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Grey’t Ideas weekly 30.05.2014

Future is here

Science Fiction movies has been serving us robots, star travels and other cosmic marvels for years. But what we thought to be S-F 20 years ago, might be within a hand’s reach. As usual we must start with American scientists. So what did American scientists come up with this time? Surgeons in Pittsburgh will begin testing suspended animation on people next month. They are not going to hibernate them (yet), but we can already see spacemen in cryonic chambers. More info:

But that’s not all from American scientists. Another group is working on TALOS – military version od Iron Man – an exoskeleton that supports soldier on a battlefield. So far the TALOS was still in the making, but by the end of this month, the first prototype should be ready. Company called Batelle supported by American government is managing the project. It’s quite terrifying to even think what the rest of American scientists is doing right know. 3

Bentleys new iCommercial Bentley is a symbol of luxury and prestige. Someone could say, that brand like this, even don’t need to be advertised. But if it decide to make commercial, for sure it will be extremely expensive.

Not this time! Bentley made a new commercial in cooperation with Apple. All shoots were made by new iPhone 5s, and all editing work was made on iPad Air. Movie looks almost professional, but we definitely can’t say that it’s an amateur job.

Social bottle Next brilliant idea from Coca Cola. We could say, that they are masters of using package design in brand communication.

This time they designed bottle, which can be opened only common with other one. Vending machine with new bottles was placed in one of American college. All to help new students make new friendship during first days in new school.

Tutelary bottle Creative idea from Vittel – mineral water producer. See how increase sales and take care of customer, by using product package.

We are so busy, that we simply don’t remember about ourselves. We don’t remember to eat, drink and even sleep. But Vittel know how to solve this problem. By designing bottle, which reminds you to take a sip every single hour. Water consumption should rise significantly.

Bitcoin ATM Fresh news about the most popular virtual currency – Bitcoin. We didn’t inform you about the opening of the first in Poland (and 3rd in the world) Bitcoin embassy in Warsaw, because there were more interesting things to talk about. But now we have to, because they just installed the first Bitcoin ATM in Poland. If you ever come to Warsaw, visit embassy on 46 Krucza street.

More info here:

last idea// old new Google Every brand logo need from time to time some changes. At Google, someone had the great idea to change the characteristic letters. Below are the old and the new logo and we challenge you to find the difference (at least one).


Answer can be found here.


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Grey't ideas weekly 30.05.2014  
Grey't ideas weekly 30.05.2014  

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