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The mechanic in charge.

Photo: Photopaintball

Very few understand paintball markers and accessories as well as he does.



editorial By André Garrido GRIP Magazine’s Director


t’s hard to explain to the “outside people” why we wake up at the crack of dawn, why we get up as the alarm clock has barely rung, why we take a quick shower and drive for tens or hundreds of miles to play paintball. There is, however, a very simple explanation. We are in love, in love with a sport that takes us to the extreme. The adrenaline that rushes through our body makes us feel alive, and feeling like we’re part of a paintball team is a feeling I just can’t describe. But time goes on, and we get older, less capable, injured and other obligations that force us to rethink the way we look at this sport. And it is here that the difficulty in quitting arises. We could simply let go, but how many of us could truly do that? Some start refereeing , others play their part as event organizers, others even start their own paintball related companies. We started GRIP Magazine. Beyond the obvious strategy of doing something that no one else is doing, we want to show off what is “ours”. Tell people about our events, using as our main base the Millennium Series and scenario Big Games. Above all, spread the word about teams and players so that they may have more and better support. The magazine is made of and made by players, for players. We know what we want for the sport that will always be close to what you want… because after all, we all feel the paint coursing through our veins. Above all, we wish that a year from now, we’ll have known many new faces, excelent players and plenty of good friends. That alone is worth the adventure. We’ll see you around!







Mirror of mine... «Two Minutes!», yells the referee. «Damn, but I’ve just gotten into the pit. Pods, I need pods.» Clean up. Fill the loader.

«Can someone kill the guy in the doritos?» «Joe, you have paint all over your leg!» «One minute!», comes up on the megaphone. «Air, air, I need air for my marker.» «Michael, I need you to close up the snake. I’m useless without you!» «30 seconds», again the same voice. I run. I look around at the field. A photographer captures this moment.

«This game is ours! This game is ours!» I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

«10 Seconds» ­— Almost... I listen to the silence and focus.



Strike Loader

Hydrotec HydroTec is confirmed to start production on paintballs that may come to save our sport and facilitate the obtaining of more spaces for it’s practice. These new paintballs are made up of 98% water, bringing several advantages in terms of cleaning the venues, as well as resistance to water and humidity and a 2 year expiration date. You also don’t have to store them in controlled temperatures.

The Strike Loader is arriving and will have capacity for up to 1200 paintballs. This revolutionary loader is destined to be used by woodsball players who are looking for a high rate of fire, as the loader can feed up to 30 balls per second. Easy to clean, long lasting battery and a smaller profile for the player are just some of the many advantages of this loader.

Millennium Series – Under 19 Nations Cup At the next Millennium Series event, which will take place in Paris, there will be a Nations Cup for players under 19 years of age. After the last event, in which took place the Nations Cup, won by the English team, it’s time again to put the best of the best up against each other to find out who the best young players in Europe are. Will England win the trophy again?



MacDev Drone MacDev is finishing the development of it’s new marker. With the name Drone DX, this marker should have a price around 400€ and will count with an ASA which will quicken the feed and efficiency of your air supply. Compared with it’s predecessor, the Clone VX, this marker will have a simpler design and as it seems, will be heavier and stripped of USB connections or OLED screens. It will be available in black, brown, green, grey and red.

Exalt Regulator Grip Exalt has just launched it’s new regulator grips, available in several colours. These new grips will make you shoot straighter as they allow a tighter grip of your marker even when wet or dirty with paint. These Exalt Grips are made in an universal size, and should fit most markers currently on the market. It was also designed for ease of cleaning.

Xgames With yet another edition of the olympiads of extreme sports past us, the whispers about paintball being on the XGames start once more. Despite all of us knowing fully well that the XGames being about individual sports, it’s also worthy of note that paintball is the only extreme sport practiced in teams. Please support this initiative on Facebook by going to:



A GENTLEMAN IN A GANGSTERS’ GAME Text: Raúl Tavares Photos: PhotoPaintball

Nuno Pedrosa N uno Pedrosa, better known as “Pedra”, had and has a lead role in the Portuguese paintball scene. He’s been playing for 16 years and has in the past been considered the best Portuguese player. He was one of the founders of the oldest paintball club in the Iberian scene, Porto Metralhas, and he’s currently the democratically elected president of the Portuguese Paintball Federation.



The most admirable thing about “Pedra” is that besides being someone who’s polite and fosters positive feelings for everyone, he’s also someone who isn’t phased by the glory, someone who, when the flashes go off for the photograph of his winning team on the podium, is somewhat harder to find on the photo... We now leave you some details about Nuno Pedrosa, he’s worth getting to know.

NICKNAME Pedra BIRTHDATE 26/01/1970 PROFESSION Manager STARTED PLAYING IN 1995 PLAYING FOR Metralhas Silver INTERNATIONAL EVENTS - Millennium Series - Zap European Amateur Opens Between the years of 2000 and 2008, I played most of them.

EVENTS THAT HE’S WON, AND WITH WHICH TEAMS - HotShots Tournament, 1998, Lisbon, Metralhas - Millennium London, 2000, Metralhas (Novice) - Millennium Lisbon, 2002, Metralhas (Novice) - Millennium Madrid, 2004, Kidz Redz (Div. 2) - Zap European Amateur Open (Kidz Redz) - Several legs of the National Series between 1996 and 2002. - Every Northern Regional Championships between 1998 and 2005. - Several podium finishes in Millennium events, Portuguese National Cups, Portuguese National and Regional Championships.

BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT Started and contributed towards two projects: Metralhas and the Portuguese Paintball Federation





Let the games beg Text: Diogo Almeida Photos: PhotoPaintball

One more season of Millennium started in the European Capital of Paintball. This time the great stage was the famous Longchamp hippodrome. 20



On the last 25th of March, we witnessed for a fee of 300€ per hour to practice the start of yet another season of during Tuesday afternoon. Most teams Europe’s biggest paintball in the higher divisions took competition: the Millennium It this opportunity to practice Series. Two of the 2011 is now against another team, calendars’ events were possible to splitting the costs and to be held in Paris, and rent a field for trying out different this one, held at the a fee of 300€ per tactics. A small crowd Longchamp horse track, hour to practice gathered for the Russian was one of them. Although during Tuesday team Art Chaos’ practice, the competition only afternoon. which count with 4 Russian started on Friday, practically Legion stars among their every team made sure to be there ranks, including Konstantin on Tuesday, in order to be able to walk Fedorov, who last year was playing with the fields. The big news this year is the SK Moscow squad, helping them to that it is now possible to rent a field reach 2nd place overall in the season,



after a mixed team with players from both Dynasty and Impact. This year the Champions League, the first division of the Millennium Series, underwent some changes on its teams: the two relegation places in the rankings were occupied by the Danish Copenhagen Ducks, and by the German Offenbach Comin’ At Ya, which were to be replaced by

Art Chaos and Outrage Valence, first and second places from the Semi-Pro League. However, there were four teams that disappeared: the Bullets, the Chilli Peppers, the famous Joy Division and Oslo Menace, which gave way to the Belgium team Breakout Spa: playing with 4 American players from X-Factor, Amsterdam Heat: who are somewhat of a Dutch all-



star team, Paris Camp Carnage: fourth in the SPL ranking and the Copenhagen Ducks, which managed to once again to avoid relegation. In CPL, attentions were centered once again on the usual suspects: the American team San Diego Dynasty, with the return of the legendary Oliver Lang, and Art Chaos, that counting with names



like Kirill, Panteleev, Mishka and Fedorov, promises to give the Americans a run for their money, which came straight from a win in a major US event. Although these teams are considered the favorites, you cannot count out teams like Frankfurt Syndicate, with the help of Impact’s own Justin Cornell, or London Nexus, or Marseille Icon, as these are all teams that have long proven to be very competitive and well prepared teams. This year Portugal will continue to be represented in

the main division by Lisbon Benfica, Dei Zurich, which are expected to who even with the departure of perform well this season. Hugo Domingues and Tiago Coelho, On Friday, the games started at 8 still count with the leadership of am, with the CPL teams having to wait the returned Nuno “Ossos”, in until 2 pm for the start of their order to continue their good games. In this division, there showings on the European weren’t any major surprises: The scene. Dynasty comfortably French The Millennium’s beat the French Tontons, team Icon got Art Chaos were almost second division, the some roaring surprised by the Ducks, SPL, always has a lot of applause and were at one point movement in terms of from the losing by 3-0, but they were teams, but still counts crowd. able to show their superiority with sounding names such and ended up winning 5-3 in as the All Russians Moscow, one of the most exciting games of the Birmingham Disruption or Consilium







day. The Portuguese Benfica squad was first point of the match in just under unable to find arguments to counter 30 seconds, lost the match 5-1, ending London Shock’s aggressive play its hopes of reaching the Sunday and ended up being beaten Club, composed by the teams 5-2, having to win their that qualify to play on the Despite next two games against quarter-finals, on Sunday. the rain Syndicate and Amsterdam Soon after, the British that fell in Heat, which were blown London Shock beat the Paris, the away by the Germans’ Dutch team Heat, which stands were consistent play. proved to be one of the still On Saturday, the first weakest teams in the full of fans. game drew Benfica against division, and guaranteed Syndicate, and once again the its spot for Sunday, as did Portuguese team just couldn’t find Syndicate. In Group B, there weren’t what it took to counter the team from any surprises: the Russians from Art Frankfurt, and even after winning the Chaos decimated the competition and



qualified for the quarters sans defeats, leaving Breakout Spa in second place. In the third group the reigning vice-champions SK Moscow showed

signs of having lost their best player, Fedorov, and gave up the first place in the group to Nexus, still managing the qualification for Sunday with wins



over the recently promoted Outrage group were the most complicated: and over Instinct. The surprise of the Icon, with 2 points, was to face their day came from the game between countrymen Tonton who were in the super-favorites from second place in the group, Dynasty and the French The tied with Dynasty, which team Icon, who with their semi-final after the slip up against aggressive yet controlled game was Icon had only one point. play made Lang and spectacular After the Americans’ and his teammates play an with superthe Tonton’s victories, overly defensive game, aggressive that managed to counter which ended up giving moments. Icon’s aggressive play Icon the advantage and perfectly, it was Icon that got some roaring applause ended up out of the Sunday from the crowds in the 5 points they Club, even if by the difference in scored, against the Americans’ 2. points scored for and against. In the After this game the points for this Portuguese’s last game against the



theoretically weaker Amsterdam Heat, the Portuguese team actually started well, but ended up losing 5-3, finishing the event without a single win. On Sunday the games started again with the SPL and from the first 8 games, 2easy Warsam, Ranger Warsaw, All Russians Moscow, Birmingham Disruption, Consilium

Dei, Dogs D Amour, FiveStar Lleida and Drammen Solid made it through to the quarter-finals. In this round, Disruption’s superiority was visible, showing a very intelligent, aggressive and well trained play. The Spanish FiveStar Lleida, which are coached by the Russian player Kirill, who has just been promoted to this league, already



shows some very solid paintball. Back in the Champions League, the first game of the quarter-finals matched Dynasty with a London Shock team who couldn’t sustain the Americans’ offensive strength, and ended up scoring a single point giving up an easy win to the Californian team. In the second match of the day, we had a Russian duel: SK Moscow against Art Chaos Moscow. The game ended up being more even than you would expect,



but the experience and the technical quality of the professional players from the Russian Legion which are playing with Art Chaos ended up giving them the win by 5-3. The next game was expected to be a pretty even matched, but Breakout Spa, aided by some of X-Factor’s members, ended up imposing a heavy defeat of 5-1 to London Nexus, which appeared as only a shadow of the super-team that their fans are accustomed to. The last place in the semi-finals was to be

disputed by the Tonton and Syndicate Swiss from Consilium Dei, beating teams, and in a brilliant paintball them by a heavy 4-0. By this time, game, in which both teams showed even with the rain that fell in Paris, enough quality to be in the next the stands were still full of fans stage, the French team were that were rewarded with able to slip away with a some high level games, Fraige and 5-4 win both in the SPL and the Greenspan, In the SPL, most CPL field. when led of the quarter-final In the semi-finals by Oliver Lang games were pretty of the highest division, become nearly even, 2easy beat Solid Dynasty had to face unstoppable. by 4-3, FiveStar scored Breakout Spa and Art only 2 points against the Chaos was to face Tonton. Rangers’ 4, All Russians were Even though the expectations surprisingly beaten by Dogs D Amour, were high due to Breakout’s smashing and Disruption gave no chance to the win over Nexus, the game ended up



being a disappointment to all but aggressive play on the dorito side. the Dynasty fans who saw their team In the SPL semi-finals, both prove on the field why they’re Polish teams: 2easy and Rangers considered the best team were beaten by Disruption in the world, beating the The good and Dogs D Amour, Belgians by 5-0. The other vibe was respectively. Rangers semi-final game was definitely were able to stop more balanced but the one of the the Dogs’ offensive Russians still managed to best things strength, but their beat the French Tonton about overly defensive game quite easily, as they this event. ended up giving them a weren’t up to the level that 3-2 defeat. In the final, the they had shows in previous favorites from Birmingham games. The score of 5-2 was fair, Disruption let themselves be in a spectacular game with a supersurprised by the Greek team, that



in their first event in the SPL got a brilliant 1st place after beating the English team by 4-0. In the fight for the last place in the podium, both the Warsaw teams fought head to head and the last point could have gone either way. But the win ended up in Rangers’ hands, which, with a bit of luck managed to best their countrymen 2easy. In Division 1 the podium was comprised of Manchester Firm in first place, with a perfect record of wins in all their matches, Lille’s Epidemy HPS in

second and Redball Paris in third place. In Division 2 Brandon Short, LA Ironmen’s snake player was the star, helping the Portuguese squad of Dragon Legion, that already had Tiago Baptista and Hugo Domingues (exLisbon Benfica players), to win the third place in their first European event. The most eagerly awaited moment of the day was the final between San Diego Dynasty and Art Chaos Moscow, which is the closest that we’ll get to seeing a match between Dynasty and Russian









Legion, considered to be the best that was displayed in every point. two teams in the world. Even though Players like Fraige and Greenspan, the Russian’s technical quality of when led by Oliver Lang become play was a huge factor, the nearly unstoppable, and many Americans’ experience and considered this game to be a knowledge allowed them “lesson in paintball” given Brandon to control the opponents’ to the Russians. Short, LA offensive play and to And thus ends the first Ironmen’s snake recover from points that event of the Millennium player, helped were practically lost, Series 2011. Dragon Legion to achieve a 5-2 win. In general, it was a to win the None of the people who very positive event. The third place. were watching the game fields were great, the teams could sit indifferently to the showed great camaraderie and Americans’ perfect communication the good vibe was definitely one of and to the perfect coordination the best things about this event. ∞



Animação: dj´s bandas karaoke dancarinas cuspidores de fogo malabaristas monociclo / andas palhacos ilusionistas face painting moldagem de baloes

Eventos Desportivos: paintball insulfalveis tematicos tiro ao arco jogos tradicionais

Contactos: Rui Félix - Carla 40Serra -


Loja on-line:


playbook 101 By João Anjos

The concept of a “Playbook” is something that is recurrent in the North American sporting scene, mainly due to a number of other sports where it is seen as a key ingredient in game strategy. For those who keep up with PSP’s XBall circuit, it is easy to grasp just how important for teams it is to have both good “coaching” and a solid playbook. A good playbook is clearly one of the biggest advantages that a team might have when preparing and playing a match. A couple of years ago, when 7 man was the main format, it was common to witness as teams spent hours getting to know the field, trying to get to know and memorize as many shooting lanes as possible. It was normal to hear from the great players of the game that getting a victory was 60% about walking the field correctly. With the actual

influence of xball and mainly with the uniformization of the field layouts, the importance of walking the field has gone down considerably. However, do not think that it does not represent a big part of a win on the field, but the truth is that due to the “coaching” element, any player may be alerted to shooting lanes he was unaware of. Thus, the ability of teams to know the field well, has moved away from needing to know every shooting lane on the field, and progressed towards the need to

A good Xball playbook must have 8 to 10 different game plans.



know the field enough so that it is possible to craft a good playbook for a particular layout. So, how would we describe a good playbook for a “race to 5” xball event? That is what I’m going to be concentrating on now. It would need

to have between 8 to 10 different game tactics, even if in some of them the difference is minimal. The best way to start is to have several printouts of the field layout. As soon as you’re able to have a look at the layout, take note of your first impressions. A lot of the time, your first impressions are going to be the ones that are correct, later you’ll just have to check if what you wrote down on paper is applicable to the field. It is also useful to watch as many games as possible in any given layout. If you’re playing in a league in which the lower divisions plays first, take the chance to watch them playing, and analyze what works and what doesn’t. Lots of times, even before stepping foot

on the field, just by watching other teams play, you can figure out the keypoints about the layout. OFFENSE. Getting back to the issue of the playbook, it should have between 3 to 5 different tactics just for offense. 2 or 3 of those should be comprised of moderate offense, where you may go strong on just one side - snake or doritos - or both. The breakout is a key element in the elaboration of each tactic, and it is essential that it is clearly defined in each of the game plans, what each player has to do during the start of the match. Whether he is to stand on the field, shooting off the break, or if he has to run and shoot, or if he should simply run it.





You should also define if you should be shooting towards only one side, and if you have anyone shooting back at the opposition’s shooters so that their breakout isn’t as effective, and so that you may run your players safely to the desired positions. Regarding the offensive tactics, it’s also necessary to include 1 or 2 game plans that are really aggressive. One that can be used as a desperation move, going for that precious point when the clock is running out and you’re still chasing in the scoreboard. The important thing in this game plan is to get as many players as possible down the field off the break and get as many eliminations as possible. Do not think about the safety element in this game plan. A very important detail to define in this plan is who has to stay behind, and must really stay alive. It’s common to see teams making desperate moves, searching for a point, and not have anyone left at the end of it to score. The other plan to consider is one of bold offense, but just with one or two players. This plan has the sole intent of eliminating a single player that is constantly dominating the field. For instance a player that is locking down the snake, playing at the “M”.

will have to include another 2 or 3 game plans. An heavy breakout game plan where practically every player on the team shoots off the break and runs to an easy bunker. It will be a game plan used to run the clock on the other team, and to control the opposition. Once again it is key that you define very well where everyone is going and where they must shoot. If the other team has a very strong snake side, do not hesitate to have more guns shooting that way. Do not worry so much in shooting against the opposition’s shooters off the break, do worry about controlling the

It’s common to see teams making desperate moves, searching

for a point, and not have anyone left at the end of it to score.

DEFENSE. In the defensive tactics, we

important shooting lanes off the go. The other two defensive tactics should be field control tactics, including the area of the field you want to control, and which bunkers you should occupy to make that happen. Remember, every time you are leading the scoreboard and you run someone out to a corner without shooting, you may be making a mistake. Teams that need to score point will often have players running without shooting, trying to increase their



chances of making it to their bunker. Having 5 guns shooting against 2 or 3 will always give you an advantage. The last two tactics are two tactics that a lot of teams forget to include and that should always be taken into account. They are the tactics for when you start out with a penalty. That way you can clearly define a game plan for attacking with just 4 players, including the bunkers that you should take and which lanes you need to control at the start of the game. You should also include a game plan for locking the field down with 4 players. Once again you need to decide which bunkers to take and which lanes

to shoot; optimally you should make this plan so that you are able to get elimination off the break, so that you may eliminate the disadvantage early. My last advice is that you practice creating a playbook in your training matches with several game plans, and

Having 5 guns shooting against 2 or

3 will always give you an advantage.



decide on a point by point basis, which plan you should use according to the score and remaining game time. It’s also very important that you take note of every movement and initial actions of each player and their respective objectives in the game plan sheet. ∞


Chad George Chad George former player of Dynasty and Philly Americans will play this year with Dogs D’amour at Millennium with the objective of conquering a CPL spot for 2013. GRIP had the opportunity to have a quick chat with him about past and present times. Text and Photos: Jani Andersson (European Representative at

GRIP: Describe your first introduction with paintball, what/who made you start playing? Chad George: The first intro to paintball for me came in 2003. A lot of kids I went to school with started playing paintball around my area. I talked my parents into letting me do chores for paintball equipment. Ever since I playing my first day I’ve been hooked. GRIP: Any memorable experiences from that day? CG: There were a ton of memorable



experiences from my first day. One that I remember like yesterday was running a buddy down to bunker him. I’ll never forget the rush I felt not know what to expect after you shoot him. Needless to say it was a triple bunker. I got lucky! GRIP: Did you know from the first time out that this would become a regular part of your life? CG: I knew before the day was over I was already trying to figure out how I could scrounge up the extra money to play the next weekend. After being

introduced to speed ball and getting a job at a local indoor field minutes from my house. I knew I wanted to play professional paintball. Stayed humble and kept grinding towards my dream. GRIP: Despite of your young age you have been a major part of many winning pro teams during your playing career. How do you think you got recognized by the Philly Americans, what made you start playing with the pro’s? CG: I joined a local farm team for

the Philly all A’s which was called all American heroes...every once in a few of us were asked to come to a Philly American practice. We’d go grind it out all day. Soaking up every ounce of knowledge from the pro’s we could get. After a few practices with them and a successful year in the PSP Division 3 with ECK (East Coast Killers) Spesh Robinson called me to be an extra for the 2007. I ended up playing more then I thought that season stuck with it and kept learning and growing my game ever since.



“Most memorable moment was winning my first professional tournament.” GRIP: After playing for Philly you moved over to Dynasty. How did the transition to a new team and organisation go for you? CG: It was hard to see the Philly Americans dismantled after a strong season in 2009... but the transition was actually pretty easy. I was approached by dynasty for the 2010 season. The guys are great. I knew most of the guys on the team from practices and playing them on the tournament series. There are going to be differences with every team you play



for. The 2010 year was a rebuilding year for the team but we had a few good finishes winning HB was one. Dynasty has a great organization so it wasn’t too hard to adapt. GRIP: Teams have quite different approaches to setting up plans and executing them. How would you compare the Philly Americans way into Dynasty’s style of playing, what were the major differences? CG: Every good team has there plans and styles of play it depends

on your roster as a whole and who you are playing against. It’s all about executing the game plan you set up for your strengths and the other teams weaknesses. The most different thing about the Philly of old style and the Dynasty style is the way each team adapts during the game that has already started. Whether were winning or losing. Dynasty has had more success slow playing the other team where on Philly Americans we would attack and keep attacking. GRIP: Aggressive front players such as your self are dependant on their team for support and information. Who is your all time favourite back player and why? CG: This is a great question and I can say with confidence that man would be Tim Montressor. Me and Tim have played together for years and he’s really great at breaking down the game and reading the field when I’m up front with my head in the dirt. He’s great at getting information across the field and getting people where they need to be after the breakout. Not only does he play a mean front player when he has to. All around great player. GRIP: What has been the most memorable professional game you played? CG: Most memorable moment was winning my first professional

tournament in the PSP Phoenix open in 2009. Can’t explain the emotion but I know every tournament I play I strive for that same feeling. GRIP: Speaking of feelings, how do you mentally prepare yourself for a

“I’m a super competitive person. I hate losing.” interview


I do have a routine I like to do before I play. I’ll listen to a lot of different music except for country it makes my ears bleed. I always warm up to protect myself from injuries and so I don’t come out flat. I like to get in good spirits and go over game plans with the rest of my team. I strive to win every game I play.

“Millennium is comparable to the US events.” tournament? I’ve seen you with an iPod before the game, anything beyond that and remembering 09 Phoenix to get you pumped and ready to go? CG: Well I’m a super competitive person almost everything I do I treat like a competition. I hate losing. So I do everyone’s mentally and physically I can to play 110% event point I play. I don’t have to many superstitions but



GRIP: Long flights and road trips to tournaments have been a regular part of your life for a good while now. Give us your best travel tip? CG: The best travel tip I can give you is to take advantage of the amenities around you at the airport or in the minivan your travelling in. Make everything you do fun. That way the long flights or the umpteen hours you spend in a car or train fly by. On top of that always make a check list so you don’t forget anything! GRIP: Where will we see you in 2012? CG: I will be playing the NPPL series with Edmonton Impact and the Millennium Series with Dogs D’amour Thessaloniki this year. I’d also like to thank all the guys on Dogs D’amour for letting me guest on the team. Super cool guys and great players hopefully we can win a CPL spot this year in the SPL. Wish us luck. GRIP: Give us your opinion about the Millenium Series. How does it compare

“Euro-refs give out more 1 for 1’s.” to NPPL or PSP? CG: My opinion of the Millennium events is pretty comparable to the US events. The level of play in Europe is growing tremendously. All of the venues are packed with a good amount of spectators and more and more teams every year. GRIP: How would you compare eurorefs vs american refs, give us the good and the bad? CG: My experience with the euro refs

has always been good. They get in a make the calls on the field relatively quick maybe a little quicker than some of the US-refs in some instances. I do think however the euro-refs give out more 1 for 1’s which is good or bad depending what side of the spectrum your on. Thats it, no more GRIP: Good luck and see you in St Tropez! CG: Sweet see you there buddy. ∞



Get some Photos: PhotoPaintball











































GRIP: Do you remember all titles you have won? Hugo: I don’t remember them all, I know the ones that were most important and the ones that were more significant to me. GRIP: We would like you to describe those moments. Hugo: One of the victories that gave me more pleasure happened in Pro in 2002 at “Camp masters Paris”. I



got the 2º place, we lost in the final against Tontons and against French referees, can you imagine... For the first time a Portuguese team got to PRO and got to the podium, that was when we got the nicknames Five of Paris, myself , Humberto, Coelho , Mendes and Diogo Cruz. GRIP: I think it’s funny, you could have said that you have been national champion for 10 years in a row in Div

Hugo Domingues “I’m here to make Miguel Franco’s life miserable” Hugo Domingues, considered the best Portuguese player of all times, spoke to GRIP. Adapted from the Blog: Tinta Lusa By: Raúl Tavares Photos: PhotoPaintball

1, champion with the Dynasty, with the London Nexus in CPL you got the 3rd in overall... but you haven’t. You sum up a very long walk highlighting a 2nd place finish with your friends. Hugo: Titles are part of the path, but what is more important for me is what I have done alongside the best friends I ever had... For me there are no teams or titles that can overlap them. GRIP: You have already gained a place

in the history of Portuguese paintball, you were and still are considered the best Portuguese paintball player of all time, with a lot of trophies on your shelves, I ask you, the best Portuguese paintball player: who is the second best in your opinion? Hugo: Tiago Coelho and Humberto are at the same level, unfortunately Humberto had to move with his life abroad to Brazil, he retired 3/4 years ago, and Coelho retired last season.



I have no doubt they were as good as or even better than me... I just have been lucky and have been chosen to play in teams with more media attention than they did. But I know that if any of them had had the same opportunities than I had, they would have done the same or even better. Now, from the new wave generation, I have to highlight Nuno “Ossos” for all he has achieved already and for what he is still going to do and my protégé, Miguel Franco. He is my personal project since he

“Pressure is when a father wants to feed his children



and has no way to do it.” is 13 years old, he still made some childish mistakes, normal for his age (he has just turned 18 years old) but he has improved a lot. These two are in a different league than all the rest in Portugal and they have all they need to continue the legacy we left for them.

GRIP: The responsibility you put on their shoulders adds extra pressure for them. Without doubts, beyond your fire quality and your game sight, I would highlight your motivational set and mental strength. Do you think that this Benfica has the capacity to uphold the pressure and overcome it, like you have always done? Hugo: Well since I can remember I have always been really competitive, losing was never an option for me. Pressure its part of our day to day life, and I never considered that playing Paintball was something more than having fun with my best friends so I don’t think we can call it pressure... Pressure is when a father wants to feed his children and has no way to do it, that is pressure...

only showed up to play the Millennium that is a very competitive event. We had high expenses and lack of funding. To all of that, we have to add the loss of two key players (Ossos and Gil) at the beginning of the season. Beiramar showed up very strong and with a very united team. For example, see what happened with Beira-mar this season. They have almost the same team, but Teles and Correia left, they

GRIP: Moving on to the last National Championship (NC) and your retirement as player from Benfica. We realized this was the tightest championship ever. It was all decided in the last game of the last tournament. SLB had a weak season of 2010 or was Beira-mar a very strong team? Hugo: I believe a bit of both happened, for Benfica it was a season with lack of motivation, very tiring and disturbing. Half of our team didn’t practice at all, they


were two of the foundations and the team resented it. However I think they are in the right path to become as good as they were, like they were in the last event of the CN. GRIP: Now I’m going to provoke you ... Horto (Beira-Mar player) in an interview for Tinta Lusa mentioned that they would have been champions if the referee hadn’t given the victory to Benfica. Do you have anything to say? Hugo: Everyone has the right to an opinion. I have a lot of respect for Horto, but I don’t want to follow that road. Everybody had a lot of complaints against them when Boavista was the referee. I don’t believe it’s necessary to remind that both teams were formed from the extinguished team... Energy. I could also mention that in the 3rd event of the NC the wife and the groomsman of a Beira-mar player were referring and I was sent off in the first game of the day. Coincidence?

more. By the way as an example, I believe that the rule of one for one in the last 90 seconds should have been omitted last year, when the Millennium eradicated it. Although us as enlighten as we are, we still kept it. However Benfica deserved to win, I think it was unfair that Matralhas lost the game because of that rule. Games should be won by the players and not by referees, that have far too much power and only god knows how many repressed people there is out there. GRIP: What do you think about the quality of teams of the Portuguese NC?

“We lost in the final against

GRIP: Off course, everyone has at some stage been hurt or helped by the referees. And in the end is it still the best that wins? Hugo: You can win one or two events with the help of the referees, but to win a championship only if there’s a big lack of shame from those who are running things, and I won’t say



Tontons and against French referees.” Hugo: I believe that we have 4 or 5 teams at a very good level. The mentality is changing, they train more and work better to achieve success. In the past all you could hear was teams complaining that Paintoon/SLB were cheaters, that that was the only reason they won all the time, they wouldn’t try to understand why they had lost. I only thought that as long as they think that their level of performances is alright, we will continue to win. Now when a team takes things seriously, and does

an excellent work like Beira-Mar did, all is possible, even to dethrone those that always win. At the moment, within the Portuguese teams, I really admire the fantastic work of Metralhas and Leiria. I point out Anjix as the biggest responsible for the success of the last team. In one way or another, Azimut manage to keep the center core of the team for already several years and finally they are collecting benefits... and there are now some new kids- I believe they are called Dragon Legion (laughs) - that are doing also a very positive work and we´re going to hear about them.

GRIP: By the way, speaking of dragons, the work you have been doing with them is impressive, making a lot of people think that they would do a great job in Div 1(they are in div 3). We see in field that the quality of the players has risen. You give Tiago (ex-Benfica) the job of running and marking opponents, and all the rest of the team working for the two of you. Hugo: I think we work as a team that overcomes individual values. When a team marks too much Tiago or me, the rest also solve the problems and believe me, no one wins alone. For example,



when we lost the last TRN, the first event after six straight wins, we got beaten and I was the one to blame. I made a mistake, and still today I blame myself for that loss. I came all the way from Porto to Lisbon reviewing the game in my head, it was the crucial moment for Benfica, and they would have scored the last point if it wasn’t my mistake GRIP: Is it there where it lays your secret for success? To make all believe that they are excellent players and that in the team there are no stars? Hugo: You tell me why Messi and Ronaldo don’t play for their national teams half of what they play for Real or Barcelona. Team work... only with a good team work someone can shine, no one shines alone by himself and you got to be intelligent to acknowledge and seize the max of the best of anyone. GRIP: Nations Cup is coming, in case we present a national squad which ten players you would take? Hugo: Miguel Franco (SLB), Nuno Lourenço (SLB), Hugo Pires (SLB), Teles (SLB), Tiago Batista (Dragons), Tito (Metralhas), Tiago (Metralhas), Anjix (U.Leiria) and myself (SLB) and Mendes to keep everyone in thin line.(laughs). GRIP: What psychological qualities and technical skills does a champion need?



“I will n Hugo: Good question. In my opinion, in our days, the physical skill are more and more important, but the experience and intelligence are as or even more important. I explain, if you look to the top four technical teams of the world or of the Europe or even from Portugal, you see phenomenal players that are all at same technical level and all of them know how to do sweet spotting, everyone has a very good snap shooting, all do the same

that I’m not as fast has Miguel Franco or as pretty as him technically, but if you ask me if I am better than him, I will tell you, that I am here to make his life miserable and to win if he doesn’t give his best. In game I use all the experience I accumulated along the years, and as you said previously I can handle pressure very well and I always lived winning so I developed the taste for wins. My desire to win its still developing and sometimes that difference is much bigger than physical/technical ability.

never say no to Benfica.” with a margin of 5% to 10% difference from one to the other. With such a little difference at this level, where can we unbalance? It is in mental strength and experience, it’s with that we win or lose. I know that I’m not the same I was around 27 or 28 when I was in the top of my physical abilities. In the present, with 36 years old, and with a belly that my son calls the kung fu panda belly, I need to take advantage of other skills to keep winning. I know

GRIP: And the future Hugo? Are you going to continue to play? With the Dragons? Are you going to train a team? Hugo: I never was or ever will be a stone in anyone’s shoe... Last year some members of my ex-team (SLB), said that was the time for me to leave and let the young ones show that they can also win, and they can also take a ship to the port, and so I did... I thought about retiring from Paintball as Tiago Coelho, but after some events I played just for fun, and to help Dragons, Hugo (Dragon Legion Captain) invited me to play for them, so I could help them achieve Div 1. GRIP: So you´re going to continue? If they ask you to come back to Benfica, would you? Hugo:Thanks to my personal trainer



“Wit (Aninhas/Girlfriend... laughs), I feel better physically than last year that I was physically collapsed. Therefore as long there is will by the Dragons and I feel I am able to be useful, I will play... As a matter of fact, when I think how my life will be without Paintball, I don’t see myself happy. Afterwards, when I can’t play anymore, I know for a fact that I will train someone that wants to win and to be great. GRIP: You still haven’t answered the question, if Benfica ask you to come back, would you? Hugo: I will never say no to Benfica, but I’m a man of my word and I always would need to talk with my good friend Hugo. Today I look and I have a new family, you can’t know the sentiment I have for the Dragons. Hugo has been more than a brother to me. I met them when I was in a



very troubled time of my life, and they were the key for me to overcome my problems. Presently I experience the best moments of my life in all areas and they are by my side all the time... Bruno has a heart as big as the world, Hugo that, as I said before, is more than a brother, is more like a sort of a Dad for all team. Without him the Dragon Legion wouldn’t exist and I didn’t refer to the money or the logistics. Fabio its one amazing kid, with a huge potential and huge strength of will, just as Filipe that is my protégé and I am going to make him one of the best in Portuguese Paintball. We still have Inácio that is fantastic, although he doesn’t play most of the times, he is another one that gives 200% for the team. Tiago Batista is having his best season since I know him, for around

a belly

I ne


th 36 years old, and with

y like the Kung Fu Panda,

eed to take advantage of

r skills to keep winning.” 8 years. He is a valuable player for Portuguese paintball. He just lacked assertiveness. Then we have Pequeno, he has been away because of personal problems, but he is also important to the team. Of course that Benfica are my little boys... they will always be, I will always be there for them (Ossos, Mendes, Gus, Pires or Miguel), they will never hear a “no” from me. But now I also feel at home with Dragon Legion, I think I am good where I am, as Benfica is doing ok without me, everything is a cycle. GRIP: Many times when I see players

saying that they love Paintball, I always talk about a certain Portuguese player that sold his car to go to the United States of America... Hugo: (laughs) I never sold my car to go to USA, it was to buy one Angel Eclipse and it was before I went to Dynasty. GRIP: United States, how came up the opportunity. Hugo: In 2001, an event of the Millennium happened in Lisbon, where for the first time X-Ball in Europe was played by national teams. We got the hardest team- Russia, and we already knew that the winner would play against USA. Imagine me with 27 years, excited to play for the Portuguese national squad, and had invited all my family to come watch the game. The Russians as machines they are, were training X-Ball for 3 months already, we didn’t even know how the game we got



crushed 16-1... in front of everyone. I was desperate, after 6-0, I did it all. I started off to the snake, then to the 40 of the Russian Legion and then again start to the X. I did all in my power to score. I managed to eliminate 3-4 Russians for point and we still lost. Until when, out of one of my thousand

inventions, I killed 3 and managed to kill the last, Mendes stayed alive and we scored 1 point. At the end of the game I was really pissed off, then Oliver Lang, Rodney Squires, Ryan Greenspan e Alex Fraige pass by and say: ”Congratulations Hugo, great game”. I reply with a very loud “FUCK YOU GUYS... I just got smashed / humiliated in front of my family and you guys are still fucking with me, fuck you all”! Oliver gets closer and says “Trust me Hugo, congratulations, you played quite well, never seen a will as great as yours. You have a very big heart and an amazing inner will”. When the best player in the world says that to you, you must stop and listen. GRIP: Impressive... Hugo: Then, Rodney comments that they need a player with those skills, fast to go in the beginning of the game to 50 and paint people. In the next Millennium’s event, Rodney and Oliver invited me to the WDP/Angel VIP spot Heaven tent; only the best of the best could go there. As soon I


got in, I saw some photographers from PGI, Facefull, etc... and the rest of the team Dynasty with a jersey with my name ... I couldn’t believe it. It was a dream come true. GRIP: What have you learned from them, what were the big lessons? Hugo: My biggest lessons were the Dynasty, and the advices of Oliver Lang and Humberto, all I know I learned with them. If you think I motivate the ones around me, you don’t know what Lang is able to do; as a matter of fact I just try to replicate what he did. He used to look in my eyes and say “Hugo, you are a phenomenon; you were born in the wrong country. If you had played as many events as me and if you trained as much time as we do, you would be the best player in the world, not me”, that was said to someone who was playing Paintball only for one year and a half... I used to go to play highly moralized. I used to come in the field convinced that my adversaries would lose only from my looks. GRIP: That made you do some sacrifices, I suppose? Hugo: Only I know what I had to give up to get to where I am now. I learned that nothing is impossible. The heart and strength of will move mountains, the will to win more than the others and have a bigger inner

strength, I have strength of will larger than the world, and Oliver used that to moralize the others. He used to say “put your eyes upon Hugo he just started, already is 27 years, and see what he did just in 2 years. Will is power and heart wins games, heart

“I sold my car to buy an Angel Eclipse.” it’s what wins games”. I can say that I used to train almost every day. I went alone to the training field to practice sweet spotting, bunkering, snap shooting. When I arrived to Paulo Nave´s field in Portugal Aventura, even butterflies run (laughs). GRIP: London Nexus, where I saw some of the games. I believe that was the time I saw you playing the happiest... Hugo: After one year playing CPL for the XSV, we finished the season in sixth place if I recall it correctly. For a team that came from DIV2, it was remarkable. In the last event I was approached by Jami Abbott, Nexus’ team captain. The team was owned by a mister called Pete Robbo Robinson, who had problems with the players and sold it to DYE. They wanted to have a flag ship of the company in Europe, as they had in the States with the Ironmen. I remember



that in 2007, paintball lived the golden era, and I made maybe one of the best contracts ever made in European paintball. So just you can have an idea, I got paid better than Mike Huttunen and Brandon Short of the Ironmen. In the first year, Dave Youngblood’s goal was to aggregate for the Sunday Club and to get in the top 8th teams. In the second year, it was to get in top 4th teams and in the third it was to try to be European champions. It was at a dinner in San Diego California, that I once more signed a professional paintball contract. Because we were a bit above average, we managed right in the first year to get the third place in the league table. Only the Super All American and the great Joy Division were ahead of us. In the next year, Paintball experienced a recession, as the world economy experienced and lots of cuts happened. I had the luck that Dave Youngblood was a friend of mine and a man of word, so my contract was fulfilled, but with a condition that I put Benfica again in the CPL. In the year that I am with Benfica trying to go up again to the major league of the European championship, the Nexus, in the first 3 events didn’t even went to the finals. GRIP: No Hugo, no finals? Hugo: (laughs) At that time, I





received 2 or 3 completely enraged emails from Jeff Abbott, he said it was all my fault, that I shouldn’t have come back to Benfica, and that I was the one who kept the team together, and that I was a leader. GRIP: But you were happy in Nexus? Hugo: In Nexus I wasn’t a little boy anymore, I was 32 years and I was a grown up man. But it’s true, in that team all was done for us, it was impressive, we had it all and even more. Maybe it’s because of that that you

always see me in a good mood. GRIP: Now, let’s talk about your temper? Hugo: (laughs) Ups! GRIP: The heart and the will make sense in the player/leader, however, I see that off field, you explode and you almost quit. My question is Hugo off field, it’s harmful or not? Hugo: In that I look up to you as an example to follow and I swear I try but I can’t. I always called things by their names, therefore I will always point the finger no matter what and I will call the name of the player who makes the mistake. Do you think it’s normal to be wining in a final 3-2, 15 seconds to the final whistle, I tell them to lockup and no one attacks and they do exactly the opposite? GRIP: Isn’t your love for the team and for the game that blinds you sometimes? Hugo: I always knew how to handle screaming, if it’s that what you meant. Or do you think that Fraige or Oliver when they are losing and you are playing badly will whisper at your ear and will give you a tap on your back? GRIP: I don’t think so… Hugo: They would tear you apart, there are no excuses... but you learn and grow as player and as a man. ∞


“When Fraige or Oliver are losing and you are playing badly they will tear you apart, there are no excuses...� interview





miss grip

Text: Ricardo Campos Photos: PhotoPaintball

Rita Lum turns Paintball on fire

The first Miss GRIP was one of the most gorgeous women that were present in the Portuguese paintball. The players lined up just because of her‌ miss grip



miss grip


22 OCCUPATION Student of tourism management HOW DO YOU SHOW UP IN PAINTBALL? I started to work with the Portuguese Paintball Federation‌ occasionally. WHAT IS IT THAT YOU LIKE THE BEST IN A PAINTBALL PLAYER? I like the ferocity and the jitters before the game. WHAT SEDUCES YOU IN PAINTBALL? The game itself and all its colors. WHAT ATTRACTS YOU THE LEAST? The language of some players. HOW WAS THE PHOTO SHOOT WITH PHOTOPAINTBALL? It was fantastic. The photographers made me feel very comfortable. I loved it!!!

miss grip



miss grip

miss grip



miss grip



miss grip

miss grip



miss grip

miss grip






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We we re ther the he e; we survi slopes at and the g ved . The P i annive aintug ant rsar y w al’s as a su ccess.



The Paintugal - Portuguese Association of Recreational Paintball - APD, celebrated its 7th anniversary on the 8th of October, with a European Paintball Mega Event in Santa Margarida Military Camp. Organized annually since 2004, it began as an event that captured recreational paintball players immediately throughout the country. With increased quality and number of participants in 2007, the Association internationalized his birthday and became a part of the European circuit of the biggest paintball events, where it is already a reference. More than 500 participants representing 67 teams from north to south of Portugal, a Spanish English and American delegations could enjoy the best Recball that is made in the Iberian Peninsula, with multiple activities, shops and partnerships that stuffed the event, making it the unprecedented. The teams had several buildings equipped with tables for their logistics, shade for protection from heat that already was felt in the morning, several units of bathrooms and showers. Of all the extra activities, to emphasize the CQB class, in which participants benefited from the teachings of an Army Sergeant in the United States of America. The mid-morning snack, in the center

of the players´ area, the catering stand was the center of attention with the food served, and the barbecue pig in preparation. The shopping area was filled with products and news, highlighting the Tomahawk lorries and the roadshow, as well as the stores Jogos com Tinta, Emboscada, Ponto Aventura and D’maker. Here the new marker of Planet Eclipse “Etha” debuted, which hasn’t been released yet in the market. It was

Spanish, English and American delegations could enjoy

the best Recball that is made



in the Iberian Peninsula tested by five players from the Bando de Irmãos Paintball Club, and seen by all present at the Planet Eclipse booth. Adding value and quality to the event, we had the support and participation of some of the partners, such as Lisbon and Tagus Valley Tourism, Portuguese Institute of Sport, the Portuguese Youth Institute, Army recruits, the Army Staff, Super FM Radio, The Four Corners of the Swan Association, El Corte Ingles, PhotoPaintball, Relax Estética, JICA, Recreational Improvement Association of Santos and the Portuguese Federation of Airsoft APD, with a very attractive stand, a clear sign of cooperation



between the two sports. All the games organized by the association and the high levels of security are considered one of the pillars of this Association. We found hundreds of bottles of compressed air at the event, where some were “flunked “, even after several reminders of the organization in the weeks before the event. Areas with well-defined safety net ensured the transition between the players´ area to the game zone, where everyone would have to put the mask or keep the barrel sock. Some warnings where made, but the great majority followed the rules, a great proof of citizenship of all present. With the approach of the start of



the game, expectations increased. The players completed the final preparations for the big battle and the team captains met with their generals to receive the mission and objectives for its faction. By choosing to make the game in such a unique place, Paintugal sought to have a venue that allowed a more complex event, where the difficulty of the scenario raised the level of demand for the participants. At 12 o’clock, the main game of 4 hours started with the highest level of innovation, in line with the objectives of European Big Game Alliance, the union of the largest organizers of the best paintball events in Europe, with partners in the UK and France. In more than 50 acres of

mountainous terrain and difficult field, as the theme of the game, the New Dawn operation in Afghanistan, where three villages where scored by its possession by minute, 2 fixed and 3 conquerable hospitals, reinforced by two 4x4 mobile hospitals that provided extra support to the players. Additionally the secret missions, insertion of special forces, rotary objectives that forced to break new specific ground to score, and the FOB, which apart from being a logistical element of the factions, was scoring by its GPS coordinates. With the approach of Big Game Alliance’s game procedures, Paintugal premiered the new eliminated player

count for scoring purposes, to be used by the various partners in 2012, through digital counters and mathematical formulas that limit their undue influence on the final score. With the start of the game, both teams struggled to successfully fulfill the objectives outlined by the few players who were actually prepared in the field, and it was with some astonishment that the Taliban captured the village of Shorshork, in the middle of the Allied faction ground. Across the field, in Taliban land, Nawa was conquered by the allied faction, but for a short time, due to the increasing number of Taliban players who entered to take the field. The central village Marja,





was easily conquered by the Taliban, until the end of game. The risky strategy of the Allies on the Forward Operating Base(FOB), took their profits to put it into enemy territory, well camouflaged, winning more points than the opposing faction. With the approach of the two hours of game play, the Taliban managed to open the safe containing the secret mission and it went smoothly, while the Allies were unable to accomplished it. The fact that at a given moment of the game the Taliban completely dominate the three villages, allowed them to execute the mission to recharge the warriors with the Taliban “weapons cache”, village by village. The Allies were able to put the “CIA agent” in just one village. At 14 o’clock, half of the game had elapsed and it was time to change the game entries of the teams, mixing the game around by allowing large numbers of Taliban to enter the Allies ground and vice versa. This is another feature of the European BGA games. With the 4x4 mobile hospitals having a lot of work from the start to the end, to recover players to the game, and adding the remaining eliminations of several fixed hospitals, at the end of the game we concluded that the Taliban killed more Allied players, but with a small margin. Controling most cities, allowed the Taliban faction to go ahead, finishing the event with 4611 points, while the

Allies scored 2125 points. At the end of the event, the trophies were handed to the various teams that participated in the tournament “Paintugal Challenge 2011”. There was also the expected raffle draw of € 3,500 in prizes, offered by the sponsors of the event: Tippmann, Planet Eclipse, Dye, Proto, NXE, Sea to Summit, BT, Buddha, Totem Air e Reball. To finish this day on a very positive note, the Generals were able to assign

Hundreds of bottles

were verified. Some failed. the Best Team and Fair Play Team trophies, with speeches of gratitude to all present and to the organization for setting up an event of this magnitude. The organization’s gratitude is extended to our staff and management, as well as to all associates and clubs of Paintugal National Association, who worked several days to make the biggest Recball party in the Iberian Peninsula, the anniversary of Paintugal happen. On Sunday the 9th of October, several activities were carried out through a partnership with the Ponto Aventura, with canoeing and a visit to the Castle of Almourol, that ended with a lunch. Additionally, under the initiative of Paintugal´s Social Responsibility: “We play Different”, donations of food, articles of clothing and footwear where








Aftermath ALLIED GENERAL - LUÍS OLIVEIRA – TEAM FORÇA PSI Regarding the strategy that was used, I can explain that the main objective was to divide the Allied faction in five companies, being specific points given to four of them and the remainder would serve as backup up. Unfortunately it wasn’t possible to implement our plan, because only one of the companies was composed when the game started. With these objectives given initially to the companies, it was intended to control two or



three cities, preventing the Taliban faction from completing the secret mission, preventing that FOB scored and attacked the weaponry and, at the same time, to secure the central hospital with the reserve company. All of this was to be completed in the first two hours of game, being agreed with the company commanders that the remaining two hours would be planned accordingly to the evolution of the game. ∞

GENERAL TALIBAN RUI FERNANDES - TEAM NÚCLEO DOS DUROS The preparation began several weeks before, with an exchange of e-mails and personal meetings with senior members of different teams, so that together we could define the strategy for some special tasks, such as the secret mission or the navigation to Marja, the main goal of our strategy. Unlike a military structure, that has consistency maintained by the chain, in a game of Paintball nobody rules anyone, the only people for whom you are willing to pour sweat, are those who feel commitment. I knew in the field the voice of João Ramalho (Thor) would do his part. My part was missing. I looked for the teams one by one, I knew the Spaniards where many and were crucial in my faction, and after some chat they promised me that I could count on them until the last paintball. As for the game the beginning was tragic, but as the pillars were solid, it was not long before our domain was complete and lasting. From the players´ area, someone reported to me that the Reds were dominating the beers and pork sandwiches and in the field the great enemy was now loneliness in some points, and foolishness in others. Calmly both where solved. In the end I looked for all my

warriors and shook hands with all I have met, and hence made the bow they all deserve. ∞





124 Text: André Faria Photos: André Faria

7 hours of play, 200 hectares, 97 teams, 1500 players, 12 million paintballs. These are the numbers of the biggest European event. GRIP was at North V. South and tells you everything.


growing number, which coincides with increased activity and the opening up of paintball to other sports, such as LazerTag & Airsoft. With above-average conditions, each player can camp on site and enjoy a shopping area, obviously offering the following brands: Tippmann, Dye, Angel, Empire, Eclipse, Enola Gaye Pyromad, Vanguard, and the shops Warped Paintball, Custom PB, JD Airsoft, Paintball Just, Land Warrior Airsoft, Kartel Prime Lips Paintball, Paintball We are, Xsite Airsoft, Airsoft Skirmish Paintball and BZ. In addition to a campaign hospital,

Randon Photography

The biggest event of the European Recreational Paintball will be held in England, every year in the first week-end of May, in a festival form. This gives players three days full of activities, surprises, excitement and of course ... a lot of good Paintball! From April 29 to May 1, the military training field in Swynnerton received the 9th Warped Paintball festival. This was the 1st event of the 2011 Big Game Alliance, the organizers of major European events. This festival gathered more than 1500 players, with 97 teams across the UK, Norway, Netherlands, Sweden and Portugal. This is a



bathrooms, Bunker accommodations, tables in the players area and several catering services, players could participate in the Big Game Airsoft games, lasertag, CQB Courses, Simulator shot DCCT, Mini Paintball Games and Airsoft, Tippmann TPX Fights, Shooting, gun presentations, in MegaArena Airball and climbing, among other activities. The tight control of entrance, circulation and parking of vehicles inside the military base, the fantastic coordination between the various activities taking place and their advertising throughout the week-end make this event an almost surreal experience, such is the quality and commitment of the “Warped Family.” The main event of this festival is the seven hour paintball game, always focused on innovation. This game takes place in a field with over 200 hectares and consists of seven conquerable hospitals, six scoring buildings and six jewels (three on the side of the faction North and three on the side of the faction South). These can be stolen and closed in the buildings of scores but cannot go out of there, so their defense was a priority. The entries of the teams swap every 90 minutes, not allowing players to form a line between north and south, creating a dynamic and rotating awesome game. Additionally, there was the introduction of Special Forces in vans

and a shuttle service around the entire field, to make it easier for the players. Finally, other relevant feature - a fixed element in games of Warpedis the counting of the eliminated players, for scoring purposes, which always brings surprises at the time of the final scores. After seven hours of loads of Paintball and more than 12 million balls spent on the field, it was time to account for the effort on both sides, North and South:

WARPED NORTH V SOUTH BIG GAME FEST (OFFICIAL) - First grab points - 3 Jewel Pieces each @ 150 points = 450 North, 450 South - Jewel Scoring points - 3 hours North, 7 hours South @ 150 per hour = 450 North, 1050 South - Elimination - North 4530, South 3560 - Total Points = NORTH 5430, SOUTH 5060

Victory smiled to the North. Despite that in the game the South scored more points, the count of the eliminated dictated the victory. Congratulations to both for their efforts and dynamic. The Organization of Warped together held more than a festival, they provided an anthem for sport! ∞



Game map










Name: Jamie Powell Team: Apocalypse

Name: Dave “TAZ” Bradley Team: TAZBALL

We may have not won the trophy, but I, along with most of the players, think we got the Victory. We ran them off field all day and created a mass of very happy players. The amount of positive feedback received from both sides makes all the hard work worth it. To see the North so shocked by their win really says it all, something seemed amiss and it’s nothing we can ever put our finger on. But next year if we follow on from this year’s hard work and unity we can re claim the trophy! As for next year, would I do it again? Hell yeah, If you guys want me, I will be there! I’m going to have to buy the field Captains lots of beer though!

The game started well with key groups immediately finding 3 pieces of jewelry and the two main battle groups holding the line across the middle of the game area and controlling the re-spawn points. The fall back point was The Bank Vault with its main re-spawn building which was then slowly surrounded by Southern forces and eventually taken. South dominated the North for at least 3/4 of the day, but the North kept on killing and by 3pm in the afternoon they had captured 3/4 of the field. We managed to keep and hide some Jewels but one piece was stole, a big mistake. The Northern squads kept pushing to locate the Jewels to no avail and eventually ran out of air and paint and above all, time. In the end we thought that South had won.



Jim Frensham spoke about his history as an organizer, of his responsibilities and expectations for 2012 GRIP - How long have you been doing this Paintball Festival? Jim Frensham - Warped started the North vs. South game way back in 1992, at a time when this type of game was non-existent. After a couple of years stumbling around, trying to figure out what this type of game should entail, we decided we just couldn’t see how anything bigger could be done. By 2000 the tournament scene had developed, moved out of the woods and on to Hyperball and Supairball arenas. We felt this left a void for players who prefer to play in the woodland/urban environment. We decided to resurrect North vs. South and in 2002 for the first time we added the phrase “Big Game” to the North vs. South name and introduced some gameplay specific to the format. Airstrikes, Troop Insertions, in game respawn, medics. GRIP – How’s the numbers of players throughout the last years until this year? JF - We have seen a regular increase year after year of 10% to 20% attendees for the past 8 years, in 2011 there were over 1500 players and we hope to have more than 1700 in 2012.



GRIP – What new things have you prepared for 2012? JF - More games, more activities, more people and more fun! This year we used the new Big Game FM Roadshow stage vehicle for the first time. Now with outdoor and indoor stage and party areas available, we plan to expand on the music and entertainment aspects of the festival. We also plan to continue developing the range of additional combat gaming activities available. This year the army Dismounted Close Combat Simulator (DCCT), outdoor Laser Gaming, climbing wall, CQB Experience, and Mini-Games were all very well attended. GRIP – How much time does it take to put such an event together? JF - It’s my full-time job at Warped for most of the year, and for the last 2 months it really takes over everything and everyone at Warped! I am already meeting regularly with army colleagues and plans are well underway for the 2012 event. ∞



GRIP studied something who is considered one of the best markers of all times. We examined all its novelties, tested the marker and played with it. Here is our verdict.

Luxe is not a regular marker. As the name points out, Luxe is probably a luxury for any players’ hands. Darryl Trent, DLX technology director said: “We knew that in order to make a product that could achieve the next level we



would have to have a new approach. In this sense we redefined everything related to the marker, from the design concept, the construction, the way the marker gets to the final client and, above all, how to deal with the player after buying the marker.” This idea created without a doubt one of the best markers in the market, if not the best. Since the beginning, professional players were asked to give their opinions so that they could mention what they though could be improved in relation to other markers in the market. Some features were added, such as maintenance velocity and configuration easiness. At the extreme

manual, for a LED and audio system, that lets the player know while he changes definitions. The board is probable the best we ever analyzed. Within the grip there is a joystick that allows going through all functions at the same time that receives an audio feedback. All existing tournament types are present. Luxe also “speaks” five languages: English, Spanish, French, German and Russian. When we turn Luxe on, through a small button on the back side of the grip, we are presented with an attractive voice telling the user how much battery is left and which is the active shooting mode.

opposite, all elements that were removed are not missed. In the same way all luxury products should be built, Luxe is handmade and is later tested and adjusted one by one, by certified DLX Technologies technicians. This technician has necessarily to be an experienced player with enough knowledge to feel if the marker is at its higher performance. Probably the most notorious feature of this marker is the replacement of beeps and light codes that required an intensive study of the

The integrated air system is another advantage of the marker. It was used in other markers, without great success, but we still think it is an added value. The compressed air gets in directly through the grip, passing by the marker´s body and going to the regulator, instead of the traditional method. It is undoubtedly much more elegant and a thing less to worry about. The question remains: Why are there so many markers insisting in such an obvious thing? A Luxe é um marcador “spool



valve”. Também aqui foi pensado ao pormenor. Todo o mecanismo de disparo é feito por 3 partes, que podem ser removidas, limpas e lubrificadas em poucos segundos. Luxe is a “spool valve” marker. Also here it was thought about in detail. All

shooting mechanism is made of three parts that can be removed, cleaned and lubricated in a few seconds. As most spool valve markers, like Shocker for instance, this marker works at 190 psi. Keeping the search for the perfect



marker, DLX tried attempted that the player wouldn’t need to use tools for every single thing. For this and for the first time on a marker, the markers’ cover for the eyes is magnetic, which allows accessing them in an easier and quicker way. The marker also has a laser eye system that facilitates detecting a ball on the marker that works 630nm. Has we noticed already nothing was left to chance. When we look at the option for the barrel of the marker we are once more convinced that this can be the best marker on the market. Together with Luxe comes a barrel from freak with a 693 insert. So it won’t be necessary to buy new kits or other barrels. When we get the marker we realize the trigger was more adapted to the style of the marker than properly to its function. Despite that we thought it worked perfectly, as it has four adjustment points that make the trigger adaptable to any player. It is

much easier to activate the ramping mode and we are able to keep it with no effort. There isn’t any lateral movement on the trigger. Instead of the typical nine volts pile, Luxe comes with a lithium rechargeable battery. This allows shooting an average of twenty five thousand shoots and it only needs forty minutes to be fully charged. Only the hearing feedback consumes some battery, but it is nothing worth worrying. Luxe comes with a kit of spares that includes: lubricator, manual, case for the barrel, Allen keys kit, mini rail, charger, screws, extra battery and O-rings. In spite all excellence included on this marker, we think there are some improvements that could make it even better.


· Easy maintenance · performance · there is no macro line · customer service · few removable parts · reliability DISADVANTAGES

· FSDO (First Shot Drop Off) · efficiency · it is a spool valve hence it is expensive · consumes lots of air facilitates lubrication. - Bolt assemble with spring, with the inclusion of a spring it is possible to drastically reduce FSDO. There are several models on the market. - Violent trigger, it is a more visual up grade; however the comfort of the triggers allows better cadences in shooting modes like semi. ∞

- New Designz Fire Chamber, which enables reducing the operation pressure, reducing the kit and the fact that being able to separate Text: Duarte Gomes Photos: Luxe Paintball



backstage Those who hide behind the nets also deserve our attention. GRIP interviewed the members of the Technical Committee of the Portuguese Championship to inquire about their roles and what could be improved. 1 – What is exactly your role within the Technical Committee (TC) of the Portuguese Championship (NC)? 2 – What could the players or the Portuguese Paintball Federation (PPF) do to make your job easier? 3 – What is the most surreal story that happened to you as a member of the TC?



DUARTE LOPES 1 - My role in the TC of the PC is to support the referees to apply the rules and to evaluate them. I also make the liaison between players and referees, I make sure schedules are kept, I take care of referees‘ meals, I deal with security matters, I look after the air and any other situation that comes up, so that the match goes on normally. 2 -One thing some players could do to make my role easier is to change their attitude towards paintball, to have more respect for the referees and for the organization. 3 -Some have happened and probably funnier, but I choose this one, for the seriousness of the situation – the referees’ lack of knowledge of the rules. At a 5Man, there were 5 minutes on the game and the team of referees ended the game on minute 6 and something. When people watching the game called their attention to it, can you imagine the mess it was? Unfortunately there are still teams that offer to referee without their members having read the rules.



ANDRÉ GAVINO 1 - My role as member of the TC in the PPF is to control the time and the point in each game of the PC. I use a megaphone to inform about the time and a horn to get games started. My essential gear is my watch, it is always with me. Besides that, I assess the referee teams so that they are the fairest possible, making competition more balanced. 2 - Some of the players have never read the rules; they don’t know what the roles of the people in charge of the PPF are. A little bit more of information before going to the game would make things easier already. 3 - During the games, players think I am there to jeopardize them, they constantly argue with me because I am the closest person. They think I trick the clock, insinuating I am partial but actually they would have to know me better to know I’m not fooled easily, I just own time! Surreal? Nothing special.


ANDRÉ GRILO 1 - Officially I am PC’s scoreboard, meaning I note down the games scorings and do the counting to see who goes to the finals. In practical terms, I also help my colleagues on the field tables, I legalize the situation of non-federated players, I deliver pending cards of the federation, I help with the smooth running of the game, etc. 2 – In what concerns me, the PPF is very well organized. When we get to the games all the necessary material is there ready to be used. As for the players, sometimes there is some lack of organization, but it is not serious. 3 - Last year at a PC game, I was with my colleague of the game table and a bottle of air blew up while it was being filled. It caused an explosion right in our faces, melting the protection net. Luckily only our ears were briefly affected. However the player who was filling the bottle and a colleague had to get treatment. At the end of the day, the result was only a big fright and net plastic all over the clothes.



JOÃO BASTOS 1 - My role is to start and end each game, which means I control the time of the game. I have to register each point of the game, note down the penalties and assess the referee team. 2 –Before each game, the teams that will play have to fill in the game sheet with the names of the players and the corresponding federation number and that is sometimes complicated, because there are confusions with the players that forgot their cards and do not know their numbers. The PPF could make it easier if they printed the game sheets with the players and numbers for each team. 3 – Nothing special ever happened. Maybe a situation when a player called me a “clown” for something I am not to blame (it is up to the referee team to decide if it is point or not), which was I gave the point to the opponent team.



chronicle By Hugo Domingues


y life has been full of achievements, some more mediatic than others. The best known are due to the Dynasty or the Nexus, or even to my Benfica. Personally, I have a fantastic son that makes me end the day with a smile on my face, and it surpasses any other achievement that I had. Knowing this, because many do not let me forget it, I was challenged to write my opinions, criticisms and venting about paintball in this new European project dedicated to paintball. I confess that at first I was afraid to accept, even more when I went into certain key points. It’s not my comfort zone, and writing about what I think may be a hard road to walk alone. On the other hand it is something that makes me very proud, to be considered as someone capable of having a valid opinion about something that I have devoted myself to for so many years. Those who know me, know I’m a person of many words. I talk alot and always say what comes to my mind. Here it will be no different, I am speaking about the most mediatic topics, from the transfer market to European teams to the crisis that we are living in. I do not mean to be caustic, but I promise I will not stop saying things just because it is not politically correct and might hurt someone’s feelings. The subjects will always be related to the current European scene, in relation to our sport. The other continents are obviously a reality really strong, but my desire, and all at GRIP, is to develop the European paintball. It is our and your reality. By developing the European scene, we can all grow up and have a more dynamic sport. Let´s welcome the 2012 paintball scene and wish all the success for Grip Magazine.




THANKS Domingos Leitão Gil Belford Guilherme Pires Humberto Reis Jani Andersson João Grade João “Wasabi” Pedro “Semi” Peter Steven Ricardo Catarino Ricardo Luís Rita Riscado

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