at 6:00a.m and wakes up at 10:00a.m!


Incredible OTC

Ruby Division’s first OTC of the year is almost here! If any officer is confused about any upcoming events we are going to have this year, don’t worry your LTG is here! All officers are required to be there. Remember don’t be late and be ready to take notes. Where: John’s Incredible Pizza, 3709 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93308 When: June 25, 2015 Time: 1pm Dress code: Business casual Extra: Make sure to bring $10 for food & If you guys have a laptop bring that as well. Hope to see you all there!




Who doesn’t love a refreshing smoothie during a hot summer day? Ridgeview will be having their first summer club fundraiser, June 27. They plan to do it in front of a member’s house but more information will be posted on their Instagram @Kiwinsruby


Summer Plans As you guys know that our goal this summer is to fundraise $300 for our division. BUT, I can’t do it without you guys! So ANY idea that pops in your head, make sure to send it to me! Socials, fundraisers, or even meetings anything to make this summer fun I will be gladly to make it happen. Also if you guys know any community service we could do let me know I would love to do some summer service. This is our summer lets make it a good one!

Events for summer so far… June 25 - Incredible OTC & DCM (Divisional) June 27 – Fruity Freeze (Ridgeview Fundraiser) July 11 – Yard Sale (Divisional) July 25 – Foam Fun Run 5k (Divisional Summer Service)


Are interested in having the time of your life? WELL IT’S NOT TO LATE! Go to or for more information. Also contact District Governor Jade Wong if you have more questions, she will be attending as well. Email –


Member of the Month I would like to congratulate Belen Bravo for being Member of the month. Belen joined KIWIN’S a few months ago, and got elected as president for Ridgeview High School. She has succeeded her role as a president. Belen has been helping me in every way she can, and she has shown what a KIWIN’S really is. I am really proud of her. Keep doing working hard Belen, and make our club stronger than ever!


Orca of the Year The first time I heard of the Robert F. Lucas Award, I thought wow, my division should be awarded with an award like that. So I decided I am going to make an award called, Orca of the Year. This award is one of a kind and only two people can be awarded with it. You will have to meet certain requirements in order to be an applicant. I will be sending out more information about this award soon!


Need money for school/books? Want funds to carry out a service project on your campus? The Women SPEAK Founding Team is excited to announce the establishment of the inaugural Women SPEAK Scholarships and Awards Program for deserving high school and college students Women SPEAK Scholarships This year, Women SPEAK will award scholarships in the amount of $250-$500 to high school students and college students of any age who exemplify at least one of the key pillars of Women SPEAK through personal development, extracurricular activity, or interaction/involvement in his/her local community or campus. Women SPEAK Public Service Grants This year, Women SPEAK will award up to 2 public service grants in the amount of $250 to high school students and college students of any age who wish to carry out a public service project that addresses at least one of the key pillars of Women SPEAK. Public service projects can range in scope including but not limited to a community service project, awareness

event, or creative arts project. Women SPEAK Outstanding Chapter Award This year, Women SPEAK will recognize one chapter for their outstanding work of furthering gender equity, awareness, and activism in their campus and/or Women SPEAK Executive Team.

community. This award is decided by the

Access the applications here. 13

Pediatric Trauma Program Pediatric Trauma affects children from ages 19 and younger. It is the result of trauma induced accidents such as animal bites, motor vehicle accidents, physical abuse, and falls. It's the number one cause of a child’s death in the United States; twenty thousand deaths and over sixteen million hospital visits, every year! More children die from these accidents in which 90% are preventable, then all other childhood diseases combined. The KIWIN’S District is striving to decrease the number of 9,000 child deaths per year by raising funds and awareness. In 1992, Pediatric Trauma Program was established as the minor emphasis of KIWIN’S in relation to the California-Nevada-Hawaii Kiwanis. Any donations made towards Pediatric Trauma Program will help to provide medical care for these children in which they can live a happy life. Any child who has experienced a trauma in their life can look up to the Kiwanis Doctor Program, for more advanced medical use.

PTP Grants As part of our major focus, the Kiwanis Cal-Nev-Ha Foundation provides Pediatric Trauma Prevention (PTP) grants to assist Kiwanis clubs and divisions in financing new service projects, which address pediatric trauma and injury prevention. Grants will be given for service projects, which seek to prevent and/or treat pediatric trauma – defined as sudden, unintentional physical injury.


Never Late Orcas please be on time to your meetings! It shows who you are if you’re late or if you’re on time. Also don’t forget the deadlines, once I send you something that you have to turn in, make sure to turn it in on time. The earlier the better! But overall keep doing what you guys are doing. Fundraise & do service this summer, we have three months off of school and we can stop procrastinating. Keep making me proud.

Monthly Reminders 1st – Club MRF’s (Send to LTG, District Secretary, RA) 10th - ARF’s (Send to Bulletin editor) 15th – PRF’s 25th – Presidents turn in District member of the month & District officer of the month


Catching faces Since I am the historian for our division and Ridgeview, this is a segment I call catching faces because being a photographer has its perks!


District Goals • Increase and maintain membership and participation • Work with all branches of the KIWANIS family • Emphasize project eliminate, live2learn, ptp, key leader, and preferred charities • Improve member and club recognition • Improve relations by building personal connects with members

District Board at your service! We can’t achieve our goals without you KIWIN’S let this be the best year yet! 17

Contact Regional Advisor – Shirley Ventura (661)- 805-1116

District Governor – Jade Wong

District Treasurer – Kathy Bui

Ruby LTG – Grisel Meza (661)-437-1260

District Secretary – Tiffany Nguyen

District Bulletin Editor – Andrea Hu

Ridgeview President – Belen Bravo (661)-437-5626

East President – Samantha Garcia (661)-346-8443

Vice President – Dianne Nguyen (661)-333-2679

Vice President- Angelica (661)-333-7550

The Whale Alert - Ruby Division KIWIN'S / June 2015  
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