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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 23.08.2013

Electric Avenue Not only hybrids, but 100% electric powered cars will soon come to our roads. Cars manufacturers are doing everything they can to make their vehicles more sexy, but it seems that American company Tesla might be an ultimate winner in this new category. Every new car, before it is introduced to the US market, must be tested in the series of crash test designed to see if it’s safe. The latest tests showed that the new Model S from Tesla won in each and every category.

After summing up all the results it turned out that Model S scored 5.4 stars – the highest ever score for mass produced car. One of the most important factors was probably lack of engine in the front - battery can be fitted elsewhere, leaving space for safety-improving devices. This way electric powered car sets the new safety standards for vehicles. For all those interested in the subject there is crash test movie (no special effects involved). For sure, the Model S seems more reliable that this fortune tellerfuelled Infinity Q50.

Yet another Next Big Thing Wearable computing has been around for some time, but it is finally taking some shape. While we are waiting for Google Glass, Samsung surprised us with his new design. Wearable computing is just a piece of computer that you can wear – built into watches, glasses, clothes – you name it. For example Google Glass will let us record, google, navigate in real time (and soon they might start looking good). We still haven’t seen any Apple proposition (only some announcemenets), and now Samsung is stepping forward with their latest invention. September 4th is said to be the premiere of the new Samsung smartwatch. So far nobody knows how it will be operated or how it will look (in the picture you can see only artist’s impression), but many are preparing for the new iPhone.

Healthy Coke The Coca-Cola Company for years was the no 1 target when the obesity issue was raised. Sweet drinks are the main enemy for many nutritionists and doctors. But this time the Company decided to fight this image and go the other way. It all started with the spot showing Coca-Cola as a company, that has been trying to lower the amount of calories in their drinks for years. If this didn’t convince you, you can see the spot with simple message – live like your grandpa. He drank Coke and was fit, so should you (seems legit). As if this wasn’t enough, Coke thrown in another sugary (deliberately?) spot about happiness that comes from moving and movement that comes from happiness. Convinced?

Almost like George Jeston New Zeland company Martin Jetpack is preparing to launch on market a device that all of us always dreamed of.

We are talking about private jetpacks. George Jetson from „The Jetsons” had one, James Bond had one – so why shouldn’t we? Prototypes and test models popped up here and there, but never anything serious. But now the New Zealand company is talking business and mass production.

Sadly not everyone will be able to afford 100.000 $ gadget, except the filthy reach neighbour that walks his dog on a Segway. Maybe it will get cheaper as time goes by. If you want to order now, visit this website. This is not the first jetpack from Martin Aircraft Company. We found that they have years of experience. Check out the short movie commercial from 2011. Also we recommend they YouTube profile where you can find how it works.


last idea\\ Moving portraits Mountain Dew has come up with simple but visually stunning spots to promote sport people they are supporting. By combining shoots with 3D an 2D graphics, a little pieces of art were created, similar to the Kanye West music video for „Power�.

Snowboarder Danny Davis

Driver Dale Earnhardt Jr.

Skateboarder Paul Rodrigez Jr.

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Grey’t Ideas Weekly (23.08.13)  
Grey’t Ideas Weekly (23.08.13)  

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