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A TRUE EVOLUTION IN PERFORMANCE AND TECHNOLOGY. The DM-14 represents over ten years of paintball marker evolution. Our customers and athletes demanded perfection, so that’s what we strived for in all our design decisions. Revamped and rebooted, the DM-14 is smaller and more air efficient than previous incarnations of the DM, with a streamlined design, nearly half an inch shorter than the DM-13. It is also easier to clean and maintain than ever before. When you take the field you can be sure DYE has spared no expense in putting pure performance in your hands, as the DM-14 has been born again hard.

TO SEE ALL THE DM14 COLORS AND PGA PATTERNS VISIT DYEPAINTBALL.COM DYE GERMANY Albert Einstein Str. 2 B 77656 Offenburg, Germany, P +49 (0)781 639 349 91 F +49 (0)781 120 302 99 DYE Precision, Inc. USA 10637 Scripps Summit Ct. San Diego, CA 9213, P 858-536-5183 F 858-536-5191 DYE ASIA No. 253, Guojhong Rd., Dali City, Taichung County 412, Taiwan (R.O.C.), P +886 (0) 4-2407-9135 F +886 (0) 4-2407-2090


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editorial By André Garrido Director GRIP


s many of you know GRIP – Paintball Magazine was born with an expiry date. We had promised ourselves that if this project didn’t have the expected success after two years, we would close the doors. Thanks to all of you, one thing is certain: this project has had an unexpected success. After one year, we had more readers than we had hoped for in the first two years of project, and at the end of last year we surpassed more than 150 000 readers. Keeping the same victorious formula we have been presenting, impartial text and topnotch photography, we want to innovate, we want to take the risk and to show you the best Paintball competitions. We want to bring you more scenario games, get you to know the big players and, at the same time, to give more value to the underdogs. We will have some surprises along the year! In this issue, we went to England to show you one of the most competitive events in Europe: the CPPS. Of course we didn’t put the biggest European event, in Puget-surArgens aside and neither the scariest event of the year, the Zombieland. We had the pleasure to interview one of the biggest off-season transfers, Clint Moore, and one of the most aggressive players of the present time, Ryan Moorhead. We also have a new section where we follow all the steps of a newly created team, so we can understand the normal difficulties that small teams have to achieve the higher divisions. As always we present you our reviews, this time with the new DM14 and the most stylish goggles of the market, the KLR. And of course, our Miss GRIP!



Ninja Pro V2 The new Ninja Pro V2 regulator offers a new valve design which increases the airflow by up to 30%; its output is also adjustable between 450 and 800 psi. You can also find the Ninja Pro V2 SLP (super low pressure) and the SHP (super high pressure) available.

Mini GS Empire has released the new Mini GS with several new features such as a newly designed rubber foregrip which protects itself from paint and weather. It also has a new on/off for a smooth bottle removal.

Cyborg 6 Macdev is going to launch a new paintball marker, the Cyborg 6. It will feature a soft grip and the recoil is now redirected backwards instead of upwards. The ram system was also modified such that the marker’s body is protected, along with several other features.

Facebook bans paintball Facebook now considers the paintball marker a weapon. This comparison is found within the «prohibited contents» part of adverts of the social network. In this way, any company that is promoting our sport cannot do so through the use of Facebook.

Hardbody Gear Bag HK has released a new paintball bag. After their success with the Rock n’ Roller, this brand has created a more sober yet functional design, which is impermeable and with silent wheels, an isolated pouch for the shoes and equipment separation measures to split up clean and dirty material.



Virtue Pods Virtue entered the pod business. They innovated by making two new sizes which can provide the same amount of paintballs and more. The new PF135 is capable of carrying 135 paintballs which is the same amount of normal pods, but with 20% smaller size. The new PF165 has the exact same size of the normal pods but it carries 165 paintballs and both have a ÂŤpress to unlockÂť to open the pod.

New i4 colors Dye Paintball has launched three new colors for the i4 ear protections and straps. The color names are: Tie dye, Trinity and Steamboat. These colors are also available on the new rotors.




At the young age of 14 years old, Ruben Van Massacker became the biggest star in Millennium, after beating two pro players and loosing against the winner of the One versus One event. Though the climax was when the Bad Boys Oss player scored the first point against ÂŤOllieÂť Lang, making the audience to go crazy. One thing is certain: The future has arrived!


The future is her







Kyle Milton Text: André Garrido


lthough Kyle is only 27 years old he has the experience of a veteran. His curriculum is vast enough to say that he is probably one of the few players in Europe who has already played in NPPL, PSP and Millennium. He started to play in 2002 and only took two years to turn pro. He had already represented Shock, Nexus and most recently the team



where he is captain – London Tigers. Although he is partially responsible for the recent promotion to CPL he considers himself fortunate to have a great group of players to work with and a coach who gives them a lot of pressure. The stories of this team are so intense that he can’t even tell details… to not incriminate his friends.

NICKNAME Never had a nickname that’s particularly stuck

DATE OF BIRTH 02/05/87

OCCUPATION IT sales account manager


PLAYS FOR London Tigers since Campaign Cup 2012

INTERNATIONAL EVENTS Played a lot of the NPPL Top 18 in 2004 and 2005, Millennium’s since 2004, PSP World Cup a few times

EVENTS WON Bitburg 2013 and Chantilly 2013 and overall SPL series champions 2013

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT IN PAINTBALL Taking London Tigers from mid table SPL in 2012 to CPL in little over a year. profile





We went twice to one o tournaments in Europe. unpredictable but the leve Welcome

Text: Ash Chaplen Ph




of the most competitive . The weather is always el of paintball is awesome. e to CPPS.

hotos: Shutter Images



ROUND 1: DYE CHAMPIONSHIP Since its inception around five years ago, the CPPS has managed to grow year on year and build on its achievements from the previous seasons. Initially, when under the watchful eye of Rich Harris, the CPPS was giving teams the events they were crying out for at a price they could afford, listening to the teams and implementing small improvements from event to event. Fast forward a few seasons to March 2013, under new management and with significant investment, the Round 1 of the CPPS 2013 season – the DYE Championship – blows our minds. Ainsley, Dylan and their team «turned everything up to 11» – with massively improved facilities and infrastructure, a concerted effort to standardise reffing quality, the full



support of the UK stores (who were all in attendance) and most importantly: grass. Flat, fresh, grass. All of that was last year. So, how do you top that level of wow factor for the DYE Championship 2014? Ainsley and the boys had set their bar high, and yet somehow they managed to live up to – and exceed – their own very high standards. Having spent the whole off-season tackling the classic English winter it’s a wonder they pulled it off at all. Just six weeks earlier the site was ankle deep in water, but on arrival we were greeted with flat, lush grass, brand new K-Pro netting, re-organized admin, staging, chrono area and car park, and a wicked atmosphere. The atmosphere can be attributed to

the 102 - yes, one hundred and two tournament paintball, right up to the teams that came along to play over the Elite division, featuring top UK pro teams two days. These kinds of numbers are London Nexus and London Tigers, there unheard of at national level competitions, were many fierce battles played out especially to have them all in the same over the weekend. With many teams still place at the same time. finding out just how best to deal with Anyway, with the On arrival we were greeted with flat, lush history lesson over and first impressions out of grass, brand new netting, re-organized the way, it’s now time for admin, staging, chrono area and car park. the important bit - the paintball tournament! With a total of seven divisions ranging the latest curveball from the Millennium from the Breakout division, which series: moving the snake bunker to the has a modified format to help give pit-side of the field and the new bunkers new/inexperienced teams a taste of to get used to (how is it those supporting



straps manage to get in the way of almost of what level you play at, finals games are every shot on the field?) there were a few hard and you have to step it up a level if you surprises here and there. The biggest one want to win. Watching the D2 semi’s and being London Tigers not featuring in the finals, they were all really tight good games first place play off on Sunday afternoon! with Tigers3 narrowly beating Wolf City Union London Nexus almost blew it in their first game also; going 3:1 The biggest surprise was London down against new boys Durham Tigers not featuring in the first place DV8 before pulling our finger out play off on Sunday afternoon. to re-take control of the match and steer it to 4:3. One thing that is really impressive, and for the win, and Ledz’s own Sandbaggers this can be indirectly attributed to the efforts edging out the newly formed Nexus kids for of CPPS over the past few years, is that the third place. These marginal gains take time standard of teams in the UK is on the rise. to coalesce and brew before they spit out a There were some very close, tight finals significant number of good, «new» teams, games again at this round and it’s great to but it’s good to see the process happening see players rising to the occasion. Regardless and we look forward to where this will led.



Literally the only downside to the weekend was that the sunlight ran out on Sunday afternoon, with the D1 finals going into overtime and finishing in almost complete darkness. But not even the pick’n’mix assortment of rain, sleet, hail, sun, clouds and wind could ruin the day. Once the dust had settled and the sun rose again the victorious teams were able to enjoy their trophies and champagne and contemplate what to spend their DYE Prize cheques on.

ROUND2: THE EMPIRE SHIELD Hot on the heels of round one, we found

ourselves back in Penkridge so soon it seemed we had never left! With it being late April, you would really expect that we would be enjoying many consistently clear & sunny (if not warm) days by now. But this is CPPS – the glorious rain magnet of middle England and scourge of clear, sunny skies. A deluge of rain in the days leading up to the event had saturated the fields, so that despite Sunday itself being much drier than expected, conditions were still damp to say the least. However all was not lost; the improvements made in drainage on the site, coupled with the hard-



standing areas in the pits prevented it from becoming an absolute quagmire and ultimately the wet ground didn’t have any significant impact on the games. The new layout for Bitburg is a real paint-slinger. Lots of lanes to control, but with very few direct gunfights or kill spots. This meant that many games played out slow and tentatively. With around half of the games in Elite division going to time rather than to score, it highlights just how much one slow point can kill the game clock and potentially cost you a match if you happen to lose it. I heard at one stage that across all seven divisions over two million balls were



shot at this competition – that is 1000 cases of paint! Finals games saw many of the usual suspects lining up for roll-call. With Reading Entity making amends for round 1 by winning promotion to the Elite division having lost the previous play off in the dark. Controversy was rife in the Elite final which saw London Nexus edge a 2:1 victory over London Tigers, who were back on top form after a lacklustre round 1. A long point which ended in a flurry of bunkerings and penalties gavce Nexus the advantage and left no time on the clock for TIgers to make amends. •

OVERALL RANKING ELITE DIVISION 1. London Nexus 2. London Tigers 3. Birmingham Disruption

DIVISION 2 1. Sanbaggers Blue 2. London Tiggers 3 3. Wolf City Union

DIVISION 5 1. Madtoxic 2. The Cartel 2 3. Spartans 2

DIVISION 1 1. Entity UK 2. London Fearless 3. Lucky 15s Mustangs

DIVISION 3 1. Spank 2. Dog Soldiers 3. The Dogz

BREAKOUT DIVISION 1. Going Postal 2. AUP 3. Velocity

DIVISION 4 1. Jaguars 2. Epidemic 3. Mad Squad Rebels




GRIP: You are known for your fierce aggressive style. What do you think when the buzzer goes after the ten seconds and you start running? Ryan Moorhead: I’m a pretty calm player. I don’t get really excited before points, so when the game starts everything kind of slows down for me; I just look for whatever openings there are and I take advantage of them. I don’t try to overthink things, if I have a small window, I will try to take advantage of it. GRIP: Your nickname is Grumpy Cat. What is the story behind this nickname? RM: (Laughs) I don’t know if that’s so much my nickname, but I always thought that Grumpy Cat was kind of amusing and when I created a private label gun for Planet Eclipse, I didn’t want to do the same standard guns that everyone else did. I wanted something I thought was funny and everyone seemed to enjoy it! (Laughs) GRIP: This year you transferred from Impact to Houston Heat. From the outside, this seems an odd choice, due to the results. Why did you change your team? RM: I think any time you change, there is more than one reason for changing. The first thing I would like to say is that I love Impact; it’s a great organization. I’ve been really lucky in my career, I´ve always played for great organisations, whether it was Philly Americans or Edmonton Impact and now with Houston Heat. It was time for a change and I’m playing with a lot



We interviewed the third best player in Europe of 2013. He was limping from one leg and as always was wearing his patriotic symbols, following the most controversial change of his life. Meet Ryan Moorhead. Text: André Garrido


Moorh of the Philly guys again, so that’s nice and there’s a chance to be able to build something good again. GRIP: You have played for six teams in Europe. What is so appealing for you to come to the old continent? RM: It’s paintball… I love paintball, I love any form of paintball. I like to play as much as I can. A lot of people my age


head don’t have the opportunity to travel the World and do what they love… I do that and I get the experience from other cultures. I always try to take trips after these events, to go see other countries that I wouldn’t be able to see. I like all the people and I like playing, so there isn’t really a downside. GRIP: You have been voted by

all captains as the top3 player in Millennium. Is this type of voting important to you? RM: I’m very honoured by it! I don’t really worry with what people think about me but when your peers think so highly of you, it’s really honouring. I’m very proud of that! GRIP: Another thing that everybody comments is your patriotism. You wear



«When the game starts everything kind of slows down for me.» the American flag everywhere. Why? RM: I was always pretty patriotic, but when I played with Philly Americans it was kind of hand in hand. I thought it was cool and it was a way to show the love for my country. Then when I played for a Canadian team I had to wear it a little more, so people knew I was not a traitor. (Laughs) GRIP: What did it mean to you to win the world championship last year in Chantilly? RM: I was way more proud of that than I thought I was going to be. It was so amazing to play with so many players I



hadn´t played before but it was not just with them, it was playing for your country. You really felt that sense of patriotism. It was the only time I had the chance to do that. I had played in the All Star games, but it really didn’t mean as much as that. Seeing all the other countries and the support they had. It was such a fun atmosphere. It was an amazing feeling! And we had tough games… I can’t take anything away especially from Great Britain. They played an amazing final with us. It was a tough battle the whole time. GRIP: You played both your first game

and the finals in Millennium against your old team. What was the feeling? RM: Playing against a former team is not something I’ve had to do many times in my career. It would be a lie if I said those games were just like another game and that Impact was just another team in our way. But at the same time you can’t get lost in emotions, so I really tried to focus on what I needed to do to help our team to win the games and eventually to achieve our goal of winning the tournament. Unfortunately both hard fought games went in Impact´s favour, but if someone other than us had to win, I’m glad it was them. I left their team on good terms and the players there remain my good friends and brothers. Every loss is heart wrenching, but Houston Heat is a fantastic organization and we will continue to put in the time and effort until we are back on top. GRIP: You are limping from one of your legs. What happened? RM: I aggravated my Achilles’ tendon injury before Dallas. I thought it was just bruised but it seems to be a little worse than that. I’m just kind of favouring the other leg a little bit but I’m OK. When I play I don’t feel it! GRIP: But you keep playing with an injury? RM: Yeah! I have always had a pretty high tolerance to pain as long as it doesn’t slow me down. If I thought that it would slow me down I wouldn’t play, we have enough

«It was time for a change and there’s a chance to build something good again.» interview


«When I played for a Canadian team I had to wear the American flag a little more, so people knew I was not a traitor.» good players in our team… I think I’m very replaceable. As long as it’s just pain, I’m fine with that! GRIP: You are 28 years old and started playing at the age of 12. You have seen many things in USA and Europe. And you have played 10Man, 7Man and X-Ball. Do you think this evolution has stopped or will there be more changes in the



future? RM: (Laughs) I have been playing for more than half of my life! I think there’s always going to be changes, but for the foreseeable future there will just be some little tweaks, small minor changes. But there are always changes just because everyone in this sport loves it, they are trying to make it better, they are trying to make it grow. •




Handy Tims



















starting from scratch By Zane KJ MaĂąasco

Having a goal is always important. In life delicate negotiations as well as a great we are always given new challenges to deal of dedication to prove to these brands accomplish and this gives us purpose. that you are worthy of their support. Paintball players are no different; when There is no magic formula to this, just work you start out in this sport everyone dreams hard and be humble and the right company of playing in the Millennium Series. As will reward you for the effort. the oldest and most prestigious league, Finally you need to bring people it’s the pinnacle for any team wanting together with the same vision. Nothing to prove themselves. The road is long hurts a team more than not having the and full of obstacles that test even the same vision. Each player needs to be strongest. This is especially challenging focused on working for the benefit of when starting from Just work hard and be humble and the right scratch. Building a new team to compete company will reward you for the effort. in the Millennium is never easy. The biggest step is always everyone else. Nobody will understand finding other people to share the journey, those early mornings, long drives or willing to give up their time, money and waiting around in airports like your team. sweat just to be able to step out onto the They will become your second family and field in those four events. this is the most important part of the Next you need to find sponsors. Good process. This step will be the hardest and paint is expensive, and managing the costs the longest, but also the most satisfying of competing, practices and gear can put when it is finally achieved. a great strain on anyone’s finances. The With this dream in mind, Miguel Angel reality is that without support from some Cantin formed Harca Gandia in Spain. companies it would be impossible for most This new team was created specifically to teams to even begin to grow. This requires compete in the Millennium Series. Most


the new legacy

of the players in mind had experience in competitions around Europe and the idea was to bring everyone together. With this purpose Harca was born and with it a simple idea was formed: train hard and win. Miguel wanted a team that had two profiles, offensive and defensive play. This was influenced by the approach of major football teams, meant that he needed players who were technically exceptional but had different approaches to their playing style. The biggest hurdle they faced was the

financial situation in Spain which meant that finding good players who also had the economic means to compete made them even harder to find. So the first thing he did was look for a place to train and to bring everyone together. The training ground needed that had both Millennium standard installations and was easy to access from different regions of Spain. This brought him to Som Paintball Club in Gandia. Now that the team had a base and a purpose Miguel began bringing people together to form the Harca lineup.

the new legacy


First he spoke to his longtime friend Rafa Santos. Rafa is one of the best back players in Spain and shares the same passion for the sport. He also has a few years in the Millennium Series and was a natural choice to join the project and start looking for additional players. Next on the list of candidates was Zane Manasco, a relatively new player with experience in competing both nationally and internationally. Apart from joining as a player, Zane’s role as PR for the team would be an asset. This would allow Harca to secure future investment and also promote current sponsors. More players joined the project almost immediately; these were snake players Francisco Rios Cabrera and Manel Molina. Next was Rafa


the new legacy

Sanchis, a diligent and versatile player also gave the team a real advantage as who trained under Miguel Angel. this support would allow them to really In the weeks that followed an initial compete at the highest level. practice was organized and this brought After some months of training and some additional team members to the meetings the team was ready to begin fold. Jaime Zapatero joined as a snakeits long journey. Starting out is never side back. Although Jaime had joined easy and there are many issues which will the sport in recent years, he has played make it easy to quit or simply lose focus. in several international competitions In Harca Gandia everyone knew this was and brings his experience to the team. something special that they were creating Fran Garcia was the last to join, as an themselves. A team built by players for experienced Dorito side player his many one purpose, to train hard and win. years on the field have complemented In the first Millennium event in Pugetthe squad rather well. With that There is no magic formula which the squad was complete and now gives you trophies; this is something began the planning for the first Millennium Series event. you need to work at together. The next step was the most important and the team worked hard to San-Argens the team made it through to secure sponsorship for the 2014 season. Sunday with a convincing series of wins After speaking to several companies a over Friday and Saturday. They placed natural choice was found. Emboscada 9th overall and although this is not a bad Paintball, based in Portugal, had been result it showed that they need to work offering support to several of the players harder and really push onwards for the in the squad over the years. Emboscada rest of the season. There is no magic represents Empire Paintball/KEE in the formula which gives you trophies; this is region and this allowed the team to shoot something you need to work at together, some of the best competition paint as well because when you earn something as a as the top of the line equipment. This team it really is the sweetest victory. • advertisement


«Paintball is a hobby but it’s also a job...»

Clint Moore 46


We interviewed the player who probably has the best tactical mind in Europe. Clint Moore was surprised by the interest of the Russians when he was already thinking of retirement. Will Clint finally get the fame he deserves? Text: André Garrido

GRIP: You were responsible for the Vision promotion two years ago, a fourth place with Nexus last year, four finals in a row with three second places and a gold medal as GB Team captain! As a coach you took a team from the middle of the table and managed to promote them to Div1. What is your key to success? Clint Moore: The passion to win I guess, I hate to lose and I’m very competitive in everything I do, even if it´s out riding my bike I have to win (laughs). But the key I guess is having the will to win. GRIP: At the same time you are always jumping from one team to another. Why do you change team so many times? CM: I have been playing paintball for about 15 years now and I need to keep paintball fresh for me which at times can be very hard. Otherwise I feel I will lose the edge as soon as I’m bored of it. So I’m lucky to be where I am in paintball and to get many offers to play for teams. When I was in talks with Vision, they knew it was just for a year. I did think Nexus would

be my last team, but then I had the offer from Art Chaos which is a great chance for me to move my game forward. I have been trying to quit paintball for many years now (laugh hard) but new challenges come around and it helps me get out of bed on them cold mornings (laughs). I’m not getting any younger! GRIP: So you are saying that you were ready to quit at the moment you were invited to play alongside the best players in the World. What does that mean to you? CM: As many of my close friends know, I’m always saying I’m quitting. Being asked to play on a team like Art Chaos was a big shock for me and it took a few weeks to sink in. It’s a great honour to be asked and I hope I don’t let them down this season. But it’s a great test and a challenge I’m looking forward to undertaking. GRIP: How did this invitation happen? CM: Being kidnapped by the mascot (laughs). All joking aside, I was asked straight after the Paris event last season



they are my very good friends as well as my sponsor at the time. After a meeting with DYE they wished me all the luck in the World. There are no hard feelings anywhere and we are still all great friends. Sometimes changes is good for everyone. GRIP: On top of that your wife was still working at DYE… Does this make it harder? CM: Yes, my wife was still working for DYE. We talked about this before I had talked to anyone else and it didn’t really make this any harder. We keep paintball politics away from our life. And any dealings I had with DYE were with other people so it kept out home life easy.

and then things moved forward from there over the next few months. GRIP: You left DYE after almost a decade and you were one of their European faces. How was this breakup? CM: Yes it was a long time. The break up was all good. I was very open with DYE from the start as it’s the best way. I told DYE all the ins and outs of what I was offered as I didn’t want to hide anything from them as



GRIP: It is interesting how the most talked about transfers of this season were of two Europeans, you and Axel Gaudin. Do you think this is a turning point for the European paintball? CM: I think it was more because it was a shock, which is why people talk about it (Laugh). There are many great players out there in Europe who could also be playing in our shoes. So a turning point… hmmmmm! It would be more of a turning point if more European players got into the PSP at the highest level. GRIP: Clint and Axel, one British and one French. This should be funny… CM: (Laughs a lot) Axel is a funny, messy, strange kid (Laughs) but he is a great player and he fits in well in the team.

Also I like picking on him because he is French. GRIP: Usually players as successful as you like all the show off outside the field. You are the opposite. You’re always focused on the game, always quiet in your corner. Isn’t the show off of the backstage appealing to you? CM: Sometimes you need to let the talking happen on the field and too much off the field can come around and bite you in the arse. I don’t have too much time for people who do showboating off the field. So I like to think I don’t do it at all. GRIP: Are you afraid that everything

changes now that you are more exposed? CM: Yes, there is that added stress now with playing alongside some great players and on a great team. But you have to

«My life now is mental, non-stop, crazy. I have trouble knowing what day it is!» learn to put that to one side or it will eat you alive. You are always going to get the lovers and haters, but over the years you learn to put it to one side and get on and do the job in hand. GRIP: Do you think all your work is paying back?



CM: Yes, for sure, we all dream of being picked up by a big team and playing the best events. I like to think it shows: «what you put into it, you´ll get back from it». GRIP: How is your life now with the trainings and tournaments? CM: Mental, non-stop, crazy, the list can go on. Paintball, training, running my company, having a wife, well, I have trouble knowing what day it is!

the language. GRIP: That was my next question. As a team in the field what is the «official» language? CM: Russian which is should be, but the team does help me out with a little English here and there. GRIP: In the past you said that: «For me paintball is 90% a mental game. If you believe in it, you can achieve it». Don’t you think nowadays it is harder to achieve what your mind wants if you

GRIP: How many times do you train with Art Chaos? CM: As it stands to date, I «They picked me up, I didn’t ask them have been to Russia twice before the first PSP. We train to, so they saw something in my game two weeks in the USA before which would help the team to win.» the PSP and a day before the Millennium. don’t have a good physical and tactical GRIP: The Russian trainings are famous preparation? in our community. What are the big CM: Yes, but I still stand for saying it’s differences from the other ones? more mental than anything else. You CM: Well, that’s Top Secret! But firstly do need the other parts of your game, they are much more professional in like physical and tactical, but if you everything they do and this shows in what don’t believe you can do it, it will never they have achieved. happen. You still need to put in a lot of effort into drills and so on, but it’s more a GRIP: Right after your transfer you said mental game than you might think at first. that you had to adapt to the Art Chaos type of game. What were those changes? GRIP: You were the biggest star of Nexus CM: It´s a different style of paintball, it’s alongside with Margott and suddenly you more intense and a bit faster then what are the one who has the most to prove I have been used to over the years. The in your new team. How do you deal with biggest thing I need to adapt is learning this situation? Russian. I’m the outsider and I need to CM: It is that challenge we talked about make sure I fit in and this means learning which gets me out of bed. I have a lot





to prove and looking forward to it. They picked me up, I didn’t ask them, so they see something in my game which will help the team to win, so that helps, knowing they see something in me. Every point, every game you always need to prove yourself. I love that. That’s the art of winning (smiles). GRIP: You´ve mentioned a great punch line... tell us, what is the Art of Winning? CM: It’s a cheap and affordable training programme, set out to help out young upcoming teams to take their game to the next step. I work closely with the team throughout the season, coaching field walking, etc. It also give an insight into



what it takes to be pro. GRIP: This is what you have with DV8? CM: Yes. DV8 are working hard again this year and I will be working alongside them once again looking for that promotion at the end of the season. They are a great team with young kids, but they just need that little guidance to achieve their goals. GRIP: What were their biggest mistakes that you consider were preventing them from winning? CM: Being overconfident can be a killer for any team, or as we say in England, being too cocky. It is a fine line between being confidant and cocky; if you get this right,

you’ll do well. GRIP: Recently you have been to Dallas, to attend the first PSP event. In your social media, you were always posting some amazing pictures of typical north-American things. How was the experience? CM: The experience was great! I have been to the USA many times in the past, but I never had time to do anything, as it was fly in, play the event and fly home. A good thing of spending two weeks out there is that you get to have some time to do stuff. And this year I would like to get the most out of spending a lot of time in the USA. GRIP: Why this year? CM: Well, like I said, we spend two weeks at a time out there so it gives me the chance to go do things I haven’t done or seen before. Life is too short to spend it only at the event and hotel, if you get what I’m saying. GRIP: And how about the event itself? Did It go as you predicted? CM: The event was pretty good for me and Art Chaos. We knew only a win would do in the challengers and this was a must. GRIP: Art Chaos won 7-0 to Russian Legion. Was there any special pressure or demand for this game? CM: It was a big stepping stone for me in the sense that it was my first event with the new team. You really get to see how

«Overconfidence or as we say in England, being too cocky can be a killer for any team.» it works and you become a real part of the team. Art Chaos versus Russian Legion is always going to be a good game and



you always want to put it on a local team (laughs). We play every game the same way, win and win big. GRIP: You said this is a new team and you are eager to see how it is going to works. How did you feel in Dallas playing with Art Chaos? CM: I felt really good playing for them and it always helps when you’re winning. The big test is the next PSP event. The team works really well on and off the field and it´s great playing with those players and coaches. GRIP: Why PSP? How about Millennium? CM: Well, for me, I haven’t competed in the PSP pro level for a while so it’s that new challenge. Don’t get me wrong, I still like playing the Millenniums and I look forward to them, but winning a PSP event is next on my list of goals. GRIP: But you probably have the most insane group of all history of paintball. How do you think your team will handle this? CM: Yes, it’s a great group (Laughs). We will take every game as it comes; we have a great coach and great players. It’s going to be one hell of an event and I’m sure the winner will come from this group. Let’s hope I’m on the right side come the end of the event. (Smiles) GRIP: After a splendid result in Dallas, things didn’t work out as expected in the Millennium. What happened? CM: We truly underperformed. A few



things didn’t work out but we will make them right for the next event and come back fighting.

GRIP: What was the feeling after losing against Outrage, a team supposedly inferior to Art Chaos? CM: Anger, disappointment and all the other emotions which come with paintb losing, but sometimes you need a kick in the mouth to wake up and I believe this was just that. But you can’t take anything away from Outrage, they played well. This will make the team stronger for sure.

CM: I’m not sure why to be honest, but this was the choice of the coach and it’s something you have to stick by. The coach had an idea of who he wanted to play in the event and in that match and with 11 top players on the roster, someone is going to be unhappy and sit out, but that’s simply how it works. But you can only keep putting in 100% and give the coach a headache (Smiles). GRIP: How did you feel on that specific day? CM: Like anyone who doesn’t get to play, you feel upset, but you still have a job to do in helping the team. Then you just wait for your chance.

GRIP: You were placed fifth. Do you think it is still possible to win the European title? CM: For sure, but I think we now have to win every event for this to happen. But it can still be done.

«I have been trying to quit ball for many years now. I thought Nexus would be my last team.» GRIP: I remember you being «on the bench» on day one of Puget. Why did the team make that decision?

GRIP: And how do you think you played the rest of the days? CM: On Saturday I did my job and played ok, I only got shot in one out of six points. On Sunday I started, but I only got to play the first few points. It’s hard to say I played great or very well, as I only got a handful of points in over the three days, but I’m sure I can change this. It’s all down to me! GRIP: You said that at this moment you prefer the PSP. What are the big differences for you between PSP and the big events in Europe? CM: The biggest thing is the reffing. The reffing in the USA is fair and good, but I like how the reffs will talk to you and say: «Hay Moore on your pack», to tell you you’ve been it; it’s not like in Europe,



where the ref will just shout «OUT», not having a clue who he is talking to and then he pulls a 1-4-1. I may be wrong, but they seem to let the game flow a little more in the USA. We have all been on a receiving 1-4-1 for a little bit of paint on your pod in the Millennium. A hit is a hit and if you’re cheating you should be punished for it, but we all need to be sensible. GRIP: And how about the Race-to-7 with flag type of game? What do you think about it? CM: I love playing more points. Race-to-7 is great, it gives you more time to pull back games if needed; I also like the flag grab as you can’t just run behind the players, hit the buzzer and win the point. GRIP: Last year you were invited to play with Tonton in PSP. Why didn’t this happen? CM: They are French! (Laughs hard) Only joking! I was 100% committed to Nexus last season. Playing for Tonton in the PSP would have meant I had to miss on a lot of time with Nexus playing UK events and training and I had set a goal of finishing Top4 and winning the CPPS event. Side note to everyone: I like all the guys in Tonton and French people. GRIP: So this invitation was exclusively



to PSP or were you supposed to play with them in any other events? CM: It was only to play PSP but it would be too much time away from Nexus. I would have missed four domestic events with Nexus. GRIP: We have talked about PSP and Millennium but one thing is missing: the GB Team. What does it mean for you to be the captain of your national team? CM: It means a lot to me to be able to tell my friends and family I’m the captain of team GB. It’s a great honor and I love playing the Nations Cup. The Nations Cup seems to bring all the paintballers together, it´s good fun all round and great for paintball. GRIP: GB Team is a strange case of success. Usually national teams are based on the best team of that country with one or two add-ons. In your case, you bring various players of many teams together and get excellent results. How is this possible? CM: (Laughs) I look at it as there are a lot of very good players in the UK and most of the time, you just don’t know them because they aren’t on the big teams. I also feel you don’t need to be a big name or to be in a big team to play for GB. It’s more about having the right players working with each other. It seems to be working so far. GRIP: But if you can get a successful national team, why don’t you create that specific team to be in CPL instead

of having all the talent spread around so many teams? CM: I knew this was coming (Laughs). You could say that in any sport. Why don’t you have the GB team playing together at the other events? Maybe this is why team GB has worked so well over the years, as we make the team up for one event. It brings the best out of everyone. We all raise the bar when we compete. GRIP: Last year I remember two games where you were been involved. The first was when GB Team was defeated by USA Team in the last minutes, after

«GB Team teams up for one event. It brings the best out of everyone. We all raise the bar when we compete.» controlling the whole game. What are your feelings about this game? CM: It was a great game and we should have won it, but a penalty cost us the match, playing the last point with three players. GRIP: And the other one was when Nexus won 5:0 against Impact. Have you ever thought that was possible? CM: Hell yes! I’m sure you can recall when we beat dynasty 5:0 a few years back! Nexus is a great team and when it works well, we can beat anyone. Also we beat Art Chaos before that Impact game, so the team was playing great.



GRIP: I read on your Facebook one father GRIP: For you paintball is a hobby or a thanking you for talking with his son, way of living? since you were a role model for the CM: At the moment it’s both for me. It’s a kid. He even got better in his studies hobby but it’s also a job for me this year. after that conversation. Do you think our sport is reaching a level where all GRIP: You have made the biggest step in the big players can affect people that your career. Where do you see yourself aren’t directly connected with them «To play on a team like Art Chaos positively or negatively? CM: It was a very kind message from was a big shock for me and it took that father. We are a sport where a few weeks to sink in.» kids look up to the top players and we should help them where we can as in the next four years? they are the future of the sport. If he tells CM: Not on a paintball field. Don’t forget his friends and gets people into the sport, my wife will be reading this! (Laughs). it’s a great thing all round. Spending a Honestly I really don’t know… I would be little time with the up and coming players 35 and an old man (Laughs). Let’s take doesn’t hurt. each year as it comes! •







HIGH-END PERFORMANCE IN A DURABLE AND RELIABLE SETUP. The Proto Reflex Rail™ is for the serious competitor, featuring Fuse™ Bolt Technology, operating at 145 psi . Color coded o-rings for simplified maintenance, and a host of other features make the 2014 Reflex™ Rail the gun of choice. The Reflex™ comes with a precision honed two piece 14 inch barrel, durable zippered gun case, parts kit, Dye Slick Lube, barrel sock, allen key set and 9-volt battery. The Reflex weighs in at 1.94 lbs.

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Pug Su Arg

The first Millennium e novelties for the year doesn’t want an 1 on 1, Woodsball and a sample of what ha

Text: Andr



get ur gens

event brought some that the organisation nyone to forget. Veteran Cup was only appened in Puget.

rĂŠ Garrido



As all of you probably know we are not fans of this event. We have always been sceptical about this leg in the south of France due to many little details that doesn’t make the place suitable for the best paintball tournament in Europe. In the last two events the rain ruined all the floor, making huge bumps almost impossible to walk or even play on in some of the fields, leading to several injuries. But this year we have to say that we were convinced by Puget-Sur-Argens. Fortunately this year the weather was a very good friend of everyone involved on this event. On Friday some rain tried to



ruin the games but the sun decided that Puget was fed up of rain and made all the other days perfect. The changes made to make the 15th anniversary unforgettable were noticeable. The main one was the placement of the fields. Basically the CPL and SPL fields were pushed near the other two fields with just a perfect player area in between. This players’ area had another improvement, one thing that the «older» players always wanted to return, the offer of fruit from the organization. All the fields were very near from each other making everything «cosier» for the players.

The entrance of the site has also and huge. The big problem was the lack of changed. Now we just had to walk through colour and spirit. Most of the tents were a small woods area and turn right to be white with zero style. Paintball is all that directly at the vendors’ area. In the mix of colour and fun. Brands need to past two years everyone was show their attitude through their The supposed to walk around the tents. If someone was looking changes entire area of the site just from the sky being a paintball that took place to get inside it. This shows event or a wedding party to make the that those responsible for the would be the exact same 15th anniversary area’s design were attentive image. unforgettable to all the shortcuts that were Although the division were created by players and staff in names had changed the type of noticeable. the past. game continues the same – RaceThe vendors’ area was a little poor. And to-2, Race-to-4 or Race-to-5. The most we do not say this in terms of the number important one is still called CPL but all of brands that were present or the size the other divisions changed their names. of the stores, because those were many SPL is now SPL1, and a new SPL2 appears




to substitute the older Division 1. The division that was known as Division 2 is now The most amusing tournament during the Open Division 1. And the lowest division is weekend was held in the woods outside the Open Division 2. This way Millennium the competition area. It took place makes three different groups: CPL, SPL’s on Sunday for almost two hours and it and Open Divisions. opposed five teams, in 15 minute games, In this event there was still a small in a scenario field with trees, leaves, competition of Woodsball that lasted branches and some camouflaged bunkers. two hours on Sunday in the woods behind The winners of this side event were the the fields of SPL2 and OD1. This type of Sandbaggers that surpassed Ratpasse and competition was possible because the Celtic Barbarians. place where the event was held is a known It would be pleasant to see this type paintball field called Paintball Family of tournament more often in other that has competition and scenario. To be Millennium events, but due to the need of honest we were quite impressed with the woods nearby, it would be difficult to get conditions that were achieved compared the right mix of teams and audience. to the everyday use on the site. See the highlight box. Another big competition that strangely good. The new bunker – Medusa was returned from the early days of – changed the game completely. This new this European event was the 1 on 1 bunker that was inserted in the middle Championship that was a little shy in the of the snake was a death trap to beginning but turned to be a great most of the players. It wasn’t competition. See the highlight Brands easy to play in that snake box. need to show because there were too many The other side event was their attitude the Veteran Cup where old unpredictable places where in their tents. legends of our sport joined the paintballs could bounce. Paintball is all for a small competition It was a real nightmare to all about that mix the media and «zebras» since between eight national teams. of colour and See the highlight box. some of those bouncing paintballs fun. Puget is always the event with would hit them. The dorito zone the fewest teams registered. This year was good at creating a very stable, fluid there were 122 teams, one less than in and aggressive zone of play. In the middle of the field the big M helped some players 2013, but we truly believe that in the next events this number will rise as it has always to win points since no one was expecting happened in the past. them to show up there so fast. The design of the competition field was The Open Division 2 continues to play





Ole Krรถger - photomonkey.de

just on the last two days since it is the only division which plays the Race-to-2 system. This is the place where we can see many of the new teams that want to experience the Millennium and some of the old ÂŤsandbaggersÂť that are still in this league for the fun of the sport. The best examples of this are the teams that were in the podium where three of the four teams are first-timers in opposition to Electrons Dijon that have played since 2008.



For us there is still a third category reserved for the coolest and nicest team of the whole event. We are talking about Assalla Libreville that are always in the field with a smile to everyone and of course their famous Jungle Juice, after the games. The gold goes to Fanatics Marseille followed by Electrons Dijon and Kristianstad Slamdancers. The fourth place went to Oslo Embers.

As we said before Open Division 1 is sexy female players. This combination is the old Division 2. It’s not a very difficult what all the brands would like to have. league although in every division reaching This team lost three players last season the finals is a hard job and a difficult including the twin sisters Askevold. place to conquer, and we are only They are strong players and very talking about reaching them difficult to replace. To do this, The new and not winning the event. the Norwegian team hired bunker To win this division you need Marie Magnusson who hasn’t – Medusa – to have skill, experience and played for Poison Ivy since changed some luck. 2011 and the biggest surprise the game If you looked at the table of this division – Josepha completely. before the games we would Guerfi. Josepha was a shy player choose a bunch of favourite teams in the past, always in her corner, for the podium. Three of them were Poison doing her job, not compromising and this Ivy, Low Life and Diaspora. is the a-b-c for a potential good player. Poison Ivy are the Media favorite team. But something changed in Josepha. Now Why? Simple: Good results won with she is belligerent, defying all the odds and aggressive style of play combined with six pointing her gun to where she wanted







to go… where the opponent was. This rage until now has never had a good paintball probably came from the need to prove to structure. her team that she is worth it. If Benedicte As if this wasn’t enough the first place and the rest of the girls feed this with was conquered by one of those teams – intelligence and if she can handle the FiveStar 2 – that made a great campaign pressure we could have a female superuntil the finals, only feeling really athlete in our sport. We are not difficulties with team Icon 2 where saying that she was alone pushing they won 4:3 on the quarterWe the team forward, that’s not it, finals. can see we are only surprised by the Low Life won silver while many level she has achieved in such the debutant French team of the new a short time. Section Paradise got the third teams and Although they were place. some of the old playing well as individuals Another curious thing was «sandbaggers» they weren’t playing well as a the appearance of secondary in OD2. whole. This is normal in a team teams, sisters of big teams such that was reconstructed and still need as London Nexus and Breakout Spa. The to understand their weak points and how division where this was most noticeable to improve on them. They could go better was SPL2 where there were five of these. than a 10th place next time. In this division there weren’t any real One thing that this Division made us pay favourites. Any team could win this and close attention was the number of Spanish most of the teams don’t have strong teams at Millennium. Counting with the records that guarantee them a constant SPL team FiveStar there are five Spanish placing. But if we have to put money on teams in this European event which is a something we would bet that a French good sign from a country that strangely team would win this since 48% of the teams

1 on 1 Championship This side event was the coolest thing we have seen in the last couple of years. Everyone was there to see the «lonely warriors» that had the courage to pay the 30€ entry fee to get a chance to win 1000€. In a Race-to-2 format, this tournament had big names, such as Ollie Lang, Axel Knauf or Nick Slowiak. Although the victory smiled to Lang – that was by far the most talented player on the field during those two days of battles – glory and fame went to the 14 year old – Ruben Van Maasacker – who eliminated two pro players and scored the first point against Lang.



were French. Against all the odds, that didn’t happen… Brussels Heat won this league although they felt some difficulties since the beginning of the tournament. One of the most controversial moments was in the game against team Prophecy where they were losing for 3:1. Prophecy scores the last point winning the game and come to the pit celebrating when one of the referees starts to say that there was a penalty to Prophecy team and the point was to Brussels Heat… the confusion

settles. This is definitely an area that all of us need to work out in some manner to make these kinds of decisions more transparent because in that moment everyone felt that something strange had happened. Brussels Heat turned the game and won 4:3 against Prophecy who couldn’t react to what they considered a robbery. The second place was conquered by Fighter Pro-Shar followed by Hellys. London Nexus 2 got the fourth place in their first tournament of existence. SPL1 became a big attraction in 2014





when some teams decided to hire northhappened. American star players. Alex Goldman and The first huge surprise was the lack of Marcello Margott by Hulk Kiev, Damian efficiency of the team Hellwood. With some teams giving up their spots in the Ryan and Kevin Rudulph by FiveStar and Brandon Short and Kyle Spicka by ML major league, Hellwood rose and tried Kings. their luck. Although their pool wasn’t the It’s not necessary to say that all these easiest, confronting Breakout Spa, Polar teams were in the top ranks, where the Bears and Art Chaos, they should have done only one that didn’t achieve the finals, the better especially when they were playing Spanish team Five Star, which lost in the with Brad Mc Curley and Bobby Aviles, the quarter finals against Dagnir Dae. Hulk Kiev former winners of PSP Dallas. Hellwood is was playing phenomenally proving that in the place that no one wants to be – the they are the team to beat. Marcello and lonely last place of the CPL division. Alex are talented young players who Not so big of a surprise was the make the difference in terms of performance of London Nexus. mentality and knowledge of Nexus saw four players leaving Josepha game so it wasn’t strange that the team of which Marcello Guerfi could this team got the first place Margott and Clint Moore be the next in a final against Mashive. were part of. As we have female superMashive is a Swedish team recounted, Marcello went to athlete in our that got second place. They Hulk and Clint was one of the sport. have the merit of not having any biggest transfers of the year, star player who could give them heading to Art Chaos. And if it’s some leverage. This is a good omen for difficult to start a team from the scratch this team since they have been improving in minor leagues even if those «new» since last year and started with an excellent players are the Wheeler brothers, in CPL result that can let them dream of a possible this was fatal, although Nexus handled the rise to CPL. situation with care and was able to stay The team from Czech Republic – ML Kings above the relegation line. – achieved the third position but we expect Tonton were one of the biggest letthat this new team will give us more show downs of the weekend. The European on the field in the next events. champions managed to pass the first phase CPL brought us many surprises. With in first especially due to a group that was all the changes that happened to teams, almost too easy for them. The games the final result were unpredictable to against GK, Outrage and Carnage were say the least. Although teams need time won by big differences and nothing would for preparation with the new teammates make us expect what they did in the next nothing could prepare anyone for what round. In the game against Comin At Ya





Veteran Cup Veteran Cup or Wheelchair Cup – as most of the community humorously started calling it – was the main side event of Puget-Sur-Argens. This tournament gathered all players born before 1974 and brought the old style of paintball to the CPL field. It was a weak tournament, due to the fact that most players hadn´t shot a gun nor trained for many, many years, but it was surprisingly fun for those who wanted to remember the old paintball days. The big winner was France, helped by some pro players, such as Cyril Job and Lyonnel Parra, followed by Denmark and Great Britain.

the French team didn’t have the ability to the super team Art Chaos would lose against understand what was wrong and how they Outrage we wouldn’t believe them at all. should react against the recently promoted Art Chaos seemed lost in the field since SPL team. The result was fixed in 5:2 for day one, always allowing the other teams the Germans. This game placed Tonton in to score points and the Russians needed to eighth in the overall ranking and history push their ranks to win the games. Although tells us that no team with a result worse they are not at their best and are setting than fifth place has been capable of up a new team there are no excuses for becoming European Champions. this team to be out of the finals. Another team that everyone Outrage celebrate this victory There was looking at was the as if they had won the whole are Polar Bears due to the fact tournament… who wouldn’t? no excuses that Ollie Lang and Ryan In the finals we were for Art Chaos Greenspan were helping presented with the only two to be out them. Although they are non-European teams, Impact of the amazing players the power of a and Heat, joined by the French finals. unified team is difficult to break Outrage and the German Comin At and they were stopped by the CPL Ya. The last two were the underdogs of winners – Impact. Nonetheless Polar Bears this four and unfortunately for them they gave a hell of a fight against the Canadians. caught the other two in the semi-finals. We believe that this team will improve Outrage was incapable of scoring any during the rest of the season and will point against Impact showing that despite receive some medals in very short time. the newly gained momentum for European We must say that what happens in the paintball, they still need to acquire more higher ranked positions was completely skills and learn how to control different unpredictable. If someone had told us that styles of play.



In the other semi-final game Houston Heat defeated the Germans with a round 5:0. Houston Heat and Impact showed that playing in the United States gives an experience that is translated into a superior style of play and control of the game. In no moment were those two teams in jeopardy and the only games that were a true challenge to them was the game against each other. Houston Heat is far away from the ghosts of the past where they had

difficulties entering the Sunday Club. The fight for third was epic, where the two best European teams in Puget fought decisively for each point one after the other. Outrage won this battle conquering the best place in their history as a team. Coming At Ya made fourth place which is an amazing rank for a team that came directly from SPL. We could easily say that this conquest is the result of the hiring of Alex Rodriguez but we would be wrong.





Alex is an important piece of this puzzle but the organisation to start off a great season. it’s impossible for a team to have this level Everything was thought through to give a of performance due to solely one player. good experience to the players and fans. The final teams gathered once again for Despite this we would like to see the first game of Group C. After the Millennium in other amazing cities loss of the first game Houston of Europe. Part of this sport is Heat wanted revenge and the fun around it. Coming to Outrage to prove that they were the same places over and is a new better than their Canadian over again turns everything breath in the opponents. The game was banal and dull. It would be European worthy of a final and there amazing if Millennium could paintball were paintballs in the air until expand outside the triangle scene. the last second of the clock. The of France-Germany-UK and time ended and Impact won the develop the sport in other corners first event of the Millennium. of our continent. Puget was for a change a pleasant event We are already waiting for Bitburg, the where a noticeable effort had been made by next event of this tournament. • advertisement


Ana N Photographer: Carlos Rodrigues Model: Ana Novo Make-Up and Hair: SĂ­lvia Ferreira Styling: Tiago Semedo Gun: DFender Bra: Primark Shoes: Styling


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Left page Goggles: Empire Gloves: Empire Necklace: Primark This page Goggles: Empire Gun: MiniGS Pants: Empire Swimsuit: Primark Bracelet: Primark Necklace: Primark

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Left page Harness: Empire Belt: Primark Gloves: Empire Bracelet: Primark Underpants: Primark This page Vest: Field Necklace: Primark Ring: Primark Underpants: Primark

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Left page Elbow pads: Empire This page Body: Primark Bra: Primark Gun: MiniGs Necklace: Primark

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bieland What the hell does a horde of zombies do in an amusement park? And more than that, what makes 600 paintballers be there too?! All this was blended into a very special event that was held in Oakwood Amusement Park, Wales - UK, on the 8th and 9th of March. Text: AndrĂŠ Faria Photography: Shoreline



It’s a fact that the UK has a Zombie scenario fetish, that has been bursting here and there with movies and books in the latest years, reaching its climax with the latest Walking Dead TV series. With the scenario paintball set as the main idea, it was time to digest not brains, but the awesome venue in the amazed player’s eyes. After stepping inside, they couldn’t wait for two days of hard fighting in such a cool venue. The event created by Shoreline and sponsored by Eclipse gave players one of the oddest battles in paintball history, with skirmishes in amusement park streets, buildings, near a lake and even under a roller coaster. Teams from the UK, Netherlands, France, Luxembourg, Germany, Canada and USA were present, and from those nations the famous Team Tactics, Defcon




Blue Columbus - Jon Evans Blue Tallahasse - Geoff Lee Blue Wichita - Sean Stacey Blue Little Rock - Remco Alsemgeest Blue Bill Murray - Steve Goulding Blue 406 - Graham Peacock III, Huntington Squad, and Silverbacks were there joined by many others. They were distributed into 12 factions, each with their faction leader, and they were divided between two teams, blue and red: They had their own starting positions, own missions, own objectives, but they needed to work together with fellow factions in order to win the game for the red or blue side. Most of the action was set in the main game area, where 500 players would make their day a joy. There was also another area under the roller coaster for a


Red Columbus - Dan Huff Red Tallahasse - Michael Soenning Red Wichita - Kirsty Ellis Red Little Rock - Kye Kreed Grosney Red Bill Murray - Ken Stevens Red 406 - Shelley Farmer 50 on 50 smaller games series. The main game had all the fuzz in the World with normal capture the flags, conquer objectives and survive a very special zombie – «Patches» – the zombie clown witch we manage to interview, with the loss of one of the GRIP crew members. These zombies had very special features, they could be sent on a killing frenzy to certain areas, if a faction captured the zombie kill cards. They were freaking ugly and scary as a true zombie could be.

More games followed and, of course, the player’s party was incredible! All the players travel for a fight, but also for these good bonding moments! It was a savage all night long party, in a private water park. What happens in a Hawaiian zombie pool party… stays in the Hawaiian zombie pool party. There was a big surprise for the faction leaders on Sunday games, as they had to eliminate six zombies with the awesome SAR-12 paintball sniper bolt action marker.

Zombies, brains, blood, a roller coaster and 600 players. What a game! The crowd was cheering on the sides and made this game a killing feast. In the end the faction leaded by Dan Huff, the Red Columbus, won in the overall points sum up. •





Patches the zombie clown (Miroslav Milisevic)

beside chasing players in rage modus was for example that I were sweeping one player out after another, one was clever enough to avoid me, in benny hill style. You can check it on YouTube.

We need fresh brains!!!! GRIP: What was your role in the Zombieland Big Game? Patches: Aaaaarggghhh I was Patches the Zombie Clown. It was a hard piece of work but I think the folk liked him. GRIP: What special missions did you had? Patches: Uuuuuuuuauauarghhhghg I was an active Zombie, who had special patches on my back which were a more effective Zombie-activator for the survivors. GRIP: Any special scary story you like to share? Patches: Aaaaaaaaarghhh.... oooooooogh! There were a lot of scenes over the two days but I think one of the moments

GRIP: In your special view of the game, how did it went? Patches: Ooorghaaaarrgg I had a lot of Brains..... and love it! Thanks folks! GRIP: From what you heard, what was the general perception of the players by playing in such a unique venue? Patches: There was some negative feedback about the food which was out of the organiser’s control to be fair, so they cannot be blamed for it. There were also some last minute changes on the field in the park, nonetheless it was overall a fantastic weekend which could have been better in some points, yet I think that everyone, even the Germans, enjoyed the event. GRIP: Anything you like to add? Patches: Oooooooaaaaauuuufbhhhhuurghh! We’ll see you next year, we need fresh brains!!!! •



KLR 2014 is probably the year of the stylish masks and the obvious king of style, HK Army, had to join in. Text: André Garrido We got one for review, take a look.

HK announced at the end of last year the release of their new goggles – KLR. As usual the community got caught up in their extreme marketing style supported by the biggest and best paintball team in the world – Dynasty. The model we received is all black with a golden lens and even inside the box the mask is aggressive. The main reason for this look is the mouth/nose of the KLR. It reminds us of a war robot that is prepared to kill before making any questions. The lines are smooth but hostile as the name of the brand recalls us. The more we analyse the design the more we are certain that nothing was left to chance. Some people might think that the profile is too short but



that depends on your face’s shape as well. We can say that the goggle has four distinctive parts: the frame, the ear piece protection, the lens and the strap. Ok, now you are saying: «But that’s what all masks have!». Yes and no! The PVT.Lock, the system that HK Army incorporates in the KLR is the biggest innovation in this area since masks have started to use mouth protection. This PVT.Lock permits us to change the lens in a few seconds and we are not exaggerating, it is that fast. The HK crew thought outside the box and instead of using all the usual lock systems they created a unique swivelling hinge system. We must confess that in the beginning





it is quite strange to The foam used around ADVANTAGES remove the lens since we the eyes is made of are not used to having three layers of foam with Style one clamp on each side of variable density. It seems Lock system the mask but after two or a little rough around the Multiple combinations three times it all becomes eyes the first time we intuitive and simple. used it but after some DISADVANTAGES The ear protections seconds you will not Small profile are made of compressed notice it at all and it all foam which gives all the felt really comfortable. protection necessary for our ears. At the One thing that is interesting is the nose same time we notice that the width of area where the foam has a different the ear protections was thought to create design so that it can protect it better the perfect profile whilst playing. Some from contact with this zone, to avoid any players will think that this protection is uncomfortable sensations. too thin but honestly it seems like the We could say that when we knew perfect combination between protection that HK was supposed to release their and the ability to hear all the calls and goggles the first thing we thought was the sounds. different possibilities of straps. This was HK Army released ten different obvious to everyone! They didn’t let us lenses for the KLR. Some are the very down and created 15 straps to combine basic lens for «old-school» players but with all the rest of the eyepiece. others have a very HK style with young The combinations are endless… 15 and fresh colours. These lenses have straps, 10 lenses, 16 PVT.Locks, 13 frames everything you expect from any other and 12 ear pieces. We truly believe that high end competitor: anti-fog system and is just the beginning for the most stylish protection against UVA/UVB and IR. goggles on the market. •



DM14 We picked up the gun that everyone talks about and decided to see what all the fuss is about. Text: Duarte Gomes and AndrĂŠ Garrido

The presentation of one of the most desired markers of all time was done at the end of last season to just a few very privileged people. Without knowing for sure if this was on purpose, we know that this was a great marketing ploy, where all, players, vendors and the media included, did not fail to mention the brand new DM14. With no warning DYE decided to completely revamp its famous DM that was going on its thirteenth version, the name directly connected to the season within which the gun is released. The major problem of a renewal of a marker of this caliber is the high probability of it becoming a big flop compared to the previous product. When I picked this marker up for the first time I decided that this attempt at



innovation would not cover up for any major failures. If DYE decided to take a risk, they must abide by the possible consequences. The first thing you notice immediately is that the gun is much more comfortable than any previous version. The fact that it is shorter and more compact makes it much more aggressive and comfortable. The front grip adapts perfectly to the user, regardless of the size of the player’s hand. The space between the trigger and the grip has increased so you can insert your thumb in this space instead of forcing the player to hold the marker by the feedneck or sideways. An interesting detail is the new method of removing the bolt that is based on a small button at the rear of the marker. It is

discreet, efficient and follows a continuous basis of all the design lines of the marker. Despite having a safety mechanism to remove the bolt lock in case something goes wrong, this makes me think that sometimes a simple thread system is much more effective and less expensive because they hardly lead to any faults. The rubbers on both grips are extremely comfortable. However the main grip is a little harder to remove which from my point of view shows quality of the

material. The bolt system remains the same - spool valve - but the LPR moved to the front which has allowed the macroline to be removed and provide the look that everyone was asking for. The bolt has undergone some changes in order to become even softer on the ball, which creates consequences at shooting level. But we will expand on this later.



It’s the small details compared to previous that this marker can make models. ADVANTAGES a difference and another Accompanying the Design aspect of improvement is marker, the case came Shooting lanes the on/off button which with the standard DM allen Comfort happened to be a little bigger keys, barrel sock, manual Air efficiency and just easier to handle. and everything we are One of the major accustomed to receive right DISADVANTAGES criticisms that lovers of from the start with DYE. Price other markers made was In essence the DM14 is that the DM’s shot was curved and DYE the same marker from the past but has decided to improve it. In DM14 shooting expanded on previous successes with is straighter for longer distances and in a extreme improvements, leading to a major steady manner, which means that there is change which was inexistent since the DM9. an instant improvement in accuracy. DYE ran the risk and nailed it. They Though not a major problem of DM, improved the level of efficiency in everyone wants to shoot three or four shooting, further raising what was already extra pods. And we tested this out and at a high standard, leaving everyone the air consumption proved to be minor gawking at the new design. •





Blue Falcon Squadron Guilherme Pires Jo達o Ramos Ricardo Catarino

Thank you all!

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