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Client Requirement Client is a company that provides drilling and completion tanker services to a number of drilling companies in Surat. This includes locating a mover and an operator with other equipment such as a tanker trailer unit, a flock tank(s) and a loader on site during the well drilling assignment. Client services include:  

Sucking up the extra mud and water that is generated as a part of the drilling process. Disposing this waste off site.

    

Trucking non-potable water on-site for use by the drilling rig. Flock tanks provision. Provision of and operation of a loader. Provision and operation of a tipper. Provision of a second on-site operator to cover for an extended shift for one client that only normally contracts JJR D&C for one 12 hour shift during a 24 hour period.

The workers are required to log their work hours on an hourly basis and log whether they were stood down or working. Current process includes a lot of paperwork where workers capture their working hours on a Daily Well Report (DWR) and this is signed by the D&C tanker operator and countersigned by a company representative at the end of the shift. Client required to ease this process and create a tablet based mobile application to automate this paperwork and convert it to an electronic system. The app should help transmit the details of the DWRs to the central SharePoint repository. This app will enable tracking and better auditing of the work at each of the drill sites. The actual hours of work for each operator will also be recorded by the tablet app. The app should be able to capture the details of the vehicle number, vehicle check list, equipments, daily starting odometer, engine hours, hubometer readings of the prime mover (truck) and the trailer units.

The mobile application will help the client by: •

Replicating paperwork to an automated system

Capture signatures

Capture images of the drilling company forms as necessary

Capture employee payroll hours for exact billing purpose

Reporting capability

Challenges The team faced the following challenges

 

Windows Motion F5te Tablet based mobile application with optimized resolution. Signature SDK integration came as a major challenge to the team with respect to the Windows Motion F5te Tablet.

    

Photos feature for submitting documents PDF based reports and printing features. Security measures to safely handle the vast transfer of data to clients central repository Seamless data synchronization with server. Integration of Document capturing functionality with the application by using the tablet’s rear facing camera.

Technologies Used Operating System & Server Windows8.1Operating System, Multi-Server Architecture with Staging & Management Production Environment through Version Controlling releases, Server Optimization, Security & SSL Implementation, Scheduler for Back-ups, Alert Monitoring System Integration, Server Performance Tuning at regular intervals, Software Firewall Configuration & Maintenance Development Environments Database


& Windows Motion F5te Tablet, C#, .NET, XAML, WPF, Visual Studio 2013 etc.

SQLite Database for Local storage in Tablet , SharePoint for SYNC data with Database


Project Leader






Quality Assurance Testers


Planning The following development approach was selected for the project: Thorough research and analysis was conducted to efficiently manage the development process. High level coding standards were used for managing the backup data volume Designing the application to be user friendly and interactive.


Development Highlights The tablet based app was successfully developed to track and audit the work provided for each drill site. The application had a simple user interface and all the paperwork was efficiently removed and an electronic system was implemented. Tablets were used to transfer the data to the clients’ repository. The app was designed keeping in mind that productivity at work needed to be increased.

Windows Tablet Based Timesheet Management System For Labours  

Sharepoint Integrated Windows Phone Timesheet management System with Windows based Motion f5te tablet programming. See More At:

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