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COMMUNICATIONS Old Dogs & New Tricks: CAPCA Connecting with Members Joyce A Basan, Programs/Communications Director


s the Programs/Communications Director for CAPCA I am involved in CAPCA’s efforts to expand into new, as well as maintaining current, communication avenues every year. When faced with the on-going challenge of keeping communication with the membership current and viable, yet maintaining the standard approaches that members have come to expect, CAPCA has found that there is no one-size-fitsall solution. Some members are quite comfortable with the time-honored, standard ways of outreach while others are speeding along on the technological highway at a faster pace. CAPCA sees value in maintaining a balance between the two yet, with the advances in technology and social media networking, it is obvious to us that to stay in the race we must employ new tools to stay connected with our members and the industry. E-Communications In this day and age of advancing electronic communication we have all experienced the inundation of the useless, annoying e-mails covering everything from offers for the latest in plastic fasteners, printing services, or this week’s sure fire weight loss solution, to training opportunity notices for career building seminars. These superfluous advertisements seem to have that “But wait! That’s not all!” catch phrase built right in. Yet the efficiency and value of the electronic communication cannot be ignored. E-communication is a very cost-effective tool in the business. This is nothing new. All forms of businesses have embraced the ‘immediate environment of connection’ that E-communication offers, and thereby increased their capability of tracking the effectiveness of their outreach. CAPCA is consistently moving away from repetitive paper mailings to reach members and attempted to streamline communications with members through e-mail blasts. These notices have been focused on announcements of continuing education (CE) opportunities, CAPCA confer-

44  December 2010

ence, membership renewal, and general industry information important to the PCA license holders. In the upcoming years you can expect that CAPCA, in order to get vital information and current update notices to CAPCA members in a timely manner, will be expanding its E-communications. Therefore, it is important to keep your e-mail address information current with CAPCA. Remember to complete the e-mail field on your membership dues form or contact CAPCA to make sure that we have your most current e-mail on file. Don’t miss out on getting the latest news and updates from CAPCA. Continuing Ed Opportunities Now although the efficiency and convenience of the technological highway does offer the ability to connect quickly there is still a great deal of value in the face-to-face approach of communication, especially in the continuing education (CE) arena. Besides merely providing an education opportunity the in-person training seminar allows a participant to ask questions directly to the speaker on a regulatory requirement, an application method, or clarify what options are available in a specific management practice being discussed. In this format the exchange of questions and answers enhances the exchange of knowledge. Furthermore, the in-person seminar event has been, and always will be, a vital asset to industry networking. Many a long-term business relationship has been started with an introduction or encounter that took place during a seminar or workshop. These relationships are many times the foundation of long-term customer relations, which few of those in agriculture could survive without. Dedicated, repeat clients are the cornerstone to any business. CAPCA’s expansion into additional CE opportunities will increase the ability of license holders to earn CE credit while continuing to solidify the valuable connections within the industry. Plans to implement these CE seminars are underway with a focus on the most current and new advancements in

December CAPCA Adviser  

December CAPCA Adviser