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Grey’t Ideas Weekly 10.05.2013

Hidden message Problem of violence against children exists all over the world. Anar, Spanish foundation that fights with such pathology, sent hidden message to abused kids. In cooperation with Grey Spain Antar executed interesting creative idea based on clever observation: Most of young violence victims travel with their aggressors – so if we want to send a message to them, we need to do it in a way that no other can see it. Based on that outdoor communication was designed. There are two messages there, visible depending on angle you look. You can see how it works here.


Duel It is hard not to see Audi strong cross-promotion within Hollywood blockbusters. Iron Man 3 is up, now it is time for Star Trek. In almost 3 minute spot we can see Zachary Quinto (new Spock) and Leonard Nimoy (old Spock), who compete with each other on different grounds. One of challenges they take is a race to a golf club. New Spock drives new Audi S7, old one is behind Mercedes CL550 wheel. In the meantime we can see how much better is S7. Our overall impression‌ such a slow race it is! 3

Start-Stop One more case from Audi brand. Useful appl focussed on Start-Stop function. Start-Stop feature puts car engine into sleep every time when it stops on red light and it wakes up when green light appear. To promote this function in Spain, Audi created application that shot down other applications that are not used at the time, but they run in the background and use the battery. App works on Android system and it can be download under this link.

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3D printing’s dark side Technology exists to serve people, to make our life better. Unfortunately, there is no one, universal „better”, what’s good for some of us, for others are totally not accepted, may even pose a physical risk.

3D printing technology is a future, that’s a fact. What happens though, if people use 3D printers to create objects that are lethal, for example… guns? The problem is now picked up by US authorities, since problems with weapons are now one of the most important subjects there. It was noticed, that legislation does not follow reality, groups like Defense Distributed creates do it yourself recipes to prepare guns and are able to share them in the network. What can be done? Let’s follow the subject, since what happens at the intersection of technology, omnipresent access to knowledge, freedom and security is interesting – and can influence us all. More on the subject here: Wired, Popular Science

Geek’s on photography Geeks are trendy. Such technology enthusiasts are interesting for people, because know things that rest of us have no idea of. To be a Geek means to „technologize” the world, and it can be done to each aspect of our lives.

Therefore, how does photography look like, according to geeks? The accent should be on matrix, pixels, resolutions, ultra-zooms etc. However when we look into the photo section of Geek’s bible (i.e. Wired magazine), above all we are going to find many good pictures and selection of interesting subjects. Few examples: Ghostly Plane Wrecks Found in Remote, Exotic Locations Turbocharged Retro Cars Tear Up the Eerie White Nothing of Bonneville Sci-Fi Structures Found on Earth Get Transported to Alien World


to finish with \\ Old Spice to drink Isaiah Mustafa mostly known from Old Spice commercial has new job. Now he starts advertising Israeli beer Maccabee and ‌ it is hard not to make any comparisons.

and also \\ Robotic future of the music (???)

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Thank you for your attention and see you next Friday

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Grey't Ideas Weekly (10.05.2013)  

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