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Fungicide Quality Control

Added Benefits Add Up to Added Value Botrytis cinerea (gray mold). Monilinia spp (fruit rot). Words producers never want to hear. Words that strike fear, threaten their bottom line, their investment and potentially their livelihood. With ELEVATE® 50WDG Fungicide, producers may never hear or utter those words again (unless it’s to mock them).

A package of benefits not found in any other fungicide

Along with 7-14 days of residual activity, ELEVATE features a unique active ingredient with a novel mode of action that’s different from other fungicides. This makes ELEVATE ideally suited for resistance management programs.

Pre-harvest disease protection

“In some crops, post-harvest fungicide applications may not be an option, therefore control of post-harvest diseases is most often dependent on the effectiveness and time of pre-harvest fungicide applications,” says Dr. Martin D. Wiglesworth, Product Manager Fungicides/Insecticides of Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC. ELEVATE has a 0-day pre-harvest interval so producers can get effective post-harvest disease protection from a pre-harvest application of ELEVATE. Some important points to remember about post-harvest disease control: • Pre-harvest infection often lies dormant until after fruit is harvested; • Injury to fruit can occur during harvest, transportation and storage, providing an entry way for disease development; • Storage conditions provide the optimum environment for the spread of Botrytis fruit rot; post-harvest disease and decay can be very costly to growers, shippers and resellers.

Botrytis wastes your time, effort and money. ELEVATE® provides unsurpassed Botrytis control, even when disease conditions are at their worst so this won’t happen to your fruit.

Performance-tested in the toughest university trials

The vigorous trials ELEVATE goes through has proven time and again, in side-by-side comparisons with other leading fungicides that it delivers outstanding disease control under a wide range of growing conditions.

You can’t have quality without control

ELEVATE delivers unsurpassed control of Botrytis bunch rot in grapes and Botrytis gray mold in strawberries, bushberries and cranberries. The added value—ELEVATE provides powdery mildew suppression in grapes. ELEVATE offers a “Reduced Risk” classification. No adverse effect on fruit size, flavor, fermentation or aroma. A unique mode of action with no cross-resistance. Crop rotation flexibility. And a formulation that’s rainfast in just two hours. Bottom line: ELEVATE helps harvest and ship higher yields of more marketable fruit. Always read and follow label directions. ELEVATE is a registered trademark of Arysta LifeScience North America, LLC.

December CAPCA Adviser  

December CAPCA Adviser