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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 28.06.2013

Rory Sutherland for Wired Boss of our twin Agency in WPP Group (Ogilvy) with great eloquence and zest tackles one myth concerning influence of technology on people’s purchasing behaviour, explaining at the same time Amazon’s success. "There will be no customer loyalty on the internet, since a cheaper price is always just one click away” – this is THE prediction discussed in cited article for Wired. Rory Sutherland refers to few rules known from social sciences – psychology and economy: 1) The importance of „availability effect” – human’s tendency to to adopt a course of action simply because it easily comes to mind (i.e. most important is the fact that brand comes to mind in buying situation). 2) Habituation effect – the fact of having experience with the brand makes people more inclined to choose this brand, even though it’s may not be the cheapest option. Also the need of constant quality, not necessarily the highest quality (as like McDonald’s). 3) Social proof – one of rules of influence (rest here), people may do bizarre things only because of the fact that others did this before.

4) Reciprocity, another rule of social influence is good to explain consumer loyalty effect; one can think loyalty is irrational, when it’s quite the opposite, healthy relation between brand and consumer is rewarded in the long term. The article is here, enjoy:

Where the heck am I? Heineken is usually adventurous, but nice and polite beer (they even promoted moderate drinking). Seems like they want to go offroad now. This time famous green-bottled beer presents new online series called „Dropped”. It looks like hangovered, dayafter reality show, except everybody is sober – they just get thrown into strange places, not knowing exactly what for.

In the latest episode cheerful, but a little absent-minded Greek is dropped into the floating duck on the river in Cambodia with the mission to get the duck safely to Phnom Penh.

You can seen the whole trip here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

And here you can find the previous episode. The whole „Dropped” series is a part of Heineken campaign that encourages young men to go, travel the world and experience unexpected. TV spot promoting the idea is a part of Heineken’s long lasting series of ads called „Legends”.

Touching beer comercial There is nothing more beautiful than love of beer. This uplifting feeling is very clearly showed in the newest Tap King’s beer advert.

Almost every man loves beer, especially the one served from keg. Often, after a hard day’s work, we just want to spend some quality time with our favourite beer. We look into refrigerator and start a search... And when we finally find what we were looking for - it is like we hear this great song playing. This is probably one of the best example of putting iconic „Hello” by Lionel Richie in commercial. The emotions are thrilling, Lionel and the actor played roles of their lives.

Of course it is not the first time when „Hello” was used in advertising. Here are some outstanding examples:


Honestly, no bullshit Distance to oneselves and knowing one’s own limits is the most important and valued asset. Seems like Smart perfected this value. A strategy for this spot is very simple – all they needed was clearly defined target group that needs a specific car for a specific environment. It is well known, that urban jungles are full of cars having problems with lack of parking space. But these conditions are the best for the Smart Fortwo – urban car, that has no meaning outside the city.

Sunny phones I think that the last phone with a decent battery I can remember was Nokia 3310 (and those were ancient and dark times). Now we live in times of countless apps but very limited power. So what can we do if manufacturers don’t want to give us more energy?

It looks like New York wants to do something about it. The municipality is setting up posts with built-in solar panels (as you can see in the picture). Placed in 25 places around the NYC, will let people charge their phones, when they’re in a hurry. Solar panels will let the Street Charge (that’s how it’s called) to provide energy during night and cloudy days. The insight is very true and the idea is nice, but I don’t see people (especially in NYC) stopping by the post for half an hour to charge their phones. Nivea’s idea to charge your phone while you sunbathe was better.

last idea\\ Honest Coke All around the globe people are now buying Coca-Cola with their name on it, but British company Fentiman have abetter idea of promoting their coke.

Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't Ideas Weekly (28.06.2013)  

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