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Grey’t Ideas weekly 27.06.2014

Creative in Poland

Contrary to what you might think, we do have some creative skills and make ads on our own. Yesterday we showed our choice of Cannes winners. Today we wanted to make it more of a polish creativity week.

What gets to be exported

Poles sell a lot of stuff abroad, but most often brands hide behind English names. But not Sobieski vodka, one of the most popular products sold abroad. Sobieski is present on US market for 7 years now and it continues its campaign „Truth in Vodka”. The message it contains might be full of stereotypes, but at least it’s funny.


No country for old buses We like moving stories. And we like stories that manages to surprise us. It is well known that when you play on emotions you can’t go wrong. Game of Thrones knows a thing or two about this. Looks like our Interior Ministry watches a lot of GoT, so they made a very cute ad staring a sad old bus. Odd message it carries (check the bus before your child gets on it) got a lot of media buzz and caused a stir in the Internet. Most people hate it, but they talk, and that’s the most important thing.


Ads rarely become good virals, so it’s a relief to see something that good. One of Allegro users (biggest polish auctioning website) wants to sell his 11 year old Renault Megane. It got everything the car needs and even more. Check out this awesome post. Seems line the author got inspired by Vytautas water. Or maybe just by the whole internet.

Poles in Cannes We got also some polish winners in Cannes. Sadly these are not our works, but nevertheless – congratulations to the winners!

Bronze in PR and silver in Media: Very good manners

Silver in PR: Polish is ĄĘ*

*To say that something is ĄĘ in Polish means its very fancy.

Thank you for your attention and see you next week


Marcin Ejsmont Krzysztof Bogdalik Tadeusz Fułek Adam Brzuszkiewicz

Grey't Ideas Weekly 27.06.2014  

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