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4-5 Griffith Today 6-7 The miracle of irriga�on 8-9 History 10-13 Experiences 14-15 Wineries of Griffith 16-17 Wine industry informa�on 18-19 Dining 20-21 Map of Griffith 22 - 23 Events 24 Recrea�on & Retail 25 Arts & Culture 26 Conferences & Mee�ngs 26 Ge�ng to Griffith 27 Suggested I�neraries 27 Climate

VISITOR INFORMATION CENTRE Griffith Visitors Informa�on Centre Cnr Banna & Jondaryan Ave Griffith NSW 2680 P. 02 6962 4145 Toll Free: 1800 681 141 E. W. Open 7 days from 9am – 5pm (except Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day)

28-40 Adver�sements for Visitors’ Informa�on Sydney

Griffith Adelaide

Canberra Wagga Wagga

Melbourne Not to scale

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Visit Griffith Brochure  

Discover our wonderful City of Griffith

Visit Griffith Brochure  

Discover our wonderful City of Griffith