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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 07.03.2014

My friend Godzilla If you believe in movie makers’ propaganda that Godzilla was aggressive monster – you are so wrong. In fact Godzilla is very cool and a friendly creature… until it gets hungry.

In May we are expecting newest Godzilla movie which will most probably be a blockbuster. Check out the newest breathtaking trailer. This week we dug up the latest Snickers ad. It is great! Insight stays the same, but creative work is much better and the casting for main hero is the best. 3

How you want to be famous? Scottish whisky Famous Grouse stays to true to the whisky’s legacy. Only noble and exquisite solutions – no brute and primitive advertising.

That’s why they asked their consumers: „What would you like to be famous for?”. Famous Grouse took all the answers and made a very clever sculpture out of it. See the effects here:

Very creative billboard Outdoor advertising clutters up the cities – that’s a very popular opinion. But if we add some creativity it could make our surrounding beautiful.

In Germany there are lots of DIY stores. Each of them has very ugly advertising. Each billboard shows only tools and materials needed for changing the house. But they don’t show how the house would look like after using them, and yet the final effect is the most important. German OBI in a very literal way showed how our flat may look after purchasing products at their stores.

Back to the future Everyone watched „Back to the future” trilogy, but I doubt you feel so sentimental about them as Americans do. Maybe they’re working on a remake?

Few days ago a company HUVrTech published a movie that took internet by storm. Professor Emmet Brown (now a bit old), known for his role in „Back to the future”, presented a new project of hoover board that is about to be released soon. Project was endorsed by such celebrities as Tony Hawk (pro skater) and Moby (musician).

Promo -

Obvious fake was to much for many internet users who thought it’s real. The promo was watched by 8 mln people, so Tony Hawk felt he should apologise all those who feel cheated and he admitted it was a fake.

But that’s not the last gift for the „Back to the future” fans. Another popular gadgets are Nike power laced sneakers featured in the movie. Nike released a limited edition of those sneakers for charity in 2011 (of course the power laces were not included) and the whole income was donated to charity. Now you can find them on Ebay with prices starting from $600. But now one of Nike designers announced that we might see power laces on the market by 2015. High time – so far the fans had to built them on their own.

Upcoming movies LEGO movie has just hit the cinemas around the world. It looks like it’s selling pretty good, so we might very soon see another popular characters on the big screen.

This time it might be hugely popular on-line game Minecraft. Warner Bros have bought rights for the movie based on the game and they hired a guy who was responsible for the LEGO movie. Somehow it doesn’t get us excited. We prefer to wait for the new Moomins movie:

last ideas// timing Black Box comedy festival has just ended. To promote event, a hilarious spot was made. Spot is in fact a sketch about the importance of timing, especially in the comedy. Supposedly the story is based on facts.

Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't Ideas Weekly 07.03.2014  
Grey't Ideas Weekly 07.03.2014  

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