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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 24.01.2014

Music timeline Google surprises us time and time again and we like most of what they surprising us with. This time they are offering some interesting data for music lovers.

This week we found a timeline made by Google, that shows all the music that contemporary listeners like. It focuses on year of origin of the music. For example: if it’s Jazz, that you’re listening to, it’s most likely from the 50’s, if rock – more likely 70’s.

Dog tested, dog approved In their newest series of commercials, Subaru is going for dogs. Not a most original thing to do, but very adorable. What we like the most about this ad is the role, that the dogs are playing. They are impersonating human and they’re doing it much better than most of us. It’s also a relief to see some dogs instead of cats for once (a lot of inequality in this topic). The TVCs shows a couple of ordinary situations, but played by dogs – refueling at petrol station, driving around the neighborhood or teen date.

spot 1 spot 2 spot 3 spot 4

Dangerous snowmen It’s always the same with snowmen – first you make them, sacrifice your time for them, take care of them (freezing your hands) and then they turn into psychotic monster-snowmen.

Maybe it’s not every time, but seems like the makes of this TVC had this in mind, when making Nissan Rogue spot. It was created in Canada, so we assume that they have a lot of problems with reckless snowmenconcerned behavior back there. And only cars to secure themselves. You can laugh, but the spot is well executed – Michael Bay wouldn’t made it better.

Be the master of you dreams Who wouldn’t like to master their own dreams? To do whatever they want to? With the Aurora project it may soon become reality. Kickstarter always come with something fun. Some time ago we told you about Polish idea for short but fruitfull sleeping, this time other „dreamy” idea is earning followers. Aurora is not drawing us away from the dream, but gives us a possibility to enter conscious dreaming phase. This means you can use this time for some more fun, or some learning. Nothing beats learning after you’ve been learning the whole day. More about the project here.

last idea// epic holidays Winter is here, so it’s time to think about going to warm places. The best time for hotel-booking website to offer their services.

Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't Ideas Weekly 24.01.2014  

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