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AFIA AFRIN 1636 Secretariat Lane, Irving, TX, 75060 972-904-2203 EDUCATION 2010 - 2014

University of Texas at Arlington | School of Architecture Bachelors of Science in Architecture | Minor in History of Architecture | Cum Laude

2014 - Present

University of Texas at Arlington | School of Architecture Master of Architecture | Anticipated Graduation May 2016

VOLUNTEER SERVICE The President’s Volunteer Service Award


PARK(ing) Day Dallas Competition | Winner PARK(ing) Day Dallas promotes the use of temporary green space.


Autodesk AutoCad Adobe InDesign

Adobe Photoshop Bonzai3D

FormZ KeyShot

Microsoft Office SketchUp

SKILLS Architectural Drawings, Physical Model Construction, Craftsmanship, Diagraming, Sketching, Painting, Team Communication LANGUAGES English, Bengali, Hindi, Urdu WORK EXPERIENCE October 2009 – June 2010

August 2009 – October 2009

January 2008 - June 2009

Indo-Pak Kitchen and Grill | Cashier Took orders over the phone and in person, worked at the register, cleaned tables and served food. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott | Front Desk Checked guest in and out from hotel, took complaints, solved the problems, answered phone calls and gave directions. Marriott | Student Intern Checked guest in and out from hotel, worked at the gift shop register, managed and restocked shelves. Worked with housekeeping to ensured quality, observed the cleaning staff to do their duties, worked in the kitchen, pasta bar and assisted in the pastry department.

01 MAPPING DRAWING VERONA, ITALY ARCH 3554 Instructor: Steve Quevedo

The Mapping Drawing is an investigation of the city Verona, Italy. The drawing shows the original structuring of the city, the previous buildings, ruins, streets and other changes to the context. The drawing examines two scales in the context. The first scale is at the urban level to illustrate where the site is located in the overall structure of the city. The city is referenced with key identifiable landmarks. Such as, the Adige River, the Roman Forum, the major streets and spaces, the roman grid, the city walls, the roman gates like Porta Borsari and block expansions. The site portion of the drawing is in 1:1000 scale. At this scale of the site, more detail is represented by plan of key structures, historical layering of ruins, ordering devices such as grids, strategies of line, fragments and tactics of connections which becomes relevant in the design phase.

Analysis of the city of Verona sketched on trace paper.

02 MAPPING MODEL VERONA, ITALY ARCH 3554 Instructor: Steve Quevedo

The mapping model shows everything the mapping drawing does (previous project). This mapping model is a 3D interpretation of the 2D drawing with multiple layers showing the original structuring of the city, previous buildings, ruins, streets and grids.

Material: Basswood Medium: Paint

03 ACADEMY VERONA, ITALY ARCH 3554 Instructor: Steve Quevedo

The Academy of Science is located in Verona, Italy. The mapping drawings and model were all investigations to help me decide where the academy should be. After doing all the research, I learned about the importance of Porta Borsari. Porta Borsari is an ancient Roman gate and it dates back to the 1st century AD, though it was most likely built over a pre-existing gate from the 1st century BC. My design for the Academy of Science is located right next to the gate. The building is three stories and the programs inside consist of an auditorium, library, cafĂŠ, outdoor lounging area, water gallery, archeology gallery, office space, conference room, storage and roof top terrace.

Section through the atrium

Section through the gallery

First Floor

Second Floor

Ground Floor

South-West Elevation

South-East Elevation

04 PARKING DAY 2012 DALLAS, TEXAS | Competition Winner ARCH 3553 Instructor: Wanda Dye

Parking Day is an annual event that temporarily transforms parking spaces into community space in cities around the globe. We were the winners of the 2012 competition. The community space was successfully tied into the streets of downtown and attracted people to enjoy the seating. The seats were cut from culverts and stuffed with recycled material bean bags. The PVC pipes were used to create the vibrant barrier from the ongoing traffic and the public space.

ARCH 3343|Computer Graphics Graphic representation of Parking Day Dallas 2012


Material: Strathmore Medium: Graphite pencil

ARCH 2552 Instructor: Dennis Chiessa

Artes de la Rosa is a cultural center. The project was to redesign the gallery building and annex building adjacent to the theatre. The gallery had a limited amount of space and the challenge was to redesign it. My design added two floors to the gallery building which allowed for the maximum gallery space on the ground floor. The floating upper floor has open office spaces, two classrooms and a glass conference room that lets you look down into the gallery space below. The annex to the theatre was redesigned with two floors and the programs included bigger costume storage space, security room, bigger dressing room and roof top terrace.

Ground Floor

First Floor

Section through the gallery Front Elevation

Back Elevation

Section through the annex

Basswood Model

06 Artist in Residence University of Texas at Dallas ARCH 3553 Instructor: Wanda Dye

The Artist in Residence is located in the University of Texas at Dallas next to the historic Art Barn (Visual Arts Building). The Artist in Residence is strategically placed next to the art Art Barn as major connector building that will attract students to the new culture hub. The building is sliced diagonally creating an urban street that connects the university to the new hub which includes a plaza, restaurant and gallery spaces. Across from the diagonal north façade is the café/ restaurant in a triangle shape. The café is the key to drawing people in to new cultural hub. The building will contain to outdoor eating area which connects to the food truck court. The Artist in Residence is a two story building which contains studios/ classrooms for students which vary in different sizes and 12 artists in residence live work spaces. The building also contains plenty of lounge area and gallery spaces to pin up student work. The Artist in Residence is the key addition to the Art Barn and the buildings surrounding it so create this lively university hub.

Site Plan


Ground Floor Plan

First Floor Plan

East Elevation Basswood Model

West Elevation

South Elevation

North Elevation

07 MEMORIAL DALLAS, TEXAS ARCH 4556 Instructor: Joshua Nason

This is my design for an Iraq and Afghanistan Memorial located in downtown Dallas. The idea of “compression� is imbedded into the design of the memorial. The walls compress in terms of length and width. The only connected walls are the outer walls which represents soldiers going to war together. The walls are not connected after that which represents how all of the soldiers do not return home safely together. The memorial also has seating for people that outlooks beautiful wildflowers that block the views to the opposite parking lot. The site is a hybrid between a public space and a memorial.

Site Plan

Chip board model of the site and the memorial


08 ISLAND CEMETERY NEW YORK, NY ARCH 4556 Instructor: Joshua Nason

The name of my cemetery is called Eternal Island. It is located in New York near of Governors Island. The big idea is to give New York City an unlimited capacity cemetery since New Yorkers are facing a shortage of space for them to rest in peace. The Eternal Island will have both cemetery and open space attempting to solve the problems of both space and pollution. The ecological burial method is called, Promession. The way the cemetery will work is people will be buried and plants will be planted on top of the graves to absorb the nutrients. These plants will be barricaded with digital fencing which will display the name of the deceased. After the two year cycle, people can pick those plants up and the rest will be donated to NYC to make the city more beautiful. This will leave half the cemetery to be open park space for people to use. Essentially, the cemetery will be alternating throughout the island like that which means everything on the island is temporary and the only thing that is permanent is the island itself.

The time line above shows how the cemetery will alternate and rotate thorough out the island each year. It is a systematic approach to death which allows for the island to never run out of burial space.


The pavilions in the island make the cemetery accessible to people. Pavilion “A” contains several chapels, prep room, flower shop, offices, bathrooms and etc. While Pavilion “B” provides vehicles to get around the island such as golf carts and bikes. It has a garage to store the equipment and vehicles as well as offices for the employees. The pavilions sits under a beautiful canopy that will allow for outdoor funeral ceremonies to take place and provide shelter during unpleasant weather. Pavilion Ground Floor Plans

View from the pavilion and canopy Park Space

09 Oak Cliff Cultural Center Dallas, Texas ARCH 4557 Instructor: Albert Marichal

Oak Cliff Cultural Center is located in Dallas, Texas on S Bishop Ave and Sunset Ave. The Cultural Center is a public facility open to the neighborhood where adults, children and seniors of the community can expand their minds through art, music, dance, education as well as enjoy the public spaces provided by the building. The design of the Cultural Center features Spanish steps that is meant to be a public gathering space and a plaza in front of Jefferson Tower. The Cultural Center is spilt into two buildings and in-between is a plaza that references the width of Jefferson Tower. The urban form of the building is derived from the important buildings near the Cultural center. Currently Bishop Ave is lively only on the north side and not nearly as active on the south end on Bishop Ave. Adding the Cultural Center near the North Oak Cliff Library will make Bishop Avenue a cultural, retail and entertainment hub. The building is sliced diagonally to invite people into the Cultural Center as well as its public spaces. The Spanish steps were not created to take you a destination but rather a space for meeting and gathering like an agora (gathering space) overlooking the neighborhood. This is where people can hang out and meet even when the Cultural Center is closed. The main elements of the program are organized on two levels and has multiple double volume gallery spaces, auditorium, classrooms, multipurpose rooms, dance halls, studios, cafĂŠ and etc.

Building Form Analysis

10 HAND DRAWINGS Drawing and painting has been a passion of mine since I was a child. I enjoy expressing myself and myideas through sketching, drawing and my favorite, painting. These are some of my drawings that I have done in various architecture studios.

Winfree Building Fort Worth, TX

Weber Building Fort Worth, TX

Notational Drawings These are few notational drawings I did on site around Dallas and Fort Worth using graphite pencil and my sketchbook. I believe analyzing a building through a drawing is seeing it all over again with a fresh pair of eyes. I can forget details of a building but I know when I look back at my drawing it will all come back to me. St. Partrick Cathedral Fort Worth, TX

Nasher Sculpture Garden Dallas, TX

T&P Station Fort Worth, TX

Flat Iron Building Fort Worth, TX

Webb Chapel Park Pavilion Dallas, TX

Precedent Studies Precedent studies have helped me understand the ideas and concepts behind selected architecture. It is important for me to analysis both historical buildings as well as modern. Precedent studies have helped me get an understanding of what has come before, and use that knowledge to help me define and develop my own design concepts.

Historical Precedent Analysis Palazzo Massimo alle Colonne Material: Trace paper

Precedent Study Neugebauer House by Richard Meier Model: Basswood


THANK YOU Afia Afrin Undergraduate Portfolio 2011-2014 University of Texas at Arlington

Architecture Portfolio by Afia Afrin