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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 17.05.2013

Perilous effects of atractiveness Every brand wants to be adored, loved and associated with beauty and success. But there is a very thin line between promoting beauty and discriminating those that are in no way beautiful. Abercrombie&Fitch is an American apparel brand that likes to use only attractive, well-build, white men in their advertisements. There are no exception to this rule – company CEO (who is not really handsome himself) said lately that the company prefers burning damaged clothes, rather than giving them to those in need. A&F can only be wear by cool people. It’s not a surprise that this discrimination policy outraged many people. Greg Karber from California used a well known marketing trick and used it the other way round. He bought A&F clothes at thrift shop and went giving them to homeless. His goal is to make A&F „the world’s number one brand of homeless apparel”. 2

Quite weird In GIW we showed many crazy materials released by companies to advertise their product. Mostly because absurd is fun, but what Windows released is simply strange. „Windows 8 Training Camp” is their new advertising platform (wonder if a name suggests that OS isn’t intuitive and you need training camp to learn it) and it contains three spots with dramatic product presentation.

The heroes of this platform are Asians doing some very weird tasks which seems to highlight functionalities and multitasking capabilities of Windows 8 operating system. 3


Hipsters are very grateful subject to make fun of and there is a lot of brands and people that have done so. But now somebody had stood on their side. Primavera Sound is one of the biggest European music festivals that takes place every year in Barcelona. But what a music festival be without one of the most devoted music fans – hipsters. Along with Heineken Primavera decided to embrace this group and say to them: „You’re not alone, don’t be afraid. Primavera is a place for you.” Nice, considering that nobody so far has even tried to like hipsters. So if you’re visiting Primavera this year – you know what to expect.


QWERTY R.I.P.? The well known keyboard layout called QWERTY, was born with the discovery of typing machine – the letters were laid out, so they didn’t interfere. Though today it’s not necessary, QWERTY stayed. Maybe it’s time for a change. Many tried to replace QWERTY keyboard, but with no luck. Typing machines died but the QWERTY prevailed, cause the computer keyboard are not very different from their predecessors. But now the change may come – the smartphones and tablets were born and, with it, the new way of typing using thumbs. The new keyboard layout that is designed for thumbs is called KALQ. The letters are distributed on two sides so the thumbs can complement each other. The system is not yet available for sale, but the test are very promising. 5

Smart helmet Smart-devices invades almost every aspect of our life making it better, easier and more efficient. Now new smart „thing” comes to life – cycling helmet that can improve your ride.

LifeBEAM is an Israeli company that work on projects connected to health monitoring. They got quite famous in military world for creating a jet-pilot helmets, that monitor their body functions, so that they can fly safer.


Two engineers from LifeBEAM took the hardware from pilot’s helmet and put it in bicycle helmet. This way cyclists can monitor they body, pulse, etc., and improve their condition even more (as if Heart Rate Monitors weren’t enough). 7

last idea\\ something on mosquitos The summer is coming and along comes annual mosquitos problem. In Italy brand producing anti-mosquito spray, came up with a clever way to show the efficiency of their products.

Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't Ideas Weekly (17.05.2013)  

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