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GAZETTE Umvoti | Kranskop | New Hanover | Msinga Magisterial Districts 10 000 copies weekly | Est. 1903


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old to represent South Africa

Registration weekend in Umvoti went smoothly and was hassle free according to Chris Naidoo of Greytown IEC. All in all 6127 voters either registered for the first time or checked in as they had moved from one voting station to another. With a potential 56 000 voters in the 11 Umvoti wards, up to and including the past weekend a total 47 045 had registered that is 84% of potential voters are registered. The voting stations mainly based in schools and community halls varied considerably in the numbers processed over the two days with Sunday being the busier day.

Highest number recorded was in Greytown Town hall 354;316 at Eshane community hall; 270 Enhlalakahle community hall;239 at Cele Tribal court with the same number at Busana High School. At the other end of the scale just 9 over the two days were recorded at Magwegwe store in Ward 5;13 at Mfushane school also in Ward 5 and Mzoniwe High in Ward 3 ; and 12 at Mbalabe Primary in Ward 1. According to the IEC would be voters can still register at the IEC offices until the election date of Wednesday 7th May is published in the Government Gazette - this must be done le-

gally by the end of February. In assessing the weeknd’s registration the IEC said that of the 6127 who had visited , a third,that is 2 000 were registering for the first time and the bulk of them had been youth. This follows the national trend where most votyers registering for the first time were between the ages of 18 and 29. The remaining 4000 were either checking they were on the roll, or had moved and needed to transfer to another voting station. Among the youth who registered were nine from Greytown Children’s Home. They were definitely making

history for the Home as the first “Free Me’s” to register as voters! Spokesman for the new voters said that there had been much consultation –some had to overcome fear of going against what their elders had advised”Don’t vote until you are older’. Some expressed concern of the decisions to be made- what party they should vote for and what they needed to know as well as the procedures to follow on election day. But now registered they are determined that on election day they will be armed with enough knowledge to be able to cast their vote intelligently!

Proudly displaying his gold medal. Karate star, ten year old Caaveer Sahibdeen per­ formed outstandingly well at the South Africa championship held recently in Bloemfontein. He came first in kumite(sparring), to be awarded the gold medal, was chosen for the team to represent South Africa in all international events in 2014. Caaveer took part in the KZN trials last month, which were open only to brown and black belt karateka’s and on coming third in the boys kumite 10 ­11 was selected to represent KZN at the national championships. Caaveer is a grade 6 pupil at Cool Air secondary School.



Per sq m

BUILD IT GLOSSY TILE 40 x 40 Assorted colours

Six of the 9 “Free Me’s who registered over the weekend as voters!:





CROWN ARCTIC 20 litre White




Happy Valentine’s Day to all D.I.Y. lovers GREYTOWN Making home building simple

Page 2 The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, February 12, 2014

WATER WOES WEIRDER AND WEIRDER! Several Greytown ratepayers have now received demanding phone calls from the debt collectors, appointed by Umzinyathi District Municipality to bully and scare water consumers into paying the undocumented, prescribed and exorbitant amounts being claimed by

Umzinyathi. Despite lawyers letters and many from individuals neither Umzinyathi nor Umvoti Municipality have shown any inclination to assist but have totally ignored the issue –except of course for the bullying tactics employed by the District Municipality.

Hopefully all the Greytonians who have queried where to submit written complaints for the water meeting being held next Wednesday, 19th February at 5 p.m. in Greytown Town Hall, will attend to obtain answers from Umvoti Municipality and Umzinyathi! One customer is

happy though –overcharged R59 000 for the past 6 years – he did not receive a water statement for three months – then in January to his astonishment the R59 000 had magically disappeared from the statement and just the current amount shown!

Happy Valentines day

THROUGHOUT the world on Friday, Valentines Day, mil­ lions of rands, dollars, euros, pounds etc will be spent on what has been hyped up to be ‘a day to express love’ ­ declared or not. In South Africa, like most of the Western world countries, expensive cards, gifts and red roses are bought, candlelight dinners planned and oth­ er romantic gestures are done to express love. But in other countries things are somewhat different. In Japan, on this day, the women present gifts to the men to express either their love, courtesy or social obligations. The gift of chocolates takes place on a huge scale and the different types signify different re­ lationships. To bosses, colleagues or just friends a woman may gift ‘girl­choko’; one step down is ‘cho­girl choko’, a cheaper chocolate referred to as ultra­obligatory for people a woman is not particularly fond of but feels obliged to give something. At the other end of the scale for boyfriends, lovers and husbands, homemade chocolates are the most special. Commercially astute, the Japanese came up with reply day for the men ­ 14 March is known as ‘White Day’ on which men can reciprocate their chocolates with not only the same, but jewelry, lingerie, perfumes etc. The name White Day is said to have been cho­ sen as it signifies purity and white chocolates are the most popular as gifts. In South Korea, the same applies but they have taken it one step further with ‘black day’ on 14 April, when single people who did not re­ Well done to the three Greytown families who took part, and completed well within the required time, in the Midmar Mile. The green cap team ceive a gift on Valentines or White Day get to­ lined up (back, from left) Michelle Barber, Nico Herbst, Delia Herbst (middle, from left) Marc Barber, Sarah Barber, Celeste Mare (front, from gether for a dinner ­ some say as a celebration left) Trish Mare, Ludwig Herbst in front of Milla Herbst and in front Jessica Mare. This family of single life and others say as consolation or event was to have taken place on Saturday but rough water conditions led the Midmar Mile mourning for being single. organisers barring all children under 13 from swimming on that day, so the swim then took Another Valentines Day with a difference was place early Sunday morning. a long time ago in 1929 in Chicago, USA, when Friday, 14th February 2014 four men disguised as police raided the gangster Bugs Moran's premises, lined up seven of his gang against a wall and shot them. 3-course meal with It became known as the St Valentine's Day massacre, related to an ongoing feud between FREE bottle of Champagne the career gangsters Bugs Moran and Al Capone, R250 per couple both of whom were supplying vast amounts of R140 per person illicit alcohol during Prohibition in America. Back to the day itself. Phone 033 417 2441 for bookings Various legends are around as to its origin. Some 300 years after the death of Jesus Christ, and menu the Romans still insisted everyone worship the BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL Roman gods. Valentine, a Christian priest, was RSVP by 13th February 2014 imprisoned and beheaded on 14 February not only for his beliefs, but because it was claimed that he had cured the jailer's daughter, of blind­ ness ­ writing her a letter signed, ‘your Valentine’. Another Valentine was a bishop in Italy who was said to mar­ ry couples secretly be­ cause the Roman em­ peror forbade any sol­ dier from marrying. Some urban legends: * First man an unmar­ ried woman saw on 14 February would be her future husband. * If a woman saw a robin flying overhead on Valentine’s Day, it meant she would marry a sailor. If she 165 Shepstone Street, Greytown saw a sparrow she Tel: 074 248 2055, 033 413 2451 would marry a poor AZY man and be very hap­ THE CR L L IA El Sultan Special EC P S DEAL SPECIA PARATTA ROLLS py. And if she saw a WHOLE CHICKEN, 2 Large Pizzas KEBAAB, CHICKEN, MUTTON 6 ROLLS, LARGE goldfinch she sould With FREE 1 litre Coo-ee Served with chips and sauce. CHIPS marry a rich person. Choose from 5 1 litre Coo-ee * If the names of all R29,90 R75 a girl’s boyfriends were written on paper ALOO . . . . . . . . . . R19,90 R140 and wrapped in clay and then put in water, PERI-PERI/STICKY ¼ MUTTON BUNNY with MINI PIZZA SPECIAL BARBECUE WINGS the piece that rose to FREE ZING JUICE CHOOSE FROM FIVE the surface first With would contain the FREE name of her husband Juice R25 R30,00 to be. No one really R35 cares how it all start­ NB: We cater for all functions ed. Just happy Valen­ SPECIALS VALID FROM 12 February 2014 - 19 February 2014 tine's Day!


Valentine Dinner Greytown Country Club

The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Page 3

Tribute to Mick Prentice MICK Prentice and his magic music brought so much joy to so many throughout the province for well over 60 years. Mick died on 25 January in his 79th year, after several years of ill health. He was a ‘Banana Boy’ through and through. Born in Pietermaritzburg where his father owned the Ford franchise, Mick went to Merchiston and then to Maritzburg College, keeping up with family tradition. Here he shone on the sportsfield playing rugby, water polo and diving for College. He played the bugle in the Cadet band and later was a drum major. In his last two years there, Mick formed a band with John Gaye and from there on, brought much joy and romance to life playing at those old time dinner dances in various Pietermaritzburg hotels. After school, Mick joined Hunt Leuchars and Hepburn - he and Adrienne were married in 1959 and moved to Harden Heights in 1960. In 1966, he bought Riverside Trading Store in Muden, and eight years later, the

farm ‘Hillside’ where he farmed crops. In 1994 the couple ‘retired’ to Greytown. Whilst music was his forte, on moving to Umvoti Mick also became more and more active on the sporting front. He was instru-



mental in the building of the Greytown squash courts, played hockey for Greytown and Natal Country districts, was a keen golfer and thoroughly enjoyed fishing. He linked up with the late Norman Hooper, his two sons and the late Geoff Edwards to form the popular ‘Super Dooper Hooper troupe’ which played at many, many weddings and the many formal balls which used to be held in the Greytown Town Hall. Not only an entertainer when he sat down at the piano, Mick’s sharp and keen sense of humour was much appreciated. In the last ten years or so, the ‘oldies’ at Arcadia and Concordia thoroughly enjoyed his piano playing at various functions. The focal point of Mick’s life was his family - his much loved Adrienne, their two sons and family, grandchildren and great grandchildren. Last Monday, a celebration of Mick’s life was held and the 200 or so family and friends present were a moving and warm tribute to the important role he played in so many lives.


contact number

UMZINYATHI District Municipality has changed its contact number for all water, sanitation and accounts queries to 086 167 8883.

NATIONAL OPTICAL For Affordable Eye Care

It catches the eye as you drive through Seven Oaks ­ superb horses grazing on the paddocks with the background of a brand new stable. And it is ‘The Stable’, created, built, owned and run by Andre and Gill Liddemore. Gill is well­known in KZN and Gauteng for producing well­ schooled horses and ponies off the track as well as teaching horse riding skills and care to children and adults.

Please collect your 2014 Calendars/Vegetable Seeds/Envelopes/ Immune Boosting Black Seed

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154 Pine Street, in-between Dr. Owen and Methodist Church • Cell: 084 676 5535


Chicken Tikka, Chips, Roti or Naan, Sauce and Salad

Chicken, Beef or Fish Roll and a can of Coke

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The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Page 5

Window on Wembley General Wembley would like to remind the Grey­ town community that Friends of Wem­ bley tickets are available at the school office and also with members of the PA. Please buy your tickets now. Applications and re­applications for scholarships are now open and will close on 4 April 2014. Application forms are available at the office from Mrs Maartens. Wembley will also be having a Port and Pudding evening, which will include cul­ tural performances where judges will select items from the senior primary and high school phases from five cate­ gories: dance, drama and poetry recital, music and mime. Please encourage your children to par­ ticipate in one of these and help them to prepare for it too. IGCSE and AS results 2013 The headmaster and teachers would like to congratulate all of the matrics, form 4s and 5s for their hard work and determination in achieving the very sound results that arrived from Cam­ bridge on 24 January, 2014. After an anxious wait, the results were released at 10.30am and much celebra­ tion was heard around the school. We are certainly extremely proud of our pu­ pils and thank them for their efforts. Matric results 11 Distinctions were achieved overall Top Achiever: Kayla Hadley Matric pass rate: 94%, Bachelors 84% Form 5 results for AS Top Achiever: Thubelihle Mzila Math­ ematics 91%

Afrikaans 92% Form 4 results for IGCSE Six A* symbols 22 A symbols Top Achievers First Language English: Madison Ol­ ivier 90% Afrikaans: Ceyanne Scott 87% Science: Ceyanne Scott 90% Accounting: Neliswa Nene 85% Business Studies: Madison Olivier 80% Geography: Kyra Wallace 93% Biology: Kyra Wallace 90% Mathematics: Kyra Wallace and Em­ ma Porée 92% Overall top achiever: Kyra Wallace High School Sport The first team tennis boys played against St Charles and lost 36 – 30. Well done to Lance Com­ mins and Mazwi Simelane who won their singles and also to Ross Goble and Mazwi Simelane who won their doubles. On 4 February, the girls’ first and second team played against Wartburg first and St John’s third teams respectively. The first team lost 4­2 and the second team lost 5­1. Well done to Hannah Tedder for winning her singles match and to Hannah Tedder and Ceyanne Scott for winning their doubles match and well done to Jaimee Buchan for winning her singles match con­ vincingly. Senior primary sport Last week’s tennis results: U11 vs Howick at Kershaw Park

Wembley 100% attendance for 2013. Well done to all of our eager and diligent scholars. we won 16 – 6 U13A vs Clifton at Clifton we lost 16­ 20 U13B vs Longmarket at Kershaw Park we won 20­ 16 SP cricket: On Wednesday, 29 January, the U10 team played against New Hanover at Wembley’s fields. Wembley won the toss and elected to bat first, making 108 runs in their 20

overs. Thando made 15 runs, Tim 18 runs and John 21 runs and not out. New Hanover came in after the break and made 109 runs in 13.5 overs with the loss of three wickets. Wembley lost by seven wickets. On Saturday, 21 January, the U11 cricket team played against Egerton. Wembley’s final score was 37 all out and Egerton’s was 38 for 5. Wembley lost by five wickets.

On Wednesday, 29 January, the U11 cricket team played against New Hano­ ver. Wembley’s final score was 87 for 6 with Bruce Cotterrell scoring 27 and Qaphela Mzila 10. New Hanover’s final score was 45 all out. Narav Naiker took 4 wickets for 11 runs, Jack Yeadon 3 for 7 runs and Qaphela Mzila 4 for 5 runs (including a hat­trick). Wembley won the game by 42 runs.

Horse-riding is excellent for improving balance, co-ordination, self-confidence, muscle tone and concentration for children and adults, and Gill is an expert in this; teaching the correct horse-riding skills to children and adults of all ages, and the correct care and feeding of horses in her Yard. The Stable has place for horse and pony liveries, at very reasonable rates, and is open for riding lessons as well. For further inquiries regarding your riding lessons or liveries, contact Gill on 082 541 3331 or

Page 8 The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Junior jottings

ON Wednesday, 29 January, Greytown Junior School U13 cricket team played Wartburg. Greytown won the toss and selected to field and were off to a great start by taking three early wickets. Wartburg made 79 runs for the loss of four wickets. The second innings was not in Greytown’s favour as early wickets fell. Greytown struggled to increase the run rate - they made 47 runs for the loss of nine wickets. On 8 February, the U13 team travelled to Escourt to play Drakensview Primary School.

Kammaland Kapers

Greytown won the toss and selected to field - a good start as Greytown’s Michael Thompson took three wickets within the first five overs. Drakensview batting improved though and they made a total of 140 runs for the loss of six wickets. Greytown struggled with the batting as early wickets put a lot of pressure on the side. Greytown made 58 for the loss of nine wickets and although they did not win, the game was enjoyed by all. Greytown Junior welcome the following three new educators: M Bloy, T Dladla and Z Kanyile.



NOGAWU PRIMARY SCHOOL: DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION: Attend to minor repairs BID NO.: ZNQ 12/13/197/11/S CONTRACTOR: THAXO TRADING NB: All contract awards are subject to no appeals lodged within 5 working days from date of this advertisement.



Kammaland visited Arcadia on Friday, as an extension of our ‘my family’ theme. The children made special grandparent bags with home made biscuits for the Arcadia residents, and brought cake for tea time. They entertained Arcadia staff and residents with poems and songs. Jean Simpson (L) shared a special moment with Kayleigh Gilson.

Missing persons GREYTOWN Child Welfare is looking for the following persons. If you have any information, please contact social worker TS Lawu at 033 413 3174: >> Father of Nohlanhla Baxter mother Hungisile is deceased. Family originally from Greytown. >> Father of Bongeka Khanyile,

mother Mavis is deceased -originally from Matimatolo area. >> Father of Luthando Dlamini, mother Nozipho deceased -orginally from Enhlalakahle. >> Father of Sinenhlanhla Londiwe Zakwe, mother Nonhlanhla is deceased - orginally from Enhlalakahle >> Father of Kwanele Majozi,


ATTEND TO ROOF, WALLS AND FLOORS AT DOT: OFFICIAL HOUSE NO 263 YORK STREET BID NO.: ZNQ - 13/14/23/11/S CIDB GRADING: 2GB And Above COMPULSORY SITE INSPECTION: 19-2-2014 at 11:00 am TECHNICAL ENQUIRIES: Mr L.G. NDLOVU • Tel: 033 413 2000 SERVICE: ATTEND TO ROOF, WALLS AND FLOORS AT DOT: OFFICIAL HOUSE NO 25 HIGH STREET BID NO.: ZNQ - 13/14/24/11/S CIDB GRADING: 2GB And Above COMPULSORY SITE INSPECTION: 20-2-2014 at 11:00 am TECHNICAL ENQUIRIES: Mr L.G. NDLOVU • Tel: 033 413 2000 Bidders who wish to claim BBBEE points must submit BBEE certificate or EME certificate issued by a Verification Agency accredited by SANAS or a Registered Auditor. B-BBEE POINTS WILL BE ALLOCATED AS FOLLOWS: B-BBEE STATUS LEVEL OF CONTRIBUTOR


















Non-compliant contributor


Only bidders who are registered on the Provincial Suppliers Database and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) are eligible to submit bids. Should you not be registered with the CIDB on the closing date you will not be considered. Bids may be submitted on the official tender form, which shall be completed in all respects and all information must be supplied as stipulated in the bid documents. Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders are stated in the tender data. Telegraphic, telephonic, telex, facsimile and late tenders will not be accepted. Documents will be issued at R100,00. The bid document amount is not refundable and must be deposited to the Departmental Bank Account before collecting the document. Where more than one projects are advertised, deposits must be done individually. Banking Details are as follows: NAME: KZN PROV GOV-WORKS BANK: ABSA ACCOUNT NO.: 4072485515 ACCOUNT TYPE: CURRENT ACCOUNT BRANCH: 630495 (CHATTERTON ROAD) REFERENCE NO.: 14019621 Note: Bidders are required to produce proof of payment (receipt) when collecting documents. BID ENQUIRIES: Ms N.N. ZONDI Tel: 033 413 2000 DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE: AT ON SITE CLOSING DATE: 26/02/2014 at 11:00 am


ATTEND TO ROOF, WALLS AND FLOORS: DOT: OFFICIAL HOUSE NO. 264 CATHCART STREET BID NO.: ZNQ-13/14/56/11/S CIDB GRADING: 2GB AND ABOVE COMPULSORY SITE INSPECTION: 18.02.2014 at 11:00 TECHNICAL ENQUIRIES: Mr S.S. SHABALALA Tel: 033 413 2000 Bidders who wish to claim BBBEE points must submit BBEE certificate or EME certificate issued by a Verification Agency accredited by SANAS or a Registered Auditor. B-BBEE POINTS WILL BE ALLOCATED AS FOLLOWS: B-BBEE STATUS LEVEL OF CONTRIBUTOR


















Non-compliant contributor


Only bidders who are registered on the Provincial Suppliers Database and Construction Industry Development Board (CIDB) are eligible to submit bids. Should you not be registered with the CIDB on the closing date you will not be considered. Bids may be submitted on the official tender form, which shall be completed in all respects and all information must be supplied as stipulated in the bid documents. Requirements for sealing, addressing, delivery, opening and assessment of tenders are stated in the tender data. Telegraphic, telephonic, telex, facsimile and late tenders will not be accepted. Documents will be issued at R100,00. The bid document amount is not refundable and must be deposited to the Departmental Bank Account before collecting the document. Where more than one projects are advertised, deposits must be done individually. Banking Details are as follows: NAME: KZN PROV GOV-WORKS BANK: ABSA ACCOUNT NO.: 4072485515 ACCOUNT TYPE: CURRENT ACCOUNT BRANCH: 630495 (CHATTERTON ROAD) REFERENCE NO.: 14019621 Note: Bidders are required to produce proof of payment (receipt) when collecting documents. BID ENQUIRIES: Ms N.N. ZONDI Tel: 033 413 2000 DOCUMENTS AVAILABLE AT: ON SITE CLOSING DATE: 25/02/2014 at 11:00

mother Nokhuthula is deceased originally from Greytown area. >> Father of Nomkhosi Mngomezulu - mother Sibongilre Elsie Ngubane deceased - originally from Enhlalakahle. >> Father of Mfanafithi and Lungisani Ngcobo - mother Thoko Mavis Ngcobo deceased - originally from Enhlalakhle.


Umzinyathi telephonic bullying SIR, Regarding the Umzinyathi saga. I have had a telephone call from the Umzinyathi Municipality number by a person claiming to be the debt collecting service, asking me about my ‘outstanding amount’. I told them to contact my lawyer. Just another bully tactic! When are they going to behave like a proper business? Too much to ask I guess, and no-one from our municipality up or down appears to care. ANOTHER FED UP RESIDENT

Where’s the logic? SIR, I see from last weeks Gazette that certain residents say that if their clinic is not open from 7am to 7pm they will burn it down. So then when will it be open? Do they not understand something so simple? PUZZLED


PRICES VALID FROM: 13/02/2014 - 20/02/2014

NYALA / ACE Super Maize Meal

EXCELLA Sunflower Oil




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SUNLIGHT Washing Powder



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Valentine’s Day

Tranquili – Tea


Friday, 14 February 2014 LUNCH SPECIALS

• FREE glass of champagne • Mini manicure at your table • Pure Beauty vouchers • Valentine’s raffle • Valentine’s goodies and home-made treats for sale For bookings or more information, please contact 082 964 0612 or



OELLERMANN CHRISTA RUTH (née Fortmann) Much loved wife, mother and grandmother passed away peacefully on 9/02/14 after a long battle with cancer. A memorial service will take place at Shalom Fellowship on Saturday, 15/02/14 at 10am. You are greatly missed but remain in our hearts, much love, your family.



UMNDENI wakamngadi ematimatolo udlulisa ukubonga kubobonke abasisingathile ngesikhathi sishiywe uMama u Phumzile sithi uNkulunkulu anibusise nonke. M W Mngadi.


Clubs and Meetings

ASSEMBLY of God Fellowship. Old Dundee Road. Sunday 9 am. Tuesday 6 pm. GTN Mtb Club AGM. Tues 25 Feb at 5:30pm at the Beehive.


Valentines Greetings

QINISANI Thank you for showing me what love is. I will always love u Muntu.


Building Services

BUYASI Construction. Experience in windscreen fitting, grazing, building tiling & painting. Quality job. Tel. 076 421 9976. M3 Contractors. Master Builders and Property Maintenance. Bricklaying, plastering, painting, tiling, roofing, welding,, plumbing, glazing. Contact Mohamed for a free quote. Phone 072 101 9081 / 033 417 1362. SPEEDY Concrete Fencing. Manufacturers of precast concrete fencing, garden ornaments, wash troughs, pillar caps, table sets, pavers, stepping stones, kerb stones. Tel: 071 076 0647 / 084 486 5324.


Cleaning Services

CARPET / Upholstery Cleaning. Experienced owner supervised and quick. Phone Nola 083 320 4008.


Fencing Services


Loans and Investments

LOANS!!! Up to R120 000. Blacklisted / garnished welcome. Call whatsapp 074 155 5371.


Personal Services

AFTERCARE / Homework Club. Homework Gr 5 Gr 7. Aftercare Gr R - Gr 2 Monday - Friday./ Call Dhasira 076 646 1674, 033 413 2740. FOR all your diesel repairs to trucks, Bell engines, hydraulics on tipper trucks, air brakes on trucks and trailers etc. Rajan: 082 460 9341.


General Sales

AFRICA Wendy houses, grade A Pinewood. Big, small, low prices, louvre style. Contact Sylie on 084 295 8471 / 083 996 0526. DHOLL Roti freshly made. Banana puri, broilers cleaned and cut. 079 539 7602. ENZER convection oven, hardly used, R300. 076 481 3886. TUCKSHOP equipment for sale. Colddrink fridge etc, Tel: 082 792 2388.


Pets/Aquariums/ Tropical Fish

DOG and cat boarding. SPCA. Tel: 072 096 9634.


Livestock/ Poultry

HOOSENS Halaal farm fresh chickens. Phone 033 417 1362 / 072 101 9081 to order.


Garden Cottage/ Flatlet to Let

2 Bedroom garden cottage with verandah and double carport to let at R4 650.00 per month incl. w&l, available immediately. Please phone Mrs Ashwell at 0334131141 during office hours (08h30 - 16h00) for appointment to view.


Houses to Let

3 Bedroom house with double lock-up garage to let at R7 000.00 per month incl. w&l, available 1 March 2014. Please phone Mrs Ashwell at 0334131141 during office hours (08h30 - 16h00) for appointment to view


Holiday Guide

RAMSGATE beach house to hire for school holidays @ R800 per night. Out of season R500 per night. Contact Di Mason 082 930 4015.



FAIRVIEW Fencing. Quality workmanship and back-up service on automated gates and all types of game, agricultural and security fencing. Contact Keith Cowie 082 772 5436.

YAMAHA DT 125 for sale. Good condition, R19 900. Tel: 072 182 0721.

WELDING and wrought iron incl. burglar guards, gates, carports, palisade fencing, structural etc. Call Brian 073 212 6627.

FOR auto electrical repairs / service call Hugh 071 434 8978, 072 891 3072.


Garden Services

PROFESSIONAL Tree Felling. Phone Brian 073 212 6627.

161 173

Servicing and Spares

General Employment

EXPERIENCED upholsterer wanted. Fabric, vinyl, leather. Ph Hugh 071 434 8978, 072 891 3072.

Page 10 The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, February 12, 2014

HERMANNSBURG Little Oaks Oracle 173


SELLING ERNIE VENTER Cell: 072 444 9788

General Employment

TELKOM. White male x employer desperately looking for work, have a code 08 driving licence with more than 31 yrs driving experience. Reliable at all times. 079 390 2632.


Work Wanted: Commercial

CODE 10 DRIVER seeks employment. Contact 076 789 8210.


Work Wanted: Domestic

GCINAPHI seeks domestic work. Contact 072 688 1599. MALAWIAN girl seeks job. Call Lily 084 499 9617. MTHETHWA seeks domestic work. Tel. 072 101 4698. NONDUMISO seeks domestic work. Contact: 072 264 9024. THANDIWE seeks domestic work Monday, Wednesday and half day on Friday. Contact: 072 294 6142. THERESA seeks domestic work. Tel: 082 352 1921.


Sale in Execution

IN the Magistrate’s Court for the District of Umvoti held at Greytown Case No: 231/2013 in the matter between: R AHEER & SONS Execution Creditor And MR P (BASIL) GOVENDER Execution Debtor NOTICE OF SALE IN EXECUTION (AUCTION) In pursuance of a Judgement in the court of the Magistrate of Greytown and writ of execution, the goods listed hereunder will be sold in execution on FRIDAY, 21st FEBRUARY 2014 at 11:00, at the Sheriff’s Sales Room, 121 Sargeaunt Street, Transnet Building, Greytown, 3250 to the highest bidder: 1 X Supercool Fridge 1 X Samsung Microwave 1 X Kelvinator Stove 1 X Kitchen Table 2 X White Plastic Chairs 2 X Kitchen Cupboards 1 x Telefunken 32” TV 1 x Telefunken 40” TV 5 Piece Lounge Suite 1 x Single Bed 1 x Cupboard NB: The sale is for cash or bank guaranteed cheque only: Take further notice that: 1. This sale is a sale in execution pursuant to a judgment obtained in the above Court. 2. The Rules of this auction is available 24 hours before the auction at the office of the Sheriff for 121 Sargeaunt Street, Transnet Building, Greytown, 3250. 3. Registration as a buyer is a pre-requisite subject to specific conditions, inter alia; a)Directive of the Consumer Protection Act 66 of 2008. (URL DownloadFileAction?id=999 61) b)FICA- legislation in respect of proof of identity and address particulars c)Payment of a registration fee of R200.00 in cash d)Registration conditions. The office of the Sheriff for 121 Sargeaunt Street, Transnet Building, Greytown will conduct the sale with auctioneers Bobby Pearson. Advertising costs at current publication rates and sale costs according to the court rules apply. Dated at Greytown on this 30th day of January 2014. Execution Creditor’s Attorney – NEL & STEVENS 117a Voortrekker Street Greytown 3250 10/A034/001

Cutting out newspapers to find icons and to make fairy dresses WE were all so glad that our moms and dads could join us at the kindergarten last Wednesday evening, so that they could meet each other and we could welcome all the new moms and dads to our HMB family.

So we either played Pictionary or had to find icons in a newspaper, before one person from each group of moms, dads and ‘Little Oaks’ had to dress up as a fairy-tale character using only newspaper and sticky-

tape. We ended off the evening with yummy boerewors rolls and hot dogs. Thank you to our kindergarten teachers and the sports department for the special time we had.

Bountiful bananas this and a Jamaican farmer is said to have found one on a tree in his red and green plantation, tasted it and the rest is history. The fruit is an excellent source of potassi­ um, magnesium, tryptophan, vitamin C and more. The banana is said to be of help with all sorts of medical problems ­ even hang­ overs. After the partying, eat a banana and drink a litre of water and it is believed that you will wake bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning. Further health claims are: >> Because of the high potassium and that they are low in salt, ba­ nanas are a good way to reduce blood pressure. >> Bananas have a natural antac­ id effect on the body, so, heartburn OM SAI RAM sufferers, try eating a banana for soothing relief. >> When those nasty little red mosquitoes buzz around for a bite, rub the affected area with the in­ side of a banana skin. In some cul­ The Naipal family of Greytown tures, bananas are regarded as a regrets to announce the tragic ‘cooling’ fruit that can lower both death of Bridgelall (Booty) Naipal the physical and emotional tem­ on Friday, 31 January 2014 in Durban. perature of expectant mothers. In Thailand, for example, pregnant Our gratitude goes out to all women eat bananas to ensure families and friends for their moral their baby is born with a cool tem­ support, messages of condolences and perature. floral arrangements. Some historical facts: The family lovingly invites families >> Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics and friends to the 13th day show people eating bananas. memorial ceremony at 27 >> The plant can reach a height Dodoma Place (off Kennedy Road) of nearly ten meters within a year. Clare Estate on Friday, >> Remember those patent leath­ 14 February at 9.00 am er shoes ­ try polishing them with the inside of a banana peel. >> One banana is called a finger and a bunch a hand.

BANANAS are said to be the most popular fruit in the world, not only tasty and sweet, but also giving an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy. The fruit was said to be taken to Europe from Africa by Portuguese sailors in the fif­ teenth century. Interestingly enough, these early bananas were not the yellow sweet ones of today ­ they were a red and green cooking variety called a plantain. The yellow banana is a mutant strain of

Bridgelall (Booty)

>> Those stringy things on the fruit are called "phloem" Two quick fun recipes: Banana choc pops: Peel banana, cut in half and insert a pop stick into each half. Wrap in plastic and freeze for an hour. Melt half cup chocolate in the microwave. Dip the half bananas into the chocolate un­ til coated. Then whatever cereal you have around, crush a quarter cup (or nuts) and roll the chocolate coated bananas in this. Place on wax paper and put back in freezer for an hour to set. Enjoy! Sandwich with a difference: Toast some slices of whole wheat bread. Spread peanut butter on the toast ­ put a spread of Nutella or honey on top of the peanut butter. Slice bananas and place on top. Very more­ ish. Making it more exotic and not so healthy ­ caramelize the banana in a little melted butter and brown sugar.

One banana is called a finger and a bunch a hand.

The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, February 12, 2014 Page 11

New Hanover Prep News Hermannsburg Happenings

Guests of honour, Mr & Mrs Rembold, with the top achievers at the inter­house swimming gala: Riaan Olivier, Ethan Dell, Danielle Schweiger, Tegan Waller, Isabella Klingenberg and Sven Klar.

At the sport and picnic event, Michael Focke and his father Reiner took part in the dads and lads cricket match.

At the sport and picnic event, Nomtee Ngcobo and her mother Dorothy Ngcobo made a formidable team in the moms and daughters tennis match.

EDUCATORS across the nation have long declared the importance of family involvement in children's education. At New Hanover Prep, we agree that families dramatically influence the degree to which children are engaged in school, and how they identify themselves as pupils. We believe that a strong family-school partnership will improve both academic and behavioural outcomes for children, as families and educators work together toward a shared goal. To promote open communication, the NHP families have access to the D6 communicator which ensures that they are all up to date with happenings at the school. To encourage and maintain active involvement with families of students, a par-

ent information evening is held at the beginning of each year where goals and policies are discussed with class teachers. This year, a fun new event was hosted where dads and lads played cricket together while moms played tennis with their daughters. Thereafter, everyone enjoyed a picnic under the shade of the trees. These early positive contacts show families that the school cares for, and wants the best possible outcomes for the child as they themselves do. Clearly, family-school partnerships require effort and flexibility, but the potential benefits for children and their families, as well as the school as a whole, are worth it. - Supplied by S Redinger.

UMVOTI TYRES AND BATTERIES cc For all your tyre and battery requirements BEST PRICES, BEST SERVICE Tel: 033 413 1870, 413 2521 Fax: 033 413 1965 55 Shepstone Street Greytown

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While there were some blue moments, it wasn’t a Monday and so it turned into a yellow day in the end ... Bushbuck took an early lead at the inter-house swimming gala last Friday, but Reedbuck gradually edged ahead and then maintained their lead to win the trophy. By the end of the morning, eight records had been broken and Bushbuck took home the spirit cup for their support of their swimmers. Riaan Olivier and Paige Schweiger were the senior Victor and Victrix Ludorum, while the U14 champions were Sven Klar and Isabella Klingenberg. Junior Victrix Ludorum was Tegan Waller and Ethan Dell was Junior Victor Ludorum. The girls had a field day, breaking all eight of the records that tumbled. The record-breakers were Danielle Schweiger (U16 backstroke and freestyle), Paige Sch-

weiger (U19 breaststroke), Siena Kimble (U10 breaststroke), Sonri Scholtz (U14 breaststroke), Hannah Oellermann (U10 freestyle), Isabela Klingenberg (U14 freestyle), and then both the Reedbuck and Bushbuck girls’ teams (U14 freestyle relay). Thank you to our guests of honour, Mr and Mrs Rembold, for joining us for the day and for handing over the prizes. Thank you also to the organisers, officials and parents who were able to be there to support their children and who helped with the tea and snacks. We look forward to the Quadrangular gala and then, of course, to the Sport Olympiade that is taking place in Johannesburg in March and once again promises to be a challenging but worthwhile event for all our sportsmen and -women.



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Creating water-wise wildlife gardens. – Grasses, grassland aloes and flowering plants – Shrubs and aloes – Indigenous Trees in 9l, 20l and 40l bags – Consultations and sourcing of indigenous plants

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Page 12 The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Greytown Country Club THERE were 21 players who took part in the Mascor Monthly Mug on 8 February. This scribe was bushed after 18 holes of scrambling golf, but it pales in comparison to the 83 year old who swam and finished the Midmar Mile on Sunday. The results of the Mug were as follows: B­div: First and the February winner of the Mascor Mug: Egon Kassier 63 net (his handicap was cut by two after this one), Second: John Mlangeni 68 net A­div: First: Marthinus Steyn 67 net Second: Oscar Ndawonde 69 net. Despite our January Mug winner Berndt Elges bravely throw­ ing everything but the kitchen sink at the course, he ended up collecting the Captain’s Putter this month. Such is the nature of the beast. We would like to remind all golfers that the first leg of the 2014 Mascor Business League will take place on 8 March. We ask all league captains of businesses to confirm entry for 2014 before then with Marthinus at 082 506 8580. The Mascor BL Trophy, great prizes and, most important­ ly, bragging rights, are up for grabs this year. The next ‘Sunday 9@9’ will be on 16 February. The entry fee is R25 to play nine holes At the weekly attendance draw held on 7 February, Juan van der Vyver was not present to claim the R100. The next draw will be on 14 February with R300 to be won. This Friday being Valentines Day, come to the club and enjoy a three course meal. The cost is R250 per couple or R140 per person which includes a free bottle of champagne Dates to diarize: 14 February: Valentine Dinner plus weekly attendance draw 16 February: Golf ‘Sunday 9@9’ 22 February: Greenkeepers Revenge 8 March: Mascor Monthly Mug/Business League.

Enhlalakahle Football Association

Ronnie Dlamini of Greytown Funeral Services with the winners, Codesa. EIGHT Tteams competed in the launch of the Enhlalakahle Football association over the weekend for the trophy sponsored by Greytown Funeral Services. Results: Codesa beat Baroka on penalties City Stars beat Nzima on penalies as did Mfanelo against Rebels. Cape Town Spurs (Cabazini Boyz) scored a goal to beat Super Strikers on zero. All semi finals ended on penalties. Final between Cape Town Spurs and Code­ sa was won by Codesa by three goals to nil. Enhalakahle soccer association would like to thank the following sponsors:

Min Cash Honchos Molsaves Greytown Beer Distributors Kwanyanga Yezizwe Chemist PAT Butchery Mageba Lodge FK (Ferradih) Greytown Lodge Zamani Botlestore Emeeson Perfumes and Jewellery. Fixtures to be played this Sunday at Enhlalakahle sportsfield, niyacelwa nigcine isikhathi. 10am: Ndunas vvs Dinagwe 11am: Mfanelo vs Baroka Noon: City Stars vs Cape Town Spurs 1pm: Rebels vs Super Strikers 2pm: Codesa vs Nzima.

St Cathryn’s news THIS weekend we will be playing the Valentines Farmers Agri-Care Monthly Mug on Saturday, 15 February and challenge all Valentines to play with their partners. This is an opportunity to test your romantic golfing relationship. All entrants in this division have to complete 18 holes of medal competition and walk off the course holding hands. Single golfing Valentines are still very welcome. Contact Piet to enter. Supper on Valentines Friday, 14 February, will be a three course dinner - seafood cocktail, beef in red wine with rice and vegetables in season and green salad, and cheesecake, tea or coffee. We will also include a mini bottle of champagne to share. The cost is R120 per person. Please book by Thursday evening to Piet at 083 269 1661. For those who need to bring their children, there will be a kiddies meal - fish fingers and chips and salad at a cost of R25, and don’t forget ‘aunty ice cream’ will have her cones. We hope to see you this weekend. To book for golf and/ or meals, please contact Piet at 083 269 1661 or email

From the Work and Play league AGM ditch ALL government and private sector organisations are invited to attend the Umvoti Work and Play annual general meeting to be held on 20 February at the Greytown Town Hall at 2pm. The objective of the Umvoti Work and Play soccer and netball challenges is to promote healthy living for happier civil servants. For more information, please contact Work and Play secretary Zama Madonda at 074 930 3358.

KRANSKOP/TUGELA FERRY Making home building simple

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IT was such an exciting nail-biting final of the nominated pairs between Bobby Pistor and Erika Fischer and Jack Drew and Clive Edkins. The match was level all the way and peels with one end to play. Congratulations to Drew and Edkins on pulling off a really thrilling match. Jacques Minnaar, Omo Dinkelmann and Erika Fischer represented Natal inland at the quadrangular bowls tournament played over the weekend in Pietermaritzburg -. teams were from Natal Inland, KZN Country, Port Natal and King Fisher. The tournament is to prepare bowlers for the interdistrict tournament to be held in East London and Bloemfontein in March. This Saturday, Omo (birthday girl) Dinkelmann and Erika Fischer will be playing in the NIBA pairs finals in Pietermaritzburg against Rose Varty and partner - this should be a good one to watch Club members are requested to check the noticeboard for upcoming competitions - mens/ladies novice singles and mixed pairs. Please enter. There are only a few tickets left for the popular Valentine’s dinner and dance to be held this Friday, 14 February.

Greytown Gazette 20140212  

Greytown Gazette 20140212