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Partnering with Sysco:

A recipe for success.









Building Great Relationships

Since 1970. Sysco’s passion for building great relationships began with a simple promise: assist foodservice operators by providing solutions for meals consumed away from home.

Today, Sysco maintains more than 400,000 customer relationships. We remain committed to helping each operator build a successful business — from restaurants, healthcare and educational facilities to hotels, inns and many other businesses in the foodservice and hospitality industry. At Sysco, we want to be your most valued and trusted business partner. We aim to exceed your expectations and deliver shipments as ordered. We also invest in your success by offering business planning and consulting services to help enhance menu offerings, stay on top of emerging trends, increase efficiencies and grow your business.

Sysco takes this same dedicated approach to our relationships with the growers, ranchers and processors who supply our products. We make sure everything from Sysco lives up to the quality you expect, so that you can continue to offer the experience your customers expect — visit after visit after visit. 2




Your Local Partner. Sysco Metro New York has proudly served the Metropolitan New York/New Jersey area for decades. We offer custom-cut steaks, ServSafe Food Safety classes, business review services, staff training programs and so much more. Our farm-fresh produce and vast array of center-of-the-plate items make us a force in all areas of your business. Our Executive Chefs are here to help keep your menu fresh, unique and individual to your establishment’s theme. At Sysco Metro New York, we believe your success is vital to our success, and we want to be your most valued and trusted business partner.

Our People

Our Community

Reserve Your Spot @Table

Sysco Metro New York‘s 550-plus local associates bring a wealth of experience and specialized skills to the table — from culinary experts to customer care professionals to warehouse and delivery specialists. Our people work hard to market and deliver great products to our customers with exceptional service. We live, work and dine in our local communities, allowing us to be both personally involved in your business and professionally invested in your success.

Sysco Metro New York is proud of the communities we serve, and we are serious about giving back through philanthropic and volunteer efforts. We are involved in reducing hunger through working relationships with organizations like local community food banks, the NYC Food/Wine Festival and Share our Strength. We also donate financially to the fight against cancer through our annual charity golf event. Sysco Metro New York supports our local communities because we firmly believe that “good things” start at home.

@Table takes a structured look at your past and current business needs and your goals for the future. We value your time, and will work quickly and efficiently to deliver what every operator wants: increased net profits and a healthier bottom line. All it takes is a small amount of your time, so contact your Marketing Associate to get started and make your reservation @Table today. Your business will thank you.



Y o u r S ys c o T e a m

Get to Know

Your Local Sysco Team. Michael Scanlon, President Mike joined Sysco Syracuse in 1990. He advanced through a variety of positions in Merchandising and Operations before becoming President of Sysco Syracuse in 2010. Mike was promoted to President of Sysco Metro New York in June of 2012.

Liz Aspray, Senior Vice President Liz joined Ritter Food Corporation in 1982 as a Product Specialist. In 1993, Sysco acquired Ritter, and Liz has worked in numerous sales management positions ever since.

Robert Heim, Vice President of Operations Bobby has 25 years of experience in service-related businesses and is directly responsible for nearly 275 employees. He closely manages employee development along with inbound/outbound operations to our customers.

Michael Kohlhepp, Vice President of Merchandising and Marketing Michael’s career with Sysco began in 1984 in customer service. Since that time, Michael has been promoted to the Merchandising Department, where he has held several procurement and merchandising management positions, all at Metro New York.

Dean Nichols, Vice President Finance & CFO Dean has spent the last 11 years of his 20-year foodservice career with Sysco. He is a CPA, and has a BA in accounting from the University of Mount Union and an MBA from Vanderbilt.

Shelly Budhar, Director of Human Resources Shelly oversees all aspects of Human Resources, Safety and Risk Management, and has been with Sysco for seven years. She is a Graduate of Iowa State University.



Co r e V a l u e s

Global Leadership.

Local Flavor.

Our Mission

Our Vision

To market and deliver great products to our customers with exceptional service.

To be our customers’ most valued and trusted business partner.

Because our customers demand a partner upon which they can rely, our Vision and Mission direct our every move by delivering and building upon our core strengths: quality products, unmatched service, strong relationships, outstanding operations and logistics, and sound financial performance. This dedication to customer relationships and our founding principles has made Sysco the undisputed global leader in selling, marketing and distributing food products. Over the last four decades, we have grown to encompass more than 180 local operating companies with approximately 47,000 employees in the United States, Canada and throughout the world. We are all one Sysco — from our broadline operating companies to local specialty providers — dedicated to providing the best quality, variety and value for every customer, every day, everywhere.

Broadline Operating Companies


Specialty Companies

Focusing on local markets allows Sysco to better understand our customers and the ever-changing tastes of their customer base. That’s why our 90 broadline operating companies serve a wide spectrum of local and national foodservice operators — single-location restaurants, multi-city hospitality groups, hotels, volume institutions, entertainment venues and more.

Sysco also has 21 SYGMA operating locations featuring centralized and streamlined functionality. This arrangement allows us to work closely with the complex corporate purchasing systems of national and regional restaurant chains. Plus, it ensures that the entire process runs as smoothly as possible for everyone.

We complement our product and service offerings by engaging local, niche and specialty providers. For example, our specialty produce companies and meat companies address the need for unique and differentiated products, while our hospitality industry partners distribute equipment, textiles, accessories and personal care amenities to hotels and other lodging facilities.



P r o d u c ts

From the everyday to the exotic,

we have it. Because our customers demand the very best in terms of quality and variety, Sysco’s product mix includes everything from high-end ingredients and specialty items to restaurant supplies and equipment. We market and sell our own quality-assured Sysco brands alongside some of the most popular national brands available. At the same time, we continue to offer a wide selection of regional, local and ethnic products to help our customers keep pace with the ever-changing wants and needs of today’s consumers. Our customers also benefit from one of the largest and most sophisticated temperature-controlled supply lines in the business, ensuring that we deliver at the very highest level of quality, food safety and consistency.

Center of the Plate: Meat and Seafood We ensure that our meat, poultry and seafood are carefully sourced from suppliers who adhere to Sysco’s guidelines for quality, animal welfare and safe handling practices. Our brands — Butcher’s Block, Fire River Farms, White Marble Farms and Portico Seafood — are sure to make your center-of-the-plate the center of attention.

Fresh Produce Choose from a wide variety of whole, pre-sliced or prewashed fresh produce for optimal convenience.

Delightful Dairy Sysco offers an astounding variety of dairy products, from cheeses and yogurts to milk, butter and everything in between. 6


P r o d u c ts

Frozen Favorites

Canned and Dry Goods

Frozen foods are a hot item. Whether it’s bread, appetizers, entrees, desserts, soups or sauces, you can bet that Sysco has it frozen and ready to go.

Stock your pantry with everything you need — cereals, chips, crackers, flour, condiments, pasta, spices and so much more.

National Brands

Sysco Brands

Why go anywhere else? Sysco offers one of the largest selections of the world’s most recognizable brand name products, from dry goods and spices to supplies and equipment.

Sysco brands are held to the highest quality standards in the industry, providing unbeatable consistency and exceptional value. Sysco QA guarantees every product meets our stringent standards for safety, reliability and excellence before it is delivered to our customers.

Gourmet Specialties

Local Flavor Sysco has programs in place to connect local food producers with the restaurants that value fresh, local ingredients. Our initiatives reach beyond local farmers to include ranchers, cheese makers and sausage producers. This allows Sysco to deliver the freshest foods to you while contributing to the success of local farms and producers.

If your signature flavor requires a little something different, then explore Sysco’s selection of ethnic, international and exotic foods. And with our ChefEx program, you can order almost anything you need from a variety of specialty suppliers.

Supplies and Equipment We offer top-quality cookware and tabletop items, cleaning supplies, paper goods, disposable products and a wide variety of the everyday items necessary to keep your operation running smoothly. And at, you can order the mission-critical supplies you need 24 hours a day. Sysco


Q u a l i ty Ass u r a n c e

Quality? Rest assured. When it comes to Quality Assurance, Sysco leads the way. Our more than 100 QA professionals represent the largest, most active department in the industry. Together, they are dedicated to one goal: to deliver products that meet the most stringent standards in terms of quality, safety and consistency. Sysco brand products are evaluated for flavor, appearance, nutrition, packaging, convenience and many other factors to make sure our customers receive the best quality and value available.

Supplier Approval All potential Sysco brand suppliers must pass strict auditing and inspection processes that exceed current government standards. Suppliers are audited for HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) compliance, sanitation, pest control, foreign materials prevention and more. Suppliers of high-risk products, once approved, are audited regularly by Sysco QA staff to ensure ongoing compliance.

Temperature-Controlled Supply Chain To ensure the best in food safety, quality and freshness, our cold chain is never broken. Every Sysco product passes through numerous temperature control points, including fully insulated, multi-temperature trailers; transport temperature monitoring by specially trained Sysco Delivery Associates; chilled docks; and designated temperature zones within every warehouse.

Packaging Integrity Sysco is an industry leader in packaging criteria, transparency and labeling practices. All Sysco brand products are clearly labeled with nutritional information, ingredients, production/ use-by dates, potential allergens, and proper handling, storage and distribution information.

Recall Notification In the event of a recall, Sysco uses the industry’s most sophisticated and accurate notification system to investigate and react to recall notices and safety concerns immediately.

Verification and Monitoring After passing our Supplier Approval Process, we routinely monitor suppliers’ product quality and food safety systems to ensure compliance and customer satisfaction.

Continuous Cold Chain Process


Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Step 5

Step 6

Refrigerated transport to Sysco from suppliers

Immediate temperature verification upon receipt

Chilled docks for offloading

Dedicated temperature zones for storage

Refrigerated selection and staging for delivery

Refrigerated transport to customers via Sysco fleet



A Full Menu of Services to

Help Build Your Business. Sysco understands that it takes hard work to run a successful foodservice operation. That’s why we offer a wide range of support services to help enhance menu offerings, increase operational efficiency and market your business more effectively.

Sysco’s Test Kitchens: Chefs and Product Specialists There’s always something new happening in Sysco’s test kitchens. Here, our executive chefs and product specialists are continually developing new recipes, sourcing innovative products and finding new applications for existing products. This means we are on the cutting edge of food trends and can offer ideas to bring innovation and profitability to your menu. Schedule a free consultation today and see what’s cooking. Menu Consultation An amazing menu is the cornerstone of any great foodservice operation. And busy chefs often turn to Sysco to help keep things fresh. Menu consultation services include: • • • • • • • •

Menu reviews Profitability analysis Recipe consultations Taste tests Menu design Portioning advice Online nutritional analysis Trend spotting

The iCare Advantage Whether you are just starting out or have been in the business for years, Sysco’s iCare program helps connect you with the partners you need to build a better business. Our experts can help increase profits by making your operation more efficient, or employ cutting-edge marketing tools to boost sales and drive traffic to your operation. Business Review A Business Review is a great opportunity to meet with a team of Sysco’s industry-leading experts to talk about your business from the ground up. Get advice on your menu, kitchen, dining room and training programs, to help you increase sales, control costs and improve profitability. Other business-boosting services include: • Marketing strategies • Management workshops • Online order tracking • Employee training • Equipment sourcing • Sustainability recommendations • Energy-saving ideas ChefRef App To stay up-to-the-minute on the latest recipes, trends and tools, go to the Sysco website or your favorite app store and download our new ChefRef app today! Sysco


O p e r at i o n s

Investing in logistics.

That’s logical. As a Sysco customer, you can always rely on us to deliver as promised, because seamless operations and logistics have been at the core of our success from the very beginning. As a matter of fact, Sysco was founded on the principle that aggregating foodservice purchasing and distribution across multiple markets would create efficiencies to benefit both the company and our customers. So that we can continue to provide the high-quality products our customers expect, Sysco maintains one of the most reliable and sophisticated temperature-controlled supply chains in the business. Our service level, one of the best in the industry, is higher than 99 percent across nearly one billion pieces shipped annually. And we continue to improve our operations every day, in every way — from our hub-andspoke system of RDCs to cutting-edge warehouse technology upgrades to the XY routing system we use to make customer deliveries more timely and energy efficient. This means that you can rely on Sysco to deliver as ordered and on time — day after day and time after time.





When you order from Sysco, you can be confident that your order has been properly stored, handled, picked and shipped to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency. That’s because our warehouses are models of efficiency. Warehouse layout, lighting, equipment, technology and processes are designed to help us receive, store and deliver products with minimum waste and maximum safety, accuracy and efficiency.

To ensure that our cold chain is never broken and that the best possible product reaches our customers with every truckload, our trucks operate like mini warehouses by incorporating many of the same temperature control innovations as our most advanced storage facilities. Sysco operates one of the largest and most sophisticated fleets in the business, including technologically advanced refrigeration units and ultra-efficient LNG-powered vehicles.

S u st a i n a b i l i ty

Green things come from Sysco.

Customers We understand that our customers can help address the overall environmental impact of doing business in today’s world. That’s why we work closely with restaurant owners, schools and other customers to share what we’ve learned and to help them meet their sustainability goals.


One of Sysco’s guiding value statements is “We do what is right to serve our customers, associates, investors and society.” That means doing the right thing for our environment as well, like advocating low-impact farming methods, using hybrid diesel delivery trucks and offering biodegradable takeout containers. That also means partnering with the EPA, USDA and World Wildlife Fund to promote more sustainable practices across our entire supply chain. When it comes to sustainability, Sysco is committed to creating positive change in our industry, our company and in the communities we serve. We base our programs on sound science and meaningful metrics, and we are committed to transparently communicating our results as we work toward reducing the environmental impact of doing business.

Sysco is constantly evaluating and adopting new methods for reducing environmental impact. Our green initiatives and innovations include: • On-site hydrogen generation plants for warehouse vehicles • Improved inventory and delivery routing to save fuel and curb emissions • Delivery driver training courses to improve fuel economy practices • Reducing kilowatt usage by 19 percent across the entire company • Monitoring resource usage at every level to reduce our overall carbon footprint


Suppliers All suppliers must abide by Sysco’s Supplier Code of Conduct. Sysco Brand suppliers must also adhere to our Good Agricultural Practices Program to help us set new standards and share what we’ve learned. We encourage and empower all of our suppliers, farmers, ranchers and food processors to operate in more sustainable ways.

Operations Sysco continues to make significant efforts to reduce the overall carbon footprint of doing business. We are improving our operations and distribution processes by incorporating the latest in renewable technologies — from hybrid/electric and LNG-powered delivery vehicles to energy efficient warehouses employing hydrogenpowered pallet trucks and forklifts.

Healthy options for a healthy bottom line. Ask your Marketing Associate about health-conscious meal options, innovative new recipes and nutritious kid’s menu items from Sysco. Then be sure to check out eNutrition, Sysco’s web-based interactive tool for product nutrition information, recipe quantification and nutrient analysis. Sysco


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