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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 21.03.2014

Screams stock „Wilhelm scream” – if you know anything about the movies you must have heard about this most famous scream in movie history. It was featured in dozens of movies. Often as a joke, but it seems like it’s not fun for everyone. It was first featured in the picture „Distant Drums” in 1951. Since then it began to live its own life, but there is a man behind it. His name is Sheb Wooley. Unfortunately Sheb passed away, so he can’t appreciate the recognition his scream is getting. But „Wilhelm scream” still bothers his wife – Linda. She can’t watch a single movie without hearing it, and that makes her utterly sad. Help Linda watch her movies again and donate your scream on this site:

Very cheap commercial

Car commercial for 1500$? Seems suspicious, but its possible. And it even can overshadow professional productions with much bigger budgets. Two L.A. college graduates wanted to take ad market by the storm, so they made a cool TV spot for the money that wouldn’t even be a enough for a leaflet. And they made a pretty decent job. Ad even caught Tesla CEO attention and now it’s all over Tesla YouTube, Facebook and Twitter accounts.

Mobile killed the TV star You don’t imagine parting with your smartphone? You sit on Facebook while watching your favourite show? You prefer easy to use tablet than clumsy netbooks?

Fear not – you’re not alone. Survey conducted by Millward Brown showed that for the first time in history the average time we spend using smartphone has exceeded the time we spend in front of our TVs. These are only USA data, but the rest of the developed world is following their footsteps. Polish data shows that we prefer computer screen to any other device. Read the report here:

Change your ride for Porsche If you have gasoline flowing through your veins, you certainly have a dream car. If this car is a Porsche, you better take part in this activation. Germans are promoting their latest model. Which one? Nobody knows, it might even be something completely else… Who cares! What is important is that everyone can change their car for a new ride, fresh from the factory in Stuttgart. But you don’t know what you’ll get in return. There are a lot of cars in line already – Mercedeses, BMWs, Audis, but there is also a couple of Ferraris and Rolls-Royces.

Forbidden colour Once the movies were black and white and it certainly had its charm, but can you imagine a life completely devoided of colours? Dulux in its newest campaign showed a short movie that recalls the prohibition times in America. In an advert it is not an alcohol that is banned but colour. Fortunately, there are people who rebel against the grey reality.

last idea// Old Spice once again… New ad with Terry Crews. You could say that the idea is already old and they don’t show anything new, but people like it (as shown in YouTube stats).

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Grey't Ideas Weekly 21.03.2014  

Advertising, communication, technology. (very) Subjective overview of what happened recently.

Grey't Ideas Weekly 21.03.2014  

Advertising, communication, technology. (very) Subjective overview of what happened recently.