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BC writers – autonomous fan region: Grind Writer’s book published in UK


Proud moment for Lee Edward Fodi


Germs – Yoko Ono – BC Book Gala


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Joan—how we gonna keep her down on the farm?


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Write in one of the most exotic places on earth


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Grind Writers 2013 meetings schedule 10am til 12:30pm Grind Gallery Café 4124 Main Street at King Edward Ave. In the back room Thanks to Mr & Mrs Kim, the Grind owners, for allowing us meet in their Back Room for the last six years - and for their support of the arts in general – they provide gallery space to many local artists.

Please buy something while you’re there to support the Grind


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autonomous Grind Writers’ Elizabeth McLean’s short story collection published by Impress in the U.K.


History explains what hapend in the page. Imagining Vietnam shows us what it was like to live in past times. Eight dramatic stories, spanning the last 1000 of Vietnam’s history show us the preariousness of life across the millennium. From Hanh, a 13thC. warrior, who fights the Mongol invaders while his wives and motehr suffer the waiting at home in “The Mongolian State” – to Hien, a teenage concubine who in the 1850s writes lyrical poetry hoping it will pave her way to the Emperor’s Chamber (in “The Brilliant Speck of Yellow and the Fourth Son”), Elizabeth McLean’s characters draw us into their grand ambiditons, clever schemes, tragic blunders, and stunning victories. Woven against the rich tapestry of rites and observances of Asia, these deftly crafted stories form a triumphant debut from an author with a superb gift for storytelling. Elizabeth McLean spent six years teaching and consulting in Hanoi. Fasinating with Vietnam’s history and curiosity about the lives of men and women in the Confucian culture drove her to writing Imagining Vietnam. She now lives and writes in Vancouver.

Impress Book Publishing Prize (U.K.) Deadline to submit: June 17, 2013 The prize is in its 7th year and its aim is to find exciting new, unpublished writing talent. The winner will receive a publishing contract from Impress Books and will be chosen from a shortlist by a panel of judges working in the book industry. Entries are now being accepted for the 2013 prize. Submission info here.

More info & ordering: We’re invited Elizabeth to read from her book at an upcoming Grind Writers meeting.



Proud moment for our L.E.F. BC children’s writer LEE EDWARD FODI blogs:

Grant Lawrence will host this year's Lieutenant Governor's BC Book Prizes Gala on May 4

Kendra Kandlestar arrives in China In Kendra Kandlestar, Writing | Tags: Chinese editions, kendra kandlestar

The Elder Project(s)

Sooke poet helps students put into poetry what they learn from elders.

Today I received a wonderful package from overseas—the copies of the Kendra Kandlestar books in their Chinese editions. You can’t see it here, but the covers feature an embossed title and a French flap. I have NO idea how they

Article here.

translated Trooogul, Uncle Griffinskitch, Oki, and some of the

Novel writing: The germ of an idea

other character names! LEF

By Sophie Cooke


She says go with those inspirations—and write it. “Maybe you saw something, somewhere – in the street, on your travels, at work or in a bar or on TV – and the image in this memory has always stuck with you. Maybe there's this picture that for some reason bothers you, excites you, won't lie down and be quiet….”

Rest of article here

Fourthirtythree is a new audio magazine. We'll be broadcasting and podcasting short stories of around five minutes (up to 1,000 words), written and read by some of the best contemporary writers.

Yoko Ono publishes poetry sequel 50 years after first book

We're looking for edgy, engaging stories about modern life - stories which work well when read aloud.

Acorn, according to publisher OR Books, is an extension of the 'intricate strands'

If you'd like to submit, or join our mailing list, or have any questions, or anything else really, just email us:

Ono first wove in Grapefruit, published in 1964. Rest of story here. 4

An award-winning national magazine with a West Coast orientation. We are seeking fiction, flash fiction, poetry, essays, and translation for our 6th issue. No email submissions. Please see our website for submission guidelines:



Call for submissions Literary Review of Canada (LRC) Submissions beginning May 1, 2013 for publication July/Aug–Dec 2013 For 2013, each issue will feature poems that share a common form or theme. (Jan-May issues already called out). During the months devoted to a given form, the subjects will vary, and vice versa. As always, we welcome unsolicited, unpublished, original submissions, provided that they fit one of the categories outlined. Here is the remainder of the 2013 publication calendar to help guide submissions:

you know yo u want t o

Contests and calls for submissions Contests

• July/August: ekphrastic poetry, i.e. pieces inspired by other art forms (visual, film, music, etc.) • September: prose poems • October: poems inspired by family • November: ghazals • December: poems inspired by food

Contest The Antigonish Review’s 2013 Writing Contests $2400 in prizes! * The Sheldon Currie Fiction Prize – deadline May 31, 2013 * The Great Blue Heron Poetry contest – deadline June 30, 2013 Please read the submission rules here.

Please include the month in which you would like your work to be read in the subject line of any emailed submissions. For more information, check out our full submissions guidelines here.

Calls for submissions

Call for submissions Reading January–June 1, 2013 The Marie Alexander Series seeks submissions for an anthology of flash sequences. Send up to 10 pages (doublespaced, 12 pt. type, 1-inch margins) of prose sequences, each segment of which contains fewer than 500 words. Send PDF files, with cover letter, to Wesley Fairman (, with “anthology submission” in the subject line. Previously published material OK. Put name and e-mail on all documents. We will accept submissions January 1–June 1. Read all the info here.

listed by deadline date Call for submissions Superheroes Deadline May 15 Minor Arcana Press currently welcomes submissions of poems related to superheroes and superhero mythology for a new anthology titled Drawn to Marvel. Deadline for submissions: May 15. The anthology is edited by Bryan D. Dietrich and Marta Ferguson. Please send poems with the subject Super Poems to

The 2013 Cherry Blossom Haiku Festival

Call for submissions Deadline May 31, 2013 for a special “The Human Face of Sustainability” issue, Creative Nonfiction and ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability are looking for nonfiction that illuminates environmental, economic, ethical and/or social challenges related to the state of the planet and our future. $10,000 for best essay. Review the guidelines here.

Check here for info on haikus, tips on writing them, and Vancouver’s own Cherry Blossom Festival.

Submissions began March 1st and continue to June 3rd

Roundup of poetry contests here. Call for submissions Reading period to May 31st Arroyo Literary Review




continued -- “Best New Online Literary Journal” -publishes writers in fiction, “fact” (creative nonfiction), and poetry. We’re always looking for new voices. We’ll also consider nonfiction features, short memoirs, novellas, published-book excerpts, photography, essays, and photo essays. Now in our 9th year! For submission information and guidelines, visit

Call for submissions Deadline: July 15 Wising Up Press/Universal Table Seeks submissions for a Wising Up anthology, I-THOU IN AN UP-DOWN WORLD: Lasting Friendships Across Deep Divides. Poetry, fiction, memoir and creative nonfiction on the theme of maintaining genuine friendship across deep difference and/or disparity. Full description and guidelines here.

Changes in Life A monthly online newsletter is seeking personal essays from women of all ages. New writers are encouraged to submit their work. For details and submission guidelines, see

Call for submissions Deadline: October 1 The Chattahoochee Review: Animals. Inventive or classic variations of the “animal” theme welcome. Send relevant fiction, poetry, and nonfiction. Please note call for submissions in cover letter. Online submissions now available: at:

Call for submissions – ongoing The Evening Street Review The ESR is centered on the belief that all men and women are created equal. Reads poetry/prose submissions year-round. Replies in 3 months or less. Sometimes includes comments. Send 4–6 poems or 1–2 prose pieces. 7652 Sawmill Rd., #352, Dublin, OH 43016 or For contests and guidelines visit:

Call for submissions No deadline as at Jan 2013. Two-Countries: Daughters and Sons of Immigrant Parents seeks poems, essays and flash memoir. For details, please go to this link.

Call for submissions “Got a poem?” Submit any subject, any style, any length, any number, any time by e-mail or by mail with SASE. Previously published poems and simultaneous submissions are welcome. The Great American Poetry Show, P.O. Box 69506, West Hollywood, CA 90069. Email: Website: (Caveat emptor – check it out)

Ongoing calls Call for submissions Are you over 60? - Wit and Wisdom of the Sages Have insightful stories you’d like to share with your grandchildren? Great Depression/ WW2/ Vietnam era? Seeking narratives up to 3,500 words. Send manuscripts, or for guidelines email

Geist Emerging Writer-of-the-Month Emerging writers are invited to submit short written works online. Read FAQ.

Call for submissions Poetic responses to Quentin Tarantino For a summer of 2013 print anthology around the films of Quentin Tarantino. We're looking for poetic responses to his work. We'll lean towards egocentric voices with a colorful range of references. We welcome contributions from writers outside the U.S. Review the details here.

Call for submissions – open dates Subterranean Blue Poetry Subterranean Blue Poetry is an Internet Poetry and Art Publishing Café. We thrive on new original words and New Age art. All poets and their poetry are welcome and we are especially looking for homegrown poets from the Canadian first nations/American Indian Community; Quebec; small town Canada; international poets and anyone who was ever considered “the other.” New Age art offerings are for the masthead of each issue. Read all info here.

Call for submissions 1966 - An online journal of creative nonfiction, seeks pieces of literary nonfiction with a research component—anything from immersion memoir to nature writing to reportage to travel writing to—? For submission guidelines:

The Quotable This online magazine wants writer-readers to submit stories based on their monthly prompts. Info here.

Ongoing call for submissions


Submit …


Regime magazine - Short stories, poetry& performance writing. Not only do they want your work but they offer that you can tack $20 on your submission and they’ll send you back a detailed one-page critique. Note: do your due diligence. Read it all carefully. Full submission info here. Calling all poets! Coastal Spectator A new arts-based review and commentary site operating independently out of the U. Vic. We want to publish, on our home site, one new poem each week for a year, so if you have a new piece of work -- that is a haiku or up to 25 lines long -- do submit. We can pay $25 for each poem published, and once its week on the site is over, it will be placed in a poetry archive onsite. We see it as a new way to introduce new or pending books of Canadian poetry. By "new" we mean book published in 2012. If you've just signed a poetry deal, then this is a good way to let the world know. Read all about it here. Call for submissions New multimedia journal 5 OVER 4. New multimedia journal seeks cross-genre work made by jazzy, creative people who embrace the unknown. Poetry videos, multi-media sculpture, handstitched book art, JPEGs collaged with audio, sound poems via video chat, interactive projects. Live and online events. Website:, E-mail Monique Avakian:

The Kisses & Popsicles Spring Poetry Contest Info here Deadline May 15 Hello, we are a publication called Sallow and are currently reaching out for

submissions of almost any kind of creative or academic writing. We would really appreciate if the message below was somehow distributed among your mailing list. If possible, we would love to know that you've received our email and have spread the word. Thank you. We've also made this and this for further updates. –The Editors - Stefana Fratila & Max Addington


We are accepting submissions for a three-part literary publication called Sallow. Rather than slot text into predetermined boxes of various sizes, we're going to let the content shape the project. In other words, there is no premeditated theme. Email us fiction, non-fiction, poetry, plays, scripts, essays, articles, angry letters or whatever, as long as you think it's worth reading. Length is up to you. Our intention is to shed some light on the creative expression we know to be happening but is for some reason squirreled away in notebooks and hard drives and the murky confines of the mind. We want to get people going, and our editors will work with you to properly dial in your words. All submissions will be read blind; that is, when reading your submission, we won't be aware of your name or any of the acclaim or lack of acclaim associated with it. It's a clean slate, open to a range of approaches – experimental, formal, poetic, scientific, whatever. Obviously not all submissions will make it into print, but all will be read and responded to. Once we receive your work, we will let you know we have received it. But give us some time (two months) to read and respond to you in depth. If antsy, by all means send an email to see what is taking so long. If you are interested in participating in other ways, do let us know. Deadline for submissions: May 15th 2013. Send your work to: Read the guidelines:

Nelson Literary Agency’s agents’ enewsletter you can subscribe to here. Note that Nelson usually sends Kristin to the Surrey International Writers’ Conference here, and if you attend you may have an opportunity to pitch your book. 7

How we gonna keep her down on the farm…? Grind Writer Joan Boxall is a mistress of many talents - one being singing. Check her out in this video - (she’s in the front row on th the left – then 4 from the left in that group) with these sexy babes from Pandora's Vox. Joan's been with them most of their 25-year history. She says she'd "love it if you could come hear/see/be inspired by all the great Canadian poets/songwriters/composers when Pandora's Vox and Espiritu Vocal Ensemble present: A Canadian Musical Feast - a celebration of Canadian composers and songwriters, featuring works by Leonard Listen to Joan’s latest podcast Cohen, Stan Rogers, Gordon Lightfoot, Stompin' Tom Connors, Rupert Lang and more. Guests Vancouver Children's Choir and CatchingART Contemporary Ballet poem, “Sand Castles.” - Hydraulic Theatre. fracturing (fracking) risks futures. Will our -- Sat., May 4 - 8pm, Kay Meek Centre, West Van - $28/$24 thirst for oil and LNG be our elegy? Find out Tickets: 604- 981-6335 what's going on under our feet. Listen here. -- Sun., May 5 - 4pm, Christ Church Cathedral, Vancouver $22/$18/ $10 kids 12 & under - Tickets: 604-922-2513 More info:

Best L’il Book Club in Vancouver:

BOOK TALKS 2nd Wednesday of the month  6:30 – 8:30 pm Presented by Pandora’s Collective and Britannia Branch Library (and held therein the Gallery Room, 1661 Napier Street, Vancouver) Join us for Book Talks book club where we discuss a preselected book each month, with the occasional session reserved for a discussion on a theme. Bring your favourite passages, points of interests, and share your reading experiences with us. Each person is responsible for either borrowing or buying their own copy to read. This is an open book club. Drop-ins are welcome.  May

8 - Everything Is Illuminated: A Novel by Jonathan Safran Foer  June 12- The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion  July 10 - Dance Dance Dance by Haruki Murakami  Aug 14 - A History of Reading by Alberto Manguel  Sept 11 - My Antonia by Willa Cather  Oct 9 - Clouded Leopard by Wade Davis  Nov 13th - Notes from Underground by Fyodor Dostoevsky  Dec 11 - Beyond Belief: My Secret Life Inside Scientology and My Harrowing Escape by Jenna Miscavige Hill  Jan 8, 2014 - Perfume: The Story of a Murderer by Patrick Suskind  Feb 12 – Books We Love - Book Recommendation Night  March 12 - Love in the Time of Cholera by Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hosts: Mary Duffy and Sita Carboni More info: or 8

11th Annual Lush Triumphant Literary Awards Competition Now open for submissions. The Competition awards cash prizes and publication: 3 categories 3 cash prizes

one deadline: May 15, 2013 Read the guidelines here.

Writing in India --- continued from page 10 (included, continued): All meals and non-alcoholic drinks All excursions and sites - Tips and gratuities

Deadline: October 13, 2013

The cost does not include: Indian visa, cancellation or health insurance.

CV2 magazine has created a new

* Airfare increases to India, depending on an unexpected rise in fuel or taxes, could cause a slight increase to the overall cost

poetry contest exclusively for writers under the age of 35. The YOUNG BUCK poetry

** Hotels will be comfortable but basic in order to allow participants to not feel disconnected from the earthy, lived reality of India that they will be in contact with. Three to five star hotels detract from being in the real India. Photos/websites for all hotels available on request.

prize will be awarded to the author of the single best submitted poem, along with $1000 and publication in CV2. Three honourable mentions will also be awarded, each with a unique Writer’s Toolkit prize pack.

Because of the nature and design of this adventure in India, several pre-trip Skype conferencing sessions will be held with all participants in order to prepare them and to answer questions about this best, exotic marigold adventure – the real thing. More info:

Guidelines here. 9

Write in one of the most exotic places on Earth Agra - 2 days -Taj Mahal -Agra Fort and cycle rickshaw tour

Touch Earth Travels announces:

Ink under the Ganges River: A writer’s adventure – 16 days in India

Delhi - 1 day -Lotus Temple, Humayun’s tomb

Nov 16–Dec 4, 2013 or Jan 6–24, 2014

Note: There are only 16 spaces available – book early to guarantee a place.

Workshop your writing in one of the most stimulating and evocative settings on Earth. This is an experience designed specifically for writers.

Tour Guide: Mike Donaldson – owner/operator of Touch Earth Travels; leader of student and adult tours to India; also a poet with publications in several literary journals.

Combine your craft with an unforgettable, even better exotic marigold adventure, with participating writers from all over BC.

Writing Guide: Calvin White – We Run Faster with the Deer, Turnstone Press (poetry); the Secret Life of Teenagers, The Key Publishing Company (non-fiction); over 80 essays printed in all Canada's leading daily newspapers; short fiction in several Canadian literary journals.

Throughout the itinerary, participants will partake in scheduled group workshops, specific writing exercises, guided exercises on mindfulness and awareness expansion, and of course, private occasions for writing.


Delhi - 2 days

-Mahatma Gandhi's assassination site -The largest Sikh temple in Delhi and largest mosque in India - India Gate, Raj Path, the presidential palace - plus several other excursions

“The students from our school district who went on the 3 different trips that Mike Donaldson of Touch Earth Travels led really grew from the deep and meaningful experience. His knowledge and experience were the key to these wonderful adventures.” --Glenn Borthistle, Superintendent, School District 83,

Rajasthan - 4 days -Jodhpur - the blue city and Meherangarh Fort -Camel trek in the Thar Desert -Udaipur -Lake Pichola and the Jagdish Temple -Special presentation of traditional Rajasthani music

North Okanagan Shuswap.

Total cost of the journey: $3600 (possible to pay in deposits of $1200) This includes: Flight to and from India* 2 internal flights in India 2 train journeys 1 bus trip, plus any additional local transport All accommodation in India – double occupancy**

Varanasi - 7 days -Ganges River boat excursion -Elaborate ceremonies in India's holiest city -Sarnath - one of Buddhism's four holiest sites -Exclusive concert of classical Indian music - sitar, tabla, harmonium, katak dance -Leper colony, rural village visit and other excursions

She’s right. Do you have some recurring topics you need to write about?

continued page 9

“The Lure of a Recurring Topic” by Lauren Camp. My poem in this issue of The Quotable is not the first about my mother. Or the second, or third. It’s about the gazillionth. No kidding. My mom died and I wrote about grief and loss, and all the normal stuff a person tries to process [...]

The Lure of a Recurring Topic 10

free-write photo prompt:

photo/ Margo Lamont

Write about all the pets you’ve had, how they came to live with you, what happened to them.


1 easy rule

Write what comes to mind when you look at the photo: what does it evoke for you? Don’t think – just start writing. Write for 15 minutes by a timer. Don’t stop. Don’t go back (you can edit later). Write whatever comes to mind. Whatever it is, just keep going. See where it goes .... Bring your output to the next Grind Writers.

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Margo Lamont

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