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I have hope” is the positive opinion of Martin Sithole appointed as Administrator by the KZN cabinet to bring Umvoti Municipality back on track particularly in terms of service delivery. Mr Sithole comes to Greytown with an impressive history of having solved the problems of several KZN Municipalities calmly and efficiently. In an interview with Mr Sithole, the Greytown Gazette asked for clarification on exactly why the KZN Cabinet had reached the decision that it was necessary to intervene in terms of Section 139 (1) (b) of the Constitution.Mr Sithole outlined the reasons as follows: Due to the political power struggle leading to tensions and walk outs from meetings, since last year, and a series of motions for the removal of office bearers the Municipality became “totally dysfunctional” A dateline of specific events: Budget meeting 12th June: Resignation of Mayor Mavundla making deputy Mayor Xaba the acting Mayor until 21st June meeting when acting Mayor Xaba presented successful motion for removal of Exco followed by irregular election of new Exco(in terms of the Structures Act a Mayor and deputy cannot be elected without an Exco) which left the Municiplality with one office bearer, the Speaker. But

Mr Martin Sothole.

at a meeting on 5th July the “unlawful” removal of and election of new Speaker.The Municipality was left in a state of confusion , chaos and dysfunctionality- . This was compounded by reported acts of violence which led to closing the Town Offices for a time with Police being called in. So Umvoti Municipality has no Executive Committee which in turn means no Mayor, deputy Mayor , Exco members - the Municipal Structures Act is quite clear - no executive committee no Mayor! Therefore the Municipality could not operate without an Administrator to take over the executive and administrative functions to ensure and restore service delivery, improve financial systems, enhance revenue collection etc. Mr Sithole has been in Geytown since the beginning of August and in an interim report submitted to Cabinet he mentions certain findings which will be further investigated including:political interferece in administration and heavily politicisedadministration;need for enhanced skills levels;possible existence of ghost employees;lack of understanding of Council business and running thereof;lack of LED initiatives etc. But as Mr Sithole stated “I have hope” and has drawn up a draft

recovery plan relating to Governance, which includes resucitation of governance structures and office bearers; workshops on governance etc.. The recovery plan on institutional development includes review and alignment of staff ;personnel development plans;filling critical positions with qualified and experienced personnel;effective communication with staff. On revenue collection the plan includes valuation roll; exploring alternative income sources;curb losses due to theft; etc. The longest draft recovery plan refers to service delivery covering an infrastructure maintenance plan;resucitate blocked projects and new ones in rural area;review non performing contracts; establishment of landfill site;rural roads rehabilitation;eradicate backlogs electricity access etc. His conclusion: Co-operation and cohesion;political will; and stakeholder involvement will restore Umvoti Municipality to where and what it should be for all its residents. Mr Sithole has been appointed to do this in 6 months and is positive he can . So here’s hoping that all the stakeholders will be there right behind him to show KZN Cabinet that Umvoti can get back on track and hold its head high once again!

TRAGIC END TO MISSING TEEN POWER UP The body of teenager Sabele Khanyile who had been missing from his home since 26th July was sadly identified by his mother and family on Monday. Apparently the victim of a hit and run accident his body had been taken to the Foresenic Mortuary on that day but apparently no information had been passed on to the police. It was only when the report and

photograph was seen in last week’s Greytown Gazette that Mortuary personnel contacted the family who at first struggled to identify the very badly severely injured teenager. They confirmed it was him through recognition of the clothes he had been wearing. His body was found near Greytown on the Pietermaritz-

burg road. On behalf of the Greytown Police Lieutenant Colonel Mapahlala said that the confusion had arisen as the two cases - one of a missing person and one of culpable homicide had not been linked. The police had not realised that the hit and run victim was in fact the missing teen until the body was identified .

The Colonel said he would also make sure that the lines of communication were improved between the Mortuary and Police. Several members of the public expressed their surprise that the Forensic Mortuary in Erskine Street was actually in operation as no information in this regard has been announced to the public.


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Mr D.R. Aheer was delighted to receive the “fitness” donation of R1500 as he lined up with some of the members of this very worthwhile initiative.

District members Henry Davis and Roy Hendry installed the new Exco of Moth Khamseen Shellhole recently. Rob Lee (Old Bill) Kat Chaning-Pearce (Adj/Pay Bill) Barry Beckett (Wee Bill) and Roger Scheffer Sargent. Khamseen are holding a Golf Day to raise funds for their 6 Cottages in Greytown on 30th November


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healthy but that they are worsening the situation by choosing to eat the wrong foods. The risk of lifestyle non communicable diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure are increased by the type of food people eat and the lack of exercise. GSK also found that people were in denial and did not realise how overweight they were and actually considered themselves healthy. 78% of obese people and 52% of morbidly obese regards themselves as somewhat healthy or very healthy. Some 42% had no health concerns and only 47% recognised how vital exercise and physical fitness are!

Shri Vishnu Mandir Vidya Pracharni Sabha


The officials and members of the Sabha lovingly invite you to participate in the following events at the Mandir. Commencing on Wednesday, 21 August until Tuesday, 27 August 2013. Satsung starts at 6.00 pm each evening with Bhajans, Kirtans, Githa recitals and discourses. Hawan on the first evening.

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A recent survey concluded that South Africans are among the world’s fattest people - the Rainbow nation is “slowly eating itself to death” according to the research conducted by drug and healthcare company GlaxoSmithKline(GSK) It was found that 49% do not exercise and 71% have never dieted - even more scary 17% of children under the age of nine are overweight! This first comprehensive survey found South Africans not only physically un-


Bokomo Corn Flakes 1kg

building its own premises so all funds are welcome. Zeenath told the Greytown Gazette that to date R1 500 has been raised and presented to the project and she is looking forward to raising lots more. Fo r more information on the Friday classes; gym classes and weight loss challenge please call Zeenath on 082 440 3413.


Topside Mince per kg



Its a great combination -getting fit;having fun; and raising funds to help the Greytown Feeding project ! Organised by Superbody Club owner, Zeenath Ally , a group of young and old and both sexes meet every Friday at 6 p.m. for an hour get fit class. Classes are R10 per person all of which is donated to the Greytown Feeding Project run by Mr D.R. Aheer- the project is in the process of

KRISHNA ASTHMEE (Appearance of Lord Krishna)


Will be celebrated on Wednesday 28th August 2013,




commencing at 6.00 pm.

Conducted by Sadguru Shri Swantanradeoji Maharaj of Allahabad, U.P., India, will take place on Tuesday, 2nd September 2013 at 6.00 pm. Devotees only required to bring along a Hawan Kund. Ingredients will be provided by the Sabha. Please confirm participation by 28th August 2013. Highly beneficial–information available at the Mandir!


Will be observed on Monday, 9th September 2013. DEVOTEES WISHING TO PROVIDE PRASAD FOR ANY OF THE ABOVE PLEASE CONTACT MRS R. AHEER, 082 415 7530.


SUNDAY WALKS INCLUDED A diet plan will be provided and you will be weighed and measured weekly. Prizes to be won. Before and after pics included. BOOK NOW! LIMITED SPACE

Contact Zeenath Ally 082 440 3413

The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Page 3


ARCADIA ... a home from home! What is an Old Age Home? Is it an institution where old people get “dumped” because their families do not wish to have the burden of looking after them? How many members of the Umvoti community are aware of Greytown’s Home for the Aged, Arcadia situated in Pine Street. This is active positive proof that an old age home does not have to be an institution... Arcadia is a home of love - a safe haven for the elderly where they are cared for with much love and compassion by a very devoted team. Although Arcadia has been operating since 1984 there are many people who have never visited the home and seen for themselves the wonderful facilities on offer. We would like to extend an invitation to all the residents of Greytown and district to come to visit - take a walk through Arcadia , meet the residents and become a “Friend of Arcadia.” Arcadia, Concordia Cottages and the Senior Service Centre fall under the umbrella body of Greytown and District Council for the Care of the Aged (GADDCA). The main object of GADDCA is the care of the elderly in Greytown and district. As a non-profit organisation funding is all important and vital. At present there are 9 empty rooms for non-frail persons, which is leaving a huge gap in the monthly income. We know that many people are battling to make ends meet in these times and it is becoming unaffordable from them to live in a Home, but we are more than happy to to negotiate - please come in for a chat. In August/September each year Arcadia has a fundraising campaign. Proceeds from last year’s event, plus a generous sponsorship from PANNAR,enabled us to build en-suite showers/toilets onto four of the bedrooms. There is a growing interest and involvement from our local churches, and we are very excited about future projects involving them. For more information please phone: 033 417 1528



Making a name for himself in South Africa's Christian hip hop industry is" Doxx" who grew up in Greytown as Thobani Ndlovu . Doxx is featured in the opening of the "Live Wise Die Ready'concert featuring international Christian rappers, Bizzle and Lavoisier who are touring with other rap groups such as Zimbabwe's Ill Ceey, Johannesburg's Mano Juvane, Cape Town's DJ Eazy and Recruit. Doxx opened for these

musicians alongside other acts from Johannesburg in the concert which took place in Pietermaritzburg on 16th August. 19 year old Doxx, whose family still live in Greytown, was a member of the Greytown Junior School class 2007 and matriculated from Carter High School last year. To contact Doxx/Thobani phone 084 525 8210

JULY WEATHER UPDATE With a smattering of raindrops - 7mm recorded at Pannar Seed and 8mm recorded by Grant Gifford in Greytown, July was somewhat of a dry month. According to stats from Ram Bagdath at Pannar research the 40 year mean average for July is 17.40811 mm. The highest in the seven years was 76mm 2011/12 and the lowest a chubby zero in 2007/08. On the temperature front minimum average for July: 4.387097 and maximum average 20.39645. The weekend of 1`2th,13th and 14th started each day below zero as did 21st and 22nd and the 28th. Highest temperatures :24.96 on 27th;24.77 on 26th;24.8 on 16th and 24.05 on the 7th. Lake Merthley is 82.505% full and 0.600m below the wall. Last week’s rainfall was an unexpected bonus -PANNAR Seed records show that the August rainfall to date is: 17.8 mm on Friday 9th August (in celebration of Women’s Day?) and another 5.4 mm in the early hours of Monday bringing the August rainfall total to 34mm!

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Page 4 The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Bangumuzi u/13 volleyball team are Umvoti champions having won all the matches they played at Cluster, Ward and CMC levels. As log leaders in the Umvoti schools volleyball league they will now play against schools from Endumeni, Msinga and Nquthu on 23rd August. Team manager/coach would like to thank the players for their commitment and dedication as well as the educators and parents for their support. Report by N. J Jobe.


Hermannsburg Happenings An excited Grade 10 class recently returned from their sojourn in Germany. Apart from experiencing everyday German households on a daily basis, and going to school to 'German' classrooms they experienced many other cultural,technical and sporting highlights .. Once again the GEP was an intercontinental and inter-cultural experience that was worth every second. Our thanks go to Mrs Olivier and Ms De Bruyn for the many months of organising (since May 2012) and for looking after everyone so well. Our musicians successfully participated in the annual Pietermaritzburg Eisteddfod last week. Congratulations on their excellent results go to Thomas Königkrämer (A+ for Grade 8 Vocal), Timon du Toit (A for Grade 8 Vocal), Nadia Ortmann (A for Grade 8 Vocal), Andrea Kohrs (A for Grade 8 Vocal) and Tristan Hiestermann (A for Grade 7 Vocal). In the Intermediate section, Zan-

"The Grade 10 learners with their teachers in the art museum in Germany." da Isaacs and Nadia Christiansen both received an A for their vocal performances while Reece Volker obtained a B+ symbol. In the Junior section, Stephan Küsel, Kerstin Mahnecke and Maike Meyer each received an A+ symbol. Rupert Meyer, Jordan Pope, Lydia Köhne, Terry-Lynn Costello and Enoch Mnikathi each earned an A symbol. In the piano recitals, Laura Zick and Bongimpilo Hlela were award-

ed A- symbols while Christel Brüggemann and Reece Volker acheived B+ symbols and Rhonda Christiansen a B symbol. Our participation in the Pietermaritzburg Eisteddfod is an important event, as it is a good preparation for the external exams in September. Hours of dedicated preparation go into practising before the actual performance and we congratulate our music learners on doing so well.





CALL: 082 390 4269 or 071 370 5938


Link Seed (Pty) Ltd, an affiliate of the Limagrain Grouplan international leader in the seed industry, has vacancies in the following positions:


Primary responsibilities will include: • General reception, secretarial duties and administrative support • Typing of correspondence and reports • Liaising with sales representatives • Preparation and maintenance of spreadsheets Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria: • Grade 12 qualification. • Must be competent in MS Excel and Word and a working knowledge of Powerpoint presentations would be advantageous. • Written and spoken fluency in English and Afrikaans is essential. • Excellent communication and people skills. • Excellent telephone etiquette and professionalism essential. • Deadline driven and able to work under pressure. • Committed, hardworking and ready to go the extra mile. • Previous experience in a similar position would be advantageous.


Primary responsibilities will include: • Bookkeeping to trial balance • Preparation of various financial reconciliations and reports • General accounting and administrative duties • Support to the accounting/finance department Applicants must meet the following minimum criteria: • Grade 12 Qualification. • A relevant graduate degree would be advantageous but is not essential. • Experience in Pastel Evolution or similar package would be advantageous. • A good working knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel. • Deadline driven and able to work under pressure. • Committed, hardworking and ready to go the extra mile. • Previous experience in a similar position would be advantageous. • Bilingualism in English and Afrikaans would be advantageous. Remuneration will be commensurate with qualifications and experience. Applicants should fax a CV (3 pages maximum) to the Personnel Manager on (033) 413 1057 or send by email to Closing date is the 30 August 2013. If you have not heard from us by the 14 September 2013, please consider your application unsuccessful.

The u13B team went on a long hike to keep fit. tea or coffee in hand, there will be would like to congratulate the form Dramatic Arts (poetry, singing, 4s on their excellent external Camdancing etc.) on stage. The scholars bridge Maths' results in which they are always very appreciative of scored an average of 77.6%. Well support from their parents, family, done to Maths' teachers,Mrs Lotand friends so please do make the tering and Miss Peckham, and to effort to attend.Viewing, and tea/ the scholars who worked hard at atcoffee, will start at 17.30 with the taining these excellent results. The High School 1stboys' tennis Dramatic Arts following thereafter. Wembley College High School team played against Voortrekker A and won 43 -22. Well done to ThubaMzila and Eric Nefdt who won their singles, and to all the boys who won their doubles.The 2ndTeam also played against Voortrekker(B) but lost 29- 37 Well done to Ross Goble and MazwiSimelane who won their singles and to Timmy Norris and Ross Goble who won their doubles. The U15 girls' tennis team played against GHS and drew 3-3. On Saturday, August1 7th, the U11 boys' hockey team played in a tournament at Wembley. They played 4 matches, 3 of them being on the Astro. The team won 1, lost 2 and drew 1 game. On Wednesday, TOGETHER WE FOR THE 7th August, the U11 boys' hockey team PANNAR SEED (PTY) LTD, a company with its origins deeply rooted in played two matches at Winterton. Wembagriculture, is the leader in the seed industry and an award winner in its field. Our ley lost both games, the first, 1-4, and the second, 0-2. Then, still at Winterton, and longstanding successes, both locally and abroad, have made us not only a choice on the same day, the U10 boys played 2 provider, but also a choice employer. We now offer the following sought-after matches. The first game they just lost 0-2 opportunity: but in the second game they came back fighting and won 3-2.

The time has come, once again, to brave the winter cold and come to the Aloe Hall to support the children's cultural efforts. on Wednesday 21st August. There will be the usual display of Visual Arts - models, beadwork, fabric painting, photography and circle art, to name but a few. After half an hour of admiring the scholars' talents, with a cup of



Tractor Driver Greytown

Working for a large, professional organisation, you will be valued for your enthusiasm and dedication. Besides your keen and positive outlook, you will need a Matric Certificate, valid driver’s licence and 3 years’ tractor driving experience with the use of general farm implements. Good communication skills in Zulu and English are important. Proficiency in driving trucks will be an added advantage. We offer pleasant working conditions and a competitive salary package. Forward written applications, accompanied by a comprehensive CV, in confidence to the Manager: Human Resources, Pannar Seed (Pty) Ltd, PO Box 19, Greytown 3250. Please quote “Application for Employment” in the subject line when applying via e-mail. Fax: (033) 413-9682 or 086 604 0823 E-mail: Closing date: 30 August 2013

Human Communications 101472

JUNIOR JOTTINGS The under 9 boys participated in a hockey tournament on Saturday 17th August in Howick. They enjoyed the five games, winning one and losing four. They played well and learnt a lot. On Saturday 17th August 2013 t 1st team hockey boys travelled to Howick Prep School to play in a tournament. The boys played very well, they lost 2, drew 1 and won 1. The boys learnt a lot and were well disciplined travelling to and from the school.

The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, August 21, 2013 Page 5


My name is Greg Ivins...and this is a follow up on my first article on“Don’t do Drugs” published in the Greytown Gazette on 19th June.The opinions and facts stated in this article are my own referring to my 22 years of being a drug addict . Addiction is a selfish disease and we give little thought to the pain and suffering we impose on our loved ones. But it is not only the family who suffer - many crimes can be a direct result of addicts looking for money to get their next ‘fix’. In my opinion the worst possible thing a family can do is deny that a drug addition problem exists or think it is a phase that they will grow out of. Addiction is a progressive disease ... the longer an addict uses the worse the addiction gets. Try to open up a line of non judgemental communication and let the addict know that there is help available out there.The worst is to directly accuse someone of using drugs, this will just lead to anger and resentment (two big triggers for using drugs).What an addict needs is love and support. While they are still accountable for their actions, the sooner they can get into recovery the better. The most important factor in this whole equation is the addict must want to stop using. If they are not willing to change there is nothing you can do to stop them. My advice to the family is that you will support them in recovery but you will not tolerate them using. This can range from not giving them money to evicting them from the property. Don’t forget drug abuse if not dealt with immediately will tear families apart at some point and your life will never be the same again. In concluding I would just like to say that addicts are not responsible for their addiction but they are responsible for their recovery. Don’t deny the problem for the sake of bringing shame to the family, addiction can happen to anyone rich, poor or intelligent. The sooner you get help for the addict the better because speaking from experience addiction will if not dealt with bring nothing but pain and misery not only to the addict but also to the families of addicts For more information please contact Harmony Retreat on 033-417 2227

You can help save lives Donating blood four times a year could save up to 12 lives! South African National Blood Service is very appreciative of those who donated blood this winter.thank the public for choosing to donate blood this winter. While blood levels are stable, the need for blood is, unfortunately always present. In August, Women’s, month, SANBS is requesting the public to continue donating blood in honour of all mothers and children, especially those dependent on blood transfusions for their survival. Research shows that around 36% of blood donated is used for women who lose blood during childbirth and gynaecological cases as well as for paediatric cases like surgery of foetuses, infants, children, adolescents and young adults. An appeal to all South Africans who meet the minimum requirements as follows to commit to donating blood regularly. • Be between the ages of 16 – 65 years • Weigh more than 50 kg • Be in good health • Live a sexually safe lifestyle To find your nearest donor centre call 0800 11 9031.

Bishop Buthelezi and his wife. There was much jubilation when Bishop P.P. Buithelezi visited Ehlanzeni Parish church on 28th July to baptise4 Rev. A. Madonda’s grandchild. The congregants were thrilled to meet the Bishop and his wife and appreciated their humble, honest and direct approach. After a well delivered and enjoyable sermon the congregants celebrated the occassion and presented the visitors with many gifts. They expressed their thanks to Spar for donatReg No. 2013/141641/07

Usiko Consulting Shop No. 3, Okes Street, Greytown Tel: 033 413 3196, Cell: 072 818 2817, 072 949 2497


• ITC REPORT • ITC CLEARANCE • DEBT MEDIATION • GARNISHEE INVESTIGATION • CLEARING OF TRACE • ITC DISPUTES ALERTS Contact Usiko Consulting today! Tel: 033 413 3196, Cell: 072 619 2817, 072 949 2497 Email: OR VISIT US DIRECT DURING OFFICE HOURS Shop No. 3, 41 Okes Street, Greytown 3250

ing a large delicious cake. Report:Rev.L.J. Ngubane

GO BIG ON CASUAL DAY Casual Day , 6th September is going big this year with the theme”Go Big” and the incentive to beat the grand total of R22 million raised last year! Casual Day is a project owned by the National Council of Persons with Physical Disabilities and has been run in partnership with its national beneficiaries, SA National Council for the Blind, Disabled People South (DPSA), SA Federation for Mental Health, Deaf Federation of SA (DeafSA) and Epilepsy SA, for the past 18 years. Casual Day has invited eight new organisations to join its beneficiary family: Autism South Africa (ASA), Down Syndrome South Africa, The National Association for Persons with Cerebral Palsy (NAPCP), the South African National Deaf Association (SANDA), the National Institute for the Deaf (NID), QuadPara Association of South Africa (QASA), Alzheimer’s South Africa and the South African Disability Alliance (SADA). Casual Day 2013 takes place in continued partnership with its main beneficiaries and 300 participating organisations dedicated to advancing the rights of and rendering services for persons with disabilities. Stickers, at R10 are available from all Edon stores -Edcon is the Casual Day’s principal financial sponsor as well as at Absa, Game or any of the participating beneficiary organisations (for full list see

Page 6 The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, August 21, 2013



Sir, I’m sure many ratepayers would appreciate an update of why it is taking so long to complete the building of the new hospital in Pine Street and the much anticipated shopping centre off Durban Street. When these projects were announced by our erstwhile Mayor with much fanfare some years ago they were welcomed by all residents as a boon to both medical and shopping facilities in the region. His stated passion and commitment to promoting growth and stability in Greytown and district are a matter of record and the projects were much appreciated by all when they were initially proposed. But all construction appears to have now come to a grinding halt. and we have our local version of the Kimberley “Groot Gat” in the middle of town. How significantly has the loss of rates income from the many businesses that previously operated in this block impacted our Municipal budget? Two thirds of this block has been effectively razed to the ground and there has been no sign of any activity for months. The same applies to the multi-story hospital next to the NG Church. When will this skeletal concrete eyesore ever be completed? When will we get the full use of the constricted road back? Questions, questions and still more questions! Can Mr PG Mavundla please provide answers to any or all these? Ivo Wust Greytown

SAIYURI’S HOUSE OF CURRIES Shop 1B R.A. Centre | 65 Maitland Street

THIS WEEK’S SPECIALS ¼ Mutton Bunny.................... R27,50 ¼ Chicken Bunny .................. R22,50 ¼ Beans Bunny..................... R10,00 Available from 21st-24th of August

Please phone to place your order Tel: 033 413 2878 • Cell: 072 620 6330

Correspondence - Names and addresses of correspondents must in all cases, accompany the communications, not necessarily for publication, but as a guarantee of good faith. A free interchange of matters of public interest will be encouraged but we are not held responsible as endorsing the opinions of our correspondents.


SNAZZY SNAPS! Antirrhinum majus, commonly known as Snapdragons or Snaps, are native to the Mediterranean region of Europe and Morocco - they are herbaceous, short-lived perennials used as annuals and can tolerate light frost but not extreme heat. In South Africa While antirrhinums can be grown throughout the year in most parts of the country, March, April and May are ideal months to plant out the seedlings. They have just enough time to settle themselves in before the depths of winter, readying themselves for a glorious spring and early summer display. Depending on the variety, this fast growing plant varies greatly in height. The flower spikes range from 30-120cm. The flowers, regardless of plant height, tend to be the same size and are around 5 cm in length. Recently a doubleflowered dwarf variety was released onto the market - the colour palette for Antirrhinums is vast. featuring every colour imaginable except true blue.! Dwarf types, typically 15-30cm, are best used as border fronts, edging, window boxes and other containers. Intermediate varieties, 30-60cm, can be used for mixed borders and mid-bedding. Tall types, 60+cm, for back borders and cut flow-

YOU TO SAPS ers. Antirrhinums are easy to grow in any welldrained, reasonably fertile, garden soil, but prefer a light or medium loam - so add in plenty of compost when preparing the bed. The soil needs to be kept relatively moist, so water deeply every 5 days or so. They like a warm, sunny location, but in a hot climate they perform better in partial shade. Put the plants where they will receive good air movement to prevent the fungal disease or rust taking hold. Information supplied by the Bedding Plant Growers Association. For more go to


Sir May I congratulate Pannar on the recent merger with DuPont Pioneer. The history and phenomenal growth of Pannar in Greytown and beyond is remarkable and legendary. As a young man from the nearby Enhlalakahle Township where I grew up, I would observe and watch with keen interest scores of people walking to “Emahlezeni or Emaqobheni” as the original corrugated building was then called, where they worked. Indeed you would see mounds of “amahleza or amaqobho” after the mealies had been harvested by hand (usuhululiwe). In fact as a twelve year old, I remember, during

the holidays working at a nearby farm, “kwaKoti”, walking kilometres, “sijova ummbila, sisebenzisa amabhodlela ayefakwa ubuthi”,using pesticides. I worked for one day and told not to come back the following day because I was so ‘thin’ and young. I got paid 20 cents for my trouble. The first pay of my life!!! Pannar was then known as Pioneer Seed, before changing name. They have come full circle, indeed. Congratulations all those workers who over the years toiled ceaselessly, to put this big establishment on the international stage. We salute even those who have retired or passed on. Congratulations!!!! Oscar Zondi

This could happen to you! Sir, My daughter was recently accused of fraud by the local firm she was working for and was subsequently found innocent at her hearing. In the week prior to the hearing, we, her parents and our daughter were very traumatised particularly as we know we have brought our children up to be trustworthy After seeing a pyschologist and returning to work, she actually had to resign because of the way the people she was working with treated her with mistrust.. And she had to leave town to find work elsewhere because of her socalled work

colleagues. She is now living in another town and we have been robbed of having our daughter and grandhchild growing up with us. We would like to say to the people responsible for this whole traumatic incident to remember that they too have and will have children of their own and a similar thing could happen to them one day -maybe then they will recall and regret what they did to my daughter. We hope that you all find peace . God Bless you. Loving and concerned parents.


Sir, On the 24th April around 13.30 hrs I was hijacked between Kranskop and Greytown. This incident was reported at Greytown Police Station case 148/04/2013. I write this letter to personally to thank you (KZN SAPS Provinciial Commissioner) and the SAPS for the sterling work that was done to recover my car and apprehend the criminals. As I write this letter all three criminals are behind bars waiting to apply for bail on Monday 19th August I have since identified the suspects accurately at an identification parade on the 8 August My car was also recovered after a speed chase at the end of July with 6 bullet holes. The meticulous work shown by SAPS in solving this matter is amazing and of very high standard. I survived a deadly hijacking by three armed men who were ready to kill and surely meant to kill me in order to reduce the risk of being identified and caught. I was picked up by plain cloth SAPS members a few seconds after I had dropped (escaped) from my car. Although they tried to follow my car speeding with the hijackers, they couldn’t catch up because they were driving a very slow car. They tried to call for back-up but did not have airtime. This is a very sad state of affair which God exposed to me, to see how difficult conditions our dedicated forces operate from. This case would have been solved within minutes if only these members had a way to make a call without being hindered by “airtime” Nevertheless after opening the case at the Police Station, I was well treated and driven home, I appreciate the assistance, but above all I want to thank all members who were involved in this operation. I thank Investigating Officer Mkhabela, Officer Mbambo and their colleagues I can’t name all. I also thank the Cluster Commander Khumalo and all station leadership for the support they gave me. May this spirit prevail to all members. May the public of Greytown and surrounding develop confidence on the force for they work hard and are a very determined unit. May they be allocated adequate resources because of the vast rural areas they sometimes find themselves covering. I thank you and may God bless our Police. Leon A Mbangwa Sen Manager: Communication:KZN Legislature

UMVOTI TYRES AND BATTERIES cc Mascor is a group of franchised motor and agricultural equipment dealerships. With over 40 years in the industry, we offer the most professional and high – quality service, standards and workmanship. Applications are invited for the following positions at our Greytown, GM branch.


Built-in Cupboards, Kitchens, 3D Plans, Decks, Shop Displays and Solid Wood Furniture. Individual Requests Welcome 071 886 8480

We are looking for a responsible person with a sound track record and computer knowledge. Candidates must have experience with petty cash, banking and invoicing.

Tel: 033 413 1870, 413 2521 Fax: 033 413 1965 55 Shepstone Street Greytown

Need A Battery? Need A Tyre?

RECEPTIONIST Previous experience in the field will be advantageous. We offer a market related remuneration package and a pleasant working environment. Applications should be directed to or faxed to 086 607 2203. Closing date: 28 August 2013 Applicants who have not been contacted by 6 September 2013 should assume that their applications have been unsuccessful.

For all your tyre and battery requirements BEST PRICES, BEST SERVICE



123 Durban Street, Greytown. Tel: 033 413 3378/9

14th September Saturday, 9 am-2 pm


Spring Market at

The Country Nursery

BOOK YOUR STALL NOW Phone 082 789 6333



THANK you all for your very kind and heartfelt messages of support for Liam. Liam’s memmorial service will take place on Saturday, the 24th August, in the Victoria Hall, Maritzburg College, at 11am. Should anyone wish to cntribute any thoughts, anecdotes, music or memories of Liam, please let us know. Please join us afterwards, at home, for a social and festive ‘wake’, which Liam would have wanted. Bring your drinks and a plate of snacks. If you require any further info please post on Liam’s Facebook page, or phone 072 610 9720.


Clubs and Meetings

DEMOCRATIC Allliance meeting today, 6pm at Bowling Club. 083 653 3481. PMB - Midlands Youth Choir on Thursday 29th August at 6:30pm, Aloe Hall, Wembley College. Tickets R30 from school office.


Lost and Found

SASSA card found. Please contact The Greytown Gazette ASAp.



DEMOCRATIC Allliance meeting today, 6pm at Bowling Club. 083 653 3481. NEEDED, volunteers for portrait photo shoots. Offering 30 free edited high quality for printing, photos on disk. For more info contact 083 454 1655.


Building Services

BRICKS, blocks, sand, stone, cement and roof tiles. Telephone 033 417 1237, 084 999 4336. Free delivery in town. Kuhlangane konke nokudiliva edolobheni. ISIHLABATHI amatshe kanye nanablocks ngentengo yase wholesale. Telephone 033 413 1414 / 0 8 2 7 8 3 6 0 3 5 kuhlangene konke nokudiliva edolobheni. SAND stone and blocks at wholesale prices. Prices include delivery in town. Tel: 033 413 1414 Cell: 082 783 6035.


Business Services

SPEEDY Concrete Fencing. Manufacturing of precast concrete fencing, garden ornaments, wash troughs, pillar caps, table sets, pavers, stepping stones,, kerb stones. Tel. 071 076 0647 / 084 486 5324.


Cleaning Services

CARPET/UPHOLSTERY Cleaning. Experienced owner supervised and quick. Phone Nola 0833204008. UMVOTI Carpets @ La Fontana Centre for all carpets, laminate flooring, vinyls and blinds. Come see me or contact Ingrid 0823190972.


Electrical Appliance Repairs

ALLEN’S Refrigeration for your household repairs e.g. fridges, deep freezers, chillers, microwaves etc. Contact Allen 160 Durban Street, 073 323 2139, 084 354 0590.


Fencing Services

FAIRVIEW fencing quality workmanship and back-up service on automated gates and all types of game, agricultural amd security fencing. Contact Keith Cowie 082 772 5436.


For Hire

10 Seater round tables, patio gas heaters, white marquees, decor, cooking. Greytown Hiring Services. 033 417 1157, 082 957 2812, 082 315 6653. AMATAFULA. 10 Seater awo round nama tende amasha amplophe. Tel. 082 957 2812 / 082 315 6653.


Personal Services

ABORTION alternative Wednesday 2 - 5pm. Free counselling by appointment. Call or SMS 078 879 7484. FOR all your diesel repairs to trucks, Bell engines, hydraullics on tipper trucks, air brakes on trucks and trailers etc. Contact Rajan 082 460 9341


General Sales

AFRICA Wendy houses. Grade A pinewood, big, small, low prices, louvre style. Sylie 0839960526. CHICKEN fat and skins ideal for pet food available at Honcho’s. Contact: 033 413 3122. 10kg R30, 20kg R50. FOR all your butter biscuits, fancy cupcakes, cake pops & more contact 033 413 2786, 083 845 5416 to place your order. PLANTS for sale in bags and out of ground. Tel. 082 301 4135.


Pets/Aquariums/ Tropical Fish

DOG and cat boarding. SPCA. Tel: 072 0969634.


Wanted to Buy

ARE you selling your car or bakkie??? Immediate deals & we give you the best prices???. 033 413 2007, 082 769 4695.

Something for everyone


SELLING ERNIE VENTER Cell: 072 444 9788


Wanted to Buy

WANTED. Accident damaged & non running cars & bakkies wanted - top prices paid. 033 413 2007, 082 769 4695.


Business Opportunities

PREMISES to let. Lower Bell Street near Asmalls. Ranging from 176.65 sq mt at R8 500 to 43.75 sq mt @ R3 000 pm excluding w&l, available immediately. Ideal for offices / shops. Please phone Mrs Ashwell at 0334131141 during office hours (08h30 - 16h00) for appointment to view.


Flats to Let

GRANNY flat. Bedroom. dining room, kitchen. Contact 033 413 2393. SECURE 1 bedroom flat with single garage to let at R2983.00 per month incl. w&l, available 1 September 2013 Please phone Mrs Ashwell at 0334131141 during office hours (08h30 - 16h00) for appointment to view.


Houses to Let

2 Rooms, lounge, dining room, fully fitted kitchen, prepaid electricity, garage, R3 500. Contact 072 869 6354.


Servicing and Spares

MOTOR Chapps Used Spares. Please pop in for your free licence disc holders.


Used Cars

2003 Toyota Tazz, 1.3, gear lock, alarm, choice of 5. R49 000. 076 258 8801, 033 413 3249. 2005 Corsa 1.4, s/roof, mags, MP3, a/c, p/s. Silver. R39 000.00. 076 258 8801, 033 413 3249. 2011 Golf 6 - GTi - DSG, 23 000km, FSH, white, Xenons, s/roof, PDC,, park assist, led lights. R339 000.00. 082 482 8418, 033 413 3249. EAGLE Cars on 77 Durban Street. Tel. 033 413 3533 / 084 460 7177. 2002 Citi Golf 1.3, R22 500.00. 2006 VW Golf (2Lt GTi engine), R34 900.00 2003 Opel Corsa 1.4 Sport Lite, R39 900.00 1999. BMW 320iM (E41), R41 900.00. 1997. Mazda Midge, R23 000. 2008 Opel Corsa 1.4 Utility, 76 000 km, F.S.H., R69 000.00. 2002 Merc Benz C180 auto, R59 000.00.


General Employment

QUALIFIED Hyster driver with code 8 licence seeks employment. 084 853 3273.


Work Wanted: Domestic

GARDENER seeks employment. Tel. 079 081 2926.



UMVOTI FIRE PROTECTION TEN GOLDEN RULES .1. Make effective fire breaks on your property borders. This protects your property and prevents a fire spreading to neighboring properties. 2. Warn neighbours if you plan to burn fire-breaks. Use a written notice to inform neighbours of your intentions. 3. Plan your fire-breaks program with your neighbours. Get your neighbour’s approval of your plan of action. Should neighbours find it impossible to come to an agreement, provision is made that the local magistrate may act as arbiter. His ruling will then be binding by both landowners. 4. Insist on your neighbours presence when fire-breaks on boundary belts are being made. This will ensure that all parties take responsibility for any eventualities. Should a fire occur on a property,

and it is suspect of posing a threat to man, animal or property, any person may enter property and apply necessary reasonable measures to prevent the fire from spreading, or to extinguish the fire. These measures may even include setting fire to crops, fire-breaks etc. 5. Ensure that weather conditions are acceptable for burning firebreaks. You could consider burning fires at night when weather conditions are usually favorable for burning. Check the Fire Danger Rating and regulations for your region. 6. Burn fire-breaks early. Burning restrictions are enforced in certain regions – ensure that you’re aware of these. 7. Don’t light fires in the open air if you cannot control it. Ensure that you have enough help and equipment to cope with all eventualities. Lighting a fire within

a road reserve, except in fireplace built for that purpose, is also prohibited in terms of the National Veld and Forest Fire Act No 101 of 1998. 8. You are responsible for doing all you can to prevent a fire from spreading to neighboring properties. If a fire spread it can cause extensive damage and the landowner from where the fire originates, can be held liable for damages. 9. Don’t leave a fire unguarded / unattended before it is properly extinguished.Unexpected winds can ignite cinders. 10. According to the National Veld and Forest Fire Act No 101 of 1998, carelessness with fires is considered a criminal offense. Contact UMVOTI FPA TO FIND OUT MORE: PHONE CHARLES HADEN (FPO) ON 0761541090 Email:

MISSING PERSONS Anyone with any information on the following persons is asked to contact Greytown Child Welfare social worker, Mrs N.C. Nzama on 033 413 3174: 1.Father of Amahle and Andiswa Zulu. Mother, Nompumelelo Ndawonde is deceased -was from Mbalane. 2.Father of Phakamani Mkhize -mother Phumelele Ntombi Nyawose is deceased.

Information on the following to Miss S.F. Mngonyama on 033 413 3174: 3 Whereabouts of Mr Thembinkosi Sithole, father of Ayanda Dlamini -mother Ntombifuthi Happy Dlamini allegedly deceased. 4.Whereabouts of Mr Gumede father of Lindelwa Melusi Zondi -mother is deceased. Kranskop Child Welfare Miss M.P Cele, telephone 033 444 1578 is

looking for information on the following missing persons: 1.William Mthembu, father of Osborne Nhlakanipha Shange and Nkululeko Shange from Ewesi area -mother is deceased. 2.Sbongile Zwane mother of Nosipho , from Makhabeleni area.Father is deceased. 3.Father of 8 year old Nyawuza Asibonge, mother Ncamisile Princess Nyawuza deceased

AUGUST BIRTHSTONES Birthstone for the month of August is Peridot, a yellow green gem said to have been discovered years ago in the black sands of Hawaii and to be the tears shed by Pele, the volcanic goddess. Ancient Egyptians called peridot, the gem of the sun because of 27/3/1962 - 21/8/2012 its dazzling One year today brilliance Our most precious when seen and beloved wife, mother, daughter and sister. It’s that dreaded time of the year again which has now become an everlasting torment. A time which brings with it the realisation that we will never see you again. The ache in our hearts today, endless years won’t take away. A voice we love to hear, a smile we always remember. Your love was true, your heart kind. We grieve while others are happy and living their lives like nothing happened. Your life is now a beautiful but sad memory. Ever remembered by your loving husband, children, mum, sisters and brothers.

in the desert sun. It was believed that Peridot glowed with light even as darkness fell. Miners would spot these gems during the night to retrieve them in the light of day. This legend led to the Peridot sometimes called “evening emerald.” Said to be protection against evil and when set in gold, good against night terrors!Today, the gem is mined in Brazil, Burma, Norway, Australia, Hawaai, the Congo and Arizona. The force of nature is alive within a Peridot, making a gift of this gemstone symbolic of vitality. It signifies strength, both individual and within a relationship, as well as the



Nkosinathi Msango oshade noZinhle Khanyile babophe ijindo lokufabelahlane Zingu 10/08/13 bashadele Faith Mission Church: PHOTO : CAMERA MEN (072 957 7300)

promise of new growth in years ahead. Alternate birthstone Sardonyx is a type of translucent or opaque quartz with alternating parallel bands of brownish red and white. This stone was worn as a talisman by the Egyptians to protect against infections and evil. Today it is highly polished and carved into beautiful beads and cameos. Sardonyx is mined in India, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Brazil and Uruguay. A gift of this stone is considered symbolic of happiness within a relationship.

Page 8 The Greytown Gazette, Wednesday, August 21, 2013

GREYTOWN COUNTRY CLUB NEWS Yvonne Fouche lost out on the money as she was not present at the time of the draw. The next attendance draw will be on Friday with R700 up for grabs. The term golfing term “Hacker” implies “a person who cannot play golf at all”. Our Hackers Day which took place on Saturday 11th August was apparently not for such people. Those who participated redefined the term to “a person who definitely has the natural ability, but does not regularly play the game”, such was the talent on display! Lots of fun was had by all and each player received a prize. The placing were as follows: 1st H Steyn, T Mzila, J Meyer and M Steyn; 2nd A Mason, A Pennefather & G McMurray; 3rd E Kassier, B Zuma, P Surendorff and R Hillermann.

The “Sunday 9@9” entry fee is R25 to play 9 holes. Richard Chiazzari is sponsoring a chicken that will be up for the winning on Sunday mornings. Wembley College golf day is coming up at the end of the month please diarize Sat 31 August! Entry is R200 which includes green fee, halftime and supper. There will be great prizes up for grabs. Please contact the Club on 033 417 2441 to enter with your team of 4. It will be a limited field so enter early to avoid disappointment. Dates to diarize Tue 27 Aug – Cheap-as-Tuesday Thurs 29 Aug – ladies league Fri 30 Aug – Happy Hour meal sponsored by Greytown Drug store Sat 31 Aug – Wembley College golf day

NEWS FROM THE HILL Greytown High School's Sara-Lynn Wheeler who was selected to represent the KZN Coastals /14 team as umpire at u/14 National IPT Hockey tournament, in Krugersdorp, in June , was selected as umpire of the tournament and was then chosen to umpire the Division A finals. She then went on to represent the KZN InlandsU/16A Hockey team, as an umpire, at the U/16 National IPT hockey tournament held in Potchefstroom in the first week of July and received her Provincial grading and KZN Colours for umpiring.

FROM THE DITCH Friday night was a very successful evening with a succulent spicy chicken potjie prepared by expert Tony Smith ,enjoyed by a large crowd and sponsored by Chris Fischer. It was a fantastic night highlighted by Jacque Minnaar’s birthday, and a jolly crowd filled the club till late. A good crowd of bowlers arrived on Saturday -the most for a long time, and witnessed a good semi final singles between Jack Drew and Jacques Minnaar.

It was a battle royal, with both drawing well, the score was 19-19 on the 19th end, before Jacques pulled off two to win! In the friendly challenge Tony Smith and Clive Edkins threw at Chris Fischer and Brian Paul it went all the way of Tony and Clive with some good play. 15th September has been set for another fun day - the Umvoti Tyres trips -so check your calendars and make sure you don’t miss out!

Umvoti Athletics time trials Time trials take place every Thursday at 5 p.m. from the Greytown Country Club.All runners and walkers are welcome to join. Results from time-trials held on 15 Au-

gust as follow: 3.5 km: Sakhile Mzila 19:08, Marinda Wilken 21:54

Sara-Lynn Wheeler.

ST CATHRYN’S NEWS Next Farmer’ s Agri-Care Monthly Mug will be played this Saturday 24th August and will be a good practice run for our four golfers who are playing in the next round of the Sanlam Cancer Challenge on Sunday 25th. Our lady golfer – Liekie Steyn will represent St Cathryns and play at Maritzburg Golf Club, and our three men, Paul Els, Barry Oehme and Justin Harrison will be playing at Prince’s Grant. The men’s team, is made up of a scholar, a working man and pensioner … it will be interesting to see who fares the best! Good luck to all – thank you for flying

the St Cathryn’s flag. It was great to see the Schwartz family and Peter Hardy on the course this weekend as well as visitors from Noodsburg, we are always pleased when our neighbours visit our club, and we hope they enjoyed their golf. We are still collecting players for the Hermannsburg Golf Days 13th and 14th September 2013, so please contact the school or Piet should you wish to play. This Friday 23red there will be Bring and Braai - bring meat and join in. To book for golf and /or meals 083 269 1661 Piet and 082 555 2661 Cathy

GREYTOWN RACING PIGEON CLUB Pigeon keeping is not as new as some people may think. What did Noah release from the Ark? A dove which is the same family as the pigeon. History records that they were kept by the ancient Egyptians and used for carrying messages. The ancient Greeks used them to carry messages from their battles as did the ancient Romans. The fishermen always carried a basket with pigeons to liberate as they got closer to home to let their fellows on shore know when they would arrive and the size of their catch. These birds were used in both World wars to carry messages and many stories abound of these brave messengers arriving home with a leg shot off or some other dam-

age. Many lives were saved due to these heroic efforts by these brave birds. Pigeon racing itself originated in Belgium in the early 1780’s when the first actual race was organised. In England it was probably due to fishermens birds getting lost and landing in England, that it started there about 20 to 30 years later than Belgium. In Britain pigeons were used to carry messages because they were a lot faster than the stage coach. The advent of the telegraph put paid to that and the fanciers took over. In South Africa racing as such got started in the early 1900’s , to grow into the popular sport it is today, recognised by the South African sporting body with our other sports.

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