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So you  want  to  start  a  fitness  career…   Why  would  you  want  to  work  at  a  job  that  you  do  not  enjoy?  If  you  have  any  interest  in  starting  a  career   in  fitness,  it  may  be  easier  than  you  thought.  It  does  not  matter  if  you  are  interested  in  working  at  a   health  center,  gym,  or  fitness  center,  perhaps  you  even  want  to  start  your  own  business  and  work  as  a   fitness  business  owner.  Whatever  you  want  to  do,  it  is  possible.     Do  you  enjoy  making  a  difference  and  working  with  people?   Is  there  anything  better  than  helping  someone  lead  a  longer,  healthier  life  with   greater  physical  ability  because  of  your  help?  It  does  not  matter  if  you  are   working  towards  making  someone  feel  better  about  themselves,  recover  after   an  injury,  or  help  someone  lose  weight  –  you  are  doing  something  positive  for   that  person.  You  have  the  ability  to  make  a  lifelong  impact.     Do  you  want  to  take  control  of  your  life?   People  who  are  passionate  about  fitness  often  possess  a  certain  level  of  drive   and  commitment.  If  you  are  the  person  in  charge,  you  are  building  towards  a  future,   the  rewards  you  reap  are  yours.  There  are  several  different  opportunities  within  the  fitness  industry  if   you  want  to  be  your  own  boss.  You  can  run  your  own  outdoor  training  company,  have  your  own  personal   training  studio,  or  offer  school-­‐based  kid's  fitness  programs.  If  you  have  the  right  education,  starting  your   own  fitness  enterprise  is  going  to  be  even  easier.       Before  you  can  start  –  you  need  an  education   You  may  be  passionate  about  fitness,  but  you  have  to  be  certified.  Any  prospective  employer  is  going  to   expect  you  to  have  your  certification  and  if  you  work  on  your  own,  clients  are  going  to  wonder  why  you   are  lacking  any  type  of  certification.  Some  of  the  most  important  factors  include  kinesiology  and   functional  anatomy,  biomechanics,  flexibility,  nutrition,  safety,  injury  prevention  and  treatment,  program   design,  and  assessment.     If  you  want  to  get  the  necessary  training  and  education  to  realize  your  dreams  of  a  fitness  career,  the   Wexford  University's  Personal  Trainer  Certification  provides  you  with  everything  that  you  may  ever  need   to  succeed.       Do  it  at  your  own  time   When  you  follow  the  Wexford  University  Certified  Personal  Trainer  program,  you  can  learn  at  your  own   pace,  right  from  the  comfort  of  your  home.  You  can  study  when  you  have  the  time  and  do  not  have  to   worry  about  falling  behind  at  any  point.  You  move  forward  when  you  are  ready  to  do  so.       What  makes  Wexford  University  different?   The  training  model  offered  by  Wexford  University  ensures  that  you  learn  how  to  deal  with  a  wide  variety   of  clients.  Why  limit  yourself  to  just  one  group  of  individuals  when  you  can  go  wherever  you  want?  The   courses  focus  on  application  over  theory  as  well,  because  you  want  to  make  sure  that  you  know  how  to   help  your  customers,  not  tell  them  what  ‘might’  work.       Finally,  Wexford  University  prepares  you  for  financial  success.  It  helps  you  build  a  brand,  helps  you  learn   how  to  run  your  own  business,  and  how  to  develop  marketing  strategies.  Because  the  Wexford  

University Personal  Trainer  Certification  is  licensed  and  approved  by  the  state  of  California,  you  can   teach  anywhere  throughout  the  United  States  and  even  the  rest  of  the  world  once  you  receive  your   Wexford  Personal  Trainer  Certification.  They  have  graduates  around  the  world,  working  in  resorts,  spas,   gyms,  and  fitness  centers.       Stop  wondering  about  what  might  be  and  find  out  for  yourself  why  the  Wexford  University  Certified   Personal  Trainer  program  can  make  a  difference  in  YOUR  life.    

Start a fitness career  

Why would you want to work at a job that you do not enjoy? If you have any interest in starting a career in fitness, it may be easier than y...

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