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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 14.02.2014

„Short” movie about brand Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most iconic cars in the world, a true legend. Now we present the history of one of them. Car with VIN#903847 is quite amazing. This 58 years vehicle travel around the world 3 times. To celebrate great machine, its unique spirit and whole VW brand, Canada created 30minute documentary that caries one simple message – we create überdurable cars.

The outcome is nice, but the whole movie is mainly for the Beetle’s fans.

Traffic robot Who said that only Silicon Valley rule in innovations? Walking the streets of Kinshasa, capital city of the Democratic Republic of Congo, one can find a humanoid robot that directs traffic on streets, including giving tickets for infractions. As we read, there were two assumptions when building the robot: to draw attention of people so they obey rules and save the money on managing jammed streets. As Fast Company notices, this is also interesting experiment for the interaction design discussion on what’s better, to design robots that are alike us, or to create them completely different (more e.g. here).

The chemistry of storytelling Chemistry is a simple and logical science – you put in two ingredients and get a third one. If only storytelling was that easy. Seems that’s what designer James Harris had in mind. He created a whole periodic table made from the elements that appear in every story ever created. All you have to do is take the ingredients you need and combine them. He doesn’t tell how to combine them, but young writers will certainly find his website useful. Full storytelling periodic table here:

Olympic 4 wheels Fastest response we’ve seen in a long time. Almost as fast as Audi R8.

The failure during opening ceremony of the Olympic Winter games was an object of scoffing in whole world. But real adman always see an opportunity for his brand or product. Because sometimes 4 wheels is all you need‌

Sochi for tough guys Winter Olympic is in full swing and we are carefully looking at Olympic ads, choosing the best for you.

Olympic Winter game is not a festival of kitsch and trumpery, like Super Bowl or Champions League. It is pure sport rivalry – competition of real fighters. Olympic idea is even stronger then controversies with light failure and organization weaknesses. Because is not about what's missing, but about what's there.

last idea// love hurts People do stupid things because of love, even death. Don’t be stupid, don’t kill yourself because of love – says authors of famous DumpWay2Die. This time they upload short story for Valentines Day.

Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't Ideas Weekly 14.02.2014  

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