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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 04.10.2013

50 strongest brands Every year, for nearly four decades now, Interbrand publishes a list of most valuable brands. This time there is a big change in ranking. Coca Cola lost its first position and was pushed down to third place. Don’t think that Cola has lost its appeal - quite the opposite, however Apple (Ist place) and Google (IInd place) have increased their value enough to leave ex-leader far behind. Here is the whole ranking.


If you want to know how brand value is measured, you’ll find the answer in the movie below.


Grey Asia Pacific in 180 seconds This week we invite you to get to know other Grey agencies from different regions. Our company is very active in Asia Pacific region and has recently created a few auto promotion short films there. Grey is one of the biggest network agencies worldwide. Being a part of such a network requires certain standardization. One of them is a form of presentation. Grey in 180 second is an idea to creatively show agency credentials and philosophy of work. It was recently used by different Asia Pacific branches to show their work. This gives us a chance to watch the same message in different executions.


Below a list of Asia Pacific region credentials • Asia Pacific • Japan • Australia • Hong Kong

• China • Indonesia • India • Malaysia

• Korea • Singapore • Philippines • Thailand • Vietnam


Coke still about happiness The most well known soda drink brand in the world is becoming very monothematic. To such an extent that it needs branding in order to figure out what the brand is it. Looking at brand communication worldwide you can notice the common motifs in Cola ambients - vending machines and spreading happiness. It is getting quite boring and the case study look more and more insincere. We are waiting for some breakthrough.


last idea\\ vending by Milka Milka encourages people to share. This time they promote brand by ambient based on vending machine distributing free chocolate to those that can work together.


Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't ideas weekly 04.10.13  

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