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rosslinks is a mission society that enables people to get involved with mission, because we all have a part to play in God’s plan for the world.

We challenge every Christian to see their responsibility to help reach the world with the gospel. We make it possible for everyone to get involved, whatever their age and wherever they live.

Whoever you are and wherever you’re from, Crosslinks can help you take God’s word to God’s world.

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I N TR O D UCT I ON One of Crosslinks emphases for the coming five years, as we approach Crosslinks centenary in 2022, is to look towards the critical mission needs of Europe.

s you will see in the pages that follow, the Lord has been very gracious in responding to our prayers in this area, but there is so much more to be done in this spiritually-dark continent. Please join me in giving thanks to God for the work that is going on and pray for the churches of Britain and Ireland to respond to opportunities and needs, not least for those who are coming to Europe from war-torn and poor areas of the world. But I want to turn now to Western Asia, an area from which many European migrants come. My own connections with church leaders here are limited but growing and in 2016 I had the privilege of attending a conference of Anglican church leaders from across the region. In Anglican terms this area mainly comes within the Episcopal Church in Jerusalem and the Middle East. Crosslinks, as BCMS, worked in Iran from 1926 until 1951. We continue to serve the Diocese of Egypt through staff and students at the Alexandria School of Theology, and more recently, St Frumentius College in Ethiopia. The region has been much in the news in recent years, with the persecution of Christians, especially in Iraq and Syria, resulting in significant migration of Christians from those countries. What is less well-known is that the Christian populations of Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States (Bahrain, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates) have mushroomed because of the demand in those countries for a workforce from places such as Pakistan, India, the Philippines and elsewhere. Crosslinks connections with Zarephath Bible Seminary in Pakistan have shown what can be done through the careful investment in the training of church leaders locally and those serving in the Gulf region.


An Anglican friend of mine in the Gulf has expressed his amazement at the fruitfulness of gospel ministry there at the moment, which exceeds anything he had experienced in a lifetime of ministry in his home country. He is not just ministering to expats either. In fact, he has asked us to help recruit someone who could train up to 100 house-group leaders to serve some of the 36 nationalities represented in the church. What remarkable opportunities God is opening up even in a region that seems to be hugely resistant to the good news of Jesus Christ! Even without much outside input the Lord is multiplying his people in places such as Afghanistan and Iran. What should Crosslinks' response be to all this? We need to be humble enough to recognise that the Lord may have no particular role for us in his plans, but the very least we should be doing is praying earnestly with Christ-like compassion for the ‘harassed and helpless’ peoples of the region, knowing that the ‘harvest is plentiful, but the labourers are few’, and that the Lord of the harvest would ‘send out labourers into his harvest’ (Matthew 9:36-38). Those labourers may be those from other countries like Pakistan or India, perhaps equipped through Crosslinks bursaries, or they may include some input from the Lord’s people in Britain and Ireland. Will you join me in praying for this and for wisdom to perceive any role that Crosslinks might have?

ANDY LINES Crosslinks Mission Director



Crosslinks purpose is summarised in five words:

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Crosslinks helps churches and individual Christians play their part in God’s mission and proclaim salvation to the ends of the earth. To this end, Crosslinks has two priorities :


Together, we aim to recruit and deploy Christian disciples in evangelistic opportunities to reach the unreached wherever they are through all appropriate means.


We serve churches by nurturing competent, godly pastorteachers. To achieve this we focus efforts on training, equipping and resourcing those who can teach others.


Gap Year Teams and Church Teams usually have an emphasis towards evangelism and practical service and can be involved with holiday bible clubs, schools, children’s camps, teaching English, student evangelism and bible teaching.

We do all of this through what we call our ‘means of mission’. These are:

MISSION PARTNERS Crosslinks is enthusiastic for creative mission and its priorities are reflected in the variety of opportunities taken up by long-term Mission Partners. They are able to forge strong local relationships and gain an understanding of both the need and the context of the church where they are. Long-term mission would normally be for at least three years.

Individual Placements have the same aims and are tailored to suit the individual’s skills and time available.


Crosslinks Mission Partners are seconded to a local institution or church, having already built partnerships with churches and individuals in Britain and Ireland before they go. This is a commitment to prayer and financial support: a relationship between the church and Mission Partner, pictured in the New Testament.

Crosslinks works in many countries where there is often little trained leadership in churches, leaving many congregations without consistent bible teaching, discipleship training or an evangelistic strategy.

Associate Mission Partners have a looser affiliation with Crosslinks but still enjoy administrative and pastoral support.

BEST is Crosslinks bursary programme that gives financial and prayerful support to indigenous church leaders and workers in theological and ministry training. BEST provides support through partnerships with individuals and churches in Britain and Ireland who agree to pray regularly for these Study Partners during their courses and help pay for their studies.

Working in 29 countries around the world, Crosslinks Mission Partners are engaged in many activities including teaching in bible colleges, children’s and youth work, church leadership, church planting, student outreach and prison ministry.

The programme’s aim in sponsoring the training of such leaders is to enable them to strengthen or take up ministries as pastors, bible teachers and evangelists, and equip them to train others in the same skills.


Short-term mission opportunities are ways for teams and individuals to serve God alongside Crosslinks Mission Partners and Projects overseas. Lasting from two weeks to two years, they offer participants time to grow spiritually, explore cross-cultural mission and get a taste for living and working in another country. 5

BEST is currently supporting 50 Study Partners in 18 countries, who are actively engaged in theological and ministry courses in 23 different colleges in 14 countries. 5



CAMPS Encouraging and discipling young people towards Christian growth and leadership is important to Crosslinks. Summer camps in Ireland have been a part of Crosslinks strategy for many years. For more details about these and other camps, see page 56.

ot all of Crosslinks people can be listed in this yearbook and some are listed by their Christian name alone. There are parts of the world where teaching the gospel is subject to severe restrictions or even directly opposed by the governing authorities. Crosslinks is privileged to support teams, individuals and projects in some of these places but is unable to report their activities widely at the request of the workers themselves. However, your prayers for their safety and opportunities to work effectively are needed.

PROJECTS Mission projects are run by Crosslinks Project Partners. These partners are indigenous gospel workers: people in ministry within their own country engaged in training trainers or evangelism. The aim is to encourage local people to focus on local initiatives. It also enables other Christians in other parts of the world to be involved through partnership with them. Indigenous gospel work is often more effective because there are fewer barriers to ministry such as differences in language and culture. Encouraging an indigenous gospel worker is also more cost-effective than sending a crosscultural Mission Partner.

What we can report is that the Lord is blessing a number of individuals and small teams with exciting ministries. Almost all have professional jobs that allow them entry across borders or into homes.

Crosslinks currently supports 17 projects across the globe.

SCHOOLS OF BIBLICAL TRAINING (SBTs) Schools of Biblical Training are short (5-10 days) conferences that equip church leaders to preach and teach God’s word. The basic principles are covered by SBT trainers who are experienced in expository ministry: preaching that allows the Bible to speak for itself. SBTs are repeated regularly so that the trainers build relationships with participants and develop a knowledge of their culture.


Just as you would for other Mission Partners, please pray that – • God may open a door for his message so that the gospel of Christ may be proclaimed, even when it takes creativity. • The gospel is proclaimed clearly, despite language and cultural barriers. • Mission Partners and others working in these sensitive locations are wise in the way they act, making the most of every opportunity in workplaces, churches and the wider community.




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% OF COUNTRY EVANGELICALS South Africa The Gambia Nigeria Tanzania Kenya Uganda Namibia Togo Ethiopia

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Christianity Islam Christianity Christianity Christianity Christianity Christianity Christianity Christianity

Zulu, Xhosa, Afrikaans, English English English Swahili and English Swahili and English Swahili and English Afrikaans and English French Amharic


Blue Short-term mission

Red Long-term mission 9

Green Project partners


Alexandria, Egypt Crosslinks project The Alexandria School of Theology (AST) has campuses in Alexandria, Cairo and Menya. In 2011, seeing the need for more teaching resources to be written in Arabic, AST launched a support project to contribute to the publication of material for theological students and bible teachers. Recently completed titles include ‘Toward the biblical Hebrew’, a book which seeks to make the classical Hebrew of the biblical texts accessible to Arabic-speaking students.


Dodoma, Tanzania August 2016 – April 2017 Andrew and Gill are both medical doctors and served at Mvumi Hospital in Tanzania as Crosslinks Mission Partners in the 1980’s. They went back to Mvumi in August 2016, where Andrew taught medical students in the classroom and on the wards of the hospital. Andrew and Gill returned to the UK at the end of 2016 for health and family reasons but Andrew subsequently went back to Mvumi and worked there until Easter 2017.


Johannesburg, South Africa Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2013 James and Lucy live in central Johannesburg, where James is the senior minister at Hope Church Auckland Park (formerly known as Melville Union Church). The church has a vibrant and mixed congregation and is in a great location, with huge potential for growth. James, Lucy and the church have a particular desire to reach out to the 70,000 students within walking distance of the church and to train up future leaders. Lucy juggles being a mum with church admin and children's work. James and Lucy have four children: Sam, Hannah, Sophie and Rachel.


Serrekunda, The Gambia Theological teaching and training leaders Mission Partner since 2015 Jonny is teaching at ‘Servants of the Word’, a small bible school in The Gambia that trains pastors and lay people for bible teaching ministries. He mostly teaches discipleship and principles of exposition. There is often much admirable zeal and enthusiasm amongst Christians in The Gambia but a serious lack of faithful bible teaching. Jonny is working alongside local Christian leaders, seeking to assist them in the task of training servant-hearted gospel workers, committed to teaching God's word faithfully. Pray that the result, in God's gracious hands, will be the advance of the church in numbers and in depth. 10


Cape Town, South Africa Church-based youth work and children's ministry Mission Partners since 2008 Alun and Debbie were originally part of a short-term mission team to South Africa but then returned in 2008 to work there full time. Alun works at St Thomas’ Church, preaching and bible teaching in a community deeply affected by the legacy of apartheid and stricken by drugs and gang culture. Debbie works for Arise, a Christian organisation helping vulnerable children. She works to raise the profile of fostering and adoption in the local church and supports families that have already taken these steps. They have four children: Likhona, Ilana, Malachi and Timothy.


Kagoro, Nigeria Theological education Mission Partners since 2012 Rick is a lecturer and chaplain at Kagoro Theological Seminary, training pastors for local church ministry. Alanna looks after and schools their children and is involved in pastoral care of female students and in Sunday school and Girls’ Brigade. She is also finishing a theology degree by correspondence through the University of London. They have three children: Asha, Conor and Jack.


Cape Town, South Africa Theological training Associate Mission Partners since 2008 Ben and Naomi Dean have been based in Cape Town since 2008. Ben is Dean of Postgraduate Studies at George Whitefield College in Muizenberg, a theological training college for REACH SA – Reformed Evangelical Church of South Africa. Naomi is currently a full-time mum and supports Ben in his ministry. They have four children: Jemimah, Gregory, Gabriel and Rocco.


Rwanda Crosslinks project Discipling the Next Generation is a new initiative that seeks to raise up young people in Rwanda to understand the gospel and to live in light of it. Spearheaded by Rwandan Jean Ngirimana, the project will work with university students to train them in how to teach the gospel faithfully to children and young people. As well as being equipped for studying and teaching the Bible, the students will be taught how to model faithful bible teaching and how to train up other children’s and youth workers. 11


Dodoma, Tanzania January – April 2017 Helen has previously served as a long-term Mission Partner in Tanzania and speaks Swahili. She has since returned to Tanzania many times to teach English at the Dodoma Language Institute at Msalato Theological College. More recently, she has been teaching English at the Bunda Bible College. In January 2017, Helen returned to Bunda to help start a pre-diploma course that will prepare students to study the Diploma in Theology course. This is an exciting new venture and much needed because the students often arrive at college without enough English or bible knowledge to study at diploma level.


Nairobi, Kenya Bible teaching Mission Partners since 2011 In a context where motivational speaking is more common than the gospel of Christ, iServe Africa (see page 13) promotes faithful, Christ-centred bible teaching and servant leadership, largely through ministry apprenticeships. Andy’s main work with iServe is developing training curricula and courses, mentoring apprentices, teaching on the quarterly ministry training weeks and building links with like-minded ministries across Africa. Susie is a full-time mum. They have three children: Bethan, Jacob and Hannah.


Cape Town, South Africa Educational psychology Mission Partner since 2011, Associate Mission Partners since 2017 With a background in education, Sonia went to South Africa initially for two years and is now an Associate Mission Partner. Sonia and Clint married in 2015. Clint lectures at the University of Cape Town and Sonia works at Arise, co-ordinating church events to advocate for adoption and supporting adoptive parents. She also works part time at Holy Trinity Church Cape Town, in the children’s and women’s ministry.


Kampala, Uganda Children’s, youth and young adult’s ministry Mission Partner since 2016 After working on the staff team of St. Leonard’s Church, Exeter and teaching English in London for a number of years, Rachael moved to Kampala to work for Word of Life and Living Word Uganda (see page 15). Word of Life shares the good news of Jesus with young people through camps, local schools, churches and a ‘Bible Institute’ for school leavers. Living Word Uganda equips Christian university students with faithful bible-teaching skills. Rachael is involved in various training events and one-to-one bible reading with female students. 12


Windhoek, Namibia Theological education Mission Partners since 2005 Josh is lecturing at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS), the only tertiary level evangelical training institute in Namibia. It exists to equip Christians for ministry in Namibia and beyond. Josh has served in a number of roles over the years including Academic Dean, Acting Principal and Honours Co-ordinator. He mainly teaches Biblical Studies. Cathy is a qualified primary school teacher. She helps in the local Anglican school where their children attend. They have three children: Benjamin, Erin and Matthew.


Kampala, Uganda Theological teaching Mission Partners since 2011 Chris and Ros work full-time at Uganda Martyrs’ Seminary, Namugongo, a theological training institution equipping men and women for gospel ministry in the Church of Uganda. Chris is teaching systematic theology, New Testament, mission and practical theology courses. Ros is involved in the pastoral care of female students, supervising college development projects and home-schooling their children. Chris and Ros also work as Sunday school coordinators in their local church.They have three children: Josh, Dan and Chloe.


Mpanda, Tanzania Theological training Mission Partner since 2014 The missionary Diocese of Lake Rukwa is in the west of Tanzania. It’s an isolated, rural area three times the size of Wales with very few tarmac roads. The church is small but growing and there is a desperate need to train church leaders. Paul lives in Mpanda, the administrative centre of the diocese. He has developed a programme to help churches build up their congregations and to reach out to their communities. As there is no bible school in the diocese, Paul teaches people in their ministry situations.


Nairobi, Kenya Crosslinks project iServe Africa is a Kenya-based gospel-driven organisation that promotes faithful bible teaching and servant leadership in Kenya and beyond. As well as providing training in bible-handling and gospel ministry for pastors, iServe runs an apprenticeship programme for fresh graduates. Apprentices are placed in churches and Christian community projects to give them experience in gospel ministry. In addition to these placements, iServe provides three weeklong residential training sessions which offer preaching practice and lectures on a range of doctrines and biblical genres. 13


Nairobi, Kenya January - May 2017 Ben Crook, Josh Meynell and Nathan Prior Nathan, Ben and Josh are the first Crosslinks gap year volunteers to participate in iServe Africa's exciting new school leavers' discipleship programme, run by Crosslinks Mission Partner Gerald Mwangi (see page 16). The programme involves a mixture of bible teaching, practical skills training, farming, community Christian living and local community service.


Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria Crosslinks project There are an estimated 81 million Christians in Nigeria but few receive consistent and reliable bible teaching. As a result, scripture is often taken out of context and preached with little clarity. Ezechi Iwuagwu is from Nigeria and has been involved in bible teaching ministry for many years. He is the principal of a bible college called ABC in Kagoro. The college resources those who are passionate about God’s word but need help to proclaim the gospel accurately. The true gospel, taught clearly, will equip Nigerian Christians to hold firmly to Christ and hold him out to those around them.


Johannesburg, South Africa January - May 2016 Harry Jackson and Benet Parker Benet and Harry are spending their gap year serving alongside Crosslinks Associate Mission Partners James and Lucy Buchanan (see page 10). During their placement, they are training two mornings every week at Johannesburg Bible College as well as working with ICare and doing youth and children’s work at Hope Church. They are also involved in student work and helping with various church events such as a holiday club and a weekend away.


Karamoja, Uganda Crosslinks project Crosslinks as long historic links with the Karamoja region of Uganda. BCMS missionaries were the first to take the gospel to the Karamojong people. As a Project Partner, Crosslinks supports the dioceses’ pastors by contributing towards their salaries and overseeing a pension fund.



Nairobi, Kenya January - May 2017 Sophie Brown and Phoebe Dingemans (Team Leaders), Keziah Bridges, Eleri Gaffey-Cosslett, Emily Lobb, Lucy Newman, Sally Rose, Rachel Walls. The team are working with Crosslinks Project Partners iServe Africa (see page 13) and are involved in serving in schools, a children’s home and other local projects. They are also serving alongside a local church and will go on a month-long mission trip among the Samburu tribe.


Uganda Crosslinks project Uganda is a country with a rapidly expanding population, blessed with high church attendance and many faithful and committed Christians. Living Word Uganda was set up to equip students with good bible-handling skills to impact the next generation. The year's highlight is a five-day residential conference in January, followed up by training sessions and bible studies throughout the year, which are overseen by Sam Opolot and Schwarz Martin.


Nairobi, Kenya Theological education Mission Partners since 2013 Wanyeki and Mary run St Julian’s Anglican Training Centre just outside of Nairobi, under the oversight of the Anglican Church in Kenya. It aims to equip word-ministry workers with skills to identify cultural trends that may impact gospel work in their parishes. The centre provides ministers, evangelists and lay-readers with skills to meet the challenges and the opportunities of the complex and rapidly changing Kenyan culture. It further develops their skills in expository bible teaching so that they can continue to teach the Bible in their parishes accurately and persuasively.


South Sudan and Uganda Theological training Mission Partners since 2017 Andrew and Eunice Moody have been serving in Uganda for many years. They have watched the situation in South Sudan develop and have felt burdened about the state of the church there. Following two trips to the country in 2016, they now hope to focus their ministry on building up and equipping Christians and Christian leaders in South Sudan, or in the Ugandan refugee camps where there are currently around 1,000,000 South Sudanese refugees. Andrew and Eunice have one daughter: Joy.



Nairobi, Kenya Discipleship and education Mission Partners since 2016 Gerald is working with iServe Africa (see page 13), leading a discipleship programme for high school leavers before they begin college or university. This is designed to deepen their knowledge of the Bible and provides opportunities for practical Christian service and mentorship. Louise has begun teaching creative arts to primary school students at Turning Point and hopes to become more involved in training teachers. Turning Point works with local churches to share the gospel in schools, aimed at young people from difficult backgrounds.


Durban, South Africa Student discipleship Mission Partner since 2012 Nerena is working in Durban, KwaZulu Natal, where she has been for 10 years. She is part of a student ministry called The Bible Talks (TBT) on the campuses of the University of KwaZulu Natal. Nerena trains the apprentices at TBT, helping them in their ministry activities and equipping them to read the Bible well for themselves and to teach it to others. She also serves with the student work on one of the campuses, teaching the Bible to students and meeting up with individuals.


Nekemte, Ethiopia Crosslinks project Crosslinks has long historic links with Nekemte School for the Deaf. Former Mission Partner Jenny Merritt was one of the first to teach there and, from that beginning, a community-based rehabilitation programme developed for children with a range of disabilities. Although retired, Jenny continues to write programmes and teaching manuals to be used by other schools for the deaf in Ethiopia and she continues her involvement with Nekemte by organising visits by specialist teams. The school has an ongoing role in promoting education for the deaf in Ethiopia, since without communication skills, deaf people cannot find employment.


Johannesburg, South Africa Teaching theology Associate Mission Partners since 2008 Glenn lectures at both the Auckland Park and Soweto campuses of the Johannesburg Bible College while Lizzy teaches Latin at a local high school and is Chief Examiner for Latin in South Africa. They have two children: Joseph and ZoĂŤ. 16


Cape Town, South Africa Women's worker Associate Mission Partner since 2013 Jaki started two years of training as a women's worker at St Stephen’s Bible Church, Claremont in February 2016. Before this, she was studying for a BA in theology at George Whitefield College. Now, as part of her work, Jaki leads bible studies and one-to-ones, runs a homeless ministry one day a week and offers counselling to women.


Lomé, Togo Children’s ministry Mission Partners since 2010 Gad and Liz Numadi recently returned from Lomé, the French-speaking capital city of Togo, west Africa. Gad was leading a team to train pastors and children’s workers in children’s ministry. Most churches in Togo do not provide much in the way of ministry for children, but recognise the need and are keen for help. Liz was working with vulnerable children in prison and those with disabilities, supporting them and sharing God’s word. Gad and Liz have two children: Corban and Lael.


Marsabit, Kenya Crosslinks project After training as a ministry apprentice with iServe Africa and on the Cornhill Training Course in London, Daniel is now serving as the youth and children’s worker in Marsabit Diocese. He is involved in discipling and training Sunday school teachers and youth leaders, producing ministry resources, organising youth and children’s events and setting up Christian Unions in schools. Daniel also has a preaching ministry and teaches bible-handling skills across the diocese. Through this work, Daniel hopes that youth and children throughout the region will be equipped to live boldly for Christ in Northern Kenya.


Windhoek, Namibia Theological teaching Mission Partners since 2011 Thorsten lectures in systematic theology, practical theology and mission studies at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary (NETS) and serves as a minister of the Rhenish Church in Namibia. Kerstin works to promote NETS in and outside of Namibia. In the second half of 2017 they are planning to move to Edinburgh, where Thorsten will take up the post of Vice-Principal at Edinburgh Bible College, developing and teaching a new cross-cultural mission course. Kerstin will be involved in administrative work and mentoring female students. 17


Johannesburg, South Africa Bible teaching Associate Mission Partners since 2005 Johannesburg is a thriving global city; it is in one of the wealthiest regions in Africa, but also one of the most violent. It is a city of extremes, but according to Nat and Helen it is a great place to live and minister. Nat and Helen were invited to set up the Johannesburg Bible College (JBC) in 2005. JBC has spent 12 years equipping and inspiring men and women for bible teaching ministries and also operates in Soweto, various other townships, and on university campuses. There are growing opportunities to facilitate similar courses across southern Africa. Nat and Helen have four children: Miriam, Christopher, Bethany and Isaac.


Nairobi, Kenya August 2017 This church team will be working alongside Mission Partners Wanyeki and Mary Mahiani (see page 15) just outside of Nairobi. They will be involved with the training of leaders at St Julian’s Centre and working at a children’s project at the St Anna Centre in Nuranga, as well as having the opportunity to explore Kenya.


Nairobi, Kenya July 2017 This church team will be helping the work of iServe Africa (see page 13) and will be linked with local churches to get involved with evangelism in the area.


Kilifi, Kenya Medical research Mission Partner since 2006 Alison works at the Kenya Medical Research Institute/Wellcome Trust research programme based at Kilifi, on the coast of Kenya. She is a doctor, researching prevention and treatment of malnutrition in children. Her research is community based, working with young mothers to improve infant feeding. Alison also co-ordinates a work-based bible study group and serves on the development committee of St. Thomas’ Church. She chairs the management board of Upendo Orphans’ Support Project, a Methodist project assisting 62 orphans to stay at home with their extended families. 18


Johannesburg, South Africa Church ministry Mission Partner since 2010 Ben went to Johannesburg Bible College (JBC) in 2010, initially on a two month short-term placement. Later that year he returned to JBC, where he taught until January 2013. Ben then became involved in church ministry at Christ Church Hillbrow and in 2016 was ordained as minister there. Hillbrow is a needy area but in easy reach of a student community and the business centre. Christ Church has the potential to be a light in all these areas, proclaiming the gospel so that people would come to know and love the Lord Jesus.


Accra, Ghana Crosslinks project Portia returned home to Ghana after time working in London and studying on the Cornhill Training Course. She longs to equip women in Ghana to know and live for Christ through studying the Bible with them and teaching them to handle scripture correctly. She is also working to train youth and children's workers in Accra to teach the Bible faithfully in a clear, accessible way. Portia does this work through leading group and one-to-one bible studies, giving talks and running training sessions.


STUDY PARTNERS IN AFRICA Aaron Awok from Kaduna, Nigeria, studying at Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria Adriano Mbackeh from Pirang, The Gambia, studying at Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria Ajikune Okony from Gambella, Ethiopia, studying at St Frumentius Anglican Theological Seminary, Bambella, Ethiopia Aloys Peter Albinus from Geita, Tanzania, studying at St Philip’s Theological College, Kongwa, Tanzania Amir Samy Sobhy from Cairo, Egypt, studying at Alexandria School of Theology, Cairo, Egypt Amos Friday from West Buganda, Uganda, studying at Uganda Christian University, Mukono, Uganda Anold Edward from Muleba, Tanzania, studying at iServe Africa, Nairobi, Kenya Arimbia Albert from Maracha, Uganda, studying at Uganda Christian University, Mukono, Uganda Augustine Kusi-Appiah from Kumasi, Ghana, studying at George Whitefield College, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa Avord Ferdinand from Mwanza, Tanzania, studying at Munguishi Bible College, Arusha, Tanzania Ayman Gad El Rab from Cairo, Egypt, studying at Alexandria School of Theology, Cairo, Egypt Bongolomzi Mkiva from Port Elizabeth, South Africa, studying at George Whitefield College, Muizenberg, South Africa Carlos Olaaka from Kampala, Uganda, studying with Moore Distance College, Sydney, Australia (online) Chot Ruach Mot from Gambella, Ethiopia, studying at St Frumentius Anglican Theological College, Gambella, Ethiopia Christopher Saint Fidelis from Nassarawa, Nigeria, studying at Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria

Elijah Nderitu Jomo from Moyale, Kenya, studying at George Whitefield College, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa Elia Maluna from Morogoro, Tanzania, studying at Morogoro Theological College, Tanzania Elizabeth Mina from El Minya, Egypt, studying at Alexandria School of Theology, Cairo, Egypt Eric Ochieng from Butere, Kenya, studying at Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria Fred Kiiza from Kigali, Rwanda, studying at South African Theological Seminary, South Africa Grace Enock Obudho from Mara, Tanzania, studying at St Paul’s University, Limuru, Kenya Isaiah Thuranira Marete from Marsabit, Kenya, studying at St Andrew’s College, Kabare, Kenya James Wainaina from Nairobi, Kenya, studying at Africa International University (NEGST), Nairobi, Kenya John Guyo Jarso from Marsabit, Kenya, studying at St Andrew’s College, Kabare, Kenya Joram Metuo from the Maasai area of Kenya, studying at Munguishi Bible College, Arusha, Kenya Julius Ndeni from Morogoro, Tanzania, studying at St John’s University of Tanzania, Dodoma,Tanzania Luke Abba from Taraba, Nigeria, studying at Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria Mensah Ameyaw from Kumasi, Ghana, studying at George Whitefield College, Muizenberg, Cape Town, South Africa Moheb Mina from El Minya, Egypt, studying at Alexandria School of Theology, Cairo, Egypt Nancy Muringo Muthike from Marsabit, Kenya, studying at Africa International University (NEGST), Nairobi, Kenya Obadias Mahirwe from Cyangugu, Rwanda, studying at Bishop Barham University College, Uganda 20

Patrick Mgxobane from KwaZulu Natal, studying at Johannesburg Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa Simon Masiga from North Mbale, Uganda, studying at Uganda Christian University, Mukono, Uganda Simon Peter Matovu from Mukono, Uganda, studying at Uganda Christian University, Mukono, Uganda Sivuyile Lurai from Cape Town, South Africa, studying at George Whitefield College, Muizenberg, South Africa Sofilet Kwacherazina from Malawi, studying at Johannesburg Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa Stephen Gikwo from Jos Plateau, Nigeria, studying at Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria Thomas Simaneka from Windhoek, Namibia, studying at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary, Windhoek, Namibia Thulisile Soko from Malawi, studying an online modular course in Johannesburg through Christian Counselling and Educational Foundation Tjino Mungunda from Windhoek, Namibia, studying at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary, Namibia Uaundja Karamata from Coblenz, Namibia, studying at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary, Namibia Venerand Ntunzwenayo from Muyinga, Burundi, studying at Bishop Barham University College, Kabale, Uganda Welshman Dube from Zimbabwe, studying at Johannesburg Bible College, Johannesburg, South Africa Zakariya Idris from Katsina, Nigeria, studying at Abuja Bible College, Kagoro, Nigeria

SCHOOLS OF BIBLICAL TRAINING IN AFRICA Uganda Martyrs’ Seminar Uganda (January 2017) led by James Taylor  21





lomas de zamora


18.4 9.1 8.8



Christianity Christianity Christianity

Spanish Spanish Spanish


Blue Short-term mission

Red Long-term mission 23

Green Project partners


Iqaluit, Baffin Island, Northern Canada Crosslinks project Crosslinks has had a long historic involvement in the Diocese of the Arctic, which is in northern Canada. The first BCMS Mission Partners went to the area in 1923. Overseen by Bishop David Parsons, the Diocese of the Arctic covers an area of four million square kilometres with a population of 55,000. Recently, youth ministries have been growing, the bible college has re-opened, and eight new clergy have been recruited in the last two years.


Santiago, Chile Crosslinks project Cristóbal was brought up in Santiago where he has been leading Iglesia Santiago Apóstol since 2011. The church is passionate about the gospel and reaching people in Santiago for Christ. It has a particular focus on reaching young Chileans studying or working in the capital. Recently, around 60 students participated in a training scheme which aims to give essential evangelistic and discipleship tools to young people so that they can become effective gospel workers on their campuses.


Santiago, Chile January – June 2017 Daughter of Crosslinks Mission Partners Ben and Naomi Dean (see page 11), Jemimah wanted to spend her gap year experiencing a different continent. In Santiago (Chile’s capital) she will spend her first two months studying Spanish. She is also helping at a local Christian primary school where the son of Crosslinks Mission Partners Luke and Mary Foster attends.


Havana, Cuba Crosslinks project Two-thirds of those regularly teaching the Bible in Cuba have received no training. Equipo Impacto’s vision is to train thousands of church leaders and bible teachers to interpret and teach the Bible faithfully. They do this by offering three-day training courses in expository bible preaching and teaching for church leaders. Equipo Impacto is headed up by Alexis Pérez, who travels around the country to deliver courses and also spends time preaching in order to model the clear and faithful bible teaching that Equipo Impacto teaches. 24


Santiago, Chile Theological education Mission Partners since 2015 Luke and Mary work with the Center for Pastoral Studies (CEP) in Santiago as it trains pastors for ministry in local churches. Luke teaches Doctrine and Church History at CEP and is involved in the ministry of their local church. Mary's focus is caring for the family but she also disciples women at CEP and church. They both give thanks for these opportunities to serve and ask us to pray for continued progress for all of the family with language. Luke and Mary have two children: Barnabas and Martha.


Santiago, Chile January – March 2017 Joe is studying Spanish at university and spent a few months in Santiago as part of his language year abroad. He worked alongside Crosslinks Mission Partners Luke and Mary Foster at the Centre for Pastoral Studies - helping with admin and IT tasks, attending some lectures and helping fellow students with their English. He also got involved at Iglesia Santiago Apóstol, the church-plant led by Crosslinks Project Partner Cristóbel Céron.


Lomas de Zamora, Argentina Church ministry Mission Partners since 2011 After five years of language study and theological education in Argentina, Chile and the UK, Andrew and Bethanie are back in Argentina to serve in the Anglican Church. Their current focus is on pastoral ministry and evangelism, with the long-term aim of developing church leadership training. They are currently serving with Rev Mario Ágreda in a small town about one hour south of Buenos Aires. Andrew is to be ordained a deacon in May. Andrew and Bethanie have three children: Maia, Emilio and Lucy.

ST U DY PA R NER S I N SOU T H A MER I CA Diego Pacheco from Valparaiso, Chile studying at Centre for Pastoral Studies, Santiago, Chile

SC H OOLS OF B I B LI CA L T R A I NI NG IN CANADA Iqaluit, Baffin Island, Northern Canada (Feb-Mar 2017) led by David Luckman 25


% OF COUNTRY EVANGELICALS Singapore Thailand Pakistan Philippines India Myanmar Cambodia Nepal

7.8 0.5 0.6 12.3 2.2 5 1.6 2.9



Buddhism Buddhism Islam Christianity Hindu Buddhism Buddhism Hindu

Mandarin Thai Urdu and English Filipino Hindi Burmese Khmer Nepali


Blue Short-term mission

Red Long-term mission 27

Green Project partners


Singapore Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2006 Peter and Ineke are based at St Andrew's Cathedral, Singapore where Peter is part of the senior staff team. His leadership responsibilities include the English language ministry, preaching, oversight of the Alpha Course and regular involvement with the Myanmar congregation. The cathedral encourages mission engagement with a range of community outreach services within the city, as well as active support of the missionary deaneries in Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Nepal, Thailand and Vietnam.


Bangkok, Thailand Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2012 Tim is the vicar of Christ Church, Bangkok and Julie supports Tim in his work. Julie is also using her creative gifts within varied mission activities in Bangkok. In particular, she teaches cookery and baking at NightLight, an agency which befriends women who have become entangled in Bangkok's notorious sextrade, offering them hope and a new start. She also teaches creative activities to young urban refugees, of whom there are many in Bangkok. Tim and Julie are excited to be sharing in a gospel ministry with the potential to reach people from many different national backgrounds.


Delhi, India Crosslinks project Education for Liberation is led by Pastor Devender. He and the team aim to address two needs: the recognised need for education and the unrecognised need for the gospel. They do this through offering literacy, numeracy and practical skills classes as well as bible clubs. Alongside these activities they actively seek to explain the gospel as relationships are built.


North India Crosslinks project This programme trains church planters and other leaders to study, apply and teach God’s word effectively, so that they can train others. Workshops and conferences are run throughout North India, Nepal and Tibet, led by a small number of Hindi-speaking trainers, and overseen by Pastor Devender Verma. North India Bible Training enables church leaders to continue serving in their local church while also growing in their ministry skills and knowledge.



Chiang Mai, Thailand Teaching English and student ministry Associate Mission Partner since 2010 Janet is a retired music teacher with TEFL training. She is teaching English at The Centre in Chiang Mai, Thailand, where students from two local universities come to improve their English. Janet loves teaching her students, building relationships with them in and out of lessons and seeing God at work in their lives as they become more aware of Jesus.


Bangkok, Thailand Children’s ministry Mission Partners since 2015 John and Gillian Robinson set up the Place of Grace in 2011 in the middle of Bangkok’s materially poor communities. They run children's and teenager's clubs throughout the week, providing a safe place for children to play, alongside learning about the God who loves them. They also run a foodbank where they pray for the people who come and tell them about God. John and Gillian have seen a number of teenagers become Christians and run a discipleship class for them. John and Gillian have three children: Leah, Natalie and Joel.


There is a small team working in south-east Asia with students returning home after becoming Christians while studying abroad. The team supports these returnees as they seek to live as Christians outside the religious freedom of the west.


Bangkok, Thailand January – May 2017 Sophie Harris, John Lobb (Team Leaders), Archie Barnes, James Williams, Francis Stanford, Alice Paine, Lottie Moore, James Malton, Harriet Baddoo, Victoria Parker. The team are helping at the Place of Grace alongside Mission Partners John and Gillian Robinson (see entry above) running children’s clubs and discipling young believers.



Rawalpindi, Pakistan Crosslinks project Zarephath Bible Seminary (ZBS) provides Pakistani Christians with quality theological education in their own country, language and culture. Nearly 300 individuals have graduated from ZBS; many are leading churches while others are engaged in children’s work, women's ministry and evangelistic outreaches. Crosslinks is helping ZBS to support students so that more Christians can be trained to serve Christ throughout Pakistan.

ST U DY PA R NER S I N A SI A Naghman Javed from Rawalpindi, Pakistan studying at Philippines Baptist Theological Seminary, Bagio City, the Philippines

SC H OOLS OF B I B LI CA L T R A I NI NG IN AS IA Yangon, Myanmar (January 2017) led by Neil Watkinson Kathmandu, Nepal (February 2017) led by Neil Watkinson Phnom Penh, Cambodia (February 2017) led by Neil Watkinson (working with Langham Preaching)



Melbourne, Australia Training Mission Partners Associate Mission Partners since 2007 David and Rachel work with the Church Missionary Society of Australia (CMS-A). David leads CMS-A’s development and training ministry and Rachel is involved in mentoring and equipping new Mission Partners. Crosslinks and CMS-A have had a long informal partnership, working in close fellowship in many situations around the world. David and Rachel are responsible for training around 25 new Mission Partners each year, mainly from Australia and New Zealand. They also help the society's 200 Mission Partners, located in 40 countries around the world, to keep growing and learning in their service of the Lord Jesus. They have three children: Tom (married to Mia), Sam (married to Melanie) and Jonathan. 31


MISSION with Crosslinks

TEAMS INDIVIDUALS COUPLES GAP YEARS MINISTRY APPRENTICES Short-term mission is a brilliant way to get involved. You can get a taste for living and working in another country, try out if you’d like to serve overseas longer-term, and help Crosslinks partners as they make Christ known. Go to for more information.

“Just a short time - but what an impact it had. On us, as we learnt about God from his word and from doing his work. But also on the people we met, as relationships were formed and gospel seed was sown.” 32

EUROPE TO THE WORLD AND BACK Luther and Calvin. Germany and Geneva. Justification and grace. Whatever you think of the Reformation, its impact on the spiritual state of Europe is unquestionable. This year, Christians will mark 500 years since the start of the Reformation. Why? Because salvation still matters. Because how God speaks to us still matters. And because belonging to a bible-centred church still matters.


Yet our reformed foundations did more than change church structures. They served to advance the gospel across new frontiers where Christ was not known – from Geneva to France, to Brazil and beyond: theology in service of mission. Far from being a footnote to the Reformation, church planting and mission endeavours are its very heartbeat.

30 JUNE BELFAST Seeking Europe’s lost Speaker: Trevor Watson

Crosslinks’ vision to take God’s word to God’s world reflects the passions of the Reformers and their heirs, who, in the words of John Calvin, ‘laboured to ‘proclaim the goodness of God to every nation’. Join us at one of our five events this year as we focus on the Reformation’s missional legacy in Europe. 33

27 JUNE LONDON Crosslinks Annual General Meeting followed by Seeking Europe’s lost Speaker: Mark Oden

1 JULY DUBLIN Seeking Europe’s lost Speaker: Trevor Watson 11 NOVEMBER SHEFFIELD Europe to the world and back Speaker: Lee Gatiss 25 NOVEMBER LONDON Europe to the world and back Speaker: Mike Reeves




% OF COUNTRY EVANGELICALS Italy Belgium United Kingdom France Greece Portugal Finland Ireland Czech Republic Hungary Serbia Sweden Latvia Moldova

1.1 1.2 8.8 1 0.4 3 12.1 1.5 0.7 2.8 0.6 6.9 7 3.7

Blue Short-term mission



Christianity Italian Christianity French Christianity English Christianity French Christianity Greek Christianity Portuguese Christianity Finnish Christianity English Non-religious Czech Christianity Hungarian Christianity Serbian Christianity Swedish Christianity Latvian Christianity Moldovan Romanian

Red Long-term mission 35

Green Project partners


Bologna, Italy Church planting Mission Partners since 2008 The influential city of Bologna is home to Europe’s oldest university as well as an important hub of Italy’s politics. JP and Sue have been working to establish a church at the heart of the city. JP and Sue are also committed to training and equipping Italian Christians to become future leaders in the evangelical church. JP dedicates time to preaching workshops, conferences on bible handling and regular non-residential training for students, both locally and nationally.


Brussels, Belgium Theological training and local church ministry Mission Partner since 2012 Robbie works at the French-speaking Evangelical Church of Woluwe St Lambert, working particularly amongst the students. He also teaches one day a week at the IBB (Belgian Bible Institute) and is pursuing a part-time Masters’ degree in Systematic Theology. Lizzie serves at the church helping with the women’s and children’s work. They have two children: Lola and Caleb.


Paris, France September 2016 - February 2017 Beatrice is a student studying French and Spanish. She spent part of her year abroad working at L'Eglise des Ternes (alongside former Crosslinks Mission Partners Edouard and Laura Nelson). While participating in all areas of church life, she was particularly responsible for teaching Sunday school and starting a new bible study for teenage girls.


Bologna, Italy Student ministry Mission Partners since 2009 Chris and Lizzie are seconded to the Gruppi Biblici Universitari (GBU), which has been working in Italian universities for over 60 years to share Jesus student to student. Based in Bologna, they are staff workers for the north east of Italy. They have two children: Shona and Pietro. 36


London, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2012 Raymond and Rebekah spent nine years with Crosslinks in Durban, South Africa, doing student work, church ministry and training. In April 2012, with a group of others, they planted Grace Church Brockley (GCB) in south east London. In January 2015 Chris Webster joined Raymond on staff as a full time student, youth and children’s worker. Rebekah is currently in her second year of the Cornhill Training Course (CTC). Aderemi Adedire and his wife Rosemary joined GCB in September 2016. Aderemi is also doing the CTC and is being mentored by Raymond. Raymond and Rebekah have four children: Naomi, Nathanael, Natalia and Noah.


Paris, France Church leadership and training Associate Mission Partners since 2000 Andy and Uta moved to Paris in July 2011 after many years leading a church in Mantes-La-Jolie. Andy has a national leadership position with the Église Protestante Unie de France (EPUdF), with particular responsibility for encouraging the emerging missional identity of the church. Uta works parttime as an office manager. In the summer of 2017 the family will return to the UK where Andy will take up the position of vicar at St Barnabas, Kensington. Andy and Uta have five children: Thomas, Samuel, Daniel, Lois and Amélie.


Athens, Greece Student ministry Mission Partner since 2014 Alicia works alongside the International Fellowship of Evangelical Students (IFES) in Greece. She and her two colleagues disciple Christian students through one-to-one and group bible studies and prayer. They are encouraging students to build meaningful friendships with non-believing course-mates and to share the gospel with them. This Easter, students from various Greek cities will be attending the European Student Evangelism Conference which, in the past, God has used to set hearts on fire for Jesus.


France November 2016 – May 2017 Dan and Rosanna are serving as CORA (Christian Outreach in the Alps) Young Evangelists. They are working as seasonnaires part-time and serving alongside CORA chaplains for the rest of the time. They run children’s clubs, befriend other seasonnaires and seek to share the gospel with those they meet. 37


Cambridgeshire, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2008 Christ Church South Cambs in Sawston, Cambridgeshire, is an Anglican evangelical church established in 2006. It is a community of around 100 people seeking ‘to make and mature disciples of Christ for the glory of God.’ Sawston is a village of 9,000 people of which less than 5% are church-goers. Tim and Lucy pray that God will continue to equip his people to be 'side by side' in their witness to Jesus there. Tim and Lucy have three children: Chloe, Oliver and Toby.


Brussels, Belgium September 2016 - February 2017 Victoria and Sarah (pictured) spent their university language year abroad working as church apprentices on Le Stage 222 placement at Woluwe Church (alongside Mission Partners Steve and Dawn Orange – see page 43). As well as joining in church activities among students, their programme involved helping with mums’ and toddlers’ groups, teaching Sunday school, leading youth group, reading one-to-one with an older Christian and studying one day a week at the Belgian Bible Institute – all in French!


Coimbra, Portugal Student ministry Mission Partners since 2015 Joe and Rachel are working in Portugal alongside students in the GBU (Grupo Bíblico Universitário - the Portuguese Christian student movement). They are seeking to evangelise and disciple university students and equip them for future Christian ministry. Joe and Rachel have four children: Beth, Hannah, Joshua and Timothy.


Sheffield, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2005 Christ Church Central is a multicultural church in the heart of Sheffield. The aim is to be ‘a church for people who don’t go to church’. They are people gathered by Jesus, around his word and committed to one another, welcoming everyone and presenting the gospel relevantly and understandably. They are also planning to launch other churches across the city. Tim and Tanya have four children: Bethan, Anna, Rebekah and Caleb. 38


Dulwich, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2005 Simon and Rachel Dowdy have served at Grace Church Dulwich in south-east London since it was planted in 2005. The aim of Grace Church is to make disciples of Jesus Christ by building up and reaching out. In building up, they want to help others to grow in their relationships with God and prayerfully shape their lives in light of his will. They want to encourage and train every Christian to use their God-given gifts to serve Jesus. In reaching out, they want to equip people to proclaim God’s word throughout the world and in their everyday lives. In 2012 Grace Church planted a church in Brockley (see Ray and Rebekah Brown page 37) and in May 2015 in Sydenham (see Tim and Emma Iles page 40). Simon and Rachel have three children: Hannah, Jack and Jemima.


Wanstead, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2006 David is the pastor of Grace Church Wanstead and its vision is to glorify God by being a bible-centred, welcoming church family, reaching out with the gospel of Jesus. Wanstead is in east London and although relatively affluent, is a spiritually needy area of 25,000 people, where less than 1% go to biblecentred churches. David and Jane have four children: Katherine, Anastasia, Ruth and Joshua.


Oxford, UK Theological study Consultant staff member Ida is director of the Centre for Muslim-Christian Studies, an independent Christian study centre seeking the transformation of Muslim-Christian relationships through shared academic study. It seeks to do this by equipping leaders, resourcing scholars and developing biblically-based thinking at the Muslim-Christian interface. Ida’s responsibilities include teaching at Wycliffe Hall, supervising a project on biblical interpretation in an Islamic context, developing a series of biblical commentaries and occasional bible teaching. Her latest book, 'Thinking Biblically about Islam', was published in 2016.



Devizes, UK Nature conservation/creation care Mission Partners since 1983 Peter and Miranda established the first A Rocha project in Portugal in 1983. A Rocha is a Christian environmental organisation working in over 20 countries. Peter and Miranda provide support for A Rocha’s practical community-based conservation projects which give expression to the Christian conviction that ‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it.’(Psalm 24:1). They are also involved with the international environmental community.


Worldwide Advisor in disability Mission Partner since 1992 For many years Bridget worked in the Diocese of Kagera, Tanzania, setting up Community-Based Rehabilitation programmes for people with disabilities. She works to change attitudes to disability and empower people who are differently abled to live fulfilling lives. Alongside this, Bridget shares the good news of the gospel message to those who are marginalised. Since 2011 Bridget’s role has been Advisor for Disability Programmes. Bridget visits various countries, encouraging and developing existing disability programmes. During 2017 Bridget will be focusing on writing a simple, illustrated handbook on disability from a Christian perspective that can be used as a resource for those working at a community level in East Africa.


Helsinki, Finland Bible teaching Mission Partners since 2007 Finland is culturally Christian but few there see Christianity as relevant to a secular and well-educated country. Jonathan teaches at a small evangelical bible college north of Helsinki. His role has developed in three areas: with those studying theology, with Finnish students preparing for mission and with those wanting to learn more about the Bible. The students come from different backgrounds but all desire to deepen their understanding of scripture. Jonathan’s concern is to equip these students to engage with their surrounding culture. Jess is learning Swedish part time, leading one-to-one bible studies with women and providing hospitality at home. Jonathan and Jessica have two children: Jean-Paul and Nathan.



Bath, UK Church leadership development Associate Mission Partner since 2000 Jem works to support the BUILD training initiative. BUILD stands for ‘Biblical Understanding for In-service Leadership Development’, a programme Jem helped to establish during his time in Uganda and South Africa. BUILD helps to equip the many local church leaders who have neither the time nor the money to access formal training. It does so through training local trainers to use a curriculum that has been developed in context. Jem now leads BUILD Partners, which helps to strengthen the work.


Sydenham, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2014 Tim and Emma live in Sydenham in south-east London. Tim is the minister of Grace Church Sydenham, an independent Anglican church. The church numbers about 35 and meets every Sunday in a council youth centre, with the aim of sharing the gospel with the surrounding community. Tim and Emma have two teenage daughters: Imogen and Molly.


Chisinau, Moldova Church work and theological training Mission Partners since 2017 Graeme and Bequi are passionate about equipping and discipling believers to rightly handle the word of truth. They will be joining Oastea Domnului, an Evangelical church in Chisinau, made up of born-again Orthodox believers. Graeme will be involved in preaching, leading bible studies and evangelistic outreach. He will also be seeking to train men in expository bible preaching. Bequi will be looking after the family and discipling women and children, as well as teaching English to seek opportunities to share the gospel with unbelievers. Graeme and Bequi have two children: Iona and Joshua.


Ireland Training and evangelism Mission Partner since 2002 Johanne seeks to reach out to those from other nations and religious backgrounds with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Through teaching English Johanne is connecting with people from the majority Muslim nations of the world and forming relationships with individuals and families from many nationalities. Some of these are post-graduate students, some economic migrants, but the majority are asylum seekers and refugees. Johanne also provides training in cross-cultural evangelism (with special reference to Islamic peoples) for churches, groups and individuals. Johanne worked in North Africa for a decade, returning to Ireland in 2012. 41



Durham, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2007 Tony and Sarah are serving God at Christchurch Durham – a church in Durham city centre where Tony is senior minister. Christchurch is a growing congregation of families, young adults and students. The church is aiming to win the lost of the city and university, train men and women to be clear on the gospel, and send out faithful workers into the world. Please pray for Grace Church, a new church plant planned for after Easter 2017. Tony and Sarah have four children: Emily, Samuel, William and Sophie.


Olomouc and Kromeriz in the Czech Republic Student ministry and teaching at Czech Bible Institute Mission Partners since 2008 The Czech Republic is a post-Communist state where a high percentage of the population claim to be atheists. Jirka and Keira reach out to university students in the city of Olomouc, disciple them and train up leaders. Upon graduation these students become members of local churches all around the country, often taking up positions of responsibility. Jirka is involved in evangelism, preaching and teaching, and student weekends away. He also lectures at the Czech Bible Institute based in the nearby town of Kromeriz, speaks at conferences and writes articles for Christian publications in Czech. Jirka is Czech and Keira is English. They have four children: Jochebed, Barnabas, Simeon and Anezka.


Cheltenham, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2013 Grace Church Cheltenham began in September 2012, and John and Cassie Martin joined a year later when John became minister. The church family is around 70 adults and 30 children, and they meet together in a school theatre every Sunday afternoon. Grace Church is seeking to be a solidly bible-centred, contemporary and family-friendly church, living out grace as a community. John is an Anglican minister and Cassie is an English teacher and author. John and Cassie have three boys: Toby, Dexter and Harry.


Scarborough, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2005 At the beginning of May 2017, Lee and Vicky will be involved in starting Trinity Church Scarborough. Previously, Lee was responsible for leading Riverside Church, Hull. Lee has written and presented 'The Identity Course' and a new set of short outreach films called ‘Essentials’. Lee and Vicky have three children: Josiah, Charis and Zoe. 42


Bologna, Italy Church ministry Associate Mission Partner since 2012 Penny serves Christ in Forte Torre Church, alongside JP and Sue Aranzulla (see page 36) and Louis Palombo (see page 44). She helps with ‘Torricine Bilingue’, the church’s mission to families, which runs an after-school club and summer camps. Forte Torre has its own Sunday children’s ministry ‘Torricine Domenica’ and Penny has been involved in this. She also hosts and leads prayer meetings and supports the growing number of women within the church. Penny teaches English to local families, opening up many opportunities to share Christ.


Budapest, Hungary Camp ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2013 Andy and Zsófi head up the work of ACORNCAMPS. ACORNCAMPS works in partnership with Hungarian Churches (in Hungary and the neighbouring countries) to help them reach teenagers for Christ. Primarily this is through running English language Christians camps and providing training for youth leaders. See page 58 for more information on ACORNCAMPS. Andy and Zsófi have three children: David, Réka and Emily.


Naples, Italy Church ministry Mission Partners since 2013 Basking in Mediterranean sunshine Naples, Italy's third city, has a population of 4.5 million people. Of these, 140,000 are students studying at its universities. And yet Naples is a place of spiritual poverty and darkness. Mark and Jane, living in the heart of this city, have led a small, young team of locals in planting Chiesa Evangelica Neapolis: a new gospel community holding out the message of salvation.


Brussels, Belgium Church leadership Mission Partners since 2007 Steve is the pastor of the Protestant Evangelical Church of Woluwe Saint Lambert, a borough of Brussels. Dawn works amongst women and children at church. The church, planted in the early 1980s, has seen significant growth in recent years amongst families. Whilst the primary people group remains French speaking Belgians, the congregation reflects the international cultural mix of Brussels. The church building is situated near a university, the large EU communities and business district. Woluwe church also enjoys a close relationship with the Brussels-based Belgian Bible Institute and runs a small "222" programme for apprentices to serve in gospel work. Steve is on the board of the Groupes Bibliques Universitaires and Interaction Camps (see page 58) to promote evangelism and word-based ministry amongst youth and young adults. In 2016 Woluwe Church began a small church plant in the neighbouring district of Etterbeek. Steve and Dawn have four children: Jemima, Max, Zebedee and Nelly. 43


Lisieux, France Church ministry Mission Partner since 2015 Sena and Jane help lead the Church ‘Église La Source’ which oversees four other churches (Honfleur, Rouen, Neubourg, Combon) in the spirituallyneedy Normandy region. They are involved in pastoral work and in an outreach project through a community café. They have recently started a new church plant in the university city of Caen, 60 km from Lisieux. Sena and Jane have three children: Joshua, Eloise and Johan.


Bologna, Italy Student ministry Mission Partner since 2016 Having grown up in a large, pseudo-Italian family, Louis has a heart to share the gospel with Roman Catholics and particularly those in Italy. Louis is working alongside JP and Sue Aranzulla (see page 36) at Forte Torre Evangelical Church. His aim is to help grow the student work there, as Bologna hosts 82,000 students every year. He is involved in evangelistic courses, after-school clubs and summer camps. He is also serving the Italian IFES-affiliated Christian student movement, the Gruppi Biblici Universitari (GBU) with Chris and Lizzie Brown (see page 36).


Riga, Latvia Crosslinks project Headed up by Mārtiņš Martinson, Andis Miezitis and Miroslavs Tumanovskis, Pārdaugava Reformed Church was established in Autumn 2016. Pārdaugava has 200,000 people living and working there, but there is almost no access to a faithful, gospel-teaching church. It’s in a prime location for reaching out to the many young families and 60,000 university students. As well as providing a gospel presence in the city, the key aims of the church are to evangelize the people of Pārdaugava, to encourage Christians to grow in their faith and to train new gospel workers. All this will be done through the regular teaching of God’s word, both in Sunday services and small group bible studies.


Cardiff, Wales Prison ministry Associate Mission Partner since 2014 Gillian runs ‘Time For Change Ministries’ which provides biblical resources for prison ministry, including bible studies, courses and other written projects. As a prison chaplain, she runs courses and bible studies with groups of prisoners, including ‘Christianity Explored’ and the ‘Guilt and Forgiveness’ course. She also visits Asia to work in prisons with the Philippine Outreach Centre Ministries team. 44


Novi Sad, Serbia Crosslinks project Evangelical Christians represent less than 0.6% of the population of Serbia. There is a great need for practical training and resources to equip church members and leaders. Project Timothy, led by Riste Micev, provides training in core areas such as expository preaching, evangelism and discipleship, as well as courses in home-group leadership and one-to-one ministry. They have recently translated ‘God’s Big Picture’ (Roberts) and ‘Dig Deeper’ (Beynon and Sach).


Novi Sad, Serbia Church leadership Associate Mission Partners since 2010 Brada was assistant pastor at a church which ministered to ex-drug addicts and their families between 2005 and 2009. In 2011 he established a church plant, Grace Church, Novi Sad. Yatza has recorded two CDs with indigenous Serbian Christian music. They have two children: Matej and Ilaj.


Sheffield, UK Theological education Associate Mission Partners since 2016 Charles and Gillian Raven moved back from Kenya to the UK last summer when Charles took up the role of Membership Development Secretary of GAFCON (Global Anglican Future Conference). He works for the expansion of GAFCON, which seeks to bring the Bible back to the heart of the Anglican Communion. Charles and Gillian are members of Christ Church Central, a growing Anglican Mission in England congregation in Sheffield.


Budapest, Hungary Youth and camp ministry Mission Partner since 2013 ACORNCAMPS supports churches in Hungary with their youth work, helping them reach out to non-believing teenagers through evangelistic camps and training for local youth leaders. Anna and the team offer personalised training for these leaders, within their own contexts. They focus particularly on teaching the Bible to young people. Anna's specific role is in meeting with youth leaders, co-ordinating the year-round programme of camps with a UKvolunteer base and ongoing informal language learning. See page 58 for more information on ACORNCAMPS.



Dagenham, UK Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2013 Mike and Debbie Reith lead a church plant to evangelise a large and diverse council estate in Becontree (Dagenham). A recent baptism included two Iranians, one Afghan, one Iraqi and a white Briton! Thank God for his gracious and eternal rescuing work going on everywhere and pray that they will draw to him young families through the toddler and youth groups. The church aims to make a deep impression through their door-to-door visiting twice each week.


Prague, Czech Republic Church and student ministry Mission Partners since 2012 Since February 2016, Clayton has been part-time associate pastor at the International Baptist Church of Prague. He and Mel also spend a few days each month working with international students studying in Olomouc. They train, disciple and encourage the students who attend the weekly student-led bible study groups and Clayton preaches regularly at the monthly English service (Olomouc International Fellowship).


Westport, Republic of Ireland Church ministry Mission Partner since 2016 Following church-based women’s ministry in London, Helen is now working with Calvary Church Westport, in the west of Ireland. Most of her time is given to reaching out to Westport (population 5,500) where the majority would identify as being Roman Catholic. Helen’s time is spent teaching the Bible to Christian and non-believing women, doing door-to-door ministry, children’s church and helping one day each week in the town’s Christian bookshop.


Stockholm, Sweden Church ministry Associate Mission Partners since 2014 Chris and Lotta are based at Emmaus Church in Åkersberga, Stockholm. Chris leads this newly-established church as well as running outreach ministries in Stockholm City and nearby Uppsala. Lotta is engaged in church administration and discipleship training. Together, Chris and Lotta hope to produce an evangelism and discipleship training course tailored to the Swedish cultural setting. They also plan to provide training programmes for those involved in church planting throughout Sweden and to run training conferences in expository preaching that will empower the Church in the 21st century. 46


Maidenhead, UK International Director, Proclamation Trust; Bible teaching/Schools of Biblical Training Mission Partner since 2008 Neil has remained a Mission Partner with Crosslinks after returning from Singapore, where he was based with his late wife, Debbie. Neil is now seconded full-time to the Proclamation Trust, developing its international ministry and assisting with the Cornhill Training Course. He remains involved with Crosslinks' Schools of Biblical Training, especially in south-east Asia, and teaches expository preaching training around the globe.


Gothenburg, Sweden Local church and ministry training Mission Partners since 2016 Trevor and Andrea work with Gothenburg International Church. They are both engaged in full-time language study, alongside which Trevor has had some preaching responsibilities and evangelism opportunities. Trevor plans to develop a preaching conference ministry as part of a growing Swedish gospel partnership. Trevor and Andrea also have a desire to establish a bible camp ministry for children and young people. They have three children: Emily, Grace and Alice.

ST U DY PA RT NER S I N EU R OPE Sladjan Milenkovic from Belgrade, Serbia studying at Moore Theological College, Sydney, Australia (distance learning) Manos Tzamtzis from Attiki, Greece studying at the Greek Bible College, Athens, Greece Radomir Jovetic from Lalic, Serbia studying at Novi Sad Baptist Theological School, Novi Sad, Serbia Monika Jovetic from Lalic, Serbia studying at Novi Sad Baptist Theological School, Novi Sad, Serbia

SC H OOLS OF B I B LICAL TRAINING I N EU R OPE Opovu, Serbia (May 2017) led by David Luckman 47




LONDON Crosslinks Annual General Meeting followed by Seeking Europe’s Lost Speaker Mark Oden


BELFAST Seeking Europe’s Lost SpeakerTrevor Watson


DUBLIN Seeking Europe’s Lost Speaker Trevor Watson

30 JUL-5 AUG 13-19 AUG

SENIOR CAMP (Ages 12-17) Castlewellan Castle, County Down JUNIOR CAMP (Ages 8-11) Fivemiletown College, County Tyrone

3-6 OCT

SWANWICK The Crosslinks Prayer Conference The Hayes Centre, Swanwick, Derbyshire

11 NOV

SHEFFIELD Europe to the world and back Speaker Lee Gatiss

25 NOV

LONDON Europe to the world and back Speaker Mike Reeves For more details (London) (Belfast) phone 020 8691 6111


Crosslinks has a wide range of resources to help equip you and your church for partnership in global mission. TAILUM JAN

A paperback book containing the true story of one of the first Burmese believers, who came to Christ after encountering some early BCMS Mission Partners. Written in 1930 by A.T.Houghton – a great read for all ages.


Crosslinks has three bible study series to help you understand what the Bible says about mission: What in the World is God Doing? looks at the agenda for God’s mission as set out by the Old Testament prophet Isaiah. Partnership in the Gospel examines partnership as modelled by the Apostle Paul in his relationship with the Philippian Church. Consider Yourself Sent looks at mission from John’s Gospel. Ideal for small groups or individuals.


A CD ROM containing six studies that teach children about God’s global agenda, with talk outlines, suggested activities and work sheets to print out. Designed for use in Sunday schools.


A guide for churches on how to engage in gospel partnership with their Mission Partner.


A pocket sized leaflet that compares worldwide income and life expectancy with the percentage of Evangelical Christians in each nation. Perfect for distributing at church or during mission events.


The Need for the Gospel is Great displays the global need for God’s gospel. Crosslinks can also send you posters of your Mission Partner and the Crosslinks logo, for you to put up in your church. If you would like any of these resources, contact your nearest Crosslinks office.



‘You will do well to send them on their journey in a manner worthy of God. For they have gone out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from the Gentiles. Therefore we ought to support people like these, that we may be fellow workers for the truth.’ 3 John 6-8


rosslinks serves churches and individuals in Britain and Ireland by encouraging them to establish gospel partnerships with mission activities, both locally and globally. Before they begin work, Mission Partners build up a network of partner churches and individuals willing and committed to pray. They pledge to support the Mission Partners in friendship and by giving regularly to their new ministries. But gospel partnership isn’t meant to be just one-way support. Partnership in the gospel means mutual support and so Mission Partners, Study Partners and Project Partners pray for, learn from and share with their network of friends. This requires an ongoing commitment. All Christians have the privilege of being a worldwide family of fellow-workers in the task of proclaiming Christ to the ends of the earth. We all need to act upon this shared privilege by encouraging each other, wherever we are.



‘Unless the Lord builds the house, those who build it labour in vain.’ Psalm 127:1

Crosslinks can achieve nothing without the Lord working. Yet our Heavenly Father loves to hear us pray and works through us as we bring him our prayers. What a privilege prayer becomes as we ask him to accomplish his purposes across the world.


Crosslinks Mission Partners and Project Partners write prayer letters three times a year. You may already be in partnership with one or more and all of the other letters that can be published are on the website (see Mission in sensitive areas, page 6). You might prefer to have prayers letters emailed or posted to you, in which case sign up on the website or contact your nearest Crosslinks office and ask. Gospel partnership always includes prayer.


A summary of immediate prayer needs for Crosslinks, updated fortnightly, is available as a recorded message on 020 8692 5321 (standard BT rates apply) or in text form at


These are published quarterly and offer daily prayer suggestions covering all aspects of Crosslinks work. Used alongside the Crosslinks Yearbook they give a more complete picture of how God is working through his people within the Crosslinks family and how we can pray for each one.


There are a number of groups in Britain and Ireland who meet together regularly to pray for Crosslinks. A current list is available on the Crosslinks website ( and on the back of the Crosslinks magazine, or you can contact a Crosslinks office and ask to be put in touch with your nearest one. It’s a great way to keep informed about global gospel mission and meet with like-minded Christians to pray together. Alternatively, if you’re keen to start up a Crosslinks prayer meeting in your region, get in touch with the London or Belfast office to chat through some ideas. 53


Crosslinks is grateful to its worldwide network of committed members who act as the backbone to the work of the society Ever since Crosslinks began, it has existed as a society of members: people of Christ committed to praying for, giving to and backing mission efforts across the globe. Crosslinks membership has the responsibility and opportunity to steer the society. This includes signing the Basis of the Society, voting in trustees and even standing for election to become a trustee. Members are those who want to directly support the objective of taking God’s word to God’s world. Many members develop strong personal partnerships with our long and short-term workers, but are also committed to the society as a whole. This might mean encouraging others to engage with the work of Crosslinks too, or attending a Crosslinks event. We also ask members to give £5 a month to our Resourcing Mission Fund, which will go towards Crosslinks’ central operation costs. Meeting our central costs is essential to the mobilisation and deployment of gospel workers who will ‘go and make disciples of all nations…’ To help members pray for the society and stay involved, members of Crosslinks receive regular communications that offer current insight into its gospel-driven work. You will also be invited to the Annual Meeting of Members, which will give you the opportunity to meet staff and Mission Partners, and to hear about gospel ministry around the world.

Why not become a member today? Simply email our Membership Secretary, Peter Tibbott at to request a membership form.



Do you have a link with Crosslinks already? Perhaps you support an indigenous Study Partner, or your church is in partnership with a Crosslinks Mission Partner? The Friends scheme has been developed to help you get more involved in supporting Crosslinks’ valuable work. Similar to members, Friends are partners in the gospel who want to back global mission personally. They are individuals with a heart for taking God’s word to God’s world. Friends are also essential to the long-term sustaining of Crosslinks by giving regularly to Crosslinks’ central costs, which directly enables all our central operations. This includes Crosslinks’ offices, leadership and trustees, all of which are vital in developing the work of the society. Together they select and deploy mission personnel and teams, establish mission partnerships and provide on-going pastoral support. They also keep churches informed, regulate funds and steer the society as a whole. Friends give a minimum of £5 per month to the Crosslinks Resourcing Mission Fund, plus a commitment to pray for us. In turn you will receive regular communication, giving you insights into our gospeldriven work and motivation for your prayers. You will be invited to Crosslinks events at a discounted rate and offered opportunities to get involved in short-term mission. By becoming a Friend, you will be directly supporting the mobilisation of gospel workers who will ‘go and make disciples of all nations…’ Your support will help keep Crosslinks alive and well.

Why not become a Friend of Crosslinks today? Visit for more details.





or many young people, summer camps are often a point of first contact with Crosslinks in Ireland. This ministry has a history spanning over 60 years and the aim has always been to make disciples of Jesus Christ and give them a vision for mission. It has played a significant role in raising up the next generation of gospel workers in Ireland. The emphasis is to understand God’s mission and discover the Christian’s role within it. To achieve this there is a need for conversion, discipleship and training through the proclamation and teaching of God’s word. This involves one generation, which knows and loves God, passing the great truths about him to the next generation. In 2016 Junior Camp was held at Fivemiletown College, County Tyrone. The theme was ‘On His Majesty’s Service’, looking at the book of Acts and how Christians of all ages are special agents in God’s mission. Twenty six children aged 8-11 attended the week, two of whom responded to the good news of salvation. In addition to the bible talks and small groups, the campers heard from Mission Partners (short and long-term) who had been working in places such as Ethiopia, Serbia, Moldova and North Africa. Everyone also enjoyed trips to the swimming pool, local caves and taking part in many adventures, challenges and games.



enior Camp was also held at Fivemiletown College, focussing on the big picture of the Bible and discovering that ‘It Makes Sense’. Forty young people engaged with God’s word through talks, studies and seminars while also enjoying activities like canoeing, banana boating, and taking part in a daily ‘Late Late Show’. Mission Partners Gerald and Louise Mwangi shared about their work in Kenya as well. This important ministry continues to disciple and train campers and leaders alike, while also providing young people with godly role models in an increasingly secular world. Some responded to the gospel for the first time at camp while others have been encouraged and built up in God’s word. Many have cited camp as a key influence in maturing their faith and opening their eyes to the need for mission. As a result, former campers and leaders have gone on to become Mission Partners, church apprentices, church workers, ordained ministers - and even bishops! If you would like to get more involved with Crosslinks camps in Ireland by volunteering as a leader, attending as a camper or by partnering with this work, then please get in touch. Dates for 2017 Senior Camp, Castlewellan Castle, County Down 30 July-5 August (Ages 12-17) Junior Camp, Fivemiletown College, County Tyrone 13-19 August (Ages 8-11). For booking and more information go to 57

I N T E R N AT I ONA L CA M PS CONT INUED ACORN CAMPS Since 2001 ACORNCAMPS have run over 75 English-language Christian camps in partnership with 10 Hungarian churches, providing the opportunity for teenagers to hear the gospel. The camps work alongside local churches to provide additional evangelistic opportunities. In addition, another aim of ACORNCAMPS is to partner with Hungarian churches in training youth pastors and elders and to provide mission opportunities and training for Christians from Britain and Ireland. Crosslinks Mission Partners Andy and Zsófi Oatridge (page 43) and Anna Read (page 45) are working full-time with ACORNCAMPS in Hungary. To find out more, see

INTERACTION FRANCE AND BELGIUM Each July and August, InterAction runs holiday camps in France and Belgium with the aim of explaining the gospel to the next generation. The camps are packed with sports, games, activities, great food and lots of fun, and are set in beautiful surroundings. Everything is done bilingually, so InterAction camps are a wonderful opportunity for young people to practise their language skills and to engage with another culture while receiving clear bible teaching. One camper wrote, ‘It is life changing because during the bible meetings you learn about God and what he did for us.’ Dates for 2017 Belgium A 22–30 July (14-17s) B 31 July–6 Aug (11-14s) France A 28 July–5 Aug (14-17s) B 6–14 Aug (11-14s) For more information and to book a place for a camper or to volunteer as a leader or assistant leader, go to:




Bilingual Christian activity holidays for young people across Europe



BELGIUM A 22–30 July (14-17s) B 31 July–6 Aug (11-14s) FRANCE A 28 July–5 Aug (14-17s) B 6–14 Aug (11-14s)

InterAction is for you if you’re looking for a great holiday packed with loads of fun, sports and activities. It’s a place to meet new friends from other countries, to try out your French, and to learn about the good news of Jesus Christ in our daily bible meetings. Whatever your age or stage, we’d love you to join us this summer!

CAMPERS If you are between 10 and 18, we have a camp for you, filled InterAction with is forfun youactivities! if you’re looking

ANIMEFS Our track for student helpers (18-25). Serve, make friends and give young people a great holiday!

For queries contact InterAction France InterAction Belgium

LEADERS We train up our leaders to teach young people about Jesus and give them a fantastic summer!

For information on receiving prayer updates or giving to InterAction camps please contact




‘And my God will supply every need of yours according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus. To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen.’ Philippians 4:19-20

aul writes these words right at the end of his joyful letter to the Philippian church expressing his complete confidence that the Lord would provide for every need of the church in Philippi. I can write this short financial report, indicating that the Lord has indeed met all Crosslinks needs during 2016, and we are immensely thankful to God for his provision. The preliminary accounts prior to audit suggest total income in 2016 of £3,700,000, some £30,000 more than 2015. £2,000,000 was received from donations by individuals, either one off or regular, and with Gift Aid reclaimed where appropriate. £1,000,000 came from church partnerships, with the rest coming from trusts, legacies and a very small amount from investments, rental income, etc. This income is remarkable when I look back into the archives, and note that the Society’s income in the year 2000 was just £1,500,000, much less than half what I am reporting for 2016, and as recently as 2010 the Society’s income was £2,700,000, at the point when the UK economy was facing very major challenges. The size, stability and steady growth of this overall income for 2016 continues to amaze me, and causes me to encourage the staff in London and Ireland to ‘return to give praise to God’ for his very gracious provision for the Society’s needs. In terms of overall expenditure, we have spent £3,550,000 in 2016. This has included spending more on all of our direct mission costs, and less on supporting that mission activity, and this is explained largely by the turnover in staff during the year. For those of you who like the comparisons, the Society spent £2,100,000 in the year 2000, and £2,700,000 in 2010, continuing to show the increasingly global reach of Crosslinks during the 21st century. 62

The surplus achieved in 2016 has further strengthened Crosslinks’ balance sheet, giving us a growing confidence that the Lord has provided for all our financial needs. He has indeed provided for all of the mission costs throughout the world, the needs back home and the provision of pensions for current and past staff and Mission Partners (though this continues to be a concern). We remain committed to taking God’s word to God’s world. As we approach Crosslinks centenary in 2022, we long to be doing more in 2017, as well as doing it better! We have budgeted to receive just over £3,600,000 in 2017, with a similar level of expenditure expected. Long-term Mission Partners are continuing to go out in 2017, and we are already interviewing a number of prospective long-term candidates. Several short-term teams are serving overseas and we long to see more short-termers engage in mission in 2017 and beyond. There is always more need than we can meet in our Study Partner programme (BEST – Bursaries Enabling Strategic Training) and there is a growing demand for us to support local mission initiatives on the ground that equip and enable a lifetime’s faithful service in places where we could serve far less effectively. Please join with us in praising God for supplying every need of ours in 2016 and please join us in depending upon God again for all our needs in 2017, and beyond, confident in Jesus’ promise that he is with us always, to the end of the age.

Giles Rawlinson Crosslinks Operations Director




he Board of  Trustees is elected by the members of Crosslinks, or co-opted by the board, and the trustees appoint the Mission Director and Operations Director of Crosslinks, delegating to them the day-to-day running of the society. The trustees meet five times a year and report to the members of Crosslinks at the Annual General Meeting once a year. The board is made up of a maximum of eight members elected by the membership, up to four co-opted members and a representative from the General Synod of the Church of England.   President (non-voting) David Mills Chairman John Hamilton Elected Trustess Catherine Banting Sue Bennett Trevor Cleland Alastair Donaldson Les Jesudason Alison Miller Phil Parker Mark Pickles Co-opted members Neil Barber John Hall Nick Winther (Treasurer) General Synod Representative (non-voting) Mark Lucas 



MEANS OF MISSION TEAM The Means of Mission Team oversees and supports Crosslinks mission personnel and activities – short and long-term placements, Projects, Study Partners and Schools of Biblical Training.

Beth Buchanan Means of Mission Team Leader

Claudia Chan Short-term Mission Co-ordinator

Dee Hemingway Mission Personnel Administrator

Ian Marden BEST Co-ordinator

Katherine Stephenson Short-term Mission and Projects Co-ordinator


C R O S S L IN KS STA FF CONT I NU ED PARTNERSHIP PROMOTION TEAM The Partnership Promotion Team serves churches and individuals taking part in God’s mission by building supportive relationships. The team produces mission-focussed resources and events to encourage prayerful and committed partnerships as well as receiving the financial resources to meet Crosslinks central needs.

Jamie Read Partnership Promotion Team Leader

Ade Adeoye Partnership Promotion Team Administrator and Data Analyst

Helen Burns Church Partnerships Co-ordinator

Mark Gillespie Communications Manager

Louise Hopkins Communications and Partnerships Developer

Pete Tibbott Partnership and Fundraising Manager 66

IRELAND The team works throughout Ireland to develop Crosslinks objectives which includes running mission-focussed camps for children and young people.

David Luckman Ireland Team Leader

David Armstrong Short-term Mission and Young Adults Worker

Val Ellis Activities and Relationships Co-ordinator

Colin Morris Ireland Staff Worker

Pam Smyth PA and Belfast Office Administrator


C R O S S L I N K S STA FF CONT I NU ED THE HUB Under the spiritual direction of Andy Lines, the Hub takes care of Crosslinks central operations – administration, accounting, IT and governance. Andy Lines Mission Director

Giles Rawlinson Operations Director

Ola Adeoye Accounts Assistant

Lynda Blake Administrator

Peter Gordon Accountant

Chris Mukhtar IT Manager

Chai Yeo PA to Mission Director and Operations Director 68


Adeoye, Ade Adeoye, Ola Aranzulla, John Paul and Sue Armstrong, David Baddoo, Harriet Barclay, Andrew and Gill Barnes, Archie Bellis, Robbie and Lizzie Blake, Lynda Born, Beatrice Bridges, Keziah Brown, Chris and Lizzie Brown, Ray and Rebekah Brown, Sophie Buchanan, Beth Buchanan, James and Lucy Buckler, Andy and Uta Burgess, Alicia Burgess, Jonny Burns, Helen Burt, Alun and Debbie Cerรณn, Cristรณbal Chan, Claudia Chapman, Dan and Rosanna Chapman, Tim and Lucy Clarey, Victoria Clarke, Joe and Rachel Cook, Peter and Ineke Creighton, Rick and Alanna Crook, Ben Davies, Tim and Tanya Dean, Ben and Naomi Dean, Jemimah Dingemans, Phoebe Dowdy, Simon and Rachel Eady, Tim and Julie Ellis, Val Entwhistle, Helen Foster, Luke and Mary Gaffey-Cosslett, Eleri Gibbs, David and Jane Gillespie, Mark

66 68 36 67 29 10 29 36 68 36 15 36 37 15 65 10 37 37 10 66 11 24 65 37 38 38 38 28 11 14 38 11 24 15 39 28 67 12 25 15 39 66

Glaser, Ida Gordon, Peter Harker, Andy and Susie Harris, Peter and Miranda Hathaway, Bridget Harris, Sophie Heeb, Jonathan and Jessica Hemingway, Dee Hindes, Clint and Sonia Holyome, Rachael Hooker, Josh and Cathy Hopkins, Louise Hovil, Jem Howles, Chris and Ros Hunter, Paul Iles, Tim and Emma Innes, Graeme and Bequi Iwuagwu, Ezechi Jackson, Harry Janet Johanne Jones, Tony and Sarah Kralovi, Jirka and Keira Lines, Andy Lobb, Emily Lobb, John Luckman, David Mahiaini, Wanyeki and Mary Malton, James Marden, Ian Martin, John and Cassie McMunn, Lee and Vicky Meynell, Josh Moody, Andrew and Eunice Moore, Lottie Morris, Colin Moses, Sarah Mukhtar, Chris Mwangi, Gerald and Louise Neathercoat, Nerena Nesbitt, Glenn and Lizzie Newman, Lucy 69

39 68 12 40 40 29 40 65 12 12 13 66 41 13 13 41 41 14 14 29 41 42 42 2-3, 68 15 29 67 15 29 65 42 42 14 15 29 67 38 68 16 16 16 15

North, Jaki Northway, Penny Numadi, Gad and Liz Oatridge, Andy and Zsรณfi Oden, Mark and Jane Odhiambo, Daniel Orange, Steve and Dawn Ounate-Lare, Sena and Jane Palombo, Louis Paine, Alice Parker, Benet Parker, Victoria Pegler, Gillian Prill, Thorsten and Kerstin Prior, Nathan Radanovic, Brada and Yatza Raven, Charles and Gillian Rawlinson, Giles Read, Anna Read, Jamie Reith, Mike and Debbie Robinson, John and Gillian Rose, Sally Ryan, Clayton and Melissa Schluter, Nat and Helen Sheridan, Helen Smyth, Pam Stanford, Francis Stephenson, Joe Stephenson, Katherine Srtajnic, Chris and Lotta Talbert, Alison Tibbott, Pete Walker, Andrew and Bethanie Walls, Rachel Watkinson, Neil Watson, Trevor and Andrea Williams, David and Rachel Williams, James Williamson, Ben Yeo, Chai Yiadom, Portia Konadu

17 43 17 43 43 17 43 44 44 29 14 29 44 17 14 45 45 62-3, 68 45 66 46 29 15 46 18 46 67 29 25 65 46 18 66 25 15 47 47 31 29 19 68 19 70


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