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Mick Livesey on Norah McEllistrim, Norah Mac is no stranger to big race success in 2013 she trained the brilliant Ballymac Marine to race through unbeaten in the £8,000 Romford Puppy Cup. A real talented trainer and I am tipping Norah’s racing club to be a huge success and is highly recommended!!!

Mission; The Norahmac Racing Club was formed in February, 2011 by Norah McEllistrim and a number of long-standing owners within the kennel. Our mission is to have regular runners and winners. We offer an affordable interest in greyhound racing and breeding with thrills, fun and social events on and off course! Current Club Greyhounds; Ferdia Oscar, Hanover Lady, Memories Leah, Droopys Leonard, Classy Molly, Lima Oscar and Horse Outside


It’s good to be back! I

Get in touch: or Twitter @micklivesey

t is great to be back after a break, I trust you all had a fabulous Christmas and fingers crossed 2014 is a great year for you and the sport. This year will be amazing; we have the William Hill £200,000 Derby, no other generation could have even dreamt about that. There are big prizes in Darts and Snooker these days but when it comes to excitement they fall short of our magnificent race, in around 28 seconds one greyhound will win that mammoth prize. Is there a bigger UK sports prize that can be won in what is little more than the blink of an eye? In years gone by BAGS racing did little to excite me but those days are long gone, I absolutely love their initiatives. The £200,000 BAGS/SIS Track Championship was a real highlight of last year and I will say I feel it is about to get even bigger and better this year.

The powers that be at BAGS have taken a tired product and breathed life into it, now BAGS racing is something the whole industry can be really proud of. The first Group-One of the year is featured in the magazine; Ladbrokes Golden Jacket worth £17,500 to the winner, this is now the biggest staying race in the calendar. Crayford is a track that is just going from strength to strength, I believe last year was a record year in terms of attendance and tote turnover. I love it when things like that happen, it just shows the doubters and those against the sport that greyhound racing is STRONG. One area that I hope gets attention this year is British Breeding, I know that the powers that be at the GBGB are looking into this and I hope and pray good news is on the horizon. I also hope that this year people lay off the GBGB and we all unite in the common fight to take greyhound racing forward.

The people at the GBGB spearheaded by Barry Faulkner really do care about the sport and want it to thrive, you may not believe this if you read some forums but I honestly believe what I am writing here. They are truly not the enemy of the sport in fact quite the opposite and we must unite to help speed up the wheels of change. (They are moving though) 2014 is the year to be very positive; greyhound fans have really never had it so good and with great TV coverage on Sky-Sports and RPGTV, new apps and sites aplenty it really is feast for those that love greyhound racing; you have a real feast at your fingertips. I personally think the problem with greyhound racing is, people keep saying the problem with greyhound racing is….. Enjoy this issue and thanks for your support  MICK LIVESEY




he first Group One of the year just got even better; Ladbrokes have upped the ante and increased the winning prize-money to £17,500 making it the richest staying race in the UK. Crayford are a shining example of modern day greyhound racing and this is going to be a very special competition. If you can get yourself to the Kent venue you’re sure to be given a real treat but fear not if you can’t all the action is available through a combination of RPGTV and BAGS. First run in 1975 at Harringay the competition went on the move in 1985 to Hall Green and again a year later in 1986 to Monmore Green before finding its home at Crayford where it’s been run since with one exception in 1995 when

CRAYFORD Bubbly Swallow

it went to Wimbledon. It may be one of the younger competitions but under the expert guidance of the Crayford management it’s flourished and become one of the great highlights in the greyhound calendar.

Roll Of Honour

2013; White Sox Rox 45.38, 2012; Blue Bee 45.95, 2011; Bush Paddy 47.39, 2010; Group Skater 45.79, 2009; Lorrys Options 45.92, 2008; Shelbourne Merc 45.91, 2007; Walk The Line 46.00, 2006; Greenacre Lin 46.23.

Memories Of The Great Race

The great Ballyreagan Bob was a superstar on the track but it would probably be fair to suggest he was not a massive success at stud. His best offspring was a greyhound called Bobs Reagan, a stunning brindle greyhound who pulled off the exceptional feat of winning this great race back to back in 1991 and 1992. He won the 1991 Regency at Hove and it would be safe to say he was a great champion and ambassador of the Golden Jacket.

I remember going to see him in the final of the 1992 TV Trophy at Belle Vue, he came third but had gone four by then, for me he must be one of the greatest ever Golden Jacket winners. Sad news broke at Christmas that the 2006 champion Greenacre Lin had passed away, she was a great champion. I am sure that this year’s competition will produce another great champion and a greyhound that will be a must to follow in all staying races of 2014.

LADBROKES GOLDEN JACKET Third-Time Lucky For Swallow

This competition will be electrifying but it does pose somewhat of a conundrum. There are big name entries left, right and centre but lots of them have question marks over them; will Crayford’s 714M course suit? At the time of writing the truth is I just don’t know! Fear Emoski could go around and set new figures, Shanless Becky could bring over her impressive Irish form and absolutely be right at home (her best form is at Shelbourne, Dundalk and Harold Cross they are a nice gallop), Hometown Honey is Mrs consistent but yet to race at Crayford, Pony Bride has not raced for a few months. All the aforementioned are more than capable of running riot in the Ladbrokes Golden Jacket and I would not talk anyone off betting them! With so many questions about some of the high profile runners it may prove prudent to side with a tried and tested performer. One greyhound that fits the bill is Bubbly Swallow, how she’s not made a final of this prestigious race is a real mystery. The last two years she’s finished third at the semi-final stage narrowly missing out. In 2012 she went down by a neck and neck but came out on finals day and put in one of the best performances I have seen at the Kent venue and went faster than the final after suffering a bumpy ride. Bubbly Swallow was the most winning greyhound on Sky-Sports in 2013 and the 10/1 offered by the sponsor’s looks to be more than fair. She deserves some luck in this race and let’s hope it is third-time lucky. I caught up with Paul Young’s assistant Jack Murrell, who told me: “Bubbly Swallow is in great form, what she did on Sky last year was fantastic, she’s been very unlucky not to make the final of the Jacket, we can’t believe it to be honest, Paul’s mapped her out for this and is her main target we are hoping she just gets a bit of luck.” February the 18th Romantic Rambo lit up the track in a trial-stake, ok he was not in against the stars of the sport but the manner of his victory left a lasting impression. He clocked a decent time but looked to have left plenty on the track that night and is open to any amount of improvement. The sponsors went 25/1 after his race but got

Bobs Reagan in action

knocked over in the stampede of punters wanting to get on. He is now a 14/1 shot but could be the surprise package of this year’s Golden Jacket. This will be a tremendous race but also one of the most competitive; Bubbly Swallow, Romantic Rambo and Em Millie (See Boxing Day Marathon write up) are my three against the field. Betting: Check out for latest betting, full list and terms — prices at press time in the box above.

Millie Boxes Clever In Marathon

£2,500 was up for grabs in the traditional JB Riney Boxing Day Marathon at Crayford run over 874M. It turned into a procession with Em Millie running out a very comfortable 7.75L winner at generous odds of 9/4 in 58.13 -120. Trained by the smart Gifkins camp she will surely be a force in the upcoming Ladbrokes Golden Jacket, she will be stepping down in distance but not many will be running on stronger. In both the heats and fi-


nal she took it up at the seventh bend and ran away from her opponents in a style that suggests she is a greyhound very much at the top of her game. Course form cannot be underestimated at Crayford (you can say that for all tracks) and this competition could have handed out some massive clues. Mullpark Millkai is an interesting runner to come out of it, she found the 874m simply too far but she led in the final to the seventh bend, suggesting she will relish the drop back to 714m and is another runner I’d not talk anyone off betting. If Millie was to get knocked out there

is a 1,048m race I’d suggest will be right up ryone will be made welcome. Not only do we have the final of the Ladbrokes Golden her street on finals day. Jacket but also a great supporting card inBARRY STANTON CRAYFORD cluding the Peter Bussey Memorial worth £2,000 and a one off race; The Ladbrokes GENERAL MANAGER Golden Jacket Maxi Marathon over 1,048m We are so proud of this race; it really is my and worth £1,048 and the traditional The favourite time of the year and a great hon- Chief Ramsbottom Hurdle worth £500 plus our for us to be the first category-one race other supporting races. in the calendar. It will be a great occasion and I don’t mind All staff and team members deserve mas- telling you myself and everyone at Crayford sive credit and Ladbrokes for making our are very excited, good luck to everyone who race the richest staying race in the UK. It enters our races and thanks for their fantaswill be a fantastic day on the final and eve- tic support.

ARMCHAIR OWNERS Get Your Pulse Racing with Armchair Owners; syndicates to suit all budgets but FUN is guarnteed!!!! The Armchair Owners has various syndicates where the greyhounds will be based at tracks which are covered by RPGTV and we have secured the services of the following top trainers, Paul Young (Romford), Kelly Macari (Sunderland), Steve Fletcher (Henlow),Gemma Davidson ( Crayford) and Gary Carmichael ( Newcastle) we will also be having runners at Hove in the future but their Thursday meeting is mainly Open Racers which we aim to syndicate in the future and also Peterborough. Mark Whittaker, Armchair Owners, 9 Parc An Manns, Mawnan Smith, Falmouth, TR11 5EU. Tel: 01326 251381 (mon-fri, 10am-6pm) Mobile : 07932 763062, E Mail:, Facebook: Armchair Owners, Twitter: @armchairowners.

Are you looking for a Christmas Present? Look no further get that special someone in you’re a life a share in a very special syndicate and put that smile on their face!!!

Dine in our Viewing Restaurant Thursdays and Saturdays (conditions apply)



ONLINE BOOKING NOW AVAILABLE Monmore Green Greyhound Stadium Sutherland Avenue, Wolverhampton WV2 2JJ Tel: 01902 452648

Gamble for fun, not to win, www.gambleaware




or me this is one of the most exciting competitions in the calendar, I just love seeing the novice hurdlers progress into exciting jumping prospects. Last year Westmead Meteor took this competition and was catapulted to stardom. Droopys Stevie for Dean Childs looks to stand every chance of following suit, the reports coming out about this exciting prospect were confirmed when he quite literally blew away his opposition in a trial stake. The most pleasing part of that workout was his sectional a blistering 4.89, there will not be too many novice hurdlers who can go to the bend with him and that presents him with a very good chance of becoming the champion, if he can build on that impressive 29.66 he will be the one they all have to beat. Droopys Stevie burst on to the scene, coming runner-up in the Telecom Puppy Derby at Henlow behind Coolavanny Bert who went on to make the Derby final in 2012. Impressive performances at Romford, Poole and Hove give him the right pedigree to take hurdle racing by storm. Irrespective of what happens in the

Droopys Stevie

Springbok Stevie is a greyhound that is set to become a star over timber. Dean Childs “We must thank Barry O’Sullivan for the fantastic job he did in schooling both Droopys Stevie and Bee Eff Ge. Stevie was getting on a bit but he’s been a very good greyhound on the flat, he is 100% genuine and looks to be a Wimbledon type greyhound, it will be tough but he

stands a very good chance of becoming a top quality hurdler. Bee Eff Gee is a decent dog and we are full of hope, I have to be honest and say Stevie is our best chance of Springbok glory but you never know. You can see from the betting below this is going to be a classic Springbok, so many flat stars are making the transition to hur-


Westmead Meteor

dling. Cornamaddy Jumbo impressed on debut on Sky-Sports for Mark Wallis beating the current Grand National champion Mash Mad Snowy. Castlelyons Cofi was once at Charlie Lister OBE’s and is superfast. Razldazl Butch cost £10,000, Glanmire Jet and Glenpadden Post have impressive flat form in the book but Droopys Stevie is the one for me at 4/1.


A month of high class action!


he sport of greyhound racing is about to go festival crazy this month and there will be no sign of tents, dodgy portable toilets or muddy fields. Quite the opposite; the greyhound festivals will involve fine dining, fantastic prizemoney, lots of exciting wow moments on the tracks at Sheffield and Newcastle during a bonanza of top-class racing. For those that can’t make it to the tracks do not panic you can catch all the action live on SkySports!!!

BETFRED FESTIVAL – SHEFFIELD TUESDAY 4TH FEBRUARY (LIVE SKY SPORTS) Four fantastic finals each worth £2,000 supported by the usual four supporting races each worth £500 ensures this is one date you do not want to miss.


Ryma Boca is somewhat of a standing dish at Sheffield trained by Elaine Parker she really is a young and progressive greyhound. I am

Green Amigo


Calzaghe Davy

sure connections will be dreaming of an Oaks victory in 2014 but she looks sure to be a force to be reckoned with in all bitches’ races. She’s got that magical ingredient earlypace and will be the one they all have to beat. Bubbly Beauty the 2013 RFS Puppy Derby Champion has had a look around and is sure to go well. The leading ladies in the sport will be here for this, take a good one to beat Ryma Boca on home turf but its set to be sensational.


Pat Rosney will make the short journey across the Pennines with his talented Green Amigo, he can boast some impressive victories in front of the Sky Sports cameras and this looks to be a competition he will surely target and be hard to beat in. You would hope to see Westmead Meteor, Mash Mad Snowy and some of the other hurdle stars in attendance, I am sure they will be here and this should be a thrilling competition.


Sheffield have an embarrassment of tal-

ent with home based trainers Barrie Draper, Elaine Parker, Jamie Smith and co, incredibly between them they won 156 opens races on their home track in 2013, Elaine Parker being the most successful with a mind boggling 81. Elaine will surely be strong again here with Candlelight King (other big stars going to Newcastle see Newcastle). An outside greyhound that looks set to go well is Hather George the Three Steps To Victory hero last year. Underground Paul is another that will be heading to Sheffield, his run at Hove recently had the wow factor, Paul Young’s

FANTASTIC FEBRUARY FESTIVALS  talented speedster will also give the locals plenty to think about. Can they wrestle away a decent prize from the strong home based trainers? It will be tough and one thing that is guaranteed this is going to be exciting.

Hather George


If my life depended on me finding the winner of this without seeing the entries then I’d be in big trouble, it should be exciting though.


Tuesday the 11th February Newcastle is the place to be with four fantastic finals. The main event is the Pinpoint Recruitment Standard worth a brilliant £3,000 and a host of other finals with the added bonus of £1,000 for the best performing trainer on the night. The finals night is live on Sky-Sports and the heats get under starters order on Saturday 1st February live on RPGTV.


Sure to attract a high class entry but Ted Soppitt will be hoping he trains the winner with his highly regarded Calzaghe Davy and Mario. Elaine Parker though is heading to the toon with her stars Pay Freeze and Russanda Duke. Sean Parker said “With the Sheffield and Newcastle competitions being close together we have elected to let Pay freeze and Russanda Duke take their chance at Newcastle, it makes sense it is no good taking ourselves on with three or four in the same competition, Candlelight King is going so well at Sheffield, Pay Freeze went very well at Newcastle and Russanda Duke will be more suited to Newcastle, you need that bit of luck but we have chances in both.”

Harry Williams will be hoping his youngster Blackhouse Heidi can build on her brilliant runners up spot in the same race. Another local that should be noted is Corporal Kev he is going to make the step up in trip and should go well.

PINPOINT TRAINING 480M £2,000 PINPOINT INDUSTRIAL PUPPY The locals will be strong with Craig Daw640M £2,000 son’s Farloe Nutter, he’s burst on to the

Farloe Tango won the Great North Run, scene and looks a real talent. how good would it be if he was to show up Sandyhill Hitman for Jimmy Fenwick is here for a tilt at this race. another local that looks to be highly pro-

gressive, the best pups in the country will be heading to the North-East but Nutter and Hitman will give the locals a great chance of success.


Local Ballymac Best is sure to be in the reckoning for this prize, he is a class act but will we are sure to see the countries best sprinters making their way to the NorthEast. I am a huge fan of sprints and this is a race I am so looking forward to seeing.


Elaine Parker

IAN WALTON OPERATIONS MANAGER AT NEWCASTLE: “I can’t thank Alan Findlay and everyone at Pinpoint Recruitment enough, their sponsorship is fantastic and they have always supported racing at the stadium. It is always special when the Sky cameras turn up and this will be a brilliant night for everyone at the stadium and those watching at home. Trainers have been fantastic and I must thank them for their support in entering, we pride ourselves on looking after everyone and this will be no different. Good luck to everyone, thanks for your support.”


Trickyone is a Reel champ on Sky


he first Sky-Sports meeting of the year was a real spectacle and sets the standard for what is going to be a truly amazing year. Reel Trickyone landed the cup in style but the real story was the total domination of this competition by Champion Trainer Mark Wallis who landed an impressive 1,2,3,4! Reel Trickyone was 14/1 in the ante-post market with the sponsors Coral and punters the length and breadth of the country latched on to it, his victory was a costly one for them. Trickyone was the busiest greyhound in 2013 on the open-race scene having raced forty-seven times, there were no signs of him tiring towards the end of the last campaign he came alive in December winning the £10,000 Essex Vase and then taking the £2,500 Henlow Cesarewitch. To then come out again in January and bag himself another £5,000 with this impressive victory is nothing short of remarkable and what a training performance by Team Wallis. Sent off in the final an easy to back 7/2 his supporters must have feared the worse when kennel mate and 6/4F Aayamzamodel popped around the corner in front, when they flashed over the winning line for the first time one thing was apparent – Mark Wallis was going to win but with which one, Reel Trickyone, Jazz Tilly and Hometown Honey where all on the premises. What a race this was and all four Wallis runners where in contention when they swung around the last bend, Reel Trickyone was not going to give in and he landed the cup by 0.5L over Jazzy Tilly in second, Hometown Honey was only a head further back in third and long-time leader Aayamzamodel 0.5L back in fourth in 35.41. A fantastic night that will live long in the

ROMFORD Reel Trickyone

memory banks of all at Imperial kennels and what a message sent out by reigning champion trainer, it’s going to be tough to get that title of him in 2014!

Suarez looks set to score on a regular basis

One of the greatest things in our sport is seeing a youngster making their debut, well Swift Suarez made his here on the supporting card and wow! This was very impressive and it looks very much like John Mullins is starting to build up a real

talent pool at his base. He showed great early-pace clocking 3.71 and ran out the winner by 1.5L in 24.13. The greyhound he beat was Southoe Rock who the week before had ran out an impressive winner of the ÂŁ500 Maiden Final and can boast a sub 16.00 sprint run around Sheffield.

Matt anything but Dower

One thing that is guaranteed on SkySports is wow moments, none made me go wow more on this night than Dower Matt. I can honestly say I thought he was a decent greyhound but I never thought he had this in his locker, he blew away a top-class

field that could easily have been the Golden Sprint final. (It included Droopys Quincy, Southern Mesut, Ayamzaman, Newinn Rocket and Millwards Matt). None of them got a look in traps opened and wearing the red jacket he scorched to the corner clocking an unbelievable sectional of 3.55, it was just him against the clock, he stopped it in 23.66 and there was 5L back to his nearest rival Southern Mesut. Ernie Gaskin looks to have a Derby dog on his hands and without question a greyhound we must all stay on the right side of in 2014.


Keeping stock of the stats to help you win

The much missed Droopys Quincy

At the Greyhound Trainers Association they have a man who is a genius at working with stats and numbers, you really should check out the website they make for interesting reading. Every month I will be looking at some of these stats and highlighting some that catch my eye, hopefully you will enjoy them! Every effort has been made to ensure these are correct but we can’t be held responsible for any mistakes.


2013 Was an amazing year for greyhound racing in the UK but let’s take a look at the stats a little closer and answer some interesting questions, check out it is packed with interesting stats but here are some we thought you may be interested in.


Busiest Greyhound – Reel Trickyone with 47 races Most winning greyhound – Westmead Meteor 19 wins & Bowtime Fella 19 wins Longest winning sequence – Pay Freeze, Butts Mott & Your A Champ 10 wins on the bounce Longest losing sequence – All Sensation with 22 losses on the bounce Best strike rate (over 10 runs) – Butts Mott 84.61 % 13 runs/11 wins


Busiest greyhound – Riverside Kitty with 71 races Most winning greyhound – Wor Hacka 17 wins

Mash Mad Snowy


Longest winning sequence – Thornfield Busiest trainer – Paul Young 1369 runGold & Hollys Bob 7 wins on the bounce ners Longest losing sequence – Phantom Most wins – Mark Wallis 218 wins Mick, Hazels Pride, Salacres Jamaica & Gortkelly Joe with 35 losses on the bounce Best strike rate (over 10 runs) – San Miguel Amigo 81.81% 11 runs/9 wins Most profitable trainer – G Wilson (Doncaster) + £19.75 to £1 level stake, 85 runners/21 wins Best strike rate – K W Thomson (YarMost profitable trainer – Katie O’Flaherty mouth) 33.8% 71 runners/24 wins (inter+ £26.17p to £1 level stake 74 runners/22 esting Nick Savva was second with 32.63%) wins Busiest trainer – Paul Young (Romford) Best strike rate – Nick Savva 37.93% 58 4411 runners runners/22 wins Most wins – Paul Young 724 winners



2014 Trainers Championship Leaderboard - sponsored by Ladbrokes

Includes races up to and including 19/01/14 Pos Trainer Pts Win Win£ 1 M A Wallis 84 14 £7925 2 E A Gaskin 25 9 £2400 3 H J Dimmock 13 5 £1350 4 M L Locke 12 4 £1375 5 P J Rosney 11 3 £1200 5= J G Mullins 11 3 £1200 7 J J Heath 9 5 £1250 8 K R Hutton 6 5 £925 8= D Mullins 6 2 £700

STAT ATTACK  Seamus Cahill

Mark Wallis ended last year’s campaign like an express train to be crowned champion, the bad news for everyone else is that he’s started this campaign in the same impressive fashion. Quoted a 4/6 shot to be crowned the 2014 champion and let’s face it without question it’s going to be tough to wrestle that crown away from Imperial Kennels, if anyone was in any doubt a 1,2,3,4 in the recent Coronation Cup franked the mammoth task that the other trainers face.


14/1 IS CRACKING EACH-WAY PUNT The Trainer’s Championship is an onerous task to win; you will need a kennel full of greyhounds that can perform with distinction, deep pockets to replace vehicles

(the chances are you will blow up a few vans), commitment of the highest order from yourself and your staff, probably a few crates of some popular energy drink and most important of all a huge slice of luck. In 2010 Seamus and Theresa Cahill pulled off that stupendous feat and lifted the trainer’s championship. bankers every year to be in and around the top-six but this year I feel we could see them rise once more to the top. The Derby is the key race, there are massive points up for grabs during that competition. The kennel has greyhounds like; Chicago, Droopys Jarrow and Guinness Spark, these look Derby greyhounds to me. The kennel is not short of other stars like crack sprinter/short four-bend performer Droopys Quincy, top hurdler Mash Mad Snowy and up and coming stayer Droopys Posh.

The aforementioned are sure to be the spine of the Cahill challenge but there are others coming through. Ladbrokes have gone 14/1 (you can back each-way) and William Hill 25/1 (win only) I caught up with Seamus Cahill. He told me: “This is our best team since we won it in 2010, we have some really nice greyhounds and hopefully we can add one or two more. It will be tough to win but we will give it our best shot, you need that luck but I would not put anyone off having a bet on us. I would take the 14/1 each-way rather than the 25/1 to win but we do have a chance.” Since speaking to Seamus, Droopys Quincy tragically passed away. Everyone at the magazine would like to offer our sincerest condolences to everyone at Cahill kennels, he was a true champion and will be sadly missed.


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The work that we have been undertaking will quite literally knock your socks off

and you will have a fantastic weekly greyhound show. The host will be Mick Livesey who is name everyone in greyhound racing knows, his passion and enthusiasm for the sport will be something you can look forward to each week. He will be joined by guests and already the list of people coming on to the show is phenomenal. Greyhound Express is committed to bringing greyhound racing into the modern era and this is just one of the many exciting plans we have in store. Don’t miss out and tune in every week and see what Mick and co is up to.

RISING STARS Dave Firmager

I’ll go Ballistic if Romeo wins prize in Ireland!


ave Firmager is right up there with the best breeders in the land and it looks very much like he’s produced a future sensation. Romeo Ballistic is a September 2012 whelp who’s been sent to Ireland (Frazer Black) for a crack at one of the big Irish un-raced stakes. I would absolutely love him to return to England with the trophy in the bag, whatever happens though one thing is for sure write down that name; Romeo Ballistic

he will be an absolute superstar. There is nothing I like more than seeing young greyhound progress, it really does excite me and there seems to be so many at the moment which is great news. Farloe Nutter for Craig Dawson looks to be a greyhound you best stay on the right side of. He had a decent Irish card but after coming third on his British debut he simply took off on his second UK start. Nutter recorded a mind boggling calculated time of 27.52 over the 480m

course at Sheffield, Eden Star holds the clock at 27.39! Staying with the Dawson camp Target Elinor seems to be a youngster (August 2012) in a rush to race through the grades at Newcastle. At the time of writing she’s only had three starts and won them all 29.88, 29.47 and latest effort 29.36, the improvement is surely not stopped yet and with a bit of luck she should make in to a very nice prospect for the coming year.

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Ups and downs of running a syndicate MARK WHITTAKER FROM ARMCHAIR OWNERS ANSWERS THE QUESTIONS TELL US ABOUT YOURSELF: Hi Mick a little about myself, born in Manchester 51 years ago and now live in Falmouth with my lovely wife Angela, we have five children between us. Started going dog racing at five years of age with my dad and have been hooked ever since. Have owned greyhounds at Belle Vue on and off for thirty-years also had dogs at Notingham Walthamstow, Mildenhall, Romford and no of course Newcastle with the syndicate dogs. WHAT WAS THE BEST DOG YOU HAVE OWNED? Best dog owned Allegro Royale won Shelbourne 750 in 1999 beating Nifty Niamh and the best Irish stayers, it was brilliant to beat them in their own back yard, same year we reached the St Leger final with her. WHY DID YOU SET UP ARMCHAIR OWNER’S SYNDICATES? I started the syndicates for two reasons, firstly to let people like myself still enjoy greyhound ownership and watching them run, but having no local track for 180 miles I thought the best way to do this was through the media like RPGTV. Also to encourage new owners into the game, greyhound ownership is no longer a working man’s price due to kennel bills, but this way people could still own a share in a dog and enjoy the thrills and excitement of watching their dog run for a fraction of the cost. WHAT SORT OF OWNERS HAVE YOU GOT? We have a huge array of owners from people who already own their own dogs, people who have shares in other wellknown syndicates, right through to a couple

of guys who have never visited a greyhound track but love watching RPGTV. WHAT’S THE RESPONSE TO THE SYNDICATES BEEN LIKE? The response from all members has been fantastic and all are very impressed by the constant update of information by the website www. or by text message which keeps everybody updated when the dogs are trialling or running, the great part of it is they feel involved with what’s happening to the dogs and there is a lot of fun and banter between the members, and to be honest that’s what it’s all about, owning and watching your beloved dogs run. There is always plenty of oi ois when we have a winner. HOW DO YOU KEEP OWNERS INTERESTED IN BETWEEN HAVING RUNNERS? A lot of the owners are very impressed with our new tipping page which is absolutely free to all members. Here we have the selections of one of the UK’s most feared open race punters and he gives his analysis of all opens that are on RPGTV and Sky, his success rate is excellent and some nice price winners as well, I’m constantly getting asked by members what time the tips are going up so they can get the early prices. They nearly always go off shorter, He recently tipped up Cavan Dancer @ 5/1 returned 7/4 and a Henlow winner tipped at 15/8 returned 4/5. Believe me its worth

joining a syndicate just to get this guy’s info. Most shareholders have had their shares paid for by now just with his tips. WHAT DOES 2014 HAVE IN STORE FOR YOU? At the moment we have Armchair Floss who has graded over 575m at Romford she always runs an honest race and has already won 5 times for us which is brilliant. Over at Newcastle we have Armchair Widow who won her first race for us on her debut, but found 50 spots so she has had to re-trial but should be back on the card next week, both are very young dogs and shares are still left in them at a one off payment of £95. All shareholders receive a percentage back of prize money so on average after the dogs finish racing the shareholders will virtually have got their money back. WILL YOU BE INCREASING THE NUMBER OF GREYHOUNDS YOU SYNDICATE? By the end of 2014 we hope to have dogs at every track covered by RPGTV so hopefully could be watching our dogs run five nights a week. We have three new syndicates starting off very shortly, which will be lesser shareholders probably 10 or 20 then all shareholders share the monthly kennel bills which will be peanuts really, these syndicates will be at a very low buy in level, and will be snapped up as members have already pledged to buy into all the Armchair dogs.

YOU CAN’T EAT VALUE By Mick Livesey In this new book, Greyhound Express editor Mick Livesey reveals how he picks winners. It’s packed with pricless info gained from his lifetime in greyhound racing. ALL FOR THE AMAZING PRICE OF £10!





am pleased to announce the Belle Vue Owners Forum are to continue with the sponsoring of the Category Three Northern Flat Championship at Belle Vue Greyhound Stadium in 2014. We have sponsored this event now for the last three years with great success and hopefully this time around we will have an even better class of entry than before. Like in the past three years of this event I am now looking for sponsors As in the previous three years each individual sponsor of ÂŁ100 will be entitled to a meal on finals night with a small drinks al-


One area that raised its head in the past month was greyhounds being accepted for competitions or to be more precise the lack of being accepted. So you had your chance to have your say and see if you would prefer the power to be handed over to the stopwatch rather than the racing manager deciding on the runners. It was overwhelming in support of current system and that you think it should be left to the racing manager and their staff! Keep your eyes peeled on Twitter and Facebook for the next poll.

lowance provided by the Belle Vue Management. Any other smaller amounts will of course be greatly received. There is no rush to pay all I want at this very early stage is your pledges. I will be collecting the money much nearer the event.... Thanks as ever for your support here on your Belle Vue Owners Forum.. James Rowley... BVADMIN [BVOF] board/14/greyhounds

On a personal note I think the powers that be at BV owners deserve a lot of credit, this is a race steeped in history and through their hard work its survival is guaranteed. Well done to everyone involved. If you have not already check out this fantastic site, it really is packed with useful information put together brilliantly. Comparative times and ratings is a particular favourite of mine, I also use the track information for my work on the Sky Greyhounds programme.

YOU no longer need a computer to join Editor’s Choice – all you need is any phone! EDITOR’S CHOICE – the tipping service from Greyhound Express Editor Mick Livesey and Racing Ahead Editor Stephen Mullen is now available to anyone with a phone. Don’t miss out on the top tips from the editors of the best greyhound and horse racing magazines on the planet! And you can now call our office every morning and get the tips from a human – no computer needed! Or if you have a mobile phone, we’ll text the tips out to you every day – all at no extra cost! You can still log on to the website as usual to get the daily selections too. And it’s all available at a reasonable price – from less than £1 per day. To join, call 0845 638 0704 (normal call charge, not premium rate). Or go online to You can pay for a month’s service for £30, or if you want to try it for a week, it’s just £10. There are no tie-ins, no recurring subscriptions. You just pay for the month or week and it’s completely up to you whether you renew.


UP COMING BAGS/SIS/SKY EVENTS FEB-MAR Betfred Festival - Sheffield Tuesday, 4 February

Pinpoint Festival of Racing - Newcastle Tuesday, 11 February

Racing Post Juvenile/The Springbok - Wimbledon Tuesday, 4 March

Ladbrokes Trainers’ Championship - Sheffield Tuesday, 25 March

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BREEDING GROUND Breeding update It's all going well for us at the moment, with the recent announcement that we have won the UK dam of the year with Blonde Pearl, it is a real boost to our kennel. 'Pearl' had previously had 2 litters for someone else which amounted to virtually nothing, and I'm sure that many would have said not to breed from her again. We however thought that she was worth another chance with ourselves which has now resulted in her winning the dam of the year award, it goes to show that the quality of care and rearing is vital to any success. What do I look for in a brood ? Plenty of theorists have just that, plenty of theories. Personally the last thing that I look at is the pedigree (not that I don't like to see certain names on them), however I have a saying “the dog makes the pedigree, the pedigree doesn't make the dog�. In any litter, all of the offspring will have the same pedigree 'on paper', but no two will have the same DNA, they will all have a different make up, if they didn't how do people explain a 'well bred', well reared greyhound running in low grade ? So... what do I look for in a brood ? Top class race ability, very keen, good attitude, and a good mother, they need to tick as many boxes as possible. Other breeders may put more emphasis on other criteria, what I look for is just my own personal preference. Anything that I would avoid ?... Personally I would not breed from any dog or bitch that had been disqualified. Certain names on a pedigree(personal choices) are an instant turn off, especially those who appear to throw a higher percentage of ungenuine greyhounds. Many will disagree with my views, often quoting low grade or disqualifed bitches that may have produced a fair standard offspring. My views are that the 'percentages' angle is against them. It is not impossible to produce good pups from a graded bitch, what if she happened to race at a track that didn't suit her, that didn't play to her strengths, running over the wrong distance,suffered an early injury,or was with a poor trainer. All of these reasons would not show the bitches full potential, and they would have probably performed better under different circumstances. This is why occasionally you come across a graded bitch who can produce top class greyhounds. BUT... for the low grade bitch, running on a track that suits, injury would be highly unlikely to produce decent offspring regardless of choice of stud dog or quality of rearing. Preparation of the brood is a major factor in success. My broods are kept in tip top condition, and they are wormed and frontlined prior to being sent for mating. They are then wormed with panacur 10% puppy wormer on a daily basis from day 40 onwards so that the pups are born free of any worm burden. Stud dogs are chosen usually well in advance (at least a shortlist) rather than making last minute snap decisions. My advice to novice breeders.... breed from the best bitch that you can get hold of, not necessarily the one that you have, and if unsure... listen to those who are successful rather than those who shout the loudest. Many people on forums offer advice but have never even bred a litter..let alone produced anything of note.

WITH JOHN MARRIOTT often quoted greyhound myth is that it is just 'luck'..some are just luckier than others. Why is it then that the same breeders are lucky time and time again ? The golfer Gary Player said something like “the harder I work, the luckier I get” and it is true with most things.... does luck play a part at all ? … Yes,

luck that the good ones don't get badly injured. Here is Fearsome Class.... (pictured after breaking her hock) ...she is litter sister to Adageo Bob and Fearsome Liberty.

'Class' trialled with 'Liberty' 3 times (once at Sheffield, twice at Nottingham) and won all 3 trials.... so who knows what might have been ? She is now almost ready to return to the track, so it will be fingers crossed that it all goes well. Good luck to anyone who breeds a litter, it is a long expensive road, try to do everything to the highest standard and hope that the good ones don't get injured. Wishing all breeders a successful 2014.

English Oaks – 470m Belle Vue Collision Rumble Impact Rumble Ciarrai Droopys Danneel Boherduff Light Droopys Bubble Droopys Iris

Awesomw Assassin Rumble Spirit Smooth Rumble Pony Nikita He Knows Travelling Light Droopys Kewell

Droopys Roberta A fabulous Oaks win for Droopys Danneel following on from finishing runner up in the Kent Derby at Sittingbourne. It took her race record to 14 wins from 26 starts. Some of her best times include 27.54(calc) 470m Belle Vue, 28.72 for 480m Sittingbourne, and 29.84(calc) 515m Brighton. Sire Rumble Impact is an Australian sire who stands at the 'Droopys stud'. Dam Droopys Bubble won 3 of her 10 races, all sprints, one graded win at Sheffield plus 2 open wins at Coventry and Hull. Some of her best times are 17.42(280m) Coventry,16.13(280m) at Sheffield, and 17.11(270m) at Hull. She is also dam of 2011 Irish Derby finalist Rockchase Bullet. Boherduff Light won 26 of his 44 races , including winning the Laurels at Cork plus setting a 28.61 TR at Youghal on what is an impressive card. Droopys Iris won 3 races at Shelbourne Park with a best of 28.86.

BREEDING GROUND  Essex Vase – 575m Romford + Coronation Cup – 575m Romford Droopys Maldini Ninja Jamie Farloe Oyster Reel Trickyone Coonough Chief Lively Jubbley Lovely Jubbley

Droopys Kewell Little Diamond Top Honcho Farloe Dingle Polnoon Chief Windy Lane Arrigle Buddy

Blissful Bibi A win in the Essex Vase for Reel Trickyone took his race tally to 15 wins from 57 starts, 4 graded wins and 11 opens. He then further enhanced his record with wins in the Henlow Cesarewitch, before a further competition win in the Coronation Cup during a 'real' red hot spell of form. It has taken his race record to 19 wins from 63 starts. Ninja Jamie won 20 of his 44 races. He won the 2008 Yarmouth Derby setting a new track record of 27.40(462m) in the final. He also won the Derby Plate(480m) at Wimbledon, the Ladbrokes summer festival(dogs) stake, and finished runner up in the select stakes(500m) at Nottingham in what was a fantastic 2008 for him. Some of his best times include a then TR of 28.70 over 500m at Sheffield, 28.31 over the 480m Derby distance at Wimbledon, and 27.50 for 460m also at Wimbledon. Dam Lively Jubbley won 21 of her 112 races, 4 open race wins and the rest were graded. Her 4 open race wins were all in marathons, 2 wins over 850m at Reading with a best of 54.46, and 2 wins over 880m with a best of 57.04. She is also the dam of Lottes Girl, winner of the 2010 Kent St Leger at Crayford, and the 2011 Dorando marathon at Wimbledon. Other offspring include Wise Maldini who set a TR over 737m at Swindon. Droopys Maldini won 17 of his 27 races, he won the 2005 Champion stakes(Shelbourne Park) and the 2005 Boylesports International(Dundalk) both over 550yds. He was also runner up in the Irish Derby in both 2004 and 2005. Farloe Oyster is a prolific dam, and one of the most successful broods of recent times. She won 2 from 8 races herself including a 29.18 win at Lifford. As a dam she has produced Group 1 winning offspring such as Farloe Tango,Fear Zafonic, Farloe Reason, Ninja Jamie, Farloe Hurricane plus many more top class progeny.

WITH JOHN MARRIOTT Laurels – 470m Belle Vue Roanokee Ballymac Maeve Blonde Returns Mileheight Alba Spiral Nikita Giddyup Girl Staroftheshow

New Tears Free Method Phantom Flash Blonde Slippy Phantom Flash Minnies Nikita Staplers Jo

Ullid Citrate A great burst of early pace saw Mileheight Alba take the laurels at Belle Vue, recording 27.65 in the final, although he has a 27.61(calc) previously. He has now won 9 of his 19 starts with other best times of 29.86 500m Nottingham, and 28.24(calc) over 480m at Perry Barr. Sire Ballymac Maeve is a sire noted for early pace. He won 5 of his 10 races, all as a puppy. His best times were 28.46 (+30) at Cork and a 17.60 sprint win at Tralee. Dam Giddyup Girl won 4 of her 8 starts including wins in 29.43 at Shelbourne Park and 28.67 at Waterford. Blonde Returns has been a prolific dam for Liam Dowling producing many top class offspring. Spiral Nikita won the Guinness 600 at Shelbourne Park as well as reaching 2 Irish Derby finals. Staroftheshow failed to win in 3 starts recording a best time of 30.02 at Kilkenny. She is the dam of 2006 Irish Oaks runner up Tyrur Kitten.

Mileheight Alba wins the Laurels


AICC coursing season: Going from strength to strength in Ireland D

uring the temporary cessation of coursing on mainland Britain, due to the misguided Hunting Act 2005, the AICC goes from strength to strength. The format of the season being well established now, with four qualifying stakes for an eight dog Champion stakes at the end of the season. Added to this format this season was the bonus of an Anglo-Irish stake in the open at Knockgraffon open coursing club’s meeting. To be out in the open fields once again was a real bonus to the English contingent who, while appreciating and thoroughly enjoying the parks, loved to be back doing the real thing as the “open aficionados” would say. As is traditional, the season started with the Peter Lister Memorial Stake at Trim Coursing Club’s annual meeting. Trim may be regarded by some as one of the smaller clubs in Ireland, but the meeting produced fantastic coursing in a great setting. The field is laid out in a natural way, being very open with minimal enclosure. This is not only pleasing upon the eye, but creates a field in which the hares flourish. The run-up is a natural one for the hares and encourages them to make their way up the field. The dogs also take to the field and show their full potential, not daunted by the setting, particularly useful for the young pups entering their first stake. The stake was won by Sir Mark Prescott’s “Pay Me”, trained by Cliff Standing, starting a memorable season for this team. In the first round “Pay Me” beat “Bridewell Crafty”, in the semi-final beat “Stepping Out”, owned by the Yordor syndicate, and in the final met Mr Barry Ibbotson’s “Da Gow”, trained by Jackie Teal, leading by two lengths in good working course.

Liz Hall, Brian Lumb, Robert Holt, Arron Atmore. Tricky Chuggy - winner of the English invitation stakes

“Bridewell Crafty”, owned by Gordon Aveline and Urshula Milne-Holme and trained by Jackie Teal, recovered from his first round defeat by “Pay Me” to win the consolation stake for first-round losers, leading “Crafty Momento” by two lengths in the final. “Pay Me” carried on his successful start to the season at Carlow Coursing Club’s annual meeting in the North Lincs Cup, gaining a second victory of the season on the withdrawal of “Lone Piper”, owned and trained by Arron Atmore, in the final. In an echo of the Peter Lister Memorial at Trim, “Pay Me” beat “Tricky Chuggy”, owned by Robert Holt and Sir Charlie Lister, in the first round, “Tricky Chuggy” then going on to win the purse in some style. Carlow Coursing Club’s field at Fenagh is a permanent coursing field, maintained all year round for this meeting and has all modern facilities including a grandstand

and the all important bar. The field looked resplendent, the going perfect, and the hares up to the usual high standard of Carlow’s meetings. The next meeting saw the inaugural running at the Audrey Hall Memorial at Balbriggan’s annual coursing meeting. The spectators were treated to some spectacular coursing with particularly strong hares giving the dogs the run around. Audrey would have been delighted to see coursing of this standard. One Irish owner walking off the field with his particularly tired charge after it was shown a clean pair of heels by a magnificent specimen of a hare suggested the meeting should be postponed due to the hares being too strong, a thought that brought a few wry smiles to the true coursing supporters. “Ishebizzi”, owned and trained by Mr A Rehman, took the honours in impres-

ARRON ATMORE The water flies at Knockgraffon Open

sive style with long leads in each of his courses, beating “Needhams Skill” and “Sugarspunsister” on his way to the final where he met Mrs Sally Merison’s “Crafty Cielo”, trained by Jackie Teal. In the final “Ishebizzi” once again showed great pace to take the victory. The Anglo-Irish consolation stake was won by Mr Arron Atmore’s “Shooting Star”, a track bred greyhound out of “Wordsandatune” by “Ballymac Maeve”. After his initial adjustment to the coursing field and slips, as opposed to circular track and traps, “Shooting Star” showed great pace to take the victory from the runner-up, Mr H Fetherstonhaugh’s “Market Crisis”, trained by Mrs Jackie Teal. Miss Liz Hall was on hand to present the magnificent cup to Mr A Rehman and connections in honour of her mother in a fitting tribute. The focus then turned to Bandon in County Cork, whose annual coursing

meeting hosted the Ryedale Invitation stake for 16 nominated all age dogs. This is the longest standing of the Irish invitation stakes and rightly holds a position of great esteem within the calendar. The field has a very steep incline and thoroughly tests the dogs speed and stamina. History was made as Mr Brian Lumb won with his owned and trained “Yew Best”. This victory means that Brian has won the Ryedale Invitation stake three times, a great feat for this owner/trainer. In the final “Yew Best” beat the Yordor syndicate’s “Stepping Out” trained by Mr Cliff Standing. “Yew Best” came with a late surge from behind to have the narrowest of leads in the final, but a decisive one. The Rydale Invitation purse was won by “Tricky Chuggy”, owned by Robert Holt and Sir Charlie Lister, a second victory in a consolation stake for the season. With all the qualifying competitions now completed, attention turned to the English

Invitation Stakes Champion Cup, held at Sevenhouses annual coursing meeting in County Kilkenny. The field at Sevenhouses is a sight to behold, the wide expanses and gently sloping hill of the coursing stretch looked magnificent. After the opening rounds of the English Invitation Stakes Champion Cup, we were left with “Stepping Out” and “Pay Me” in the first semifinal, and “Tricky Chuggy” running against “Yew Best’ in the second semi-final. “Pay Me” led by four lengths in a very impressive display, leading from slips to the first turn, three more turns were to follow in a working course. With the hare slightly favouring the red collar, “Tricky Chuggy” led to the first turn, coming from behind with two turns following until the hare reached the escape. The finalists were hard to split until three-quarters of the way up the field when “Tricky Chuggy” pulled away to lead by an


Fran Baxter presents the angloIrish trophy to arron atmore after Shooting Star won

impressive four lengths for the first turn. Another four turns were made before the hare made the escape, and the white flag was pulled by the judge, Tom Lawlor, to give “Tricky Chuggy” the victory. The “Why You Monty” Anglo-Irish stake for first round losers from the English Champions Cup and the Sevenhouses Working Members Stake was won by Mr Pat Loughlin’s “Phonix Magic”. This was a most appropriate victory as the winning owner was also the owner of “Why You Monty”, the Waterloo Cup winning dog who gives his name to the stake, and Pat Loughlin is also the joint secretary of the Sevenhouses club. The result brought the scores level for the stake winners between the English and Irish competitors.

The next meeting was at Knockgraffon Open Coursing Club, in County Tipperary, where an Anglo-Irish stake was held. To see the dogs running over the open fields was a fantastic sight and brought back great memories of coursing in England. Eight Irish dogs lined up against eight English dogs to form the 16 dog stake. At the completion of the first round honours were even with equal numbers of English and Irish dogs progressing. This only further served to increase the great buzz and excitement surrounding the stake felt by those attending. As it turned out the English dogs only made it as far as the semi-final, both losing to their Irish opponents, and leaving an all Ireland final. The Cuirt-an-Phucca syndicate’s “Don Corleone”, a white and brin-

dle dog by “Mafi Magic” out of “Droopy’s Scotch”, was a very worthy victor in the stake. To be out in the open fields once again, and the tingle of excitement as you could hear the crack of the beaters’ flags was a magnificent feeling. The hares at the open meeting were as strong as one could wish to see, and each one entering the field was given fair law, showed the dogs a clean pair of heels, and made good her escape, to the great pleasure of those in attendance. It only remains to thank those great men and women, and not forgetting children, at the coursing clubs up and down Ireland who invite us across each year and ensure that coursing continues and will be in great shape for when the Hunting Act is finally repealed, as it surely must soon be.

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Getting set for highlight of 2014!


he build up to this year’s big race here has begun. The 40th running of the Ladbrokes Golden Jacket gets under way with the six heats on Saturday evening 8 February when thirty six of the best go to traps chasing the winner’s prize of £17,500. Prior to this date a series of trial stakes have been run with the participants hoping to impress and these races do on occasion throw up the odd surprise but not usually a potential winner. The draw for the heats will take place at the Stadium on Wednesday 5 February and will be transmitted live to all Ladbrokes Betting Shops. As the record books show it will be a tough call to land a “home win” with Crayford trained greyhounds having won only three of the previous thirty nine events the last being Walk The Line trained by Patsy Cusack in 2007. Our other winners were Clover Park (1987) and Milldean Clarky (2005) trained by John Gibbons and Barry O’Sullivan respectively. This low strike rate is a direct result of the quality of dogs that come from far and wide in search of this prestigious title and this year will be no different with Irish raider Shaneless Becky likely to start and she figures prominently in Ladbrokes anti post price list at around 8-1 to win outright. She is a winner of thirteen of her thirty five starts in Ireland and the 714 metre distance here will be a new experience for her being some thirty metres further than she has raced before, will that make a difference to her chances? There have already been reports in the press that Charlie Lister will be sending Fear Emoski and the dog has been in-

stalled by Ladbrokes as anti post favourite trading at odds of around 5-1 so her official entry will be eagerly awaited but she will accordingly inherit that unwanted statistic which says that “anti post favourites do not win the Golden Jacket”. This is quite simply a very difficult race to win and in my eight years here I have seen just how the title has been won and lost off of that last bend and up the home

straight. Emoski has raced and won over 695 metres at other venues and there can be no denying that she has the class to win this and her place at the head of betting is fully justified. Can she buck the trend though? stat’s have a nasty habit of being relevant and like all of the contestants she will need luck in both the trap draw and probably in running, so say the statistics.

IAN BLAND Fear Emoski

There seems to be a bit of a word going around as to the chances of Hometown Honey installed as the 7-1 second favourite and what she has in her favour are wins over distances up to 843 metres and she has also finished second over 925 metres so no concerns regarding this trip. She has vast experience on her side and must be considered as a big player

on her form. I understand that Sidaz Dippy, who is not quoted in the anti post listings, will be here for a trial with a view to entering the Jacket and if accepted she will be renewing her acquaintance with both fear Emoski and Hometown Honey although you would expect both to be able to hold her on previous form lines. You can expect some previous Jacket

contestants to take their places in the starting line up and these should include the likes of Pony Bride, Bubbly Swallow and Boherna Bridge. Whilst both Swallow and Bridge were eliminated prior to last years final Pony Bride finished third last year and will be flying the flag for Crayford this year. The dog was placed with Crayford trainer Steve Gammon as a result of his performances here in the big race in 2013 and has become a firm track favourite since with the public culminating in an award recently from the RPGTV channel after a viewers vote chose the dog as their favourite Crayford dog. Can any of these three make the last six? Last year’s runs from each showed clearly how you need that little bit of luck but as a firm believer in luck is temporary whilst class is permanent lets hope that they fair well. The ante-post list is already lengthy and will no doubt be added too but a welcome inclusion is that of Em Millie who returns to the track after her success in the J B Riney MBE Marathon here on Boxing Day over 874 metres. The attraction of the Golden Jacket is simply just how competitive it is and how very difficult it is to find a winner and that is how it should be in my books. It is a mine field of a race and always has that buzz of anticipation surrounding it. Trainers love it as do the public and long may that be the case. I will leave it to you to tread carefully through the betting mine field and hope that you make it to the other side. Conscious of the fact that you would not want to be misled I will tread carefully and side with Hometown Honey. As an added attraction on Golden Jacket final morning on Saturday 22 February a very special award will be made to Newlawn Sweep who retired recently. Sweep is the all time race record holder at Crayford having had 267 competitive races here and at the tender age of eight years old, and probably against the dog’s wishes knowing Sweep, his owner Peter Claxson and trainer Patsy Cusack decided it was time to call it a day. Some dog and some record which I doubt will ever be beaten.



f you’re like me I’m guessing that you took the turning of the New Year as an opportunity for a fresh start. The old year wasn’t a great year either for my own dogs or in general for the majority of dogs in our kennel. A lot of the older dogs in the kennel that had served us so well we’re either retired or nearing the ends of their careers and this was only serving to highlight to us how difficult they would be to replace. When Peter and myself headed over to Frightful Flash Stud with Queen Of Rangers we were obviously hoping that her litter to Premier Fantasy would produce another Fear Zafonic. It’s long been obvious that this wouldn’t be the case although the litter are all genuine and we have already seen a few game and gutsy wins from Salacres Prince , Oyster and Adele in the latter part of 2013. If the litter are given a chance I’m sure they’ll all progress through a few grades yet as we move further into 2014. The second litter from Queen Of Rangers are a stunning looking litter by Kinloch Brae. After a chat with Mr Farloe himself Dessie Loughrey , Peter made the decision to input some American blood into the line via Kinloch Brae. If looks are anything to go by then it will prove a wise choice. They’re an altogether better looking litter than the first and with a bit of luck on side we might have a decent pup or two amongst them. Vivo Per Lei is a dog that Peter bought from Terry Corden a good few months back. Make no mistake this was a dog who had limitless potential and after winning a Nottingham open over 480m in December 2012 in a time of 2853 he was a dog that was hastily scribbled into the notepads of many decent judges. A few decent five figure offers were turned down for this dog at the time but the potential didn’t really materialise as both injury and a little quirkiness crept in. During the middle of last year Peter fi-

Kinloch Brae x Queen Of Rangers pups at a young age

nally managed to secure the purchase of Vivo. Since then he has spent an incredible amount of man hours in trying to get this dog back to his best, injuries have been treated and no end of hours on the dogs mental side.

Vivo made his comeback at Henlow in mid-December in a low key open race but he ran well enough to give us hope and that has also been the case in three runs since at Nottingham. In fact it was his last run at Nottingham in a sprint race



that suggested to us that his time is not too far away as he lined up in a 305m sprint race that contained none other than recent National Sprint winner Helenas Sailor. Obviously it was going to be a tough

ask but he actually trapped in front and had it not been for trouble in running he wouldn’t have been too far away. Watch out for him over a more suitable four bend trip, injury and luck permitting he could be one forgotten dog that is

worth following over the coming months and one that will hopefully reward the many hours work that Peter has spent in getting him right. If I could give you one more dog to follow that we’re hopeful will be winning races sooner rather than later it would be Salacres Conkon. He’s named after one of my favourite Nottingham dogs of the past few years. Conkon was an ultra-consistent staying dog at Nottingham for his connections who won opens over 500, 680 and 730 as well as numerous A1s. I was browsing the for sale adverts one morning and paid little real attention to a dog called Garryvoe Paddy , that was until I noticed he was from Minnies Budgie, the dam of none other than Conkon. For what was only small money the deal was completed quickly. Salacres Conkon as he is now known settled in well and though he might never win as many races as his salubrious elder brother , he will give anybody who follows him a lot of fun along the way. To say he is devoid of early pace is an understatement but if he’s anywhere near the pace as they turn for home then watch him go because he finishes with a real rattle. He may step up in trip at some point but in the meantime enjoy him over 500m where he is sure to put in some crowd pleasing performances. It’s a little bit early in the year yet with regards the open racing scene. There have been one or two that have shown me a little bit of potential but i’d like to see a little more of them before making them a dog to follow. I’m sure next month i’ll have one or two dogs that might be worth following over the next few months. Thanks for reading, hopefully 2014 is a good year for us all. If any of you are interested in placing a dog with us at Nottingham or indeed to target Racing Post TV races with then please don’t hesitate to give me a call on 07877 393 829 or check out our website at



Tango was the high point H i everyone, let me start by wishing you and all your families a very happy new year; let’s hope it’s a profitable one! I’m sure you will all agree it’s great to have the magazine back again after the Christmas break, I for one have missed reading it! There was a fantastic card at Hove just before Christmas, at which none other than the great Farloe Tango turned up for, he ran in the Ballyregan Bob memorial and turned a very good six bend race into a procession. He trapped in his usual slow fashion, but after the second bend was in a very dangerous position, I was standing very near the owners and the oi oi’s went up off the second turn when he was some 10 lengths behind the leader! They were not wrong though, he fairly flew down the back straight and blew away a very good field, pulling clear to win by over 10 lengths in a very fast 40.79. He for me has to win greyhound of the year, he brings to this sport what punters pay money to go and watch and that is exciting, explosive bursts of pace that make the hairs stand up on your neck, his running style as well adds to the excitement of him, as he never does it the easy way. On the supporting card there were some other cracking performances, Droopys Jarrow impressed again in winning the puppy competition by 4.5 lengths in a very fast time of 29.57, once again showing he is going to be a real top dog this year and very interesting come derby time. Mash Mad Snowy won the Jimmy Jupp hurdle in determined fashion after some sketchy jumping down the back straight, class shone through, getting up to win by 1.5 lengths. On the 2nd of January there was a good card at Hove also, it marked the debut on the south coast of the very exciting pup Ballymac Bocko, sent off a very generous 2\1 shot, he showed great pace down the back, to pass Starchill Oak and go on to win by 2 lengths, there is any amount

of improvement to come from this puppy and is worth following over the coming months. Droopys Casey advertised claims to be a six bend dog to follow with an all the way success in 41.34 over the 695m trip, although 695m stretches Casey, with the early pace the dog possesses, trips in the region of 630m will suite ideally in my opinion. There was a bumper trial session at Hove on Monday 20th January. There were some fantastic dogs on display at the session; here are some of the dogs that caught my eye. Jason Heath’s dog Too Old To Dream trialled well over the 515m trip, clocking an eye-catching 29.74, and will no doubt be stepped back up in trip again now, but the one thing this trial showed was the dogs wellbeing and he will be a threat wherever he turns up in the coming weeks. One of the really impressive trials for

me was the one put in by Droopys Stoute, I put this dog up as one to follow in one of my earlier columns, only for the dog to go and break a toe! But on returning from his absence the dog clocked a flying 27.54 for 475m trip, none of the 475m opens for the past 4-5 months have been won in a time that fast, I really hope this dog come back to fulfil its potential. There was nice comeback spins for Droopys Jarrow (16.25), Chicago (16.36) and Musical Gaga (16.67) but once again the real eye-catching sprint trial belonged to Droopys Norris, who once again broke the 16 second barrier, clocking a flying 15.99! if you follow no other dog this year, be sure to follow this one, this is a real superstar in my opinion, to coin the phrase “ this dog could be anything” is an understatement, what this dog is, is a flying machine. A pup that has caught my eye, just start-

for me

ing out its racing career is a pup by the name of Ballymac Irene, trained by Doreen Walsh. This pup has only had 4 races to date, and each has been a bumpy ride. But in a trial this very young pup has clocked a 30.65 and started at 3\1 in an A6 in only its second race, New dogs are notoriously harshly graded at Hove, so when this pup receives a down grade and gets more experienced, I would expect it to leave A6 grade well behind it. Remember to go and check out the blog at or follow me on twitter @ghoundtips1982 I will always follow back, here you will get my tips each Thursday for the Hove open race cards and different ante post selections for all the competitions starting. I wish you all the best with your punting over the coming month and I will see you next month.

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The Palace is up for grabs? Easington

Every month Andy ‘Flapping’ Tomlinson brings you the news from the Flapping Scene

As little as £5000 is thought to be enough to secure the lease which is a fraction of what has been spent on the stadium since Mr Atkinson took over almost 20years ago. The track and stadia itself could do with a complete makeover but having raced there myself for almost 20 years its plain to see improvements can be made at very little cost. This great little track which is 2014 saw the rumour mill go into over- the oldest flapping track left in the UK first time as speculation builds as to whether opened its gates in 1932 and has the potenthere’s any truth in the rumour’s that the tial to be a little gold mine. lease for Easington Greyhound Stadium may be up for grabs. It’s not sure if current lease holder and The 2014 New Year’s Handicap competiracing manager Joe Atkinson is looking for someone to buy him out, but word has tion was won by a controversial little fawn quickly spread that there may possibly be dog called Braveheart. This dogs first three races at the Palace saw him runner up on someone ready to make him an offer.



all three occasions, beaten in FTON each time which showed he had the ability to be something very special, however in his fourth race he wasn’t chasing the bunny he was chasing the dogs so his owner gave him to local trainer Craig Harker who now seems to have the dog focused on the job in hand.


January 24th will see the start of the Wheatley Hill Graders Sprint Championship, a level break competition over 260m for 30 of the best graded sprinters the tracks got to offer. There’s £400 prize money up for grabs so the locals are sure to have their runners revved up for this one which is a three-run event.

PAUL YOUNG - GREYHOUND TRAINER BURTON LODGE RACING Paul Young has a few vacancies for racing greyhounds at his Essex based kennels. He regularly travels the length and breadth of the UK for open racers and his graded dogs run 5 days a week at Romford including on RPGTV on Wednesdays and Fridays. Apart from outright ownership he and his assistant Jack Murrell also run the very successful ‘Young at Heart’ syndicate and boasts one of the most social kennels in the country with owners from all walks of life. Every time your greyhound races you will receive a text with the details of their chances and you are always kept fully informed.

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Finding homes for Retired Racers We care for approximately 80-90 greyhounds at any one time here at our kennels in Hersham and whilst they are waiting for their home our staff and volunteers prepare them for a life beyond our kennel walls by taking them out and about. We operate a no destruction policy which means that every greyhound who enters our kennels will have the opportunity to go home—no matter how long it takes. We home check all prospective homes, offer full back up and support and encourage our homed greyhounds and their families to come and visit or participate in any of our numerous events throughout the year. We provide a ‘safety-net’ for every greyhound we home and it is a requirement on our adoption agreement that our greyhounds are returned to us should peoples’ circumstances change and they find they that they can no longer keep their greyhound at home as a pet. We are an independent charity and as such we are not funded by any organisation. All we achieve we achieve through the hard work and generosity of our supporters. If you would like to know more about us, offer a greyhound a home or support us then please get in touch.

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