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Winter Pavilion MPLS MINN

of the Isles into the Grand Rounds park system creates a prominent stop along the Chain of Lakes. During the summer, the park’s trails are heavily used by bikers and runners. In the winter, the park hosts the Luminary Loppet



The objective of this project was to reconnect the visitors at Lake of the Isles with the water. The inclusion of Lake

skiing festival and also offers one of the best outdoor skating rinks in the city. The primary concept of this project Griffin Pemberton

addresses the park’s use during the winter, however the pavilion’s design remains attentive to the other seasonal


conditions by adapting its programmatic use according to the season. For example, the pavilion’s roof can be used as

a tanning bed in the summer, a storage rack in the spring, or a sledding hill in the winter.

A border of tall brush currently exists on-site, surrounding the perimeter of the lake. The vegetation is ecologically necessary to help maintain the lake’s shoreline, but it hinders any sensory connection to the water. Three individual structures were designed that connect visitors directly with the water, while minimizing any adverse affects on the lake’s shoreline. The location of the structures were determined by perceptual divisions on the site, where it appears trisected into three unique field conditions. The southern end of the park transforms into a more introverted and intimate space, while the northern end facilitates social activity. Each structure’s building program was adopted and interpreted from their respective field condition; the northernmost structure contains the indoor gathering




spaces and dining areas, while the southernmost structure is a room of personal reflectance and serenity. The pavilion’s form was derived from a naturally occurring phenomenon that occurs in northern climates where sheets of ice pile up at the edges of lakes during winter wind storms. This creates a formal appearance resembling large ice sheets crawling up the lake’s shoreline. In each building, a translucent glass box punctures the form’s distinct roofline to house structure’s primary public space. As well, the entire pavilion is built using white concrete and glass to further emulate the qualities of ice. During the day the materials reflect light to create bright interior spaces, but at night the pavilion glows like illuminated ice cubes.

Winter Pavilion by Griffin Pemberton  

Winter Pavilion at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, MN. Designed by Griffin Pemberton.

Winter Pavilion by Griffin Pemberton  

Winter Pavilion at Lake of the Isles in Minneapolis, MN. Designed by Griffin Pemberton.