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Tommasini has been producing and selling racing bikes since the Second World War. The essence of Tommasini is steeped in history, experience and technical know-how. The continuous research into better ways of building racing bikes has put Tommasini at the forefront of the market.

Tommasini frames are something very unique in the world. Unique, because as the best artisan tradition knows, every frame created by hand, has the maximum attention given to minute detail. The materials used in the whole production line are of the best quality. Perfection comes about because of intense research in every detail, from the priming of the tube to the quality control of the frame after painting. Titanium frames are welded together by TIG welding. This is done separately from the rest of the production line in a sterile environment.

The entire Tommasini range is hand crafted by highly skilled technicians in the factory at Grosseto Tuscany. Since the introduction of carbon fibre as the base material Tommasini has with its continuous research and development produced a racing bike that not only is lightweight but gives a comfort ride that is unique. Since its origin the company policy has been one of quality, this is made possible by the use of premium materials combined with innovative technology. The attention to detail by our master craftsmen brings a PASSON and STYLE that is easily recognized by our customers.

This ensures that there is no contamination of material and in so doing guarantees the quality of the titanium after production. The way the Tommasini logo is created delicately in the micro-fusion lug casts on all frames, not only personalizes the frame but goes to the very essence of Tommasini. This is true whether it is a brass-brazed frame, titanium or the new generation carbon fibre VLC3.

A STORY LIVED WITH PASSION Tommasini takes its name from its founder Irio Tommasini having spent most of his life with bicycles. Irio since 1948 has been a master frame-builder and in his time was a successful rider in the world of racing. In the 70’s by increasing his production capacity the distribution for Tommasini also increased both in Italy and abroad. The artisan workmanship passed down from generation to generation has enable Tommasini frames to be at the forefront of the industry and to be appreciated for their finish and geometries. Many amateur and professional riders, since inception of Tommasini have relied and to date continue to rely on Tommasini frames to give them the winning edge. Today as yesterday, the company production remains handmade conferring value to experience and selecting the best material. The Tommasini frames, indeed, are synonymous of quality due to tradition, but also rigorous controls that are followed during each production step. Tommasini steeped in tradition with its artisan workmanship, coupled with technological advancements and stringent quality control, have made it the frame or bike of choice.





VLC3 TOMMASINI ITALIAN PRODUCTION CUSTOM TUBING VLC3 is the latest evolution of the Velocista frame, built with custom tubes designed by Tommasini, VLC3 has the target to create a carbon frame for who has to ride it taking care of his own body measurements, and especially in respect of his own way of riding. Therefore, VLC3 is a carbon frame perfectly CUSTOM BUILT for the customer! VLC3 looks like a monocoque frame, but it is not. VLC3 is created with exclusively shaped carbon tubes designed by Tommasini. The characteristics of VLC3 model are many: • classic seat tube, but also ISP on demand; • the 3 cables (rear brake, rear and front derailleur) have an internal routing on down and top tube; • press-fit carbon fiber bottom bracket; • carbon fiber rear dropouts; • the wishbone has an engraved T logo above the brake mount and shaped areas to reduce weight; • the monobox perfectly copy the bottom bracket to confer more stiffness. All the tubes are lighter to form a frame of only 960gr when unpainted. A true record for a wrapped frame! The hidden set is still 1 1/8” - 1 1/2”, consequently the matching fork is the FKTOS 1 1/2”. VLC3 with all these prerogatives stands an even more modern and compelling look, but firstly it grants the stability and rigidity needed for an over-the- top level machine! The work of art is completed by a renewed 43 design developed to enlighten all technical details of the VLC3 also conferring it a slender and aerodynamic style. Design 43 allow the customer to personalize the frame by choosing his own color combination. VLC the best racing frame you have ever dreamed!



COLOR 2 0 1 5


COLOR 2 0 1 5



A new, fascinating, challenge! There is nothing else better than steel, in comfort, ride, resistance, elegance!!! Maybe steel is too heavy?!? Here is the new challenge: X-FIRE, STAINLESS steel! More light, more stiff, more performing, very strong, no problems of corrosion or rust, so we have joined all prerogatives in the way we can satisfy any of our fans’ need! The ride is exceptional, this bike gives more comfort than most others, and it’s still very rigid. It is as light as any modern bike, but the ride is a way more comfortable and you will go faster because you will conserve energy for your pedaling more than consume it in coping with an aching back and shoulders. Furthermore, the challenge has been launched with the style of ever of Tommasini, and therefore not classic oversize tubings but… exclusively custom shaped; not few standard sizes but… custom geometry! Polished or satin finishing to improve the look of stainless steel, embellished with a little colour in Vintage style to make it appetizing to the most sophisticated tastes. How about prices? The lower of the market! How is it possible? We believe in what we do, we are sure to offer something exclusive, beautiful, elegant, modern, performing, original, completely customisable and… 100% ITALIAN!!!!



FIRE The latest evolution of the FIRE frame we re-introduce it with satisfaction after its great success, has now the new integrated steel a-head head set. The frame has been realized with the HT THERMACROM CUSTOM SPIRIT tubing. The special section of the down tube has been studied, enlarging it to 38mm., to prevent troubles deriving from the use of a extremely lightweight and thin tubing. The tubing shape choice applied on Spirit tubing derives from the technical need to preserve stiffness eliminating negative road vibrations reducing the risk of cracks of lightweight tubings. The frame is tig welded with an exception only: the personalized seat lug. This along with the special bottom bracket shell, the original rear dropouts and the “bell shape” steat stays make the rear triangle properly stiff. The frame is built according to an exclusive geometry designed by Irio Tommasini. It is completely chromed, or as a second choice, all “cataforesi” treated, good for extremely thin tubings because it deeply protect them from rust. Maximum attention to detail: an example are the STI bosses (with adjusting screws included) brazed onto the head tube and the engraved enamelled head tube metal badge. Personalized carbon fiber forks available. The 55 cm frame (painted) weight approx. 1.550 kg (3.417 lbs).


TECNO Frame constructed with Columbus Memo Nivacrom steel tubing, personalized microfusion lugs and dropouts. Classic, very light and stiff frame. Great for riders that like sophisticated handfiled lugs and extreme attention to accuracy that blend to form a frame and fork noted for its great comfort and quality. Maximum attention to detail and exclusive geometry designed by Irio Tommasini put this frame in a class of its own. The head tube has a metal badge that has been engraved and enameled. STI/ergopower shifting bosses brazed on the head tube. Chrome rear triangle, head lugs, fork and front derailleur hanger. Personalized carbon fiber forks available with an extra charge. The 55 cm frame approx. weight 1.600 kg (3.527 lbs).



COLOR 2 0 1 5



Columbus Neuron tubing in Nivacrom steel. It is the classic frame build with new tubing material (standard diameter tubing). Original microfusion personalized lugs and fork crown that when combined with chrome fork, head lugs and rear triangle represents the elegance associated with traditional italian hand built works of art. While traditional in appearance it is light and responsive and a worthwhile extension into what is “new�. The 55 cm frame (chrome and painted) weight approx. 1.730 kg (3.81 lbs).

MTB Syncro Pro The frame is built with Columbus “Zona 29er” tubing. A high end steel tubing named Nivacrom because it is made of a Nickel, Vanadium and Chromium alloy. The tubes are “triple butted” which means that they have three different wall thickness to better meet production and biking needs. The frames are TIG welded (Tungsten Inert Gas) with very precise welds to better respect the mechanical integrity of steel. The frame results alive, with a soul of its own, capable to develop with generosity the power impressed by the bike pilot without being too rigid like many carbon fiber frames. With these prerogatives, it results well thought for rando-sportive recreational use, for cross-country performances and for very though path. The frame is proposed in 3 standard sizes, but it can be produced in custom sizes, too. It can be built for 29” and 27 1/2” wheels and also for the classic 26” wheels without surcharge. The matching fork can be either suspended or rigid, depending by the bike pilot’s needs. The color can be personalized to let the customer has the chance to get an original and exclusive machine, MTB Syncro-Pro, there is no forbidden road with Tommasini production!


MTB Syncro Pro N E W

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MACH It is a light frame made of a Titanium 3al - 2.5v alloy. The titanium is welded into a special room of the Tommasini factory, that Irio reserved and technically prepared for this purpose. The titanium production, in fact, has to be done into an aseptic environment, separated from the rest of the laboratory. This room needs to be darkened and filled with inert gas to avoid any kind of tubing contamination. The full titanium rear triangle, made of the same alloy of the frame, confers to the frame the maximum flexibility in response to the vertical road shocks, orienteering, in this way, the frame to riders that makes comfort the principal prerogative of their bikes. The seat tube can be requested integrated for a more modern version of the frame. Also the rear dropouts are in titanium, pantograph to personalize the frame in harmony with the Tommasini style. The head tube is for integrated system head set, and it customized according to size necessary to the rider. MACH is available natural or painted according to customer demand.



X-FIRE, MACH classic geometry chart

CC 49,2 50,2 51,2 52,2 53,2 54,2 55,2 56,2 57,2 58,2 59,2 60,2 61,2 62,2

SEAT TUBE ST 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64

CC 47,7 48,7 49,7 50,7 51,7 52,7 53,7 54,7 55,7 56,7 57,7 58,7 59,7 60,7 61,7 62,7

SEAT TUBE ST 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64

FT 52,5 53,5 54,5 55,5 56,5 57,5 58,5 59,5 60,5 61,5 62,5 63,5 64,5 65,5

B 52,5 53,0 54,0 54,5 55,0 55,5 56,0 56,5 57,0 57,5 58,0 58,5 59,0 59,5

X-FIRE, MACH sloping geometry chart

G 74°46’ 74°29’ 73°59’ 73°44’ 73°29’ 73°14’ 73°01’ 73°00’ 73°00’ 72°59’ 72°53’ 72°52’ 72°46’ 72°40’

AP 129 134 141 146 151 156 161 164 167 170 174 177 181 185

AS 114 122 130 138 147 155 165 178 187 196 205 214 224 234

G 75°00’ 74°34’ 74°25’ 74°16’ 73°53’ 73°31’ 73°23’ 73°15’ 73°02’ 73°01’ 73°01’ 73°00’ 73°00’ 72°53’ 72°47’ 72°41’

AP 123 129 133 137 143 149 153 157 162 165 168 171 174 178 182 186

AS 86 95 100 107 115 124 132 141 149 164 173 181 191 200 210 219

TECNO, SINTESI geometry chart

FT 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65

B 51,5 52,0 52,5 53,0 54,0 54,5 55,0 55,5 56,0 56,5 57,0 57,5 58,0 58,5 59,0 59,5

CC 44,2 46,2 48,2 50,2 52,2 54,2 56,2

SEAT TUBE ST 46 48 50 52 54 56 58

FT 48 50 52 54 56 58 60

B 51,5 53,0 54,0 55,0 56,0 57,0 58,0

G 75°06’ 74°38’ 73°59’ 73°20’ 73°04’ 73°03’ 72°49’

AP 113 122 133 144 152 158 166

AS 125 135 145 160 175 195 215

G 75°40’ 74°29’ 74°24’ 74°12’ 73°32’ 73°20’ 73°10’ 72°41’

AP 108 118 124 131 142 152 158 167

AS 110 120 130 140 155 170 180 195

AS 105 110 120

AM 305 305 305

LP 44 44 44

AS 105 110 120

AM 305 305 305

LP 42,5 42,5 42,5

VLC 3 geometry chart

CC 42,1 44,1 46,1 48,1 50,1 52,1 54,1 56,1

SEAT TUBE ST 44,0 46,0 48,0 50,0 52,0 54,0 56,0 58,0

FT 47,0 49,0 51,0 53,0 55,0 57,0 59,0 61,0

B 51,5 52,5 53,5 54,0 55,0 56,0 57,5 59,0 MTB 29’’

SEAT TUBE ST FT CC 39 43 37,4 42 46 40,4 46 50 44,4

B 57 59 61.5

G 74°10’ 74°30’ 74°30’

G1 71 71 71

MTB 27,5’’

SEAT TUBE ST CC FT 38 42 36,4 42 46 40,4 46 50 44,4

B 57 59 61.5

G 74°10’ 74°20’ 74°30’

G1 71 71 71

via Nepal, 5/7/9 58100 Grosseto (Gr) - Italia tel. 0564 455 006 - fax 0564 456 763 - e-mail:

Tommasini 2015 product guide  

Tommasini productgids 2015 (voor liefhebbers van echte Italiaanse racefietsen)

Tommasini 2015 product guide  

Tommasini productgids 2015 (voor liefhebbers van echte Italiaanse racefietsen)