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areas between the various trailermost expensive places in Europe. bars that sold beer, cider and even Rain is very frequent in the UK, English muffins. This zone became even which disrupted the otherwise pleasant more enjoyable as one of these weather during the event. However, bars had a television that for a big part of the time the displayed the European Everyone sun was shining - but not too football championship drives on brightly - which was the best games. the wrong side for this relaxed weekend. We’ve spoken about of the road… Regarding the layout the parking zone, which at least that’s of the field we can say in this event was also what it looked this was probably one of being used as a camping like to us. the worst layouts that we area. For 5£, or 6€, you have ever seen. If the end of could sleep right in front of the the world was to be decided with Millennium’s entrance. This was a very a paintball match, this would be the appealing offer, especially for those that ideal layout. It was completely boring, had brought their cars or RV vans. This with each point taking ages. In the first solution became even more engaging matches, when the teams hadn’t yet since the event was located in one of the understood how to play the field,



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