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Grey’t Ideas weekly 16.05.2014

New era of books Ordinary books will leave to rest, because nobody wants to just read. Now it's time books that have a dual utility. New trend is born, now books are not only simple sheets of paper filled with text. In today's GIW we present three literary works that have additional, very useful application that allows you to go even deeper in reading.


„Bible of BBQ� This a proposition for barbecue lovers that want to start prepare they own meal. Everything they need they can literally find in the book.


„The Drinkable Book” The book with pages are used as a filter to water, contains information on how to drink healthy, clean water, and what we are the danger if we do not do that.



„Smell York” New York smell quide containing 12 scents typical of the city.

Voteman In occasion of approaching elections to European Parlament (25th of May) Danish government pulled money from European funds and made the most motivating commerical in the history of advertising. Spot role is to attract people to the polls, otherwise woe to them. The film presents the story of one Dane, who has not voted in the previous election and because of this he is coresponsible for the fact that his favorite cinnamon cookie no longer has as much cinnamon as before. Because Union regulations. After this tragedy, the main character turned into a Votemana and together with his faithful dolphins using fist persuasion encouraged others to vote.

Your first time How it will look like? Everything is possible. For sure it will be great adventure!

That’s how European Parliment is trying to convince young people to vote for the first time. 25th may could be extremly dangerous for all people in Europe. If you will vote, a sheep herd can run over you, if don't, voteman will punch you.

Big flood Have you ever wonder how will world look like after climate changed? Now you can see it!

Special website, using google street view show world under water. It's kind of warning for everyone. If we won't do something with global warming, water level over the earth will drasticly rise. See how will look your neighbourhood after the worst case scenario come true.

last ideas// nomination to Awwwards Our new website was nominated on! This is a global and most prestige gallery of the best designed websites. We owe this nomination to our digital team: Adam Rudzki, Filip Szarama, Krzysztof Kosz and Rafał Lindemann. Everyone can vote so we encourage you to support our nomination on

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Grey't ideas weekly 16.05.2014  

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