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Zark's Burgers Burger Restaurant This is my re-branding approach to Zark’s burgers, a burger restaurant here in Manila that is famous for its unusual burgers yet very delicious. Its geometrical fonts acts as the insides of a burger that when you look at it, it looks like a puzzle. The puzzle like shapes of the letters is to convey the innovation of the burgers of Zark’s which the combinations are radical yet every single one is still consider a burger. The buns at the top and the bottom sandwiched the fonts together to give it a burger feel. The color black is used to signify that it is not the usual burgers out there and that the price of every meal is definitely worth it.

Caterloop Online Catering Made a horizontal infinity sign with a spoon and fork inserted inside of the holes of the sign. The utensils initiate that it is a catering company and the infinity sign revolves around it. The company title is given geometric cuts on a classic sans serif to promote a modern feel.

Games Omniverse Gaming Company Made a text and graphic combination for the client’s logo. The requested ouroboros element is made into the ‘O’ of the the Omniverse. Used a green shade to promote freshness. A fun look is initiated by the font used.

Get in SpAce Online consultant Created an icon that symbolize the company. The company is the vessel of clients to get into the ‘space’. Other companies who are now in space are interpreted as stars.

rowley and ross lawyers Law Firm I made an icon the represents the company from two Rs that are back to back. From that also formed two figures facing each other just like when two parties are on court and a weighing scale that symbolize justice.

prOpel Events Management Made a propeler icon for the company that has three parts that makes it up. It represents the Company, the Client and the audience. Orange was used to convey energy and creativity. Choice of font is a clean san serif.

The make-Up Ambassador Make-up Artist Created a word mark that conveys the personality of the Client being girly with make-up and being corporate with consular affairs. Font used in the first word was chosen to feel more personalized and chic while the second font is too convey a clean and professional look.

Grey de Jesus Logo portfolio  

My Logo portfolio 2013