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2013 Unveils a tale of Legend and Myth Since the Manly Warringah Wolves first ran a team onto the ground in 1969 the club has sought to provide a home for the development of Australian Football on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. The Club was started by a group of passionate personalities with a vision for the game and each successive season has shown the truth of their vision.

group was strong and belief was high. The Club had won almost 30 games in a row in the division below and had successive premierships, so hopes were high. Clearly however it takes more than hope, it takes belief and holding onto the playing group and securing even more players with skill and speed. The Sydney AFL season preview noted that while a strong team and a deserved promotion the likely prospect was to finish 11th (in a 12 team competition)! Clearly, the coaching group and players had a higher goal than 11th.

The hope, and a faint hope it must have seemed at different stages, was to play at the top level of the completion. The Wolves tasted success and had some fantastic runs of success with a premiership in the Under 20s competition and tasted senior success with five Premierships in the SFA or 1st Divison competitions between 1971 and 2008; the first coming in 1985 and the last in that competition as it was structured in 2007. The competition changed into a ‘divisionalised’ competition in 2009 and the Wolves soon found their feet following promotion. An influx of good young players from the Club’s Under 18 team started to flow through and complement the existing senior playing group. Premierships flowed and the Wolves won the 1st Divison Premierships in 2011 and 2012. Similarly significant effort had been placed on improving the off-field aspects and with energy the Club President of the Peter (PK) Kay had worked with club stalwarts, Geoff Pridgeon, Leigh Adams the band of volunteers to upgrade the playing surface at Weldon Oval and upgrade the Club rooms. It is fair to say neither project was painless, both taking far longer and costing more than anyone expected. The off-field efforts also caused the creation of new entity, known as ‘Club Weldon’ and PK was also the President of that body. Club Weldon, was an extraordinary amalgamation of three clubs, each with user rights over the oval and the club rooms. This group, raised in excess of $700,000 dollars to complete the upgrade of the Club Rooms which are now a first rate facility for player and spectators alike. The combined on filed performances and the improvement in facilities and administration allowed, after 40 plus years the Club to be invited to provide a team in the Sydney AFL Premier League. This important step created a clear pathway for the district juniors to play at the highest level in Sydney and the success of the current Under 18 team, is testament to the local talent available. The question that ran through the playing group, supporters and the Club’s Committee, was how would we fare on competing at the next level? Cautious voices, hoped for a mid table finish, possibly on the edge of finals. Certainly, other recent promotions, notably Sydney University and UTS had barely managed that, but our playing

COVER IMAGE: ‘Hurls’ winning in the ruck again...

Excellent off season recruiting had secured some great new ins for the group and the running midfield lead by Anthony (Robbo) Roberston and Tyrone Armitage could ensure a better finish than expected by other clubs. This was supported by a very strong back six. No one knows what they do in America to develop players for our game but Harrison Koch is currently the best defender in the competition (look at the against in the table below) and he is not alone back there. The recruiting ensured real skills were added with Jack Lynch, Tom Farelly, Jack Hunter leading the pack. That complemented the wealth of developing plays like Cal Johnson, Thomas Thurgaland, Tom McCaffery, Nathan Boscheiter and Jack Parker from the 18s. The big outs were Connor Pettersson, David Stroud, David Kovacevic and the continued absence of Jacob Graham all overseas for season 2013. So we come to the date of writing with the compietition ladder looking as follows: Team








Manly Warringah Wolves 10







North Shore Bombers








Pennant Hills Demons








UNSW/ES Bulldogs








St George Dragons








Western Sub Magpies








Sydney University








Clearly the ‘ins’ have not only stood up at this level; the entire playing group has dominated every team they have played. Well dominated might be too strong, but if the team leaves the field and collects the 4 points every week, they must be doing something right. The current position is that the seniors have won 37 games in a row, with the last defeat coming in July 2011.

ON-FIELD NEWS FROM AROUND THE GROUNDS The players have belief and the Club has belief in them. The Reserve team looks similarly powerful with some very good wins. Lead by the enigmatic Mathew (Razzle) Rawle and with a fantastic combination of youth and experience it is reasonable to look at that team going deep in the finals. Such are the Club’s playing stocks that playing list in the Div 4 includes five or six who have played first grade in the last five years and some younger talents who are pressing for promotion every week. The Club has been blessed with a fortunate series of events, each which together have allowed the Club to be where it is at today. Central to these are: • Fantastic and loyal sponsors – without who no club can survive • A great crop of local talent drawn from every junior club in the area, and they keep coming • Securing the calmest and most skilled coaching group in the completion • Fierce medical support that ensures players well-being comes first, second and third on their priorities • A supportive local Council, who helped make the clubhouse and ground upgrade a reality • Co-operative clubs that share the facility and the oval, who have been generous in their support and flexible in ground use • Dedicated and overworked volunteers (more needed and always will be) While it is not clear where 2013 will end up for the Wolves on the playing field however, as a Club we are winners already. Make sure you get to a few games and let us all bring the ‘Wolfies’ home in every division, in every match. From humble beginnings – and with much self-belief and passionate supporters – it looks more and more like 2013 is the stuff of legend! Russell Clack

DIVISION 2 RISE WITH DEPTH An important factor to a competitive Premier Division side is depth, and depth is the squad has been shown with the tremendous start to the season by the Division 2 with 10 wins and 1 loss, and on clear on top of the ladder. It has been commented by experts that this side is one of the best season starts for Wolves reserves side in recent times. Made more impressive with change to the coaching during the season, now led my Matthew (Razzle) Rawle as a player coach. The with a recent tight fough win agains West, a clinical away win against Sydney University, and the week prior a 173 point demolition of the Balmain Dockers. Round 11

Manly 6.5-41 Wests 5.7-37

Round 10

Sydney Uni 3.12-30 Manly 6.12-48

Round 9

Manly 28.17-185 Balmain 2.0-12

DIVISION 4 LOOKING FOR TRACTION An important factor to a competitive Premier Division side is depth, and depth is the squad has been shown with the tremendous start to the season by the Division 2 with 10 wins and 1 loss, and on clear on top of the ladder. It has been commented by experts that this side is one of the best season starts for Wolves reserves side in recent times. Made more impressive with change to the coaching during the season, now led my Matthew (Razzle) Rawle as a player coach. The with a recent tight fough win agains West, a clinical away win against Sydney University, and the week prior a 173 point demolition of the Balmain Dockers. Round 11

Manly 4.10-34 Holroyd 5.5-35

Round 10

Sydney Uni 11.15-81 Manly 6.7-43

U18s SHINE The wolf cubs have delivered a strong start to the season. The cubs have an terrific start with 6 wins from 7 games, made more impressive with many players only come up from the U16 age group. The recruitment coach Louis Cannatelli (past Wolves Division 1 and Manly Bombers U16 coach) is paying dividends in developing the cubs as a strong formidable unit. The excitement is abound with the young talent in the team. Round 9

Penrith 8.6-54 Manly 14.7-91

Round 8

Manly 14,14-98 5.8-38

The Round Bar: Catch up with friends, chill out and watch the world go by...




Nickname? Kochy, Triple H, Hercules, Superman, Stevie K and Touch-me-there!

Nickname? Samuel “in the mix” Rix.

Born? Born prematurely on the 26/12/88 at Sydney Adventist Hospital.

Marital Status? In a relationship with Em Benn

Marital Stat? Single. Occupation? Greeny at the Wilderness Society

Born? Early January 1990 Occupation? Foxsports Marketing. Team support? Sydney Swans & Everton haha Games? A wolf since 2011 – 40 games.

Team/s you support? The Bloods, don’t mind Richmond, Barcelona FC, Celtics, really dislike the crows and the blues.

Career highlight? Winning the premiership 2012 and what went down afterwards haha I’m looking at you Jack Lumsden

Games? 23 Senior games? Started last season

Career lowlight / Memory you’d like to forget? When Jack Lumsden didn’t get in the cab.

Career highlights? Last season’s premiership and the subsequent three days of festivities. Na na, good on us Career lowlight? Spraying a set shot out of bounds against the mighty power on half time in my second or third game and getting immediately red carded for “starting a melee” Fav drink/food? I love it all. Mexican maybe? Not a big soup guy. Love a good coffee, coopers green is my fav frof. Teammates you most/least admire? Jazzy because he’s an Av cat and he’s got long hair as well. Spider’s mongrel banter on the field. Robbo’s general football ability is really lacking. Ugliest/softest/vainest/most annoying wolf you’ve played with? Scorpion. Worst kick/mark/handball/tackle you’ve played with? Shauno, but he pulls it off. Dream footy trip destination? Mexico would be a real hoot. What has excited you about the Wolves this season? The new shorts are really comfortable while going 8-0 has really gotten my goat up. Blondes or Brunettes? I go alright but I’ve been known to hold exceptionally low standards. Brunette please or darker. Describe yourself in a personals ad? I’m a 27 yr old personal trainer who doesn’t want to be analysed, I just want to meet great people with similar interests and lifestyles. Most embarrassing moment? Probably my set shot against the mighty Power. What can’t you live without? Avocado. 3 invite to dinner? Tyrion Lannister, Dan Hanneberry & Carlos Puyol. Fav music, travel? Bruno, Hip-Hop/R&B, South America. Best football/life advice? Coach Brain “Enjoy every minute , you don’t get to play footy for long, the years will just fly by”. What don’t we know on you? I have a chicken tattooed on my left rib cage. From the Clubhouse. Has core strength & locks of a lion, there hasn’t been a player out-body him. 2nd year player with the polished skills of a veteran.



Fav food/drink? A burrito made my beautiful Emily and love a double scotch on the rocks whilst watching Everton Most/least admire? Jack “get in the cab” Lumsden. Ugliest/softest/vainest/most annoying wolf you’ve played with? Dom Humphries seem to get on my nerve vastly of late, we “share” the captaincy and if we could work together you never know where this team could end up. Worst kick/mark/tackle? Dom Humphries under pressure. Favourite footy trip dest? Never been, however this year I’m willing to “break the shackles” and attend. What has excited you about the Wolves this season? The challenge of a written off team being elevated into a stronger competition. Week in week out hard footy. Ladies man? Blondes or Brunettes? I am a ladies man, you ask? Haha Emily is my number one baby. Favourite mum? Got a lot of time for Deb Randall. You in a personal ad? Living the dream, good job, good personality and good fashion. Most embarrassing moment? When I slipped over walking in the door the first night I met Emily’s family haha. What can’t you live without? Everton, my lucky beanie and of course the Wolves ahhhhhhhhhroooooooooooo 3 invite dinner? Emily Benn and 2 friends of her choice Fav movie/music? Attack of the Clones, Simple Plan and love heading off to Wimbledon for work (fox sports) Best Football Advice? A small treehouse allows less people to be invited, however there is more room for one person if you don’t want anyone to come. Understand. What don’t we know? Enthusiastic go karter. From the Clubhouse. A crafty left footed back flanker who can also push forward. Great composure & decision making under pressure, and a very good talker. Excellent reader of the play, and even better reader of the clubs finances. Has a big future.

et cr e s t p e k t T he be s 18 Fisher Road y h W e e Dee Why 9971 1688 D in


Two Blokes on a Bike J.R.R. Tolkein wrote a book that was made into a film. The film was titled ‘The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey’ and dealt with the exciting adventures of Bilbo and Sam as they set out to travel to Mount Doom. The key purpose of the trip was to save the world of middle earth, and they suffered mightily during the journey. Roll forward to the current day and we have to young Manly Wolves proceeding on a similar journey. The lads set out to cycle a tandem push bike across the USA from LA to NY and raise money for and more importantly awareness of depression. They have battled bravely, through sand storms, snow storms and the searing heat of the desert. The adventures are catalogued on the blog detailing their adventures. In addition to the endurance of riding in excess of 100 km a day, on a bike which appears more suited to a summer ride on the harbour foreshore, they have avoided arrest, vehicle accidents and robbery (which probably shows they are safer there than spending a Saturday night in the cross). It is apparent they have settled into specialist roles, with Jarad ‘Millhouse’ Pocott, as navigator, mechanic, and the occasional butt of his fellow travellers unkind jokes (see for example Day 9 of the Blog). Connor Pettersson, writer of blogs, back seat engine and master of FIFA electronic torture is the second half of the team. Between them they have raised in the order of $5,000 for charity, done much to raise awareness and endeavoured to meet the devilish challenges created by Matthew ‘Razzle’ Rawle (he of the once pink hair) as a precondition to some donations. The list is: 1. A photo/video of 2 uniformed policemen riding the bike 2. A photo/video of 2 naked females riding the bike 3. A photo/ video of the mayor of any town you ride through riding the bike (id check will be needed) 4. A photo/video of you two riding the bike through an aisle inside Walmart 5. A video of you boys on tv slipping in the line “the quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog” and you are not allowed to refer to it as a donation point...just slip it in randomly

Pokie checking out Connor’s view of things while Mayor Seth Adams of Clinton, Massachusetts leads the town tour.

9. A video of Pokie taking a homeless for a ride (I’ll donate $120 for this item as long as you give me proof you give him $20 for the joy ride) 10. A Video of getting at least 20 yanks circled up around the bike singing the Manly Wolves song...preferably at a University campus during the day Needless to say, they have been stopped at the doors of countless Walmart stores, been rejected by fast food store manages on the basis of health and safety laws and have not been raised as the type of boys who would distribute images of naked women on a bike. They have, had the Mayor of Clinton on the bike and a few homeless people have been approached, but appear to consider them as possible serial killers so that has not advanced. The highlight for those following the journey is the various videos showing the lads have the singing skills of ‘Milli Vanilli’ and the videos have the production standards of Peter Jackson’s Hobbit adventure. In any event the adventure continues and there is room for all of us aboard the mighty purple tandem so check out the following:

6. A photo/video of you boys riding the bike walking at least 6 dogs... it would be good if they towed you sled style or

7. A photo/video of you guys riding the bike across a cross a sports field interrupting a scheduled sports game (Any sport - any level - any age)... must not be scripted

Importantly, if you have spare cash for a good cause donate and ask someone who looks a little down if they are OK.

8. A photo/video of you two behind the counter at a McDonalds or similar serving a customer whilst on the bike

P.S. Jarad says the scenery is fantastic. Connor says, ‘Jarad has a nice looking back’.

50 years of caring for and contributing to the community on Sydney’s Northern Beaches

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Fast ball movement & fast legs to match

Contesting from the front

Evasion & ru

Strong hands

nning in numbers

A selection of shots from each round will be added to the lightbox and shown on the new you-beaut TV screen in the clubhouse on game day. Feel free to send in some of your own photos, too. Simply email them through to and we will upload them to the Wolves app and the website. Get snapping!


Lace out

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Peter Robertson Nickname? ”Robbo”. Marital status/kids? Married, 3 kids You live? Mona Vale AFL Team? Sydney Swans Occupation? Owner, Embroidme Mona Vale Your past involvement at the club? Player/coach. Games played and over what years? About 70 games between 1994 and 1997. Football highlight? Two “VFL” grand finals with Fitzroy U19’s and making it to the senior list in 1980. Back to back premierships with Manly. Football lowlight? 1997 loss to Sydney Uni. And having the enormously talented Russell Clack on the sideline injured during a large part of my time coaching the Wolves. Strangest thing you have seen at the club? Jaret Hogarth. What do you admire most about the club? The atmosphere started by Harry and continued through Leigh Adams and the many people who have supported through the years. It’s a small club with a big heart. What would you like to see changed at the club? Currently 4 and 0 after being promoted to Premier Division, I would like to see nothing changed! It would be good to see more past players supporting the club.

Most embarrassing moment? People constantly asking me if I’m that guy who wears #9 for the Wolves. Of past players who do you admire most? It was a pleasure coaching the Wolves and I had great support from all players and admired all of them for different reasons. But you want answers... Rod Anderson and Paul Gallagher for their playing ability and Tim Anderson for always letting me know how he felt and for being a fantastic clubman and a weapon against the opposition.. Best football advice to give? Leave your ego at home, put the club/ team first and hang off every word your coach says. Best football advice you received? Don’t be half hearted. And always clean your boots. What don’t we know about you? I stalked the Manly Wolves before asking to coach them.! From the Clubhouse. One of the greats of the club - not by number of games but by impact and influence. The Steve Waugh of his time at the Wolves - able to single handedly turn a game around in a matter of minutes. Naturally leads by example and a pioneer as a attacking running back man. Highly skilled, hard at it player, with fists of steel - and with a soft side destined to run a successful embroidery business. Wolf Whistle... If you know of a club stalwart who you consider to be worthy of being featured in this fine publication, feel free to let us know their details by emailing us:

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