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Editor: Paul Molley, National Councillor, Region 11

41 NEWS IN BRIEF June 2013

National Golf Competition Have you been in touch with your National Councillor to discuss your Region’s golf competition yet? This is a fantastic opportunity for fellowship whether you play in the game, help to arrange the event, or just attend the dinner that usually follows. The winners of your Regional Golf Day will enter the National Golf Competition which will be held on Thursday 26th September 2013 at Ladbrook Park Golf Club in the Midlands. The competition is being organised by: National Councillor, Ken Donald (

National President’s Macmillan Campaign “By April 2014 I would be the proudest individual within this Association to present a cheque to this most worthy of Charities that was in the tens of thousands” Our National President, Martin Green, states one of his aims for the year following a successful National Conference in Llandudno. He went on to say “41 Club offers so many things to so many different people within our membership. It would be excellent if we were able to take just a small leaf from the RTBI book and assist this worthwhile Charity”. You will no doubt see your National Councillor very soon. These hard working guys are the backbone of the Association, but they now carry with them a special message from me to assist you to understand what I am trying to achieve for Macmillan. With their endeavour and your assistance, I firmly believe that ours is the Club of choice and that we will clearly demonstrate this over the coming months in our aligned support of this worthwhile cause. This is not just about putting our hands in our pockets. There is so much more we can do to raise our own profile and assist Macmillan in raising funds to support their important work. Socially, this is just as important and I am aware of the great number of car enthusiasts within the Association who will enjoy a day at Silverstone doing just that. We also have an important National Council meeting coming up in June to be held in Oxford Spires and I would like to thank the team who have made that possible. Thank you for electing me your National President, and together I believe we can make a difference! Martin Green National President

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With the closing of the National Conference at Llandudno and the last of the farewells completed, it was time to settle down to my new role as your National Vice President. First of all, this is a great honour! Secondly, I still have to pinch myself almost two months into the role to remind myself how you elected me to serve our Association. I am very proud and intend to work hard in making our Club the Club of Choice for all those who are about to retire from Table. On the social front, we continue to excel. 41 Club never ceases to amaze me at the opportunities that are created to have fun…...whether in your own Club with family and friends, or in the wider arena of the broader family of Table, Circle, and Tangent combined. This is one of the Unique Selling Points of our Association and something we should be proud to capitalise on. Close to my hear is the game of golf. All around the UK you are taking part in Regional Tournaments to find the best of the best to represent your Region at the National finals. These events are not restricted to the “professional” golfers within your Region, they should be open to one and all to enjoy the fellowship and camaraderie that we get from being a member. You never know, you may just bump into an ex-Table colleague that you have not seen for many moons! Our forward planning committee is hard at work and we hope to have further announcements soon! Jim Smith 41 Club National Vice President

ARE YOU PLANNING ANY EVENTS OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS THAT YOU THINK OTHER MEMBERS OF 41 CLUB WOULD BE INTERESTED IN? WE CAN PROMOTE YOUR EVENT IN THE NEWSLETTER! National Fellowship Weekend 2013 41 Club will embark on a new venture this autumn with the introduction of the (hopefully) annual fellowship weekend. This will take place between 25 and 28 October at the Manor House and Ashbury Hotels in Okehampton, Devon. This will be an opportunity for 41 Clubs and their partners to get together with others from all over the UK and Ireland in a pair of hotels that offers a whole range of sporting activities including seven golf courses and the widest range of sporting facilities available anywhere. When I went there last year I found out that my wife has talent as a sniper, so I need to be careful! In addition there is a complete range of craft activities available for the artistic amongst us. Have a look at the website to get a better feel of the range of available facilities. At the time of this newsletter we are still negotiating over the price – but it will be very competitive. Please contact me to express interest.

Noel Tyler National Councillor—Region 15 (

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