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>> Introduction Over our years of soliciting employee feedback and talking to potential team members, the pattern of personal and professional growth as a priority became more and more apparent. The type of people we want to work with are hungry, passionate, excited about their craft, and constantly striving to learn and do more. We have done many things to help promote professional growth for our team over the years, and this catalog is the culmination of the lessons learned in those efforts. Some of those lessons include: • Alignment on learning priorities is important. Throughout these pages, we’ll share what Greystone’s learning priorities are for our team members, so that you can consider those as you choose where to prioritize your learning efforts. • Continuing growth and development is a choice. There may be some training sessions scheduled throughout the year that are mandatory, but in general, ongoing learning is a choice that people make. Learning is work, and we can present a framework to help people grow, but they also need to choose to engage in it. As a Greystone team member, you have access to all of the resources presented in this catalog and we encourage you to use them to the fullest! >> We encourage you to create a professional growth path that works for you and that allows you balance between the other important things in your life. Because ongoing growth and development is a priority for our team, it’s a priority for Greystone. Our goal is to constantly evolve what we’re doing, and make continual improvements to our Growth at Greystone offerings. If you have feedback, we want to hear it. Please reach out to the HR team with questions, concerns, or feedback on any of the content discussed here.

Internal Growth at Greystone Whenever possible (almost always) open positions at Greystone are posted within the company as well as externally. We love considering internal candidates, because who understands Greystone better than someone already working here? In general, current Greystone employees who apply for an internal promotion or position change can expect to go through two rounds of interviews. At the end of the interview process, the team member will either have a new position or have a better idea of how to get into a new position in the future, and to us, that’s a win no matter how you look at it. Open positions at Greystone can be found anytime by visiting our careers site at We also send out occasional emails with position details, and each monthly newsletter has a list of open positions within the company. Interested in an open position? Let someone know! Here’s the process for applying: • When you’re ready to apply, update your resume and forward it to Human Resources so that we can be sure we’re considering all your relevant experience, not just your Greystone experience. • Please speak to your supervisor before applying for an open position, and consider their feedback about your readiness for a new role. • Things move quickly sometimes so express your interest as soon as possible so that we can make sure to include you in the process. Greystone also has an employee referral program! Earn $500 (either as a WishList experience or a cash bonus) when you refer a qualified candidate who’s hired and stays 90 days. We use Greenhouse (https://greystonetech. as our Applicant Tracking System. You can use Greenhouse to submit your referrals and generate more referrals by connecting your social media accounts to our jobs board. If we find a candidate via your social media post, you earn the referral bonus. The details of the referral program are in Greenhouse, but feel free to reach out to HR with any questions. >> Maybe you can help us find our next great team member!

Learning Priorities + Monthly Trainings Greystone has established learning and certification priorities based on our knowledge of what our clients are using today and what we believe they’ll be using in the future. Each month, we’ll hold two trainings (both on the same topic) that are designed to help our client facing teams build knowledge in these areas. While team members are encouraged to pursue their passions, we’ve identified the below as areas of learning that will increase your technical effectiveness in your role at Greystone.

>> 2018 Learning Priorities Office 365 Certifications (Productivity) - MCSA Includes exams 70-346 and 70-347 - MCSE (prerequisite is MCSA) Add exam 70-345, 70-339, 70-333, or 70-334 - Mac Integration Basics - Network+ Certification There are also specific partner-driven learning opportunities that come up throughout the year, be sure to keep your eye out for these.

Available Resources Please take the time to review the resources that are available to support your ongoing development. We encourage you to create a plan for your growth based on your learning style and professional goals. Partner with your Ring Leader on this, and discuss it regularly in Arc Meetings. The best results will come from being intentional about ongoing development. Online Resources Access to online resources is generally granted for a month at a time but can be renewed if needed. Our only request is that you use the access when you have it. Work with your leaders to set priorities for the time that you have systems access, and create a plan for what you want to achieve during the time you own the subscription. Greystone maintains several logins that can be checked out for a month at a time. Some topics of interest within include: • IT Operations • Software Development • Creative Professional • Information & Cybersecurity The system also provides a virtual lab that allows team members to practice building and deploying virtual machines. Greystone maintains several logins that can be checked out for a month at a time. These courses tend to be very IT focused and can help team members prepare for certifications by watching detailed videos and taking practice tests. This website also provides a virtual lab environment to allow team members to practice building and deploying virtual machines. (also known as Linkedin Learning) Greystone maintains several logins that can be checked out for a month at a time. These courses tend to be focused on development, design, and the creative arts with some courses in marketing as well. Resource Library Greystone is building a library of books and other resources that can be checked out for a month at a time as well. Check with your HR team to find out what’s available.

>> Partner Resources << Greystone partners with many vendors who provide resources that we can use for growth and learning. See the below section for information about how to access these resources.

>> How to access Greystone’s Partner Resources To access these resources, login to Greystone’s SharePoint site (in the Process Library, under Category 02: Employee Logistics) or reach out to the HR Team and they will send you the complete list.

We also frequently invite our vendor partners in to present on their newest technology.

Educational Expense Reimbursement Greystone encourages all team members to continue their education through the achievement of industry certifications. When considering what certifications to take, please review the current year’s learning priorities. We love it when your certifications align with what we’re doing as a company, because it helps your success as well as Greystone’s. Here is the process for requesting reimbursement for educational expenses: • To get an educational expense approved, complete the Educational Expense Agreement and have it approved by your supervisor before you take a certification or course • Once the course has been successfully completed, or the certification achieved, you’ll submit the following to the accounting team: - The original signed Educational Expense Agreement - A receipt for costs incurred - Proof of successful completion of the course/certification • Reimbursement will be made within 30 days of submitting the appropriate documentation >> Please reach out to the HR Team for a copy of the Educational Expense Agreement.

// Career Paths // Greystone is committed to providing growth opportunity to our team members, and this should be discussed regularly as a part of your one on one meetings with your supervisor. If youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re ready for growth, be sure to talk to your supervisor about it, regardless of whether you see a readily apparent next step for you at Greystone. Often learning opportunities can be found through stretch assignments, working with other teams in the organization, or through continuing education. We want to partner with you to help you get to your next step, even if it means you choose to leave us one day.

Salary Discussions Greystone is dedicated to maintaining internal equity, external competitiveness, and business prudence in our pay practices. All three of these factors are considered when pay decisions are made, and these three pillars create a framework for our process. In the fourth quarter of the year, we begin a compensation and contract review process, with any salary changes taking effect at the first of the year. For more information, contact HR for the companyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Compensation Strategy and Framework.

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Growth at Greystone 2018 Catalog  

By Greystone Technology

Growth at Greystone 2018 Catalog  

By Greystone Technology