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Grey’t Ideas weekly 09.05.2014

Power Rangers are back

Pop culture is begining to be look warmer and warmer at icons of the 90’s. Now Americans are planning to bring back famous Power Rangers.

American production company, Lionsgate, along with Haim Saban, the man behind „Power Rangers”, announced that they are preparing to shoot fulllength movie about the legendary coloured ninjas. The TV series is still running on TV, but the movie probably means there is a second youth coming for Power Rangers. Will they repeat Transformers success story?

The most boring ad of the world Copywriters all over the world are trying very hard to make interesting and surprising ads. After watching this ad we started wondering why?

Laica made probably the most boring ad in the world. It runs for 45 min with no action at all. Why? Just to show hand crafted production process as a proof of quality of their products. It’s extremely boring, but very convincing.

Fatty ambient For those who think, that Cola Diet is as unheatlhy as normal Coke. Coca Cola introduced the Slender Vender – the narrowest vending machine in the world. Made to convince you, that diet coke won’t make you fat. Combining with non-standard placing, this ambient brought very interesting result. So, who still think that no sugar means no fun?

Interactive blood donation Portuguese NGO, Fundação Pró-Sangue, created brilliant interactive posters promoting blood donating.

Posters are additionally smartphone chargers. You can plug in, charging your phone with „life-giving” energy, while the poster sends you and information encouraging to donate blood.

Polub swojego wroga

Racism was, and still is, a problem in Germany. However, they keep on fighting this „disease”. This time Facebook’s likes are their weapon of choice. Fanpage of German neonazi party, NDP, was recently „attacked” with thousand of positive likes and comments. Circa 100 000 Facebook users participated in action organized by Laut Gegen Nazis. As a result around 7 million media impressions were generated and it certainly made NDP angry.

last ideas// longest waterslide Some time ago we brought the news about an artist that wanted to build waterslide down the main road of Bristol. Looks like he achieved his dream.

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Grey't ideas weekly 09.05.2014  

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