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Branding is looking at yourself & asking who am I.

•Know who you are as a business. •What does your business stand for? •What do you want people to think about your business. •What words should come to their minds.

Your Brand is your identity.

•Your Brand is not your logo. •Your Brand is not your service or your product. •Your Branding's deeper meaning is the adjective people think of when they see your logo or your product. •The emotion they feel before they use your product. •The pay off they think they're going to get from your services.

When you see these brands what words come to your mind

• When you created a brand that is associated with a certain life style then you can name your price, and people will pay for it.

Putting Your Best Foot Forward: From Brand To Market • So now that you have an idea of what you want your brand to say to your target market, what is the best way to express what your brand stands for. • How are you going to best utilizes your marketing tools to start the conversation with your potential customer.

Make up a target market profile. • Think about the T. V show criminal mind. • How old are they? • What is their income? • How do they attain their information.(i.e web,newspaper,etc • If necessary what is the gender or ethnicity.

• Your Target Market

Remember The Four P’s When Creating Your Marketing Strategies. • Promotion: The advertising you’re going to use to connect with your target market. • Product/Services: What you are selling or providing for your target. • Price: This is key because if the price is not right for your target then it could effect your bottom line. • Place: Where your target goes to seek out your product or services (website or store front)

Extracted information from your target when every you can. • Uses online surveys like surveys, • Find out what they like and dislike about a product like yours. • How much would they spend on a services like yours. • What are your competitors not doing?

It's All Connected: Logo, Social Media, Website, Store Front

• All of your marketing/promotional tools you use are like links in a chain they all should connect your target market back to your brand.

Best Practices For Marketing Tools. • When ever your target first comes across your emails always inform them of what you do. • When they go to your website show them what you do by using video. • When your target joins your social network find out what their needs are, and how your services or product can fill those needs. • Make sure all of these tools are consistent with one another.

Brand ID, Marketing Strategies, Best Market tools for business.

• Now that you have your check list for business growth. • Remember to make sure that your target has a clear under standing of who you are as a business. • Create a marketing strategies that will best execute your plan creating the conversation with your target. • Uses the right marketing / advertising tools.

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Let me introduce my self  
Let me introduce my self  

Tell your target market who you are.