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bismarck grove

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History of Bismarck Grove In 1867 the Union Pacific Railroad constructed their line through Lawrence and were granted land adjoining the railroad right-of-way. They sold most of the land, but kept 240 acres in North Lawrence. In 1870 the railroad built their manufacturing and repair shops on the southern portion of the land. Gradually, Bismarck Grove, named after the railroads' Bismarck shops, became a popular gathering place. On July 4, 1876, the Odd Fellows of Excelsior lodge used the grove to celebrate the Nations' 100th birthday. Soon after many other groups began to use the grove for their meetings. The first major event to locate at Bismarck Grove was the National Temperance camp meeting on September of 1878. This meeting was said to have attracted nearly 50,000 people to the eight-day event. By 1878 the railroad shop at Bismarck Grove had been phased out. Lawrence businessmen did not object of loosing the shops because the attraction of Bismarck Grove was bringing more business to Lawrence. By 1879 the Kansas Pacific Railroad had added gaslights, fountains, walks, drives and a large tabernacle with seating for 5,000 people to the ground of Bismarck Grove. The Lawrence Chamber of Commerce became actively involved and $50,000 was raised to expand and improve the facilities at the grove. The acreage was divided into three sections; the west 40 acres called Bismarck Grove proper, the east containing a race track, stables, cattle stalls and livestock buildings and the north containing a lake for pleasure boating. By 1879 the attention received by Bismarck Grove was so great that officials of the railroad talked as though it might become to the West what Saratoga, the famous New York State resort, was to the East. During the 90s activity at Bismarck Grove continued to decline. In the spring of 1900 the Kaw Valley Fair association sold Bismarck Grove to Captain W. S. Tough of Kansas City for $10,000. Tough used the Grove as a supply station for his mule and horse market. So in reviving the spirit of the Bismarck Grove, the Waldorf school system is not only bringing back the name but will begin to incorporate ideas of shops, gardening, and grazing into their curriculum on a daily basis. This is a new beginning for the City of Lawrence and the Bismarck Grove.


Site Plan1�=40’


Form Separation

Symmetry and Balance

Line of Sight

Communal Space





10 Interior Landscape

Legend 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15


entry display communal space | reception eurythmy | music art | woodshop | crafts interior landscaping kitchen mechanical gym | cafeteria classroom early childhood entry nursery infant room toddler room kindergarten room outdoor community space








9 9 9 9





Floor Plan1/16�=1’



Circulation of Use

Repetitive to Unique


Transverse Section1/16”=1’



Natural Light

Public vs. Private

Additive vs. Subtractive


Repetitive to Unique

Longitudinal Site Section


Bismarck Grove School  

The Waldorf school style is a way of teaching young individuals in a very natural environment.

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