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Antwerp - The city of Belgium


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NH~NG THI⁄T Bë HITEC KH§NG THÕ THI⁄U TRONG MñI CHUY⁄N ßI Tr≠Ìc mÁi chuy’n Æi, bπn kh´ng chÿ c«n Æ∆t vä m∏y bay, Æ∆t kh∏ch sπn, l˘a ch‰n Æi”m Æ’n, t◊m hi”u v“ thÍi ti’t... mµ cn c«n chu»n b hµnh l˝ sao cho g‰n nhã, ti÷n nghi vµ Æ«y ÆÒ. H∑y ghi nhÌ nh˜ng thi’t b hitec d≠Ìi Æ©y bÎi chÛng sœ giÛp bπn tÀn h≠Îng chuy’n Æi mÈt c∏ch tho∂i m∏i nh†t, Æ∆c bi÷t trong nh˜ng hµnh tr◊nh quËc t’. ESSENTIAL TECH GADGETS FOR TRAVELERS From booking your air tickets, to reserving your hotel accommodations..., everything when done in advance will ensure you to have the best travel experiences possible. Remember to pack light with only the most necessary items for a pleasant trip. The following gadgets are indispensable for your travels.



AMALFI - B¶õC TR£N CON ߶òNG CûA CÉC Vë TH¡N > TrÍi mÌi tÍ mÍ s∏ng vµ s≠¨ng sÌm cn v≠¨ng lµnh lπnh. PhË x∏ væng teo, kh∏c hºn khung c∂nh t†p nÀp ban ngµy Î vÔng bi”n Amalfi nµy. VISIT AMALFI - THE PATH OF THE GODS The dawn was breaking, and the early morning mist lingered. The streets of Almafi were still empty, and very different from their usual buzzing scene.



KH@C GIAO MùA > Gi˜a thÍi khæc giao mÔa, bÈ ∂nh thÍi trang th∏ng 3 cÒa Travellive sœ d…n lËi bπn v“ vÌi mi“n Ɔt di s∂n Hπ Long, kh∏m ph∏ k◊ quan cÒa tπo h„a vµ sËng trong h¨i thÎ ngh÷ thuÀt cÒa ki’n trÛc vµ thÍi trang. Travellive's fashion photoshoot of March would bring readers to the heritage land of Halong to discover one of the Mother Nature's wonders but also experience the art of architecture and fashion.


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MóT NGÄY SˇNG CHÜM ô LÄNG C‡ C^U PH¡N CÔng vÌi lµng ThÀp Ph«n, lµng cÊ Cˆu Ph«n lµ n¨i Æ≠Óc nhi“u du kh∏ch y™u th›ch khi Æ’n ßµi Bæc. ßi“u g◊ Æ∑ khi’n ng´i lµng nµy h†p d…n du kh∏ch Æ’n vÀy? EXPLORE THE NOSTALGIC CHARM OF JIUFEN Along with Shifen, the old village of Jiufen is one of the most popular tourist destination in Taipei. What makes this village so enticing to visitors, you might ask? TRAVEL


S# SˇNG TR£N HOANG MÑC KH§ CØN NHƒT QUŠ߃T > Ngµy nh·, ngµy lÌn cho tÌi b©y giÍ, t´i tıng vµ v…n m¨ Æ≠Óc Æ∆t ch©n Æ’n nh˜ng vÔng Ɔt xa x´i Î Æ©u Æ„ ngoµi kia. Th’ rÂi t◊nh cÍ bi’t Æ’n Atacama bÎi h◊nh ∂nh r˘c rÏ cÒa sa mπc nÎ hoa, t´i Æ∑ mÈng m¨ rªng, ph∂i sæp x’p thÍi gian vµ tr´ng ÆÓi vµo Æi“u may mæn Æ” tÀn mæt nh◊n th†y hoang mπc nÊi ti’ng cÒa Chile l†p Æ«y mµu hÂng cÒa hoa c»m qu˙.


38 > BRANDED RESIDENCES: SˇNG ßòI XA Xé! ß≠Óc giÌi chuy™n m´n Æ∏nh gi∏ lµ chi’n l≠Óc th´ng minh "Æÿnh cao" cÒa c∏c nhµ Æ«u t≠ b†t ÆÈng s∂n hµng Æ«u, Branded Residences Æ∑ ki’n tπo n™n mÈt chu»n m˘c sËng mÌi cho giÌi th≠Óng l≠u: H≠Îng thÙ kh´ng giÌi hπn! BRANDED RESIDENCES - A LUXURY TREND ON FIRE Considered the smartest strategy by leading real estate investors, Branded Residences have redefined luxury living, and perfectly cater to the needs of wealthy individuals - to enjoy premium "homes".

EXPLORING THE DRIEST DESERT ON EARTH From a young age I had always wanted to set foot on farflung corners of the Earth. Chile's Atacama Desert is a place that I happened to discover by chance, and I was in awe of its surreal landscape. I could not wait to get on a plane and explore this astonishing land of sand and rock.

NHÄ XUƒT BÅN TH⁄ GIõI TH⁄ GIõI PUBLISHERS CHëU TRÉCH NHIåM XUƒT BÅN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Tr«n ßoµn L©m BI£N TÜP EDITORS Tr«n V®n Th≠Îng, Trang Nguy‘n, Hµ Ph≠¨ng, Kevin Raison THI⁄T K⁄ M≤ THUÜT GRAPHIC DESIGN Long Le - Hanh Mai QUÅNG CÉO ADVERTISING Hotline: 0989 946 240 / 0985 116 750 Email: TíA SOÑN HEAD OFFICE 59 ThÓ NhuÈm, Hoµn Ki’m, HN Tel: 024 3936 8349 Fax: 024 3936 8350 V°N PHíNG TP. HCM HCMC OFFICE 144 V‚ V®n T«n, P.6, Q.3, TP. HCM Tel: 028 3930 964 Fax: 028 3930 9642 Website: Gi†y phäp xu†t b∂n sË: 04/GP-XBßS In xong nÈp l≠u chi”u th∏ng 03 - 2018 In tπi C´ng ty TNHH MTV In vµ Th≠¨ng mπi TTXVN ßÖT BÉO ONLINE For online subscription, please visit:



HÄ NóI MùA HOA BAN > BÈ ∂nh vıa Æ≠Óc Giang Trnh th˘c hi÷n nh˜ng ngµy Æ«u th∏ng 3 dµnh ri™ng cho Travellive Æ∑ mang Æ’n cho ng≠Íi xem c∏i nh◊n mÌi v“ mÈt Hµ NÈi Æãp lπ vµo mÔa hoa ban ngay gi˜a lng thÒ Æ´ cÊ k›nh. THE BEAUTY OF HANOI IN MOUNTAIN EBONY SEASON Taken by Giang Trinh in the early days of March, these photos which belong exclusively to Travellive, give viewers a glimpse of the beauty of Hanoi in mountain ebony season.





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V–N MÄN VùNG ߃T HUY≈N Bê ETHIOPIA "Ethiopia qu∂ th˘c lµ mÈt Ɔt n≠Ìc tuy÷t vÍi Æ” bπn du lch kh∏m ph∏ vµ c„ nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m th˘c s˘ Æ∏ng nhÌ trong suËt chuy’n Æi cÒa m◊nh!" Bµi vi’t vµ bÈ ∂nh ÆÈc Æ∏o nµy Æ≠Óc anh gˆi ri™ng cho Travellive. WILD ETHIOPIA "Ethiopia is truly a wonderful country to explore and leave with the most unforgettable experiences." The story and photos from the trip belong exclusively to Travellive.

Photographer: ¢N BùI Model: HHHV 2018 H'HeN NI£ Creative Producer: CÉC TR@C Stylist: L£ HØNG Fashion: SHe BY HOA NGUYeN, HOBB deSIGN, LeA'S BY Le HA... MUA: CAO QU≥ d¶•NG Location: wYNdHAM LeGeNd HALONG




(The lisT will be upDaTeD anD DevelopeD each monTh) (Danh s∏ch li™n tÙc Æ≠Óc cÀp nhÀt vµ khai th∏c th™m hµng th∏ng) HANOI CAF–S & BARS (66) µ6 Degrees Cafe & Lounge µChurch Boutique µClub Opera µCoffee Bike µCong Cafä (18) µCora Cafä µHelio Cafä (4) µHighland Coffee (15) µFoutain Cafä µGardenista µJoma Bakery Cafä µLissom Parlour µL’Harmony µManzi µMoca µParis Deli (2) µPu Ku µRunam µRunam Bistro µTay Tap Bar µ The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Vietnam (2) µVpresso (6) RESTAURANTS (34) µDon’s Tay Ho Bistro µHome Restaurant µLy Club Restaurant µNgon Villa µMyWay Cafe & Restaurant (5) µNha hang ße Nhat (2) µNha 9NKC µPho 24 (6)

µQuan Ngon (4) µRooftop µSawasdee Restaurant µPho Bien (4) µThai Village Restaurant µSwing Lounge µTop Chef Restaurant & Bar µToViet Cellar µTrong ßong Son Restaurant µViet Deli

µTourist Information Center (TIC) µVietnam Tourism Association

SPAS (6) µHong Ngoc Center µSpa Aquamarine µThu Cuc Spa (2) µLa Casa Spa µZen Spa

AIRLINES (2) µNoi Bai International Airport (Business Lounges) µTurkish Airlines (The Best European Airline- Bussiness Class) CRUISES (4) µEmeraude Classic Cruises µPelican Luxury & Image Halong Cruises µParadise Luxury (2) TRAVEL AGENTS (3) µAsian Travelmate

OTHERS (24) µBMW Showroom µFord Showrooms (8) µ Hong Leong Bank Hanoi Branch µIpanima Showroom (2) µ Lounge of Vinhome Time City & Vinhome Royal City µ Nest AIA µ Nshape Fitness (3) µ Peugeout Scooteis µTan My Design µTechcombank Lounge µTimes Square µToong Working Space (2) µVan Tri Golf HCMC CAF– (104) µCafä EON - EON 51 µCiao Coffee (3) µCong Cafä (4) µDeciBel Lounge µGloria Jean’s Coffee (2) µGoody µHighland Coffee (36) µInbox µKlasik Coffee Roasters µLa Cafeteria de L’usine (3) µLa Fenetre Soleil µLa Toronde Cafe µLe Saigonais

TçM ßñC PHI£N BÅN ßIåN T^ TÑI For digital publication, please visit:


µ MORICO (6) µNYDC (5) µRunam Bistro (3) µThinker & Dreamer Coffee µTerrace Cafä (5) µThe Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Viet Nam (14) µThe Coffee House(13) µThe Workshop Cafe µFly Cupcake & Goody Ice Cream CLUBS (2) µClub Royale µ International Tourist Club RESTAURANTS (34) µBon Bon Restaurant µDi Mai Restaurant µGao Restaurant µJaspas restaurant µKhanh Casa µPho 24 (19) µsanfulou Restaurant µShri Restaurant & Lounge µsorae Restaurant µWrap & Roll Restaurant (2) SPAS (12) µAnam QT Spa µAuthentic Spa µL’Apothiquaire Spa (3) µLotus Spa µSen Spa µ Sian Skincare


Laser Clinic µ Thann Sanctuary Day Spa µThe Spa Saigon Pearl µTropic Spa µZennova Spa Cay Diep

AIRLINES (2) µTan Son Nhat International Airport (Business Lounges) µTurkish Airlines (The Best European Airline-Bussiness Class) CONSULATE (1) µUK Trade & Investment OTHERS (17) µCitimart µFord Showrooms (11) µFahasha µInternational SOS Clinics Viet Nam µIpaNima Showroom (2) µPhuong Nam µFit 24 Fitness µAmerica Eye Center PROVINCES CAF– (10) µ Highland Coffee Parkson Hai Phong (2) µHighland Coffee Parkson µMegastar Hai Phong µHighland Coffee Megastar Bien Hoa µ Highland Coffee Big C, Da Nang µHighland Coffee Indochina, Da Nang µ Highland Coffee Megastar Vinh Trung, Da Nang µRunam Bistro, Da Nang RESTAURANT (2) µPho 24 - Nha Trang

µEnjoy - Quang Nam AIRLINES (4) µ Cam Ranh Airport(Business Lounge) µ Can Tho Airport (Business Lounge) µ Danang International Airport (Business Lounge) µ Lien Khuong Airport (Business Lounge) CRUISES (7) µAphrodite Cruise (1) µParaside Luxury (4) µParadise Previlege (2) µParadise Peak (1) µParadise Cruise µStarlight Cruise µOriental Sail µCalypso Cruise ATTENTION µ In cooperation with Vietnam Airlines, Travellive copies are available at business lounges of six international airports in Vietnam, including Noi Bai, Tan Son Nhat, Lien Khuong, Cam Ranh, Da Nang and Can Tho µ In cooperation with Turkish Airlines (The Best European Airlines). Every business traveller on flight by Turkish Airlines to Vietnam is provided with a Travellive publication for free. µ 180 Travel Agents, (belonging to Vietnam Tourism Association) in Vietnam µ Issued by National Newspapers Distribution Company, Fahasa Book Distribution Corporation, Phuong Nam bookshop system, Citimart supermarkets (HCMC)...

Mai Chau

Long Beach Center Phu Quoc


Can Tho Airport

KhÉch sÑn, resorT hÄng ß¡u viåT nam The leading hotels and resorts in Vietnam Th´ng tin chi ti’t xem tπi For more details, please follow the link below






BỂ BƠI BỐN MÙA 1.000m2





Thông tin chi tiết về sản phẩm và chính sách bán hàng vui lòng liên hệ hotline



QU≥ ßóC GIÅ TH¢N M⁄N! H≠¨ng xu©n ng‰t ngµo ch≠a qua, th∏ng Ba Æ∑ g‰i v“ th¯ ∏nh næng giao mÔa e †p, Æãp tuy÷t vÍi nh≠ nÙ c≠Íi bıng s∏ng tr™n g≠¨ng m∆t hπnh phÛc.

March, along with the sweet scent of Spring comes the mild sunshine of the early Summer that is as bright as a shining smile on a happy face.

N„i Æ’n hπnh phÛc lπi ngh‹ tÌi hµnh tr◊nh m∂i mi’t theo ÆuÊi hπnh phÛc cÒa con ng≠Íi. C„ nh˜ng ng≠Íi hπnh phÛc khi Æ≠Óc hy sinh cho ng≠Íi th©n y™u, ng≠Íi næm gi˜ nhi“u thµnh c´ng nh≠ng v…n ch≠a t◊m th†y hπnh phÛc, lπi c„ ng≠Íi hoµi nghi hπnh phÛc. MÁi ng≠Íi mÁi kh∏c n™n suy ra hπnh phÛc lµ c„ thÀt.

We human have been on the pursuit of happiness for how long, no one can remember. Some feel it when they devote everything to their beloved ones. Others, though achieved many successes in lives, did not succeed in finding Happiness. And some even doubt the existence of it. But no matter the different thoughts between every one of us, Happiness is real.

H∑y ÆÂng hµnh vÌi Travellive th∏ng 3/2018 Æ” th†y hπnh phÛc c„ th” chπm tÌi theo nh˜ng c∏ch thÀt g«n gÚi, dung dfi mµ chºng käm ph«n th®ng hoa. Xem c∏ch nhi’p ∂nh gia ng≠Íi Bÿ thËt l™n: "ß©y lµ mÈt chuy’n Æi c˘c k˙ hπnh phÛc cÒa t´i" sau hµnh tr◊nh tÌi Ethiopia bªng xe Jeep, theo ch©n Hoµng L™ Giang tha th»n mÈt m◊nh Î ß´ng ¢u... Æ” th†y rªng hπnh phÛc c„ th” ki’m t◊m chÿ bªng mÈt chuy’n Æi. ßi thÀt xa Æ” trÎ v“. Ngæm nh˜ng c∏nh hoa ban nÂng nµn tr™n phË Hµ NÈi hay sµ vµo th≠Îng th¯c m©m c¨m mÔa hà mi“n Bæc vÌi m„n canh cua, thfit luÈc, cµ ph∏o, d≠a chua do ch›nh tay mã n†u... cÚng lµ nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m hπnh phÛc s©u sæc. VÀy nhä, Æıng ch«n chı n˜a, h∑y tÀn h≠Îng hπnh phÛc nh˜ng ngµy th∏ng Ba theo c∏ch mµ Travellive muËn chia sŒ cÔng qu˝ ÆÈc gi∂! BAN BI£N TÜP


OUr dear readers!


Follow us in this March issue to experience joy in simple ways. See how a trip to Ethiopia on a Jeeps can make a Belgium photographer be filled with excitement: "This is the most wonderful trip of my life", we follow travel blogger Hoang Le Giang on his lonesome wander through Eastern Europe... to enjoy the simple pleasure of traveling. Leave to return, to contemplate the blossoming orchid trees on the streets of Hanoi, to enjoy summer home-made meals with crab soup, boiled pork, pickled vegetables and firecracker eggplants... to feel Happy! Do not wait any minute now, let's enjoy every moment of Happiness this March with Travellive! EDITORIAL BOARD







ı 14/02/2018, buffet tËi sœ c„ m∆t tπi nhµ hµng Blue Bay cÒa kh∏ch sπn Wyndham Legend Halong. Tı bÛn ri™u, bÛn b, phÎ Hµ NÈi Æ’n c∏c m„n ÆÔi cıu n≠Ìng, th®n b @c n≠Ìng vµ c∏c loπi h∂i s∂n n≠Ìng cÒa vÔng bi”n Hπ Long Æ“u sœ c„ m∆t trong buffet tËi. Ngoµi ra, kh∏ch sπn Wyndham Legend Halong cn mang Æ’n c∏c loπi chà vµ m„n tr∏ng mi÷ng truy“n thËng cÒa Vi÷t Nam. Chÿ vÌi 665.000 ÆÂng, c∏c th˘c kh∏ch sµnh ®n Æ∑ c„ th” th≠Îng th¯c tr‰n vãn tinh hoa »m th˘c Vi÷t Nam vµ th’ giÌi trong kh´ng gian sang tr‰ng, vÌi t«m nh◊n bao qu∏t Di s∂n Thi™n nhi™n Th’ giÌi Vnh Hπ Long. Kh∏ch sπn ≠u Æ∑i gi∂m 50% cho trŒ em tı 6 Æ’n 11 tuÊi vµ mi‘n ph› cho trŒ em d≠Ìi 6 tuÊi. (Wyndham Legend haLong *12 ß≠Íng Hπ Long, B∑i Ch∏y, Hπ Long, Qu∂ng Ninh *Tel: 0203 3636 555 *Email:





” k˚ ni÷m mÈt n®m khu nghÿ d≠Ïng mang th≠¨ng hi÷u JW Marriott l«n Æ«u ti™n c„ m∆t tπi Vi÷t Nam cÚng nh≠ Æ∆t n“n m„ng dch vÙ ti™u chu»n 5 sao quËc t’ tπi PhÛ QuËc, JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay Æ∑ ra mæt website 100% ti’ng Vi÷t, c„ t›ch hÓp c´ng cÙ Æ∆t phng tr˘c tuy’n. Ngoµi ra, trang web nµy cn c„ nh˜ng th´ng tin cÀp nhÀt li™n tÙc v“ c∏c ch≠¨ng tr◊nh khuy’n m∑i phng, dch vÙ nhµ hµng, dch vÙ spa tı th≠¨ng hi÷u Spa by JW. (JW marriott Phu Quoc emeraL Bay *B∑i Kem, PhÛ QuËc, An ThÌi, Ki™n Giang *Tel: 0297 3779 999 *Website: www.




an Pacific Hµ NÈi vÌi 12 phng h‰p sang tr‰ng sœ lµ l˘a ch‰n l˝ t≠Îng cho s˘ ki÷n cÒa qu˝ kh∏ch. ß∆t g„i hÈi ngh nguy™n ngµy tr≠Ìc 30/04/2018 Æ” nhÀn ≠u Æ∑i Æ∆c bi÷t tÔy theo quy m´ s˘ ki÷n: bËc th®m may mæn vÌi ph«n th≠Îng h†p d…n, Æ uËng nhã kh´ng giÌi hπn cho b˜a tr≠a, mi‘n ph› mÈt kh∏ch cho mÁi 20 kh∏ch Æ∆t, n©ng hπng ti÷c cµ ph™, ph´ng n“n s˘ ki÷n theo y™u c«u, trang b th™m mÈt m∏y chi’u vµ mµn chi’u. (KhÉch sÑn Pan Pacific hÄ nói *SË 1 Thanh Ni™n, Ba ß◊nh, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 024 3823 8888, ext: 5303 *Email: Camellia.dinh@









dinner buffet has been launched for diners at the Blue Bay Restaurant of Wyndham Legend Halong beginning 14 February 2018. The delicious dinner buffet menu features from bun rieu, bun bo, Hanoi pho, to grilled lamb steaks, grilled Australian beef tenderloin and grilled seafood besides a number of traditional Vietnamese sweet soups and desserts. At only VND665,000, gourmets are able to fully enjoy both Vietnamese and international culinary experience in a luxurious setting with a panoramic view of Ha Long Bay. The buffet offers a 50% discount for children from 6 to 11 years old, and is free for children under 6 years old. (Wyndham Legend haLong *12 Ha Long Road, Bai Chay, Ha Long, Quang Ninh Province *Tel: 0203 3636 555 *Email:


JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay launches Vietnamese website JW Marriott Phu Quoc Emerald Bay has celebrated its first anniversary in Vietnam

as well as being the first 5 star international resort in Phu Quoc by launching a website in Vietnamese. www. jwmarriottphuquocresort. com is integrated with an online reservation system enabling Vietnamese travelers

to easily book. The website also has ongoing updates on room promotions, restaurant services, and spa services at the Spa by JW.

0297 3779 999 *Website: www.

(JW marriott Phu Quoc emeraL Bay *Bai Kem, Phu Quoc, An Thoi, Kien Giang *Tel:




an Pacific Hanoi's 12 venues afford versatile arrangements to host your executive meetings and events seamlessly. Book your full-day events by 30/04/2018 to enjoy exclusive privileges upon group size including: Lucky envelope with attractive prizes; unlimited soft drinks during lunch; with every 20 paying delegates, one delegate is complimentary; one coffee break upgrade per day; one complimentary customised event backdrop; one complimentary extra projector with screen

(Pan Pacific hanoi hoteL *1 Thanh Nien, Ba Dinh, Hanoi *Tel: 024 3823 8888, ext: 5303 *Email: Camellia.dinh@







Bi÷t th˘ tr™n cao - c∏ch h≠Îng thÙ cÒa giÌi th≠Óng l≠u





gay tı khi khÎi tπo, Movenpick Resort Waverly PhÛ QuËc Æ∑ th” hi÷n tËi Æa tri’t l˝ "t´n tr‰ng thi™n nhi™n" cÒa ng≠Íi ThÙy S¸. Ch›nh v◊ th’, m‰i quy hoπch & thi’t k’, dch vÙ & ti÷n ›ch,... Æ“u th” hi÷n tri’t l˝ "t´n tr‰ng thi™n nhi™n", "sËng chÀm" Æ” tÀn h≠Îng tıng kho∂nh khæc cuÈc sËng. Ph«n lÌn di÷n t›ch khu nghÿ d≠Ïng Æ≠Óc dµnh cho c©y xanh vµ m∆t n≠Ìc, mÀt ÆÈ x©y d˘ng chÿ 12,32% vÌi 79 bi÷t th˘ nghÿ d≠Ïng vµ 329 c®n hÈ nghÿ d≠Ïng, t†t c∂ c∏c c®n Æ“u Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ theo phong c∏ch nhi÷t ÆÌi hi÷n Æπi (Modern Tropical), quy hoπch mÈt lÌp Æ∂m b∂o t«m nh◊n h≠Ìng ra bi”n h tho∏ng Æ∑ng.

Sky Villa EverGreen bi÷t th˘ c∂nh quan tr™n kh´ng lµ mÈt trong ba c´ng tr◊nh thuÈc d˘ ∏n EverGreen (khu ph¯c hÓp bi÷t th˘, nhµ phË li™n k’ v≠Ín vµ c®n hÈ hπng sang). Sky Villa EverGreen kh´ng chÿ Æem lπi tr∂i nghi÷m mÌi cho gia chÒ bÎi thi’t k’ sang tr‰ng cÒa mÈt c®n bi÷t th˘ mµ cn Æ≠a ra xu h≠Ìng sËng ƺng c†p cho giÌi "qu˝ tÈc" trŒ muËn t◊m mÈt n¨i sËng sang tr‰ng nh≠ng kh∏c bi÷t vµ ÆÈc Æ∏o. Ta th∏p Sky Villas lµ t©m Æi”m cÒa d˘ ∏n EverGreen bÎi Æ≠Óc c∏c KTS Æ’n tı Ph∏p thi’t k’ theo tr≠Íng ph∏i Æ≠¨ng Æπi Parametricsm, tπo n™n mÈt tuy÷t t∏c hi“n ha tr™n m∂nh Ɔt trÔ phÛ vµ th¨ mÈng. (sKy ViLLa eVergreen *Hotline: 0901 697 989 *Website:

(MOvenpick ResORt WaveRly ph@ Quˇc *Hotline: 1800 6106 *Website:


Nghÿ d≠Ïng tr‰n g„i tπi Nha Trang G‰i ngay 0905 223 966 tı nay Æ’n h’t 23/12/2018 Æ” Æ∆t g„i nghÿ d≠Ïng 3 ngµy 2 Æ™m bao gÂm 01 c∆p vä m∏y bay kh¯ hÂi Vietjet Air tı TP. H Ch› Minh

ho∆c Hµ NÈi - Nha Trang tr gi∏ 13.400.000 VNß net ho∆c 15.700.000 VNß net dµnh cho 02 ng≠Íi, bao gÂm b˜a s∏ng t˘ ch‰n hµng ngµy khi Î tπi Bi÷t th˘ ßÂi Æ∏ - Hill Rock Villa, dch vÙ qu∂n gia 24/24, tµu Æ≠a Æ„n khi check

in, check out, tµu vµ xe Æ≠a Æ„n vµo trung t©m thµnh phË theo lch tr◊nh cÒa khu nghÿ, tr∏i c©y t≠¨i vµ trµ chi“u mÁi ngµy cÔng nhi“u hoπt ÆÈng th” thao, gi∂i tr› h†p d…n kh∏c. PhÙ thÙ mÈt sË giai Æoπn cao Æi”m.

(L'aLyana ninh V¢n Bay *T©n Thµnh, Ninh êch, Ninh Ha, TP. Nha Trang, Kh∏nh Ha *Tel: 0258 3624 964 / 0905 223 966 * *


Cˆa hµng mi‘n thu’ tπi s©n bay QuËc T’ NhÀt B∂n Du kh∏ch khi tÍi Kansai, n™n mua sæm tπi cˆa hµng mi‘n thu’ KIX tπi s©n bay vÌi gi∏ th†p h¨n so vÌi c∏c cˆa hµng trong thµnh phË, hµng h„a Æ∂m b∂o ch†t l≠Óng, d‘ dµng l˘a ch‰n vµ quan tr‰ng lµ Æ≠Óc ∏p dÙng m¯c chi’t kh†u Æ∆t bi÷t khi mua hµng tr˘c tuy’n. (KiX duty free *Website:



TRAVELLIVE BOTON BLUE HOTEL & SPA 1 06 Pham Van Dong Street, Vinh Hoa Ward, Nha Trang City, Vietnam +84 258 383 6868 | |





hen leaving Kansai, it is advisable to shop at the airport's KIX DUTY FREE instead of the city shops for lower prices, quality goods, a wide selection of items, and most importantly, to receive a special discount when shopping online. (KiX duty free *Website:



Movenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc - Swiss quality in every detail Movenpick Resort Waverly Phu Quoc has displayed in full the Swiss philosophy to respect nature since the very beginning. All stages from planning to design, and service to amenities, are influenced by this philosophy to respect nature, along with the merit

to live slow so as to enjoy the simple pleasures in life. Large areas are reserved for trees and waterfronts with a construction density of only 12.32% including 79 villas and 329 condominiums. All apartments are designed in a modern tropical style with an open view of the sea. (moVenPicK resort WaVerLy Phu Quoc *Hotline 1800 6106 *Website: movenpickresortwaverlyphuquoc. com/)

Luxurious Villa in the clouds for the elite Sky Villa EverGreen is one of three projects under the EverGreen project (villa complex, townhouse garden and luxury apartment). Sky Villa EverGreen not only brings a new luxury residential experience to its owner, but also offers a trendy lifestyle for young wealthy people

who are looking for a luxurious and unique place to live. Sky Villas is the focus of the EverGreen project, designed by French architects with Contemporary Parametricsm style, to create an amazing masterpiece when it comes to luxury residential homes. (sKy ViLLa eVergreen *Hotline: 0901 697 989 *Website:


Enjoy a full holiday package in Nha Trang Call 0905223966 now until 23 December 2018 to book a 3-day and 2-night package which includes a pair of Vietjet Air return tickets from Ho Chi Minh City or Hanoi to Nha Trang for a total price of VND13,400,000 net for 1 person, or VND15,700,000 net for 2 people. The holiday package includes daily buffet breakfast, room at the Hill Rock Villa, 24-hour service, boat transfer upon check in and check out, boat and bus transfer to the city center according to the resort's schedule, daily fresh fruits and afternoon tea, as well as a variety of sports and leisure activities. Additional charges may apply during peak season. (L'aLyana ninh Van Bay *Tan Thanh Village, Ninh Ich Ward, Ninh Hoa District, Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province *Tel: 0258 3624 964 / 0905 223 966 *Email: *Website:





"M∆t TrÍi ß´ng d≠¨ng" tr™n

The Oriental Sun aboard

Th∏ng 4 tÌi, nhµ thi’t k’ (NTK) L™ Thanh Hoµ sœ giÌi thi÷u bÈ s≠u tÀp mÌi nh†t tr™n Du thuy“n Paradise Elegance, Æ∏nh d†u h∂i tr◊nh thÍi trang Æ∆c bi÷t l«n Æ«u ti™n tr™n vnh Hπ Long. Trong ∏nh chi“u hoµng h´n tıng Æ≠Óc CNN m÷nh danh lµ khung c∂nh Æãp nh†t Th’ giÌi, tr™n s©n th≠Óng cÒa Du thuy“n Paradise Elegance sang tr‰ng, giÌi mÈ Æi÷u sœ Æ≠Óc m∑n nh∑n vÌi bÈ s≠u tÀp Æ«y ch†t th¨ tı L™ Thanh Hoµ - "NTK cÒa c∏c Hoa hÀu" trong lµng thÍi trang Vi÷t. ß©y lµ mµn tr◊nh di‘n thÍi trang Æ«u ti™n di‘n ra gi˜a lng Di s∂n. Ghi d†u l«n Æ«u ti™n vÌi ng´i v qu∏n qu©n trong cuÈc thi thi’t k’ thÍi trang Aquafina Pure Fashion 2009, trong 9 n®m qua L™ Thanh Hoµ Æ∑ x©y d˘ng vµ khºng Ænh thµnh c´ng v th’ lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng nhµ thi’t k’ xu†t sæc nh†t Vi÷t Nam vµ ti’n vµo th tr≠Íng quËc t’. Thi’t k’ cÒa L™ Thanh Hoµ Æ≠Óc c∏c nµng HÀu mang Æi "chinh chi’n" tπi c∏c Ɔu tr≠Íng sæc Æãp lÌn nh≠ Hoa hÀu Th’ giÌi, Hoa hÀu Hoµn VÚ, Hoa hÀu Tr∏i ߆t,... B†t ngÍ h¨n c∂, thi™n th«n nÈi y Leomie Anderson Æ∑ l˘a ch‰n Æ«m dπ hÈi tı L™ Thanh Hoµ cho th∂m hÂng cÒa show di‘n Victoria’s Secret danh ti’ng tπi Th≠Óng H∂i n®m 2017. "Hoµ th˘c s˘ xÛc ÆÈng vÌi s©n kh†u sæp tÌi tr™n Du thuy“n Paradise Elegance - mÈt s˘ l˘a ch‰n hoµn h∂o mµ ngay tı nh˜ng gi©y phÛt Æ«u ti™n tr∂i nghi÷m, Hoµ tin chæc Æ©y lµ m∂nh ghäp cn thi’u cho bÈ s≠u tÀp mÌi cÒa m◊nh. Tr◊nh lµng bÈ s≠u tÀp gi˜a lng Di s∂n Thi™n nhi™n Th’ giÌi Vnh Hπ Long, chæc chæn lµ d†u †n kh´ng th” qu™n Æ≠Óc trong s˘ nghi÷p thÍi trang cÒa Hoµ", NTK L™ Thanh Hoµ chia sŒ. "BÈ s≠u tÀp "M∆t TrÍi ß´ng D≠¨ng" l†y c∂m h¯ng tı h◊nh ∂nh M∆t trÍi, vµ nh˜ng trang phÙc thanh lch cÒa phÙ n˜ Vi÷t thÍi Ph∏p thuÈc. qu∏ tr◊nh chu»n b Æang Æ≠Óc hoµn thi÷n Æ” giÌi thi÷u tÌi c´ng chÛng nh˜ng m…u thi’t k’ Æ∆c sæc." Show di‘n d˘ ki’n käo dµi 1 giÍ ÆÂng hÂ, tr◊nh di‘n tı 30 Æ’n 45 thi’t k’ bÎi 15 ch©n dµi nÊi danh lµng m…u Vi÷t, ti’p nËi bÎi nh˜ng mµn tr◊nh di‘n nhπc sËng ngay tr™n boong tµu. "Lµ du thuy“n lÌn vµ sang tr‰ng nh†t Vnh Hπ Long, mang phong c∏ch ki’n trÛc ÆÈc Æ∏o, cÔng m‰i trang thi’t b tËi t©n, Paradise Elegance trÎ thµnh l˘a ch‰n hoµn h∂o cho show di‘n thÍi trang hoµnh tr∏ng cÒa nhµ thi’t k’ L™ Thanh Hoµ.". §ng Nguy‘n Cao S¨n, Gi∏m ÆËc ßi“u hµnh Paradise Vi÷t Nam. "Show di‘n chæc chæn sœ lµ mÈt buÊi tËi Æ∏ng nhÌ, kh´ng chÿ trong lng nh˜ng kh∏ch mÍi tham d˘, mµ cn Æ” lπi d†u mËc kh„ qu™n trong th tr≠Íng thÍi trang Vi÷t Nam." ß” t◊m hi”u th™m th´ng tin chi ti’t v“ h∂i tr◊nh tr™n Vnh, bao gÂm show di‘n thÍi trang nÊi ngµy 20 th∏ng 4, h∑y truy cÀp www.

Famous fashion designer Le Thanh Hoa brings high design to high seas in April, with the firstever floating show in Halong Bay onboard Paradise Elegance cruise. The unprecedented launch of Le Thanh Hoa's prefall collection "The Oriental Sun" takes place during sundown on the sundeck of Paradise Elegance 2, one of two 200-ton steel vessels launched by Paradise Vietnam last year. This is the first fashion cruise has ever been held in the water of uNESCO World's Heritage Site Halong Bay. Since winning the prestigious Aquafina Pure Fashion design competition in 2009, Hoa has established himself one of the premier designers in Vietnam. His dresses have been worn by contestants in the Miss World, Miss Earth and Miss Universe pageants as well as by supermodel Leomie Anderson, who arrived at last year's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show in Shanghai in one of his numbers. "I am really thrilled with the show aboard Paradise Elegance. This is going to be my once in a lifetime memory for launching my collection in the midst of the uNESCO World's Heritage Site.", said Le Thanh Hoa, fashion designer. "The Oriental Sun" is inspired by symbols of the sun and the most elegant Vietnamese women's attire of the French colonial era, and Paradise Elegance is the perfect match for my upcoming looks. I am preparing the best for this collaboration." The show will entail 30 to 45 looks presented by 15 famous Vietnamese models. It is expected to last about 45 minutes and be followed by live music. The Paradise Elegance, which measure 61 meters long and 13 meters wide and offer 31 spacious cabins, are one of the largest ever deployed in Halong Bay for overnight cruising. "Sure, size matters, but so does style and substance," asked Nguyen Cao Son, Paradise Vietnam's Chief Operating Officer. "Paradise Elegance has those qualities as well, which is what makes a partnership with Mr. Hoa such a perfect fit." "It's going to be an evening to remember," said Cao Son. "There's no doubt about it." To learn more about its cruise division including the April 20 fashion cruise, go to






hµ hµng Jardin des Sens Æ«u ti™n tπi Vi÷t Nam Æ∏nh d†u b≠Ìc ti’n mÌi trong s˘ nghi÷p cÒa hai anh em nhµ Pourcel cÚng nh≠ h≠Ìng Æi chi’n l≠Óc cÒa SonKim Land vµo l‹nh v˘c kinh doanh »m th˘c & dch vÙ ®n uËng. Nhµ hµng Jardin des Sens tπi Vi÷t Nam ch›nh lµ b≠Ìc ph∏t tri”n mÌi nh†t sau chuÁi thµnh c´ng cÒa h‰ tπi Montpellier, Th≠Óng H∂i, Tokyo, Geneva, Marrakech, Casablanca vµ Paris. Ngoµi vi÷c y™u th›ch tr∂i nghi÷m cÚng nh≠ nh˜ng thˆ th∏ch tı m´i tr≠Íng mÌi, h‰ cÚng mong muËn mang Æ’n cho ng≠Íi sµnh ®n Vi÷t Nam nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m »m th˘c tinh t’ vµ cao c†p cÒa n≠Ìc Ph∏p, cÚng nh≠ tinh hoa »m th˘c nÊi ti’ng mang d†u †n cÒa TÀp Æoµn Pourcel Ch©teau tr™n khæp th’ giÌi.

(nhÄ hÄng Jardin des sens *251 ßi÷n Bi™n PhÒ, Ph≠Íng 7, QuÀn 3, TP. HCM *Website:


Th®n b chi™n ki”u NhÀt tπi Fortuna Hanoi Bπn sœ kh´ng th” c≠Ïng lπi Æ≠Óc m„n

th®n b chi™n xÔ ÆÀm ch†t NhÀt B∂n: mi’ng tht b Æ≠Óc r∏n ch◊m trong ch∂o d«u n„ng, chi™n xÔ tÌi ÆÈ gin tan vµ ∏nh l™n mµu

vµng n©u h†p d…n, sau Æ„ phÒ l™n mÈt lÌp n≠Ìc sËt ng‰t th¨m vµ cay du. PhÙc vÙ kÃm m„n ®n lµ c¨m træng dŒo ng‰t cÒa NhÀt




’n vÌi R&J th∏ng 3 & 4 nµy, th˘c kh∏ch c„ th” tr∂i nghi÷m nh˜ng m„n ®n Æ∆c sæc tı c∏c loπi hµu ngon nh†t tr™n th’ giÌi. Tı Nha Trang vµ vnh Hπ Long cÒa Vi÷t Nam, qua Ph∏p vµ Ai-len, Æ’n nh˜ng bÍ bi”n nguy™n s¨ cÒa Canada, mÈt tr∂i nghi÷m »m th˘c ÆÈc Æ∏o vÌi nhi“u h≠¨ng v hµu danh ti’ng. Nhµ hµng R&J sœ phÙc vÙ c∏c m„n n„ng vµ nguÈi ch’ bi’n tı hµu vÌi nh˜ng ph∏ c∏ch thÛ v nh≠ Quattro formaggi (hµu ÆÛt l vÌi bËn loπi ph´ mai: parmigiano, pecorino, mozzarella vµ gorgonzola), Florentine (hµu n≠Ìng vÌi b„ x´i, tht x´ng kh„i vµ sËt kem) ho∆c Puttanesca (hµu n≠Ìng vÌi ´ liu cerignola, nÙ bπch hoa, vµ sËt cµ chua cay). Th˘c ƨn c∏c m„n ch’ bi’n tı hµu Æ≠Óc giÌi thi÷u tı ngµy 01/03 Æ’n ngµy 30/04, vÌi gi∏ chÿ tı 40.000 Æ’n 150.000. (nhÄ hÄng r&J *T«ng B1, Ta nhµ Times Square, 22-36 Nguy‘n Hu÷ & 57-69F ßÂng KhÎi, QuÀn 1, TP. HCM *Tel: 028 3823 6688)



B∂n cÔng sÛp miso truy“n thËng. Set th®n b chi™n ki”u NhÀt c„ gi∏ 480.000++/su†t. (nhÄ hÄng emPeror - KhÉch

sÑn fortuna hanoi *6B L∏ng Hπ, Ba ß◊nh, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 024 3831 3333 - m∏y lŒ 6461 *Website:

travellers’outfit 1




EVENING WEAR ß«m li“n ƨn gi∂n vÌi tone hÂng nhã nhµng cÔng vÌi mÈt vµi phÙ ki÷n bæt mæt sœ lµm t´n l™n d∏ng vŒ ki“u di‘m, thanh lch cÒa ng≠Íi phÙ n˜. A simple dress in light pink paired with colorful jewelry gives you a soft and feminine look, and is perfect for a night out in town.



1, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Off-the-shoulder ribbed jersey and plissächiffon midi dress ( I 2, PERCOSSI PAPI Gold-plated, enamel and multi-stone earrings (www.percossipapistore. com) I 3, CHARLOTTE TILBURY Hollywood Lips Matte Contour Liquid Lipstick - Too Bad I'm Bad ( I 4, O.P.I Im Not Really A Waitress ISLH08_G ( I 5, JIMMY CHOO Cloud embellished metal clutch ( I 6, GRACE LEE Lace 14-karat gold ring ( I 7, GIANVITO ROSSI Portofino 105 suede sandals (






he opening of the first Jardin des Sens restaurant in Vietnam represents a new chapter in the career of the twin Pourcel brothers, owners of the Pourcel ChŠteau Group, and is a strategic move by SonKim Land into the food & beverage business. For the Pourcel brothers, the Jardin des Sens restaurant in Vietnam is their latest venture after successfully opening restaurants in Montpellier, Shanghai, Tokyo, Geneva, Marrakech, Casablanca, and Paris. Besides a love to experience and accept new challenges, the brothers want to bring Vietnam's gourmets a sophisticated and luxurious culinary experience from France, as well as the Pourcel ChŠteau Group's unique culinary concepts, which have been very successful around the world. (Jardin des sens *251 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City *Website:





t the city's preeminent purveyor of Italian cuisine, R&J Lounge and Restaurant, in March and April, diners can experience the delights of the world's finest oysters. Journeying from Vietnam's own Nha Trang and Ha Long Bay, through France and Ireland and on to the pristine shores of Canada, creating a culinary experience like no other. R&J will also be serving up hot and cold oyster dishes with its signature stylish twist, including Quattro formaggi (gratinated with parmigiano, pecorino, mozzarella and gorgonzola), Florentine (slow baked with spinach, pancetta and a light cream sauce) or Puttanesca (Cerignola black olives, capers and spicy tomatoes sauce). Available from 1 March to 30 April, prices range from VND40,000 to VND150,000.

(r&J itaLian Lounge & restaurant *B1 - Times Square Building *22-36 Nguyen Hue Blvd. & 57-69F Dong Khoi St, District 1, HCMC *Tel: 028 3823 6688)


Beef katuretu at Fortuna Hanoi The savory Beef Katuretu is made by covering tender beef cutlets in breadcrumbs and deep frying to the perfect level of crispiness with chilled salad to balance the taste, and served with clear soup & steamed rice. If you are craving for a delicious protein portion, Beef Katuretu is an ideal choice, with price: VND480,000++/portion (emPeror restaurant, fortuna hanoi hoteL *6B Lang Ha, Ba Dinh, Hanoi *Tel: 024 3831 3333, ext 6461 *Website:



travellers’outfit 1




Trong ti’t trÍi giao mÔa, ch‰n cho m◊nh mÈt chi’c s¨ mi c„ sæc mµu r˘c rÏ cÒa l∏ hoa mi“n nhi÷t ÆÌi, kho∏c b™n ngoµi lµ chi’c jacket b, vÀy lµ bπn Æ∑ sΩn sµng chµo Æ„n mÔa hà r˘c næng! In the season change, choose a shirt with the colors of the tropical forest, mixed with a jeans jacket, then you are ready for the bright summer.




1, FRAME L'Homme Slim-Fit Distressed Denim Jacket ( I 2, TOM FORD Square-Frame Acetate Optical Glasses ( I 3, NN07 Morgan Printed Cotton Shirt ( I 4, J.CREW 484 Slim-Fit Stretch-Cotton Twill Chinos ( I 5, CONVERSE 1970s Chuck Taylor All Star Canvas High-Top Sneakers ( ) I 6,NN07 City Canvas And Shell Briefcase ( TRAVELLIVE





ountain Retreat Restaurant - nhµ hµng vÌi phong c∏ch nÛi Æ∆c tr≠ng lµ Æa Æi”m l˝ t≠Îng Æ” h‰p m∆t, sum v«y. VÌi vi÷c sˆ dÙng vÀt dÙng trang tr› chÒ y’u lµm tı Æ∏, gÁ vµ c∏c h‰a ti’t thÊ c»m sinh ÆÈng, kh´ng gian Mountain Retreat lµ s˘ pha trÈn hµi ha gi˜a cÊ Æi”n vµ hi÷n Æπi. B™n cπnh nh˜ng m„n ®n truy“n thËng mang h≠¨ng v qu™ nhµ nh≠ b∏nh xÃo, b∏nh uÌt, nh˜ng m„n g·i d©n d∑ th◊ s˘ xu†t hi÷n cÒa nh˜ng m„n ®n "Æ≠Íng phË" trong th˘c ƨn cÚng v´ cÔng Æa dπng, h¯a hãn mang Æ’n nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m Æ∆c bi÷t thÛ v cho bπn trong mÔa l‘ hÈi. (mountain retreat *Rooftop 36 L™ LÓi, B’n Nghä, Q.1, TP. HCM *Tel: 0907 194 557 *Fanpage: mountainretreatvn)





ı cˆa hµng rang & b∏n cµ ph™ nguy™n hπt, Hyman Æ∑ x©y d˘ng n™n chuÁi cˆa hµng The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, vµ ´ng Æ≠Óc m÷nh danh lµ ´ng tÊ cÒa specialty coffee - cµ ph™ Æ∆c s∂n. Tı khi thµnh lÀp, Bean lu´n kh´ng ngıng t◊m ki’m vµ l˘a ch‰n nguy™n li÷u tËt nh†t cho nh˜ng s∂n ph»m Æ≠Óc ch’ bi’n thÒ c´ng tÿ mÿ. Bean t©m ni÷m rªng cµ ph™ vµ trµ Æ≠Óc trÂng tπi nh˜ng vÔng Ɔt Æ≠Óc thi™n nhi™n ≠u ∏i mÌi lµ nguÂn gËc cÒa nh˜ng th¯c uËng h∂o hπng. ß„ cÚng ch›nh lµ n¨i bæt Æ«u cÒa chuy’n hµnh tr◊nh t◊m ki’m h≠¨ng v tuy÷t h∂o nh†t th’ giÌi The Journey From Seed to Cup. (coffee Bean & tea Leaf *Bitexco Finalcial Tower, GF&1F, sË 2 H∂i Tri“u, QuÀn 1, TP. HCM *Tel: 028 3826 7624 *Website:




he Hu’ House Æ≠Óc m´ ph·ng nh≠ mÈt ng´i nhµ v≠Ín Hu’ cÊ k›nh, h†p d…n du kh∏ch bªng c∏c m„n ®n truy“n thËng b◊nh d, tı c¨m h’n, b∏nh bÃo, bÈt l‰c, b∏nh nÀm, bÛn b, bÛn tht n≠Ìng... Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa Hu’ Æ’n nh˜ng m„n ®n nÊi ti’ng kh∏c cÒa Vi÷t Nam nh≠ cao l«u HÈi An, m◊ Qu∂ng, b l∏ lËt, ch∂ gi, b∏nh ÆÀp, nem n≠Ìng... Kh´ng chÿ hi”u th™m ph«n nµo v“ v®n h„a Hu’ qua »m th˘c vµ nät ki’n trÛc Æ∆c tr≠ng x¯ Hu’ cÒa nhµ hµng mµ th˘c kh∏ch cn Æ≠Óc ngæm nh◊n khung c∂nh Sµi Gn mÔa l‘ hÈi Æ«y mµu sæc tı tr™n cao. (the hu⁄ hOuse - authentic vietnaMese hu⁄ cuisine *T«ng th≠Óng Ta nhµ Master Building, 41 - 43 Tr«n Cao V©n, P.6, Q.3, TP. HCM *Tel: 0909 246 156)











Sæc Æen huy“n b› th™m mÈt chÛt sequins l†p l∏nh lu´n lµ l˘a ch‰n ≠u ti™n cÒa nh˜ng c´ nµng quy“n l˘c vµ ki™u h∑nh. There is nothing more classy and seductive than a little back dress with sequins to help you stand out at a party. 1, ALEXANDER MCQUEEN Gold-plated, crystal and faux pearl ring ( I 2, ATTICO Grace floral-print satin wrap midi dress ( I 3, IPPOLITA Rock Candy 18-karat gold carnelian earrings ( I 4, JIMMY CHOO Cloud paillette-embellished metal clutch ( I 5, JIMMY CHOO Romy 100 embellished velvet pumps (www. I 6, ILIA Satin Cream Lip Crayon - 99 Red Balloons ( TRAVELLIVE



Aroma Coffee at Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf


From the first store to roast & sell whole-bean coffee, Hyman, who transformed his business into The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf chain, was considered as a grandfather of specialty coffee in the U.S. Since opening our first store, we have always been fanatical in selecting the finest ingredients for our carefully handcrafted products. We believe that buying from the best estates and small farms leads to the very best coffee and tea. That is, our journey from Seed to Cup has started.




ountain Retreat Restaurant - a cozy mountain-style restaurant, is the ideal place for you to meet and gather. With decorative items made of stone and wood and vivid brocade motifs, Mountain Retreat is a harmonious blend of classic and modern elements. The restaurant not only provides traditional dishes in a homemade style such as banh xeo, and banh uot, as well as authentic salad dishes. They also treat you to a diverse menu of amazing "street food" dishes, ensuring you the most unforgettable dining experience this spring season. (mountain retreat *Rooftop 36 Le Loi, Ben Nghe Ward, District 1, HCMC *Tel: +84 907 194 557 *Fanpage:




he Hue House restaurant serves a wide selection of Hue's local foods such as mussel rice cake, banh beo, banh bot loc, banh nam, bun bo, and bun thit nuong, all specialties of Hue, as well as other famous dishes of Vietnam such as cao lau from Hoi An, Quang noodle, bo la lot, cha gio, banh dap, and nem nuong. Guests will have a chance to taste the most sumptuous food, and enjoy a breathtaking view of Saigon from above. (the hue house - authentic Vietnamese hue cuisine *Master Building Rooftop, 41-43 Tran Cao Van, Ward 6, District 3, Ho Chi Minh City *Tel: 0909 246 156)




(coffee Bean & tea Leaf *Bitexco Finalcial Tower, GF&1F, 2 Hai Trieu St, District 1, HCMC *Tel: 028 3826 7624)






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ßi÷p vi™n ß’n Paris vÌi hai bµn tay træng, trong vng vµi th∏ng, Mata Hari trÎ thµnh b„ng hÂng nÊi ti’ng nh†t thµnh phË phÔ hoa. N®m 1917, trong b«u kh´ng kh› c®ng thºng, hÁn loπn cÒa chi’n tranh, Mata Hari b bæt tπi phng kh∏ch sπn Î Champs Elyseä, c´ b buÈc tÈi lµm Æi÷p vi™n cho kŒ thÔ. ß≠Óc k” xen kœ gi˜a gi‰ng Mata Hari vÌi luÀt s≠ bµo ch˜a cho c´, ßi÷p vi™n lµ c©u chuy÷n kh„ qu™n cÒa Paulo Coelho v“ mÈt ng≠Íi phÙ n˜ d∏m th∏ch th¯c nh˜ng Ænh ki’n cÚ k¸ cÒa x∑ hÈi,Æ” ph∂i tr∂ mÈt c∏i gi∏ qu∏ lÌn bªng sinh mπng cÒa m◊nh. S∏ch b∏n tπi nhµ s∏ch Tiki. Gi∏: 53.000 VNß


23/3 - 30/3

VÎ xi’c tre Ä ˇ


VÎ xi’c tre Ä ˇ lµ mÈt b∂n hoµ ©m Æi“n d∑ cÒa ÆÂng qu™ Vi÷t pha trÈn, c‰ s∏t cÔng hÓp ©m nhÈn nhπo trŒ trung r†t ÆÍi cÒa Vi÷t Nam mÔa Æ´ th ho∏. Sˆ dÙng nhi“u loπi h◊nh nh≠ ngh÷ thuÀt xi’c tre, nhµo lÈn, nh∂y Æ≠¨ng Æπi cÔng hoµ quy÷n vµo nhau, vÎ di‘n vœ lπi sËng ÆÈng nh˜ng c©u chuy÷n vµ m∂ng mµu mµ ta bæt g∆p Æ©u Æ„ trong cuÈc sËng, tı thµnh th Æ’n th´n qu™. ¢m thanh trong vÎ di‘n Æ≠Óc s∏ng t∏c ri™ng vµ di‘n t†u sËng tı h¨n 17 loπi nhπc cÙ d©n tÈc vµ hi÷n Æπi. Gi∏ vä: 630.000 - 1.470.000


KhÎi chi’u 23/3/2018



†y bËi c∂nh 10 n®m sau nh˜ng s˘ ki÷n Æ∑ di‘n ra Î ph«n 1, Jake Pentecost - truy“n nh©n duy nh†t cÒa huy“n thoπi Stacker Pentecost Æ∑ th˘c hi÷n lÍi h¯a vÌi cha m◊nh, gia nhÀp nh„m ng≠Íi Æi“u khi”n Jaeger, cÔng nhau x©y d˘ng n™n mÈt chi’n tuy’n chËng lπi Kaiju. CuÈc xung ÆÈt toµn c«u käo dµi gi˜a nh˜ng qu∏i vÀt ©m m≠u ph∏ hÒy th’ giÌi vµ nh˜ng robot khÊng l do con ng≠Íi ch’ tπo ra nhªm Æ∏nh bπi lÚ qu∏i vÀt h¯a hãn sœ lµ mÈt cuÈc chi’n cam go vµ kch t›nh khi lÚ qu∏i vÀt giÍ Æ©y Æ∑ ti’n h„a v≠Ót bÀc c∂ v“ th” l˘c vµ tr› l˘c. CÙm rπp CGV toµn quËc.


26/3 - 27/3

VÎ kch Lµng t´i Lµng T´i lµ mÈt b¯c tranh lµng qu™ Bæc BÈ b◊nh y™n, khi ngµy mÌi bæt Æ«u vÌi ti’ng gµ g∏y s∏ng, nh˜ng Ưa trŒ ch¨i ÆÚa tre trong lÛc cha mã lµm vi÷c ngoµi ÆÂng ruÈng. N¨i nh˜ng ng≠Íi n´ng d©n hÛt thuËc lµo vÌi chi’c Æi’u cµy bªng tre, lÛc nghÿ gi∂i lao d≠Ìi b„ng c©y gi˜a næng tr≠a hà gay gæt. N¨i tËi Æ’n, nh˜ng c∆p t◊nh nh©n t◊nh t˘ tr™n nh˜ng c©y c«u tre d≠Ìi ∏nh s∏ng cÒa hµng ngµn v◊ sao. Tre lµ linh hÂn cÒa vÎ di‘n, lµ ng≠Íi d…n dæt c©u chuy÷n, x©y d˘ng vµ thay ÆÊi c∏c khung c∂nh, k’t nËi hai m≠¨i ngh÷ s‹ xi’c vµ nhπc c´ng Hµ NÈi trong sæc mµu ©m thanh cÒa c∏c nhπc cÙ truy“n thËng. Gi∏ vä: 630.000 - 2.000.000 (nhÄ hÉt Lõn hÄ nói *SË 1, Trµng Ti“n, Hoµn Ki’m, Hµ NÈi)



(nhÄ hÉt thÄnh Phˇ *sË 7 C´ng Tr≠Íng Lam S¨n, QuÀn 1 *Hotline: 0124 518 1188)


06/02 - 24/03

Tri”n l∑m BÂi T›ch VÌi s˘ g„p m∆t cÒa 11 ngh÷ s‹, c∏c t∏c ph»m thuÈc tri”n l∑m BÂi t›ch Æ≠Óc chia ra qua hai nh„m chÒ Æ“ ch›nh. C„ nh˜ng t∏c ph»m t◊m tÌi vµ kh∏m ph∏ nh˜ng y’u tË b™n ngoµi - nh˜ng Æi“u nªm ngoµi vÔng cÒa tr∂i nghi÷m th≠Íng ngµy. Nh˜ng t∏c ph»m kh∏c mang nhi“u s˘ hi÷n di÷n cÒa con ng≠Íi vµ n„i v“ nh˜ng Æi“u Æang x∂y ra ngay gi˜a chÛng ta. Khi hai th’ giÌi nµy Æ≠Óc mang lπi g«n nhau, sœ xu†t hi÷n mÈt ngÙ ˝ v“ nh˜ng s˘ giao hoµ ti’p di‘n gi˜a chÛng - mÈt gÓi mÎ v“ s˘ "t˘ nhi™n" ÆÂng nh†t, hoµn chÿnh vµ bao qu∏t t†t c∂ g◊ thuÈc v“ con ng≠Íi ho∆c kh´ng, t†t c∂ m‰i nguy™n nh©n vµ h÷ qu∂. (GaleRie Qu∞nh *118 Nguy‘n V®n ThÒ, Dakao, QuÀn 1, TP HCM *Hotline: 028 3822 7218)


Summer Canvas

VÌi thi’t k’ Æ«y mµu sæc Summer Canvas lµ mÈt ˝ t≠Îng tuy÷t vÍi cho mÔa hà vÌi s˘ thanh lch, ti÷n lÓi vµ nhã nhµng. Riviera chic meets vibrant color in the Summer Canvas series. Elegant, lightweight and crafted from breathable yet durable canvas, these vacationready bags make traveling in style a cinch. MCM ( Takashimaya: 65 L™ LÓi, p. B’n Nghä, QuÀn 1, Tp. HCM. Tel: 028 3827 2008 Trµng Ti“n plaza: 24 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng, Hµ NÈi. Tel: 024 3393 6718 TRAVELLIVE



The Spy When Mata Hari arrived in Paris, she was penniless. However, within months she was the most celebrated woman in the city. But as paranoia consumed a country at war, Mata Hari's lifestyle brought her under suspicion. In 1917, she was arrested in her hotel room on the Champs Elyseä and accused of espionage. Told from the perspectives of Mata Hari and her attorney, The Spy by Paulo Coelho tells the unforgettable story of a woman who dared to break the conventions of her time, and paid the ultimate price. Book sold at the Tiki bookstore. Price: VND53,000


February 6 - March 24

Group Exhibition "Alluvium"


March 26 - 27



y Village is a delicate merge of tradition and innovation, where poetic beauty of Northern Vietnam's village life is presented under new circus approach. Farming, building, and playing traditional games, the lifestyle of Northern villagers is recreated using ancestral bamboo props, breath-taking acrobatics, and rhythmic dance, juggling, and distinct folk music played from more than 20 musical instruments. This show is great for a date as a later dinner after is in easy walking distance, or for a family event, so long as the children are not too young. Expect to be seated for well over an hour and for audience member to not appreciate a crying child. Ticket price: 630,000 - 2,000,000 (hanoi oPera house *1 Trang Tien, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi)

The exhibition features works by 11 Vietnam-based artists, and is divided into two sets. The first are those that look out into the wilderness, exploring elements that can be regarded as spiritual or alchemical, that go beyond the everyday sense "normal". Others have more of a human presence dealing with the many events that unfold between people. When these two worlds are brought together, an often overlooked impication of acontinuity between them arises- a suggestion of one whole "nature" that encompasses all things, human or otherwise, causes and effects alike. (gaLerie Quynh *118 Nguyen Van Thu, Dakao, District 1, HCMC *Hotline: 028 3822 7218)


March 23 - 30


Opens on March 23

Pacific Rim Uprising 10 years after the Battle of the Breach, Jake Pentecost, the son of the deceased former leader, Stacker Pentecost, made a promise to his father to join the Jaeger, a team of massive mechanized warriors and stand against the Kaiju, massive monsters plaguing the world. The global fight between the monsters who plan to destroy the world and giant man-made robots created to defeat these monsters promises to be a tough and dramatic battle since the monsters have now evolved tremendously since the previous film in terms of their physical and mental strength. The movie promises to satisfy every man's inner child. If anything like the first installment, expect ridiculous action and massive fight sequences that have more finesse than most recent Michael Bay movies, and probably more plot than the Transformer series, low bar that it is. It might not impress a lady on a first date, but it'll sure be a lot of pure action fun. Soon showing in CGV cinemas nationwide.



The show depicts the charming beauty and cultural richness of Vietnamese life in the countryside versus the country's racing urbanization. The show is a unique mix of bamboo cirque, acrobatic acts, contemporary dance, and theatrical visual art, all of which are used to create vivid stories and color palettes that are often found both in the city and village's life. The mesmerizing music is played live, and uses more than 17 musical folk and modern instruments. Ticket price: 630,000 - 1,470,000 (saigon oPera house *7 Cong Truong Lam Son, District 1, HCMC *Hotline: 0124 518 1188)




3 4


Spring Night Out MÈt chi’c ∏o len m·ng nhã k’t hÓp cÔng qu«n jeans sœ lµ trang phÙc phÔ hÓp cho nµng trong nh˜ng buÊi dπo tËi, d≠Ìi ti’t trÍi mÔa xu©n cn chÛt se lπnh. A light sweater and a nice pair of jeans make the perfect outfit for evening walks and during the chilly winds of spring.


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BÅN HíA CA CûA THI£N NHI£N, KI⁄N TR@C VÄ CON NG¶òI TP.HCM ß∑ tı l©u, kh´ng gian sËng xanh trÎ thµnh ni“m kh∏t khao nh· cÒa ng≠Íi d©n thµnh phË. ß” t◊m ki’m mÈt n¨i vıa ÆÒ xa Æ” c„ th” trËn kh·i s˘ Ân µo phË th, t◊m v“ s˘ y™n t‹nh trong khung c∂nh thi™n nhi™n nh≠ng lπi vıa ÆÒ g«n Æ” kh´ng qu∏ xa rÍi trung t©m Æ«y ÆÒ ch¯c n®ng, ti÷n nghi th◊ Celadon City hºn lµ mÈt s˘ l˘a ch‰n hoµn h∂o.

TËc ÆÈ ph∏t tri”n nhanh ch„ng m∆t bi’n nh˜ng Æ´ th lÌn thµnh m∂ng x∏m v´ hÂn. MÁi s∏ng, c≠ d©n thµnh phË b≠Ìc ra tı c®n hÈ vu´ng v¯c, len l·i vµo dng ng≠Íi dµi b†t tÀn ti’n v“ c∏c ta cao Ëc v®n phng sang tr‰ng. ß” rÂi Æ™m Æ’n, h‰ v…n th≠Íng nªm trong chi’c hÈp ngÈt ngπt, m¨ v“ mÈt buÊi s∏ng th¯c gi†c vÌi khung c∂nh thi™n nhi™n xanh m∏t, kh´ng kh› trong lµnh. Mang trong m◊nh s¯ m÷nh ki’n tπo vµ ph∏t tri”n mÈt khu Æ´ th hi÷n Æπi, ha hÓp vÌi thi™n nhi™n, Celadon City nÊi bÀt vÌi khu´n vi™n c©y xanh tr∂i rÈng 16 ha cÔng lËi thi’t k’ hµi ha. Sˆ dÙng ph«n lÌn di÷n t›ch Ɔt Æ” x©y d˘ng c´ng vi™n, h Æi“u ha vµ h÷ thËng ti÷n ›ch, c≠ d©n tπi



"thµnh phË xanh thu nh·" Celadon City lu´n c„ sΩn n¨i vui ch¨i, gi∂i tr›, th≠ gi∑n tinh th«n ngay d≠Ìi khu´n vi™n sinh sËng vµ hoµn toµn tÀn h≠Îng khung c∂nh thi™n nhi™n y™n b◊nh tı m‰i g„c nh◊n. C∏c lËi t∂n bÈ nªm xem l…n d≠Ìi b„ng c©y xanh m∏t bao quanh h c∂nh quan vµ k’t nËi Æ’n c∏c khu v˘c ti÷n ›ch nh≠: Khu ph¯c hÓp th” dÙc th” thao lÌn nh†t Vi÷t Nam, Khu v˘c »m th˘c - Cafä, Khu mua sæm, Rπp chi’u phim... tπo n™n kh´ng gian sËng hµi ha, ƺng c†p bÀc nh†t Sµi thµnh. Khu Æ´ th Celadon City Æang mÎ b∏n block cuËi cÔng cÒa Khu c®n hÈ cao c†p Emerald vÌi nhi“u ≠u Æ∑i h†p d…n. HÈi tÙ nh˜ng gi∏ tr vµng tπo n™n mÈt ƺng c†p sËng hoµn m¸, Emerald Precinct Æ≠Óc ch®m chÛt tı c∂nh quan, ti÷n ›ch Æ’n nÈi th†t b™n trong. Kh∏c bi÷t kh´ng chÿ nªm Î c∏c thi’t k’ ≠u vi÷t mµ Î Æ©y c∏c c®n hÈ Æ“u c„ ban c´ng, n¨i giao thoa gi˜a næng vµ gi„, cÔng kh´ng gian c´ng vi™n c©y xanh trµn ngÀp. C„ th” n„i, tıng chi ti’t nh· tπi Celadon City Æ“u h≠Ìng tÌi mÙc ti™u n©ng t«m ch†t l≠Óng cuÈc sËng vµ bÂi Ææp gi∏ tr tinh th«n trong mÁi gia Æ◊nh, mÁi hÈ c≠ d©n.

Green living space has gradually become the most popular type of home for city residents. Celadon City is the perfect choice for those who are looking to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city to find a home with natural setting that provides tranquility, yet is close enough to the city center for essential convenience and comfort. Fast development rates are turning big cities into unfeeling blocks of concrete. It has become an inescapable habit for city residents to get out of their boxy apartments in the morning, follow long streams of people heading toward luxury office buildings. At night, they then lie in their bed, and dream about waking up to a green vast open space and beautifully fresh air. Celadon City, a project with a mission to recreate and develop a modern urban area in harmony with nature, stands out with a harmoniously designed 16-hectare green landscape. Most areas in Celadon City are used for parks, lakes, and utilities, so residents can always enjoy themselves from entertainment complexes to relaxation centers in a space intergrated with natural setting at every corner. The walkways, which are covered under the shade of large trees, are located close to the lakes, and connect one complex to another from the sports complex considered largest in Vietnam, to cuisine - cafeteria area, to shopping malls as well as the cinema, creating a truly harmonious and luxurious living space in Saigon. Celadon City is opening the last block of the Emerald Apartment for sale with many attractive offers. The Emerald Precinct has all the golden points of a luxury living from welldesigned landscape, to extremely modern utilities, to beautiful interior. Apart from superior design, all units in Celadon City feature a balcony for its residents to enjoy the most natural living space filled with wind and sunshine, and a beautiful view of the surrounding landscape.

A PERFECT BLEND OF NATURE, ARCHITECTURE AND PEOPLE celaDon ciTy sales gallery * 88, N1 Street, Son Ky Ward, Tan Phu District, HCMC * Hotline: 0903 340 888 * Web:



Branded Residences SˇNG ßòI XA Xé! Branded Residences - A luxury trend on fire

Kh´ng ph∏t tri”n  πt, cÚng chºng giËng b†t k˙ loπi h◊nh nhµ Î nµo kh∏c, c®n hÈ Branded Residences chÿ tÂn tπi Î m¯c c˘c k˙ "hi’m" vÌi nh˜ng ti™u chu»n xa hoa bÀc nh†t. ß≠Óc giÌi chuy™n m´n Æ∏nh gi∏ lµ chi’n l≠Óc th´ng minh "Æÿnh cao" cÒa c∏c nhµ Æ«u t≠ b†t ÆÈng s∂n hµng Æ«u, Branded Residences Æ∑ ki’n tπo n™n mÈt chu»n m˘c sËng mÌi cho giÌi th≠Óng l≠u: H≠Îng thÙ kh´ng giÌi hπn! Unlike other residential properties, Branded Residences are a growing concept in luxury housing that provides the highest-quality services to their residents, and are carefully chosen among top investors. Considered the smartest strategy by leading real estate investors, Branded Residences have redefined luxury living, and perfectly cater to the needs of wealthy individuals - to enjoy premium "homes".









…n cfln lµ kh∏i ni÷m lπ l…m Î Vi÷t Nam nh≠ng tı nh˜ng n®m 80 cÒa th’ k˚ tr≠Ìc, Branded Residences Æ∑ ph∏t tri”n nhanh ch„ng Î Bæc M¸ vµ hi÷n lµ trµo l≠u thfinh hµnh Î Dubai, thµnh phË trong m¨ cÒa giÌi si™u giµu tr™n toµn th’ giÌi. Branded Residences hay cfln g‰i "c®n hÈ c„ th≠¨ng hi÷u quËc t’" th˘c ch†t lµ mÈt tÊ hÓp ki’n trÛc, trong Æ„ khu d©n c≠ nªm k“ mÈt kh∏ch sπn hay khu c®n hÈ dfich vÙ hπng sang, Æ≠Óc thıa h≠Îng c∏c dfich vÙ, ti÷n ›ch danh gi∏, ÆÂng thÍi Æ≠Óc kh∏ch sπn tr˘c ti’p qu∂n l˝ vµ vÀn hµnh theo nh˜ng chu»n m˘c n®m sao trÎ l™n. V“ chu»n m˘c thi’t k’, d˘ ∏n ph∂i Æ≠Óc l™n ˝ t≠Îng vµ ∏p dÙng c∏c quy Æfinh ki’n trÛc nghi™m ng∆t tı ch›nh th≠¨ng hi÷u qu∂n l˝, d˘a tr™n c∏c Æi“u kho∂n Æ∑ th·a thuÀn tı tr≠Ìc. V◊ l› do nµy mµ c∏c tÊ hÓp Branded Residences lÌn tr™n th’ giÌi Æ“u sÎ h˜u thi’t k’ ÆÈc Æ∏o vµ mang ÆÀm d†u †n qu˝ ph∏i, sang tr‰ng trong tıng Æ≠Íng nät ki’n trÛc cÚng nh≠ nÈi th†t. ß∆c bi÷t, gi˜a r†t nhi“u d˘ ∏n kh∏ch sπn, resort, bi÷t th˘ nghÿ d≠Ïng cao c†p th◊ c∏c d˘ ∏n Branded Residences lu´n dµnh Æ≠Óc cho m◊nh nh˜ng vfi tr› s∏ng gi∏ vµ Æ∏ng m¨ ≠Ìc nh†t. ô Miami, Armani Residences gi˜ vfi tr› Æãp nh†t tr™n b∑i bi”n Sunny Isles Beach; Bulgari Hotel & Residences t‰a lπc ngay Knightsbridge (London, V≠¨ng quËc Anh) vµ Yoo Nordelta nªm ngay trung t©m thÒ Æ´ Buenos Aires (Argentina).



WHAT ARE BRANDED RESIDENCES? Still a foreign concept in Vietnam, Branded Residences have rapidly evolved in North America since the early 1980s, and are currently developing rapidly in Dubai, the dream city of the super-rich. Branded Residences is an architectural complex which includes a residential area located adjacent to a luxury hotel or serviced apartment with all the services and facilities managed by well-known hotel operators according to strict five star standards. In terms of architecture and design, these properties must adhere strictly to architectural rules from its own management brand, as well as according to agreed terms. This is the reason why large Branded Residences in the world feature unique designs with a luxurious touch in every details. Among hotels, resorts, and luxury villas, Branded Residences properties earn the most prestigious locations around the world, for example, the Armani Residences on Sunny Isles Beach in Miami, USA, the Bulgari Hotel & Residences in Knightsbridge in London, UK, and the Yoo Nordelta in central Buenos Aires, Argentina.






C„ th” hi”u, n’u bπn Æ«u t≠, sÎ h˜u mÈt c®n hÈ thuÈc hπng "Branded Residences", c„ ngh‹a nh≠ bπn mua, ho∆c Æ«u t≠ vµo mÈt c®n phflng cÒa kh∏ch sπn ƺng c†p 5 sao th◊ cuÈc sËng cÒa bπn tı nay sœ chÿ... h≠Îng thÙ vµ h≠Îng thÙ mµ th´i. M´ h◊nh b†t ÆÈng s∂n nµy ph∏t tri”n d˘a tr™n ni“m tin rªng giÌi th≠Óng l≠u kh´ng chÿ muËn sÎ h˜u b†t ÆÈng s∂n mµ h‰ cfln muËn tÀn h≠Îng lÓi ›ch tı dfich vÙ vµ lÓi nhuÀn ti“m n®ng. ßÂng thÍi, h‰ cÚng muËn h≠Îng thÙ phong c∏ch sËng sang tr‰ng Æ≠Óc qu∂n l˝ bÎi c∏c th≠¨ng hi÷u danh gi∏ vµ ƺng c†p v≠Ót trÈi h¨n hºn c∏c c®n hÈ kh´ng c„ th≠¨ng hi÷u kh∏c. ßi“u Æ„ c„ ngh‹a lµ kh∏ch hµng ph∂i tr∂ ph› th™m kho∂ng 29% cho "t™n tuÊi", ƺng c†p Æ„. Hi÷n c„ tr™n 50 th≠¨ng hi÷u uy t›n tr™n toµn th’ giÌi Æ∑ b≠Ìc ch©n vµo m´ h◊nh nµy, bao gÂm Starwood, Fairmont, Aman, Hyatt Regency, W Hotels, Shangri-La, Banyan Tree... vµ nhi“u th≠¨ng hi÷u thÍi trang xa xÿ nh≠ Bulgari, Versace, Moschino hay Armani. T†t c∂ Æ“u mang phong c∏ch cÒa ri™ng h‰ nh≠ng v…n lu´n Æ∂m b∂o Æ≠Óc ƺng c†p th≠Óng l≠u vµ Æ∏p ¯ng ti™u chu»n khæt khe trong m´ h◊nh Æ«u t≠ nµy. Danh ti’ng cÒa nh˜ng th≠¨ng hi÷u nµy cÚng lµ s˘ Æ∂m b∂o cho vi÷c Æ«u t≠ c„ lÓi nhuÀn, ÆÂng thÍi d…n Æ’n mÈt s˘ "ch‰n l‰c" kh∏ch hµng kh∏ khæt khe.


he high demand for these properties is based on the idea that wealthy property buyers want to not only gain ownership of a property, but also enjoy the benefits from the services it provides as well as from its potential profit. They want to, at the same time, experience a luxurious lifestyle managed by reputable and prestigious brands. It is understandable that customers often have to pay 29 per cent more for a hotel branded residence. Today, over 50 prestigious brands around the world have adopted this model, including Starwood, Fairmont, Aman, Hyatt Regency, W Hotels, Shangri-La, and Banyan Tree, as well as many luxury fashion brands such as Bulgari, Versace, Moschino, and Armani. Each has their own individual style, but the level of luxury standards is well-maintained.




D1MENSION - KI⁄N TÑO TH⁄ GIõI XA Xé ô B£N BÑN! πn c„ muËn sÎ h˜u mÈt c®n hÈ Branded Residences vµ Î ngay trong c®n hÈ cÒa m◊nh h≠Îng thÙ Æ«y ÆÒ c∏c dfich vÙ, ti÷n ›ch hπng sang theo chu»n m˘c 5 sao?

Tπi Vi÷t Nam, tÀp Æoµn CapitaLand (Singapore) lµ nhµ Æ«u t≠ ti™n phong cho ra mæt d˘ ∏n Branded Residences nhµ Î Æ«u ti™n tπi TP. H Ch› Minh. T‰a lπc tπi m∆t ti“n ßπi lÈ V‚ V®n Ki÷t, Q.1, D1MENSION sÎ h˜u t«m nh◊n tuy÷t Æãp h≠Ìng ra s´ng Sµi Gfln, d‘ dµng k’t nËi tÌi khu trung t©m tµi ch›nh vµ c∏c tr≠Íng h‰c quËc t’. B™n cπnh vfi tr› ÆÈc t´n th◊ lËi ki’n trÛc hºn lµ mÈt Æi”m s∏ng Æ∏ng chÛ ˝ cÒa d˘ ∏n. S∂nh Æ„n Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ d≠Ìi dπng m∏i vflm tr∏ng l÷ vµ xa hoa lµ †n t≠Óng Æ«u ti™n. MÁi c®n hÈ cÒa D1MENSION Æ≠Óc xem nh≠ mÈt kh´ng gian ngh÷ thuÀt vÌi c∏c s∂n ph»m nÈi th†t tinh t’ cÒa c∏c th≠¨ng hi÷u danh gi∏ tr™n th’ giÌi nh≠ Armani Roca, Villeroy & Bosch hay De Dietrich... Kh´ng c«n m´ t∂ bªng nhi“u ng´n tı m¸ mi“u bÎi b∂n th©n nh˜ng th≠¨ng hi÷u nµy Æ≠Óc xem nh≠ mÈt di s∂n v®n ho∏ tπi Ch©u ¢u vµ s˘ hi÷n di÷n cÒa chÛng lu´n Æem lπi vŒ Æãp hoµn h∂o cho m‰i c´ng tr◊nh.




D1MENSION - LUXURY LIVING AT ITS FINEST Do you want to own a Branded Residences apartment and enjoy the use of 5-star services, facilities, and amenities? In Vietnam, Capital Land (Singapore) is the first investor who is introducing D1MENSION, the first Branded Residence situated in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Located on Vo Van Kiet Boulevard, District 1 with an exceptionally beautiful view of the Saigon River, D1MENSION provides easy access to major financial centers and international schools in the area. Besides owning a prestigious location, the architecture present in D1mension is one of its major highlights. The lobbies often feature a luxurious and magnificent dome. Each unit is a work of art with remarkable interior pieces from world's leading interior brands such as Armani Roca, Villeroy & Bosch, and De Dietrich. Each of these brands has been reputable for hundreds of years in Europe, and their interior pieces provide the perfect touch to residences.






Hµng loπt tÊ hÓp ti÷n ›ch xa hoa cÔng h÷ thËng dfich vÙ qu∂n l˝ xu†t sæc tı ƨn vfi qu∂n l˝ d˘ ∏n, tÀp Æoµn The Ascott danh ti’ng, sœ th˘c s˘ bi’n D1mension thµnh Æ›ch Æ’n cÒa giÌi th≠Óng l≠u. C„ th” k” Æ’n s¯c h†p d…n cÒa h b¨i n≠Ìc m∆n sµn k›nh vµ phflng Gym tr™n kh´ng ngæm nh◊n c∂ thµnh phË hay nhµ hµng sang tr‰ng, tr≠Íng h‰c, b÷nh vi÷n, trung t©m th≠¨ng mπi vµ c∏c dfich vÙ ch®m s„c c∏ nh©n Æ∆c quy“n nh≠ Æ∆t vä m∏y bay, Æ∆t nhµ hµng, kh∏ch sπn, dfich vÙ ÆÁ xe, dfich vÙ vÀn chuy”n trong khu´n vi™n d˘ ∏n... ß„ Æ“u lµ nh˜ng ti÷n ›ch tr≠Ìc giÍ chÿ c„ m∆t tπi c∏c khu nghÿ d≠Ïng vµ kh∏ch sπn 5 sao, kh„ Æ≠Óc tÀn h≠Îng ngay tπi nhµ. D1MENSION vÌi phong c∏ch Branded Residence khºng Æfinh s˘ ph∏t tri”n v≠Ót bÀc cÒa tr› tu÷: con ng≠Íi ngµy cµng Æπt tÌi Æÿnh cao cÒa s˘ h≠Îng thÙ khi bi’t Æ«u t≠ th´ng minh!


uxurious facilities combined with excellent management services from The Ascott Limited, a leading international residence owner-operator, are expected to transform D1mension into a premium residence for the wealthy. From glass-enclosed saltwater swimming pool, to fully-equipped gyms with breathtaking view of the city, to luxury restaurants, schools, hospitals, shopping centers, and exclusive personal care services such as flight booking, restaurant booking, hotel booking, parking service, and shipping service within site. These are all the facilities that previously could only be found in 5-star hotels and resorts. D1MENSION as a Branded Residence will lay its foundation in creating a whole new level of premium housing.



KH@C GIAO MùA Transitional dressing



PHOTOGRAPHER: ¢n BÔi - MODEL: HHHV 2018 H'Hen Ni™ MUA: Cao Qu˝ D≠¨ng - STYLIST: L™ Hªng - CREATIVE PRODUCER: Phan C∏c TrÛc FASHION: SHE by Hoa Nguyen, VANANH Scarlet, NG 3.5 , HOBB Design, Lea's by Le Ha, Maddy Hates Rose, Xita ACCESSORIES: Celine, Gentle Monster, Stuart Weitzman, Rogue, Happyland, Topshop, Zara, An LOCATION: Wyndham Legend Halong, 12 Hπ Long, ph≠Íng B∑i Ch∏y, TP. Hπ Long, Qu∂ng Ninh

fashion fashion







h˜ng ngµy lπnh ng‰t, khœ khµng cÒa mÔa xu©n Æang tan d«n. Th∏ng Ba tÌi khi’n lflng ng≠Íi kh∏t khao nhÌ bi”n, thÃm Æ≠Óc Ææm m◊nh trong s˘ vÁ v“ cÒa s„ng. Gi˜a thÍi khæc giao mÔa, bÈ ∂nh thÍi trang th∏ng 3 cÒa Travellive sœ d…n lËi bπn v“ vÌi mi“n Ɔt di s∂n Hπ Long. ô Æ©y, bπn kh´ng chÿ c„ c¨ hÈi kh∏m ph∏ k◊ quan cÒa tπo h„a mµ cfln Æ≠Óc sËng trong h¨i thÎ ngh÷ thuÀt cÒa ki’n trÛc vµ thÍi trang. Trong kh´ng gian cÒa kh∏ch sπn 5 sao Wyndham Legend Halong Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ theo lËi t©n cÊ Æi”n, nh˜ng thi’t k’ thÍi trang l†y tone xanh bi”n lµm chÒ Æπo cµng to∏t l™n vŒ Æãp thanh tho∏t, kh∏c bi÷t, sang tr‰ng vµ quy’n rÚ.











µ kh∏ch sπn n®m sao mang th≠¨ng hi÷u quËc t’ duy nh†t tπi thµnh phË Hπ Long, Wyndham Legend Halong vÌi t«m nh◊n tuy÷t Æãp h≠Ìng v“ di s∂n thi™n nhi™n th’ giÌi Vfinh Hπ Long. 217 phflng hπng sang cÒa Wyndham Legend Halong mang ©m h≠Îng ki’n trÛc ch©u ¢u vÌi nÈi th†t sang tr‰ng, tinh t’ vµ nh˜ng ti÷n ›ch ƺng c†p nh†t Æem Æ’n cho du kh∏ch nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m kh„ qu™n.

Kh∏ch sπn 5 sao Wyndham Legend Halong c„ 181 phng vÌi t«m nh◊n h≠Ìng ra vnh Hπ Long WYNDHAM LEGEND HALONG FEATURES 181 BEAUTIFUL ROOMS WITH A VIEW OF HA LONG BAY

WYNDHAM LEGEND HALONG 12 Æ≠Íng Hπ Long, ph≠Íng B∑i Ch∏y, thµnh phË Hπ Long, Qu∂ng Ninh



THOSE SUBTLE sweet chilling days of Spring are fading away. March is coming with such great memory of the sea and an aspiration to be in the embrace of the waves. In this trasitional season, Travellive's fashion photoshoot of March would bring readers to the heritage land of Halong where you will not only have a chance to discover one of the Mother Nature's wonders but also experience the art of architecture and fashion. In the ambience of the five-star Wyndham Legend Halong with its modern classic design style, all the fashion creations in the theme color of the ocean blue seem to be more unique, luxury and irresistible. To be the sole international five-star hotel in Halong City, Wyndham Legend Halong with its breathtaking view overlooking to the world's natural heitage of Halong Bay will absolutely win the hearts of tourists. The 217 well-appointed rooms in European architectural style and lavish interior and world-class facilities of the Legend Halong would bring unforgettable experience to travelers.

S∂nh lÌn Wyndham Legend Halong Æãp lÈng l…y vÌi phong c∏ch thi’t k’ l∑ng mπn vµ t´ng mµu †m ∏p THE HOTEL'S LOBBY IS DESIGNED WITH ROMANTIC TOUCHES IN WARM TONES.

WYNDHAM LEGEND HALONG ADD: No 12 Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province






Tr™n th˘c t’, xät v“ vfi tr› Æfia l˝, Æ©y lµ vÔng Trung ¢u, nh≠ng n„ lπi nªm v“ "ph›a ß´ng cÒa b¯c t≠Íng Berlin". Nh˜ng quËc gia trong khu v˘c nµy chÀm mÈt nhfip ph∏t tri”n so vÌi ph›a T©y b¯c t≠Íng, c„ lœ v◊ th’ mµ v…n cfln l≠u gi˜ nhi“u nät cÊ k›nh vµ vŒ Æãp thanh b◊nh kh∏ ri™ng. Trong chuy’n Æi nµy, t´i Æ∑ nh◊n th†y nh˜ng m∂ng mµu kh∏c nhau cÒa nh˜ng th≠Ìc phim cÚ, l∑ng mπn vµ b◊nh y™n. Nh˜ng c∏nh ÆÂng tr∂i dµi uËn l≠Ón, g„c phË nh· xinh, con Æ≠Íng l∏t Æ∏ hay ng´i nhµ thÍ cÊ vµ dflng s´ng l¨ Æ∑ng. ß´ng ¢u trong mæt t´i c„ g◊ Æ„ buÂn buÂn, nhã mµ th™nh thang. MÈt chÛt l∑ng Æ∑ng cÒa kŒ dπo b≠Ìc kh´ng k’ hoπch, t´i la cµ, nh◊n ngæm cuÈc sËng vµ v»n v¨ v“ nh˜ng Æi“u thÀm ch› cfln ch≠a tr∂i qua, mÈt ß´ng ¢u mµ t´i Æ∑ tıng bi’t qua lÍi bµi h∏t, qua tranh ∂nh vµ nh˜ng bÈ phim x≠a cÚ.

B`C TRANH LÄNG QU£ TRONG TH⁄ GIõI CûA "CH@A NH√N" T´i ghä th®m mÈt lµng qu™ nh· Î mi“n Nam CÈng hfla Säc, vÔng Moravia. Tr≠Ìc mæt t´i lµ phong c∂nh lπ l…m, c∏nh ÆÂng uËn l≠Ón b™n nh˜ng ng‰n ÆÂi xanh l´ nh´ gi˜a vÔng trÍi rÈng lÌn. DÔ c„ r∏ng ph„ng t«m mæt Æ” nh◊n ngæm th◊ c∂ c∏nh ÆÂng †y v…n lµ kho∂ng kh´ng dµi v´ tÀn, m™nh m´ng Æ’n tÀn ch©n trÍi. Thi tho∂ng hi÷n ra vµi ng´i nhµ nh· lŒ loi hay mÈt Ƶn nai lang thang tr™n c∏nh ÆÂng mÔa Æ´ng, y™n b◊nh g∆m c·. C∂nh sæc buÂn buÂn, tho∏ng chÛt s≠¨ng kh„i l∑ng Æ∑ng lπi hÌp hÂn t´i. C¯ th’, t´i Æi m∑i vµ ngæm m∑i kho∂ng kh´ng tr∂i dµi nh≠ nh˜ng ÆÓt s„ng lÌn †y. ß´i khi ›ch k˚, ghät l©y nh˜ng c¨n gi„ lµm x∏o ÆÈng s˘ t‹nh l∆ng cÒa thi™n nhi™n, vπn vÀt. Moravia c¯ nh≠ mÈt vÔng Ɔt trong ChÛa Nh…n. VÔng nµy cfln Æ≠Óc g‰i lµ Little Tuscany v◊ nh˜ng c∏nh ÆÂng giËng vÔng Tuscany cÒa ≥. M∆c dÔ t´i ghä th®m kh´ng ph∂i mÔa lÛa ch›n nh≠ng th´i, bªng lflng ch›nh lµ hπnh phÛc. Vµ c∂m gi∏c khi bæt g∆p mÈt "chapel" gi˜a c∏nh ÆÂng m™nh m´ng thÀt b◊nh y™n khi’n t´i qu™n khu†y gi†c m¨ v“ c∏nh ÆÂng lÛa ch›n. Chapel giËng nh≠ nh˜ng am mi’u thÍ Î lµng qu™ Vi÷t Nam nh≠ng thÀt ra n„ ch›nh lµ mÈt nhµ nguy÷n nh·, bÎi Æa ph«n ng≠Íi d©n ß´ng ¢u theo Æπo Thi™n ChÛa. Cµng Æi tÌi, khung c∂nh ph›a tr≠Ìc kh´ng cfln lµ ÆÂng lÛa b∏t ng∏t. Thay vµo Æ„ lµ nh˜ng c©y dŒ cao vµ nh˜ng c©y sÂi to lÌn xum xu™ hay Æ´i khi lµ nh˜ng c©y kim t≠Ìc cªn cÁi rÀp rÍn trong gi„. Ng≠Íi n´ng d©n Î Æ©y th≠Íng dÔng cµnh sÂi nh≠ mÈt th¯ gÁ Æ” ÆËt trong suËt mÔa Æ´ng gi∏ rät. Cπnh nh˜ng c∏nh ÆÂng vµ tr™n nh˜ng ng‰n ÆÂi th≠Íng lµ ng´i lµng nh·. Bπn sœ d‘ dµng nhÀn ra nh˜ng ng´i lµng †y bÎi th∏p chu´ng cÒa mÈt ng´i nhµ thÍ hay nh˜ng cuÈn kh„i xanh t·a ra tı m∏i b’p. Ng´i lµng th≠Íng lµ n¨i trÛ ch©n cho nh˜ng vfi kh∏ch lÏ Æ≠Íng nh≠ t´i vµ mÈt ng≠Íi bπn ÆÂng hµnh. May mæn thay, ngµy h´m Æ„ t´i Æ≠Óc mÈt ng≠Íi bπn mÌi quen chÎ Æi xem Æoµn tµu cÊ ra vµo ga. C∂m gi∏c chÍ Æoµn tµu vµ chÙp cho k˙ Æ≠Óc t†m ∂nh Æoµn tµu Æi tÌi chºng kh∏c nµo c∂nh chÍ chuy’n tµu Æ™m cÒa hai chfi em trong t∏c ph»m cÒa nhµ v®n Thπch Lam. ßoµn tµu Æ’n nhanh, Æi nhanh, mang Æ’n s˘ sËng ÆÈng t¯c thÍi vµ cÚng tr∂ lπi s˘ t‹nh l∆ng ngay t¯c khæc.

ß«u n®m 2018, ÆÈc gi∂ c„ dp g∆p lπi travel blogger Hoµng L™ Giang qua bµi vi’t thÛ v v“ chuy’n Æi ß´ng ¢u cÒa anh. L«n nµy, Hoµng L™ Giang Æ∑ Æi r†t ng…u h¯ng vµ "r“ rµ" theo phong c∏ch cÒa m◊nh, lang thang qua tıng g„c phË, con Æ≠Íng, s∏ng cµ ph™, chi“u uËng vang. T∏c gi∂ t©m s˘, Æ©y lµ khÎi Æ«u thi v cho mÈt n®m 2018 vÌi nhi“u mÙc ti™u. Bµi: Hoµng L™ Giang, B∂o Khuy™n - Ånh: Hoµng L™ Giang

ß´ng ¢u trong mæt t´i c„ g◊ Æ„ buÂn buÂn, nhã mµ th™nh thang...





Tı nh˜ng bÀc thang l™n ÆÂi St. Matthias church Î Budapest (Hungary) Æ’n b¯c t≠Íng Î Bratislava (Slovakia), tı con phË Brno Æ’n ng‚ hŒm Î Prague (Säc), tı dflng s´ng Danube xanh ch∂y ngang qua thµnh phË Budapest cho Æ’n c©y c«u ki™n cË bæc qua n„... T†t c∂ gieo lπi trong t´i c∂m gi∏c muËn lang thang, Ææm m◊nh trong nh˜ng thµnh phË ß´ng ¢u m∑i. Nh≠ mÈt ng≠Íi Æ∑ qua b™n kia con dËc cuÈc ÆÍi, nh˜ng thµnh phË giµ cÁi vÌi nh˜ng g„c y™n æng sau buÊi ti÷c t†t ni™n c„ s¯c thu hÛt vµ tr«m t‹nh Æ’n lπ k˙. G„c nµo cÚng tuy“n mÈt ch†t th¨, nh≠ c„ mÈt c©u chuy÷n k” v“ mÈt ph«n cuÈc ÆÍi Æ∑ tr´i qua. T´i kh´ng c„ chÒ Æ›ch Æi Æ’n mÈt n¨i nµo, kh´ng b∂n ÆÂ, kh´ng Æi”m mËc, chÿ quanh khu phË cÊ, Æi m·i th◊ ngÂi nh©m nhi t∏ch cµ ph™ nghe nhπc nh◊n ngæm ng≠Íi qua Æ≠Íng, c„ khi chÿ lµ ngæm mÈt c∏i ÆÃn, b¯c t≠Íng, hµnh lang nh≠ mÈt ng≠Íi dÎ h¨i. VÌi t´i, Æ„ lµ nh˜ng Æi“u nËi qu∏ kh¯ vÌi hi÷n tπi. ô c∏c n≠Ìc ph≠¨ng T©y, ng≠Íi ta c„ th„i quen mÎ ra c∏c b∂o tµng nh· ghi chäp, l≠u gi˜ v“ mÈt m„n Æ mang d†u t›ch cÒa thÍi gian. N’u Î ThÙy ßi”n t´i tıng ghä qua mÈt b∂o tµng di™m quãc th◊ Î Slovakia t´i ghä th®m b∂o t∂ng nh· v“ ÆÂng hÂ. B∂o tµng tuy bä vµ kän kh∏ch tham quan nh≠ng h‰ v…n gi˜ cho n„ hoπt ÆÈng dÔ t´i thi’t ngh‹, c„ khi h‰ chºng thu ÆÒ ti“n tr∂ cho nh©n vi™n ch®m s„c b∂o tµng. ô Æ©y l≠u lπi sÊ s∏ch ghi chäp nguÂn gËc cÒa chi’c ÆÂng h ƫu ti™n. Bπn c„ th” bæt g∆p chi’c ÆÂng h qu∂ qu˝t bä tão hay c∂ nh˜ng chi’c Æ sÈ Æ≠Óc treo trong c∏c tfla l©u Ƶi. Trong vµi thÀp k˚ tr≠Ìc, ÆÂng h ch›nh lµ tµi s∂n qu˝ gi∏ nh†t trong mÈt gia Æ◊nh. Chuy’n Æi cÒa t´i c¯ nhã nhµng nh≠ th’, ngµy qua vµ Æ™m xuËng. T´i lang thang tr™n c∏c con phË, leo l™n con dËc Æ” Æ’n vÌi ng´i nhµ thÍ Kito gi∏o hay ngæm c∏c c©y c«u r˘c s∏ng v“ Æ™m. N’u Æ∑ Æ’n ß´ng ¢u th◊ ki’n trÛc ch›nh lµ mÈt ph«n g©y ngπc nhi™n. Bπn sœ ch◊m Ææm trong lËi ki’n trÛc Æ«y ph´ tr≠¨ng vµ kh´ng käm ph«n tinh t’ †y. T´i bfi l´i cuËn bÎi c©y c«u cÊ Charles bæc qua s´ng Vltava tπi Prague, CÈng hfla Säc. C©y c«u mang d†u t›ch cÒa thÍi gian, cÒa lfich sˆ, lµ Æ«u mËi th´ng th≠¨ng quan tr‰ng gi˜a ß´ng ¢u vµ T©y ¢u. N’u chuy’n Æi nhµn nh∑, bπn Æıng ngπi dıng ch©n tr™n c«u l≠u lπi b¯c ch©n dung hay læng nghe ng≠Íi d©n n¨i Æ©y k” v“ lfich sˆ cÒa c©y c«u cÊ. ß„ sœ lµ nh˜ng c©u chuy÷n, nh˜ng truy“n thuy’t bπn chºng th” t◊m th†y trong s∏ch vÎ.

AN TOÄN ñ ß´ng ¢u vÌi t´i kh∏ an toµn, ngay c∂ khi t´i l≠u lπi mÈt Æ™m tπi vÔng qu™ væng ng≠Íi. H∑y ghä vµi n¨i bπn th›ch, vµi Æa danh nÊi ti’ng, vµi c´ng tr◊nh v‹ Æπi, kh´ng ph∂i v◊ Æ” bªng bπn bªng bà mµ v◊ n„ Æ∏ng gi∏. KHÉM PHÉ ñ N’u bπn du lch chÀm, h∑y Î th™m vµi ngµy trong ng´i lµng nh· tπi vÔng Moravia, læng nghe ti’ng chu´ng nhµ thÍ vµo lÛc tÍ mÍ s∏ng hay ngæm nh◊n ng≠Íi d©n chu»n b ra ÆÂng. Vµ Æıng qu™n tham quan c∏c b∂o tµng nh· xinh trong thµnh phË, n¨i mang lπi ki’n th¯c thÛ v trong hµnh trang cÒa bπn. N’u c„ th” h∑y vi’t lπi vµi Æi“u bπn †n t≠Óng v´ cuËn sÊ tay nh·. TRÅI NGHIåM ñ ß” hµnh tr◊nh ß´ng ¢u kh´ng b l∑ng ph›, bπn nh†t Ænh ph∂i Æi tr™n chuy’n tµu lˆa tı Praha (Säc) Æ’n Bratislava (Slovakia) vµ v“ tÌi Budapest (Hungary), thÍi gian ngÂi tr™n tµu sœ chºng kh∏c nh˜ng th≠Ìc phim quay chÀm. Nh≠ng n’u bπn y™u th›ch s˘ hi÷n Æπi tı nh˜ng thµnh phË c´ng nghi÷p, h∑y t◊m Æ’n c∏nh ÆÂng quπt gi„ Î Slovakia vµ ghä th®m c∏c h∑ng s∂n xu†t xe Huyndai Æ∆t Î Æ„. ¬M TH#C ¢m th˘c Î Æ©y kh´ng kh„ ®n. C„ tr™n 20 loπi xÛc x›ch vµ m≠Íi m†y loπi bia cho bπn ch‰n. N’u th›ch r≠Óu, h∑y thˆ nh†m nh∏p mÈt ngÙm r≠Óu m∏u b t„t Î Hungary. Vµ ®n thˆ ph´mai tı m∏y b∏n hµng t˘ ÆÈng v◊ Æa ph«n c∏c m„n ®n Î Slovakia Æ≠Óc lµm tı s˜a.

Ti’p tÙc hµnh tr◊nh ß´ng ¢u, t´i dıng ch©n tπi Hungary. Hungary ph∏t tri”n chÀm h¨n Säc vµ Slovakia, nhÍ th’ v…n nguy™n nät tr«m t≠ vµ cÊ k›nh. T´i tham quan vµi c´ng tr◊nh v‹ Æπi cÒa thÒ Æ´ nh≠ Tfla nhµ quËc hÈi vµ c©y c«u X›ch bæc qua dflng s´ng Danube th¨ mÈng chia Budapest thµnh hai ph«n. BÍ tr∏i lµ thµnh phË Buda vµ bÍ ph∂i lµ thµnh phË Pest. N’u bÍ tr∏i Buda Æ≠Óc x©y d˘ng tr™n mÈt ng‰n ÆÂi vÌi nhi“u tfla l©u Ƶi nguy nga tuy÷t Æãp, bÍ ph∂i Pest Æ≠Óc x©y tr™n ÆÂng bªng vÌi nhi“u tfla nhµ cÊ k›nh. MÁi c´ng tr◊nh cÒa Budapest Æ“u Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ c«u k˙, tinh x∂o. Chi’c c«u X›ch - Chain Bridge lµ minh ch¯ng lfich sˆ cho nh˜ng c´ng tr◊nh ki’n trÛc tuy÷t m¸ Î Æ©y, vÌi h◊nh d∏ng bËn con s≠ tˆ nªm dµi, h∏ mi÷ng Æ«y uy l˘c.

ñ UËng: mÈt ly bia t≠¨i t«m 60.000VND, c„ khi cn rŒ h¨n n≠Ìc Æ„ng chai. Cn h«u h’t n≠Ìc vi Æ“u uËng Æ≠Óc.

Chuy’n Æi nµy t´i tÀn h≠Îng nhi“u h¨n, th≠ gi∑n nhi“u h¨n vµ nu´i d≠Ïng t©m hÂn m◊nh nhi“u h¨n. CÚng bÎi mÈt ph«n ß´ng ¢u qu∏ tr«m læng vµ thanh b◊nh n™n chuy’n Æi cÒa t´i cÚng v◊ th’ mµ dfiu dµng, b◊nh th∂n.

ñ °n: mÈt b˜a ®n Buffet tı 200.000VND - 400.000VND. Gi∏ c∂ t≠¨ng Æ≠¨ng vÌi ®n uËng trong qu∏n ®n Î Sµi Gn, Hµ NÈi.

MÍi ÆÈc gi∂ ti’p tÙc d‚i theo nh˜ng hµnh tr◊nh thÛ vfi cÒa travel blogger Hoµng L™ Giang trong n®m 2018 qua c∏c bµi vi’t sœ Æ®ng tr™n Travellive.


ñ MÈt sË n≠Ìc Î ch©u ¢u gi∏ c∂ t≠¨ng ÆËi rŒ mµ chÿ c«n visa Schegen Single entry lµ vµo Æ≠Óc: Hy Lπp, Ba Lan, CÈng Ha Säc, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgari, Slovenia. N’u vµo Croatia hay Romania th◊ bπn c«n visa multiple entry ho∆c lµ nhÀp c∂nh rÂi bay tı Æ„ v“ Vi÷t Nam (kh´ng nhÀp c∂nh lπi Schengen) Ri™ng c∏c n≠Ìc Baltic: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia th◊ m†y n®m g«n Æ©y kinh t’ Æi l™n n™n kh´ng cn rŒ læm tuy nhi™n gi∏ c∂ v…n Ên h¨n Hµ Lan, ≥, Éo vµ d‹ nhi™n lµ rŒ h¨n Bæc ¢u.


CHI PHê HÄNH TRçNH Chi ph› cho hµnh tr◊nh ß´ng ¢u kh∏ hÓp l˝.

ñ NgÒ: MÈt ngµy Î Airbnb th◊ t«m 20 - 40 euro cho mÈt Æ™m/phng. Cn Î kh∏ch sπn 4 sao Î Brno-CÈng ha Säc th◊ 75 euro/Æ™m, mÈt phng 50m2, c„ c∂ b’p.


EASTERN EUROPE, AN OLD WORLD CHARM Text: Hoang Le Giang, Bao Khuyen - Photos: Hoang Le Giang

My Eastern Europe trip was decided on the spur of the moment and without any planning. It was awesome to freely wander the streets, and enjoy the morning coffee and afternoon wine whenever I felt like it. What an amazing way to begin my 2018.



Eastern Europe has a charm that is utterly enticing to travelers like me. Geographically speaking, it is, in fact, Central Europe, but because it is located on the east side of the former Berlin Wall, it is has been since considered Eastern Europe. The countries in this region are slower in development than in the western part of the wall, presumably preserving their old world charm and a sense of tranquility. During the trip, I was lucky to catch a glimpse of the undeniable history, charm, and romance of Eastern Europe, from the fields that stretch far to the horizon, to picturesque corners, to beautiful cobblestone streets as well as ancient churchs and calm rivers. This land has a charm that is utterly enticing to travelers like me, those who love to wander about, take in the natural beauty of life, and dream about farflung corners of the Earth. The Eastern Europe trip fulfills a lifelong dream that I had and only knew about through old lyrics, pictures and films.

A pICTURESQUE VILLAGE FROM "THE LORD OF THE RINGS" I headed to a small village in southern Czech Republic, the Moravia region. Before my eyes, a breathtaking scenery unfolded which included the vast green hills and beautiful blue sky. Even if you open your eyes wide, the fields seem to stretch to infinity, all the way to the horizon. Some small houses and a herd of deer occasionally appeared and wandered into the picture. The scenery was so serene that it captured my soul. I was truly in awe of the open space of these fields. Only the winds could disturb this tranquility of nature. Moravia looks like it had come straight from a scene in the Lord of the Rings. The area is also known as Little Tuscany due to its Tuscan-like fields. I missed the most beautiful season here which was the ripe rice season, but I was happy nevertheless.





I love Eastern Europe for its picturesque sceneries, and old charm of the past that cannot be found anywhere else.

The sight of a chapel standing out in the middle of a vast field gave me a sense of peace that I had not known before. The chapel is the place that the locals go for prayer since most Eastern Europeans are Christian. As we approached the village, the vast rice fields were no longer in sight. They were replaced by tall chestnut trees and huge oak trees, or sometimes dwarfed Jerusalem thorn trees braving the strong winds. Villagers often burn oak for warmth during the cold winter. Situated on the hills are small villages, which can be easily recognized by the bell tower of a church or layers of smoke billowing out from their kitchen roofs. The villages are a great stop for travelers like us. A new friend whom I met at the village was kind enough to take us to see the old train. We waited at the station for the old train to arrive and took amazing photos of it. The train arrived and left so quickly before we knew it, bringing immediate movements and quickly returning its tranquility. Unplanned trips always turn out to be the most amazing and unforgettable. I was lucky to hear the church bells ring beautifully in the early morning, and see black smoke coming out from the kitchen roofs below. What a great way to start a new day. I was completely detached from the noisy and bustling world that I lived in. Instead I was worry-free about my future plans. I felt present right in the middle of the peaceful village, and here is where I will keep all of my beautiful memories. The sound of the church bell's ring signaled time for prayer, and the beginning of a new day, bringing me peace and warming my soul.

THE BRIDGE BETwEEN THE pAST AND THE pRESENT Eastern Europe presented to me two contrasting colors. One a peaceful and relaxing palette, and another that is ancient, and poetic. During this trip, I visited three big countries of Eastern Europe, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Hungary. The trip lasted almost half a month and I could not wish for more. I was free to let my soul roam around in remote villages and let myself become immersed in the history and romance of the cities. If you've been following me on my trips to the Himalayas and the Arctic, you will be surprised at why I chose such a peaceful trip this time! It is in fact, an important part of my life. I love Eastern Europe for its picturesque sceneries, and old charm of the past that cannot be found anywhere else. I visited Brno, the second largest city in the Czech Republic, the capital of Moravia. Since it is a big city, the amount of buildings and skyliners is substantial. But the most interesting thing about it is that it is detached from the old neighborhood, an area strongly preserved in terms of its architecture, color, and ancient features. From the route leading to the St. Matthias Church in Budapest (Hungary) to the wall in Bratislava (Slovakia), from Brno streets to alleys in Prague (Czech Republic), from the mellow Danube river crossing through the city of Budapest to the solid bridge over it. Every places that I visited in Eastern Europe kept me from ever wanting to leave. I was able to live a life of someone who had crossed to the other side of life. Every places that I went was so picturesque, and possess so much mystery of its past. I did not plan a single place, attraction or landmark to visit. I simply wandered around the old towns, enjoyed coffee, listening to music, and watching passersby. I sometimes simply stared at a lamp post, or a wall, or an old alley, feeling totally absent-minded. To me, that is what connects the past with the present.

VISA 単 Entry fees in some European countries are relatively inexpensive, and sometimes all you need is the Schegen Single entry visa which can get you into Greece, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, and Slovenia. To enter Croatia or Romania, you will either need a multiple entry visa, or enter these countries and fly back to Vietnam from there (you are not allowed to re-enter Schengen). For the Baltic countries such as Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, due to the recent economic growth, the visa fee is no longer as cheap as before, but it is still cheaper than the Netherlands, Italy, and Austria, and especially northern Europe. TRAVeL COSTS The cost for an Eastern Europe trip is quite reasonable. 単 Beverage: a fresh glass of beer costs 60,000VND, sometimes cheaper than bottled water. Tap water is safe to drink. 単 Food: a buffet meal costs from 200,000 - 400,000VND. Restaurant prices are equivalent to restaurant prices in Saigon and Hanoi. 単 Accommodation: An Airbnb property costs between 20 - 40 euros per night per room. A 4-star hotel room in Brno, Czech Republic, costs 75 euros per night for a 50m2 room with kitchen included. TRAVELLIVE


Author is in Budapest, the capital and the most populous city of Hungary

If you happen to be in Eastern Europe, you will be blown away by the amazing and sophisticated architecture here. TRAVELLIVE


MÌi Æ©y, Lonely Planet c´ng bË danh s∏ch b◊nh ch‰n 10 thµnh phË du lch Æ∏ng tÌi nh†t trong n®m 2018. ߯ng th¯ s∏u trong danh s∏ch, Antwerp (V≠¨ng quËc Bÿ) v´ t◊nh nªm trong cung Æ≠Íng b∂y ngµy kh∏m ph∏ n®m thµnh phË Î Hµ Lan vµ Bÿ cÒa t´i ngay thÍi Æi”m Æ„. Lonely Planet recently announced a list of the 10 most visitworthy cities in 2018. Ranked sixth on the list is Antwerp (Belgium), a city among five others I had intended to explore during my seven-day trip to the Netherlands and Belgium. Bµi: Ng‰c Quy™n Ånh: Ng‰c Quy™n, nhi“u t∏c gi∂



Tr≠Ìc khi Æ’n Antwerp (Antwerpen trong ti’ng Hµ Lan vµ Anvers trong ti’ng Ph∏p), t´i Æ∑ bi’t Æ’n c∏i t™n Æ∆c bi÷t cÒa thµnh phË qua truy“n thuy’t v“ g∑ khÊng l Druon Antigoon. G∑ khÊng l nµy th≠Íng hay ch∆n c∏c tµu bu´n qua lπi Î cˆa s´ng Scheldt Æ” Æfli ti“n "lÈ ph›". Nh˜ng ai kh´ng tr∂ sœ bfi Druon Antigoon ch∆t m†t mÈt bµn tay vµ quºng xuËng dflng s´ng! C©u chuy÷n v“ s˘ t∏c oai t∏c qu∏i cÒa Druon Antigoon l‰t Æ’n tai Silvius Brabo, mÈt chµng l›nh La M∑ trŒ tuÊi. Silvius Æ∑ chi’n thæng Druon Antigoon, vµ cæt bµn tay cÒa g∑ khÊng l quºng xuËng dflng Scheldt nh≠ mÈt c∏ch Æ” tr∂ thÔ cho nh˜ng nπn nh©n cÒa hæn. BÎi th’ mµ Antwerp, trong ti’ng Hµ Lan vµ ti’ng Anh cÊ, c„ ngh‹a lµ "näm bµn tay Æi"! Ngµy nay, khi Æ’n gi˜a qu∂ng tr≠Íng lÌn Grote Markt cÒa thµnh phË, bπn sœ bæt g∆p b¯c t≠Óng chµng thanh ni™n Silvius Brabo Æang xoay ng≠Íi l†y Ƶ, näm Æi bµn tay cÒa g∑ khÊng l Druon Antigoon ÆÈc ∏c. Antwerp lµ thµnh phË cuËi cÔng trong hµnh tr◊nh Amsterdam - Brussels - Bruges - Ghent - Antwerp cÒa t´i trong chuy’n ngao du T©y ¢u vµo cuËi n®m 2017. MÈt vµi ng≠Íi bπn ngh‹ rªng t´i c„ ph«n h¨i "hµo ph„ng" cho mÈt thµnh phË ›t Æ≠Óc d©n du lfich nhæc Æ’n khi Æ’n Bÿ, thay v◊ dµnh nhi“u thÍi gian h¨n cho "Venice cÒa ph≠¨ng Bæc". Nh≠ng vÌi hai ngµy l≠u lπi Æ©y, t´i lπi th†y hËi hÀn khi m◊nh kh´ng th” Î l©u th™m Æ≠Óc n˜a. N’u cÚng c„ k’ hoπch kh∏m ph∏ thµnh phË lÌn th¯ hai Î Bÿ nµy trong n®m nay, nh†t Æfinh bπn kh´ng th” b· lÏ 10 Æi“u sau Æ©y.


rior to arriving in Antwerp (Antwerpen in Dutch and Anvers in French), I had learned that the city got its unique name from a legend about a giant called Druon Antigoon. The giant exacted a toll from passing boatmen on the Scheldt river. Those who refused to pay had their hand cut off and thrown into the river by Druon Antigoon. The story of Druon Antigoon's monstrous deeds reached Silvius Brabo, a young Roman soldier. Silvius went on to defeat Antigoon, chop off the giant's own hand and toss it into the river to avenge his victims. Hence the name Antwerp, which means "throw the hand" in Dutch and Old English. At the city's Grote Market, you will find a statue of a young Silvius Brabo mid-throw, disposing of the hand of the evil Druon Antigoon. Antwerp was the last destination on my Amsterdam-BrusselsBruges-Ghent-Antwerp European tour in late 2017. Some might think I spent rather "too much time" in such a little known city of Belgium instead of visiting the popular Bruges - referred to as "The Venice of the North". My two-day stay in Antwerp did not do it justice, and I regreted not staying longer. If you are planning to explore this city, the second largest in Belgium in 2018, do not miss the following 10 things to do in Antwerp.



1 CHI£M NG¶öNG KI⁄N TR@C NHÄ GA TRUNG T¢M CENTRAAL STATION Nhµ ga trung t©m Antwerp (Antwerpen Centraal Station) lµ mÈt c´ng tr◊nh ki’n trÛc pha trÈn gi˜a nhi“u phong c∏ch ngh÷ thuÀt, tı Belle –poque Æ’n NeoRenaissance vµ c∂ Art Nouveau. Vµo n®m 2014, tπp ch› Mashable b◊nh ch‰n Antwerp Centraal Station Î v tr› th¯ nh†t cho hπng mÙc nh˜ng nhµ ga xe lˆa Æãp nh†t th’ giÌi! Vµ cÚng tı Æ©y, hµnh tr◊nh Æi bÈ kh∏m ph∏ Antwerp cÒa t´i bæt Æ«u!

ADMIRE THE ARCHITECTURE OF THE CENTRAL STATION The Antwerp Central Station is an architectural blend of various artistic styles ranging from the Belle –poque to the NeoRenaissance to the Art Nouveau style of the late 1800s. The station was voted as the world's most beautiful train station by Mashable Magazine in 2014. From here my trip to explore Antwerp began!





Grote Markt lµ t™n g‰i chung cho nh˜ng qu∂ng tr≠Íng lÌn Î Bÿ. Antwerp cÚng vÀy. Tπi Æ©y, ch›nh gi˜a qu∂ng tr≠Íng lµ b¯c t≠Óng chµng Silvius Æang näm Æi bµn tay cÒa g∑ khÊng l Druon Antigoon. Ph›a sau l≠ng chµng lµ Ta Th ch›nh Antwerp Æ≠Óc x©y tı th’ k˚ th¯ 16, vµ b™n h´ng lµ d∑y nhµ gildenhuis Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa Hµ Lan vµ Bÿ.

"Grote Markt" is a common name for big town squares in the cities of Belgium including Antwerp, and at the center of this one stands the statue of Silvius disposing the hand of the giant Antigoon. Behind the statue is the Antwerp City Hall built in the 16th century, and to the side of the hall are the typical gildenhuis townhouses of the Netherlands and Belgium.

Gildenhuis lµ nh˜ng ta nhµ xoay m∆t ra Grote Markt, Æ≠Óc dÔng lµm trÙ sÎ vµ lµ n¨i hÈi h‰p cÒa nh˜ng ph≠Íng hÈi bu´n b∏n ngµy x≠a. Ngµy nay, chÛng Æ≠Óc tr≠ng dÙng lµm v®n phng du lch cÒa thµnh phË ho∆c nh˜ng b∂o tµng nh·.

The Gildenhuis are buildings overlooking the Grote Markt which were once used as headquarters and meeting places for the old trade guilds. Today however, they are used as the city's tourism offices and as small museums.

3 CHI£M NG¶îNG ANTWERP T\ TR£N CAO Tı qu∂ng tr≠Íng Grote Markt, bπn Æi bÈ chıng... vµi b≠Ìc ch©n lµ Æ’n nhµ thÍ lÌn Cathedral of Our Lady. Nhµ thÍ Æ≠Óc x©y d˘ng vµo th’ k˚ 16, vÌi th∏p chu´ng cao 123m. ß©y cÚng lµ th∏p chu´ng nhµ thÍ cao nh†t Î "VÔng Ɔt th†p" (bao gÂm Hµ Lan vµ Bÿ). VÌi ÆÈ cao Æ∏ng n” nh≠ vÀy, th∏p chu´ng nµy ph∂i m†t 169 n®m Æ” hoµn thµnh. Vµ tı tr™n Æÿnh th∏p nh◊n xuËng, Antwerp vÌi nh˜ng m∏i nhµ cam tr´ng bä tão nh≠ m´ h◊nh Æ ch¨i thu nh· vÀy. ¸ Handschoenmarkt 13

ADMIRE ANTWERP FROM ABOVE From the Grote Markt, a few steps away is the Cathedral of Our Lady. The cathedral was built in the 16th century with a 123m tall bell tower which is considered the tallest church bell tower in the Low Countries (including the Netherlands and Belgium). With such an impressise height, the bell tower took 169 years to complete. Looking out upon the city from the top of the tower, Antwerp and its orange roofs look like miniature toy models. ¸ Handschoenmarkt 13

LANG THANG TRONG HàM NHì VLAEYKENSGANG Vlaeykensgang xu†t hi÷n tı cuËi th’ k˚ th¯ 16, c„ nhi÷m vÙ nËi gi˜a hai phË Hoogstraat vµ Oude Koornmarkt. T´i t◊m Æ’n Æ©y vµo buÊi s∏ng sÌm, khi c∂ thµnh phË cn Æang say gi†c nÂng. Qu∂ kh´ng b‚ c´ng dÀy sÌm, rÂi Æi qua Æi lπi n®m l«n b∂y l≠Ót Æ” t◊m ra hŒm nh· Vlaeykensgang nµy.

Vlaeykensgang tr´ng xinh nh≠ th” mÈt b¯c b≠u thi’p tı thÍi xa læc, bÁng mÈt ngµy n‰ Æ≠Óc ph∏t hi÷n ra trong chi’c hÈp trang s¯c cÚ c†t tr™n m∏i nhµ.

WANDER IN THE SECRET ALLEY OF VLAEYKENSGANG The Vlaeykensgang alley dates back to the late 16th century, and connects Hoogstraat, and Oude Koornmarkt with one another. I decided to get there early in the morning when the city was still asleep. It took me a while to find this picturesque passage, but it was worth it.

Vıa b≠Ìc vµo trong, t´i nh≠ muËn reo vang l™n v◊ th›ch thÛ. Vlaeykensgang tr´ng xinh nh≠ th” mÈt b¯c b≠u thi’p tı thÍi xa læc, bÁng mÈt ngµy n‰ Æ≠Óc ph∏t hi÷n ra trong chi’c hÈp trang s¯c cÚ c†t tr™n m∏i nhµ.

I was taken with joy and surprise the moment I stepped inside the alley. Vlaeykensgang looked like a beautiful old postcard that someone suddenly discovered in an old jewelry box hidden up in an attic.

BuÊi s∏ng, trÍi lπnh khi’n mÔi xµ b´ng gi∆t qu«n ∏o th¨m tho tı nhµ nµo Æ„ c¯ quy’n luy’n kh´ng muËn tan Æi, cn mÔi cµ ph™ mÌi pha cn †m n„ng th◊ lan trong kh´ng kh›. T´i ≠Ìc chi nhµ m◊nh Î hŒm nh· lπ mµ quen nµy!

In the morning, when the dew was still cold, you could easily smell the beautiful fragance of someone's laundry detergent and the aromatic smell of freshly brewed coffee in the air. How I wished to wake up to this smell everyday of my life!

¸ Oude Koornmarkt 16

Vlaeykensgang looked like a beautiful old postcard that someone suddenly discovered in an old jewelry box hidden up in an attic.


¸ Oude Koornmarkt 16 TRAVELLIVE




SËng gi˜a th’ k˚ 16-17, danh h‰a Peter Paul Rubens lµ mÈt h‰a s‹ nÊi ti’ng Î Hµ Lan theo tr≠Íng ph∏i Baroque, vµ lµ mÈt ng≠Íi chu ∂nh h≠Îng tı danh h‰a ng≠Íi ≥ Rafael. LÛc sinh thÍi, ng´i nhµ nµy nh≠ mÈt "l∑nh Æa" cÒa ri™ng ´ng. ß©y lµ n¨i ´ng sinh sËng vµ lµm vi÷c trong x≠Îng vœ, Æ„n nh˜ng Ưa con cÒa m◊nh chµo ÆÍi vµ nh◊n chÛng lÌn l™n. ß©y cÚng lµ n¨i ´ng ti’p Æ„n r†t nhi“u kh∏ch qu˝, bao gÂm c∂ nh˜ng ng≠Íi trong hoµng tÈc.

Peter Paul Rubens was a famous 16th and 17th century Baroque painter from the Netherlands, and was a fan of Rafael's, the Italian painter. In his day, this was the house where Rubens created his masterpieces, watched his children playing in the garden, and received his high, noble, and even royal guests.

C®n nhµ cÒa ´ng, nay lµ b∂o tµng Ruibenshuis, th” hi÷n ch›nh x∏c t›nh c∏ch vµ con ng≠Íi cÒa Rubens: mÈt ng≠Íi hoπt ng´n vµ qu∂ng giao, th´ng thπo nhi“u ng´n ng˜. Nh≠ng khi Î nhµ, ´ng chÿ lµ mÈt ng≠Íi Ƶn ´ng trung ni™n kh´ng m≠u c«u g◊ h¨n s˘ y™n †m cÒa gia Æ◊nh.

His home, now the Ruibenshuis Museum, accurately reflects Rubens' quirky personality: a talkative, social, and multilingual speaker, but at the same time a simple middle-aged man who seeked nothing more than the peace of his own home.

¸ Wapper 9-11

¸ Wapper 9-11

30 PH@T ô L¢u ßÄI HET STEEN S∏t bÍ s´ng Scheldt lµ l©u Ƶi Steen (Het Steen trong ti’ng Hµ Lan). ß©y lµ c´ng tr◊nh ki’n trÛc cÊ x≠a nh†t Î Antwerp, Æ≠Óc x©y d˘ng tı th’ k˚ th¯ 11. C„ lœ bπn Æang thæc mæc v◊ sao t´i lπi dµnh ra 30 phÛt Î Het Steen? BÎi Î Æ©y c„ chi’c ÆÂng h c∏t cÊ x≠a nh†t th’ giÌi, vµ c∏t ch∂y trong ÆÂng h ÆÛng 30 phÛt mÁi l«n! Ngay lËi vµo cÒa l©u Ƶi Het Steen lµ t≠Óng nam th«n Semini, v th«n cÒa tuÊi trŒ vµ sinh s∂n, trong th«n thoπi Bæc ¢u. T≠¨ng truy“n nh˜ng ng≠Íi phÙ n˜ Î Antwerp Æ“u Æ’n c«u kh»n Semini Æ” mong sÌm c„ con, vµ v◊ th’ ng≠Íi d©n Antwerp tr≠Ìc Æ©y t˘ cho m◊nh lµ "con ch∏u cÒa Semini". ¸ Steenplein 1


6 76


On the Scheldt riverbank is the Steen Castle (Het Steen in Dutch). This is the oldest building in Antwerp, built back in the 11th century. Perhaps you are wondering why I spent only 30 minutes at Het Steen. Here stands the oldest sand clock in the world with the sand flowing for exactly 30 minutes each turn! At the entrance to Het Steen is a bas-relief of Semini, the Scandinavian God of youth and fertility. It is said that the women of the town all appealed to Semini when they desired children, thus inhabitants of Antwerp previously referred to themselves as "children of Semini". ¸ Steenplein 1

7 KHÉM PHÉ LëCH S^ NHÄ IN PLANTIN-MORETuS B∂o tµng Plantin-Moretus Æ≠Óc x©y c†t tr™n ch›nh n“n m„ng cÒa ng´i nhµ vµ x≠Îng in c„ tı th’ k˚ 16 cÒa th≠¨ng gia ng≠Íi Ph∏p Christophe Plantin. §ng Æ’n Antwerp vµo n®m 1550, vµ n®m 1555 thµnh lÀp nhµ in Officina Plantiniana - nhµ in s∏ch vµ nhµ xu†t b∂n s∏ch Æ«u ti™n tr™n th’ giÌi. N®m 1876, Erward Moretus, mÈt hÀu du÷ cÒa nhµ Moretus, b∏n lπi toµn bÈ c®n nhµ vµ x≠Îng in cho ch›nh quy“n thµnh phË, vÌi Æi“u ki÷n thµnh phË ph∂i bi’n n„ thµnh mÈt b∂o tµng v“ gia Æ◊nh ´ng. N®m 2005 vµ cho Æ’n hi÷n tπi, b∂o tµng Plantin-Moretus lµ b∂o tµng Æ«u ti™n tr™n th’ giÌi Æ≠Óc uNESCO c´ng nhÀn lµ Di s∂n V®n h„a. ¸ Vrijdagmarkt 22

DISCOVER THE HISTORy OF THE PLANTIN-MORETuS MuSEuM The Plantin-Moretus Museum is located in the former residence and printing establishment of the 16th century French printer Christophe Plantin. He arrived in Antwerp in 1550, and in 1555, established the Officina Plantiniana printing house, the first book-printing and publishing house in the world. In 1876, Erward Moretus, a descendant of the Moretus, sold the entire house and printing company to the city of Antwerp, provided that it was turned into a museum to preserve his family's legacy. Since 2005, and to this day, the Plantin-Moretus Museum is the first museum in the world to be recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. ¸ Vrijdagmarkt 22



9 WAFFLE KIÕu ANTWERP VÄ TÉO CHI£N APPELBEIGNET Bÿ nÊi ti’ng vÌi m„n b∏nh xËp waffle, tr™n m∆t b∏nh phÒ Æ«y kem t≠¨i, tr∏i c©y vµ sËt chocolate ch∂y. Tuy nhi™n, tıng vÔng kh∏c nhau Î Bÿ lπi c„ mÈt ki”u b∏nh waffle Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa ri™ng m◊nh. C∏ nh©n t´i th◊ m™ m»n vÌi m„n b∏nh waffle ki”u Antwerp, ®n tπi Däsirä de Lille, mÈt qu∏n cµ ph™ vµ b∏nh ng‰t nh· c„ tı n®m 1903. T´i Æ’n qu∏n hai l«n vµo buÊi chi“u, lÛc nµo cÚng th†y Æ´ng kh∏ch. Nh≠ng trong mÈt thµnh phË lπ, n’u bπn Æ’n mÈt qu∏n mµ chÿ c„ m◊nh lµ kh∏ch du lch n≠Ìc ngoµi, th◊ Æ„ ch›nh lµ n¨i bπn bi’t m◊nh n™n quay lπi th™m vµi l«n n˜a! Waffle ki”u Antwerp c„ ph«n cËt b∏nh xËp vµ nhã, kh´ng dµy vµ "n∆ng" nh≠ b∏nh ki”u Brussels. Waffle Æ∆c bi÷t Î qu∏n ®n vÌi kem t≠¨i vµ mÈt vi™n kem vani, vÌi sËt n©u n†u tı r≠Óu vµ mÈt ›t tinh ch†t ph†n hoa Æ∆c bi÷t, th¨m vµ ng‰t nhã n¨i Æ«u m´i. ¸ Schrijnwerkersstraat 16

8 TH¶ôNG TH`C KHOAI T¢Y CHI£N "3 SAO MICHELIN" M∆c dÔ c„ t™n ti’ng Anh lµ "french fries" nh≠ng Bÿ mÌi ch›nh lµ qu™ h≠¨ng cÒa m„n khoai t©y chi™n phÊ bi’n toµn th’ giÌi. Khoai t©y chi™n Î Bÿ lµ mÈt m„n ®n v∆t Æ≠Íng phË rŒ ti“n vµ r†t phÊ bi’n. Chÿ vÌi kho∂ng 6 Euro lµ bπn Æ∑ c„ mÈt ph«n khoai khÊng l vÌi ÆÒ loπi n≠Ìc sËt t˘ ch‰n h†p d…n. VÀy Æ©u lµ l˝ do Æ” bπn n™n b· ra g«n 13 Euro cho mÈt ph«n khoai t©y chi™n nh· x›u tπi Frites Atelier Amsterdam? B› mÀt nªm Î chÁ, chÒ ti÷m khoai t©y chi™n "sang ch∂nh" nµy - Sergio Herman, vËn lµ mÈt Æ«u b’p 3 sao Michelin, tıng n†u ®n h¨n 20 n®m cho mÈt nhµ hµng hπng sang Î Zeeland. Sau chıng Æ„ n®m n†u b’p, mÈt h´m ´ng quy’t Ænh b· b’p Æi... b∏n khoai. Vµ th’ lµ Î Antwerp, t´i Æ∑ c„ c¨ hÈi th≠Îng th¯c m„n khoai t©y chi™n ngon nh†t tr«n ÆÍi: Khoai t©y chi™n ®n kÃm vÌi b h«m ki”u Flanders vµ sËt mayonnaise. ¸ Korte Gasthuisstraat 32

ENJOY MICHELIN-STARRED FRENCH FRIES Although named "french fries" in American English, Belgium is actually the home of the fried-potato dish that has become popular all over the world. French fries in Belgium are a cheap and popular street snacks. At 6 Euros, you can enjoy a huge portion of french fries with all kinds of self-served delicious sauces. What should be the reason to spend nearly 13 Euros for a serving of the french fries at the Frites Atelier Amsterdam, you might ask? Let me reveal to you that the owner of this french fries restaurant is Sergio Herman, a three Michelin-starred chef who had worked for over 20 years at a high-end restaurant in Zeeland, Netherlands. After years of cooking, Sergio decided to leave his kitchen to sell french fries. So, here I was in Antwerp having the opportunity to enjoy the most delicious fried potato in the world: French fries served with Flanders-style beef and mayonnaise. ¸ Korte Gasthuisstraat 32



TRy ANTWERP STyLE WAFFLES AND APPELBEIGNETS Belgium is famous for its waffle cakes, whipped cream cakes, and fruit with chocolate sauce. However, different regions of Belgium have their own unique version of waffles. My personal favorite was the Antwerp style waffles, which I ate at Däsirä de Lille, a small cafä and cake shop dating to 1903. I went to the shop twice in the afternoon, and it was crowded everytime I went. When you are in a strange city, and you visit a shop where you find yourself the only foreigner, you know you gotta come back a few more times! Antwerp style waffles are light and soft, and not as doughy and "heavy" as the Brussels style waffles. The waffle that I had was served with whipped cream, a vanilla ice cream scoop and drizzles of chocolate on top. The taste was exquisitely sweet and tantalizing. ¸ Schrijnwerkersstraat 16

HÄNH TRçNH ñ Tı thÒ Æ´ Brussels, bπn c„ th” Æi Antwerp bªng xe lˆa, m†t kho∂ng 45 phÛt. ß©y lµ c∏ch di chuy”n ti÷n lÓi nh†t. Bπn c„ th” mua vä xe lˆa tr˘c ti’p tπi nhµ ga Gare du Midi (Gare Zuid) Î Brussels. CHé D√N ñ Antwerp lµ thµnh phË lÌn th¯ hai Î Bÿ vÌi kho∂ng nˆa tri÷u d©n, nªm Î vÔng Flanders n™n sˆ dÙng ti’ng Hµ Lan lµm ng´n ng˜ ch›nh. Tuy nhi™n ng≠Íi d©n Æa ph≠¨ng sˆ dÙng ti’ng Anh r†t tËt. THAM QuAN ñ Gi∏ vä vµo cˆa cÒa b∂o tµng Rubensshuis lµ 8 euro. N’u bπn cn gi˜ vä xe lˆa Æ’n Antwerp trong ngµy, sœ Æ≠Óc gi∂m 2 euro. ñ Vä vµo cˆa b∂o tµng PlantinMoretus lµ 8 euro. ñ Tı Antwerp Centraal, bπn c„ th” Æi metro Æ’n trπm Meir Æ” tham quan Rubensshuis, sau Æ„ Æi bÈ Æ’n nh˜ng Æi”m cn lπi trong thµnh phË. L¶u ≥ ñ N’u Æi Æ´ng ng≠Íi, khi Æ’n Vlaeykensgang, bπn n™n gi˜ trÀt t˘ v◊ hŒm kh∏ nh·, khi n„i chuy÷n ti’ng vang r†t lÌn. ñ Khoai t©y chi™n Î Frites Atalier Amsterdam kh∏ to. Bπn c„ th” ®n thay b˜a tËi.



Nhæc Æ’n Bÿ, kh´ng th” kh´ng nhæc Æ’n chocolate. Vµ Antwerp cÚng kh´ng ph∂i lµ ngoπi l÷. Kh∏c hºn vÌi nh˜ng cˆa hµng b∏n chocolate sË l≠Óng lÌn cho du kh∏ch nh≠ Î Brussels ho∆c Bruges, mÁi cˆa hµng chocolate Î Antwerp lµ mÈt gallery thu nh· Æ«y m™ ho∆c, vÌi tÒ k›nh thæp ÆÃn vµng, bµy nh˜ng vi™n chocolate n©u b„ng b»y, tr´ng Æãp vµ tinh x∂o nh≠ n˜ trang Ææt ti“n vÀy.

It is impossible not to mention chocolate in Belgium, and Antwerp is no exception. In contrast to the large number of chocolate shops in Brussels or Bruges, each chocolate shop in Antwerp is like an enchanting mini gallery where the glass shelves are decorated in golden strings of light with each chocolate piece looking sleek and shiny like an expensive piece of jewlery.

N’u bπn muËn t◊m ki’m mÈt hÈp quµ chocolate "chu»n Bÿ", vÌi nh˜ng vi™n chocolate hoµn h∂o tuy÷t ÆËi, h∑y t◊m Æ’n nhµ Günther Wattä.

If you are looking for a true Belgian chocolate box with perfectly made chocolate pieces in it, look no further than the Günther Wattä.

B™n cπnh chocolate, b∏nh quy Bÿ cÚng ngon ngoµi s¯c t≠Îng t≠Óng. B∏nh quy Î Æ©y th≠Íng Æ≠Óc ÆÛc h◊nh bµn tay handje, tr™n c„ phÒ hπnh nh©n bµo m·ng. MÈt sË ti÷m cn trang tr› vµi vi™n kim c≠¨ng gi∂ l™n bµn tay, k’t hÓp gi˜a truy“n thuy’t v“ g∑ khÊng l Druon Antigoon vµ lch sˆ ch’ t∏c vµ ki”m Ænh kim c≠¨ng cÒa thµnh phË. K’t thÛc chuy’n hµnh tr◊nh Æ’n vÔng Ɔt th†p, trong vali cÒa t´i c„ mÈt hÈp Æ«y nh˜ng handje th¨m lıng mÔi vani vµ hπnh nh©n, mua tı ti÷m Philip's Biscuit. Nh˜ng ngµy lπnh lœo Î Na uy, Æ≠Óc ngÂi b™n l s≠Îi Æang reo t› t∏ch, nh©m nhi b∏nh handje cÔng trµ n„ng b™n ng≠Íi bπn ÆÍi tr®m n®m, ngoµi kia t´i m∆c trÍi gi„ m≠a. ¸ Günther Wattä: Steenhowversvest 30 Philip's Biscuit: Korte Gasthuisstraat 39.

Besides chocolate, Belgian biscuits are also beyond delicious. Biscuits here are usually shaped like a hand (handje) with a layer of thinly grated almonds on top. Some adorn a fake diamond ring on the hand to tell the story of the giant Druon Antigoon and the city's history in diamond making. At the end of my trip, my suitcase was filled with fragant vanilla and almond handjes bought from Philip's Biscuit, a charming shop found on Korte Gasthuisstraat. During the cold winter days, to sit with my partner by the fireplace and enjoy the handje with a hot tea is the best feeling in the world. ¸ Günther Wattä: Steenhowversvest 30 - Philip's Biscuit: Korte Gasthuisstraat 39.

GeT THeRe ñ From Brussels, you can take the train to Antwerp as the most convenient way to travel which takes about 45 minutes. Train ticket can be bought at the Gare du Midi (Gare Zuid) Station in Brussels. LANGuAGe ñ Antwerp is the second largest city in Belgium with a population of about half a million. The city is located in the Flanders region, so Dutch is their the primary language. However, local people speak English very well. SIGHTSeeING ñ Admission to the Rubensshuis Museum is 8 euros. If you present your train ticket to Antwerp within the day, the ticket costs only 6 Euros. ñ Admission for the Plantin-Moretus Museum is 8 euros. ñ From the Antwerp Central Station, you can take the metro to Meir Station to visit Rubensshuis, then walk to other attraction spots in the city. NOTe ñ If you are traveling in a group, keep quiet when you are in Vlaeykensgang since the alley is very small and has loud echo. ñ A serving at the Frites Atalier Amsterdam is quite generous, and can substitue dinner.



travel Bµi vµ ∂nh: BÔi Huy“n Chi

B ¶õC TR £ N CO N ß ¶ ò N G CûA CÉ C V ë TH ¡ N



S∏u giÍ s∏ng mÈt ngµy hÃ, t´i Æ»y c∏nh cˆa mÈt c∏ch ph†n kh›ch, nh„n ch©n b≠Ìc ra Æ≠Íng. TrÍi mÌi tÍ mÍ s∏ng vµ s≠¨ng sÌm cn v≠¨ng lµnh lπnh. PhË x∏ væng teo, kh∏c hºn khung c∂nh t†p nÀp ban ngµy Î vÔng bi”n Amalfi nµy. Tr∂i dµi h¨n 25km vµ nªm tr‰n trong vfinh Salerno Î ph›a Nam thµnh phË Napoli, Æ≠Íng bÍ bi”n Amalfi bæt Æ«u tı Positano Æi qua c∏c lµng Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello Æ’n Vietri sul Mare. Amalfi Coast, Æ≠Óc x’p hπng di s∂n UNESCO tı n®m 1997, lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng Æi”m nghÿ m∏t nÊi ti’ng vµ Æ´ng kh∏ch nh†t Î ≥ mÁi dfip hà v“. VËn y™u th›ch nh˜ng n¨i y™n t‹nh, væng l∆ng, th’ mµ h´m nay, t´i lπi c„ m∆t Î Æ©y!

B™n trong nhµ thÍ Amalfi

AMALFI CûA H§M X¶A... C∏ch Æ©y nhi“u n®m, t´i Æ∑ tıng Æ’n Amalfi. Ngµy †y, t´i lÏ y™u nh˜ng ng´i lµng nh· duy™n d∏ng näp m◊nh b™n s≠Ín nÛi, nh˜ng con phË Æi bÈ dËc thoai tho∂i, nh˜ng cˆa hµng b∏n Æ gËm r˘c rÏ, nh˜ng khu v≠Ín trong khu´n vi™n bi÷t th˘, nh˜ng ban c´ng ngÀp næng vµ hoa h≠Ìng ra bi”n Æ„n lµn gi„ ßfia Trung H∂i m∏t lfim. BÍ bi”n Amalfi Æãp ÆÛng ch†t ≥, vıa l∑ng mπn, vıa sang tr‰ng mµ s´i ÆÈng, nÂng nµn. Amalfi Coast cfln lµ thi™n Æ≠Íng cÒa nh˜ng ng≠Íi th›ch leo nÛi. T´i Æ∑ nghe k” v“ "Con Æ≠Íng cÒa nh˜ng vfi th«n" (Sentiero degli Dei) mµ ch≠a c„ dfip Æ∆t ch©n Æ’n. Tı lÛc †y, t´i bi’t m◊nh sœ cfln trÎ lπi. "Con Æ≠Íng cÒa nh˜ng vfi th«n" lµ cung Æ≠Íng trekking dµi h¨n 8km, bæt Æ«u tπi Bomerano, thuÈc Agerola vµ k’t thÛc Î Nocelle, ph›a tr™n Positano - mÈt trong nh˜ng ng´i lµng Æãp nh†t Amalfi Coast. "Con Æ≠Íng cÒa nh˜ng vfi th«n" Æ≠Óc Æ∆t t™n tı truy“n thuy’t. Truy÷n k” rªng c∏c vfi th«n Olympia muËn nghe ti’ng h∏t cÒa nh˜ng nµng ti™n c∏, th≠Íng m≠Ón lËi væt ngang gi˜a trÍi vµ bi”n, uËn l≠Ón theo nh˜ng bÍ Æ∏ cÒa Amalfi Coast. Tı l≠ng chıng nÛi, c∏c th«n c„ th” chi™m ng≠Ïng tı Æ∂o Capri, qu«n Æ∂o Li Galli, b∏n Æ∂o Sorrento Î ph›a T©y, Æ’n tÀn vfinh Salerno Î ph›a ß´ng.


BÍ bi”n Amalfi Æãp ÆÛng ch†t ≥, vıa l∑ng mπn, vıa sang tr‰ng mµ s´i ÆÈng, nÂng nµn.



...VÄ NGÄY TRô LÑI H´m nay, sau nhi“u l«n hfl hãn b†t thµnh vÌi Amalfi suËt m†y n®m qua, t´i cÚng Æ∑ Æ≠a gia Æ◊nh Æ’n Æ©y vµo thÍi Æi”m Æ´ng ÆÛc nh†t trong n®m. Hà Nam ≥ n„ng nh≠ ÆÊ lˆa, nh†t lµ tr™n nh˜ng tuy’n bu˝t chÀt nh≠ n™m nËi gi˜a Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi vµ Agerola. Sau hai ngµy vÀt v∑ vÌi c∏i næng, nh◊n b∂n Æ lπi th†y "Con Æ≠Íng cÒa nh˜ng vfi th«n" nªm tr™n s≠Ín ph›a Nam nÛi Monte Peruso, vµ h«u nh≠ kh´ng c„ b„ng c©y, t´i bi’t m◊nh kh´ng c„ c∏ch tr∏nh næng nµo kh∏c ngoµi khÎi hµnh thÀt sÌm.

Nh˜ng gi‰t næng r¨i l†p l∏nh, tan thµnh tia tr™n s≠Ín nÛi ph›a sau l≠ng. Tr≠Ìc m∆t, lµn n≠Ìc ßfia Trung H∂i xanh th®m thºm hi÷n r‚ d«n, Æ≠Íng bÍ bi”n s∏ng r˘c l™n trong næng sÌm.

Tı g„c Piazza Paolo Capasso thuÈc Bomerano, mÈt con Æ≠Íng nh· d…n t´i Æ’n Æi”m bæt Æ«u "Con Æ≠Íng cÒa nh˜ng vfi th«n" Î ÆÈ cao 650m. M∆t trÍi ch≠a l™n, s≠¨ng sÌm cfln phÒ mÍ m∆t bi”n, tπo n™n mÈt lÌp m©y træng m·ng bÂng b“nh. Ph›a b™n d≠Ìi, nh˜ng con thuy“n nh· Æ≠Óc neo chÙm Æ«u vµo nhau trong mÈt vÚng bi”n hãp. X’p t«ng tr™n tri“n nÛi, vµi ng´i nhµ x©y bªng Æ∏ xinh xinh th†p tho∏ng gi˜a b„ng th´ng vµ nh˜ng giµn nho sæp ch›n. ß≠Óc mÈt Æoπn, t´i th†y m◊nh Æang Æi trong lµn s≠¨ng lµnh lπnh. Kh´ng kh› †m d«n theo nhfip m∆t trÍi l™n khi’n h¨i n≠Ìc bay ngµy cµng cao, vµ mÈt lÛc sau th◊ tan hºn. Nh˜ng gi‰t næng r¨i l†p l∏nh, tan thµnh tia tr™n s≠Ín nÛi ph›a sau l≠ng. Tr≠Ìc m∆t, lµn n≠Ìc ßfia Trung H∂i xanh th®m thºm hi÷n r‚ d«n, Æ≠Íng bÍ bi”n s∏ng r˘c l™n trong næng sÌm. "Con Æ≠Íng cÒa nh˜ng vfi th«n" tı Agerola Æ’n Nocelle thoai tho∂i dËc xuËng, d‘ Æi nh≠ Æ≠Íng t∂n bÈ. MÈt b™n lµ v∏ch nÛi cao, mÈt b™n lµ kh´ng gian rÈng m™nh m´ng. Th†p h¨n kho∂ng mÈt tr®m mät, nh˜ng du thuy“n nh· Æ∑ bæt Æ«u nhÊ neo ra kh¨i. Nh◊n tı Æ©y, chÛng bä x›u nh≠ nh˜ng hπt gπo bÀp b“nh tr™n m∆t n≠Ìc. TrÍi cao vÍi vÓi, bi”n xanh bao la, ai bi’t Æ≠Óc Æ©u lµ ranh giÌi? Sau kho∂ng bËn ti’ng vıa l˜ng th˜ng Æi, vıa th∂nh th¨i chÙp ∂nh, ngæm c∂nh, chÛng t´i cÚng th†y nh˜ng ng´i nhµ træng cÒa Positano hi÷n ra ph›a xa. Nocelle lµ ng´i lµng nh· nªm ngay ph›a tr™n Positano, Æ∏nh d†u Æi”m cuËi con Æ≠Íng. Tı Nocelle xuËng b™n d≠Ìi cfln th™m 3km n˜a, mÁi ti’ng c„ mÈt chuy’n bu˝t Æi tı Æ©y xuËng b’n c∂ng, n¨i c„ th” bæt thuy“n v“ lπi Amalfi. V…n cfln sÌm, m∆t trÍi ch≠a l™n qu∏ con sµo, chÛng t´i muËn Æi bÈ ngæm nËt nh˜ng con phË nh· x›u, len gi˜a nh˜ng b¯c t≠Íng træng tinh Æ∆c tr≠ng vÔng bi”n. Positano lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng ng´i lµng Æãp nh†t Amalfi Coast. Nhµ Î Æ©y x’p h◊nh bÀc thang, theo Æfia h◊nh nÛi. Nh≠ th’ thÀt c´ng bªng, nhµ nµo cÚng Æ≠Óc Æ„n gi„ bi”n, ban c´ng nµo cÚng Æ≠Óc ngæm lµn n≠Ìc xanh m∏t lµnh, cÚng Æ≠Óc Æ„n nh˜ng tia næng †m. N’u Æ∑ mÈt l«n Æ’n Amalfi, chæc hºn rªng bπn sœ quay trÎ lπi l«n n˜a. GiËng nh≠ t´i Æ©y!



Bùi Huy≈n CHi C´ g∏i Hµ NÈi, thıa h≠Îng ni“m Æam m™ du lch vµ nhi’p ∂nh cÒa gia Æ◊nh tı nh·. Hi÷n tπi, Huy“n Chi sËng vµ lµm vi÷c tπi mi“n Nam n≠Ìc ph∏p, ti’p tÙc kh∏m ph∏ nh˜ng vÔng Ɔt lπ tr™n t†t c∂ c∏c ch©u lÙc c´ c„ c¨ hÈi Æ∆t ch©n Æ’n. Tı cuËi n®m 2017, c´ lÀp travel blog Æ” l≠u gi˜, chia sŒ nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m vµ nh˜ng b¯c ∂nh Æãp nh†t cÒa m◊nh vÌi bπn Ɖc.

N’u c„ thÍi gian, h∑y Æ’n vÌi Napoli nÂng nhi÷t


ñ R≠Óu tr∏ng mi÷ng limoncello

ñ Lang thang c∏c ng„c ng∏ch Î c∏c ng´i lµng thuÈc hµng Æãp nh†t n≠Ìc ≥: Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello. Positano vµ Amalfi nh◊n tho∏ng qua r†t giËng 5 ng´i lµng Î Cinque Terre, ph›a Bæc ˝, nh≠ng t´i th†y vÔng bi”n Amalfi nµy cuËn hÛt h¨n vµ nhi“u Æi“u thÛ v Æ” kh∏m ph∏ h¨n r†t nhi“u.

ñ Amalfi lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng n¨i nghÿ m∏t nÊi ti’ng Î ≥ vµ ch©u ¢u. Vµo mÔa hÃ, gi∏ c∂ Î Æ©y th≠Íng b ÆÈi l™n trÍi. LÛc nµy Æ≠Íng phË th≠Íng r†t Æ´ng, n™n bπn h∑y Æ’n Æ©y vµo mÔa th†p Æi”m (tı th∏ng 10 Æ’n th∏ng 5).

ñ ßi dπo tr™n nh˜ng con Æ≠Íng nh·, hai b™n lµ nh˜ng qu∏n kem ≥, nh˜ng cˆa hµng b∏n gËm, b∏n Æ l≠u ni÷m Æ«y mµu sæc. ñ Ngæm m∆t trÍi l∆n Î mÈt trong nh˜ng n¨i hoµng h´n Æãp nh†t th’ giÌi (Sorrento, Positano). ñ L™n tµu Æi gi˜a Positano vµ Amalfi, ngæm Amalfi Coast tı ph›a bi”n. ñ T◊m Æ’n thi™n nhi™n, gi˜a nÛi vµ bi”n tr™n nh˜ng Æoπn Æ≠Íng trekking (Sentiero degli Dei, La Baia di Ieranto...). Xem th™m th´ng tin v“ nh˜ng Æ≠Íng trekking nµy tπi: www. ñ Dπo quanh nh˜ng khu v≠Ín l∆ng lœ trong khu´n vi™n nh˜ng bi÷t th˘ cÊ Î Ravello (Villa Cimbrone, Villa Rufolo...) ñ Ngæm bi”n ßa Trung H∂i buÊi chi“u tµ tı ban c´ng c∏c qu∏n ®n, qu∏n bar l∑ng mπn ki”u ≥ ñ Thu™ thuy“n Æi l∆n ho∆c ra Æ∂o Capri, Ischia, qu«n Æ∂o nh· Li Galli ñ Thu™ kayak chÃo d‰c Æ≠Íng bÍ bi”n, t˘ t◊m cho m◊nh mÈt b∑i bi”n nh· xa chËn Æ´ng ng≠Íi. ñ ß’n th®m nh˜ng v≠Ín chanh ng∏t h≠¨ng Î Sorrento. R≠Óu chanh Limoncello lµ Æ∆c s∂n vÔng Campania ¬M TH#C ñ M˙ spagetti xµo ngh™u ñ M˙ Æen lµm tı m˘c xµo h∂i s∂n ñ Pizza Napoli tr∂i pho m∏t mozzarella s˜a tr©u ñ Kem t≠¨i ≥ lµm tı s˜a tr©u


ßI LÑI Bªng ph≠¨ng ti÷n c´ng cÈng ñ S©n bay quËc t’ g«n nh†t nªm Î Napoli, sau Æ„ Æi bu˝t ho∆c taxi Æ’n ga Napoli Central. ñ Tı ga Napoli Central Æ’n hai thµnh phË lÌn nªm 2 Æ«u Amalfi Coast lµ Salerno ho∆c Sorrento. Gi∏ vä tµu kho∂ng 5-7 euro, mÁi giÍ c„ nhi“u chuy’n. Vä tµu mua tπi ga. ñ Tı ga Napoli Central Æ’n Amalfi (lµng nªm Î v tr› trung t©m Amalfi Coast) ho∆c Æ’n Agerola (Æi”m Æ«u Æoπn trekking "Con Æ≠Íng cÒa c∏c v th«n") c„ bu˝t cÒa h∑ng SITA, gi∏ vä 5-7 euro. Tuy’n bu˝t nµy væng h¨n nhi“u so vÌi c∏c tuy’n kh∏c ven bi”n, c„ th” d‘ dµng t◊m Æ≠Óc chÁ ngÂi tho∂i m∏i. ñ Gi˜a c∏c lµng vÔng bi”n Amalfi cÚng c„ SITA bus. Vä mua Î hµng b∏n thuËc l∏ (tabaccheria) g«n c∏c b’n xe bu˝t. ThÍi gian bi”u xem tπi: www. ñ Gi˜a mÈt sË n¨i nÊi ti’ng nh≠ Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, Æ∂o Capri, c„ tµu thÒy chπy nhi“u chuy’n trong ngµy. ß©y lµ mÈt c∏ch thÛ v Æ” ngæm phong c∂nh d‰c bÍ bi”n. Vä thuy“n b∏n Î c∂ng ho∆c tr™n web site: www. ñ ¶u Æi”m: Kh´ng ph∂i lo læng t◊m chÁ ÆÁ xe. B’n xe bu˝t th≠Íng nªm Î trung t©m, giÛp bπn tham quan c∏c lµng d‘ dµng, vÌi chi ph› rŒ. ñ Nh≠Óc Æi”m: Vµo mÔa cao Æi”m, bu˝t cÒa SITA r†t Æ´ng, hi’m khi c„ chÁ ngÂi, c«n Æ’n sÌm Æ” x’p hµng. ß≠Íng Î Æ©y tuy ngæn nh≠ng quanh

co, Æi m†t nhi“u thÍi gian. N’u ph∂i Ưng tr™n bu˝t læc l≠ r†t kh„ chu. Vµo nh˜ng ngµy hÃ, ngÂi tr™n bu˝t cÚng n„ng v◊ ›t xe c„ Æi“u ha vµ kh´ng mÎ Æ≠Óc cˆa sÊ. MÀt ÆÈ bu˝t kh´ng nhi“u (kho∂ng 1, 2 ti’ng mÌi c„ 1 chuy’n, tÔy tuy’n). ñ Kh∏ch sπn vÔng bi”n Amalfi kh∏ Ææt so vÌi nh˜ng n¨i kh∏c Î ≥, kh„ t◊m Æ≠Óc gi∏ rŒ g«n b’n xe bu˝t vµo mÔa cao Æi”m. M∏ch nh·: Tuy’n tµu Napoli Æi Sorrento cÚng lµ tuy’n Æi Pompei vµ Herculanum. N’u muËn th®m Napoli vµ hai Æa Æi”m nµy, bπn c„ th” mua thŒ Campania Arte (3 ngµy ho∆c 7 ngµy). Loπi thŒ 3 ngµy gi∏ 21 euro, mi‘n / gi∂m gi∏ vä vµo cˆa tham quan r†t nhi“u Æi”m trong vÔng Campanie vµ mi‘n ph› toµn bÈ vä metro, xe bu˝t trong Napoli vµ mÈt vµi tuy’n tµu, trong Æ„ c„ tuy’n Napoli - Herculanum - Pompei - Sorrento. ThŒ nµy mua tπi s©n bay Napoli vµ mÈt vµi Æi”m b∏n kh∏c (chi ti’t xem tπi: Bªng xe t˘ l∏i ñ ¶u Æi”m: Æoπn Æ≠Íng ´t´ ven bi”n Amalfi nªm trong sË nh˜ng Æ≠Íng roadtrip Æãp nh†t n≠Ìc ≥, vÌi nh˜ng Æ≠Íng cong ven s≠Ín nÛi, c„ view tuy÷t vÍi xuËng bi”n ßa Trung H∂i. T˘ l∏i xe cÚng giÛp t®ng s˘ chÒ ÆÈng, kh´ng b phÙ thuÈc vµo giÍ tµu hay bu˝t vµ c„ nhi“u l˘a ch‰n h¨n khi t◊m kh∏ch sπn. ñ Nh≠Óc Æi”m: ß≠Íng hãp, nhi“u cua g†p vµ hay tæc Æ≠Íng. D©n Æa ph≠¨ng l∏i nhanh dÔ tËc ÆÈ Æ≠Óc hπn ch’ chÿ 30 km/h. Trung t©m Sorrento vµ quanh c∏c lµng Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, Ravello r†t kh„ ÆÁ xe.




Vis it At 6 am on a beautiful summer day, I pushed the door open with excitement, tiptoeing my way out. The dawn was breaking, and the early morning mist lingered. The streets of Almafi were still empty, and very different from their usual buzzing scene.

Stretching over 25km and nestled in the Gulf of Salerno in the south of Naples, the coastline of Amalfi runs from Positano through the villages of Praiano, Amalfi, and Ravello to Vietri sul Mare. The Amalfi Coast was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1997, and is one of the most popular summer holiday destinations in Italy.

THE FIRST TIME I VISITED THE AMALFI COAST Having visited Amalfi years ago, the memory is still as fresh in my mind as if it was yesterday. I remember how I quickly fell in love with beautiful little villages on the mountainside, romantic sloping walkways, brilliantly colorful pottery shops, lush gardens in exquisite villas, and gorgeous flowers-filled balconies overlooking the azure Mediterranean Sea. The Amalfi Coast has everything that you could possibly want: from romantic beaches, to beautiful landscapes, to luxury resorts surrounding the area. For people who are keen on hiking, the Path of the Gods (Sentiero degli Dei) is a must-see, and I knew I would be back here to take a walk on this incredibly breathtaking trail. The Path of the Gods is a trekking trail spanning over 8km, beginning at Bomerano, Agerola and ending at Nocelle, the upper part of Positano - one of the most charming villages in the Amalfi Coast. The Path of the Gods is named after a mythological legend about the gods who come down to the sea to meet the sirens who enticed Ulysses with their singing. The path is a spectacular winding route with cliffs on one side, and the striking blue sea on the other. Almost any point along the path offers a tremendous view of Capri, the Li Galli Islands, a part of Sorrento Peninsula, and part of the Gulf of Salerno.



Amalfi harbor

Th e pat h o f t h e Go d s

Text and photos: Bui Huyen Chi

Villa Rufolo in Ravello, a favorite place of many artists and painters

Villa Cimbrone in Ravello


The Amalfi Coast has everything that you could possibly want from romantic beaches, to beautiful landscapes, to luxury resorts surrounding the area. TRAVELLIVE

The sun started to shine, and dew covered the whole mountainside. The deep blue Mediterranean sea and the striking coastline appeared before our eyes under the glistening sun. MEMORIES REVISITED After unsuccessful attempts to revisit the Amalfi Coast over the years, I was finally able to bring my family with me, but unfortunately we went during the peak of the hottest season of the year. Summer in Italy can be scorching hot and unbearable on the busy buses that connect the villages of Sorrento, Positano, Amalfi and Agerola. We spent two days struggling under the crazy heat before deciding to go on a hike on the Path of the Gods, located on the southern slope of Mount Peruso. We headed out particularly early in the morning to avoid the the worst of the glaring sun. We arrived in Piazza Paolo Capasso of Bomerano, a small trail that lead us to the starting point of the Path of the Gods at an altitude of 650m. The sun was still low, and the early mist lingered above the surface of the sea, creating a thin layer of white clouds. From up there, we could see the small boats anchored together in a narrow space. Little stone houses could be seen from afar, hidden behind the pine trees and the ripening grapevines. At one point, I found myself walking right through the cold mist. The air warmed up as the sun rose, causing the mist to gradually lift and disappear. The sun started to shine, and dew covered the whole mountainside. The deep blue Mediterranean sea and the striking coastline appeared before our eyes under the glistening sun. The section from Agerola to Nocelle was a gentle slope, and we found it easy to walk down. There were high cliffs on one side, and the other was a vast space. Dozens of small yachts, looking like grains of rice floating in the water far bellow us, began to sail offshore pointed towards a horizon that was difficult to find. After about four hours of hiking, taking pictures, and sightseeing, we could see the white houses of Positano from afar. We reached Nocelle, a small village located on the upper part of Positano and, with that, our trail ended. From Nocelle, we continued down another 3km to catch an hourly bus to the harbor where we could get on a boat to get back to Amalfi. We realized that we still had a bit of time left before noon, so we wandered around town to enjoy the tiny streets and white walls which were typical of this coastal region. Positano is known as one of the most beautiful villages in the Amalfi Coast. The houses are layered like a staircase on a mountain, allowing every house to catch the cool sea breeze, and every balcony overlook the clear blue water and had ample warm sunshine. Anyone who has been to Amalfi once will always come back a second time!



A quiet area, reserved for the dead

Mounta in one sid on e, vast sea and o the oth n er

TIMe TO TRAVeL ñ Amalfi is one of the most popular destinations in Italy and Europe. Prices in the summer are often sky-high, and the streets are crowded. It is best to visit the coastal town during the low season from October to May. GeT AROuND By public transportation ñ The nearest international airport is in Naples. Take a bus or taxi from the airport to Naples Central Station. Take a train from the Naples Central Station to either Salerno or Sorrento, the two big cities of the Amalfi Coast. Train ticket costs around 5-7 Euros, and can be purchased at the station. The train runs every hour. ñ From the Naples Central Station to the village of Amalfi (located in the center of the Amalfi Coast) or to the village of Agerola (the beginning of the Path of the Gods) take a SITA bus which will cost you about 5-7 Euros. This bus route is much less crowded than coastal bus routes, and you will find comfortable seats on it. ñ You can travel between villages of the Amalfi Coast by the SITA bus. Tickets are sold at the tobacco shops near the bus stops. You can check the bus schedule on this website: www. Bui HuyEn CHi A Hanoian girl, inherited from her family a passion for travel and photography. At the moment, Chi is living and working in southern France, where she continues to make trips around the world to explore all the continents. Chi set up a travel blog http://cherrytree. fr/ in 2017 to share her most memorable travel experiences and amazing photos.

ñ Several boats operate daily between Positano, Amalfi, Sorrento, and Capri. This is an interesting way to enjoy the scenery along the coast. Boat tickets are available for purchase at the port or can be booked via www.positano. com/en/ferry-schedule ñ Pros: No need to find parking. Bus stations are often located in the city center, making it convenient for tourists to visit the villages at a relatively low cost.

ñ Cons: During peak season, SITA buses are crowded and all the seats are full. You need to arrive early to queue up. The route around the area is short but winding, and often takes a lot of time. Standing in the bus may be uncomfortable. It gets quite hot on the bus during summer days since few buses have air conditioners, and you are not allowed to open the bus windows. There are not many buses (operating every 1 or 2 hours depending on different bus routes). ñ Hotels at the Amalfi Coast can be quite expensive compared to other places in Italy. It is difficult to find cheap accommodations near the bus stations during peak season. Tips ñ The train from Naples to Sorrento can also take you to Pompei and Herculanum. If you want to visit Naples and those 2 destinations, you can purchase a Campania Arte card (a 3 day or 7 day pass are both available). The 3-day ticket costs euro 21 with free or discounted admission to many Campania attractions and free travel on metro and buses within Naples and on several train lines, including the Naples - Herculanum - Pompei - Sorrento. This card can be purchased at Naples Airport and at some other locations (check www. for more details). By your own car - Pros: The coastal route along the Amalfi Coast is considered one of the most beautiful coastal routes in Italy with winding slopes that offer excellent views of the Mediterranean Sea. Self-driving allows you more freedom when traveling, and a lot more accommodation options. - Cons: The roads are often narrow with lots of winding sections and traffic jams. Locals often travel at high speed although the speed limit is only 30 km/h. It is difficult to find parking in the center of Sorrento and around the surrounding villages of Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, and Ravello.

WHAT TO DO IN THe AMALFI COAST ñ Wander in the most beautiful villages of Italy: Positano, Praiano, Amalfi, and Ravello. Positano and Amalfi might look similar to the 5 villages in Cinque Terre, North Italy, but they have their own charm and offer you many interesting places to explore. ñ Take a stroll on the small streets and visit many Italian icecream shops, beautiful pottery shops, and colorful souvenirs shops on the sides of the streets. ñ Watch sunset in one of the world's most beautiful locations (Sorrento, Positano). ñ Take a train from Positano to Amalfi and view the amazing coastline. ñ Go on trekking trails (Sentiero degli Dei, La Baia di Ieranto). More information on the trekking trails can be found at http://www.positano. com/en/e/footpaths-on-the-amalficoast-trekking ñ Take a walk in the lush gardens of ancient villas in Ravello (Villa Cimbrone, Villa Rufolo) ñ Enjoy the afternoon view of the Mediterranean Sea from the balcony of Italian restaurants and cafäs. ñ Go on diving boat trips, or visit Capri Island, Ischia Island, and the islands of Li Galli. ñ Go kayaking along the coast, and find yourself a secluded beach to enjoy. ñ Visit the citrus gardens of Sorrento. Limoncello (lemon liqueur) is a specialty of the Campania region.



Một Ngày SˇNG CHÜM ô LÄNG C‡ C^U PH¡N Bµi: Lam Linh - Ånh: Lam Linh, Thu Qu˙nh

CÔng vÌi lµng ThÀp Ph«n, lµng cÊ Cˆu Ph«n lµ n¨i Æ≠Óc nhi“u du kh∏ch y™u th›ch khi Æ’n ßµi Bæc, ßµi Loan. Tı trung t©m thµnh phË, ph∂i m†t c∂ ti’ng ÆÂng h mÌi Æ’n Æ≠Óc lµng nh≠ng Cˆu Ph«n chºng khi nµo væng kh∏ch. ßi“u g◊ khi’n ng´i lµng hŒo l∏nh nµy h†p d…n du kh∏ch Æ’n vÀy?




TrÍi m≠a l†t ph†t khi t´i rÍi kh·i trπm tµu Æi÷n ng«m Zhongxiao Fuxing l™n b’n xe Æ” bæt xe bu˝t Æ’n Cˆu Ph«n (Jiufen). RÍi trπm, l™n cˆa sË 1, Æi thºng ra ngoµi, t´i l»m nh»m trong Æ«u sË xe c«n l™n: "1062! 1062"... Nh≠ng c„ vŒ h¨i thıa khi ra Æ’n n¨i Æ∑ th†y mÈt hµng dµi ng≠Íi Ưng x’p hµng chÍ cÔng chuy’n xe vÌi m◊nh. Theo mÈt trÀt t˘ Æ∏ng ngπc nhi™n, dflng ng≠Íi hµng mÈt x’p ngay ngæn chÍ chuy’n xe Æ’n vµ tu«n t˘ l™n xe. Ai c„ thŒ th◊ t˘ b†m, ai kh´ng c„ thŒ th◊ t˘ cho ti“n vµo hÈp. 80 ßµi t÷ mÈt chuy’n. T´i ngÂi ph›a g«n Æu´i xe, giÎ m„n b∏nh bao n„ng hÊi vıa mua vÈi Î ngay Æ„ ra ®n, vıa ngæm m≠a bay ngoµi lÌp cˆa k›nh. Xe chπy, nhanh ch„ng rÍi kh·i thµnh phË, tho∏t l™n Æ≠Íng cao tËc. Chºng m†y chËc, nh˜ng tfla nhµ cao t«ng lÔi lπi ph›a sau l≠ng, nh≠Íng chÁ cho nh˜ng s≠Ín nÛi non xanh thºm. Sau h¨n mÈt ti’ng ÆÂng h quanh co nÛi dËc, b∏c tµi b∏o Æ∑ Æ’n Cˆu Ph«n. H«u h’t m‰i ng≠Íi tr™n xe Æ“u xuËng, trong Æ„ c„ t´i.


N–T DUY£N NGî NHî BçNH Y£N hÍi ti’t Î ßµi Bæc th≠Íng hay c„ m≠a vµ Î Cˆu Ph«n, n¨i c∏ch thµnh phË kho∂ng 80km, nªm trong vÔng nÛi lπi cµng hay c„ m≠a. M≠a n™n trÍi se lπnh, nh≠ng may lµ chÿ l†t ph†t ch¯ kh´ng µo µo. T´i choµng mÚ, c†t c∏i ´ v≠Ìng v›u vµo bal´, ti’n v“ n¨i mµ ai cÚng muËn mÈt l«n Æ’n khi tÌi ßµi Loan.

Con Æ≠Íng Æ∏ nh· s∏t s≠Ín nÛi d…n lËi vµo lµng cÊ, hai b™n san s∏t hµng qu∏n vÌi ÆÒ mµu sæc Æãp mæt. DÔ Æ∑ Æ≠Óc khuy’n c∏o rªng n¨i nµy lÛc nµo cÚng Æ´ng ng≠Íi, nh†t lµ vµo chi“u cuËi tu«n, nh≠ng t´i v…n kh´ng kh·i b†t ngÍ. H´m nay lµ s∏ng th¯ Ba trong tu«n vµ b©y giÍ Æang lµ 11 giÍ tr≠a, l≠Óng ng≠Íi ÆÊ v“ Æ©y Æ∑ kh∏ Æ´ng. Th∂o nµo mµ c∏c chuy’n xe bu˝t Æ’n Æ©y c¯ 15 phÛt mÈt chuy’n chπy thºng Æ’n ch©n lµng, tı lÛc 6h s∏ng Æ’n 19h tËi, lµ chuy’n cuËi cÔng. ßÒ Æ” th†y Æ≠Óc l≠Óng kh∏ch Æ´ng Æ’n th’ nµo. Lµng cÊ Cˆu Ph«n t‰a lπc tr™n mÈt Æfia h◊nh Æ∆c bi÷t, vÌi con Æ≠Íng l∏t Æ∏ tr¨n b„ng vµ nh· nhæn l≠Ón theo s≠Ín nÛi, h≠Ìng ra bi”n. Hai b™n Æ≠Íng, nªm s∏t sπt b™n nhau lµ hµng tr®m cˆa hµng Æ ®n, Æ∆c s∂n, c∏c qu«y l≠u ni÷m vµ c∂ Æ thÒ c´ng, chen chÛc nh≠ng kh´ng c„ c∂m gi∏c chÀt chÈi mµ khi’n ng≠Íi Æ’n th®m th›ch thÛ. C∏c qu«y hµng ÆÒ mµu sæc vµ ÆÒ c∏c chÒng loπi m∆t hµng h†p d…n. Gian hµng nµo cÚng khi’n t´i muËn ghä th®m. LÛc Æ«u, t´i cfln Æi theo con Æ≠Íng ch›nh, nh≠ng rÂi th’ nµo lπi lπc lËi vµo nh˜ng con hŒm nh· lÛc nµo kh´ng hay. N¨i nµy, g„c nµo cÚng Æãp Æ’n m¯c chÿ c«n gi¨ m∏y ∂nh l™n lµ c„ ngay mÈt mÈt t†m h◊nh vÌi ph´ng n“n †n t≠Óng. Vµ c„ lœ khi Æ∑ Î Æ©y, bπn chºng n™n Æi vÈi vµng. H∑y c¯ nh»n nha, thÒng thºng ngÂi uËng trµ ngæm bi”n kh¨i hay ghä lπi mÈt g„c qu∏n ®n l„t dπ mÈt su†t mµn th«u bËc kh„i n„ng hÊi. Hay ghä lπi mÈt hi™n nhµ nghÿ ch©n cÔng ly trµ s˜a th¨m ngon ÆÛng chu»n x¯ ßµi, t˘ tay l˘a nh˜ng m„n Æ l≠u ni÷m Æ∏ng y™u nh≠ nh˜ng chi’c ÆÃn trÍi nh· x›u vÌi nh˜ng lÍi chÛc ˝ ngh‹a chºng hπn. TRAVELLIVE



T´i ngÂi t≠ l˘ b™n t∏ch trµ. Ngoµi kia, dng ng≠Íi v…n Æi lπi ngµy mÈt Æ´ng tr™n con phË l∏t Æ∏, vÀy mµ d≠Íng nh≠ n„ chºng ∂nh h≠Îng g◊ Æ’n b«u kh´ng kh› y™n b◊nh cÒa n¨i nµy.

Nh˜ng ng´i nhµ cÊ vÌi nät Æ∏ng y™u phÒ mÈt mµu r™u phong cuËn hÛt t´i. T´i c«m theo chi’c m∏y ∂nh, Æ” m◊nh lπc lËi trong nh˜ng con ng‚ vËn kh´ng qu∏ nhi“u nh≠ng ÆÒ Æ” c„ nh˜ng khu´n h◊nh ≠ng ˝. ß´i ch©n m·i, t´i ghä vµo mÈt qu∏n trµ nh· ven Æ≠Íng, g‰i mÈt †m trµ § Long, nh†m nh∏p cÔng m„n b∏nh d¯a vıa mua Î cˆa hµng b™n cπnh. TrÍi Æ∑ ngıng m≠a vµ lµn kh´ng kh› m∏t mŒ. H≠¨ng trµ th¨m qu»n quanh cÔng lµn s≠¨ng »m ≠Ìt, t˘ d≠ng th†y m◊nh sao nh≠ Æang ngÂi Î ßµ Lπt. Vµi tia næng m·ng manh xä m©y chi’u xuËng m∆t bi”n. TrÍi chÿ hˆng trong chËc l∏t rÂi lπi nhanh ch„ng trËn sau mµn m©y x∏m. T´i ngÂi t≠ l˘ b™n t∏ch trµ. Ngoµi kia, dflng ng≠Íi v…n Æi lπi ngµy mÈt Æ´ng tr™n con phË l∏t Æ∏, vÀy mµ d≠Íng nh≠ n„ chºng ∂nh h≠Îng g◊ Æ’n b«u kh´ng kh› y™n b◊nh cÒa n¨i nµy. Dflng ng≠Íi t˘a nh≠ dflng suËi, Æi qua mÁi ngµy, rÂi lπi tr∂ lπi cho con phË b◊nh y™n. TrÍi chi“u! Nh˜ng chi’c ÆÃn lÂng Æ· Æ∑ l∏c Æ∏c l™n ÆÃn vµ Æ„ cÚng lµ lÛc Cˆu Ph«n ph´ di‘n nhan sæc tuy÷t vÍi nh†t cÒa m◊nh. Hµng tr®m ng´i nhµ l´ x´ nªm ch™nh v™nh b™n s≠Ín nÛi †y l™n ÆÃn tπo n™n mÈt c∂nh sæc lÈng l…y. GiÍ th◊ t´i Æ∑ hi”u v◊ sao m‰i ng≠Íi



th≠Íng Æ’n Æ©y vµo t«m chi“u tËi, Æ” ngæm nh◊n khung c∂nh ngoπn mÙc cÒa Cˆu Ph«n khi mµn Æ™m bu´ng xuËng.

c¯ hÈ nµo Æi ra ngoµi mua hµng ho∏ th◊ lπi mua v“ ch›n ph«n cho c∂ ch›n hÈ gia Æ◊nh. Tı Æ„ h◊nh thµnh n™n "Cˆu Ph«n", ngh‹a lµ "ch›n ph«n".


Ng≠Íi NhÀt lµ nh˜ng ng≠Íi Æ«u ti™n ph∏t hi÷n ra Î Æ©y c„ vµng. Sau Æ„, v´ sË ng≠Íi NhÀt cÚng v◊ vÀy mµ Æ’n Æ©y sinh sËng, lµm ®n. BÎi th’, bπn sœ c∂m nhÀn Æ≠Óc ngay mÈt phong c∏ch vıa Trung QuËc xen l…n NhÀt B∂n Î n¨i nµy.

M£ HOÖC KH§NG GIAN PHIM C‡ TRANG hÍi ti’t m∏t mŒ, vfi tr› Æfia l˝ Ææc Æfia cÔng c∂nh quan Æ≠Óc tπo bÎi nh˜ng ng´i nhµ mang ki’n trÛc Trung Hoa vµ NhÀt B∂n, khung c∂nh l∑ng mπn vµ y™n b◊nh lµ Æi”m cÈng khi’n ng´i lµng nµy trÎ n™n Æ∆c bi÷t vÌi du kh∏ch. H¨n th’, c©u chuy÷n v“ lµng Cˆu Ph«n cÚng v´ cÔng h†p d…n. Lµng c„ t™n nh≠ vÀy tı Æ«u ÆÍi nhµ Thanh. LÛc †y chÿ c„ ch›n hÈ d©n sËng trong lµng vµ giao th≠¨ng lπi kh„ kh®n, n™n h‘

MÈt l˝ do kh∏c mπnh mœ h¨n vµ d…n kh∏ch Æ’n vÌi n¨i nµy nhi“u h¨n ch›nh lµ phim ∂nh. Cˆu Ph«n g«n nh≠ bfi l∑ng qu™n trong nhi“u n®m, m∑i cho Æ’n khi nhi“u Æπo di‘n ch‰n n¨i Æ©y lµm bËi c∂nh cho c∏c bÈ phim cÒa h‰ th◊ khung c∂nh n¨i nµy mÌi Æ≠Óc bi’t Æ’n. VÌi s˘ thµnh c´ng vµ giµnh nhi“u

TH§NG TIN TH£M + Chÿ d…n: Lµng cÊ Cˆu Ph«n vµ lµng ThÀp Ph«n lµ hai ng´i lµng r†t Æ≠Óc kh∏ch du lch y™u th›ch khi Æ’n ßµi Bæc. Th´ng th≠Íng kh∏ch sœ Æi c∂ hai lµng nµy trong mÈt ngµy tham quan. C„ ba c∏ch Æ” Æi Æ’n Æ©y tı trung t©m thµnh phË. -C∏ch 1: Bπn l™n tµu Æi÷n ng«m Æ’n Taipei main station, ÆÊi chuy’n sang xe lˆa Æ’n trπm ThÙy Ph≠¨ng (Ruifeng) kho∂ng mÈt ti’ng; ra b’n xe ÆËi di÷n bæt xe 827/ 856/ 788/ 1062 Æ“u Æ’n Cˆu Ph«n. -C∏ch 2: Bπn l™n tµu Æi÷n ng«m Æ’n Taipei main station, chuy”n lµn sang MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing, cÊng ra sË 1, bæt xe bu˝t 1062 Æ’n thºng Cˆu Ph«n. Khi v“ lπi ßµi Bæc cÚng chπy xe nµy. Gi∏ 80 ßµi t÷ (kho∂ng 60.000VND) mÁi chuy’n. ThÍi gian di chuy”n m†t 1 ti’ng.

Nh˜ng chi’c ÆÃn lÂng Æ· Æ∑ l∏c Æ∏c l™n ÆÃn vµ Æ„ cÚng lµ lÛc Cˆu Ph«n ph´ di‘n nhan sæc tuy÷t vÍi nh†t cÒa m◊nh. Hµng tr®m ng´i nhµ l´ x´ nªm ch™nh v™nh b™n s≠Ín nÛi †y l™n ÆÃn tπo n™n mÈt c∂nh sæc lÈng l…y.

-C∏ch 3: Bæt xe taxi Æi chung, kho∂ng 3 ng≠Íi mÈt xe, gi∏ 200 ßµi t÷/ng≠Íi, Æ’n thºng Cˆu Ph«n, thÍi gian Æi 20 phÛt. + Tham quan Lµng cÊ Cˆu Ph«n th¯c dÀy vµo t«m 7h s∏ng vµ hoπt ÆÈng nhÈn nhp tı 10h s∏ng cho Æ’n 20h Æ™m. ß” kh∏m ph∏ tr‰n vãn n¨i nµy, bπn n™n dµnh ›t nh†t 3 ti’ng ÆÂng hÂ. C∏c hoπt ÆÈng thÛ v gÂm tham quan c∏c ng´i nhµ cÊ, th≠Îng trµ, ngæm c∂nh bi”n hay kh∏m ph∏ c∏c ng„c ng∏ch Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa CÊ Ph«n. Ngoµi ra, Æ’n Cˆu Ph«n bπn cÚng n™n dµnh thÍi gian Æ’n ThÀp Ph«n, mÈt lµng cÊ kh∏c cÚng nÊi ti’ng kh´ng käm Cˆu Ph«n vÌi hoπt ÆÈng th∂ ÆÃn trÍi tr™n Æ≠Íng xe lˆa cÚ Æ«y ˝ ngh‹a. Hay ghä th®m lµng mÃo Hou Tung, mÈt ng´i lµng r†t Æ∆c bi÷t vÌi c∏c thµnh vi™n lµ c∏c chÛ mÃo xinh xæn Æ∏ng y™u. + Tr∂i nghi÷m »m th˘c

gi∂i th≠Îng quËc t’, nh≠ lµ bÈ phim Thµnh PhË BuÂn (Sad City) Æoπt gi∂i nh†t Li™n hoan phim Venice, hay nh≠ bÈ phim "Spirited Away" thµnh c´ng vang dÈi Æ∑ giÛp Æ∏nh th¯c Cˆu Ph«n vµ thu hÛt hµng ngµn l≠Ót kh∏ch Æ’n tham quan mÁi ngµy. ßËi vÌi nh˜ng ng≠Íi h©m mÈ cÒa nh©n vÀt Ghibli, Æ©y lµ Æi”m Æ’n kh´ng th” nµo b· qua. Vµ cÚng kh´ng ngπc nhi™n khi Æ’n Æ©y, bπn sœ th†y c„ r†t Æ´ng kh∏ch lµ ng≠Íi NhÀt B∂n, ÆÂng thÍi m´ h◊nh nh©n vÀt Ghbli cÚng Æ≠Óc bµy b∏n nh≠ mÈt m„n quµ l≠u ni÷m Æ≠Óc y™u th›ch nh†t vÌi ÆÒ c∏c loπi tı thÛ b´ng Æ’n m„c ch◊a kh„a... Qu∏n trµ A Mei Tea House tıng xu†t hi÷n trong bÈ phim nµy r†t Æ≠Óc y™u th›ch. T´i l™n chuy’n xe g«n nh≠ cuËi cÔng trong ngµy Æ” trÎ v“ thµnh phË ßµi Bæc. Trong lflng h¨i ti’c nuËi v◊ kh´ng th” Î lπi n¨i nµy mÈt Æ™m. T´i chæc chæn rªng sœ r†t thi vfi khi Æ≠Óc ngÒ lπi mÈt trong nh˜ng ng´i nhµ †m cÛng vµ ngæm c∂nh b◊nh minh l™n tı ph›a bi”n. H¨n nˆa ngµy dπo ch¨i v…n ch≠a c∂m th†y ÆÒ, v…n muËn n∏n lπi th™m mÈt chÛt, mÈt chÛt n˜a.

Th≠Îng th¯c »m th˘c vÌi c∏c m„n ngon ÆÀm phong c∏ch ßµi Loan nh≠ b∏nh bao nh©n tht, m◊ t≠¨i, m◊ b n„ng hÊi vµ Æıng qu™n th≠Îng loπi trµ § Long h∂o hπng trong mÈt qu∏n trµ nµo Æ„ nh◊n ra bi”n th¨ mÈng. + Quµ t∆ng Quµ l≠u ni÷m c„ r†t nhi“u tπi Æ©y nh≠ b∏nh d¯a, c∏c loπi trµ, nh˜ng chi’c ÆÃn thi™n Æ®ng nh· xinh vÌi nh˜ng lÍi chÛc may mæn hay nh˜ng h◊nh nh©n vÀt V´ di÷n ngÈ ngh‹nh; Ghbli vÌi c∏i bÙng trn si™u Æ∏ng y™u cÔng r†t nhi“u h◊nh ∂nh c∏c nh©n vÀt kh∏c tıng xu†t hi÷n trong bÈ phim hoπt h◊nh nÊi ti’ng "Spirited Away". + L≠u ˝ ThÍi ti’t tπi Cˆu Ph«n hay c„ m≠a nhã vµ se lπnh h¨n so vÌi c∏c n¨i kh∏c n™n khi Æi bπn h∑y mang theo ´, m∆c †m ho∆c mang ∏o kho∏c ngoµi c„ th” chËng ÆÏ Æ≠Óc m≠a nh·.

Cˆu Ph«n mang Æ’n cho t´i c∂m gi∏c b◊nh y™n, dfiu dµng. Khung c∂nh n™n th¨ vµ l∑ng mπn Î n¨i nµy c„ lœ Æ” lπi nhi“u †n t≠Óng cho du kh∏ch. T´i nh∆t cho m◊nh mÈt vµi chi’c ÆÃn lÂng nho nh· lµm l≠u ni÷m cÔng vµi m„n quµ Æ∏ng y™u. C„ lœ m◊nh sœ trÎ lπi n¨i nµy vµo mÈt ngµy nµo Æ„ vµ Î lπi. ß≠Íng v“ cfln xa, m≠a lπi l†t ph†t bay, nh˜ng chi’c ÆÃn lÂng Æ· xa d«n, rÂi chÿ cfln lµ nh˜ng ch†m nh·, rÂi m†t hÛt sau mÈt khÛc quanh. TRAVELLIVE





Along with Shifen, the old village of Jiufen is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Taipei, Taiwan. It takes almost an hour to get to Jiufen from the city center, but the village is always filled with people. What makes this village so enticing to visitors, you might ask?


It was raining when I left the Zhongxiao Fuxing Subway Station to catch the bus to Jiufen. I tried anxiously to find the correct bus number, but soon realized my worry was unnecessary as a long line of people was already queueing up for bus route 1062. The line was surprisingly orderly as people patiently waited for the bus to arrive. If you do not travel with a card, simply deposit NT$80 for a one way fare. I decided to sit at the back of the line to enjoy the steamy dumplings I bought before getting on the bus, were I watched the rain pour against the glass window. The bus finally departed, and quickly took to the highway. Soon, the city was no longer in sight, and lush mountains appeared before me. The bus traveled for an hour on winding roads, and before we knew it, we had arrived in Jiufen. Most of the people, including me, got off at this stop.


CHARMING LITTLE ALLEYWAYS aipei is often known for its rainy weather, and Jiufen, being some 80km from the city and situated among the mountains, has an even higher amount of rainfall. It felt a little colder because of the rain, but it was only drizzling. I put on my hat, and put the umbrella away in my backpack, then headed to Jiufen, a must-see destination for visitors in Taiwan.

The small cobblestone trail on the mountainside led us to the entrance of the old village where shops on the two sides were decorated in beautiful colors. We were told that the village is often packed with visitors, especially on the weekends, but it was more crowded than what I had expected at 11am on a rainy Tuesday morning with a flock of visitors already wandering about. No wonder the bus runs in full service every 15 minutes from 6am to 7pm. You can imagine the number of visitors who come daily to this charming little village.

Jiufen Village is located among special terrain with cobblestone alleyways that slide along the mountainside overlooking the sea. On both sides of the road, close to one another, are hundreds of food, specialty, souvenir, and handicraft shops. The incredible number of shops entice customers to visit, regardless of the crowds. The colorful shops displayed all kinds of interesting items, enough to make you want to look at every little thing.



Text: Lam Linh - Photos: Lam Linh, Thu QuË&#x2122;nh

I sat there and savored that special moment. Streams of people quickly filled the cobblestone streets, but somehow, to my surprise, the old village still maintained a certain sense of serenity about it. TRAVELLIVE


door. The rain finally ceased to fall, leaving the air nice and cool. The smell of the fragrant tea and the sight of the misty dew suddenly reminded me so much of Dalat. The sun shone briefly for a moment before disappearing completelty into the gray clouds. I sat there and savored that special moment. Streams of people quickly filled the cobblestone streets, but somehow, to my surprise, the old village still maintained a certain sense of serenity about it.


first followed the main road, but somehow I got lost, and wandered into the alleys. The place was so beautiful at every angle, and you could easily snap a picture with a breathtaking background. Do not hurry when you are here. Take a stroll, drink some tea while looking out to the sea, or visit a food stall to enjoy some steamy mantou. Or you could stop at a side porch to enjoy the delicious Taiwanese milk

tea, or buy the tiny lanterns with meaningful wishes written on them as souvenirs. The old houses had such a special charm. I took out my camera, and let myself get carried away in the picturesque alleyways. When I started feeling a little tired, I stopped at a small tea shop on the side of the road, and ordered some Oolong tea to enjoy with the pineapple cake I bought from next

Towards the late afternoon is when you can spot the red lanterns lighting up on the streets. That is also when Jiufen showcases its true beauty. Hundreds of lanterns can be seen lighting up the whole mountainside from afar. No wonder visitors to Jiufen often arrive in the village later in the day to watch this truly spectacular night scene. MAGICAL SETTING FOR PERIOD MOVIES With its breezy weather, convenient location with charming old houses in Chinese and Japanese architectural styles, and its all around romantic and tranquil setting, Jiufen is truly

Towards the late afternoon is when you can spot the red lanterns lighting up on the streets. That is also when Jiufen showcases its true beauty. Hundreds of lanterns can be seen lighting up the whole mountainside to create a truly spectacular night scene. 94


ADDITIONAL INFORMATION + Get there: Jiufen and Shifen villages are two popular tourist destinations in Taipei. Tourists often visit both villages in one day. There are three ways for you to get to Jiufen from the city center. - Take the subway to Taipei main station, and transfer at Ruifeng Station (1 hour ride), then go to opposite bus station to catch bus route 827/856/788/1062 to Jiufen. - Take the subway to Taipei main station, transfer to the MRT Zhongxiao Fuxing, exit gate number 1, and take bus route 1062 to Jiufen. To return to Taipei, you can also take this route. Bus fare is NT$80 (about VND60,000) per trip. Journey time is 1 hour. - Share a taxi for groups of 3 at NT$200/person, which will take you straight to Jiufen. Journey time is 20 minutes. + Sightseeing

an enticing place to visit. The history of the village is an interesting story that dates back to the first years of the Qing Dynasty, when the isolated village housed nine families. Since trading was difficult at the time, the village would always request "nine portions" everytime shipments arrived from town. Hence the name Kau-hun meaning "nine portions" in Hokkien, which would later become the name of the village. The Japanese were the first to discover gold in Jiufen, and because of this important discovery, a large number of Japanese traveled there to live and work. The village later became inďŹ&#x201A;uenced by both Chinese and Japanese architectural style. Another reason that attracts so many visitors to this beautiful village is its inspiration behind famous movies. Jiufen was mostly forgotten for many years until it became a popular filming location for a number of high-profile films. With the success of Hou Hsiao-Hsien's "A City of Sadness", which won the Golden Lion award at the 1989 Venice Film Festival, and Studio Ghilbi's critically acclaimed anime "Spirited Away", Jiufen revived and started to attract thousands of visitors a day. For Ghilbi fans, this is a much-loved and must-visit destination. At the village, you will likely find many Japanese tourists as well as Ghibli characters sold as your favorite souvenirs from stuffed animals to key chains. The A Mei Tea House Tea House which appeared in the animated film is a popular spot to visit. I got on almost the last bus at the end of the day to return to Taipei City with regret for not staying the night. It would have been such an amazing experience to sleep in one of the old cozy houses in Jiufen, and watch the sunrise at the beach in the morning. My spending a little over half a day in Jiufen did not feel enough for me to explore the whole place.

Jiufen wakes up at 7am and the shops open from 10am to 8pm. To fully explore the village, you should spend at least 3 hours there. Interesting activities include visiting the ancient houses, enjoying tea, watching the sea or exploring charming alleys. If you have time, also visit Shifen, another equally popular old village, famous for its sky lanterns. Or you could visit the Houtong Cat Village, which is home to hundreds of cats, is a must-see for cat lovers. + Cuisine Enjoy authentic Taiwanese delicacies from dumplings, to fresh noodles, to beef noodles to premium Oolong tea in a teahouse that overlooks the beautiful beach. + Souvenirs There are many souvenirs include pineapple cakes, tea, tiny lanterns with good luck wishes or cute No-Face characters; Totoro with its super cute belly, and many other characters that appeared in the popular anime "Spirited Away". + Note The weather in Jiufen is often rainy and colder than most places, so bring an umbrella, wear warm clothing or bring a jacket which can withstand light rain.

Jiufen gave me such an unique sense of peace. The village's tranquil scenery is an unforgettable experience for visitors to Jiufen. I bought a few small lanterns, and some other cute items as souvenirs. I will return to this charming village and stay over night next time. As I sat on the bus with the rain drizzling, the red lanterns gradually faded and went out of my sight until they were just tiny dots before disappearing altogether after a turn. TRAVELLIVE



Bµi vµ ∂nh: Pascal Mannaerts

Vän mµn vÔng Ɔt huy“n b› Sau hµnh tr◊nh dµi th†m Æ…m c∂m xÛc Æ’n quËc gia ch©u Phi xa x´i, nhi’p ∂nh gia ng≠Íi Bÿ Æ∑ thËt l™n: "Ethiopia qu∂ th˘c lµ mÈt Ɔt n≠Ìc tuy÷t vÍi Æ” bπn du lch kh∏m ph∏ vµ c„ nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m th˘c s˘ Æ∏ng nhÌ trong suËt chuy’n Æi cÒa m◊nh!" Bµi vi’t vµ bÈ ∂nh ÆÈc Æ∏o nµy Æ≠Óc anh gˆi ri™ng cho Travellive.



Nh˜ng tÛp l“u lÓp l∏ nh· - n¨i sinh sËng cÒa bÈ tÈc Mursi

BÈ tÈc Mursi Î ph›a Nam Ethiopia thÀt s˘ lµ mÈt th’ giÌi kh∏c bi÷t, mÈt n¨i tıng hi”n hi÷n trong Æ«u t´i thÍi ni™n thi’u vµ nªm trong danh s∏ch nh˜ng n¨i t´i muËn Æi tı r†t l©u. V◊ th’, Æ™m chÛng t´i hπ c∏nh Î Addis Ababa, thÒ Æ´ cÒa quËc gia ß´ng Phi nµy, lµ mÈt tr∂i nghi÷m kh„ qu™n. Gi†c m¨ cÒa t´i cuËi cÔng Æ∑ trÎ thµnh s˘ thÀt. M‰i th¯ t´i tıng t≠Îng t≠Óng v“ vÔng Ɔt xa x´i nµy Æ“u y h÷t nh≠ nh˜ng g◊ m◊nh c∂m th†y ngay tπi n¨i chÛng t´i Æ∆t ch©n Æ’n Æ«u ti™n - Addis Ababa, thÒ Æ´ cÚng lµ thµnh phË lÌn nh†t cÒa Ethiopia. ¬n ch¯a v´ vµn Æi“u huy“n b›, Ethiopia lµ n¨i c≠ trÛ cÒa r†t nhi“u bÈ tÈc Î khu v˘c mi“n Nam vµ c∏c bÈ tÈc nµy v…n gi˜ Æ≠Óc nät nguy™n s¨ tı thÍi k˙ Æ«u cÒa nh©n loπi. Cfln ng≠Óc l™n ph›a Bæc, bπn c„ th” t◊m th†y r†t nhi“u nhµ thÍ Æ≠Óc ki’n tπo tı Æ∏ nguy™n khËi v…n Ưng sıng s˜ng, nhi“u t≠Óng Ƶi vµ l©u Ƶi cÊ x≠a, nh˜ng cuÈc r≠Ìc ki÷u t´n gi∏o. ß„ cfln lµ n¨i cÒa nh˜ng khu chÓ Ân µo, ÆÒ m‰i loπi ©m thanh vÌi nÙ c≠Íi vµ ni“m h©n hoan sËng Æ∏ng ng≠Ïng mÈ cÒa nh˜ng ng≠Íi d©n Æfia ph≠¨ng.

ß«u ti™n, chÛng t´i di chuy”n v“ ph›a Nam, tÌi thung lÚng Omo Æ” g∆p gÏ c∏c bÈ tÈc Hamers, Mursi, Karo, Surma vµ Bodi. BÈ tÈc Mursi sËng tπi mÈt khu v˘c hŒo l∏nh cÒa Ethiopia. Nh˜ng ng≠Íi d©n cÒa bÈ tÈc nµy sËng hfla hÓp vÌi thi™n nhi™n, tπo thµnh mÈt nh„m ÆÂng nh†t vµ Æ≠Óc d…n dæt bÎi nh˜ng gi∏o Æi“u, nghi l‘ cÊ x≠a. Ng≠Íi cÒa bÈ tÈc Mursi h«u nh≠ kh´ng c„ b†t k˙ s˘ t≠¨ng t∏c nµo dÔ lµ thi÷n ch› vÌi c∏c bÈ tÈc kh∏c trong khu v˘c. H‰ kh∏ quy’t li÷t trong vi÷c sˆ dÙng gi∏o vµ sÛng AK Æ” chËng lπi nh˜ng Æe d‰a trong vi÷c Æ∏nh cæp gia sÛc ho∆c bæt c„c phÙ n˜ tı nh˜ng bÈ tÈc kh∏c trong cÔng l∑nh thÊ. Bi”u hi÷n tr™n Æ©y cÒa bÈ tÈc Mursi Æ≠Óc cho lµ h‰ Æ∑ c„ mÈt mËi hi“m kh›ch l©u ÆÍi vÌi ng≠Íi cÒa bÈ tÈc Hamers. H‰ r†t coi tr‰ng s˘ hfla hÓp trong nÈi bÈ cÒa bÈ tÈc, th≠Íng c≠ trÛ tπi nh˜ng ng´i lµng hŒo l∏nh b™n bÍ s´ng Omo, n¨i ›t c„ s˘ xu†t hi÷n cÒa ruÂi vµ sËng trong nh˜ng tÛp l“u lÓp l∏ nh·.

Khu v˘c C¨ ßËc gi∏o Î ph›a Bæc ChÛng t´i ti’p tÙc di chuy”n l™n ph›a Bæc cÒa Ethiopia, n¨i v…n cfln gi˜ r†t nhi“u di t›ch tı thÍi Trung cÊ vÌi nh˜ng nhµ thÍ Æ≠Óc tπc bªng Æ∏. ChÛng t´i c∂m th†y m◊nh nh≠ bfi lπc lËi trong mÈt khu v˘c h«u nh≠ kh´ng c„ ranh giÌi gi˜a qu∏ kh¯ vµ hi÷n tπi, vÌi nhi“u buÊi l‘ t´n gi∏o Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa Æπo C¨ ßËc mµ hµng tr®m n®m nay v…n kh´ng thay ÆÊi. MÈt trong nh˜ng n¨i nh≠ th’ lµ Lalibela - mÈt thfi tr†n k˙ lπ cho ta c∂m gi∏c thÍi gian d≠Íng nh≠ ng≠ng Ɖng. Ng≠Íi hµnh h≠¨ng tı khæp Ethiopia ÆÊ v“ Æ©y trong mÈt trang phÙc mµu træng ÆÂng nh†t cµng lµm t®ng th™m vŒ Æãp m™ ho∆c cÒa thfi tr†n nµy. ChÛng t´i Î lπi Lalibela vµi ngµy Æ” th®m mÈt sË nhµ thÍ vµ kh∏m ph∏ khung c∂nh thi™n nhi™n tuy÷t vÍi cÒa thfi tr†n. Nh˜ng ng≠Íi Æfia ph≠¨ng Î Æ©y t· ra r†t hi’u kh∏ch vµ th©n thi÷n. VÌi t´i, Lalibela lµ mÈt trong sË nh˜ng n¨i lµm cho m◊nh c∂m th†y th˘c s˘ kh„ qu™n vµ luy’n ti’c khi ph∂i rÍi Æi.


lµ n¨i cÒa nh˜ng Ph›a Bæc cÒa khu chÓ Ân µo, ÆÒ m‰i loπi ©m thanh vÌi nÙ c≠Íi vµ ni“m h©n hoan sËng Æ∏ng ng≠Ïng mÈ cÒa nh˜ng ng≠Íi d©n Æa ph≠¨ng. TRAVELLIVE

Nh˜ng ng≠Íi phÙ n˜ cÒa bÈ tÈc

Hamer Æang tÀp hÓp gia sÛc Î

mÈt khu rıng g«n Turmi tr≠Ìc khi tÊ ch¯c mÈt nghi l‘ Æ∆c bi÷t tπi Æ©y.



Lac loi

T´i c∂m th†y m◊nh nh≠ b trong mÈt khu v˘c h«u nh≠ kh´ng c„ ranh giÌi gi˜a qu∏ kh¯ vµ hi÷n tπi, vÌi nhi“u buÊi l‘ t´n gi∏o Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa Æπo C¨ ßËc mµ hµng tr®m n®m nay v…n kh´ng thay ÆÊi.

PasCal MannaErts

Nªm Î ÆÈ cao 2.630m so vÌi m∆t n≠Ìc bi”n Î s≠Ín nÛi ph›a t©y nam cÒa tÿnh cÚ Lasta, thuÈc khu v˘c Amhara hi÷n tπi cÒa Ethiopia, Lalibela Æ≠Óc xem nh≠ mÈt thfi tr†n tu vi÷n. Lµ th∏nh Æfia cÒa c∏c Kit´ h˜u Ch›nh thËng gi∏o ß´ng Ph≠¨ng Î Ethiopia, Lalibela nÊi ti’ng nhÍ c„ 11 nhµ thÍ Æ≠Óc Æœo tπc tı Æ∏ nguy™n khËi tı thÍi Trung cÊ. NÊi ti’ng nh†t trong sË Æ„ lµ Bete Giyorgis (nhµ thÍ St. George) Æ∑ c„ tı c∏ch Æ©y t∏m th’ k˚.

Nhi⁄p ÅNh gia Ng¶òI Bé "T´i Æ∑ Æi khæp Ethiopia bªng xe jeep trong 5 tu«n cÔng vÌi mÈt ng≠Íi bπn vµ ng≠Íi l∏i xe cÒa chÛng t´i. T´i Æ∑ tıng Æi du lch r†t nhi“u n¨i tr™n th’ giÌi nh≠ng ph∂i n„i rªng, tr∂i nghi÷m tπi Ethiopia lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m tuy÷t vÍi vµ Æ∏ng nhÌ nh†t cÒa cuÈc ÆÍi t´i!" C„ th” xem th™m nh˜ng b¯c ∂nh kh∏c cÒa pascal Mannaerts tπi website:



Vµ Harar - thµnh phË Di s∂n Th’ giÌi cÒa UNESCO Vµo cuËi chuy’n Æi 5 tu«n cÒa m◊nh, chÛng t´i l∏i xe Æ’n thµnh phË huy“n thoπi Harar. ß≠Óc UNESCO c´ng nhÀn lµ Di s∂n Th’ giÌi tı n®m 2006, Harar lµ mÈt thµnh phË cÊ Æ∑ c„ tı hµng tr®m n®m tr≠Ìc.

Nªm Î ÆÈ cao kho∂ng 1.885m vµ c∏ch thÒ Æ´ Addis Ababa 525km v“ ph›a Æ´ng, Harar lµ trung t©m th≠¨ng mπi cÒa khu v˘c Harari gÂm kho∂ng 150.000 c≠ d©n. SÎ h˜u 102 khu b∂o tÂn vµ g«n 100 Æ“n thÍ HÂi gi∏o, trong Æ„ mÈt sË c„ ni™n Æπi tı th’ k˚ th¯ 10, Harar Æ≠Óc xem lµ th∏nh Æfia th¯ t≠ cÒa HÂi gi∏o. Tr∂i qua nhi“u th’ k˚ vµ bfi ∂nh h≠Îng bÎi truy“n thËng ch©u Phi l…n truy“n thËng HÂi gi∏o, thµnh phË nµy trÎ n™n v´ cÔng ÆÈc Æ∏o vÌi nh˜ng nät Æ∆c tr≠ng v“ v®n h„a vµ lËi ki’n trÛc r†t ri™ng. Thµnh phË c„ mÈt mπng l≠Ìi h¨n 362 con Æ≠Íng nh· hãp Î ngay trung t©m trong di÷n t›ch mÈt kil´mät vu´ng. Khu phË cÊ cÒa Harar c„ kho∂ng 82 nhµ thÍ HÂi gi∏o, bi’n n¨i Æ©y trÎ thµnh mÈt trong nh˜ng n¨i c„ mÀt ÆÈ nhµ thÍ HÂi gi∏o lÌn nh†t tr™n th’ giÌi.

L∏ Khat lµ mÈt loµi c©y bÙi c„ nguÂn gËc tı ß´ng Phi, nh≠ng sau Æ„ lan rÈng ra b∏n Æ∂o Å RÀp, Æ∆c bi÷t lµ Î Yemen. Ng≠Íi d©n Î nh˜ng vÔng nµy th≠Íng nhai l∏ Khat nh≠ l∏ tr«u cÒa Vi÷t Nam v◊ l∏ Khat c„ t∏c dÙng k›ch th›ch vµ g©y h≠ng ph†n t≠¨ng t˘ nh≠ ch†t amphetamine.

VÌi nät v®n h„a vµ lËi ki’n trÛc Æ∆c bi÷t, nh˜ng khu chÓ t†p nÀp, nh˜ng b¯c t≠Íng ÆÊ n∏t vµ con ng≠Íi th©n thi÷n, Harar nh≠ Æ≠a bπn trÎ v“ vÌi qu∏ kh¯. Nh˜ng ng´i nhµ nªm tr™n khu phË cÊ cÒa Harar ph∂n ∂nh r‚ nh†t nät di s∂n v®n h„a ÆÈc Æ∏o cÒa thµnh phË nµy. Nh˜ng ng´i nhµ truy“n thËng lu´n c„ s©n trong vÌi ph«n nÈi th†t Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ tinh x∂o vµ Æa sË Æ≠Óc gi˜ nguy™n nh≠ ban Æ«u. Ethiopia qu∂ th˘c lµ mÈt Ɔt n≠Ìc tuy÷t vÍi Æ” bπn du lfich kh∏m ph∏ vµ c„ nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m th˘c s˘ Æ∏ng nhÌ trong suËt chuy’n Æi cÒa m◊nh!

HÄNH TRçNH ñ C„ mÈt sË h∑ng hµng kh´ng cung c†p c∏c chuy’n bay Æ’n Ethiopia. H∑ng hµng kh´ng Turkish Airlines vµ h∑ng hµng kh´ng Ethiopian Arilines lµ hai l˘a ch‰n tËt nh†t Æ” bay tÌi thÒ Æ´ Addis Ababa tı h«u h’t m‰i thµnh phË tr™n th’ giÌi. Bπn c„ th” sœ ph∂i qu∏ c∂nh Î thµnh phË Istanbul (ThÊ Nh‹ K˙) ho∆c Cairo (Ai CÀp). DI CHuYÕN ñ ß∆t mÈt tour du lch bªng xe jeep vÌi l∏i xe tπi mÈt Æπi l˝ du lch Æa ph≠¨ng Î Addis Ababa Æ” kh∏m ph∏ vÔng ph›a Nam. Di chuy”n trong khu v˘c nµy lµ mÈt cuÈc phi™u l≠u thÀt s˘. Bπn kh´ng n™n t˘ Æi mÈt m◊nh

v◊ ph≠¨ng ti÷n di chuy”n Î Æ©y r†t hπn ch’. ñ ßi kh∏m ph∏ vÔng ph›a Nam vµo c∏c ngµy c„ phi™n chÓ tu«n tπi c∏c ng´i lµng Dimeka, Key Afar, Jinka vµ Turmi Æ” c„ dp g∆p gÏ c∏c bÈ tÈc vÌi cuÈc sËng hµng ngµy cÒa h‰. ñ Tπi vÔng ph›a Bæc, bπn c„ th” t˘ Æi mÈt m◊nh v◊ chÁ Î vµ ph≠¨ng ti÷n di chuy”n kh∏ thuÀn ti÷n. Ethiopian Arilines c„ cung c†p c∏c chuy’n bay nÈi Æa Æ” bπn c„ th” bay d‘ dµng tÌi c∏c Æa Æi”m kh∏c trong l∑nh thÊ thuÈc khu v˘c ph›a Bæc cÒa Ethiopia. - ß” Æ’n Harar, bπn c„ th” bay ho∆c Æi xe bu˝t tı Addis Ababa. C„ r†t nhi“u n¨i Æ” bπn l≠u trÛ tπi thµnh phË nµy.

¬M TH#C ñ H∑y thˆ m„n "injera", mÈt loπi b∏nh m◊ chua c„ h◊nh d∏ng dãt, m·ng vµ kh∏ xËp. ß©y lµ m„n ®n truy“n thËng cÒa Ethiopia. - Ethiopia cÚng r†t nÊi ti’ng v“ cµ ph™ vµ bia. S∂n xu†t cµ ph™ Î Ethiopia lµ mÈt truy“n thËng l©u ÆÍi Æ∑ c„ tı chÙc th’ k˚ nay. TRÅI NGHIåM HƒP D√N ñ Th≠Îng th¯c nhπc jazz tπi mÈt trong v´ sË qu∏n cµ ph™ jazz trong thÒ Æ´ Addis Ababa. ñ Th≠ gi∑n vµ Æi mua sæm tπi chÓ Mercato, Æ≠Óc coi lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng khu chÓ lÌn nh†t tπi ch©u Phi lµ mÈt tr∂i nghi÷m kh„ qu™n ÆËi vÌi du kh∏ch. TRAVELLIVE



ETHI PIA A Belgian photogragher took a long and emotion-filled trip to Ethiopia. "Ethiopia is truly a wonderful country to explore and leave with the most unforgettable experiences." The story and photos from the trip belong exclusively to Travellive. Text and photos: Pascal Mannaerts

Above photos: Hamer women arrive at the weekly market in Tumi market

Ethiopia is truly a world apart, a country I had read about in my teenage years and that had been on my bucket list for a very long time. I will always remember the night we landed in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. It was like a dream come true.

smiles, and a joy for life that I have not seen anywhere else.

All that I had imagined for years about this enchanting land was coming to life, right from when we took our first steps in the capital.

We were first headed to the South of Ethiopia, to the Omo Valley, to meet the Hamers, Mursi, Karo, Surma and Bodi tribes.

Majestic and overwhelming, Ethiopia is Africa in all its magic and wonder. An outstanding country with tribal areas in the South, that seem to have remain unchanged since the dawn of humanity. The North of the country offers monolithic churches that defy understanding of contruction, obelisks and castles from the past, and authentic religious processions. Ethiopia is a country filled with buzzing markets, wonderful sounds, friendly

Mursi people live in a remote area of Ethiopia. They live in perfect harmony with the environment. They form a homogeneous group, governed by ancient beliefs and rituals. They have little interaction, peaceful or otherwise, with the other peoples of the region and fight fiercely with spears and assault rifles against cattle rustling and kidnapping of women perpetrated by other peoples in their territories.

Visit Mursi triBE in tHE soutH


The North of is filled with buzzing markets, wonderful sounds, friendly smiles, and a joy for life that I have not seen anywhere else. TRAVELLIVE


They quarrel regularly with Hamers. The Mursi attach great importance to the intra-tribal harmony. They gather in remote villages on the marshy banks of the Omo River, where the presence of the tsetse fly is less. Their huts are thatched and small.

tHE nortH CHristian arEa Visiting the north of the country, we found ouselves lost in the medieval world and stonecarved churches of Lalibela, where a fuzzy line was drawn between the past and the present by Christian ceremonies that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. Lalibela is a place full of grace, with a timeless energy floating in the air. Pilgrims flocking to the town across the country often are dressed entirely in white, creating a truly spectacular scene and adding to the town's enchanting beauty. We stayed a few days in Lalibela to visit different churches and explore the amazing nature that surrounded the city. We met a lot of people in town, who were very friendly and welcoming toward us. There are some places on Earth that you will tend to leave with regret for leaving that one will never forget. Lalibela is one of those places. St. George Church in Lalibela. Lalibela is a monastic city located 2630 meters above sea level on the southwest flank of the mountains of the former province of Lasta, in the present Amhara region in Ethiopia. The holy city of Orthodox Christians in Ethiopia, it is famous for its eleven monolithic medieval cave churches carved into the rock. The most famous is Bete Giyorgis (St. Georgeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Church), eight centuries old.

Visiting the North of the country, we found ouselves lost in the


world and stone-carved churches of Lalibela, where a fuzzy line was drawn between the past and the present by Christian ceremonies that have remained unchanged for hundreds of years. 106




Clockwise from this picture: Pilgrimage at Neakuto Le'ab, Lalibela; The sun doesn't ignore a village just because it is small - African quote; Two Hamer men are talking in the Dimeka weekly market; Mursi people live in a remote area of Ethiopia; Hamer women near Turmi, during a special ritual held by the Hamer tribes; Mursi elegance, Jinka; Girl from the Bana tribe in the Key Afar market.



GeTTING THeRe ñ There are several airlines providing flights to Ethiopia. Turkish airlines, Ethiopian airlines are some of the best options to fly to the capital Addis Ababa, from almost all parts of the world. You will probably need to transit in Istanbul (Turkey) or Cairo (Egypt). MOVING AROuND IN THe COuNTRY ñ Book a tour by jeep with driver, with a local agency based in Addis Ababa, to explore the South of the country. The South of Ethiopia is the real adventure, so you can't do it on your own as the public transport are rare and limited. ñ Organize your trip in the South of the country



according to the weekly markets day in the villages if Dimeka, Key Afar, Jinka and Turmi. It is a perfect way to meet the tribes in their daily life. ñ For the North of the country, transport and accommodation are much easier and can be organized by independently. There are also different domestic flights available with Ethiopian airlines, to travel from a place to another in the North of Ethiopia. ñ Harar is easily reachable by place or bus from Addis Ababa. A lot of accommodations are available there. eTHIOPIAN FOOD ñ Don't forget to try the "injera", is a sourdough-

risen flatbread with a unique, slightly spongy texture. It is the national dish in Ethiopia. ñ Ethiopia is also very famous for its delicious coffee and beers. Coffee production in Ethiopia is a longstanding tradition which dates back to dozens of centuries. IN THe CAPITAL ADDIS ABABA ñ Attend a jazz concert in one of the numerous jazz cafäs to find in the capital Addis Ababa ñ Chill out and go for shopping in the Mercato, a sprawling market in Addis Ababa. It is considered to be Africa's largest market. A visit to the market is a fascinating experience.

Harar unEsCo World HEritagE City There is a spiritual dimension in every relationship

At the very end of our 5 weeks trip, we drove to the legendary city of Harar. Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2006, Harar is a city of its own, where time seems to have left the area forever hundreds of years ago. Located at an altitude of about 1,885 meters and 525 kilometers east of the capital Addis Ababa, Harar is the commercial center of the Harari region and has about 150,000 inhabitants. With 102 sanctuaries and nearly 100 mosques, some dating back to the 10th century, Harar is considered the fourth most sacred city of Islam. Over the centuries, the influences of African and Islamic traditions have made this city unique in the world, with its unique character and architecture. There are more than 362 narrow streets at the heart of town, which covers a single square kilometre. The old quarter also houses some 82 mosques, making Harar the city with the highest concentration of mosques in the world.

PasCal MannaErts BelgiaN photographer "I am a Belgian photographer and travelled through the country by jeep, with a friend and a driver, for 5 weeks. I have travelled around the whole world but I can say that this experience in Ethiopia remains for me an experience of a lifetime. It was truly unforgettable! For more of my work, have a look at my website"

With its particular character and architecture, animated markets, crumbling walls and charming people, a visit to Harar is a step back in time. The houses in the old area of Harar are the most spectacular aspect of the city's cultural heritage. The traditional houses always feature a courtyard and exquisitely designed interiors. The majority of these traditional houses have been preserved. Ethiopia is truly a visit-worthy and wonderful country to explore and leave with the most unforgettable of experiences! TRAVELLIVE



Bµi vµ ∂nh: ema Nguyen

Ngµy nh·, ngµy lÌn cho tÌi b©y giÍ, t´i tıng vµ v…n m¨ Æ≠Óc Æ∆t ch©n Æ’n nh˜ng vÔng Ɔt xa x´i Î Æ©u Æ„ ngoµi kia. Th’ rÂi t◊nh cÍ bi’t Æ’n Atacama bÎi h◊nh ∂nh r˘c rÏ cÒa sa mπc nÎ hoa, t´i Æ∑ mÈng m¨ rªng, ph∂i sæp x’p thÍi gian vµ tr´ng ÆÓi vµo Æi“u may mæn Æ” tÀn mæt nh◊n th†y hoang mπc nÊi ti’ng cÒa Chile l†p Æ«y mµu hÂng cÒa hoa c»m qu˙.



PhË x∏ nhÈn nhp gi˜a tr≠a mÔa Æ´ng

B¤NG B≈NH, NGóP THô TR¶õC "SAO HìA TR£N TRÉI ߃T" Vµ v◊ cÚng ch≠a tıng c„ c¨ hÈi Æ≠Óc chi™m ng≠Ïng b†t k˙ sa mπc nµo n™n b≠Ìc Æ«u chπm ch©n Æ’n vÔng Ɔt nµy, t´i h¨i bfi hoang mang. Hoang mang bÎi s˘ kh´ cªn, khæc nghi÷t bæt Æ«u hi÷n ra ngay tı khi b≠Ìc ch©n ra kh·i s©n bay. C∂m gi∏c nh≠ ngÈp thÎ vµ nÁi sÓ h∑i x©m chi’m khi mÈt ng≠Íi quen sËng Î x¯ nhi÷t ÆÌi vµ y™u mµu xanh cÒa c©y cËi nh≠ t´i tr≠Ìc mÈt n¨i qu∏ ≠ cªn cÁi th’ nµy. T´i vËn sÓ s˘ khæc nghi÷t cÒa thi™n nhi™n, ÆÂng thÍi n” læm nh˜ng con ng≠Íi trong b†t c¯ tr≠Íng hÓp nµo v…n c„ th” th›ch ¯ng vµ c„ cuÈc sËng tËt Î nh˜ng n¨i th’ nµy. Nªm v“ ph›a bæc Chile, Atacama lµ hoang mπc kh´ cªn nh†t th’ giÌi, thÀm ch› cfln Æ≠Óc v› nh≠ "Sao Ho∂ tr™n Tr∏i ߆t". L≠Óng m≠a hµng n®m r†t th†p k’t hÓp vÌi ∏p su†t cao bÎi ÆÈ cao h¨n 3.200m so vÌi m˘c n≠Ìc bi”n Æ∑ khi’n cho b«u trÍi n¨i Æ©y r†t trong vµ thµnh n¨i l˝ t≠Îng cho c∏c nhµ khoa h‰c ch‰n Æ∆t c∏c trπm quan s∏t thi™n v®n. T´i kh´ng c„ nhi“u ki’n th¯c v“ thi™n v®n cÚng nh≠ kh´ng th›ch læm vi÷c ngæm tr®ng

sao, dÔ bi’t rªng, Æ©y lµ n¨i quan s∏t thi™n v®n Æãp nh†t th’ giÌi. T´i c„ mÈt ni“m vui kh∏ ƨn gi∂n, th›ch nh◊n c∏i nµy, xem c∏i kia n™n vÌi t´i, b«u trÍi nhi“u tr®ng sao c„ ch®ng cÚng chÿ r˘c rÏ h¨n chÛt th´i. Ni“m vui cÒa t´i ƨn gi∂n, nh· bä, ƨn s¨ nh≠ gi©y phÛt b†t chÓt bæt g∆p h◊nh ∂nh anh chµng Æπp xe d≠Ìi c∏i næng hanh kh´, c∏i lπnh cæt da cÒa hoang mπc mµ trong suËt 400 n®m v…n kh´ng t◊m nÊi mÈt l≠Óng m≠a Æ∏ng k” nµo (t›nh tı n®m 1570 Æ’n 1971). Anh cflng l≠ng Æπp xe leo dËc mÈt c∏ch kh„ nh‰c trong khi t´i ch‘m ch÷ ™m ∏i tr™n xe ´t´, Æ≠a m∏y t∏ch mÈt c∏i lµ Æ≠Óc b¯c h◊nh chµng ta thi÷t ng«u, thi÷t lung linh. Hay nh≠ b†t chÓt th†y hai bË con ng≠Íi d©n Æfia ph≠¨ng ÆÃo nhau Æi ch¨i phË c„ nÙ c≠Íi kh´ng th” t≠¨i h¨n. Vµ vui h¨n khi b†t gi∏c t´i ngh‹ tÌi c´ g∏i trong quy”n s∏ch mµ t´i dµnh ri™ng Æ” Ɖc cho chuy’n Æi nµy - cuËn "Nµo, m◊nh cÔng Æπp xe Æ’n Paris". Kh´ng bi’t c´ l†y Æ©u ra s¯c mπnh, l†y Æ©u ra can Æ∂m, mua Î Æ©u Æ≠Óc læm s˘ chfiu Æ˘ng Æ” c„ th” v≠Ót qua Æ≠Óc ch›nh m◊nh vµ cuËi cÔng tÌi Æ≠Óc Paris. Li÷u ch®ng c∏i g‰i lµ "t◊nh y™u" n„ mπnh Æ’n th’ sao?



Gi†c ngÒ an lµnh d≠Ìi ´ cˆa mµu xanh

L«n Æ«u chπm ch©n Æ’n vÔng Ɔt nµy, t´i Æ∑ b hoang mang, c∂m gi∏c nh≠ ngÈp thÎ vµ nÁi sÓ h∑i x©m chi’m khi Ưng tr≠Ìc mÈt n¨i qu∏ ≠ cªn cÁi th’ nµy, n¨i trong suËt 400 n®m v…n kh´ng t◊m nÊi mÈt l≠Óng m≠a Æ∏ng k” nµo.

Loµi hoa dπi mµu vµng Æ∆c tr≠ng Î Chile



VÌi nh˜ng ng´i nhµ t≠Íng Ɔt, m∏i c· tranh Æ≠Óc t´ Æi”m bÎi nh˜ng ´ cˆa sÊ mµu xanh, nh˜ng c≠ d©n Î Æ©y Æ∑ tπo n™n mÈt Atacama Æãp lπ mµ kh´ng ng´n tı nµo c„ th” t∂ h’t Æ≠Óc.

NH¶NG T§I CüNG SõM Bë LAY ßóNG BôI Và ß—P K∞ LÑ CûA ATACAMA Gi„ c∏t sa mπc, s˘ kh´ khËc, khæc nghi÷t cÒa mã thi™n nhi™n hi÷n di÷n khæp n¨i cÚng kh´ng th” che h’t Æ≠Óc vŒ Æãp, s˘ h†p d…n cÒa Atacama. ChÛng t´i dµnh tr‰n vãn ba ngµy qu˝ b∏u trong hµnh tr◊nh Æ’n Nam M¸ cÒa m◊nh cho sa mπc, cho thung lÚng, cho m‰i th¯ n¨i nµy... BÎi mÈt hµnh tr◊nh dµi, Æãp bao nhi™u, hoµnh tr∏ng bao nhi™u Æi ch®ng n˜a th◊ c∏ nh©n t´i v…n m™ nh†t lµ c∂m gi∏c Æi cÔng vÌi ng≠Íi bπn mÌi quen, cÔng nhau th¨ th»n Æi d‰c, l≠Ìt ngang phË, ngæm c∏i nµy, nh◊n c∏i kia. Vµ gi˜ cho nhau nh˜ng h◊nh ∂nh Æ” khi v“, nh≠ b©y giÍ ngÂi xuËng, xem lπi mÌi th†y v…n ch≠a m†t h’t Æi s˘ bÂi hÂi, c∂m gi∏c luy’n l≠u v“ Atacama. ô Atacama, chÛng t´i tr‰ trong mÈt c®n nhµ xinh Æãp cÔng ng‚ vÌi mÈt cˆa hµng cµ ph™. Ngµy nµo Î Æ©y t´i cÚng Æi ngang qua vµ t˘ nhÒ rªng sœ ngÂi Î khu v≠Ín tr¨ tr‰i l∏ nh≠ng Æ«y ∏nh s∏ng tuy÷t Æãp nµy Æ” th≠Îng th¯c cµ ph™, Æ” nghi“n ng…m cuËn s∏ch t´i mang theo. Th’ nh≠ng v◊ kh∂ n®ng chfiu næng, chfiu gi„, chfiu lπnh käm n™n t´i Æ∑ ph∂i »n m◊nh b™n trong ng´i nhµ Ɔt m∏i c· lau. Vµ giÍ ngÂi nh◊n lπi th◊ th†y ti’c v“ nh˜ng g◊ m◊nh ch≠a lµm Æ≠Óc! Ngoµi thung lÚng, ngoµi sa mπc, ngoµi nh˜ng ng‰n ÆÂi muËi k’t tinh, Atacama cfln tuy÷t vÍi h¨n r†t nhi“u vÌi ng´i lµng Æ≠Óc hÓp n™n bÎi nh˜ng ng´i nhµ san s∏t nhau. VÌi nh˜ng ng´i nhµ t≠Íng Ɔt, m∏i c· tranh Æ≠Óc t´ Æi”m bÎi nh˜ng ´ cˆa sÊ mµu xanh, nh˜ng c≠ d©n Î Æ©y Æ∑ tπo n™n mÈt Atacama Æãp lπ mµ kh´ng ng´n tı nµo c„ th” t∂ h’t Æ≠Óc. D‰c theo phË, trong tıng ng‚, tıng ng„c ng∏ch Î ng´i lµng nµy c„ r†t nhi“u nhµ hµng vÌi nh˜ng m„n ngon Æfia ph≠¨ng. C„ lœ v◊ qu∏ xa x´i n™n gi∏ c∂ Î nh˜ng nhµ hµng nµy kh∏ cao. MÈt ph«n

®n kÃm th¯c uËng dao ÆÈng tı 10 - 15$. B™n cπnh nhµ hµng, trong phË cfln c„ nh˜ng cˆa hi÷u hay khu chÓ nh· b∏n Æ«y ÆÒ s∂n vÀt Æfia ph≠¨ng. C∂m xÛc Æ«u ti™n bao giÍ cÚng lµ c∂m xÛc t≠¨i nguy™n nh†t. Qu∂ th’, lÛc ngÂi tr™n taxi vµo phË, v…n nhÌ lµ mæt mÚi t´i lÛc nµo cÚng c®ng phÂng ra nh◊n l†y, h›t l†y nh≠ nuËt tr‰n vŒ Æãp lπ lÔng x¯ nµy. Nh˜ng ng´i nhµ bªng Ɔt Æ· d‰c phË nh≠ b≠Ìc ra tı trong nh˜ng th≠Ìc phim, nh˜ng b´ng hoa li ti ngÈ ngh‹nh lπ lÔng khi hfla cÔng næng, cÔng gi„, cÔng c∏t bÙi sa mπc Æ∑ vœ n™n mÈt b¯c tranh Æãp Æ’n m™ ho∆c. N™n khi vıa Æ’n n¨i lµ t´i b· m∆c m‰i th¯, chπy ngay vµo phË Æ” tÀn h≠Îng vÔng Ɔt mÌi, vÔng Ɔt kh´ cªn nh†t qu∂ Ɔt. Vµ n’u ai Æ„ Æi qua nh˜ng n¨i nh≠ th’ nµy h∑y Æıng ngπi ngÔng b≠Ìc vµo khung ∂nh, dÔ m◊nh c„ xinh hay kh´ng. BÎi Æ„ lµ n¨i m◊nh c„ th” l≠u lπi cho c∏ nh©n mÈt b¯c ∂nh mµ c∂ ÆÍi c„ lœ sœ kh´ng c„ Æ’n c¨ hÈi l«n th¯ hai.

VISA ñ Chile ch›nh th¯c mi‘n Visa cho du kh∏ch Vi÷t Nam k” tı ngµy 11/8/2017. HÄNH TRçNH ñ Tı TP.HCM, chÛng t´i Æ∑ ch‰n mÈt ch∆ng bay dµi ƪng ÆΩng, transit Î Hµn QuËc, Canada vÌi chi ph› h¨n 1.600USD, m†t h¨n 40 ti’ng ÆÂng h Ɣ Æ∆t ch©n Æ≠Óc Æ’n Santiago de Chile, thÒ Æ´ cÒa Chile. Sau Æ„, bay ti’p th™m mÈt chuy’n bay ngæn (m†t kho∂ng 1 ti’ng, kho∂ng 50 USD) Æ” Æ’n vÔng hoang mπc Atacama. ¬M TH#C ñ ¬m th˘c Î Atacama n„i ri™ng vµ Chile n„i chung ∂nh h≠Îng bÎi »m th˘c T©y Ban Nha, kh»u v theo ki”u ¢u. MÈt trong nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m »m th˘c Atacama bπn n™n thˆ lµ BBQ, th≠Îng th¯c cÔng r≠Óu vang. L¶u TR@ ñ PhË Î Atacama c„ c∏c dch vÙ hostel vµ kh∏ch sπn. Chÿ c«n hµnh l˝ mang theo kh´ng qu∏ nhi“u, kh´ng qu∏ n∆ng n“ bπn c„ th” lang thang, t◊m ki’m d‰c phË, ch‰n cho m◊nh mÈt chÁ Î ≠ng ˝, gi∏ c∂ ph∂i ch®ng. T´i Æ∑ ch‰n l≠u trÛ tπi Hostal El Anexo, m†t 5 phÛt Æi bÈ vµo phË vÌi gi∏ 12USD/Æ™m. CHI PHê HÄNH TRçNH ñ Chi ph› cho hµnh tr◊nh xu†t ph∏t tı TP.HCM Æ’n Atacama dao ÆÈng trong kho∂ng 2.200 USD. V◊ Æ©y lµ n¨i xa x´i cÒa th’ giÌi n™n bπn c„ th” k’t hÓp hµnh tr◊nh tr◊nh vÌi c∏c n≠Ìc l©n cÀn trong khu v˘c nh≠ Bolivia, Peru,...

Chile Æ≠Óc x’p vfi tr› Æ«u ti™n trong danh s∏ch nh˜ng quËc gia ph∂i Æ’n trong n®m 2018 do †n b∂n du lfich quËc t’ Lonely Planet b◊nh ch‰n mÌi Æ©y. TRAVELLIVE


travel Text and photos: ema Nguyen

From a young age I had always wanted to set foot on farflung corners of the Earth. Chile's Atacama Desert is a place that I happened to discover by chance, and I was in awe of its surreal landscape. I could not wait to get on a plane and explore this astonishing land of sand and rock.

As soon as we landed, I was overwhelmed with the hot and dry temperature of Atacama. It was difficult to breathe under such arid conditions. Atacama has not seen any significant rainfall for over 400 years. OVeRwHeLMING MARS-LIKe deSeRT Having never been to any desert before this trip, I was overwhelmed with the hot and dry temperature of Atacama from the moment I stepped off the plane. It was difficult to breathe under such arid conditions, especially for someone coming from the tropics. I began to get a quick glimpse of what it is like to live in an extreme and barren place like Atacama. I was definitely not used to traveling to places with such harsh conditions, and at the same time, found a new respect for people who can adapt and live in those environments. Located in northern Chile, Atacama is the driest desert in the world, and is considered the Mars on Earth. The low annual precipitation combined with high air pressure from the mountain range at the altitude of over 3,200m above sea level make the sky in the area extremely clear, and Atacama an ideal spot for some

of the world's best telescopes. I was told that this is the world's most beautiful place for astronomical observatory. One of the highlights during my trip was to catch sight of a guy cycling under the scorching sun and heat of Atacama, where no significant rainfall had been seen for over 400 years from 1570 to 1971. It took him tremendous strength to push the bike up the steep while I was sitting comfortably in a car. I quickly took my camera out to snap a picture of the guy in his glory. Later, I saw a father taking his child on a bike ride around town with bright smiles on their faces. The brightest I have ever seen in my life. Before traveling to Atacama, I went to find inspiration from the book "Nµo, m◊nh cÔng Æπp xe Æ’n Paris" (Come on, let's cycle to Paris) by Nguyen Thi Kim Ngan. The story is an incredible journey of Ngan and her amazing courage to overcome a great deal of challenges to eventually make it to Paris.



THe INCRedIBLe LANdSCAPe Of ATACAMA Despite the desolate, arid wilderness, the Atacama desert is one of the most astonishing places on Earth. We spent three full days of our South American trip in Atacama to admire its vast, rocky, white salt pan and volcanotopped horizons. My trip was made even more memorable by the company of new friends. We wandered the town together and experienced so many wonderful things. The pictures we took will always tell of our beautiful time at Atacama. We stayed at a cozy homestay hidden away in a small alley with a pretty coffee shop nearby. I passed by the coffee shop everyday looking at its empty but light-filled garden thinking that I would love to enjoy a cup of coffee and read a book there. However, the crazy hot sun and dry winds did not permit us. We mostly stayed indoors to avoid the high temperatures. I later regretted not visiting the pretty coffee place! Besides the jagged, rust-colored ravines, and white salt pans, Atacama has many traditional villages close to one another. The houses have walls made of earth, grass roofs and blue wooden windows, creating a truly magical Atacama. Along the streets, at every corner of the town, were many restaurants that serve local delicacies. Because of its remote location, the prices for food and beverages are quite high. An average meal including drinks costs from USD10 to USD15. You can find a number of shops and markets in town that sell a wide range of local produce. First impressions are always the most memorable. When we got in the taxi that took us around town, my eyes were wide open as I tried to take in the incredible beauty of Atacama. From the reddish earth houses, to the tiny flower fields, to the windy desert, it was a truly spectacular scene. By the time we arrived in town I had built up so much excitement that I could not wait to run outside to take everything in.

The houses have walls made of earth, grass roofs and blue wooden windows, creating a truly magical Atacama.

I recommend all travelers to Atacama to capture at least one picture of themselves against the breathtaking landscape even if you had never taken a selfie. Atacama is one of those rare places with amazing beauty that you will likely not find anywhere else on Earth. Chile was recently ranked ďŹ rst among top countries to visit in 2018 by the Lonely Planet.



VISA ñ Vietnamese tourists are now granted a visa exemption into Chile. GeT THeRe ñ From Ho Chi Minh City, you will transit in Korea and Canada. The flight costs over USD1,600 and takes over 40 hours to get to Santiago de Chile, the capital of Chile. A short domestic flight (about 1 hour and costing USD50) will take you to Atacama. FOOD ñ Cuisine in Atacama in particular, and Chile in general, is influenced by Spanish cuisine with a European taste. Enjoy the BBQ with wine when you are in Atacama. + STAY ñ Atacama offers different choices of hostels and hotels. As long as your luggage is not too heavy, you can wander around before finding yourself a pleasant and affordable place to stay. I stayed at the Hostal El Anexo, a 5 minute walk to town for USD12 per night. COST ñ If departing from Ho Chi Minh City, the trip to Atacama costs around USD2,200. Since Atacama is at a remote location, try to combine the region's neighboring countries such as Bolivia and Peru in your journey.




NH~NG THI⁄T Bë HITEC KH§NG THÕ THI⁄U TRONG MñI CHUY⁄N ßI MÈt chuy’n Æi tuy÷t vÍi lµ k’t qu∂ cÒa mÈt k’ hoπch hoµn h∂o - Æ„ lµ "c©u th«n chÛ" cÒa nh˜ng du kh∏ch dµy d∆n kinh nghi÷m. Tr≠Ìc mÁi chuy’n Æi, bπn kh´ng chÿ c«n Æ∆t vä m∏y bay, Æ∆t kh∏ch sπn, l˘a ch‰n Æi”m Æ’n, t◊m hi”u v“ thÍi ti’t... mµ cn c«n chu»n b hµnh l˝ sao cho g‰n nhã, ti÷n nghi vµ Æ«y ÆÒ. H∑y ghi nhÌ nh˜ng thi’t b hi-tech d≠Ìi Æ©y bÎi chÛng sœ giÛp bπn tÀn h≠Îng chuy’n Æi mÈt c∏ch tho∂i m∏i nh†t, Æ∆c bi÷t trong nh˜ng hµnh tr◊nh quËc t’.

Planning makes a perfect trip - you probably heard this "mantra" from seasoned travelers. From booking your air tickets, to reserving your hotel accommodations to making a list of attractions you want to visit as well as checking the weather of your intended destination, everything when done in advance will ensure you to have the best travel experiences possible. Remember to pack light with only the most necessary items for a pleasant trip. The following gadgets are indispensable for your travels.



Travis The Translator VËn t≠Îng rªng chÿ lµ mÈt kh∏i ni÷m tÂn tπi trong c∏c cuËn s∏ch khoa h‰c vi‘n t≠Îng nh≠ng m∏y phi™n dch t˘ ÆÈng giÍ Æ©y Æ∑ trÎ thµnh hi÷n th˘c. Travis lµ m∏y phi™n dch th´ng minh Æ«u ti™n tr™n th’ giÌi Æ≠Óc hÁ trÓ bÎi tr› th´ng minh nh©n tπo. Travis giÛp ph∏ vÏ c∏c rµo c∂n ng´n ng˜ tr™n toµn th’ giÌi do c„ nhi“u t›nh n®ng †n t≠Óng nh≠ hÁ trÓ dch 80 ng´n ng˜ tr˘c tuy’n vµ 23 ng´n ng˜ mµ kh´ng c«n k’t nËi mπng. VÌi k’t nËi 3G vµ Wi-Fi, pin sˆ dÙng Æ≠Óc trong 12 giÍ cho tr∂i nghi÷m dch li™n tÙc. ß≠Óc trang b chip xˆ l˝ quad Core n™n Travis c„ hi÷u su†t cao, chÿ sau 2 gi©y ti’p nhÀn gi‰ng n„i, ng≠Íi sˆ dÙng Æ∑ nhÀn Æ≠Óc b∂n dch r‚ rµng vµ sÛc t›ch. VÌi nh˜ng t›nh n®ng Æ„, m∏y phi™n dch lµ mÈt thi’t b kh´ng th” thi’u cho du kh∏ch vµ doanh nh©n. No longer a concept existing only in science fiction books, the instant voice translating device has now come to life. Meet Travis, the world's first smart pocket translator powered by artificial intelligence. Travis breaks down language barriers worldwide due to its impressive array of features. It supports translation of over 80 languages online and 23 offline, with 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity, and it has a built-in 12-hour battery for a seamless translation experience. Equipped with a high performance Quad Core processor, Travis recognizes and translates speech for users in less than 2 seconds, delivering a stunningly clear and concise translation. Compact and fit for travel, Travis is an indispensable device for all modern age travelers, whether for business or pleasure.

Multifunction Wifi Router N’u kh∏ch sπn chÿ cho phäp mÈt ti÷n ›ch Æ≠Óc k’t nËi qua mπng kh´ng d©y trong khi bπn c„ nhi“u thi’t b c«n k’t nËi internet cÔng mÈt lÛc, bÈ Ænh tuy’n Wi-Fi di ÆÈng HT-TM04 cÒa h∑ng Hootoo sœ lµ gi∂i ph∏p gÏ rËi tuy÷t vÍi. DÔ c„ k›ch th≠Ìc nh· g‰n, thi’t b nµy cn ki™m lu´n ch¯c n®ng lµ bÈ sπc uSB hai cÊng cho Æi÷n thoπi vµ m∏y t›nh b∂ng. H∑y k’t nËi Ê uSB, bπn c„ th” nhanh ch„ng chia sŒ h◊nh ∂nh vµ th´ng tin chuy’n Æi cÒa bπn cho ng≠Íi th©n vµ mπng x∑ hÈi. If your hotel allows only one device to be connected wirelessly while you have multiple devices that need internet access at all times, the Hootoo HT-TM04 Mobile Wi-Fi Router will solve all of your problems. With its compact design, the mobile router features a dual USB port to charge your phone and tablet. Connecting it with your USB flash drive, you can instantly share your photos and trip information with your loved ones via social media.

Universal Power Adapter N’u Æ∆c thÔ c´ng vi÷c cÒa bπn ph∂i di chuy”n nhi“u, lµm vi÷c Î nhi“u n¨i kh∏c nhau tr™n th’ giÌi, bπn sœ nhÀn ra rªng Î nh˜ng n≠Ìc kh∏c nhau sœ c„ Ê Æi÷n thi’t k’ kh∏c nhau. C„ r†t nhi“u ng≠Íi Æ∑ g∆p t◊nh huËng dÎ kh„c dÎ c≠Íi khi Æi du lch mµ kh´ng th” sˆ dÙng Æ≠Óc c∏c Ê Æi÷n mang theo tı nhµ. Ph›ch cæm Æi÷n Æa n®ng universal th›ch hÓp mang theo khi du lch. Thay v◊ ph∂i chu»n b v´ sË nh˜ng adaptor tËn käm vµ tËn di÷n t›ch, chÿ vÌi chi’c ph›ch cæm nh· g‰n nµy, m‰i loπi Ê Æi÷n Æ“u kh´ng g©y kh„ kh®n vÌi bπn. C„ th” sˆ dÙng Î tr™n 150 quËc gia thuÈc m‰i ch©u lÙc tr™n th’ giÌi, ph›ch cæm nµy Æ≠Óc m÷nh danh lµ ph›ch cæm "Æa quËc gia". If your work requires you to be on the move and travel to different parts of the world, keep in mind that different countries use different types of electrical sockets. Many travelers have found themselves in frustrating situations when they travel without bringing the correct power plug. A Universal Power Adapter is a must-bring item for all of your travels. Rather than having to purchase a multitude of costly and space-taking power plugs, this compact adapter will allow you to connect to any type of power sockets. It can be used in over 150 countries on every continent of the world, and is dubbed the "multinational" plug. TRAVELLIVE


Smartphone Handheld Gimbal V“ th˘c ch†t, tay c«m chËng rung (gimbal) chºng kh∏c nµo c©y gÀy selfie th´ng th≠Íng nh≠ng sÎ h˜u nhi“u t›nh n®ng Πƺng c†p vµ ch†t l≠Óng cao h¨n. GiÍ Æ©y, gimbal Æ∑ trÎ thµnh mÈt phÙ ki÷n kh´ng th” thi’u cho d©n quay phim bªng smartphone vµ hi÷n lµ s∂n ph»m Æ≠Óc c∏c h∑ng s∂n xu†t phÙ ki÷n Æi÷n thoπi chÛ tr‰ng. Osmo Mobile 2 lµ s∂n ph»m mÌi nh†t mµ h∑ng DJI vıa tung ra th tr≠Íng vÌi hai ch’ ÆÈ quay chÙp gÂm ch©n dung vµ phong c∂nh. Ph«n kãp cÒa Osmo Mobile 2 c„ th” d‘ dµng tÔy chÿnh vÌi m‰i k›ch th≠Ìc smartphone tr™n th tr≠Íng hi÷n nay. Ngoµi ra, ph«n b∏ng cÚng Æ≠Óc tËi ≠u Æ” vi÷c c«m vµ di chuy”n ti÷n lÓi h¨n. Ch¯c n®ng chÙp vµ quay video Æ≠Óc t›ch hÓp chung vµo mÈt nÛt b†m. Theo nhµ s∂n xu†t DJI, thÍi l≠Óng pin cÒa gimbal nµy ÆÒ dÔng trong 15 giÍ li™n tÙc mÁi l«n sπc. NhÍ vÀy, Osmo Mobile 2 h¯a hãn lµ l˘a ch‰n hoµn h∂o cho d©n du lch vµ giÌi sµnh Æi÷u m™ selfie trong thÍi gian tÌi. A gimbal is not that different from a classic selfie stick, but it has more premium and high-quality features. The gimbal has become an indispensable item for professional smartphone camera users, and a niche accessory provided by large phone accessories manufacturers. The Osmo Mobile 2 is the next generation phone stabilizer from DJI with a new portrait mode. The Osmo Mobile 2 boasts a new spring-loaded clamp that allows you to easily swap out phones of all sizes. The handle has also been modified to be more ergonomic in your hand, making it more comfortable for long holding sessions. The shooting function and video capture function are also integrated into one button. According to the DJI's manufacturer, this second generation stabilizer's battery life can last up to 15 hours of continuous use. The Osmo Mobile 2 is considered a perfectly ideal choice for both travelers and selfie fans.

Fujifilm X-A3 Camera C„ k›ch th≠Ìc nh· g‰n theo phong c∏ch cÊ Æi”n vÌi c∏c nÛt b†m, vng xoay chÿnh ch’ ÆÈ Æ≠Óc thi’t k’ sæc s∂o, Fujifilm X-A3 sÎ h˜u ph«n c¯ng mπnh mœ khi sˆ dÙng c∂m bi’n APS-C ÆÈ ph©n gi∂i 24,2 megapixel vµ chip xˆ l˝ ∂nh EXR Processor II cÔng 7 ch’ ÆÈ t∏i tπo mµu kh∏c nhau. Nhªm tÀp trung hÁ trÓ cho vi÷c chÙp selfie, chi’c m∏y nµy c„ mµn h◊nh lÀt ng≠Óc 180o vÌi kh∂ n®ng c∂m ¯ng giÛp ng≠Íi dÔng thao t∏c vÌi m∏y nhanh h¨n, d‘ dµng h¨n. H÷ thËng l†y nät cÒa m∏y cÚng nhanh h¨n th’ h÷ tr≠Ìc vÌi 77 Æi”m l†y nät toµn khung vµ 49 Æi”m l†y nät ƨn. M∏y c„ th” quay phim FullHD 60fps ho∆c 24fps cho nhu c«u quay phim phÊ th´ng hµng ngµy. VÌi nh˜ng ≠u Æi”m nµy, Fujifilm X-A3 vıa Æ≠Óc trao danh hi÷u M∏y ∂nh trŒ tËt nh†t n®m 2017 tπi Tech Awards do b∏o Æi÷n tˆ VnExpress tÊ ch¯c. Compact and sporting a classic rangefinder design, the Fujifilm X-A3 features powerful hardware with a 24 megapixel APS-C sized sensor, EXR Processor II, and 7 different color creating modes. The X-A3 supports "selfie" pictures with a 180´ tilting touch screen allowing users faster and easier use. The X-A3's autofocus feature is faster than its previous predecessor with 77 full-frame focus points and 49 single focus points. Full HD video can be captured at 60fps or 24fps for everyday filming needs. With such impressive features, the Fujifilm X-A3 was recently awarded the Best Compact Camera in 2017 at the Tech Awards by VnExpress.



Tile Tag Bπn Æ∑ bao giÍ Æau Æ«u v◊ vi÷c t◊m ÆÂ? Bπn Æ∑ bao giÍ ≠Ìc chÔm ch◊a kh„a cÚng bi’t ÆÊ chu´ng nh≠ Æi÷n thoπi di ÆÈng? ThŒ Tile ch›nh lµ vÀt dÙng giÛp bπn hi÷n th˘c ho∏ ≠Ìc m¨ Æ„. Tile th˘c ch†t lµ mÈt t†m thŒ c„ thi’t k’ nh≠ h◊nh dπng m„c kho∏ h◊nh vu´ng, chËng n≠Ìc vµ Æ≠Óc t›ch hÓp k’t nËi Bluetooth 4.0. H∑y Æ›nh kÃm thi’t b nh· nµy vµo b†t k˙ vÀt dÙng qu˝ gi∏ nµo cÒa bπn vµ bπn sœ bi’t ch›nh x∏c v tr› cÒa n„ Î m‰i lÛc th´ng qua ¯ng dÙng Tile tr™n smartphone. Ngoµi c∏ch d v tr› theo h≠Ìng d…n hi÷n tr™n mµn h◊nh Æi÷n thoπi, ¯ng dÙng cÚng gˆi t›n hi÷u Æ” Tile k™u "b›p b›p", giÛp t◊m nhanh h¨n. MÈt Æi”m thÛ v cÒa Tile lµ nh˜ng chi’c tag nµy c„ th” k’t nËi vÌi nhau, tπo thµnh mÈt "cÈng ÆÂng mπng Tile". NhÍ kh∂ n®ng k’t nËi nµy, c∏c Tile kh∏c cÚng c„ th” li™n lπc vÌi nhau theo ki”u bæc c«u vµ b∏o v tr› vÀt dÙng b th†t lπc cho chÒ nh©n. Have you ever had trouble finding your luggage? Do you ever wish your luggage could ring like your phone? Tile has the perfect solution for your concern. Tile is a square shaped tag, and is water resistant and features Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity. Stick your Tile onto any device or item of your choice, and you can know its exact location at all times via the Tile app on your smartphone. Besides the tracking, the app also sends a beeping sound signal to your Tile, helping you find your item faster and easier. One of Tile's most powerful feature is its massive community network. When your Tile is lost, every Tile app in the community will be on the lookout for the lost item, and the owner is notified when any Tile community member comes within bluetooth range of your Tile.

Belle Hop Travel Door Alarm ß” th™m an toµn khi ngÒ tπi mÈt kh∏ch sπn hay mÈt Æi”m Æ’n xa lπ, h∑y Æ›nh kÃm thi’t b b∏o ÆÈng Belle Hop nh· g‰n nµy vµo cˆa ho∆c cˆa sÊ phng nghÿ. ThÀt d‘ dµng Æ” cµi Æ∆t vµ gÏ b· n„ chÿ trong thÍi gian vµi gi©y. C∂nh b∏o sœ Æ≠Óc k›ch hoπt bÎi mÈt c∂m bi’n vµ tπo ra ©m thanh lÌn vµ ©m v˘c cao vÌi ÆÃn LED nh†p nh∏y Æ” c∂nh b∏o bπn, giÛp ng®n ch∆n b†t k˙ kŒ nµo x©m nhÀp vµo phng kh∏ch sπn. For added ease and comfort when sleeping in a strange hotel, attach the compact Belle Hop door alarm to the door or window in your room. The alarm is easy to install and remove within seconds. The door alarm is triggered by a sensor which will generate high volume sounds with LED light flashing to alert you, preventing any intruders from entering your hotel room.

Backup Battery C∏c thi’t b c´ng ngh÷ th´ng minh ngµy cµng Æem tÌi nhi“u ti÷n ›ch cho m‰i ng≠Íi nh≠ d‘ dµng li™n lπc, hÁ trÓ t◊m Æ≠Íng, l≠Ìt Facebook, Ɖc b∏o, ch¨i game... Nh≠ng khuy’t Æi”m cÒa nh˜ng thi’t b nµy lµ thÍi l≠Óng pin kh∏ ngæn. N’u bπn tr∂i qua k˙ nghÿ tπi nh˜ng vÔng kh´ng c„ Æi÷n ho∆c ÆÈt ngÈt h’t pin khi Æang di chuy”n tr™n Æ≠Íng th◊ pin sπc d˘ phng lµ gi∂i ph∏p thÀt h˜u hi÷u cho Æi÷n thoπi di ÆÈng, tablet ho∆c Kindle cÒa bπn. ChÒng loπi pin sπc d˘ phng tr™n th tr≠Íng hi÷n tπi r†t Æa dπng vÌi nhi“u dung l≠Óng, ki”u d∏ng, ch†t l≠Óng kh∏c nhau. Nh≠ng theo c∏c chuy™n gia th◊ bπn n™n l˘a ch‰n pin sπc d˘ phng c„ dung l≠Óng lÌn h¨n dung l≠Óng Æi÷n thoπi vµ thi’t b th´ng minh kh∏c cÒa bπn. Pin sπc d˘ phng sˆ dÙng c´ng ngh÷ Lithium Polymer sœ c„ kh∂ n®ng nπp Æi÷n tËt h¨n, ›t ti™u hao trong qu∏ tr◊nh sˆ dÙng vµ b“n h¨n. C∏c th≠¨ng hi÷u pin sπc d˘ phng Æ≠Óc tin dÔng hi÷n nay gÂm c„ Sony, Samsung, Anker, Pisen, Energizer. If you travel in areas where there is an electricity shortage or when your devices suddenly run out of battery, a backup battery will come in handy for your mobile phone, tablet or Kindle. A wide variety of backup batteries are available on the market today with different capacities, styles and quality. You should however, choose a backup battery with a bigger capacity than your phone and other smart devices. Backup batteries using Lithium Polymer technology offer better charging, and less power consumption during use as well as more durability. Some popular backup battery brands include Sony, Samsung, Anker, Pisen, and Energizer.



A NEW CHAPTER FOR TEMPLES IN BAGAN TrÎ lπi Myanmar, kho∂nh khæc tia næng Æ«u ti™n phÒ l™n nh˜ng ng´i Æ“n Î Bagan Æ∑ khi’n t´i c∂m th†y n©ng niu vµ tr©n qu˝. TrÀn ÆÈng Ɔt hai n®m v“ tr≠Ìc Æ∑ tµn ph∏ hµng tr®m ng´i Æ“n ngµn n®m tuÊi, m‰i vÀt xung quanh vÏ vÙn th†p tho∏ng sau mµn kh„i bÙi mÍ. GiÍ Æ©y, t´i nh◊n Bagan tı ng‰n th∏p Nan Myint trong buÊi sÌm b◊nh minh mÌi c∂m th†y nhã lng. Nh˜ng ng´i Æ“n Æ∑ hÂi sinh cho mÈt ki’p lu©n hÂi mÌi... Vµ t´i cÚng Æang bæt Æ«u hµnh tr◊nh mÌi cÒa m◊nh tı Bagan... I was feeling strongly nostalgic on my first day back in Bagan. One of the most devastating earthquakes in Myanmar, which occurred two years ago, destroyed hundreds of Bagan's thousands-year-old temples, causing serious damage to these important ancient sites. I decided to visit one significant temple that has been brought back to life since the earthquake, the Nan Myint Tower, early in the morning, to catch the sunrise. The damaged temples are finally being given a new chapter in the book of history after a considerable period of time of planning and careful reconstruction. I could not help but felt a deep sense of inner peace knowing that this ancient town will be able to maintain its magical beauty. Nguy‘n Hoµng B∂o








BÈ ∂nh vıa Æ≠Óc Giang Trnh th˘c hi÷n nh˜ng ngµy Æ«u th∏ng 3 dµnh ri™ng cho Travellive Æ∑ mang Æ’n cho ng≠Íi xem c∏i nh◊n mÌi v“ mÈt Hµ NÈi Æãp lπ vµo mÔa hoa ban ngay gi˜a lng thÒ Æ´ cÊ k›nh. ❀ Taken by Giang Trinh in the early days of March, these photos which belong exclusively to Travellive, give viewers a glimpse of the beauty of Hanoi in mountain ebony season.







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C¨m nhµ HÄ NóI


Èt m©m c¨m th≠Íng c„ m„n canh, m„n ch›nh, ®n kÃm theo Æ„ lµ cµ ph∏o, d≠a chua. ßÒ vfi m∆n, chua, m∏t c©n bªng nhau. Nh˜ng ng≠Íi Ƶn ´ng trong gia Æ◊nh sœ c„ th™m mÈt ly r≠Óu gπo truy“n thËng Æ” nh©m nhi tr≠Ìc khi vµo b˜a. B˜a c¨m nhµ cÒa ng≠Íi Hµ NÈi tuy ƨn s¨, nh≠ng v…n ph∂i Æ∂m b∂o c∏c ti™u chu»n "c¨ b∂n mµ khæt khe". Ng≠Íi Hµ NÈi th≠Íng th›ch ®n thfit luÈc, th∏i mi’ng m·ng ÆÒ da, mÏ, ch†m vÌi mæm t´m vµ cµ ph∏o gifln tan. N’u c„ th™m vµi l∏t kh’ chua th◊ thÀt hoµn h∂o. CÚng ph∂i k” Æ’n m„n ÆÀu hÚ mua Î chÓ M¨ m“m, mfin, Æem chi™n vµng rÙm vµ t»m vÌi hµnh mæm, mµ ai Æ∑ tıng sËng Î Hµ NÈi Æ“u nhÌ. Ch’ bi’n c«u k˙ nh†t lµ m„n canh cua ÆÂng, tuy ƨn s¨, nh≠ng ÆÛng ti™u chu»n th◊ gπch cua ph∂i k’t lπi thµnh lÌp, n≠Ìc canh th◊ ngˆi mÔi Æ∑ bi’t lµ th¨m ngon. B˜a c¨m nhµ th≠Íng Æ≠Óc n†u bÎi nh˜ng ng≠Íi phÙ n˜. H‰ lµm nÈi trÓ vÌi c∂ t◊nh th≠¨ng y™u gia Æ◊nh m◊nh, n™n dÔ Æ¨n s¨ nh≠ng ng≠Íi tr≠Îng thµnh ho∆c Æi xa, ai ai cÚng ph∂i nhÌ v“ nh˜ng b˜a c¨m cÒa bµ, cÒa mã n†u.



HANOIAN STYLE TRADITIONAL FAMILY MEAL Text and photos: Ngoc Tran - Food stylist: Nu Hau Tuoc





traditional Vietnamese family meal consists of a soup, a few main dishes, and pickled firecracker eggplants or pickled vegetables. The balance between saltiness, sourness, and freshness is important. The men in the family often enjoy traditional rice wine before the meal. A home-cooked meal in the Hanoian style is rather simple, but still meets all the basic requirements. A typical dish on the homecooked menu is boiled pork cut into thin strips with both the skin and fat layers intact, which is then to be dipped into fermented shrimp sauce and eaten with pickled firecracker eggplants. Adding some slices of sour starfruit would make the dish perfect. Another typical

Hanoian dish is fresh tofu bought from Mo Village, which is then deep-fried until golden-brown, and then soaked in fish sauce with spring onions - a popular childhood dish that any Hanoian would remember. However, the most sophisticated dish is cua dong soup (a type of fresh water crabs found mostly in Vietnam). Although it is a simple dish to make, the difficult part is to get the crab innards to create a layer on the surface of the soup. The dish is considered delicious when you can smell its beautiful fragrance from afar. A family meal is usually cooked by the women in the family, who often tackle the task with their heart and soul. Any Vietnamese who live far from home always miss having traditional family meals cooked by their beloved mothers and grandmothers.




NHÄ HÄNG OVEN D'OR °n vµ ch¨i "h’t ga" trong L‘ PhÙc sinh n®m nay tπi nhµ hµng vÌi Buffet tËi cuËi tu«n, tı 30/3 Æ’n h’t ngµy 1/4/2018. Chÿ 1.100.000VNß++/su†t, th˘c kh∏ch sœ c„ c¨ hÈi th≠Îng th¯c nh˜ng m„n ®n t≠¨i ngon, h†p d…n tπi nhµ hµng, vµ Æ≠Óc chµo Æ„n tham gia vœ s∏ng tπo Tr¯ng PhÙc sinh. ß∆c bi÷t, nhµ hµng sœ thi’t k’ g„c ch¨i dµnh ri™ng cho trŒ em, Æ” c∏c bä vui ÆÔa, tÀn h≠Îng kh´ng kh› vui vŒ cÒa ngµy L‘ nµy. Chi ti’t li™n h÷ theo sË Æi÷n thoπi: 024 3719 9000 ho∆c website: www.sheratonhanoi. com/ovendor HÄN QUˇC

PARADISE VIåT NAM Th∏ng 3 nµy, Paradise Vi÷t Nam ra mæt thŒ Paradise Privilege vÌi nhi“u ≠u Æ∑i h†p d…n. Theo Æ„, khi sÎ h˜u thŒ Paradise Privilege, kh∏ch hµng sœ tÀn h≠Îng nh˜ng "Æ∆c quy“n" v´ cÔng h†p d…n: MÈt Æ™m nghÿ d≠Ïng dµnh cho hai ng≠Íi tr™n du thuy“n sang tr‰ng Paradise Luxury ho∆c Paradise Elegance mÈt trong nh˜ng du thuy“n lÌn nh†t tr™n Vnh Hπ Long vÌi 31 cabin rÈng r∑i, c„ ban c´ng ri™ng; Ch›nh s∏ch gi∏ Æ∆c bi÷t tπi Kh∏ch sπn Paradise Suites Hπ Long; ¶u Æ∑i l™n tÌi 30% tπi h÷ thËng c∏c nhµ hµng danh ti’ng tr™n toµn quËc, bao gÂm: Nhµ hµng HOME vµ Ngon Villa tπi Hµ NÈi, nhµ hµng HOME HÈi An, vµ hai nhµ hµng HOME Finest, The Chopsticks Saigon tπi TP H Ch› Minh. Chi ti’t truy cÀp website: https://www.

Hµng loπt ≠u Æ∑i, khuy’n mπi h†p h…n tı c∏c nhµ hµng, kh∏ch sπn, resort, th≠¨ng hi÷u thÍi trang, h∑ng hµng kh´ng, c´ng ty l˜ hµnh uy t›n trong vµ ngoµi n≠Ìc.

Vietrantour hÓp t∏c TÊng cÙc Du lch Hµn QuËc mÎ b∏n tour Hµn QuËc tı 15,9 tri÷u, tham d˘ l‘ hÈi hoa anh Ƶo, tulip... nghÿ kh∏ch sπn 5 sao... Tour nµy cn t∆ng kh∏ch vä xem hµi kch v‚ thuÀt nÊi ti’ng Jump, tæm x´ng h¨i truy“n thËng vÌi thÒ tÙc visa d‘ dµng. C„ r†t nhi“u tour Æ” du kh∏ch l˘a ch‰n. Chi ti’t li™n h÷ theo sË Æi÷n thoπi: 024 730 56789 - Hotline: 093 599 6789 ho∆c website: NHÄ HÄNG CAF– CARDINAL ß’n vÌi nhµ hang Cafä Cardinal tπi kh∏ch sπn The Reverie Saigon, th˘c kh∏ch sœ c„ c¨ hÈi th≠Îng th¯c nhi“u loπi hµu h∂o hπng hµng Æ«u th’ giÌi. Tı c∏c loπi hµu t≠¨i ngon cÒa Vi÷t Nam Æ’n c∏c Ɔt n≠Ìc xa x´i nh≠ Ph∏p, Ai-len vµ Canada vÌi c∏c chÒng loπi Æa dπng vµ h≠¨ng v tinh t’. Ngoµi c∏c loπi hµu Æ≠Óc phÙc vÙ t≠¨i tr™n Æ∏ lπnh, Cafä Cardinal cn giÌi thi÷u c∏c m„n n„ng kho∏i kh»u tı hµu nh≠ Rockefeller (hµu n≠Ìng vÌi ng t©y, hµnh phi vµ b∏nh m◊ vÙn), Mornay (hµu ÆÛt l vÌi xËt bächamel, ph´ mai gruyere vµ ti™u træng), ho∆c Fabrice (hµu h†p vÌi cµ chua bªm, nÙ bπch hoa vµ ´ liu). Th˘c ƨn c∏c m„n hµu sœ Æ≠Óc phÙc vÙ tı ngµy 01/03 Æ’n ngµy 30/4, vÌi gi∏ chÿ tı 40.000

Æ’n 150.000. Chi ti’t li™n h÷: 028 3823 6688 ho∆c email: restaurant@thereveriesaigon. com; website: cafecardinal. FURAMA RESORT DANANG Kh∏m ph∏, tr∂i nghi÷m vµ tÀn h≠Îng k˙ nghÿ d≠Ïng sµnh Æi÷u tπi Furama ßµ NΩng vÌi gi∏ chÿ tı 4.080.000 VNß net/ng≠Íi/ Æ™m chung phng 2 kh∏ch bao gÂm ®n s∏ng t˘ ch‰n hµng ngµy, xe Æ≠a Æ„n Æi th®m phË cÊ HÈi An, c∏c ch≠¨ng tr◊nh dπy b¨i cho trŒ vµ nhi“u hoπt ÆÈng gi∂i tr› kh∏c. Du kh∏ch Î 2 Æ™m sœ c„ dch vÙ Æ≠a Æ„n S©n bay ßµ NΩng mi‘n ph›; ho∆c c„ th™m 300.000VNß mÈt ng≠Íi mÈt ngµy (kh´ng k” ngµy tr∂ phng) Æ” th≠Îng th¯c c∏c dch vÙ ®n uËng bao gÂm c∂ ti÷c tËi h∂i s∂n cho k˙ nghÿ tı 3 Æ™m. Khuy’n m∑i ∏p dÙng tı ngµy 01/12/2017 Æ’n h’t ngµy 22/12/2018. Li™n h÷ Tel: 0236 3847 333 / 888; Email: reservation@ ho∆c Website: www.furamavietnam. com

nguy™n li÷u ch›nh trong nh˜ng m„n ®n h†p d…n vµ bÊ d≠Ïng. T´m chi™n thanh long lµ s˘ k’t hÓp gi˜a v ng‰t m∏t tı tr∏i thanh long vµ v ng‰t cÒa t´m t≠¨i chi™n gin, tπo n™n mÈt m„n ®n Ɖc Æ∏o trong ti’t trÍi giao thoa cÒa hai mÔa xu©n - hπ. M„n ®n ch’ bi’n tı thanh long c„ gi∏ 350.000VNß/su†t. Chi ti’t li™n h÷ theo sË 024 3831 3333 ho∆c email:; website: GREEN BAY PHU QUOC RESORT & SPA Dµnh cho nh˜ng Æ™m Î tı 25/03/2018 Æ’n h’t 30/09/2018 tπi Green Bay Phu Quoc Resort & Spa. Chÿ vÌi 2.499.000VNß/ Phng/ß™m dµnh cho hai ng≠Íi, gia Æ◊nh bπn sœ Æ≠Óc h≠Îng dch vÙ Æ„n ti‘n s©n bay, buffet s∏ng dµnh cho hai ng≠Íi. Ch≠¨ng tr◊nh ∏p dÙng cho loπi Bungalow h≠Ìng v≠Ín. ß” Æ∆t phng, li™n h÷ Email: reservation@ greenbayphuquocresort. com; Tel: 0297 626 7799 ho∆c Website: www.



"Gout de France - Good France" lµ mÈt l‘ hÈi »m th˘c Ph∏p th≠Íng ni™n, Æ≠Óc di‘n ra hµng n®m Æ” gæn k’t c∏c Æ«u b’p tr™n toµn th’ giÌi. Nhªm kÿ ni÷m ngµy l‘ Æ∆c bi÷t nµy, b’p tr≠Îng Francois Nulli, kh∏ch sπn JW Marriott Hanoi sœ mang Æ’n cho th˘c kh∏ch sµnh ®n th˘c ƨn 6 m„n cao c†p gÂm carpaccio c∏ ngı, gan vt ∏p ch∂o, c∏ tr∏p hay th®n b wagyu th≠Óng hπng, chæc chæn sœ mang Æ’n cho bπn mÈt tr∂i nghi÷m »m th˘c kh„ qu™n. Ch≠¨ng tr◊nh di‘n ra ngµy 21/3 tÌi vÌi gi∏ tı 2.500.000VNß++/ng≠Íi lÌn. Chi ti’t li™n h÷ theo sË 024 3833 5588 ho∆c website: www.

Ch≠¨ng tr◊nh "70 n®m tinh hoa »m th˘c" sœ c„ m∆t tr™n t†t c∂ nhµ hµng tr˘c thuÈc tÀp Æoµn Movenpick tı nay Æ’n 20/4/2018. ß©y cn Æ≠Óc coi lµ s˘ ki÷n t≠Îng ni÷m Æ’n ´ng Ueli Prager, ng≠Íi Æ∆t n“n m„ng cho th≠¨ng hi÷u Movenpick vµo n®m 1948 cÚng nh≠ tπo ra Ænh ngh‹a mÌi v“ m´ h◊nh kh∏ch sπn vµ nhµ hµng tπi Ch©u ¢u. ß” Æ∏nh d†u s˘ ki÷n Æ∆c bi÷t nµy, Gi∏m ßËc phÙ tr∏ch »m th˘c khu v˘c Ch©u ¢u cÒa tÀp Æoµn - §ng Thomas Hollenstein cÔng ÆÈi ngÚ cÒa ´ng Æ∑ giÌi thi÷u Æ’n th˘c kh∏ch th˘c ƨn bao gÂm b∂y m„n ®n Æ∆c sæc - lµ s˘ k’t hÓp gi˜a h≠¨ng v truy“n thËng vµ xu h≠Ìng Æ≠¨ng Æπi cÒa »m th˘c toµn c«u, Æ≠Óc ch’ bi’n tı nh˜ng nguy™n li÷u t≠¨i ngon, c„ lÓi cho s¯c kh·e. Chi ti’t truy cÀp website: www.

MAY M¿N CUISINE Kh´ng chÿ lµ mÈt m„n tr∏ng mi÷ng Æ≠Óc ≠a th›ch, thanh long cn Æ≠Óc sˆ dÙng nh≠ mÈt

LA CHEMIN–E Sinh nhÀt cÒa bπn sæp Æ’n? La Cheminäe sœ t∆ng bπn mÈt buffet tËi vµ mÈt chi’c b∏nh sinh nhÀt cÒa b’p tr≠Îng khi Æ∆t ti÷c sinh nhÀt tπi nhµ hµng. Ch≠¨ng tr◊nh ∏p dÙng cho nh„m tËi thi”u 4 ng≠Íi, c„ th” sˆ dÙng mÈt tu«n tr≠Ìc vµ mÈt tu«n sau ngµy sinh nhÀt, kh´ng ∏p dÙng ÆÂng thÍi vÌi c∏c ch≠¨ng tr◊nh khuy’n m∑i kh∏c. ß” bi’t th™m chi ti’t, li™n h÷ theo sË: 024 3733 0688, m∏y lŒ 42313 ho∆c email: h7579-fb2@accor. com; website:




OVEN D'OR RESTAURANT Have a feast with your family and friends at the Oven D'OR this Easter. The restaurant is offering a weekend buffet from 30 March to 1 April 2018 for only VND1,100,000++/meal. Diners will have a chance to enjoy fresh delicous dishes at the restaurant, and participate in a creative Easter eggs decorating class. A special play corner will be set up for children to play and enjoy the festive atmosphere. For more information, please call 024 3719 9000 or visit www. KOREA Vietrantour and the Korea Tourism Organization is launching a special Korean tour at VND15.9 millions that allow vistitors access to the cherry blossom and tulip festivals, 5-star accommodations, tickets to the Jump Comic Martial Arts Performance, and enjoy traditional Korean sauna, as well as easy visa application. Other tour options are available. For more information, please call 024 730 56789 - Hotline: 093 599 6789 or website: MOVENPICK HOTEL The "70 years of culinary excellence" promotion, available in restaurants at all Movenpick properties from now until 20 April 2018, pays tribute to Ueli Prager, who when founding the Mˆvenpick brand in 1948, redefined the European restaurant scene and paved the way for a new style of modern hospitality. To mark this special event, Mˆvenpick's Food and Beverage Director Europe, Thomas Hollenstein, and his team of chefs, have unveiled a menu of seven remarkable dishes that marry the old with the new, are made from the freshest of ingredients, and are popular classics and

reimagined guest favorites. For more information, visit www. FRENCH GRILL "Go˚t de France - Good France" is an annual celebration for chefs around the world to embrace the vitality of French cuisine. For this special occasion, chef Francois Nulli at the JW Marriott Hanoi, is introducing an exquisite menu of 6 dishes including tuna carpaccio, pan-fried duck liver, and premium wagyu beef, to bring you an unforgettable dining experience. The special offer is available on 21 March for VND2.5 millions ++ per adult. For more information, contact 024 3833 5588 or visit FURAMA RESORT DANANG Among all kinds of tropical fruit, Dragon Fruit is one of the most favored one, not only tasty as a dessert but also delicious when combine with other ingredients as a main course meanwhile Prawn is a all-time-favorite nutritious seafood. Fried Prawn with Dragon Fruit is a unique combination between two finest ingredients that making a savory and delicate dish that will please all the discerned foodies. Price from VND 350,000++/portion. Contact 024 3831 3333, or email, or visit GREEN BAY PHU QUOC RESORT & SPA Green Bay Phu Quoc Resort & Spa is offering a special package for guests staying from 25 March 2018 to 30 September 2018 for only VND2,499,000/room/night for 2 people. Your family will enjoy free airport pick-up service, daily buffet breakfast for two, and a beautiful garden view Bungalow room. For reservations, contact reservation@, or phone 0297 626 7799, or visit

www.greenbayphuquocresort. com/en PARADISE VIETNAM Paradise Vietnam is launching the Paradise Privilege Card with many attractive offers. Members will enjoy exclusive privileges such as one night stay for 2 people on the luxurious Paradise Luxury or Paradise Elegance - one of the biggest yachts on Halong Bay with 31 spacious cabins, and private balconies, special rates at the Paradise Suites Halong Hotel, and up to 30% discount at various famous restaurants, including HOME and Ngon Villa in Hanoi, and HOME Hoi An, as well as HOME Finest, and The Chopsticks Saigon in Ho Chi Minh City. Visit https://www. HYATT REGENCY DANANG RESORT & SPA BBQ dinners are available every Tuesday at Pool House and every Friday at Beach House from 6:30 PM - 10:00 PM. The Pool House BBQ is priced at VND866,000 NET per person, the Beach House BBQ is priced at VND999,000 NET per person. The price is inclusive of free-flowing wine, local beer and soft drinks. For reservations, please call +84 236 398 1234 or e-mail danang.

FURAMA RESORT DANANG Discover, experience and enjoy a stylish stay at the Furama Danang for just VND4,080,000 net per person per night in a room for 2. The offer includes daily buffet breakfast, shuttle bus to Hoi An, swimming lessons for children, and many other recreational activities. Guests staying for 2 nights will either get free transfer from and to Danang Airport, or enjoy a meal worth VND300,000 per person per day (excluding check-out day) which applies to all meals, including a seafood dinner for a 3-night stay. Valid from 1 December 2017 to 22 December 2018. For more information, contact: 0236 3847 333/888; Email: or Website:

LA CHEMIN–E Your birthday is apporaching? At La Cheminäe, you will get to enjoy a delicious buffet dinner and a special birthday cake for your birthday celebration. The program is available for groups of at least 4 people, which can be organized up to one week before or after the birthday, and does not conjunct with other promotions. For more information, contact 024 3733 0688 ext 42313 or email; website: www.

An array of promotions and special offers by restaurants, hotels, resorts, fashion brands, airlines and tourist agencies in Vietnam and other countries.

CAF– CARDINAL Visit the Cafä Cardinal at The Reverie Saigon, diners will get to enjoy a diverse variety of premium oysters at their finest from Vietnam, France, Ireland, and Canada. The dishes at the Cafä Cardinal include fresh oysters served on ice, Rockefeller (grilled oysters with parsley, onions, and breadcrumbs), Mornay (baked oysters with bÈchamel sauce, Gruyere cheese, and white pepper), Fabrice (steamed oysters with diced tomatoes, capers, and olives). The oyster menu is available from 1 March to 30 April 2018 with VND40,000 to 150,000 per dish. For more details, contact 028 3823 6688, or email, or visit cafecardinal.




ßÄ NøNG MÌi Æ©y, UBND TP. ßµ NΩng Æ∑ ban hµnh danh mÙc c∏c hoπt ÆÈng v®n h„a l‘ hÈi hai b™n bÍ s´ng Hµn n®m 2018. Theo Æ„, c∏c hoπt ÆÈng Ænh k˙ nh≠ VÚ hÈi Æ≠Íng phË, h∏t bµi chi, bi”u di‘n nhπc h¨i... sœ di‘n ra vµo dp cuËi tu«n hµng th∏ng tπi vÿa hà Æ≠Íng Tr«n H≠ng ßπo hay c´ng vi™n bÍ t©y c«u RÂng... Ngoµi ra cn c„ nhi“u s˘ ki÷n Æ∆c sæc kh∏c nh≠ L‘ hÈi ph∏o hoa quËc t’ ßµ NΩng 2018 (30/4-30/6), Li™n hoan ngh÷ thuÀt bi”u di‘n th’ giÌi l«n th¯ nh†t (d˘ ki’n tı 1-8/7), l‘ hÈi »m th˘c... HÄ NóI

PH@ QUˇC MÌi Æ©y, UBND tÿnh Ki™n Giang, huy÷n Æ∂o PhÛ QuËc vµ TÀp Æoµn Sun Group Æ∑ ch›nh th¯c khai tr≠¨ng tuy’n c∏p treo ba d©y dµi 7.900m nËi th tr†n An ThÌi vÌi Æ∂o Hn Th¨m - hn Æ∂o lÌn nh†t cÙm Æ∂o An ThÌi. C∏p treo Hn Th¨m Æi vµo hoπt ÆÈng lµ ÆÈng l˘c thÛc Æ»y ph∏t tri”n kinh t’, du lch ph›a Nam Æ∂o PhÛ QuËc. Tuy’n c∏p treo rÛt ngæn thÍi gian di chuy”n cÒa du kh∏ch tı An ThÌi tÌi Hn Th¨m xuËng cn 15 phÛt thay v◊ 30 phÛt di chuy”n bªng cano tr™n bi”n. Tr™n c∏c cabin Æ“u c„ wifi, h÷ thËng Æi÷n chi’u s∏ng ban Æ™m. Gi∏ vä ÆËi vÌi ng≠Íi lÌn vµ trŒ em tr™n 1,3 m lµ 500.000 ÆÂng/ng≠Íi; trŒ em d≠Ìi 1,3 Æ’n 1 m lµ 350.000 ÆÂng/ ng≠Íi; trŒ em d≠Ìi 1 m Æ≠Óc mi‘n ph›.

Nh˜ng th´ng tin cÀp nhÀt v“ Æ≠Íng bay mÌi mÎ, ch≠¨ng tr◊nh v®n ho∏, ch›nh s∏ch ngµnh du lch, x’p hπng & gi∂i th≠Îng du lch trong vµ ngoµi n≠Ìc...

Tı ngµy 23 - 26/3, UBND thµnh phË Hµ NÈi vµ ßπi s¯ qu∏n NhÀt B∂n tπi Vi÷t Nam cÔng phËi hÓp tÊ ch¯c nhi“u hoπt ÆÈng trong L‘ hÈi giao l≠u v®n h„a NhÀt B∂n nh©n k˚ ni÷m 45 n®m thi’t lÀp quan h÷ ngoπi giao Vi÷t Nam - NhÀt B∂n. ß’n vÌi l‘ hÈi nµy, ng≠Íi d©n thÒ Æ´ vµ du kh∏ch sœ Æ≠Óc ngæm nh◊n c∏c loµi hoa Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa hai n≠Ìc. D˘ ki’n sœ c„ kho∂ng 30 c©y vµ 10.000 cµnh hoa Anh Ƶo cÔng mÈt sË c©y c∂nh ngh÷ thuÀt vµ c∏c loµi hoa Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa Vi÷t Nam vµ Hµ NÈi Æ≠Óc tr≠ng bµy tπi khu v˘c V≠Ín hoa T≠Óng Ƶi L˝ Th∏i TÊ. SUN GROUP Ngµy 23/2, Sun Group Æ∑ tri”n khai læp Æ∆t 5 qu«y th´ng tin qu∂ng b∏ du lch ßµ NΩng theo m´ h◊nh chi’c xe Volkswagen cÊ nhªm phÙc vÙ vµ h≠Ìng d…n th´ng tin cho du kh∏ch. 5 qu«y th´ng tin Æ≠Óc læp Æ∆t tr™n vÿa hà ph›a t©y Æ≠Íng Tr«n H≠ng ßπo tπi sµn c∂nh quan ph›a bæc c«u RÂng; vÿa hà ph›a Æ´ng Æ≠Íng V‚ Nguy™n Gi∏p tπi C´ng vi™n Bi”n ß´ng; vÿa hà ph›a Æ´ng Æ≠Íng V‚ Nguy™n Gi∏p tπi g„c Æ´ng bæc nÛt giao th´ng V‚ Nguy™n Gi∏p - V‚ V®n Ki÷t; vÿa hà ph›a Æ´ng Æ≠Íng V‚ Nguy™n Gi∏p tπi g„c Æ´ng bæc nÛt giao th´ng V‚

Nguy™n Gi∏p - Nguy‘n V®n Thoπi; vÿa hà ph›a Æ´ng Æ≠Íng Bπch ߪng tπi sµn c∂nh quan ph›a bæc c«u RÂng. Theo k’ hoπch, 5 "xe" th´ng tin qu∂ng b∏ du lch ßµ NΩng Æi vµo hoπt ÆÈng tı ngµy 12/3.

v®n h„a du lch th≠Íng ni™n cÒa tÿnh ßi÷n Bi™n Æ≠Óc tÊ ch¯c vµo mÔa Hoa Ban nÎ sau dp T’t. L‘ hÈi nhªm qu∂ng b∏ h◊nh ∂nh thi™n nhi™n, v®n h„a vµ con ng≠Íi ßi÷n Bi™n tÌi du kh∏ch trong n≠Ìc vµ quËc t’.



Singapore Airlines (SIA) giÌi thi÷u chuy’n bay mÌi k’t nËi gi˜a Singapore, Melbourne (@c) vµ Wellington (New Zealand). Chuy’n bay mÌi ra mæt thuÈc khu´n khÊ t∏i c¨ c†u Æ≠Íng bay Singapore-Canberra-Wellington hi÷n tπi, theo Æ„ sœ dıng k’t nËi gi˜a Canberra - Wellington, vµ chuy’n bay Canberra t®ng t«n su†t l™n hµng ngµy so vÌi 4 chuy’n/ tu«n hi÷n nay. Chuy’n bay mÌi Singapore-MelbourneWellington c„ t«n su†t 4 chuy’n/ tu«n vÌi sË hi÷u SQ247 bæt Æ«u tı ngµy 3/5. Chuy’n bay chi“u ng≠Óc lπi mang sË hi÷u SQ248. Tı ngµy 1/5, SIA sœ khai tr≠¨ng chuy’n bay mÌi hµng ngµy Æ’n Canberra th´ng qua Sydney. Chuy’n bay mang sË hi÷u SQ288 theo hµnh tr◊nh Singapore-Sydney-Canberra. Chuy’n bay chi“u ng≠Óc lπi cÚng mang sË hi÷u SQ288 theo hµnh tr◊nh Canberra-Singapore.

Ti’p nËi gi∏ tr cËt l‚i "PhÙc VÙ CÈng ßÂng", c∏c kh∏ch sπn cÒa Marriott tπi Vi÷t Nam vµ Campuchia chung tay hÁ trÓ tÊ ch¯c Operation Smile (Ph…u ThuÀt NÙ C≠Íi) vÌi ni“m tin m‰i trŒ em Æ“u x¯ng Æ∏ng cuÈc sËng toµn vãn vµ s˘ tr‰n vãn †y bæt Æ«u tı mÈt nÙ c≠Íi. S˘ hÓp t∏c nµy sœ g„p ph«n g©y qu¸ ph…u thuÀt cho tÊ ch¯c vµ chung tay truy“n Æπt s¯ m÷nh cÒa tÊ ch¯c "Ph…u thuÀt nÙ c≠Íi" lµ Æem Æ’n nÙ c≠Íi, thay ÆÊi nh˜ng sË phÀn th´ng qua c∏c cuÈc ph…u thuÀt chÿnh h◊nh mi‘n ph› cho trŒ em vµ thanh thi’u ni™n c„ di tÀt b»m sinh vÔng hµm m∆t vµ hÎ hµm ’ch. Th´ng tin chi ti’t tπi website: www.operationsmile.

HóI XU¢N Mô C‡NG TRòI FANSIPAN HÈi xu©n MÎ CÊng TrÍi Fansipan n®m nay sœ käo dµi tı ngµy 24/2 (mÔng 9 T’t) Æ’n 14/5 (h’t th∏ng 3 ©m lch). ß’n Æ©y, du kh∏ch sœ Æ≠Óc hoµ trong kh´ng kh› hÈi xu©n T©y Bæc gi˜a ngÓp ngÍi sæc hoa, trong ti’ng khÃn H'M´ng da di’t, vui h’t m◊nh vÌi nh˜ng tr ch¨i d©n gian vµ th≠Îng th¯c »m th˘c vÔng cao Æ∆c sæc trong kh´ng gian L‘ hÈi KhÃn hoa "Sæc xu©n T©y Bæc" di‘n ra tπi Sun World Fansipan Legend. LŸ HóI HOA BAN N°M 2018 L‘ hÈi Hoa Ban n®m 2018 ch›nh th¯c khai mπc vµo ngµy 17/3 tπi Thµnh phË ßi÷n Bi™n PhÒ, tÿnh ßi÷n Bi™n. ß©y lµ s˘ ki÷n

VIETNAM AIRLINES Bæt Æ«u tı 1/3, Vietnam Airlines phÙc vÙ su†t ®n nhã ki”u mÌi dπng Æ ®n kh´ Æ„ng g„i (drysnack) cho hµnh kh∏ch mua vä hπng PhÊ th´ng tr™n c∏c Æ≠Íng bay nÈi Æa vµ mÈt sË Æ≠Íng bay quËc t’ ngæn. Su†t ®n nhã mÌi sœ Æ≠Óc phÙc vÙ tr™n Æ≠Íng bay gi˜a Hµ NÈi - Tp. H Ch› Minh trong khung giÍ ®n gi˜a buÊi (tı 8 giÍ 30 phÛt Æ’n 10 giÍ 30 phÛt, 13 giÍ Æ’n 17 giÍ, 20 giÍ Æ’n 5 giÍ s∏ng h´m sau) vµ tr™n c∏c Æ≠Íng bay gi˜a Hµ NÈi - PhÛ QuËc/ C«n Th¨/ Nha Trang/ ßµ Lπt/ Bu´n M™ ThuÈt/ Quy Nh¨n/ Tuy Hoµ/ Pleiku; gi˜a Tp. H Ch› Minh H∂i Phng/ Vinh/ Thanh Ho∏. ß≠Íng bay quËc t’ ngæn phÙc vÙ su†t ®n nhã ki”u mÌi dπng Æ ®n kh´ Æ„ng g„i cho hπng PhÊ th´ng lµ gi˜a Hµ NÈi - Luang Prabang (Lµo) vµ Siem Riep (Cam-pu-chia).

XU¢N Y£N T^ 2018 Ngµy 25/2 (t¯c ngµy mÔng 10 th∏ng Gi™ng n®m MÀu Tu†t), tπi Trung t©m v®n h„a TrÛc L©m Y™n Tˆ (Qu∂ng Ninh) Æ∑ di‘n ra L‘ khai hÈi Xu©n Y™n Tˆ n®m 2018. Tı s∏ng sÌm, du kh∏ch Æ∑ x’p hµng dµi tπi c∏c b’n xe Æi÷n, tπi nhµ ga c∏p treo cÚng r†t Æ´ng du kh∏ch. N®m nay, sau khi Trung t©m v®n h„a TrÛc L©m Y™n Tˆ Æi vµo hoπt ÆÈng, du kh∏ch c„ th” nghÿ Æ™m tπi Khu di t›ch Danh thæng Y™n Tˆ. Trung t©m V®n h„a TrÛc L©m Y™n Tˆ lµ mÈt qu«n th” v®n h„a Æ≠Óc k˙ v‰ng lµ Æi”m nh†n trong qu«n th” du lch Y™n Tˆ mÔa l‘ hÈi n®m nay.






Vietnam Airlines is offering new dry snacks for Economy passengers on domestic flights and short international flights. The new snacks will be served on the Hanoi - Ho Chi Minh City route during mid sessions from 8.30am to 10.30am, 1.30pm to 5pm, 8pm to 5am), and from Hanoi to Phu Quoc/ Can Tho/Nha Trang/Da Lat/ Buon Me Thuot/Quy Nhon/Tuy Hoa/Pleiku, from Ho Chi Minh City to Hai Phong/Vinh/Thanh Hoa, as well as from Hanoi to Luang Prabang (Laos)/Siem Riep (Cambodia).

The Sun Group has set up 5 tourist information booths shaped like old Volkswagen cars in Danang for visitors. The booths are installed on the west side of Tran Hung Dao Street to the north side of the Dragon Bridge, the east side of Vo Nguyen Giap Street near East Sea Park, the east side of Vo Nguyen Giap Street near Vo Nguyen Giap - Vo Van Kiet intersection, the east side of Vo Nguyen Giap Street near Vo Nguyen Giap - Nguyen Van Thoai intersection, and the east side of Bach Dang Street to the north of the Dragon Bridge. The information booths are expected to launch beginning March 12.

YEN TU SPRING FESTIVAL The Yen Tu Spring Festival kicked off on 25 Feburary or the 10th day of the Lunar New Year at Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center, Quang Ninh Province. The festival is an important cultural event for Vietnamese as visitors flocked to the festival since dawn, and were willing to queue up in a long line at the cable station. Visitors can now stay over night at the Yen Tu Relic Site. The newly open Truc Lam Yen Tu Cultural Center is expected to boost tourism in Yen Tu this year. HANOI The Hanoi authorities and the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam are together organizing a number of cultural activities during the Japan Cultural Exchange Festival from March 23-26 on the occasion of the 45th anniversary of the establishment of Vietnam - Japan diplomatic relations. Festival goers will get to enjoy beautiful flowers grown in the two countries. It is expected that about 30 cherry blossom trees and 10,000 cherry blossom branches as well as bonsai trees and typical flowers of Vietnam and Hanoi will be displayed at the Ly Thai To Memorial Garden.

2018 MOUNTAIN-EBONY TREE FESTIVAL The 2018 Mountain-enony Festival will be officially launched on March 17 in Dien Bien Phu City, Dien Bien Province. This is an annual cultural event of Dien Bien Province, which is held in the mountain-ebony season after the Lunar New Year. The festival aims to promote nature, culture, and local people to domestic and international visitors. PHU QUOC The authorities in Phu Quoc Island, Kien Giang Province, and the Sun Group have officially launched the 7,900m-long cable car that connects An Thoi Town with Hon Thom Island - the largest island of An Thoi Islands. The cable car, which is expected to promote economic and tourism development in the south of Phu Quoc Island, takes visitors only 15 minutes to travel from An Thoi to Hon Thom instead of 30 minutes on a speedboat. Wifi and electric lights are available in all cabins. Tickets for adults and

children over 130cm height are VND500,000/person, for children under 130cm and over 100cm VND350,000/person, and free for children under 100cm height. SINGAPORE AIRLINES Singapore Airlines (SIA) is launching a new connecting flight between Singapore, Melbourne (Australia) and Wellington (New Zealand). The new route is part of the ongoing restructuring of the SingaporeCanberra-Wellington route, in which the Canberra-Wellington route will be terminated, and daily flights to Canberra from Singapore are expected to increase instead of the current four flights per week. The new Singapore-MelbourneWellington route will operate 4 times a week under the flight number SQ247 starting May 3. The reverse flight is coded SQ248. Starting May 1, SIA will also launch a new daily flight to Canberra via Sydney. The flight number SQ288 will fly to Singapore-Sydney-Canberra. The reverse flight coded SQ288 will fly directly from Canberra to Singapore. FANSIPAN SKY SPRING FESTIVAL Fansipan Sky Spring Festival will be held from February 24 to May 14. Visitors will get to enjoy thousands of colorful flowers in the rhythmic music of H'mong musical instruments with many folk games and delicous highland cuisine during the spring festival that takes place at Sun World Fansipan Legend.

MARRIOTT Continuing the core value of "Community Service", Marriott hotels in Vietnam and Cambodia jointly support the Operation Smile organization with the belief that every child deserves the opportunity of a lifetime and it all starts with a smile. The partnership will contribute to the organization's fundraising and convey the mission of Operation Smile to bring smiles and changes to the children and adolescents who suffer from congenital malformations of the face and cleft palate. For more information, please visit:

Updated information about new flight routes, culture programs, tourism policies, ranking & awards... in Vietnam and other countries

DANANG The authorities in Da Nang have recently launched a list of cultural activities to be held on the banks of Han River in celebration of 2018. Regular activities from street dance, to bâ&#x20AC;Ąi chĂ&#x161;i singing, to folk traditional musical performances will take place monthly on the weekends on either Tran Hung Dao Street or at the park west of the Dragon Bridge. Many other special events such as the 2018 Danang International Fireworks Festival (from April 30 to June 30), World Performing Arts Festival (from July 1-7), and Culinary Festival will be featured.





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LA CASA HANOI HOTEL Nªm trong khu phË Ph∏p cÊ y™n t‹nh, La Casa Hotel vÌi ÆÈi ngÚ nh©n vi™n th©n thi÷n vµ nhi÷t t◊nh sœ khi’n bπn c„ c∂m gi∏c th©n thi’t vµ †m cÛng nh≠ Î nhµ. 84 phng nghÿ, 4 c®n hÈ vÌi thi’t k’ vµ ti÷n nghi hi÷n Æπi cÔng vÌi h÷ thËng nhµ hµng, qu∏n bar, phng gym, b” b¨i vµ spa sœ mang Æ’n cho bπn nh˜ng tr∂i nghi÷m Æ∏ng nhÌ. Located in the old tranquil French Quarter, La Casa Hotel with the friendly and enthusiasm will make you feel like being home. 84 rooms, 4 apartments with modern design and amenities, and our system of restaurants, bar, gym, pool and spa will bring you memorable experiences. (17 Pham Dinh Ho St., Hai Ba Trung Dist., Hanoi * Tel: 6656 0560 * Email:, Website:

CLUB DE L'ORIENTAL (22 T´ng ß∂n, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3826 8801 *Hotline: 3927 4641/ 0904 885 414) DA PAOLO WESTLAKE (32 Qu∂ng Kh∏nh, T©y HÂ, *Tel: 3718 6317) DON'S TAY HO BISTRO (16 lane, 27 Xu©n Di÷u, T©y HÂ, *Tel: 3719 2828) LONG ßçNH (64B Qu∏n S¯, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3942 9168) HÅI SÅN NGON (199A Nghi Tµm, T©y H *Tel: 3719 3170 *Website: HOME HANOI RESTAURANT (34 Ch©u Long, Ba ß◊nh *Tel: 04 3939 2222 *Website:

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(No 10, Tong Duy Tan Str, Hoan Kiem District, Ha Noi *Tel: (+84) 4.3221 2222 *Website: www. MAISON VIE RESTAURANT (28 Tang Bat Ho Str - Hai Ba Trung Dist - Hanoi - Vietnam *Mail: *Tel:+84 3633 0206 *hotline: 0904 150 383 * PHô 24 (31 Hµng Khay, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3938 1812 *Website: PILSNER URQUELL ORIGINAL (10 Nguy‘n Bi”u, *Tel: 3734 2288 *Website: webapp/home.php) POTS 'N PANS (57 BÔi Th Xu©n, Hai Bµ Tr≠ng *Tel: 3944 0204) QUÉN °N NGON 26 Tr«n H≠ng ßπo, Hoµn Ki’m District *Tel: (+84-4) 3933 6133 *Fax: (+84-4) 3933 6135 *Email: SIXTY SIX RESTAURANT (66 Hµng BÂ, Hoµn Ki’m * Tel: 04 3266 8888) S` BUFFET (64 Nguy‘n Du, Hoµn Ki’m, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 3941 3338 *Website:

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(51 Xu©n Di÷u, Q. T©y H *Tel: 04 3718 6281 *T«ng 4 IPH Shopping Center 241 Xu©n ThÒy, Q. C«u Gi†y *Tel: 04 3788 6688 *25 L˝ Th≠Íng Ki÷t, Q. Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 04 3828 8888 *T«ng 6 th∏p C Vincom Center 191 Bµ Tri÷u, Q. Hai Bµ Tr≠ng *Tel: 04 3974 9191 *T«ng 3 ta A Th®ng Long Number One sË 1 ßπi LÈ Th®ng Long, Q. Nam Tı Li™m *Tel: 04 7306 6655 *T«ng 6 Vincom Center 54A Nguy‘n Ch› Thanh, Q. ßËng ßa *Tel: 04 7307 8889 *T«ng 7 Vincom Center 2B Phπm

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T¢N M≤ DESIGN (61 Hµng Gai, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3938 1154 *Website: TRANH TH£U XQ (13 Hµng Gai, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3938 1905 *Website:


CON ߶òNG GˇM S` - HANOI CERAMIC MOSAIC MURAL (HÂng Hµ, †p Thπnh Vinh, PhÛc X∏, Ba ß◊nh, Hµ NÈi) VIETNAM MUSEUM OF ETHNOLOGY (Nguy‘n V®n Huy™n Street, C«u Gi†y *Tel: 3756 2193 *Website: VIETNAM NATIONAL MUSEUM OF HISTORY (1 Trµng Ti“n, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3825 2853 *Website: http:// VIETNAM NATIONAL MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS (6 Nguy‘n Th∏i H‰c, Ba ß◊nh *Tel: 3733 2131 *Website: http:// shoPPing maLLs AEON MALL LONG BI£N (Add: SË 27 CÊ Linh, Long Bi™n, Hµ NÈi *http://aeonmall-long-bien. VINCOM TOWERS (191 Bµ Tri÷u, Hai Bµ Tr≠ng *Tel: 3974 9999 *Website: http:// TRÄNG TI≈N PLAZA (24 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng, Hoµn Ki’m, Hµ NÈi) suPermarKets

cuLture BÅO TÄNG HÄ NóI - HANOI MUSEUM (SË 2, Phπm HÔng, M‘ Tr◊, Tı Li™m, Hµ NÈi *Tel: 6287 0604 *Website:

CITIMART Hµ NÈi Tower - 49 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3934 2999 *Website: INTIMEX (22 - 32 L™ Th∏i TÊ, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3825 2054 *Website: http:// TRAVELLIVE




 emBassies/ consuLates  airLines  traVeL agents  taXis  hoteLs/resorts  restaurants  Bars/cafes  sPas  BanKing serVices  souVenir shoPs  cuLture  shoPPing maLLs  suPermarKets Th´ng tin chi ti’t, vui lng li™n h÷: Sales Department *Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157. Ho∆c truy cÀp website: Æ” c„ th™m th´ng tin qu∂ng c∏o

tP. hcm


(Telephone Code: 028)

(27 Nguy‘n Th Minh Khai, District 3 *Tel: 3520 6800)

emBassies/ consuLates


KOREA (107 Nguy‘n Du, District 1 *Tel: 38225757) USA (4 L™ Du»n, District 1 *Tel: 3520 4610) LAOS (93 Pasteur, District 1 *Tel: 3829 7667) MALAYSIA (2 Ng´ ߯c K’, District 1 *Tel: 382 99023) JAPAN (261 ßi÷n Bi™n PhÒ, District 3 *Tel: 3933 3510) RUSSIA (40 Bµ Huy÷n Thanh Quan, District 3 *Tel: 3930 3936)


(40-5 Phπm Vi’t Ch∏nh, Ward 19, B◊nh Thπnh District *Tel: 3518 0045) SINGAPORE (Floor 8 , Saigon Centre - 65 L™ LÓi, District 1 *Tel: 3822 5173) THAILAND (77 Tr«n QuËc Th∂o, District 3 *Tel: 3932 7637) airLines KOREAN AIRLINES (34 L™ Du»n, District 1*Tel: 3824 2878 *Website: https://www.

QATAR AIRWAYS (Room 8, Petro Vietnam Building, 1- 5 L™ Du»n, District 1 *Tel: 3827 3888 *Website: TURKISH AIRLINES (Floor 8, AB Tower- 76A L™ Lai, District 1 *Tel: 3936 0360 *Website:

airLines traVeL agents taXis hoteLs/resorts restaurants Bars/cafes sPas/ fitness BanKing serVices souVenir shoPs cuLture shoPPing maLLs suPermarKets



traVeL agents GINKGO VOYAGE (130 Nguyen Cong Tru, District 1*Tel: 3838 9944 * SAIGONTOURIST TRAVEL SERVICE (45 L™ Th∏nh T´n, District 1 *Tel: 3827 9279 *Website: http:// VINH HAN INTERNATIONAL CO., HCM BRANCH (27-29 BÔi Vi÷n, P. Phπm NgÚ L∑o, Dist. 1 *Tel: 3838 9988 *Email: hieu. *Website:

For further information, please contact: Sales Department *Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157. *Or visit for advertising information

taXis TAXI 27/7 (162 ß≠Íng Tu÷ T‹nh, Ward 17, 11 District *Tel: 3962 0620 *Website: html) hoteLs/resorts CARAVELLE HOTEL (19 - 23 C´ng Tr≠Íng Lam S¨n, District 1 *Tel: 3823 4999 *Website: LE MERIDIEN SAIGON (3C Ton Duc Thang, District 1, Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam *Tel: (+84) 8 6263 6688) *Website: LIBERTY CENTRAL SAIGON CITYPOINT (59-61 Pasteur, QuÀn 1, TPHCM *Tel: 3822 5678) LIBERTY CENTRAL SAIGON RIVERSIDE (17 T´n ߯c Thæng, QuÀn 1, TPHCM *Tel: 3827 1717) NEW WORLD SAIGON HOTEL (76 L™ Lai, District 1*Tel: 3822 8888 *Website: http://www.saigon.

NORFOLK HOTEL (117 L™ Th∏nh T´n, Q1*Tel: 3829 5368 *Fax: 3829 3415 *Email: *Website: HOTEL EQUATORIAL HO CHI MINH CITY (242 Tran Binh Trong st., Dist.5, HCMC *Tel: 3839 7777 *Email: *www. PARKROYAL SAIGON (309B-311 Nguyen Van Troi Str, Tan Binh Dist, HCMC *Tel: 3842 1111) THE ALCOVE LIBRARY HOTEL (133A- 133B Nguy‘n ß◊nh Ch›nh, Q.PhÛ NhuÀn, HCMC *Tel: 6256 9966 *Hotline: 0938 979 000 *Website: RENAISSANCE RIVERSIDE HOTEL SAIGON (8-15 T´n ߯c Thæng, Q.1,TP.HCM *Tel: 3822 0033 *Website: www. WINDSOR PLAZA HOTEL *18 An D≠¨ng V≠¨ng, Q 5, Tp. HCM, Vietnam *Tel: 3833 6688 *Fax: 3833 6888 *Email: services@ *Website:

restaurants ELITE FITNESS

AU LAC DO BRAZIL STEAK RESTAURANT (238 Pasteur, District.3 *Tel: 3820 7157 - 0909 478 698*Website: HOME FINEST RESTAURANT (252 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, Dist.3 *Tel: 3932 2666 *Website: www. GOOD MORNING VIETNAM (197 ß“ Th∏m, Phπm NgÚ L∑o, Dist.1 *Tel: 3837 1894 *Website: INDOCHINE (26 Tr≠¨ng ßnh, Dist.3 * Tel: 3930 8421) M¢M VIETNAMESE RESTAURANT (193 Hai Ba Trung, Ward 7, Dist.3 *Tel: 3939 3888 *Website: www. THE CHOPSTICKS SAIGON RESTAURANT (216/4 Dien Bien Phu, Ward 7, Dist.3 *Tel: 3932 2889 *Website: PARKROYAL SAIGON HOTEL (311 Nguy‘n V®n TrÁi, T©n B◊nh District, HCMC *Tel: 08 3842 1111 * PHô 24 (20B Nguy‘n Th Minh Kha, District 1*Tel: 3910 1038 *Website: NHÄ HÄNG NGON (160 Pasteur, District 1 *Tel: 3827 7131 *Fax: 3827 7127 *Email: QUÉN NGON 138 138 Nam K˙ KhÎi Ngh‹a , QuÀn 1, T.p H Ch› Minh *Tel: 38 279 666 / 38 257 179 *Email: ngon138@ *Website: SAIGON INDIAN (Floor 1, 73 Mπc Th B≠Îi, District 1 *Tel: 3824 5671) SHANG PALACE (1st Floor, Norfolk Mansion, 17-1921 L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng, Dist. 1 *Tel: 3823 2221 *Website: www.shangpalace.

NGON ASIA HOUSE TÀp hÓp h¨n 300 m„n ®n Æ∆c tr≠ng cÒa 5 n“n »m th˘c nÊi ti’ng Ch©u É lµ Hµn QuËc, NhÀt B∂n, Trung Hoa, Th∏i Lan vµ Vi÷t Nam d≠Ìi cÔng mÈt m∏i nhµ. Home to more than 300 signature dishes of 5 renowned Asian culinary cultures: Korea, Japan, China, Thailand and Vietnam. (Saigon Garden, 99 Nguy‘n Hu÷, Q.1,TP.HCM *Tel: 08 3821 3821, Facebook: Bars/cafes CHILL SKYBAR SAIGON (T«ng 26, AB Tower, 76A L™ Lai, Q.1, TP.HCM *Tel: 0938 822 838 *Website: CALIBRE CHARNER (Floor 1, Palace Hotel Saigon, 56 - 66 Nguy‘n Hu÷, 1 District *Tel: 3829 2860 *Website: http:// LA HABANA (152 L™ Lai, District 1 *Tel: 3925 9838 *Website: MAGNOLIA KITCHEN & CAFE (Add: 190 - 192 De Tham Street, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam *Tel: 3920 3047 *Hotline: 0124 668 7354 *Website: *Facebook: Magnolia Kitchen & Cafe) SAXN'ART CLUB (28 L™ LÓi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3823 3954 *Website: THE JAZZ CAFE (97 S≠¨ng Nguy÷t Énh, District 1 *Tel: 3925 0388)

(T«ng L3 Shopping Mall, Vincom ßÂng KhÎi, 72 L™ Th∏nh T´n & 45A L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng, P. B’n Nghä Q.1 *Tel: 08 7307 9899 *T«ng 3, Vincom Mega Mall, 159 Xa LÈ Hµ NÈi, P. Th∂o ßi“n, Q.2 *Tel: 08 7303 9888)

ANZ (39 L™ Du»n, District 1 *Tel: 3827 2926 *Website: http:// EXIMBANK (1 & 7 Floor, Ta nhµ 229 ßÂng KhÎi, B’n Nghä Ward, Dist.1 *Tel: 3821 0055 *Website: http://www. SAIGONBANK (2C Ph„ ߯c Ch›nh, Dist.1 *Tel: 3914 3183 *Website: www. STANDARD CHARTERED (Floor 1, Sµi Gn Center Building 37 T´n ߯c Thæng, District 1 *Tel: 3911 0000 *Website: http:// VIETCOMBANK (69 BÔi Th Xu©n, NgÚ L∑o Ward, District 1*Tel: 3829 7245 *Website:



(Tang 3, 202 Hoang Van Thu, Q.Phu Nhuan, TP.HCM *Tel: 3847 9964 *3847 9295)

(Tel 0909 66 22 31 *

(72 Trµn Quang Kh∂i, P.T©n ßnh, Dist.1 *Tel: 3910 5575 *Website:

(114 L™ LÓi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3821 7493 *Website: cuLture WAR REMNANTS MUSEUM (28 V‚ V®n T«n, District 3) OPERA HOUSE (7 C´ng Tr≠Íng Lam S¨n, District 1.) COULEURS D'ASIE BY R–HAHN -SAIGON (157/1 Dong Khoi, District 1) FINE ARTS MUSEUM (97A Ph„ ߯c Ch›nh, District 1) H¤ CHê MINH MUSEUM (65 L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng, District 1) shoPPing maLLs

PARKSON (35Bis, 45 L™ Th∏nh T´n, District 1 *Tel: 3827 7636)

(9 ß´ng Du, Dist.1 *Tel: 3822 2394 *Website: http://





(1 Nguy‘n V®n Tr∏ng, District 1 *Tel: 3925 1495)

(74 Nguyen ß◊nh Chieu, P Da Kao, Q1, Tp HCM *Tel: 2207 0809 *Hotline: 0968 060 268 *Website:

(97A Ph„ ߯c Ch›nh, Dist.1 *Tel: 3823 3181 *Website: http://

DIAMOND PLAZA (34 L™ Du»n, District 1 *Tel: 3822 5500)




(50 - 52 Mπc Th B≠Îi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3822 7962 *Website: http://

(26-28 ß´ng Du, Dist.1 *Tel: 3825 1250 *Website: http://

(Add: 200A Ly Tu Trong Street, District 1, Hochiminh City, Vietnam *Tel: 028 6284 1188 *Hotline: 0124 668 7354 *Facebook: Sushi Tei Vietnam)

(91 L™ Th∏nh T´n, Dist.1 *Tel: 3823 8356 *Website: http://

souVenir shoPs



MOSAIQUE SAIGON (98 Mπc Th B≠Îi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3823 4634 *Website: www. NGA ART AND CRAFT

BanKing serVices

DUY TAN SAIGON ARTISAN (47 T´n Th†t Thi÷p, Dist.1 *Tel: 3821 3614 *Website: www.

sPas/ fitness

KHAI SILK (81 & 107 ßÂng KhÎi, District1 *Tel: 3822 2856 *3829 1146 *Website: khaicravat/shopping.html)

IPA NIMA (90 L™ LÓi, District 1 *Tel: 3822 3277 *Website: http:// KENLY SILK (132 L™ Th∏nh T´n, District 1 *Tel: 3829 3847 *Website:

SAIGON CENTRE (65 L™ LÓi, Dist.1 *Tel: 3829 4888 ) VINCOM CENTER A (171 ßÂng KhÎi & 116 Nguy‘n Hu÷, District 1*Tel: 3936 9999 * VINCOM CENTER B (72 L™ Th∏nh T´n & 45A L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng, District 1*Website: suPermarKets ANNAM GOURMET (16 - 18 Hai Bµ Tr≠ng, 1 District & 41A Th∂o ßi“n, 2 District *Tel: 3822 9332 & 3744 2630 *Website: B⁄N THÄNH MARKET (L™ LÓi, District 1 *Tel: 3822 5699)




 emBassies/ consuLates  airLines  traVeL agents  taXis  hoteLs/resorts  restaurants  Bars/cafes  sPas  BanKing serVices  souVenir shoPs  cuLture  shoPPing maLLs  suPermarKets Th´ng tin chi ti’t, vui lng li™n h÷: Sales Department *Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157. Ho∆c truy cÀp website: Æ” c„ th™m th´ng tin qu∂ng c∏o

saPa (Telephone Code: 0214) hoteLs/resorts SUNNY MOUNTAIN (010, M≠Íng Hoa, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel: 3787 999 *Website: http:// VICTORIA SAPA RESORT & SPA (Sapa District, Lao Cai Province, Vietnam *Tel: +84 20 38 71 522 *Fax: +84 20 38 71 539 *Email: * restaurants FANSIPANSAPA (23 C«u M©y, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel: 3871 556) GERBERA (31 C«u M©y, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel: 3871 064) NATURE VIEW (51 Fansipan, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel: 3871 438)

OBSERVATORY 39 Xu©n Vi™n, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel: 3871 019) traVeL agents KHÉM PHÉ VIåT (31 Xu©n Vi™n, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel: 3872 606 *Website: NG§I SAO SAPA (68 Fansipan, Sapa, Lµo Cai *Tel: 6523 172 *Website:

airLines traVeL agents taXis hoteLs/resorts

hÅi Phíng - cÉt BÄ (Telephone Code: 0225)

hoteLs/resorts CÉT BÄ ISLAND RESORT & SPA (C∏t C 1, C∏t Bµ *Tel: 3688 686 *Website:

traVeL agents ߤ S•N TOURISM



souVenir shoPs

(111-113-115 L™ Lai, M∏y Chai, Ng´ Quy“n *Tel: 375 9679 *Fax: 375 9680 *Website: www.



shoPPing maLLs

(178 T´n ߯c Thæng, L™ Ch©n *Tel: 3622 608 *Website: http://



(Zone 3, ß S¨n *Tel: 3864 888 *Website:

(Zone 2, ß S¨n *Tel: 3861 330 *Website:

BanKing serVices


(204 Quang Trung, Phπm HÂng Th∏i, HÂng Bµng *Tel: 3831 777)

PARKSON (1/20A L™ HÂng Phong, Ng´ Quy“n *Tel: 3852 459 *Website:

GREEN MANGO (Group 19, Block 4, C∏t Bµ *Tel: 3887 151 *Website: http://www. TR@C L¢M (3 Phπm B∏ Tr˘c, HÂng Bµng *Tel: 3733 833) taXis (SË 1 Hang D¨i H∂i Phng *Tel: 3864 864) MAI LINH

restaurants sPas/ fitness

restaurants CHEN

ninh Bçnh

(Telephone Code: 0229) hoteLs/resorts THE REED HOTEL (ßinh ßi“n, ß´ng Thµnh, Ninh B◊nh *Tel: 3889 979 *Website:

ߤ S•N



For further information, please contact: Sales Department *Email: *Tel: 0989 946 240 - 0978 188 157. *Or visit for advertising information

(221 Lπch Tray, ßÊng QuËc B◊nh, Ng´ Quy“n *Tel: 3833 833 *Website: BanKing serVices VIETCOMBANK (11 Hoµng Di÷u, HÂng Bµng *Tel: 3822 034 *Website: http://www. ACB (69 ßi÷n Bi™n PhÒ, HÂng Bµng *Tel: 3823 392 *Website: www. TECHCOMBANK (5 L˝ T˘ Tr‰ng *Tel: 3810 865 *Website: suPermarKets CHú S¿T (Quang Trung, HÂng Bµng) INTIMEX MINH KHAI (23 Minh Khai, HÂng Bµng *Tel: 3746 858 *Website: http://www.

hÑ Long - QuÅng ninh (Telephone Code: 0203)

hoteLs/resorts LA PAZ RESORT HALONG (Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay *Tel: 0888 762 266 *Website: PARADISE SUITES HOTEL (Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay *Tel: 0986 567 545 *Website: TU¡N CH¢U ISLAND HOLIDAY VILLA (Island Tu«n Ch©u, Qu∂ng Ninh *Tel: 3842 999 *Website: http://

Legend Halong

WYNDHAM LEGEND HALONG (No. 12 Ha Long Street, Bai Chay Ward, Ha Long City, Quang Ninh Province *Tel: (+84)-33-3636555 *Website:

sPa/fitness ELITE ACTIVE (T«ng 3 Vincom Plaza Hπ Long, P. Bπch ߪng, TP. Hπ Long *Tel: 033 3841 166)

*Tel: 3823 680 *Website: http://bidv.

hói an

(Telephone Code: 0235)

cruises ¢U C• (Hanoi Sales Office: 47 Phan Chu Trinh, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 3933 4545 *Website: http://www. APHRODITE CRUISES (Head Office: Townhouse B14, Tuan Chau Marina, Halong *Tel: 6281 888 *Hanoi Office: 20th Floor, VIT tower, 519 Kim Ma street, Ba Dinh district, Hanoi *Tel: 04 2220 8686 *Website:

hoteLs/resorts ANANTARA HOI AN RESORT (1 Pham Hong Thai Street, Hoi An City, Quang Nam Province, Vietnam *Tel: +84 510 391 4555 *Fax: +84 510 391 4515 *Email: hoian@ BOUTIQUE HóI AN RESORT (Group 6, Block T©n Thnh, C»m An Ward *Tel: 3939 111 *Website:

CALYPSO (Hanoi Sales Office: 32/16A L˝ Nam ß’, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 04. 3926 4009 *Website: http://www. ORIENTAL SAILS Hanoi Sales Office: 32/16A L˝ Nam ß’, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 04. 3926 4009 *Website: http://www. PHOENIX (Hanoi Sales Office: 81C L˝ Nam ß’, Hoµn Ki’m *Tel: 04. 3747 8006 *Website: PARADISE CRUISES (Hanoi Sales Office: Unit 201, Hanoi Tower - 49 Hai Ba Trung, Hoan Kiem, Hanoi *Tel: 0906 099 606 *Website: restaurants 1958 VIETNAMESE (Tuan Chau Island, Halong Bay *Tel: 3815 088) HOÄNG GIA (Hoµng Gia Park, Hπ Long) taXis THÄNH C§NG (Tel: 3675 757) MAI LINH (Tel: 3849 155 *38222 266)

(Cˆa ßπi Beach *Tel: 3927 040 *Website: http://www.victoriahotels. asia/eng/hotels-in-vietnam/hoi-anbeach-resort-spa) traVeL agents HóI AN TRAVEL (10 Tr«n H≠ng ßπo *Tel: 3910 911 *Website: http:// restaurants

HOI AN BEACH RESORT (SË 1 PhË Cˆa ßπi, Thµnh phË HÈi An, Tÿnh Qu∂ng Nam, Vi÷t Nam *Tel: 392 7011 *Fax: 392 7019 *Email: *Website: www. LOTUS HóI AN (330 Cˆa ßπi *Tel: 3923 770 *Website: PALM GARDEN BEACH RESORT & SPA HOI AN (Lπc Long Qu©n, Cˆa ßπi Beach *Tel: 3927 927 *Website: http:// SUNRISE HóI AN BEACH RESORT (Cˆa ßπi Beach *Tel: 3937 777 *Website: http://www. GOLDEN SAND RESORT & SPA HóI AN (Thanh Ni™n Road, Cˆa ßπi *Tel: 3927 550 *Website: http:// FOUR SEASONS THE NAM HAI

(149 Tr«n PhÛ *Tel: 3861 535) souVenir shoPs É ß§NG SILK (62 Tr«n H≠ng ßπo *Tel: 3910 59) L¤NG ßáN TR¡N PH@ (65 Tr«n PhÛ *Tel: 3861 996)

(236 Cˆa ßπi *Tel: 3919 199 *Website:


HOME HOIAN RESTAURANT (112 Nguyen Thai Hoc Street, Quang Nam, Da Nang *Tel: 3926 668 *Website: (Down the alley next to 60 L™ LÓi *Tel: 3862 037 *Website: http://

(C»m Kim *Tel: 3934 282) (23 Nguy‘n Th∏i H‰c *Tel: 3911 872 *Website: http://

ßÄ nøng

(Telephone Code: 0236) hoteLs/resorts

SEN (Cˆa ßπi Beach *Tel: 3927 252 *Website: Bars/cafes HóI AN FULLMOON TOWNS BAR & RESTAURANT (101 Cˆa ßπi *Tel: 3923 922 *Website: TAM TAM CAF– (110 Nguy‘n Th∏i H‰c *Tel: 3862 212 *Website: http://www. taXis HóI AN (193 L˝ Th∏i TÊ, C»m Ch©u *Tel: 3919 919) MAI LINH (410 Cˆa ßπi & 60 Nguy‘n Duy Hi÷u *Tel: 3914 914 *3929 292 *Website: BanKing serVices VIETINBANK (4 Hoµng Di÷u *Tel: 3861 340 *Website: cuLture



(Hπ Long Road, B∑i Ch∏y *Tel: 3844 749 *Website: http://vietcombank.


(26 Phan Boi Chau)

(39 ßµo Duy Tı, C»m PhÊ, HÈi An *Tel: 05103 950 777)




(7 Nguy‘n Hu÷ *Tel: 3852 945)

(Bπch ߪng Ward, Hn Gai



(ƒp 1, ßi÷n D≠¨ng, ßi÷n Bµn *Tel: 3940 000 *Website: http://www.

BanKing serVices

(7 Nguy‘n Hu÷ *Tel: 3911 382)



PEARL RIVER HOI AN HOTEL & SPA (12 - 14 Huy“n Tr©n C´ng ChÛa, C»m Ch©u, HÈi An *Tel: 3666 886 *Website: www.pearlriverhoian. com)


Ä LA CARTE DA NANG BEACH (Corner of Vo Nguyen Giap Street & Duong Dinh Nghe Str, Son Tra Dist, Da Nang *Tel: 3 959 555 *Fax: 3 959 555 *Web: *Email: AVANI QUY NHON RESORT & SPA (Bai Dai Ghenh Rang, Quy Nhon City, Vietnam *Tel: +84 (0) 56 3840 132 * HYATT REGENCY DANANG RESORT & SPA (Tr≠Íng Sa Street, Hoµ H∂i, NgÚ Hµnh S¨n, ßµ NΩng *Tel: 3981234 *Website: danang. FUSION MAIA DANANG (Tr≠Íng Sa, Khu™ M¸, NgÚ Hµnh S¨n *Tel: 3967 999 *Website: INTERCONTINENTAL DANANG SUN PENINSULA RESORT (B∑i Bæc, S¨n Trµ *Tel: 3938 888 *Website: GRAND TOURANE HOTEL (252 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Son Tra Dist *Tel: 3778 888 *Website:




FUSION SUITES DANANG BEACH (V‚ Nguy™n Gi∏p, M©n Th∏i *Tel: 3919 777 *Website:


*Tel: 3983 333 *Website: http://

(21 Tr≠Íng Sa, Ha H∂i, ßµ NΩng *Tel: 3961 777 *Website: http:// cdv_default.asp.UN_s9OSIHwM)


traVeL agents ASIANA TRAVEL MATE (Domestic Arrival Hall, ßµ NΩng Airport *Tel: 3614 783 *Website: taXis S§NG HÄN

PREMIER VILLAGE DANANG (99 V‚ Nguy™n Gi∏p, quÀn NgÚ Hµnh S¨n, ßµ NΩng *Tel: 391 9999 *Fax: 391 9998 *Website: PULLMAN DANANG BEACH RESORT (V‚ Nguy™n Gi∏p Street, NgÚ Hµnh S¨n *Tel: 395 8888 *Website: GRAND MERCURE DANANG HOTEL (Lot A1, Zone of the Villas of Green Island, Ha C≠Íng Bæc, H∂i Ch©u *Tel: 379 7777 *Website:

(37/1 ßi÷n Bi™n PhÒ, H∂i Ch©u *Tel: 3719 258) restaurants TR@C L¢M VI£N (8 - 10 Tr«n Qu˝ C∏p *Tel: 3582 428 *Website: http://truclamvien. sPa VINCHARM SPA (Vinpearl Luxury ßµ NΩng Tr≠Íng Sa, Ha H∂i, NgÚ Hµnh S¨n *Tel: 3968 888 *Website: BanKing serVices



(36 Bπch ߪng, H∂i Ch©u *Tel: 3929 999 *Website: http://www.

(244 - 248 Nguy‘n V®n Linh *Tel: 3650 118 *Website: http://

FURAMA RESORT DANANG (V‚ Nguy™n Gæp, NgÚ Hµnh S¨n, ßµ NΩng *Tel: 0511 3847 333 *Website:


airLines traVeL agents taXis hoteLs/resorts

cuLture DANANG MUSEUM OF CHAM SCULPTURE (No2, 2/9 Street, B◊nh Hi™n, H∂i Ch©u *Tel: 3470 114 *Website: (24 Tr«n PhÛ, Thπch Thang, H∂i Ch©u *Tel: 3822 390 *Website:


(176 Tr«n PhÛ, Ph≠Ìc Ninh, H∂i Ch©u *Tel: 3897 798)

sPas hu⁄ (Telephone Code: 0234)

cuLture shoPPing maLLs suPermarKets



LA RESIDENCE HUE HOTEL & SPA (5 L™ LÓi, TP Hu’ *Tel: 383 7475 *Website: CENTURY RIVERSIDE HOTEL HUE (49 L™ LÓi, Hu’ *Tel: ( 3823390 *Website: IMPERIAL HU⁄ (8 HÔng V≠¨ng, PhÛ HÈi *Tel: 3882 222 *Website: http://www. VEDANÇ LAGOON (Zone 1, PhÛ LÈc *Tel: 3681 688 *Website: restaurants CUNG ßçNH (3 Nguy‘n Sinh Sæc, V‹ Dπ *Tel: 3897 202 *Website: http:// TèNH GIA VI£N (7/28 L™ Th∏nh T´n & 50 PhÛ MÈng, Kim Long *Tel: 3522 243 & 3510 644 *Website: http://www. NHÄ HÄNG LE PARFUM (5 L™ LÓi, TP. Hu’ *Tel: 054 3837 475) taXis THÄNH C§NG (Tel: 357 5757) MAI LINH

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ß\NG Bì Lö C• HóI THAM D# NH~NG S# KIåN ßÖC S¿C TÑI CÉC ßIÕM ß⁄N TRONG VÄ NGOÄI N¶õC T\ 15/03 - 15/04/2018 Do not miss chances to join these amazing events taking place from March 15th to April 15th, 2018 in Vietnam and other countries.

April 13 - 15, WatEr FEstiVal in laos, tHailand, and CaMBodia T’t tä n≠Ìc lµ mÈt trong nh˜ng l‘ hÈi v®n ho∏ truy“n thËng cÒa c∏c n≠Ìc ß´ng Nam É. Ng≠Íi Lµo g‰i lµ Bunpimay, ng≠Íi Th∏i Lan g‰i lµ Songkran, ng≠Íi Campuchia g‰i lµ Chol Chnam Thmey vµ ng≠Íi Myanmar g‰i lµ Thingyan. Vµo nh˜ng ngµy nµy, m‰i ng≠Íi th≠Íng tä n≠Ìc vµo nhau Æ” chÛc phÛc, c«u mong m≠a thuÀn gi„ hoµ, c«u cho mÈt n®m mÌi †m no, hπnh phÛc. Water Festivals are some of the most celebrated cultural festivals in Southeast Asian nations, and have many different names specific to each country, such as Bunpimay in Laos, Songkran in Thailand, Chol Chnam Thmey in Cambodia, and Thingyan in Myanmar. Water festivals are said to bring coolness and prosperity to all things, as well as cleanse the soul. During the festival, people splash or pour water on one another to give blessings and good wishes for the New Year.

March 23 - 25, Thailand

10/4 - 19/4, Nepal

March 17, Ireland

intErnational KitE FEstiVal, HuaHin

BisKEt Jatra FEstiVal

st. PatriCK's day, duBlin

L‘ hÈi Bisket Jatra Æ≠Óc tÊ ch¯c trong vng 9 ngµy tπi Bhaktapur, Nepal vÌi ra nhi“u nghi l‘ vµ hoπt ÆÈng s´i nÊi. ß©y Æ≠Óc xem lµ l‘ hÈi n®m mÌi cÒa ng≠Íi Nepal, bæt Æ«u vÌi s˘ hi÷n di÷n cÒa hai v th«n Bhairava vµ b∂n sao n˜ Bhadrakali Æ≠Óc Æ∆t trong hai cÁ xe lÌn vµ käo tÌi mÈt qu∂ng tr≠Íng rÈng Æ” c«u chÛc may mæn trong n®m mÌi.

ô nhi“u n¨i tr™n th’ giÌi, l‘ hÈi th∏nh Patrick lµ l‘ hÈi truy“n thËng Æ≠Óc cÈng ÆÂng ng≠Íi Ireland tÊ ch¯c hoµnh tr∏ng Æ” t≠Îng nhÌ v th∏nh cÒa qu™ h≠¨ng h‰. Ng≠Íi d©n ®n mıng bªng c∏ch Æi l‘ nhµ thÍ, m∆c Æ mµu xanh l∏ c©y, mang nh˜ng phÙ ki÷n trang tr› h◊nh c· ba l∏ Æ” c«u mong s˘ may mæn. T≠¨ng truy“n lÛc sinh thÍi, th∏nh Patrick th≠Íng dÔng c©y c· 3 l∏ Æ” gi∂i th›ch cho thuy’t "Ba ng´i mÈt th”" cÒa Thi™n ChÛa: Cha, Con vµ c∏c Ưc Th∏nh th«n

L‘ hÈi nµy xu†t ph∏t tı vi÷c c¯ vµo th∏ng 3, Th∏i Lan lπi xu†t hi÷n mÈt ÆÓt gi„ n„ng thÊi, tı Æ„ hµng n®m ng≠Íi ta lπi tÊ ch¯c L‘ hÈi th∂ di“u. Ban Æ«u l‘ hÈi chÿ ƨn gi∂n lµ Æ” g◊n gi˜ truy“n thËng, b∂n sæc cÒa d©n tÈc. GiÍ Æ©y n„ ph∏t tri”n thµnh mÈt l‘ hÈi lÌn Æ«y †n t≠Óng, ph∏t tri”n du lch vµ tπo c¨ hÈi cho nh˜ng ng≠Íi y™u th›ch th∂ di“u trao ÆÊi kinh nghi÷m cÚng nh≠ t◊m hi”u v®n h„a l…n nhau. The kite festival began thanks to the presence of March's strong winds in Thailand, and has been celebrated annually ever since. The festival, which was initially held simply to preserve Thai culture and traditions, has expanded into a spectacular festival that promotes Thailand's tourism and provides a perfect haven for kite lovers to gather and meet each other.



Bisket Jatra is an annual event celebrated for nine days in Bhaktapur, Nepal with rituals and activities to mark a New Nepali Year. The festival begins with the carrying of the statues of the two gods, the male Bhairava and the female version Bhadrakali, in two huge chariots to a large square for people to pray for good luck in the new year.

Across many parts of the world, St. Patrick's Day is a global celebration of Irish culture to remember St. Patrick, Ireland's patron saint. People celebrate by going to churches, dressing in green, and wearing three-leaf clover accessories to wish for good luck. Legend has it that St. Patrick used the three-leaf clovers to explain the Christian Holy Trinity with each leaf representing the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.


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