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The Old Man And The Sea Determination

Page One The old man was determined to give the boy lessons on how to properly fish. He started to give the boy lessons when he was five and the boy fished with the old man many times.

Page Two The boy was determined to fish with the old man. The boy was told by Santiago to stay on the good boat but the boy wanted to stay on Santiago’s boat.

Page Three Even though the boy was set off to go onto the good boat, he still spent the night at the old man’s place and woke up early the next morning to get ready and that’s when they both set off to their separate boats.

Page Three The old man was wanted to catch a large fish so, he went out past the abyss and started to fish in the deepest part of the ocean. He set out four fishing poles at different depths of the ocean. After a while, he finally caught a marlin.

Page Four The old man was very determined to keep the fish on the line and protect the marlin from predators so he used a harpoon whenever a predator got near the fish.

Page Five He was also determined to keep the marlin attached to the side of the boat with rope so he could keep the marlin in place.

Page Six The old man was then hoped to get the marlin back to shore so then he could sell it. Eventually, he did get to the shore and he did sell the marlin.

The End Up Next: About the Authors

About the Authors Grace Perkins is a very experienced martial artist for she has a black belt in tae kwon do and spends her days working hard in school without making any mistakes. She lives in the small town of Muskego WI. She’s a very hard worker and is very loyal to the ones who care. Never get on her bad side for it is not a good side to see. If you happen to see her, just leave her a kind “hello” and she will answer back with grace (no pun intended). She is someone who is very easy to get along with and she is one that tends to laugh a lot to anything weird of which she may end up to the point where she starts to cry with all of the laughter. She is very nice, caring and acceptable upon circumstances. She is very close friends of Jenna and they are both welcome to people.

Jenna Wasielewski is a young writer who also resides in Muskego WI who spends her days working in school and writes away in her free time. She has made several short stories and still continue to write small ones for she has some difficulty writing longer stories. She is kind to her friends and is on the rebellious side towards her family but, she means well. Her personality isn’t quite like her looks so even though she may seem like she has something better to do, she really doesn’t have much time for many things anymore but, she does have time for friends, family, and even kind “hello”s to fans of her own.

The old man and the sea  
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