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The newly opened Grey Goose Restaurant & Bar is an Art deco landmark in Budapest. Excellent and centrally located (in the neighborhood of the Parliament) hospitality with professional and „invisible� staff which clearly works hard to give a very pleasant stay to the guests. In addition to the nutritious breakfast menus, we offer dishes carrying the typical tastes of Hungarian cuisine with some international flavour with the finest fresh ingredients.

The professional Grey Goose Cocktail Bar at the Grey Goose stands for the fine art of mixing drinks. We create our drinks with only premium spirits and fresh fruits or juices. The syrups that we use in our drinks are fresh and home-made. We like to infuse a lot of spirits so we can let you enjoy an authentic taste. All of our drinks on the menu had been created by our internal trained professional bartender who stands for the perfect balance, the great taste and the high complexity of our drinks.

"As a maitre de chai, i developed a deep knowledge and appreciation for the craftsmanship involved in creating the finest quality spirits" /François Thibault/

When François Thibault, a cognac maître de chai - ‘cellar master’ - announced that he intended to use his considerable spirits-making skills to create vodka, people in the region were skeptical. Today, Grey Goose is enjoyed around the world. Read on to discover more about this extraordinary journey. From field to bottle, François Thibault oversees every step in the creation of Grey Goose, from selecting the finest ingredients to designing a process which ensures that their natural characteristics are captured in the final spirit. Grey Goose is distilled only once using a continuous-column distillation process, which ensures the quality of the wheat remains.

CORPORATE EVENTS AND GROUPS You work hard at your business, now let us reward you, your employees and your guests with a great meal that is fully catered. No hassel, no mess. We are professional, affordable and take care of everything. We will work with you to select a menu of food that fits your business meeting, sales meetings or holiday party. When you are planning for an event which will require catering services, you need a catering service provider who is known for provision of top notch services. You want your guest to get the best in terms of food and beverages. If it is a corporate event, you want your clients, partners and employees to get the best in line with the image you have created for your company. If it is a wedding, you need your guest to be provided with the best and make the event memorable.

Our goal is simply to make the client satisfied through giving the best in terms of gastronomic experience. To make this possible, we have a team of highly qualified staff who has the right skills and knowledge to transform your event into a memorable moment which many will talk about it for a long period. Our executive chef combined experience with passion to give our clients the best in terms of quality foods and beverages. Catering is an important component of any event, it may make or break an individual or corporate image, therefore it should be given the attention that it deserves, and selection of catering service provider is one such attention. It should be done right to make sure that the event turns out as expected. EVENT TYPE



Corporate Events

Modern Art deco enterieur

Restaurant Reservation

Partner Meetings

Professional Staff

Fruit Carving

Cocktail Party

Quick Service

Vegetable Carving

Marketing Events

Premium Drinks

VIP Room

Indoor Team Building

Personalized Drink Packages

Resident DJ

Last Minute Corporate Catering

Ambient Lighting


Employee Celebrations

Menu Selection


Destination Meetings

Premium Audio System

Cocktail Presentation

Product Launches

Free WiFi

Live Music

Wine Dinner

Interactive 3D multimedia LED-TV

Wine Tasting

Vodka Tasting

Family Events




Hen's Party

Hot and Cold Buffet

Stag Party

Extended Buffet With Hot Foods

Wedding Catering

Sitting Buffet

Plate Service

With IP TV System Parking Possibilities

BESE BALรSY Executive Sales & Marketing Manager GREY GOOSE RESTAURANT & BAR 1051 Budapest Nรกdor str. 36. RESERVATION: +36 70 948 90 80 | INFO@GREYGOOSE.HU CORPORATE & BUSINESS EVENTS, GROUPS: SALES: +36 70 233 46 14 | SALES@GREYGOOSE.HU WWW.GREYGOOSE.HU


Grey goose restaurant and bar presentation en  

Grey goose restaurant and bar presentation en

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