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Informal Night Photos

President’s Message

Know you President

Team 2011

A sample of AGM Photos are

The term 2011-12 began

Dr Siddarthan is an

Details of the new Team

shown in this newsletter. Please

with renewed energy and

ophthalmologist based in Salen,


visit 41 Clubs website for more

enthusiasm pumped in by the

Tamil Nadu

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vibrant team of office bearers.

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3rd Tangent National Agm At Delhi

President Balbir successfully completes his year in office & hands over to incoming President Siddarthan.

The 3rd national AGM of Tangent India was held at the same time and venue as 41Club in Delhi, with President Reeti Roy in the chair. Tangent India now has 10 clubs across the country, from which members of 7 clubs were present. There were 3 international guests, wives of visiting 41Club dignitaries. The meeting began with the Tangent prayer and proceeded briskly with the Agenda, including the presentation of the Annual Report, passing of the .

41 Connect - eNewsletter of Association of 41 Clubs of India - 1

41 CO N N E C T AGM Informal Night Photos. Click here for more AGM Pictures.

4 1 C o n n e c t - e N e w s l e t t e r o f A s`s` o c i a t i o n o f 4 1 C l u b s o f I n d i a - 2

41 CO N N E C T President’s Message Hi Folks, Greetings from the National Board of 41 Clubs of India. The term 2011-12 began with

contribution this year on your birthday,

To this effect I would like to propose

let us do our little towards achieving a that on each of our members’ birthday corruption free India.

make a contribution of at least 1000

In the United States President rupees to the Association towards this Obama on July 21, 2010 signed a law cause. We shall distribute the sum

renewed energy and

through the Area

enthusiasm pumped in by the

Chairmen to reach the deserving public.

vibrant team of office bearers. One of the initiatives of the new Board is to keep in

To show how much we appreciate

close touch with all the


participation in the project,

members of 41 India through

we will be presenting you

an e-news letter 41

with a lovely T shirt on

CONNECT. This news letter

receiving your feedback.

will reach you once in two months through your e-mail.

This year we will take a

The e-letter will keep you

serious look at our banner.

updated on all the happenings

Redesigning, giving a fresh vibrant look is in the cards.

in the International as well as our Association and invite reports, contribution and

Another initiative of the

participation from all the

development of a 41 Social

members of 41 India.

Network similar to ‘Face

present Board will be the

Book’ or ‘Twitter’ but

Your Board’s focus this

solely for 41 Club.

year will be to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS. Wholesome, long-term relationships bring happiness and health to our lives. Studies show that people with enriching relationships really do have more happiness and less stress. All my efforts this year will be to

by which any person who raises a concern, to the Government about bribery or other wrong doing is granted 10% of any fine the guilty is required to pay. We at 41 are acutely aware of our

Gone will be the days when you will have to print and carry thick membership directories. The new approach to digitalise the directory and make it available in your mobile phone is round the corner.

enhance this experience.

duty to the Nation. Our little 41 Yellow Pages The 41 Yellow Pages will be a contribution to the cleanup operations

Project 2011-12 “Make it Count”

towards a corruption free nation would digital directory that will provide an be in the form of 10,000/- Rupees alphabetical listing of businesses within

You can make a huge difference on reward for the person whose complaint 41 Clubs of India members. The info your birthday benefiting the society that has been proven and the guilty will be segregated under headings for w e c a r e f o r. B y m a k i n g y o u r punished.

similar types of businesses.

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41 CO N N E C T Fellowship As my theme suggests, this year we will be focussing on fellowship and relationship building. To this effect we have a special convenor, the Fellowship Convenor, who will plan out events to strengthen our bonds. One such event in the pipeline is a Fellowship Cruise. More details will reach you at the appropriate moment. We do find that some of our members are out of the streamline as they have only a very few members in their club and unable to enjoy the fellowship of 41ers on regular basis. In order to get them back on to the mainstream, we have thought of assigning a dedicated 41 Day each month when 41ers of the town can meet up at a given venue. This is already working out well in Hyderabad and we propose to take it forward to benefit all.

CARE Program Yet another initiative to build relationships with our own members and their family, we have thought of internal YAP programme – the CARE Programme which stands for ★ Culture ★ And ★ Relationship ★ Experience - the details of which will be worked out by our YAP Conveners. Looking forward to a blasting year of fun, frolic and   fellowship. Let’s make it count. Dr.V. Siddharthan President

Know Your President Dr Siddarthan is an ophthalmologist based in Salen, Tamil Nadu. He started his Tabling Career in Salem RT28 in 1988. He had served in all posts in his Table. He was Editor, HRD Convener and HT in his area. At national level, served as HRD trainer, HT & RT Foundation trustee for 6 years and Treasurer for 3 years. At 41 Clubs, he had served 3 terms as Editor, Area Chairman & YAP Convenor. Regarding his professional life, he graduated from Madras Medical College, completed Masters in Ophthalmology in Chennai, Fellowship in Ophthalmic Micro surgery in Japan, Fellowship in Vitreo Retinal Surgery at Sankara Nethralaya Chennai, Training in Corneal transplant and eye banking at L.V. Prasad eye institute, Hyderabad, Training in manual small incision surgery at Israel, is Member of managing committee of All India Ophthalmic society, International member of American Academy of Ophthalmology, Secretary of Tamilnadu Ophthalmic Association. He had published two books in Tamil on eye care. The quiet, charming and confident young President, who has chosen a super team to carry out his objectives. Not only is he a super President, but also a super surgeon and that is why he is an invited speaker to a Conference in Rome, in Oct, 2011. He’s also chosen to receive a Gold Medal for service to his community by the Ophthalmic Society of India.

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41 CO N N E C T Tangent AGM Photos. More Tangent AGM pictures are here.

4 1 C o n n e c t - e N e w s l e t t e r o f A s`s` o c i a t i o n o f 4 1 C l u b s o f I n d i a - 5

41 CO N N E C T Team 2011

National Convenors President

Immediate Past President National Secretariat Convenor Sridharan.A (Chennai 42) IRO Ajit Khullar (Delhi 5) & Premanathan.K ( Kodai Amigos 117)

Dr. V. Siddharthan

Balbir Verma


(New Delhi-5)

Vice President


Webmaster Ravi Chandran.S (Chennai 68) YAP Convenor North Shiv Karnani (Royal Kolkata 94) YAP Convenor South Suresh Kanagasabai (Kodai Amigos 117) FAMEX Convenor Naresh Kinger ( Salem 56)

Rohit Pombra

Jawaharlal Nichani


(Chennai 41)

Rules Convenor Gopu Raman ( Mumbai 67) Project Convenor



Harsh Sehgal (New Delhi 39) Yellow Pages & Digital Directory Mohan Rajes ( Salem 32) RTI Coordinator M.K.Sivabal (Erode-63) Supply House Convenor Chakravarthy S. Birur (Tirupur 86)

Gopal Chopra (Bangalore 116)

Dr.Manoj Kapoor (Ahmedabad 50)

Archivist Debashis Roy (Kolkata-12)

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41 CO N N E C T Advisor Emeritus Indu Chandhok (Chennai 1) Fellowship Convenor Mahesh Babu ( Kodai Amigos 117) National AGM Convenor Sathyendran (Salem 32 ) National AGM Convenor Ilango.K ( Kodai Amigos 117) Chairman Area 1 Umanath Pai (Cochin-102) Chairman Area 2 Dr.G.Chandra Shekar ( Secunderabad-91) Chairman Area 3 Saravana Prasad (Vellore-78) Chairman Area 4 Sanjiv Shah (Mumbai-48) Chairman Area 5 Khushroo kalyanwala (New Delhi-41) Chairman Area 6 Ajay Gaggar (Kolkata-94) Special Invitee-International Vice President Krishna Kumar (Chennai-14)

Dear 41ers Friend, Greetings for Cuttack Round Table 137 !! We have got the privilege of hosting the "CRT 137 National Poker Tournament" on 16th October 2011 at Hotel Empires, Bhubaneshwar. This is a new kind of event which we are trying for the first time and need your support to make this event a successful event.  Kindly support us.  Yours in Tabling. Tr.Navin Kandoi Convenor, CRT 137 NATIONAL POKER TOURNAMENT Mobile : 0-9437052535.

41 Connect - eNewsletter of Association of 41 Clubs of India - 7

41 CO N N E C T AGM Sessions Photos. Click here for more AGM Pictures.

4 1 C o n n e c t - e N e w s l e t t e r o f A s`s` o c i a t i o n o f 4 1 C l u b s o f I n d i a - 8

41 CO N N E C T AGM Banquet Photos. Click here for more AGM Pictures.

4 1 C o n n e c t - e N e w s l e t t e r o f A s`s` o c i a t i o n o f 4 1 C l u b s o f I n d i a - 9

41 CO N N E C T AGM Banquet Photos. Click here for more AGM Pictures.

4 1 C o n n e c t - e N e w s l e t t e r o f A s `s`o c i a t i o n o f 4 1 C l u b s o f I n d i a - 10

41 CO N N E C T

Many would not know, but he is also a coffee, oranges and pepper grower. His Robusta Coffee has been recognised as the "Best of The Shevaroys Region" for the year 2011 by the Coffee Board Of India and he is to receive his Award in Oct this year. Lakshmi, his wife, is part and parcel of all that Doc does and works along shoulder to shoulder in all that he does. His hobbies and interests include photography, philosophy and personal development.

Accounts, announcing of the new VP, Mini Kar, etc etc. After her farewell speech Reeti handed over charge to Aruna Ummat, who introduced her new team and her theme…..”Cherish Friendship”. The formal meeting over , the ladies of Delhi put up a wonderful entertainment program which delighted all present. At the President’s Banquet in the evening, President Aruna congratulated Pres. Balbir, and IPP Reeti gave a copy of the New Tangent Directory to Pres. Dr. Siddharthan and thanked him for all his support. Reeti Roy

Visit for more information

41 CO N NE C T Association of 41 Clubs of India, Bob Chandran Center, Round Table House, 69, Nungambakkam High Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai - 600 034.

The Newsletter of the Association of 41 Clubs of India  

The Newsletter of the Association of 41 Clubs of India

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