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With the advent of the new technology, when was the last time you wrote something using a pen and paper? It would not be surprising to know that you use them seldom, especially that we are now entering the digital age where technologies such as laptop and tablet blossom across the world. But the crucial thing is that, the

use of pen and paper is definitely a lot more efficient compared to using a computer when it comes to writing, sketching, designing, and other kinds of activity which entails brainstorming.

your own creativity is unleashed in a fast manner which can With the use of pen and paper,

make your work more efficient that ever. Another great thing is that, you can save tons of your time and energy, while having the chance to decrease that headscratching moment. Below are the reasons behind the claims, thus, dig out your papers and begin doodling on them now!

It Combats Designer's Block you need to sketch on a paper first before you start designing on a computer as your ideas would flow in a more natural way. This is obviously not a preference issue but this is a The very first reason why, as a designer,

predefined habit of humans. After all, sketching on paper is a lot user-friendly than typing on the computer, as you can write or draw anything on the paper naturally and freely. Take some time off from the computer screen and bring out your pencil and sketchbook, and start sketching anything that would come into your mind. If you want to come up with a logo, you can begin with a circle, and after a few minutes, you will notice that you have already made several variations.

Greatly Saves Energy and Time This becomes more beneficial for web designers. In the case of web design, there are always so many things to be planned, for example, homepage, contact page, product page, even details like how the link button would look like. And

sketching your ideas on Photoshop and modifying them when changes are necessary would prove to be time-consuming and exhausting. Thus, why would you allow your energy and time to be wasted on the computer if you have pens and papers that can do the job? You can always sketch on the paper the way how you want to, then tear down the idea anytime you want without the need to press buttons there and here- a total productivity. Moreover, you can sketch faster and more ideas would pop up in a short period of time and you can change them to spawn more ideastalk about being creative.

Gives A Clear Perspective There are a lot of professional web designers, as well as graphic artists who usually bring their sketchpad when having meetings with their clients. And this is because sketching is faster than when using computers during brainstorming sessions. In addition, in the design industry it is

necessary that the designer clearly understands what the client need and want to see, and in this case, a pen and paper come handy. Always bring your sketchpad along with you when having client meetings. Your drawing in sketchbooks does not need to be perfect, it just needs to be a rough representation of what the client may see as the final product. Along with the intensive advances in the new technology, it is our duty to keep up with it without leaving the traditional things we have left behind, especially those where our creativity stems from.

Web Design: Pen and Paper Before Computer  

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