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Annual awards 2010 CAPCA Award Winners Announced Gary Silveria, CAPCA Ex-Officio 2009-2010

CAPCA Member of the Year: Renee Rianda, Woodland Chapter


he CAPCA Member of the Year award is given to a member who is a licensed PCA and who excels in their contribution to the profession through CAPCA activities and their leadership above and beyond the norm. The 2010 recipient of the CAPCA Member of the Year Award is Renee Rianda. We asked Renee what motivated her to get into the PCA profession and she said, “I decided as a little girl I wanted to farm with my dad and uncles. As I got older I discovered being a PCA was probably a better fit for me. Our ranch always had a variety of PCAs working on it depending on where the crops were destined so I would seek them out over the years and ask them about being a PCA. It sounded like a worthwhile career; it is a career that is continually reinventing itself with new technologies and innovative approaches to pest control and would give me a lot of freedom from a typical 9-5 job.” Renee received her Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Business Management from Fresno State in 1989 and got her MBA from University of Phoenix in 2004. Renee received her PCA license in 1990 and started working for Contadina Foods in Woodland that spring. At Contadina her duties included a variety of tasks, most notably the Pesticide Use Program and Traceability. When Contadina was bought out by Del Monte, Renee continued in the Pesticide Food Safety capacity and picked up a few new tasks, notably the Grower Payments. When Del Monte closed its operation in Woodland she moved to The Morning Star Packing Company where she continued the Food Safety and Product Traceability programs, the Pesticide Program, which includes moving growers forward to more of an electronic version that meets all the processor needs in a timely manner and Grower Payments during harvest season. At Morning Star she inherited the Sustainable Agriculture Project, where she continues to work with customers and growers to meet the increasing requests for Sustainable Ag conformance. This task is the most challenging as many NGOs are seeing this as a marketing opportunity and want processor and grower input. Trying to meet everyone’s demands is a challenge.

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Renee Rianda Renee has been active in her local Woodland CAPCA chapter since 1990, and is current chapter president. On the CAPCA state level she has been a board member, served as State Treasurer, Vice Chair and Conference Chair. Renee is the current Board Chair of CAPCA for the 2009-2010 Term. In addition to her State Chair activities she has continued to be active on the Conference Committee. Renee has been extremely active on the Government Relations committee, especially on the AB2122 legislation created by CAPCA and recently signed by the Governor. She has also participated with DPR on continued education issues. Renee’s involvement in CAPCA leadership spans two decades. Her extensive devotion of time and leadership has benefited PCAs statewide. Renee “walks the walk” in representing the need for involvement in CAPCA and will continue to direct CAPCA’s future.

December CAPCA Adviser  

December CAPCA Adviser