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Grey’t Ideas weekly 23.05.2014

Peace Day Shanghai Himalaya Center created a very expressive sculpture to celebrate Peace Day. To draw attention to this special day (for most just another ordinary one), they created a long corridor filled with bullets hanging in the mid-air. The impression must be stunning.

Useful screensaver

Screensavers are one of the most useless inventions humankind ever invented. But Pedigree managed to find some use for it.

Pedigree in Brasil played a little word play – they turned screen savers to dog&screen savers. Homeless dogs, that usually invisible in their animal shelters, were put, where everyone can see them – on computer screens. Dogs in need are happily running on our screens, whenever we come back to the computer. You can adopt them, and another dog takes their place.

Barter is back

In the era of money transactions, goods exchange seems a little old fashion. But using Internet and cheap flights, Transavia is trying to bring it back. Transavia is a French, low cost airline. They came to a conclusion, that after crisis people don’t have that much money (o rly?), but have a lot of unused goods in their garages and attics. You can sell them the normal way, but Transavia, along with ebay, recommend to exchange them – skip the payments and sold item instantly transforms into desired airplane ticket.

The weirdest beer ad ever After watching this advert we can say we’ve watched everything and nothing can surprise us anymore.

Coors Light from Canada encourages every man to always say YES to adventures. But that does not mean that you will experience things like people in those ads. You’ve been warned.

User Generated Commercial

Coca Cola introduced the first TV commmercial made (almost) entirely by fans of the brand. First of all we are glad that this is not another fake-happy ad or viral using vending machines. This time we present Coca Cola ad which was created from videos sent in by the brand users themselves (Spot consists of 40 videos).

last ideas// McD new mascot McDonald's presented its new terrifying Happy Meal mascot, which is said to replace the old terrifying mascot. Probably they conducted the study, so some children must have liked it.

Grey't ideas weekly 23.05.2014  

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