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Quality thinking in every detail

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Communications Officer Welcome to the autumn edition of LINKS – the magazine for 41 Clubs and 41ers.

A little over a year ago, the National Council decided to abolish bulk mailings of this magazine and the reasons for doing so were set out in my last editorial. All copies of this issue should have been delivered directly to members, a service which I believe will be appreciated by the vast majority of them. One or two members have elected not to receive the magazine having taken the view that its delivery to their homes somehow infringes their data protection rights – a view which I do not share and do not understand. Surely, by deciding to join a club one should be willing to embrace its activities including the receipt of its magazine three or four times a year? Your Sales and Marketing Officer, Martin Green, has negotiated and arranged a series of affinity schemes for the benefit of members and their families and full details will be published in this magazine during 2010. It is expected that substantial discounts will be made available on a wide range of goods and services. All the more reason to make sure your copy of the magazine is readily to hand! To allay any fears, may I make it quite clear that the Association’s database will not be made available to any advertiser or supplier; to take advantage of any offer the member himself will have to initiate contact. You will find that a great part of this magazine is taken up with the Selective Membership debate which will culminate at the Association’s Annual General Meeting in Scarborough on Saturday 17 April 2010. I make no excuses for devoting so much space to the topic – to my mind it is entirely proper for the issues and arguments to be fully aired so that clubs can make an informed decision on how to instruct their delegates to vote at the AGM. Membership Officer Jim Smith has clearly and concisely set out the results to date of the survey sent to all clubs at the start of the Association’s Year, and in response to his request I’ve been very willing to publish the text of Past President Keith Howard’s speech on the subject to the last AGM.




Presidents page


knight riders go coast to coast


vice presidents page


membership - the survey results

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Similarly, I am pleased that Martin Neame’s article in the last Issue has generated a reaction and letters on the ethos behind the formation of Canterbury Table Plus No. 1 have been included. In response to proposals by the Woking and Lichfield Clubs, we have set up a 41 news and information page on the website which will be active from mid-November. Ray Hill, Councillor for Region 11 and a member of the Communications Committee, will be enthusiastically in charge of the page and intends to keep it strictly up to date. If your club has an event or function to publicise or if you or your club has a point of view to put over or wishes to respond to an opinion on the page, you should email details to - we are hoping to have created a means for members around the country to put across their ideas and thoughts – the Selective Membership debate could be a starting point! Finally, the deadline for copy for the Spring issue will be Friday 29 January 2010

National Website:

DAVID SMITH National Communications Officer

ADMINISTRATION & SALES 41 Club, Marchesi House, 4 Embassy Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1TP. Tel: for Admin 0121 456 4402 and for Sales 0121 456 0305 or email:




THIS IS THE BEST JOB! (But there are a few frustrations.)


The first thing I must say is how much I appreciate the warm welcome I have received around the country. I am also heartened by the response to the Membership Survey and the debate it is producing amongst our members. I look forward to having more feedback from the Clubs’ November meetings. I must also recognise all those that take time and effort to organise events on our behalf; there are so many who should be nominated as candidates for the Service Award *1. Something I mentioned in my last article - I hope you have not forgotten that.

My appeal has been absolutely amazing. After my email to clubs, over 100 have responded, mostly with £50, but many others with much more. Thanks to you, I have paid over £25,000 to Help For Heroes. Webmaster David Hewitt can track the target thermometer and has President Richard with put a list of donors Sir Michael and Lady Mary on the website. Parkinson at Wolverhampton Town Hall in aid of H4H has national Help for Heroes. appeal and I continue to be truly grateful for your generosity. I hope this will encourage other clubs to make a contribution so we can maybe even exceed my new target of £65,000, £1,000 for each year of 41 Club!. I must acknowledge the remarkable contribution made by members of Northwich 41 Club who act as Trustees of the Brian Wilson Charitable trust which has donated £10,000. Remember, just £50 from every club.

BUY A BADGE The first frustration I suffer when visiting clubs is how few members wear the 41 Club badge. In fact - I hesitate to say this - but I seem to see more Rotary badges. Why is this? Is it just a habit, or are we just not proud to wear our badge? There are 50,000 potential members of 41 Club; Ex-Tablers who never made the transfer from Round Table, Ex-Tablers who moved away, Ex-Tablers where there was never a 41 Club to join. If we do not wear our badge, how will we ever meet them?! We have a new modern badge. So, starting with every Chairman, will you make a commitment to set an example and wear the badge, and then fine all those who do not?! Every fine could be a donation to ..…………

The photograph shows the presentation of a cheque for £400 by Roger Crouch, President of Yeo Vale Rotary Club to President Richard. Also in the picture is Captain Barney Barnwell, Royal Marine, from RNAS Yeovilton and Ian Prestwood, Chairman of Yeovil 41 Club

Accepting a cheque for H4H from National Councillor Dave Campbell at the Region 25 Golf Day


Robert Loughridge, a member of Winchester 41 Club, has raised over £1,000 for the Presidential Charity, Help for Heroes. At midnight on Wednesday 2 September Rob was “raised” onto the fourth plinth in Trafalgar Square from which he promoted and collected donations for the charity by reading dedications he had received from around the world including the USA, the UK and Germany and also from the wives and partners of soldiers serving in Afghanistan.

USE OUR BRAND My second frustration - I have noticed, having received so many cheques from Clubs, that virtually all of the letters attached to them have no reference to the name of the club. As with the badge, why do we not use our Club name and logo on letters? You can download all the new branded artwork from the website out of the brand documents. It is so easy.*2

VISIT THE PRESIDENT’S WEBPAGE In order that members can follow my exploits I have tried to keep my journal interesting and I hope you will all take a look at it. I am having the best of times. My golf remains sporadic but the people I meet make up for any disappointment in my scores. *3

REMEMBER CONTINUED FELLOWSHIP We have a great fellowship organisation but it is obvious that many members remain cocooned in their own club world. Changing attitudes is not going to be easy but we have got to try. Our clubs may be polarised about membership rules and change generally, which is probably the result of a few opinion-formers within their clubs. However, when I have launched the odd missile after dinner it soon becomes obvious that the majority of individual members show a desire for some flexibility towards the future.

LET US TALK TO EACH OTHER Communication is the main topic in our fight for setting the way forward. Following requests and suggestions by several 41 Clubs it was agreed at the recent National Council Meeting that we will trial a monthly news digest entitled News@41Club.Org. The aim of the digest is to ensure that latest information is distributed to clubs on a timely basis. I have also been party to some interesting debates through the YAHOO forum. This is a terrific tool for conducting discussions and the topics that we face. Keep it coming.*4

WHY DON’T CLUBS LET MEMBERS HAVE THE MAGAZINE? Time and again I visit an active club with tens of members but they only order a handful of magazines. Why? You tell me! Shortly, we hope to introduce some very advantageous benefits to our readers. The sponsors of these products will pay us for the privilege. That means we can reduce our production costs. Frankly, we need to expand our distribution. We will not divulge any personal details to any third party. But our members will be able to have a greater choice.

Richard Matthews

National President


*1Details of the Service Award can be seen on the Sales pages at *2The brand documents can be seen on the Download page at *3The President’s webpage is at *4The 41 Club Forum can be joined and accessed at the top of our homepage at


Knight Riders go Coast to Coast for Charity across the North of England

Four ‘Knight Riders’ from Shirley Late Knights set out on May 1st to cross the North of England from coast to coast on mountain bikes, travelling both on and off road. 3 days after dipping their back wheels in the Irish Sea at Whitehaven they arrived at the coast of Sunderland, spurred on by some very generous sponsors. 162 miles, 20 hours in the saddle, 13,106 ft of ascent, max speed 43 mph (that bit was exciting) and around £3,000 raised for charity. Day 1, Friday, was cold, wet and windy, altogether a challenging 44 miles from Whitehaven over the Lakeland Fells and beyond Keswick. Following a fast long downhill on forest tracks out of Whinlatter, two of the team had to replace worn out brake blocks! A final hour of late evening sun helped to thaw frozen and cramped muscles. Day 2 was out of the Lake District, along the Eden Valley and onto the From the Irish Sea..... Pennines. A navigational error at Penrith added 12 miles even before the Knight Riders climbed up Hartside, resulting in a 53 mile ride that day. Day 3, and three more big hills including the highest point on the C2C, Black Hill at 2,000 feet before an enjoyable long and truly exciting off road descent and then along a disused railway track into Consett. A broken chain earlier in the day whilst crossing the moors, miles from anywhere, was the biggest problem which had to be fixed out in the wilds. The final day was just 25 miles to the North Coast at Sunderland and the front wheel dip into the North Sea.

.....To the North Sea

Across a few counties

SLK wish to thank their sponsors and supporters who ensured they reached their targets of raising the cost of necessary equipment for a Community Fast Responder and also making a sizeable donation to the RNLI.


Shirley Late Knights 41 Club


Over a few hills

vice-president’s page The more assiduous readers of this august publication will remember the difficulties I had in explaining just what this Association was all about when I was speaking with my Bishop and telling him that I was about to resign my living in order to become the National President of 41 Club.

1. To continue to provide opportunities for fellowship amongst like-minded men. 2. To encourage active involvement in community service and civic responsibility. 3. To use personal and professional experience in support of the Round Table Family and its members. 4. To pursue peace and goodwill in international relationships. 5. To promote these purposes through regular meetings, discussions and other appropriate means.

“41 Club?” said my Bishop, “What’s 41 Club?” It’s the same question that most people ask when you mention our Association. From the experience of talking with my Bishop, I’ve discovered that it’s not always a good idea to say that we are a group of ageing men who congregate in bars and restaurants once a month to reminisce about the good old days when we were out and about raising funds for a whole range of good causes and having great fun in the process! It’s hardly a reason for giving up your job now, is it? But that has been the reality of the last few months since I tendered my resignation just so that I could give all of my time to being out and about with you lot in a whole variety of restaurants and bars the length and breadth of the country, and putting on even more weight than I’m carrying at the moment! What on earth do you say that sounds even half way convincing and which sums up in a few words what we are about?

“Now,” I can hear you say, “what’s all this stuff about community service? We’ve never been about community service!” The answer is that we have! Service to the community has always been enshrined in our ‘purposes’ but we’ve largely chosen to ignore it because we never wanted to get in the way of Round Table. Service to the community has been included in our ‘purposes’ since 1996 because that's what many clubs were doing anyway and after 50 years they voted to include it in the rules.

By way of contrast, just say the words – R O U N D T A B L E – and people know at once what you are talking about and what it is you stand for. No need to go any further. They know right away that you are a thoroughly great guy who does a lot of good in the community….. except….. they haven’t seen much of Round Table of late!

Now, when there are so few Round Table members in even fewer clubs, it could be argued that we owe it to Round Table and ourselves, to be more proactive in terms of serving our communities. Together, we are a very significant force for good in our communities and it’s a waste not to use our talents and our energy! What’s more, we know that there are actually many members of our Association who want to be more active and so they go off and join Lions or Rotary in order to feel useful! I think that we as an Association would be better off if they used their energies under our umbrella!

So to begin to address this thorny question (among several others) the Forward Planning Committee locked itself away in a room in Birmingham for 3 days in August and turned its finely honed minds to the question of who are we and what do we stand for? And we came up with something which I think is pretty good! Having said that, I would lay money on the fact that there will be some of you out there who will dislike what we have produced and will write by the mailbag full to tell me so!

We hope that our attempt to succinctly define who we are and what we are about will give a renewed sense of purpose to our clubs and indeed to our Association and will also provide a ready answer to the question ‘what is 41 Club?’ I also hope, that by being clear as to who we are and what we are about, we may at last attract the many potential 41 Club members who are hanging on to Round Table for dear life as Honorary Members because they feel that there’s little that we can offer them!

Let me say that we didn’t start with a blank sheet of paper! We looked at our existing statement of ‘purposes’ and we also looked back to our roots and considered the Aims and Objects of Round Table which of course we all know by heart!

Why not set aside a meeting during the next couple of winter months to discuss these proposals and measure your own club against them? Let me know what you think. If there is support for these revisions I shall take them to our next AGM and see if we can have them formally approved and adopted!

And this is what we came up with. First of all – who we are:

An Association of Clubs founded on the aims and values of Round Table which offers continued friendship and promotes opportunities for community service nationally and internationally. Following on from this, we set about revising our stated ‘purposes’ which would now read as follows:


Now then, back to the packing. I’m supposed to be moving house in 5 days time!


membership - the survey results

The survey results are in and so far as we can establish this has been the biggest response to any national survey undertaken by 41 Club, with 64% of clubs responding at the time of the magazine deadline - and still more trickling in. That, of course, recognises the importance of the debate to fashion the future of the Association. It would not be unreasonable to assume that with such a high percentage of clubs responding, a similar sort of percentage could be expected had every club replied. Yes, I know the vote at the 2010 AGM is what counts in the end but until we get to that your National Council can only act on what you, the members, are telling us. The results will surprise some people and some clubs and they have provided National Council with some very interesting information that will enable us to fashion the future and develop our future plans. How have the results been determined? Quite clearly some have come from the opinions of one or two people in each club but from the many grass root discussions National Council members have had at club visits and other events we are aware there has been much debate within the clubs and, interestingly, the statistical results of the survey tend to reflect the informal views we have heard. We want that debate to continue so we can put a resolution before the AGM in Scarborough in accordance with the resolution passed at the last AGM, namely “… to formulate and put forward proposals to change the Association’s membership rules to allow constituent clubs to recruit like-minded men who would, in their opinion, benefit the Round Table family by their membership of their club and thus, the Association, as full voting members…” By the time you read this magazine each club will have had a letter from President Richard encouraging you to debate the issue in full by the end of the year. The membership section of that letter reflects the recent Council discussion and is repeated on the membership page of the website at where the latest data and draft thoughts can be seen. We would like to hear the views arising from individual club debates and of course we hope that each club will send its delegate or a proxy to the AGM with a clear mandate.



MEMBERSHIP – THE SURVEY RESULTS cont. The results shown above are only the base information but by working closely with Round Table we have been able to come up with some additional information. • 45% of current clubs no longer have a feeder Round Table. • 25% of current Round Tables don’t have an affiliated 41 Club. • 35% of clubs with a Round Table haven’t had a new member from Table within the last 2 years. Response from clubs with Round Tables is 62%, similar to the overall result (Chart B) • The answers to Question 3 from those clubs are a) 36%, b) 51%, c) 13%, also broadly the same.

The other area which then leads on in the debate is the following, Rule 4.1: Clubs shall only be affiliated where membership is confined to full and associate members, for whom annual capitation fees shall be payable to the Association. Our early discussions have indicated that there is little point in proposing rules that are impossible to police. The current Rule 4.1 is an example. Through anecdotal evidence - general discussions and comments made by clubs - we believe that there could be 25% or more clubs who currently don’t comply with Rule 4.1 in that they already have non ex-Round Tablers as members. That is because they have taken local decisions that are appropriate for themselves. So what do we do? Disaffiliate them for non-compliance? How do we find out who they are exactly? Are they going to tell us? We need to remember that ours is an association of clubs and not an association of members who belong to clubs. Whilst it is beneficial for clubs to register the names and addresses of members on the Club Administration System as an aid to communication, it is not a requirement to do so nor is it a requirement to prove previous membership of a Round Table. Regardless of the Southport motion, what we have at the moment doesn’t make sense because we can’t police it. The only thing that makes some sense is to establish that the values we have are derived from the values of Round Table and work towards that end.

Developing a profile through fund raising or community service (Question 2) • 44% of clubs who have a Round Table are totally inactive in this as opposed to 58% in the overall survey. • 30% of those clubs who have a Table but have had a new member within the last 2 years are totally inactive, not even supporting their Table.

We will be firming up proposals at the February Council meeting and issue a formal proposition with the AGM papers so your input now, as well as at the AGM, is vital. Whatever the clubs decide in Scarborough, let us be clear in our thinking and realistic with what we can do.

Regional differences? • Regions 3 (Ireland), 9 (Lincolnshire) and 17 (East of England) have less than 35% response whereas Regions 1 (West Scotland), 5 (Cumbria), 13 (South Wales), 16 (Mid Anglia), 18 (Essex & N. London), 19 (Chilterns) and 21 (Mid-West, Severn & Avon) have over 80%. (Chart B) • East Scotland, Cumbria, Lancs & Manx and the North East are less prone to be active in the community, averaging 75% of clubs totally inactive. (Question 2) • Ireland, South, South East and Mid-Anglia are the most active in GB&I averaging 32% of clubs having independent community projects. Half of the 15 overseas clubs affiliated to GB&I undertake their own projects. • 87% of clubs in the North East and 86% in the West Midlands are in favour of selective or open membership. (Question 4) • 46% of clubs in West Scotland voted in favour of retaining the existing membership rule making it the only Region in the country with less than 55% of member clubs in favour of a change. (Question 3) • Despite the above, 58% of clubs in West Scotland haven’t had a new member for over 7 years (Question 1), making it the only Region where over 50% of clubs are in the same situation. Why is it that 13 of the 28 Round Tables in the Region don’t have an affiliated 41 Club? THE NEXT STAGE The results of the survey give us the clearest indication yet that the majority of clubs are in favour of change. There is only one underlying membership rule, which is in the Definitions, Rule 2.1: “full members” means members or ex-members of Round Table who have reached the age of forty years.

ACTIVE MEMBERSHIP The survey isn’t the only activity for the membership committee. We are looking closely at what clubs do and what makes them attractive to the ex-Tabler. Quite clearly we have problems with some of our clubs in that they are not attractive and lose potential recruits. You will see from the Forward Planning statement from Vice-President Malcolm some of the things we are moving on with. We are very clear though on the need for clubs to be active, i.e. more than a dining club, in order to attract retiring Tablers. In conjunction with Round Table we have launched a perception survey across the 1,800 honorary members they have on their books. It is not beneficial to Round Table for these people still to be in Round Table when they should be in 41 Club supporting the Table. From Table’s Optima survey we know they have lost members and prospectives because of the “50 year old Tabler” hanging on. Our belief is that many of those people don’t want to join a 41 Club because they see it as inactive and a bit of a dinosaur. I will make it clear. If that is the case and we can’t get the existing club to change we will work with the recently retired and shortly to retire Tablers to form a new 41 Club. For the future ‘community service’, ‘fund raising’ and ‘raising our profile’ are not dirty words. They are something to be encouraged and celebrated. If you want to see what I mean look at the web sites for Shirley Late Knights ( or Active Black Country ( Look at the exploits of Rob Loughridge of Winchester 41 Club who took his place on the 4th plinth in Trafalgar Square to promote 41 Club and the Help for Heroes campaign ( These are the sort of activities that will show to retiring Tablers that they should join 41 Clubs. From there, we and they can support the growth and development of Round Table for the benefit of not only our membership but also the community. “Get out and be Active”


Jim Smith Membership & Extension Officer email:

National Golf Final at Longcliffe Golf Club, Loughborough

Longcliffe Golf Club, formed in 1905 and completed in 1911, justifies today’s reputation as a course of outstanding merit. Set within the beautiful Charnwood Forest, most of the holes are tree lined with silver birch, oak, pine and beech predominating plus mountain ash, cherry, rhododendrons, gorse and broom, adding seasonal colour and helping to produce a scene of sylvan beauty. Henry Cotton singled out what is now the seventh hole as one of the best and most attractive inland holes in England. On Finals Day Longcliffe played host to 18 teams from 25 Regions who enjoyed a late autumn day typical of the East Midlands. No rain for five weeks had converted the course from being a typical parkland layout to a daunting links challenge. Teams represented 41 Clubs across the country including Forfar, Brighouse, Great Yarmouth, Margate, and several from around London, to name a few. Scoring for the final comprised one score from each team over the first six holes, two scores over the next six holes and the whole team score over the last six holes. President Richard Matthews and National Secretary Vaughan Harris made up a team with Donald Watson from Region 1. (above right). Richard’s moment came on the par 3 5th hole when he hit his career shot within 8 feet 8.5 inches to win the “Nearest the Pin” prize for that hole. The prizes for this event were once again kindly sponsored by Mark Campbell Motors from Long Eaton, and his contribution to the success of this event is gratefully acknowledged. After teams had returned to the Clubhouse prizes were presented by our National President, the list of prize-winners being:

Winners – Rotherham Richard Woffenden, John Woffenden and Mike Foster won the event for the second year running with 73 Stableford points

Second - Margate Peter Rodd, Robert Moulsdale, Peter Humphrey and Gareth Davies came second with 68 points


National Golf Final at Longcliffe Golf Club, Loughborough cont....

A small surplus from the day’s proceedings was presented to Richard for his Presidential Charity, Help for Heroes. Other National Councillors attending and providing assistance were Dick Stanley and Barry Durman whose help was much appreciated. Feedback after the event indicates that there will be more Regions entering teams for next year’s Final which will once again be held at Longcliffe - on Monday 27th September 2010.


email: Longest Drive at the 8th John Fraser, a 16 handicapper from Northwich, hit his drive a long, long way into the middle of the fairway

Third - Great Yarmouth & District John Tweed, David Marsh and Richard Bateman with 65 points

Nearest the Hole at the 15th John Devlin of Camberley chipped to within 9 feet of a very narrow pin position with a pond close by

Longest Drive at the 18th Dave Hacking (Bentham & District) is presented with his prize after nearly driving the last green at this 330 yard hole.

Nearest the Hole at the 5th IPP Drew Cochran presented President Richard with his Prize


THE ROUND TABLE FAMILY SMILE WITH CIRCLE Don’t we belong to a fabulous organisation with wonderful opportunities!! National President Niki Stocken and 27 other girls from GB & I have continued to “Smile with Circle” and just returned from our international conference in Bangalore, India. We experienced the culture, friendship and fun they had organised. Martin and I even had the opportunity to renew our vows the Indian way – what a way to remember our trip and 10th Wedding Anniversary!! Obviously it wasn’t all fun and frolics and business did occur during our Council and Contact meetings as well as at the AGM. We were pleased to report that our efforts over the last 2 years of raising money for sanitation facilities for girls in schools had exceeded our initial target and a total of 120 toilet blocks will be built!! We were also pleased to watch the installation of our new International President Kjersti Jergens from Norway.

So if any of you have got daughters or nieces of the right age, please encourage them to join in the fun and friendship that you experienced and ask them to contact us through our website We have also seen an increase in the number of requests to set up a new or to re-affiliate a Circle, one of which invited me to their first official meeting. The 22 girls were so enthusiastic it was infectious and has certainly reinvigorated my beliefs in Circle – long may it last!! I’m looking forward to continuing to work side by side with others in the Round Table Family!!

On the National front, Niki is still raising awareness and fundraising for her charity Meningitis Research Foundation. She is currently looking forward to our first Council Meeting at the end of September followed by her Masked Presidential ball in Middlesbrough where we hope to see some of you supporting.


Working side by side with the Round Table Family has certainly had its positive influence and we have seen an increase in potential members being introduced by some of our Family members, for which we’d like to say a big thank you!!






The entries this time revolve around a couple of interesting points. As usual, typical Table-bred humour appears to have been the order of the day, which meant many entries fell at the first post as unsuitable for an erudite journal such as this - even though some were very funny! Other possible winners were set aside as we did not wish to be implicated in divorce proceedings. Those entrants who spent more time thinking than salivating tended to be more subtle and, of those, the top five excellent contenders were: HONOURABLE MENTIONS: "Is it me or does our Tangent Chairman look younger every year?" Bob Bown - Bexley 41 Club (Kent)

AND THE WINNER: For beating native English-speakers at their own game "Tenderly holding a turned on mike?" Andreiu Boeriu - Brasov 41 Club No. 1 (Romania)

"The revised membership rules bear fruit." Will Parke - Ringwood 41 Club (Hampshire) "And the bottom line is...." Malcolm Bailey - Oakengates 41 Club (Shropshire) "I should have gone to Specsavers!" Rob Hunter - Shepton Mallet 41 Club (Somerset)


MILLENNIUM WAY - ALL CLEAR AND READY FOR WALKERS SUMMER’S WORK BY SOLIHULL 41 CLUB MEMBERS COMPLETED A 100 mile long distance footpath stretching over glorious countryside across the centre of England through the three beautiful Shire counties of Warwickshire, Worcestershire and Northamptonshire, The Millennium Way project, led by Solihull 41 Club and supported by 13 other local 41 Clubs, was opened in 2000 by the then National President John Bellwood. A step on the way (as it were) of getting approval for the route to be officially designated on Ordnance Survey maps is for it to be properly signposted, or ‘way marked’. That task has now been completed by two teams from Solihull.


Chris Tayler (right) and Ralph Gibb meet up, appropriately, at the old stone cross at Meriden, claimed to be the centre of England and the halfway point of the 100-mile 41 Club Millennium Way. In support were Solihull members (above) who contributed to the way marking project throughout the summer.

No sooner had the way marking job been completed when it was put to the test by three very fit 41 Club members, Alan Trinder (Wantage), Stephen Trinder and Stephen Willoughby (both Caversham). Setting off from Pershore, they aimed to cover the whole way, carrying their belongings (tents included) in six days. They had already done 47 miles in two days when Solihull members met up with them for lunch, fellowship and some very useful comments. Alan Trinder (second left) who expressed his delight at the route, with Chris Tayler, Ralph Gibb and the two Stephens.

Two teams from Solihull 41 Club completed the task of way marking the entire route of the 41 Club Millennium Way. Leading the team, which began its task from the east in Northamptonshire, was Chris Tayler, the driving force behind the whole Millennium Way project. The other team, led by Ralph Gibb, started its work from the west in Pershore, Worcestershire. “It’s been a big task, but extremely worthwhile. The distinctive identification of the route will encourage walking groups to get real enjoyment from all 14 stages of this beautiful walk”, Chris said. Members of 41 Clubs along the way continue to act as Wardens to ensure accuracy of instructions and monitor any changes on the ground. Appreciation is expressed to 41 Clubs who continue to carry out this important work: Alcester, Banbury, Daventry, Droitwich, Kenilworth, Lapworth, Leamington, Pershore, Rugby, Shirley, Solihull, Southam, Stratford and Worcester.

2010 - PRESIDENT ELECT MALCOLM TO WALK MILLENNIUM WAY FOR CHARITY We are delighted to announce that President Elect Malcolm Lockey has decided that he will give time in his Presidential year to walk the Millennium Way. From 27th June to 10th July he’ll spend two weeks walking the whole 100 miles. “My decision comes from my enjoyment of walking and the opportunity to promote 41 Club, to meet many of the clubs along the way and to raise funds for charity”, explained Malcolm. Clubs located along the route will be giving him lots of support and they intend to make the very most of this chance to increase public awareness of 41 Club and the Millennium Way. Detailed planning is already underway. We’ll keep you all informed.


The design of the new way marking used to denote the path of the Millennium Way is approved by the local councils and authorities to improve the visibility of the path route.




CALL IN THE ARMY We’re excited too, to learn that a group of army and ex-army volunteers are to blitz the Millennium Way next year to raise money for Help For Heroes. Brilliant!


As part of our re-branding we have now re-designed the range of jewels available for our Clubs. This new design in the ‘platinum look’ is very classy and looks fabulous. These are now available from the 41 Club sales website . Click on the tab ‘Jewels’. Clubs should start ordering these after January 1st to have them in good time for their AGMs in March / April. These will be packaged in a new hard case and are only £25 + p&p. Please note that those ordered via the website are for supply AFTER January 1st 2010. Any orders for jewels required BEFORE then should be made via Marchesi House (see details at bottom of page 3 of this magazine) and will be supplied in the old style.

These are the designs available to you: The engraving is on the rear of the jewel and is over three lines: The first line is for the name of the recipient. The second line is for the name of the club. The third line is for the years of office, e.g. 2009-2010 Chairman 41C001 (formerly orange ribbon)

President 41C002

Service Award 41S002

The Service Award can be presented to a member who has given exceptional service to your Club and you can present him with it at an AGM or any other suitable occasion. See website Sales page for further details of the Service Award. See these and the rest of our exciting range of sales items at

Last year only 400 of our 800 clubs ordered jewels for their Past Chairmen/Presidents. We hope that the new design, the improved case and the very reasonable price will encourage you to recognise the guys who stand for office by presenting them with a jewel.






One of Past President Drew Cochran’s last duties was to attend the twinning ceremony in Paris between Wimbledon Womblers 41 Club and Paris II 41 Club. Drew was joined by International Officer Andy Waite, Region 24 Councillor Richard Dean, the British Consul, the President of 41 Club France and several presidents and representatives from 21 clubs across France. During the dinner Peter Tennant (President, Wimbledon 41 Club) and his opposite number from the Paris II Club donned Wombles’ costumes and danced round the tables to Wombles songs to the amusement [bemusement? – Ed] of everyone.

Peter Tennant Wombling away!

Past President Drew and other dignitaries

The spirit of entente cordiale was truly demonstrated throughout a memorable weekend and the members of Wimbledon 41 Club look forward to many happy years with our Parisian friends.


Peter Tennant with the French National President, Jean-Marc Reliant

PRESIDENT - Wimbledon Womblers 41 Club

R8 EUROMEETING LIVERPOOL Having been to only one Region 8 Euromeeting previously, we were a bit unsure of our ground but in the end we had a party of 50 – 41 members and wives from France and Germany, the rest from the Isle of Man and UK. It was a riot, not least because of the quality of our French, gleaned from `Allo `Allo. Beatles’ theme, of course. A sober, quiet affair (see photo), enhanced by talented 41 Club guitarists (see photo – notice lack of audience). The return bash will be in the South of France next May – any member who wants to join the party please let me know.





Tredegar Chairman Mike Barton has recently become a proud father at the age of 61 – it must be the air they breathe in South Wales. Baby Emma was born at 10.58 am on Friday 19 June, weighing in at 6lb 12oz; both mum Marta and baby are doing fine. Who says life in 41 Club is dull? Is there any 41er who’s beaten this? [Details and photo, please – Ed]

LETTER TO THE EDITOR SPOT THE DIFFERENCE Dear David In a letter to members circulated by the National President soon after the publication of the last magazine, Richard said, amongst other things, ‘The magazine is the most important medium to involve our members. Travelling to so many Clubs, I soon encounter comments where it is obvious that we are just not getting the message across. Many Clubs hold views that are simply the result of a lack of information. They lack the other side of the story to make a reasoned decision.’ * Whilst I agree with the sentiment, I cannot agree with the text. The magazine does not, currently, give both sides of the story by any means, on the subject of qualification for membership. It simply ‘toes the party line’. I am, of course, referring to [Membership Officer] Jim Smith’s article and his inclusion of a copy of Keith Gowing’s speech at the AGM. As well as promoting these drastic changes to our Association, there is the continuing deception of pretending that ‘Open Membership’ and ‘Selective Membership’ are two different things. This is manipulative propaganda worthy of inclusion in a George Orwell novel. There is no difference between the two. If there were, God forbid, open membership, clubs would still ‘select’ those that they wished to join them. This option has been invented as some spurious middle ground to mollify those who do not want open membership but fear that staying as we are is elitist and, therefore, wrong. In the interests of balance, and to give, to quote Richard, ‘the other side of the story to make a reasoned decision’ would you be kind enough to publish, with this letter, a copy of my speech to the AGM – as the prime mover against the resolution. Yours in Continued Friendship

KEITH HOWARD Secretary, Newton Abbot 41 Club

[Members - Your magazine, as well as your President, aims to stimulate discussion and that policy appears to be working! The Yahoo Forum is at last beginning to hot up, too! As requested, I am happy to publish the text of Keith’s AGM speech on page 19. Equally in the interests of balance, however, I should point out that the motion debated and carried at the AGM, far from being Association propaganda, was actually put forward by two clubs; further, the paragraph from the President’s open letter to all club members that Past President Keith Howard partially quotes above* continued with ‘The day has come when we must break through the barrier to involve our membership in deciding our future. The latest LINKS raises many issues and we want members to respond.’ The full text of this letter was published on the President’s page on the website and can be viewed at: – Ed.]


SAVING 41 CLUB BY DESTROYING IT Keith Howard speaks at the 2009 AGM against the Cheshunt and Penarth Clubs’ resolution to open up membership to non ex-Tablers ‘This meeting instructs the Membership Committee of the National Executive to formulate and put forward proposals to change the Association’s membership rules to allow constituent clubs to recruit like-minded men who would, in their opinion, benefit the Round Table family by their membership of their club and thus, the Association, as full voting members; the proposals to change the Association’s membership rules are to be formally presented by the National Executive and placed before the clubs at the Association’s AGM in 2010 for immediate implementation.’ This resolution is what our MPs would call ‘enabling legislation’. We need to look beyond the resolution here today to what it seeks to enable – to next year’s AGM, where, if successful, today’s actions would lead to a motion for Open Membership. Today’s resolution seeks to save failing clubs by allowing them to recruit members who were never in Round Table. Round Table in this country is in terminal decline. They know that by 2012 they will have fewer than 4,000 members and are likely to have to close RTBI as we knew it. Of course the officers and members of Round Table are doing and will be doing everything they can to stop that happening and I am sure we all wish them well. The raw truth is, however, that without some sort of miracle, Round Table will come to an end in the near future. What this means for us is that within 30 or so years of Table closing, we will also close. Now I am not happy about that, but I do accept that it is a natural progression. Perhaps in this year of the centenary of the birth of Charles Darwin, we should call it evolution! Survival of the fittest has worked its course, Table has not survived and, in the long run, we will not survive. What concerns me more than this evolution, are these attempts to save ailing clubs by altering the very essence of our Association. I have every sympathy with a miserable little club of five or six members, who meet once a month and have a miserable little meeting, month after month. The thought of being able to enrol another five, six, ten, twenty of their mates, who were not Tablers, is very appealing. I would say to them, ‘Go ahead, do it. Enrol those new members; turn your club into something vibrant and attractive. But also be honest enough to admit that 41 Club in your area is dead. Change the name of your new club and disaffiliate from this Association. Do not come to our National AGM and seek to alter the Association beyond recognition for no purpose other than your own selfish ones: the survival, within the Association, of your failing clubs’. By doing so, what will be achieved is the destruction of the very soul of 41 Club and, as a consequence, will drive out clubs such as mine, with over 40 members, all committed ExTablers. 41 Club will not be saved – it will be murdered long, long before it would have naturally expired. Imagine, if you will, that you are a whisky drinker – difficult I know, but bear with me. You have a bottle of the most superb single malt. Over time, dependant upon your appetite and generosity, the bottle’s contents diminish. You reach a point where it is about a quarter full. You could now ‘rescue’ that bottle by topping it up with Teacher’s or Haig or Famous Grouse. All ‘like minded’ drinks. All would have liked to have been single malts when they were younger. All keen to be single malts now. As the bottle emptied again you could repeat the process. You could repeat it for evermore. Your bottle of single malt would be saved. But never again would it be what it says on the label. Saved – but at the same time destroyed. Would it not have been better to gradually finish the original bottle? To have every glass as good as the first? To be able to say when it had all gone ‘That was fantastic – every drop!’? This is exactly what this resolution seeks to do – to save 41 Club by destroying it. This is a selfish and self-serving resolution, which seeks to keep failing clubs alive, within this Association, but in doing so, will bring this Association to a premature end. I urge you to vote against this resolution.

KEITH HOWARD ASSOCIATION PAST PRESIDENT & SECRETARY, NEWTON ABBOT 41 CLUB [Ed - The resolution was carried. See also Jim Smith’s membership survey report based on what the clubs currently think.]



President Richard with his ‘team’ at The Eastern Region Golf Day

Regional Councillor Ray Hill and the Stockton Heath team, winners of the Region 11 Competition

President Richard with the Forfar team (l to r: Dave Arnot, Andy McGlynn, Colin Muir and Ron Leslie), winners of the Scottish 41 Club Competition

The Margate team, winners of the Region 25 Trophy, with President Richard


NEWS FROM NATIONAL COUNCIL The following items were announced at the Council Meeting on 3 October 2009: •

The President was delighted to report that donations to his Charity, Help For Heroes, had to date reached £36,000. A family trust had donated £10,000 through Northwich 41 Club.

The Forward Planning Committee is looking for a suitable member who might be willing to provide Public Relations consultancy services for the benefit of the Association.

The Secretary would be notifying all Clubs of their Health and Safety responsibilities .

Criteria for the future presentation of the Club Service Award were approved and will be published on the website.

The Membership Officer reported on the results of the exhaustive Membership Survey which had been undertaken and which will be circulated to Clubs and shown on the website.

A draft resolution regarding possible Selective Membership for the Association’s AGM in Scarborough was circulated for consideration by Councillors.

A pilot scheme would operate in Region 13 actively encouraging the sons and daughters of 41ers to consider joining Round Table and Ladies’ Circle.

The range of Sales items was steadily increasing. Interestingly, the majority of stock is being sold via the internet.

The Sales and Marketing Officer had appointed a company to provide an Affinity Scheme offering discounts on goods and services to members at no cost to the Association – details will be given in the 2010 issues of this magazine.

A further £500 was donated towards the upkeep of the Association’s garden and memorial at the National Arboretum. A poppy wreath will be laid on the memorial on future Remembrance Sundays.

The Communications Committee will be running an information page on the website for a trial period of six months from November 2009 – members/Clubs wishing to make an announcement should contact

The International Committee has raised and donated 7,000 euros towards the rebuilding of a nursery school in the Aquila region following the Italian earthquake earlier this year.

Bookings for Scarborough Conference are going well – it promises to be a superb event – why not consider going? Conference in 2011 will be held in Ipswich.

PR MAN URGENTLY REQUIRED 41 Club urgently requires someone with Public Relations experience to act as the Association’s interface with the rest of the world. The duties will not be onerous and he pay will match that of the Editor’s. So if you fancy yourself as a highflying PR professional on an obscene salary with unlimited expenses you need not apply. If however you feel you are suitably qualified and are prepared to spend some time working for the benefit of your Association please contact the Vice President, Malcolm Lockey, on either 01573 228 709 or 07710 467 785. Alternatively you can email him at Malcolm will be delighted to hear from you. PAGE 21

more LETTERS TO THE EDITOR If anything, it could result in an even wider gap - and rather than breathing new life into ex-Round Tablers' Clubs, it could end up cutting off the FOC air supply even faster! Even encouraging prospective older Tablers to bypass Table altogether and join their 'Plus Club' instead - not ideal when the Association is fighting to retain and increase membership. If Martin and his friends wish to form a new club, design a badge, create a charter, establish rules, assign a President, Councillors and a Chairman, then great - good luck to them and I hope they have a great time... but I see no reason for it to be part of the RTBI organisation. Nor should it be sanctioned as an official ex-Round Tablers' Club.


The fact that Martin has found it necessary to do this in Canterbury, doesn't make it an issue for RTBI and FOC nationally - and far from it being "a wind of change blowing through Round Table and a new era dawning", maybe it's just a cold front blowing in off the English Channel and the dawn of a small group in Canterbury.

Dear Sir I am writing in response to Martin Neame's article in the Links Magazine Issue 162 regarding 'Canterbury Table Plus No.1'.

Yours in continued friendship, Peter McBride Past Chairman, Wallington & Carshalton Forty One Club

It is indeed unfortunate that Martin's Table and 41 Club do not seem to enjoy a reciprocal supportive relationship, such as that which exists between many Round Tables and their 'FOCs' - and indeed between my own Wallington & Carshalton 41 Club and our Round Table 'creche'. In our own situation, we have 41ers as honoraries in Table and we enjoy having many of the older (41 plus) members of Table attend our meetings - as well as having the Table Chairman as an honorary 41er each year. Those in our FOC who wish to, support our Table in their events and vice versa - those who don't wish to, don't. Martin's article seems to point the finger at others for the situation that he found himself in. As an active member of his Table though, presumably he shared a responsibility over the years to ensure that the Canterbury Table / FOC hinges of friendship remain well-oiled over time - and rather than undertake a covert 'silent survey' at a FOC meeting, maybe a more open liaison and discussion would've proven more beneficial. Perhaps this covert attitude is what has eventually resulted in the need to create his own type of club. Personally, whilst I know many FOCs have lost their feeder Tables, I feel the existing migration and overlap from Round Table to Forty One Club works well - and if it doesn't, then creating an additional club in between doesn't help resolve it.

More from Wallington & Carshalton Well said Peter. It would appear that Neamo wishes to plough a furrow that may in the long run be divisive, but perhaps is just an alternative way to resolve the selective membership issue - except that he does not make mention of a recruitment strategy. One could assume that he plans to close Canterbury FOC by steering potential members from Table in a different direction; who knows? It is unclear to me as to why or how this article has made an appearance in the magazine. Hopefully the Editor will explain. It certainly does not appear under "Letters to the Editor". I imagine we may hear more of this in due course, perhaps at next year's FOC AGM. Share the response when you get it, it will be interesting to see the stance the Editor takes. Bob Harris Wallington & Carshalton Forty One Club



[By way of explanation, Bob – the article appeared because it seemed to me that Canterbury Table Plus is run along very different lines to the ‘traditional’ FOC and accordingly I felt the article was newsworthy and possibly would instil a reaction from members – and my instincts were clearly right! You may not like their way of doing things, but CTP has been affiliated to the Association for over two years and has as much right as any other Club to use our magazine to air its views – Ed]

Dear Editor I would like to make contact with any ex-Round Tablers/41ers of any nationality residing in the Fortuna/Murcia areas of Spain. If there is sufficient interest, hopefully a pilot meeting will be held with a view to continuing fellowship and ultimately the possibility of forming some regular social meetings. Anyone interested please email or call me on 968 675 627 [add code if calling from outside Spain – Ed]. Bill Easton City of Glasgow and Helensburgh 41 Clubs

Hi Guys Remember me? I’m the idiot who swam the 147 miles of the non-tidal Thames in 2005. Well, bugger me if I’m not about to do something just as daft. In 2012 just before the London Olympics, I shall be continuing from where I finished the last swim, Teddington, through London to Southend, around the Kent coast to Dover and then finally across the English Channel to Calais. Once again, a distance of 147 miles! Now I know that 2012 may seem a long way off to you but when you’re trying to raise a million pounds for charity it takes a lot of organising. I’ll be 62 when the swim starts so hopefully it could give our ageing club a young and active persona to encourage new members - and what an opportunity to promote the Round Table and 41 Club brand and membership. So please have a look at my website ( and let me know how you think my venture can help 41 Club nationally. Take particular note of my main fund raising idea – The Autograph Book.

Dear Editor In 1963 when a huge earthquake destroyed a large part of Skopje, Macedonia, Round Table reacted by sending out convoys of caravans towed by cars driven by Tablers from around the United Kingdom. I was fortunate to be one of those Tablers. That was almost 47 years ago and I wonder how many of those Tablers are still around? I believe that this was the most significant activity of RTBI in the international sphere and is worthy of being remembered in LINKS. I hope you agree. Yours sincerely, John A Gibson Abingdon & District 41 Club

We take letters by email, fax or post to Marchesi House (details – Page 3) or by email to We reserve the right to edit letters, which must be exclusive to LINKS

Andy Nation Welwyn 41 Club [Details of Andy’s Thames swim can be found in Issue 152 Autumn 2005 – see the Magazine page on the Website - Ed]


You can keep up to date with the latest 41 club news by visiting our bi-monthly newsletter at

OBITUARIES The Council of the Association is saddened to hear of the passing of the following 41ers, especially when four of the clubs have each lost two members. Fuller appreciations from their fellow club members can be viewed on our website Email to or post (typed only) to Marchesi House. ATKINSON, Pete. Poynton 41 Club. Pete was an all round keen guy, for whom nothing was too much trouble. He was a special needs teacher in Stockport, and at his funeral a large number of pupils and colleagues turned up to pay their respects. He was looking forward to becoming Chairman. A keen sportsman who loved the outdoor life, he lived for his family and friends. 52 is no age to go. AUSTIN, Clive. Swansea 41 Club. Clive died after a long courageous fight against motor neurone disease. He was Swansea RT Chairman and President then, in 2003, 41 Club Chairman. He is remembered as a legend in Euro 57 activities, for establishing and fostering international relationships - and for never wanting to go home to bed. BARTLE, Roy. Cwmbran 41 Club. Our youngest member Roy, just 47, died suddenly and unexpectedly due to undiscovered high blood pressure. Had it been known, it would have been easy to correct. In consequence his family are very anxious to increase awareness and urge everyone to undergo regular medical examination. Roy was the mainstay of Cwmbran RT and since joining 41 Club had been active on Council in supporting RT, fund raising in particular. He leaves his wife and three daughters. BESTFORD, Ian. Isle of Man 41 Club. After a short illness Ian passed away aged 75. A solicitor in London, he was a keen Round Tabler and Chairman of his local 41 Club and brought this enthusiasm with him to the island upon his retirement. A man of many interests, including the local amateur dramatic society, he was about to take up the Vice Chair of IoM 41 Club. He leaves his wife Joanne and grown up children.

Scottish Nomads. He leaves his wife Margaret, son Ian and daughter Jill. BLAIKIE, Mercer. Dundee 41 Club and BLAIKIE, Mercer. Dundee 41 Club Past Member of and the Association Council. Past Member of theon October 6th, aged 73. Mercer sadly died Association Council. He carried love Mercer sadlyhis died on and enthusiasm of RT into 41 Club and 73. was Club Chairman 1980 October 6th, aged -81. He washisactive in the Euro 30 Club and He carried love and enthusiasm of RT into 41 for Scotland East was National Councillor Club and was was 1992-96, but Club not Chairman satisfied 1980 with-81. thisHegreat active in the Euro 30 Club and was National contribution the Movement he served as Councillor fortoScotland East 1992-96, but not National Sales 1997-99. An satisfied with this Officer great contribution to the architect, hasasleft a legacy many MovementMercer he served National SalesofOfficer 1997-99. An architect, Mercer has left a legacy buildings throughout Scotland. Somehow manytime buildings throughout heoffound to pursue his otherScotland. interests Somehow he found time to pursue his other ofinterests football, golf, bowling, the of football, golf, bowling,bridge, bridge, the enjoyment Our enjoyment of of fine fine wines wines and and paintings. paintings. Our thoughts are wifewife Eunice, two sons, thoughts are with withhishis Eunice, two daughter and sixand grandchildren. sons, daughter six grandchildren. CORBETT, C h a r l e s . London Old Tablers’ Society (LOTS). Charles died aged 91 as he might have wished – in a restaurant with a glass of good wine in his hand and his beloved wife alongside. Serving in the infantry in WWII he returned from India to printing, broadening into advertising and eventually retiring from his own firm of specialist printers. Charles was a gentleman, with a friendly disposition and always willing to advise in a sound and considered way. He was Chairman of the City of London RT 13 and of LOTS. Well-loved and dedicated to his family, he leaves Doris his wife of 67 years and sons Barry and Miles. FIRMIN, Derek. Ipswich 41 Club. Derek died age 73 after a short illness. A member of Ipswich 240 RT from the early 70s whilst a bank manager, he moved to a building society then an estate agent, ending his working career as a solicitors practice manager. He will be remembered for his great love of music, starting in St. John’s Cathedral choir in Hong Kong

BLACKHALL, Jim. Inverurie 41 Club. Jim died, aged 70, after a hard fight against cancer and sadly just a few hours before his son’s wedding. In his younger days he was active in cricket, badminton and golf. RT Chairman 1972-73 (pictured right) and Area 44 Founder Chairman, he was 41 Club Chairman 1983-84 and 1997-98. He had also been Rotary Club President. A keen caravanner, Jim was a member of the

during his army National Service, finishing as a bass soloist and chorister at St. Mary le Tower church, Ipswich. A very popular man with a pipe that could create as much smoke as a garden bonfire, you would always find Derek in a room of Tablers and 41ers, clutching a pint of Adnams. HOPE, Jim. Accrington 41 Club. Following a fairly short struggle against cancer, Jim died, aged 81. He joined RT in 1958 and was 41 Club Chairman in 2005 when, with fading vision, he was proud to host the Annual Red Rose Dinner. Jim, a haulage contractor, continued to drive his HGV into his 70s. Jim was well liked and respected for his industry and sharp humour. His wife Freda died in August 2008 and they are survived by son Peter. HOPKINS, Dave. Poynton 41 Club. Dave was founder Chairman of both Poynton RT and 41 Club and a founder of Poynton Rotary Club. He was MD of his own loudspeaker / audio business, a Parish and County Councillor, worked tirelessly within the community and upon finding he had cancer he even became a Trustee of the local Hospice. KEENES, Stan. Basildon, Stanford-leHope and Corringham 41 Club. Stan, aged 82, died as he wanted, suddenly, at home, going about his normal daily routine. At 14, his first job was as a Post Office messenger boy. National Service took him to Germany with the Royal Corps of Signals. In 1951 he took a job in MAFF then as a shipping master, ending his Civil Service life as a VAT inspector. He then he set up as a book-keeper. He loved music and gardening - he won prizes for his fuchsias and was a Freemason for 40 years. He joined Stanford-le-Hope & Corringham RT and was Chairman. He was a member of our 41 Club for 41 years, a past President and secretary at the time of his death. Marjorie his wife died in 2007 a. He leaves sons Ken and Ron, five grandchildren and four great granddaughters. LUFF, Terence. Bourne End and Flackwell Heath 41 Club. A founder member of 41 Club after three years in RT 1067, Terry was 41 Club Chairman in 1980 and 1990 and always gave full support to the club, being at a club meeting just weeks before his untimely death. The club will be poorer without his dedication to service and his


sense of humour. President in 2006 of the Rotary Club of Bourne End and Cookham, Terry was recently awarded a Paul Harris Fellowship in recognition of his service to Rotary and the Community. He is survived by his wife Catherine, son Mason, daughter Katrina and six grandchildren. NUNN, John. Dronfield 41 Club. John, a founder member of Dronfield RT, Chairman 1974-75 and 41 Club President 1984-85, has died aged 69. His love of fun and fellowship and his commitment to community service were infectious and inspiring. John was a keen sportsman particularly at cricket and soccer, our Santa at RT’s Christmas Party and on Christmas morning at the Children’s Home and the life and soul of any party - until invariably falling asleep! In recent years his health deteriorated culminating in the amputation of both legs but he still attended 41 Club until recently. John leaves wife Maggie, their children and their grandchildren. RAWORTH, Charles. Lichfield 41 Club. Honorary Life Member and Past President Charles, our last, still attending, founder member, has died aged 89 years after a long illness. Charles was a gentleman in every meaning of the word, always a pleasure to be with and was, as often as not, one of the last to leave meetings. He worked a surveyor in Local Government and the Building Industry and enjoyed sport and gardening. Charles leaves a son John, daughter-in-law Dawn and grandson Alex. His wife June predeceased him. We were privileged to have known him. RICHARDS, D a v e . Wycombe Old Tablers (WOTS) 41 Club. Dave had unfortunately been in ill health for some time and passed away after suffering from pneumonia. Dave was one of the 5 founding members of the Club back in 1974 and remained an active member for many years. He was Chairman in 1979-80. He leaves his wife Val, to whom we offer our saddest condolences. S

SMITH, Paul. Swansea 41 Club. Paul died recently after He a w s u d d e n heart attack. He was a keen and popular member of the club and was a former Chairman of Swansea Round Table. He was also an active member and Chairman of the well-known local male voice choir the Gwalia singers. TAKEL, Ron. Cwmbran 41 Club. Our oldest member Ron died in August aged 86. He was the club founding Chairman having been RT Chairman. Latterly, illness had prevented his regular attendance but he maintained interest in our activities and always had something of interest to say. His contribution to the club and wider movement was honoured with Life Membership in 2006. Ron is survived by his wife and six children. TURNER, Keith. Kentish Vale 41 Club. A Past Chairman of Kentish Vale RT 1077, Keith was a wonderful example of a dedicated Tabler, always there when hands were required, organising, helping and joining in the fun. Keith succumbed to cancer in May 2009, at the early age of 52, after a short period of illness. A keen glider pilot, Keith was well known in the fields of finance and communications, and he will be sadly missed by a wide circle of friends. Keith leaves his wife Frances, married for five short years. WARTERSON, Eric. Houghton-leSpring & District 41 Club. Former Chairman Eric died aged 77 after a mercifully short illness. He spent his career working with special needs children and retired as Head of Windlestone Hall Residential School. He leaves his wife Hilda, also suffering from age-related i

illness, daughter Karen, whose husband Gordon is also a member of our 41 Club, and grandchildren. Eric enjoyed Table and 41 Club life to the full and is sadly missed by his colleagues and friends; the packed church where he was a churchwarden confirmed this at his funeral in Durham. WHITTINGHAM, Richard. Keynsham 41 Club. Following a long fight against cancer, Richard died on 9th September. He was Chairman of Keynsham 41 in 1991. He was a keen sportsman, playing cricket, football, tennis, bowls, table tennis and skiing and was always willing to use his financial skills, being honorary treasurer of several of the clubs he played for and the Midsomer Norton Citizens Advice Bureau. He leaves Ann his wife of 43 years, sons Jeremy and Nicholas a n d three grandchildren. We shall all miss his enthusiam and infectious laugh. WILLIAMS, Frank. Beaconsfield 41 Club. We are sad to announce the death of Frank at the age of 79. Frank was one of the first members of Beaconsfield RT when it was formed and was its Chairman in 1969. He will be long remembered for his contribution to the annual pantomime which became such an iconic part of Beaconsfield RT and 41 Club life. WRIGHT, Ian. Beaconsfield 41 Club. Ian died at home in June aged 68 after losing his battle against cancer. After being Chairman of Radlett RT, in 1979 he moved to Beaconsfield RT and is happily remembered as “Dopey” after his annual pantomime performances. He joined 41 Club in 1981 and was an active and popular member. His interests included fishing and performance cars. He leaves his wife Liz, children Anne, Claire and David and five grandchildren to whom he was lovingly known as Pa-Pa.

He w

WEBSITE NEWS In a letter to Issue 162 Bob Whiston of Active Black Country 41 Club suggested a Web Links Page so that members can find out what’s happening in other clubs. Here’s a start, Bob: City of Truro 41 Club City of Truro 45 Club Colneside Retreads 41 Club Costa Blanca 41 Club Deeside 41 Club Glossop 41 Club Gordano Valley 41 Club Guildford XRT Club Isis 41 Club Kinross-shire 41 Club Lichfield 41 Club

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London Old Tablers’ Society Marlow 41 Club Ringwood 41 Club Shirley Late Knights Sodbury & District St. Albans 41 Club and of course: Active Black Country 41 Club

If your club has a website, please send details to


Round Grumpy Ex-Tablers... ...Face Up To It “... and that, in a nutshell, is ‘Open Membership’…” “What’s he mean ‘Hope ’n’ Membership’? Is it a new rallying call?” “Like ‘Grease Your Hinges!’ you mean?” “That’s from an old Scottish toast like ‘Afore Ye Go’ on bottles of Bells – just an excuse to down another wee dram.” “That’s very good of you; make mine a double.” “Oh well, if you’re going anyway, I’ll have a pint.” “‘Lang May Your Lumb Reek’ is another. It means ‘Long May Your Chimney Smoke’; in other words ‘Have a Long Life’.” “...a moment for reflection and decision…” “I think that’s prejudicial against those with underfloor central heating. Why leave us out?” “There was no such thing as central heating when those old toasts were in vogue; just the odd waft from a peat fire up behind your sporran. It was the damp rising from the heather that drove ’em to the Bells.” “... then the step-change we’ve long awaited…” “I prefer the Yorkshireman’s Toast – ‘Here’s to me and my wife’s husband; not forgetting myself’ - much more my sort of thing.” “... No longer ‘Adopt, Adapt and Improve’; more a question of ‘Devise, Revise or Demise’…” “What’s that you’re writing? You can get all he’s telling us from the magazine.” “Look – ‘Formerly Only Round Tablers of Yesteryear; Open, Now, to Everyone’ – FortyOne; it’s where we’re heading.” “But we’ve just devoted a couple of years adding ‘Round’ into ‘Ex-Tablers’ Clubs’ and making our ‘Regions’ match Table’s ‘Areas’. Why should we go the other way?” “It’s like sailing into the wind. You have to tack this way and that in order to get where you’re wanting to go.” “But if you head due east and then due west, you don’t end up at either north or south - just back where you started.” “...going forward…” “See what I mean? He’s talking about going forward and you’re dodging from side to side as if you’re loitering on the baseline waiting for Andy Murray Roddick to blast an ace at you.” “... a girding of loins for the challenge ahead…” “That’s more like it. Loins. I like to hear about loins. All that girding and ungirding – there’s not as much of it about any more, you know.” “...and, above all, remember – the future’s platinum…” “I had one of their fountain pens when I was in Class 3C.” “That’d be Platignum; ‘platinum’ means grey – over three syllables.” “I thought platignum was the American for platinum, like aloominumb.” “Fountain pens! We were dippers-in. I reckon I’d still be ink monitor if I hadn’t tripped over Spotty Watson’s satchel when I was topping up the inkwell on his desk. You don’t appreciate the covering capacity of Government Issue permanent black ’til you upend a gallon bottle.” “...a decision for us all to face; a chance which we all must grasp…” “I think I might abstain.” “Abseil, you mean.” “Huh?” “Abseiling’s like abstaining; same outcome, but there’s more the feeling that you’re letting yourself down.”




SMALL ADS TENERIFE, LOS GIGANTES – 2Bedr luxury apartment, quiet location, stunning views, golf & pool nearby, short walk to village with shops and restaurants. Andrew Neal 01253 896341 6-9pm and 51008

November 2009 Friday 20 December 2009 Tuesday 8

FRANCE, PORT GRIMAUD – Waterside ground floor apartment sleeps 2/4. 1Bedr, lounge with settee bed, kitchen area, bathroom, separate WC, terrace & loggia. Visit this ‘Venice’ of France situated on the Gulf of St. Tropez 07860267549 51017

February 2010 Saturday 6

ALGARVE – CARVOEIRO. Spacious villa sleeps 8/10. 5DBedr plus 3Bthr. Extensive gardens with large pool. Daily family maid. Near to all amenities 01702 202629 60206

March 2010 Monday 1

NORTH DEVON – NORTHAM, near Biddeford. Well equipped 3Bedr bungalow. Sleeps 5/6 a few minutes walk or drive through country park to long sandy beach. Garden. Local amenities include walking, cycling, trips to Lundy Island and golf. Regret no smoking or pets 0208 866 7463 61100

Thursday 4 Friday 5 Friday 12 Friday 19

CAPETOWN, DOLPHIN BEACH – Luxury 2DBedr secure apartment. Beachfront in nature reserve, sensational view of Table Mountain, Robben Island & sea. 15mins drive city & waterfront. Pool, garage, bar, restaurant. From £250pw. 01534 878940 51010

Friday 26

April 2010 Friday 16

TURKEY : Dalyan - Sultan Palas Hotel, Stunning location in tranquil surroundings near to Dalyan Delta Rich in environmental and archaeological interest. Author’s Choice : Lonely Planet Guide to Turkey (10th Edition – April 2007) All 26 air-conditioned rooms overlook pool and gardens with uninterrupted views of the surrounding unspoiled countryside. Just 10 mins. from Dalyan on board Hotel river boat service Visit or contact 01291 641673 60210

Saturday 17 Thursday 22 Sunday 25

ALGARVE PROPERTY ALTERNATIVE How about buying a holiday home in an idyllic small inland park near Albufeira? We’re a friendly mature British community. Quality UK mobile and park homes. Contact Mike Smith (41 Clubber) 01462 672385 60212

June 2010 Saturday 19 Monday 28 – Wed 7 July

ALGARVE – LUZ 3 Bedrooms, 2 Bathrooms Det. Villa. Pool. Sea View. Daily Maid Service. Beach, Village and Tennis 5 Mins, Golf Courses 15/20 Mins drive. Gill 01268 752308 or Allan 07860 869737 60214

September 2010 Saturday 25

Small-ads appear in all our publications that carry them (magazines, newsletters, directories and on the website). The cost is currently £39 for one magazine edition, £59 for two, £79 for three and £99 for four. There is a 10% discount for members appearing on the CAS system. To place an advert, fill in the form and send it to: LINKS Small Ads, c/o 41 Club Administrator, Marchesi House, 4 Embassy Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1TP with a cheque made payable to “The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs” (repeat ads must quote the 5 or 6 digit reference number printed with them).

October 2010 Saturday 2 Friday 22

REGION 20 DINNER, Balliol College, Oxford

LONDON OLD TABLERS’ SOCIETY, 70th Anniversary Dinner, The New Cavendish Club, London


SMETHWICK 41 CLUSTER NIGHT, Halesowen SEVERNVALE CLUSTER, Cheltenham DORSET KNOBS, Bovington Tank Museum REGION 4 CLUSTER, Yarm REGIONS 7/8 DINNER, Back to the Future, Old Trafford Cricket Ground, Manchester DERBYSHIRE CLUSTER MEETING, Long Eaton


NATIONAL COUNCIL MEETING, Longhirst Hall, Northumberland THE PRESIDENT’S PLOD, Walking the 41 Club Millennium Way



For further information – please contact the relevant National Councillor or go to the Website –

PRESS AWARD & WEBSITE TROPHY As mentioned in the previous issue, The Press Award and Website Trophy will both be presented again this year at the National AGM. If you believe your club’s magazine or website are worthy of selection please enter. The rules are the same as before: • Press Award – by 31 March 2010 send me (by email or hard copy) two editions of your magazine issued since 1 April 2009 • Website Trophy – by 31 December 2009 send your website link to the Webmaster ( or me – the judges will look at your website in early January and again at the end of March 2010 to check it has been kept up to date.


Ideal for 41ers with property to let or goods or services for sale; Small-ads appear in all our publications that carry them (magazines, newsletters, directories and on the website). The cost is currently £39 for one magazine edition, £59 for two, £79 for three and £99 for four. There is a 10% discount for members appearing on the CAS system. To place an advert, fill in the form and send it to: 41 Club Administrator, LINKS Small Ads, c/o Marchesi House,4 Embassy Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 1TP with a cheque made payable to “The Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs” (repeat ads must quote the 5 or 6 digit reference number printed with them). Or ads can be emailed

From time to time articles are published that may include references to one or more professional or commercial organisations. Neither the Editor nor the Association in general accepts any responsibility for the content of such articles and recommends that readers always seek advice or obtain alternative quotations for any goods or services that may be referred to.


ȱ ȱ Tuesdayȱ6thȱJuly,ȱ2010ȱ ȱȱȱȱChannelsȱGolfȱClub,ȱChelmsford.ȱ ȱ

An invitation to enter teams and support your Club Charity – Please pass to your Sports Officer and all Golfers. x x x x x x x

Teamsȱofȱ3ȱorȱ4ȱplayers.ȱ Clubsȱcanȱenterȱmoreȱthanȱoneȱteam.ȱ StablefordȱCompetitionȱ–ȱFullȱHandicap.ȱ ȱRegionalȱQualifierȱforȱNationalȱCompetition.ȱ ȱCharityȱPrizesȱ–ȱTeamsȱNominatedȱCharity.ȱ IndividualȱPrizes.ȱ Openȱtoȱ41ClubȱMembersȱOnly.ȱ



BaconȱRollȱ&ȱCoffeeȱonȱarrival,ȱ18ȱHolesȱofȱGolfȱ andȱDinnerȱ£48.50ȱperȱplayerȱor,ȱforȱNonȬplayingȱ Guests,ȱAfternoonȱandȱDinnerȱjustȱ£20.00.ȱ ȱ

ClosingȱDateȱforȱBooking:ȱ10thȱJune,ȱ2010.ȱ ȱ Bookȱinȱwith:ȱ GerryȱWoodruffȱofȱColnesideȱRetreadsȱ41Clubȱ

Tel:ȱ 01206ȱ322671,ȱMobile:ȱ07707ȱ676848ȱor,ȱbyȱemail,ȱ

If undelivered please return to: Marchesi House, 4 Embassy Drive, Edgbaston, Birmingham. B15 1TP

Eastern Region Charity Golf Day 2010ȱ ȱ

Links Magazine - Winter 2009  

The Winter edition of the magazine of the Association of Ex-Round Tablers Clubs

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