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Gator Gazette is an official publication of Grey Nun Academy. Gator Gazette is published three times a year (Fall/Winter, Winter/Spring, Spring/Summer) for students, parents, alumni, and friends of Grey Nun Academy. Each issue features a focus on certain grades. Fall/Winter: PreK, K, and Sixth. Winter/Spring: First, Second, and Seventh. Spring/Summer: Third, Fourth, Fifth, and Eighth. PLEASE SEND COMMENTS OR CORRECTIONS TO

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E P 215-968-4151

DESIGNER Mrs. Brittany Kane, Director of Marketing & Communications PHOTO CREDIT Mrs. Susy Kim, Director of Enrollment

FROM THE GREY NUNS OF THE SACRED HEART DEAR FRIENDS, We have officially entered the beautiful liturgical season of Lent, which means Spring is upon us! Enjoy these forty days of spiritual renewal, knowing that God lives in us and those we meet every day. As Grey Nun Academy continues to celebrate its 55 years of education in Bucks County, we remember St. Marguerite D’Youville our patroness. She is the “Mother of Universal Charity” who welcomed the poor into her home, cared for the ill in the General Hospital of Montreal, sheltered the orphans, taught catechism to the young, and helped the needy and those disowned by society. Surely, St. Marguerite D’Youville is a woman for our times and ALL time. A walk down memory lane: GNA’s first Kindergarten class opened in 1963 at the Dietz hHouse as D’Youville Manor Academy, with Sr. Mary Martha McKenna as the first principal. When the Motherhouse complex was built, the early grades moved into the second floor of the present site while Sacred Heart Junior College occupied the first floor. You can see the seal of the college in the lobby. Originally, GNA was designated as a K-3 Primary school. As the Grey Nuns became known in the area, the school was officially named Grey Nun Academy.

Mary Raphael, for whom the all-purpose Raphael Room is named. Along with a PreK class in 1968, the Home and School Association was established with its first dinner dance held in 1970. The entire building was given over to GNA with an initial graduating class in June 1972. Upon its completion in 1977, the gymnasium was named the McKenna Center for D’Youville Manor Academy’s first principal. Please note, that throughout all of these years, as we celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Grey Nun Academy, it was and IS the enthusiasm, expertise, time, talent, and generosity of YOU, our parents, who built and continue the legacy of St. Marguerite and the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. For this, we are grateful and we thank you! Easter is on the horizon with its promise of Resurrection, “April showers and May flowers”.

Amen, Alleluia,

Sr. Dolores Beatty, GNSH

Upcoming fourth grade parents loved the school, and were instrumental in funding the middle, and then upper grades, under the assistance of Sr.

Winter/Spring 2019


55 YEARS OF LIVING OUR MISSION A Message from the Head of School

3 Gator Gazette

By Mrs. Deborah Kost, Head of School


n Saturday April 6, 2019 our school will come together as a community to celebrate the 55th Anniversary of Grey Nun Academy (GNA) at the Annual Gala/Auction. This year, unlike any other, we are asked as a community to take pause as we honor the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart (GNSH). 55 years ago, it was the dedication and faith of the GNSH that created an educational learning environment that was rooted in their charisms of prayer, peace, service, social justice and diversity. Anchoring education to these timeless and essential values is what makes GNA a special and unique place. However, these charisms within our school, paired with the academic rigor that GNA offers, cannot survive and thrive on its own. The essential and precious piece that makes all the difference is you – every constituency of the GNA family. Though GNA is bigger than any one person, we must recognize that each and every one of us and our participation and contribution to our community makes all the difference in the world. The beneficiaries of our collective efforts are our students! At GNA, we strive to live our mission every day. The Academy offers an experience that works – it provides a different path for our students. Our school plants the seeds to inspire our students to live differently and take the teachings of the Gospel to heart. The seeds planted bear fruit by helping members of our community live wisely; these seeds lead to a happier and deeper life. The goal is to introduce to our GNA family, especially our students, to live a way that is different than the world prescribes.

The Academy gives all members of our community a sense of purpose. As Father Matthew Tralies shared during Ash Wednesday’s liturgy, “The Academy can guide you; however, no one can force your decisions; no one can force you to implement the values taught at GNA into your everyday life. The Academy enables our students to sow their seeds in a different way by following the teachings of Jesus in order to lead a Christian life, by following your individual faiths, as well as learning to embrace people of different backgrounds and faiths. No one can force you to develop a generous heart and learn to be aware of others’ needs in addition to our own needs. Parents, faculty, and staff provide our students with the ways to grow a generous heart in order to improve the lives of others.” It is my sincere hope that all of us will come to understand that the noblest use of our considerable talents, our keen intellects, and our GNA experience is to help others and strive to make our world a better place.


Mrs. Deborah Kost Head of School

AT LEFT: Mrs. Deborah Kost with the 2019 Head of School for the Day, Fourth Grader Chloe Gumbs, on March 18. ABOVE: Mrs. Deborah Kost celebrates her birthday on February 8.

Winter/Spring 2019


5 Gator Gazette

Reflecting on

55 Years By Mrs. Lisa Grabowski, Assistant Head of School As we reflect on 55 years of excellence at Grey Nun Academy, my eyes wander to the graduation pictures that grace our first floor hallway. The hair and fashion have undoubtedly changed over time. However, the proud smiles from year to year remain a constant. As students move on from GNA, they are prepared to make a difference in the world. Commemorating 55 years of history beckons us to reflect on the many dynamic students and dedicated teachers GNA has been blessed with throughout the years. From Sister Dolores and Mary Beth McGinty, to the vibrant teachers of 2019, strong academics and a call to a mission-driven school are the binding fibers of the fabric of the Academy. As I write, I can hear little ones call out, “Mrs. Shields, I did it!” and third graders file to the Raphael Room to practice for Biome Day. Our Middle School students are testing blood types in a hands-on Biology lab, crunching numbers in quadratic equations, and researching elements of Judaism in preparation to read the novel Night. Strong academics are alive and well. A dedication to living out the charism of St. Marguerite d’Youville is also palpable in the classrooms and hallways. From the kind “please” and “thank you’s” to school-wide service projects, our students make a commitment each day to think of others. Yes, our mission calls us to think of others but also to respond to a call to action. It is not enough to realize there are people in need. GNA students strive to make a difference. So the framed graduation photos are a visual reminder of those who have come before. The smiling faces of our students today continue the legacy started long ago in the Dietz House. Students continue to learn, mature and prepare for a bright future; they have a fuller knowledge of the world, themselves and God. Upon graduation, they will be ready to make their mark and build upon a rich legacy. In another 55 years, framed pictures will commemorate many more graduating classes. How exciting it will be to reflect upon their successes! Winter/Spring 2019


L O W E R S C H O O L U P D AT E S Focus on First and Second Grades 7 Gator Gazette

NOTES FROM FACULTY AND STAFF SHARING THE LOVE IN FIRST GRADE By Mrs. Mary Ann Edwards and Mrs. Geralyn Chapuis I am not sure if our first graders could have had more fun on February 14! By a stroke of snow day luck, both our Valentine’s and 100th Day celebrations fell on the same date and proved to be memorable! Our morning started with each student happily assembling their Valentine’s Compliment Book. The boys and girls were tasked with writing a heartfelt statement for each classmate. Once assembled, each child received a book of compliments that he/she could read and have as a special keepsake. By having students take the time to think about and appreciate the gifts and contributions of their fellow classmates, we hope to encourage them to understand the power of their words, and their ability to raise each other up.

Following the Hershey kiss hunt was a rotation of centers focused on the number 100. The students rotated among centers where they wrote about what they would do with $100, worked with a partner to create a structure with 100 cups, rolled dice and added After the books, students delivered tokens of friendship numbers up to 100, and stamped 100 gumballs (paint into each others’ handmade Valentine’s “mailbox”. dots)! One Hundred was also the theme of our self Homemade or bought, the children truly enjoyed portraits that are hanging in the hall. Along with our sharing their messages of friendship with each other. 8th grade pairing partners, the children worked on creating their 100 year old selves. After searching for “100” numbered Hershey kisses sweetly hidden in the first grade room, the students Our memorable day ended with a delicious Valentine’s assembled their found kisses in numerical order on ice cream sundae party. Friendship and love from their desks. Then working as a group, we placed all 100 beginning to end with a whole lot of number sense in in order. It was a “sweet” way to work on numeracy! between was enjoyed by all.

GROWING & EXPLORING IN SECOND GRADE By Miss Alexandra Law & Mrs. Joanne Rosemarino


n second grade, preparation for First Holy Communion is in full swing. Students have been eager to develop a deeper understanding of their faith. Additionally, their insightful discussions about the Body and Blood of Christ have brought them closer as individuals. Students have also been enjoying Earth Science. By exploring natural resources, land modifications, weather, and fossils, students are gaining an understanding of the Earth and its processes. In early February, students explored pollution and its impacts on life. They conducted an experiment with oil and water, discovering what materials must be used to separate the two. Students were able to observe the effect that oil spills have on various types of marine life. By studying

this concept in depth, the children are becoming critical thinkers about human life’s positive and negative impacts on the environment. The goal is for students to become global thinkers that can not only identify a problem, but also search for a solution. Winter/Spring 2019


M I D D L E S C H O O L U P D AT E S Focus on Seventh Grade 9 Gator Gazette



Monthly Advisory Meetings allow our 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students to bond


eventh Grade is a pivotal year in Middle School, and here at GNA, it is no different. The students are learning to plan, organize, prioritize, create, and learn so they are more than ready for what lies ahead. In Spanish, seventh grade is currently studying family and party vocabulary, the verb tener (to have) and possessive adjectives. In addition, the students have been learning about the various systems of the body in Science, and their labs have been extremely interesting (and messy). In ELA, we just finished our second novel and have begun the highlight of the year, reading The Hobbit. We have joined Bilbo Baggins on a journey of selfdiscovery, fraternity, and an adventure of mythical proportions in a world not so different from our own. Together, we are learning that anything is possible with the support of friends and family. Mr. Rad’s Science class has been working on Human Anatomy and Physiology. They have been exploring the human body systems through labs, demonstrations, guest speakers, and will soon start dissections. Students will be learning their own

AT LEFT, ABOVE: Seventh grade students learn about blood types in a Science lab

blood types through self-testing, and have mastered the names of our bones. In STEM, we have been working on our research projects where students must identify a scientific problem, design an experiment, do a literature review, prepare a formal APA style paper, and deliver a presentation. They will present their work on April 2. Finally, math has taken the students on a roller coaster of fun from a competition at Math Counts to the beginning of Algebra I. The students are learning the importance of critical thinking and applying what they have learned. All in all, seventh grade is shaping up to be a year full of discovery and achievement.


By Mrs. Christina Schuman


his year, we have focused on character and the various attributes that make someone a “person of character.” In our quest to ultimately build a fictional country of character, we have discovered the importance of caring, respect, fairness, responsibility, and integrity. Through reading and discussing primary sources, character sketches, and fables, and conducting research, sharing perspective on scenarios, and role-playing, we have discovered that being a person of good character encompasses many virtues. Our latest endeavor deals with our fictional character “Aunt Tilly” and the large sum of money she has bequeathed to each of us. Following a lengthy Webquest on philanthropists and local charities, the students will be determining how much of the $50,000 inheritance they will allocate to local and global charities. The question is, how much good will each of us do when no one is looking? Stay tuned for the answer!

ABOVE: Seventh Grader Harry Thompson presents in a QUES2T class

Winter/Spring 2019


S P E C I A L S U P D AT E S 11 Gator Gazette

NOTES FROM FACULTY AND STAFF LIBRARY MEDIA CENTER AND MAC LAB By Mrs. Debbie Koehler Reading Olympics is well underway with weekly meetings for both teams! Most of the books have been read by this point and we are focusing on the few we have left. Practicing questions each week, taking notes, and writing our own questions, these teams have their eyes on blue ribbons this year. The IU has finalized dates and locations and our GNA teams will be competing during the evening on Wednesday, April 3 at Neshaminy High School. Students in K-5 have been practicing their keyboarding skills during Technology classes and are becoming quite adept at typing using the correct fingering. This is impressive from Grade 1 through Grade 5. Some of the older students have begun some timing activities to show their accuracy and speed. Kindergarten is becoming more familiar with where the keys are and gaining skill using the mouse while creating various pictures in Technology class. CAMPUS MINISTRY By Mrs. Mary Beth Flatley Upon our return from Christmas break, the second grade class contributed to morning announcements during the month of January. The students’ love and gratitude for God were evident as they shared their carefully crafted prayers. Their spiritual growth continued at the Blessing Cup Retreat on January 13th when Grey Nun Academy hosted potter and retreat facilitator, Ray Boswell. This extraordinary experience brought students and parents together in preparation for First Holy Communion. Each child decorated a chalice which serves as a permanent reminder of their special day and God’s eternal love. Several days later, the 8th grade class led the GNA community at the Martin Luther King, Jr. Prayer Service where we paid homage to the honorable civil rights leader. The classes sat with Pairing Partners as 8th grader Sarah Duncan delivered King’s “I Have a Dream” speech. The 6th grade played handbells, and Justin Glabicki accompanied Ms. Hanson on drums during musical selections. Sister Dolores shared an insightful reflection about the Sermon on the Mount and Martin Luther King, Jr. Thank you to all of our participants. Our 6th grade students gathered in the Sacred Heart Chapel on January 29th for their class retreat led by Sister Dolores. Many of the students will be receiving the Sacrament of Confirmation in the coming months. The focus of the retreat addressed the Gifts and Fruits of the Holy Spirit and how they strengthen our faith and relationship with God. In addition, the class participated in an on-campus community service activity. They packed dishes from D’Youville Manor with members of St. Anthony Catholic Church in Trenton, NJ. The dishes will be distributed to parish members in need as well as used within their parish hall. The sixth grade shared morning prayers during the month AT LEFT: The Second Grade Blessing Cup Retreat is a tradition that prepares students for the sacrament of Communion

of February. They expressed heartfelt love, praise, and thanksgiving to God and loved ones. In celebration of Valentine’s Day, the 5th grade assisted during our Love Prayer Service held on February 13th. During the ceremony, they read Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians where we learned that love is the most important virtue. It is because of God’s love for us that he sent his son, Jesus Christ. He is our redemption. Sister Dolores captured a beautiful reflection connecting the readings and the message of love, and Ms. Hanson played the piano while first grade lifted their voices singing “Jesus Loves Me” using American Sign Language during the refrain. The boys and girls of the Service and Spirit Club gathered on February 13th. They gave up their recess time in order to create inspirational cards for the Breakfast Bags that were assembled on March 1st (above). Through their efforts, approximately 100 cards were colored and written for the Aid for Friends recipients. We look forward to coming together with our Pairing Partners and GNA Community in order to contribute breakfast meals to others who may not have the opportunity to provide for themselves. We are extremely grateful for the efforts of the entire GNA community. Let us remember John 13:34-35. Collectively and communally, we love as Christ commanded us to love. Through your kindness and generosity, we work together to make God’s love visible. GUIDANCE By Mrs. Liz Cannon There have been many exciting happenings in the guidance department. For the months of January and February respectively, we have been focusing primarily on the topics of Growth Mindset and Self-Regulation. While all students have a pretty good idea of how our brains operate, it is essential for each grade to have a solid grasp on how we each make individual decisions, how we perceive successes and failures and how we can strive to maintain a consistent level of self-control. Please be on the lookout for my guidance newsletters that will be pushed out at the end of this month for further details! A number of our Middle School students attended the Winter/Spring 2019


NOTES FROM FACULTY AND STAFF Haverford Diversity Conference at the Haverford School on Thursday March 14th (below). During this all-day event, students had the opportunity to engage with others in discussions and activities regarding diversity, segregation, privilege and the creation of positive change in the school community. The Haverford School welcomed Dr. Rodney Glasgow, the Chair of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) Student Diversity Leadership Conference, as the host for this year’s 8th annual conference. GNA is proud to provide this unique opportunity to our students. I look forward to the next couple of months with our wonderful students!

SPANISH By Miss Morgan Cawley As the year continues to progress, the students of GNA have accomplished a great deal in Spanish class. PreK and Kindergarten continue to practice their alphabet, numbers, colors, greetings, and phonetics through songs and motions. Most recently, PreK3 had a “snowball” fight to practice their numbers, PreK4 created an arcoíris (rainbow) to practice spelling colors, and Kindergarten began using the SmartBoard to learn the days of the week, months of the year, greetings, and weather. The first, second, and third graders enjoyed learning new vocabulary sets and creating projects to demonstrate their knowledge. First grade constructed mochilas (backpacks) with all of the cosas de la clase (classroom items) that go in it. The second graders created their own graneras (barns) filled with the animales (animals) that they recently studied. The third grade demonstrated their knowledge on days of the week by creating wheels to display los días de ayer, hoy, y mañana (the days of yesterday, today, and tomorrow). In addition to the creative and interactive activities of these grades, the fourth and fifth grade began the introductory unit of the textbook series, Realidades. So far, they completed activities related to personal introductions, classroom instructions, numbers 1-100, and telling time.

FINE ARTS By Mrs. Sandy Peters-Murray Recently, I read an opinion piece in the New York Times that discusses boredom in children. The author believes that boredom might be good for children as it helps them think creatively and enhances self-sufficiency. (Source: children-bored.html) I am excited to share that I have started an art gallery website. This is a place where you can peek into the art room and see what the “artistic process” looks like for your student(s). It is just in the beginning stages, but I hope to build on this and add photos and videos throughout the remainder of the year. Eighth grade recently completed their last GNA clay projects - “A Cup of Kindness”. This involved creating a cup and saucer to be used as a place to save money for their favorite charity or cause (top and bottom left, opposite). Busy times at GNA - enjoy the Art web site. In the meantimeHappy Creating!

13 Gator Gazette

Lastly, the middle school students advanced in grammar and vocabulary, with sixth grade studying subject pronouns and conjugations, seventh grade learning about the irregular verb tener and its uses, and eighth grade beginning preterite tense conjugations of verbs. The enthusiasm and dedication that GNA students bring to Spanish class make for ¡una clase muy divertida e interesante! MUSIC By Ms. Meg Hanson Bravo to all the students who performed at our Fine Arts Night on March 20. Your voices rang out beautifully in tune, your smiles lit up the room, and your instrumental playing was truly a delight. The audience was thrilled to hear such wonderful piano soloists. A shout out to our 7th grade Rocking Recorders. Third grade really rocked the room with their rendition of Livin’ On a Prayer by Bon Jovi. Fifth grade delivered such beautiful poetry that was a nice addition to the evening’s festivities. Sixth grade helped with their colorful signs in Los Colores de Primavera. Fourth grade’s Earth Sounds was strong and beautiful. Our school song never sounded better. Grades PreK-2 added a unique accompaniment by playing the tone chimes in perfect rhythm. The evening was a complete success due to the amount of effort which was evident during the performances. Keep it up, students of Grey Nun Academy!


Winter/Spring 2019










15 Gator Gazette

News & Notables 1

On December 13, Middle School students hosted a Hunger Banquet to simulate the imbalanced distribution of food around the world.


GNA hosted a Barnes and Noble Book Fair on January 10 with special guest readers.


A beautiful MLK Peace Day Prayer Service in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King took place on January 16.


On January 19, Grey Nun Academy Eighth Grade students won the “P. Robert Siebeneicher Industrial Engineering Award” for Superior Industrial Design at the Future City Competition.


The Eighth Grade traveled to Bear Creek Mountain from February 10-11 for the annual ParentSponsored Ski Trip


On March 1, students, faculty, and staff celebrated National Read Across America Day and Dr Seuss’ birthday with lots of red, white, and reading.


Ash Wednesday officially began the Lenten season on March 6.


GNA celebrated St. Patrick’s Day on March 14 that included a visit from St. Patrick himself!

Winter/Spring 2019


17 Gator Gazette

Catholic Schools Week 2019 By Mrs. Mary Beth Flatley Every year, the last Sunday of January marks the beginning of Catholic Schools Week. This year, Grey Nun Academy participated in several activities throughout the week which paid tribute to our Catholic education. To begin the week, a fabulous mural decorated the GNA lobby that included one cube designed by each student in the school. The students drew images and wrote statements regarding what they like about GNA and going to Catholic school. The drawings were truly inspirational. Throughout the week, many students were asked to share their statements from their cubes during morning announcements. Students were thrilled to express their viewpoints. In appreciation for our wonderful administration, staff, and bus drivers, the children constructed thank you cards expressing how grateful they are for their guidance and support. In addition, they created Valentines for the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. The children love writing to the Sisters and had fun crafting their Valentine’s messages. On Wednesday, January 30, Father Matthew Tralies celebrated a liturgy in Sacred Heart Chapel in recognition of Catholic Schools Week. The seventh grade did a wonderful job assisting Father with the readings, and Ms. Hanson accompanied the student body on the piano. Our week ended with Student Appreciation Day. Students enjoyed wearing their crazy hats for the day. There were some wacky and wonderful hats for sure. The children also enjoyed eating Philadelphia soft pretzels as a special treat. To all of our families, thank you for choosing Grey Nun Academy. Thank you for supporting the foundation of faith and values in our Catholic school.

Winter/Spring 2019


AT H L E T I C S 19 Gator Gazette



By Mr. Ryan Lynady, Athletic Director Our winter sports season included three very young basketball teams that gave it their all every game. Our Varsity Girls Basketball team played at an exceptional level all year. First-year GNA coach Brittany Kane did a great job with these girls who learned a lot and grew as a team. The Varsity Girls team consisted of a great mix of 5th through 8th grade girls with varying levels of experience. From first-year players to veterans, the girls learned the fundamentals and quickly improved their skills. While the girls faced their fair share of adversity with injuries, sickness, and lopsided matchups, the season as a whole was a success as the girls finished with an overall record of 8-8 . We wish much luck to our graduating eighth grade girls: Neayla Jones and Sarah Duncan! The Varsity and JV Boys season had its ups and downs, but the boys played with a lot of heart. Led by Gavin McLaughlin and Jacob Tuzza, the boys showed that no matter how good the other teams were, they played with character and charisma. Some highlights of the season were our Varsity Boys beating Buckingham Friends 30 to 10 in our New Year’s Classic, Colin “Bigfoot” Larkin recording 6 blocks on defense and giving a spark to the Gators during the Pen Ryn game, and seeing Michael Lange’s crazy intense plays all throughout the whole season. The JV Boys had their fair share of great games, with a come from behind win against The Hun School as the first win of the season. Next, against Pen Ryn, Michael Palmieri scored a career high of 16 points in a 20 to 16 win and James Chiarlanza propelled the team with an 18 point performance against Buckingham Friends in a 31 to 26 win for the Gators. All of these young men had a role on the team. It was a season of wins and losses, but walking on and off the court, they were proud to wear and represent GNA. The basketball team next year will miss two leaders in Colin Larkin and Michael Lange, and we hope nothing but the best for their basketball futures! GNA NEW YEAR’S CLASSIC

raised great funds to help cover referee fees next season. Next year, we all hope to build on this and make it bigger and better! A special thank you to our parent volunteers who assisted throughout the season. SPRING SPORTS The inaugural Co-Ed Volleyball season for 5th through 8th grade student is quickly approaching as the first day of practices was held on March 18. As of now, the Gators will play five matches against Princeton Charter, Chapin School and Cedar Hill Prep. The Head Coach of the Volleyball team, Mr. Jesse Waldenville, has a ton of experience coaching volleyball. His assistant will be Maira Rodrigues, who has played Division 1 volleyball and is looking forward to this opportunity. The GNA Running Club began on March 19 for 4th through 8th grade students. This will be a “club” that will learn running fundamentals and techniques that will help build their short, mid, and long distance running abilities. We will also play fun games that will build endurance as well as hill and hurdle runs. The club days will be on Tuesday and Thursday from March 19 until May 1 from 3:15 till 4:45. With the help of Mrs. Debbie Koehler, we are excited to bring this program to the GNA community again! Go Gators!

The inaugural GNA New Year’s Classic was a total success for our basketball programs. With the help of our parents, we welcomed all the teams with appreciation and joy. GNA hosted teams from around the region: Cedar Grove Christian Academy, Holmesburg Christian Academy, Princeton Charter, Chapin School, Metuchen Academy, Stuart Country Day School, Newtown Friends, Buckingham Friends and teams from Upper Makefield Heat. Our visiting teams played some intense and fun games throughout the days of January 25 and 26. Bringing in a good amount of spectators, the basketball programs Winter/Spring 2019


21 Gator Gazette

Because a Strong Foundation Matters... By Mrs. Susy Kim, Director of Enrollment In 2019, Grey Nun Academy is proudly sharing the accomplishments of our students, faculty, and staff. Over these past 55 years, we have provided over 1,023 graduates with an exceptional, faith-based education rooted in Catholicism. These graduates moved on to the best high school and universities where they laid the groundwork for storied careers in engineering, science, research, business, and education. Today, our alumni represent the ideals and virtues that the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart sought to instill in our students. Now home to 140 students, Grey Nun Academy remains committed to helping students become responsible and compassionate citizens of the world. Foundationally, we impress upon our current students about lifelong educational skills from research to time management to organization. Equally important, we guide students in understanding the virtues of social justice and outreach by providing them real-life opportunities to deeply care for and give back to the community. Our vision for “Educating Children for Life� inside and outside school remains steadfast. We hope you share our wish to help students pursue their dreams in high school and beyond. With the 60th anniversary just around the corner, Grey Nun Academy looks forward to celebrating many more decades of success, rearing students in their educational careers and equipping them as stewards of the Catholic faith.

Winter/Spring 2019










23 Gator Gazette


By Mrs. Marcia Grady, Parent Chairperson WHAT IS THE HSA?

We are a group of dedicated parents who work together to enhance the overall educational experience at Grey Nun Academy. The Home & School Association (HSA) is structured in committees consisting of parent volunteers who are directly responsible for planning and delivering various programs. Take a look at what your HSA has accomplished mid-year!: • • • • • • • • • •

Feb 1, 2019: Hosted our 21st Annual Team Spirit Night and raised $327 in profit for GNA(1, 2, 3) Feb 7, 2019: Introduced our students to “Wheat Weaving” by hosting an educational and hands-on school-wide assembly (4) Feb 14, 2019: Hosted classroom Valentine’s Day parties (5) Feb 21, 2019: Coordinated a spirit-filled Pep Rally to honor our GNA Girls and Boys Basketball Teams (6) Feb 21, 2019: Crowned Miss Taylor Kane as Box Tops Queen for the Day to recognize the 5th grade class as Top Class for Box Top Collections Feb 21, 2019: Coordinated a GNA Spirit Night at the local Chick-Fil-A where 15% of proceeds benefitted our school - profiting an additional $133 for GNA March 11-15, 2019: Assisted Mrs. Debbie Koehler in a successful Scholastic Book Fair (7) March 15, 2019: Held another successful Uniform Resale event and profited another $220 for GNA March 22, 2019: Planned and hosted GNA’s annual Father/Daughter Dinner & Dance with attendance of 74 fathers & daughters (8) Continued to manage various fundraising programs throughout the year, including McCaffrey’s receipts, GIANT A+ Rewards, & Box Tops for Education


April 6, 2019: Emerald Gala/Auction - 6:00 p.m.; Jericho National Golf Club May 10, 2019: Faculty/Staff Appreciation Luncheon May 11, 2019: Mother & Son Fun Night - 6:00 p.m.; McKenna Center May 23, 2019: Field Day

Winter/Spring 2019



















25 Gator Gazette




Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program

EITC For Individuals

EITC For Businesses

Individuals can now take advantage of EITC/ OSTC. If your Pennsylvania tax liability is $7,000 or greater, you are missing an opportunity to get $.90 for every $1.00 of Pennsylvania taxes you pay. Individuals can take advantage of these tax incentives while providing tuition assistance in the form of scholarships to eligible students. 10% of our student body benefits from this important program.

Pennsylvania businesses that pay applicable taxes can make donations to the financial aid program at GNA, in exchange for tax credits of up to 90% of those donations. Companies that have not maximized their charitable deductions may deduct their donation on their federal tax return, to effectively pay very little or nothing for the donation.

This program, due to its tax benefits, is the most popular and common tuition assistance program in our area. Would you rather send your taxes to Harrisburg or straight through the doors of GNA? You have to pay your taxes anyway... why not direct it to Grey Nun Academy students? For more information, please contact: Mrs. Elena Harris P ‘13, ‘15, Director of Advancement | 215-968-4151 ext.108

Winter/Spring 2019


GREY NUN ACADEMY 2018-19 GNA Fund Campaign

GR E Y NU N AC A D EMY • 1750 QUARRY RD, YA RD L EY, PA 1 9 0 6 7 • (215) 968-4151



Your gift matters - every student and teacher benefits directly from the generosity of our alumni, parents, grandparents, faculty, staff, board members, friends, and the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart. By supporting the Grey Nun Academy community with a gift to the GNA Fund Campaign, you are investing in the future of Grey Nun Academy and “Educating Children for Life.”


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Sustaining the GNA Mission through the Generosity of Our Community


s we continue to forge ahead in 2019, it is important that Grey Nun Academy thanks all of you, as cherished members of this community, for your support of GNA. Whether it has been through your time, treasure, or talent, giving of yourself to the success of the GNA community is something for which we are eternally grateful. Being charged with the mission of the Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart has not only been an obligation, but also our profound honor and blessing. Committed to nurturing our students and promoting faith in action, GNA fosters an educational environment that encourages rigorous, collaborative, and creative learning. When our students eventually go out into the world, they will value and pursue social justice, service, and diversity as a result of their education and experience at GNA. The Grey Nuns of the Sacred Heart and their charisms have positioned GNA to accomplish within its students the responsibility and compassion necessary in this changing world. It is through your support and participation in the GNA Fund that we can continue to do this most important work. For 55 years, GNA has forged ahead with complete focus on our mission, and we are honored to convey that our school community is thriving. We humbly ask that you continue to support GNA so that we can continue to fulfill our mission. Most especially, we ask that you continue to keep GNA in your prayers. This is the most valuable gift you can give and the one for which we are most grateful.

Winter/Spring 2019


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Gator Gazette Winter/Spring 2019  

Gator Gazette Winter/Spring 2019