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Name: Karl Wagner Gender:Male Race: Elf Class: Cleric Alignment: Lawful Good

Description: Once Karl Wagner was the king of spai.... no once he was a powerful Cleric among other things in the elven glades. After venturing out on behest of his god and defeating a demon that specialized in curses (it was unique) he was stripped of all of his abilities/ spells aside from base ones. Other things you should know is that he enjoys listening and long walks on the beach. He has a small unexplained hatred for merlot as well. Ability Scores: Strength: 10 Dexterity: 11 Constitution: 10 Intelligence: 13 Wisdom: 15 Charisma: 13

Spells: Feats: Skill Focus (Heal) Domains: Healing, Fire. Skills:

Concentration 4 ranks Heal 4 ranks + 3 [skill focus] Listen (elf) 2 ranks Search (elf) 2 ranks Spot (elf) 2 ranks Knowledge (religion) 4 ranks Speak language 4 ranks Inventory: 178 gold coins

1 short sword moonstone moss agate 1 gold/jade brooch 1 heavy mace 1 light crossbow 20 crossbow bolts 1 buckler

D&D sheet Karl