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Avoiding A Painful Tumble A Circus Fairy Tale ‌in which two very different people surmount obstacles gracefully.

Morgan tripped down the line, doing his semidance to entertain the people outside the Big Top who were waiting for the show to begin. In the circus, everyone has a job, and he was suited for his. He thought of being a trick rider, and jumping through a hoop held by Circus Girl, but his diminished stature prevented him. He could not safely bounce that way.

She, however, believed in all possibilities, and because she rode an elephant, everything in her gaze was equally short, and therefore equally able to live a life of positive outcomes. Many times she invited him to try to perform, and many times he refused, becoming more ashamed of what he could not help with each invitation. Regardless of the smooth rhythm and strength of the finest horse, he knew he would painfully tumble. It was not a choice; it was the way he was made.

Then one day, as the weather chapped her skin, she slid off the elephant and tiptoed to the ground below. In the moment that her slippered feet hit the earth, she found a new recognition, and at once believed Morgan to be who he said he was all along, reliant on taller folk, misshapen, and timid. His eyes, finally, convincingly, forced her to stop hoping for his impossible success.

Circus Girl remained confident on the back of her loyal beast, shining inside the Big Top, and Morgan remained on the Midway, shiny himself in a different light. Sometimes he watched her through a crack, because she was interesting and talented, and sometimes she commented on his performance as she strolled along the Midway. It was not necessary for them to be sad when currents of rushing Circus-goers moved them in different directions, for they were well matched to their particular ways of living, and therefore lived peacefully ever after.

Grey Johnson is from a small town in the Southeastern United States. She lives a quiet life with a loud imagination. You can contact her at

Avoiding A Painful Tumble  

A circus fairy tale in whichtwo people surmount obstacles gracefully.

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