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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 26.07.2013

There will be blood Swedes are nice and cultural neighbours from the other side of the Baltic see. They might have invaded and pillaged us a few times, but since then they have been sitting quiet designing furniture. But now it looks like they developed disturbing liking for horror movies.

Elmsta 3000 Horror Fest is one side of this fascination. Annual festival of horror movies is quite exclusive event, because you can come directly from the street – you need to be an enlisted participant. Not everybody are invited, but when you are – you’ll remember. This year for their guests, Elmsta 3000 prepared interesting invitation. The theme for the fest was „home invasion”, so there had to be some privacy invaded. On the side you can see the whole story.

Every year Elmsta 3000 comes up with some surprising invitations. Below you can see some of them.

Zombie Panic!: Cannibal Buffet

Live on the farm (caution, drastic!): P1. P2.


Prosciutto di Giallo:

On the road again Everybody knows that American motorcycle = Harley Davidson. Those that know a thing or two about motorcycles say that Harley Davidson = poor quality unreliability. But very rarely we see the iconic brand being attacked. Luckily the rival brand, Indian Motorcycle, don’t have problems with this. They based their latest ad on the iconic image of Harley Davidson and country music. But with a twist. Excellent use of Willie Nelson song ads a flavour to the spot. Now I hope that Harley Davidson will come up with some sort of payback, so we can see another advertising war. Nothing better than an old fashion advertising war. See the spot below:

Nerd’s hard life Nerd is a person to whom the world shows no compassion. Not only very little people want to understand his urge to go running with elven sword in the forest or decompile linux kernel, but it seems there are people now who want to take credit for the things that are good about being a nerd. Reading comic books and playing Zelda has become so popular that the world (or America at least) is swarming with fake nerds, who wants to squeeze into the world of SF, comic books, video games and other, hard to follow, fascinations. But real nerds are fighting back. First the TV series „Portlandia” showed the „real nerd Brian’s” speech and now the band The Doubleclicks made a videoclip for their song „Nothing to prove” defending female nerds.

How I never met your mother If you easily get frustrated with never-ending TV series that detach from the reality after 4th season, you might like the new promotion video for „How I Met Your Mother”. This TV series has lost track of what goes on it a long time ago – now nothing makes sense – if you were a main character you would jump of the bridge a couple season back. But it seems like the makers of the show realized that something is not right and maybe it’s time to wrap things up. See the short promotional spot with one of the least used characters from HIMYM below.

Kidsvertising Kids in advertising is no news, but very rarely you can see them in some serious role – not just entertaining viewers with their sweet, round faces.

On the side you can see two, rather fresh, ads with kids as the main characters. But they are not about selling products. They are just promoting what’s good for them – safety.

First spot was made by Red Cross and it promotes on-line babysitting courses. The second one comes from English NGO that fights with child abuse.

last idea\\ moving bottle It’s hard to say what’s more absurd about this spot – the Americans shooting such moving stories about a bottle’s life, or us being actually moved by it.

Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't Ideas Weekly (26.07.13)  

Advertising, communication, technology. (very) Subjective overview of what happened recently.

Grey't Ideas Weekly (26.07.13)  

Advertising, communication, technology. (very) Subjective overview of what happened recently.