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Transportation design projects

Volkswagen Transporter 2020 Ideation

final design

Volkswagen Transporter 2020 doors


Osiris Offroad ambulance, barchelor thesis

Osiris Offroad ambulance, barchelor thesis

Aerotrain Russ a new form of transportation

Task: create concept of intercity transport

The idea is to make a fast new-generation, ecologic intercity transport, faster and cheaper against planes and trains. Based on propeller power this form of transportation more effective than analogues. This is best solution for small nearby cities.

Free sketching projects

Audi for family (class experiments)

Audi S9

Aston Martin 2020

Mercedes-Benz Aura

Corvette vision

Audi Pandemonium SPD sketch fight contest ‘2013 project (

Alfa Romeo Amiata

Maserati Umbra

Free sketches


Ferrari Daytona

Audi 100 (C1)

Chevrolet Impala

Corvette Stingray

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